Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Fast and Furious in Cyberland...

Holy Nano seconds is our rallying cry for this posting. The information highway is not only crowded but the lane changing is at neck breaking speed when trying to keep our readers updated on the latest news and happenings of interest to the community overall and at large. However, it is not only our goal, but our mission to keep the flow of information current, clear and concise. As usual we encourage citizen reporters statewide to share there scoops, announcements or information with us because we are the online destination for the GLBT community and beyond!

Let's hear it for the Boys! What's all the fuss about David Beckham and his multi-million dollar pay day when you can get more for less with the new DVD, Making the Dieux du Stade 2007 calander featuring french rugby stars such as, Sean Lamont (pictured left) that would make a great "V" Day gift. The sizziling Dieux Du Stade photo's were created by Mariano Vivanco, widely acclaimed for his photography using various Paris locales. Inside you will find a battery of beefy manliness displaying the days of the month so you won't forget your next appointment. Unfortuately the calender is already sold out, but the companion DVD will amply satify your viewing pleasure. Meanwhile, Provocateur, celebrates the African American physique with beautifully composed photos that exude not only senuality but raised the Black form to a crescendo. At post time it is still available for purchase. Check out to get your copies. Due to the amazing catalog of products and videos, we are considering an affiliate partnership with TLAvideo in the future. Please watch the site for more information and the hook up.

OH Anna Nicole! The tragedy of the late Anna Nicole Smith is almost too much for me to wrap my mind around. Her vortex rise to fame, fortune and flame out is apart of our incessant appetite and obessession of celebrity culture. It's become the black lagoon beast of our lives, facilitated by the 24 hour news feed, shock jocks, tabloid craze and the hum of the internet continuing to feed American voyeurism. Each day all of us are inudiated with gory facts, twadry details, insipid gossip and titalating tidbits that keeps a full trough for anyone and everyone's consumption. Just like a lot of America, I was intrigued by her reality show and often sat gleefully, as she displayed her vulnerability and often out of bounds life weekly. With each episode I would say, "no more Anna", but when the catchy theme song played, I was again gazing into the tormented life of a women who seemed to be looking for love in all the wrong places. She had become victim to a roving side show where the spotlight never went out. However, I've decided that I'm going to limit myself to the trash and concentrate on finding more quality outlets. Upon hearing in living color about Ms. Smith death, I paused to think that this human being who starred as the "lady with the lampshade on her head" has died, leaving a infant, greiving family and personal affairs to be battled over for some time to come. Unfortuantely all we can do is stay tuned....

Pussy Galore!!!. U-B-U rocked the house with the Mob Kings in conjunction with the Faces of Pride Award show, 2.9.07. The troup with it's all female cast features some of the best male impersonators I've seen in the city. The opening number was an interpretation of the Cell Block Tango from the stage version of Chicago. I really liked, "Brandy" who had me second guessing if I was the "only real Black male" in the house. Her expression of the Phil Collin's hit movie theme from, Against All Odds
was impressive. As for the award show, those involved get an "A" for effort. However, due to the fun and rowdy club atmosphere, the venue was not exactly conducive to handing out awards. The group of gals that me and my partner sat with didnt' seem overly interested in the awards, especially when we couldn't see the proceedings due to the standing crowd and that most of those being reconized failed to show up to recieve them, including newly elected State Legislator, Kathy Webb. I suggest an overall assessment will be necessary in order to take this idea to the next level.

Next Post: Gay Rapper, Jessie O gets exposed! SQL gets canned and a cash giveaway!

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