Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Revolution will be televised....Take 2

Let's storm the Bastille...well, maybe not, but perhaps tunning into the Revolution via whatever means necessary should be high on your list of "to do" things. In case you've been pulling a sleeping beauty routine, there's a lot happening all around us and it's not time to be sleep at the wheel. Your citizen participation or at least reaction is needed on a variety of fronts. Of course we can't get it all in on one post, but we will do our damnest to fast track as many of the hot topics right to your senses. Are you ready....let's get started.
Streamin to U: Corneliusonpoint's updated platform on is now streaming our favorite music mixes from Chicago's WCGI directly from our partner It is our goal to make that platform more of an entertainment outlet to compliment all of our online offerings. Unforutnately we've been made aware that some of the upgraded items, such as podcast or certain video's have not been accessable by readers due to lack of broadband being available unilaterally or cost factors. It is our hope that as technology continues to evolve, every community will get the hook up and be able to enjoy all elements of this exciting new medium. The Body Politic will primarily focus on the political landscape and world issues using podcast, video, commentary, continuing our unique brand of coverage on GLBTQ concerns and beyond. The live stream is going down at:

Don't Ask-Don't Tell: All of sudden each of the 08 Presidential contenders have become firm supporters of gays in the military or at least that's what they want us to think. The recent round of debates in Manchester, NH was a unifed front of prez wannabees raising their hands and taking a public stand on the inept DOD policy that has purged the forces of some it's most talented individuals. When Republicans were asked about DADT, they sat on there hands, avoiding the issue all together. Yet Senator Joe Biden's passion runneth over as he questioned whether any of the enlisted was actually asking, " are you gay?" Meanwhile, Hillary "in it to win it" Clinton echoing words of Republican stalwart Barry Goldwater, has mentioned that the boots on the ground don't need to know if someone is gay, but can they shoot straight." Touche, Hill. For myself, this war has been troublesome and I'm chagrined that with 3,505 service men and women killed, we can't seem to get past the fog of war or bite the bullet to end it. Each of these candidates have wonderful websites that allow vistors to fully express themselves. Obama is squarely camped on his positon that he's always opposed the war from it's inception. In an effort to brake from the pack, Edwards is calling folks out about their leadership skills and courage to take a more agressive stance. I encourage all of you to pay a visit and weigh in on what's bothering you most. This is an equal opportunity issue, watch the Republican debates and check those who bother you as well. Do it now!

Where's the Fence: an opponent organization to illegal immigration, has produced what I found to be a biting yet hilarious send up of the FED's grose attempt to fence out illegals on the southern border. The commerical is a take off on the Wendy's burger campaign, complete with three female senior citizens armed with binoculars asking the tag line, " Where's the Fence?...," even as they watch illegals run for the border. As ususal our semi-functioning government, continues bungling precious cash and bamboozling the project, causing only about 2 miles or so of the acutal fence to be completed. 700 miles was the rallying cry from the Bush Administration and lot's of techy-gizmos from Homeland security to boot, but what we really want to know is "Where's the Fence!" Check out the full segment below courtsey of You Tube and Personally I don't care where you stand on the issue, just take some action by calling your Senator and ask them if they've seen the fence.

For Arkansas:

U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln ( 202) 224-4843 U. S. Senator Mark Pryor (202) 224-2353


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Nick said...

"Personally I don't care where you stand on [illegal immigration], just take some action by calling your Senator and ask them if they've seen the fence."

It's sad that someone who is so passionate about combating the racism of Shirley Q. Liquor can't recognize the violence of the anti-immigration movement. Can you not see beyond your own skin? Racism, the myth of scarcity, sexual violence, scapegoating, dehumanization, and economic exploitation are the common tools of oppression used against both people of color in this country and in the Global South.

As the prison industrial complex criminalizes and rips apart black communities in our cities it’s also imprisoning entire immigrant families (including pregnant women and children) in privatized jails (aka internment camps) like the T. Don Hutto prison facility in Taylor Texas.

It’s disgusting for you to act like this is just some joke to be laughed at, and to use this forum to promote rather than condemn the systemic violence committed against our international brothers and sisters.

The number of people who die trying to cross the border has been steadily increasing since the 1990s reaching as high as 500 people in 2005. Yup, that is really fucking ‘hilarious’.

Cornelius Jr. said...


Thanks for your opinion and passion. I've lived in this black skin for more than 40 years and have dealt with racism up close and personal. Most likely more than you will ever know or actually experience. I'm disgusted at the entire response to this problem featuring, government ineffectiveness, waste, indecision and the recent failed grand compromise from Congress has made our system a laughing stock in the eyes of many. This video is another example of the complexity of this issue. If folks call their Senators about it, then perhaps they could actually get a chance to express themselves deeply,demand some explanations for these actions or maybe they will mention the Darfur crisis. This forum was not designed to be politicaly correct and everything is on the table as far as I'm concerned. As far as SQL, beleive it or not, you are the only person to make a sound about it, now I do find that really fucking hilarious.

Executive Editor