Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Stuff bustin out all over....and more! part 3

Yes, it's still bustin out all over and the 24 hour news cycle is in overdrive with spining news, breaking news, too much news and of course "no news!" But I digress. However, as usual I've been on quest to discover our brand of information and issues that I believe you might want to know about. With that in mind, let the chips fall where they may....

Chasing Moore: It's obvious that not only is the medical industry bracing for SICKO, the Michael Moore doc to be release nationwide, June 29. But according to camp Moore, the Bush administration has continued an investigation into his trip to Cuba as chronicled in the movie even though he actually was approaching Gitmo Bay which is on "American" soil. The scene was shot to highlight 9/11 volunteers who were denied medical help in the states, juxtaposed to enemy combatants who are given first rate medical coverage a tax payer expense. Allegedly, Moore's trip is a possible violation of the dusty embargo that the U.S. has had against the island nation, although other certain criterias are allowed. Meanwhile, Moore has stashed a full length copy of the film in Canada for safe keeping in case the Feds come a knockin. I've seen all of Moore's film and I can't wait to see his take on the countries healthcare community. If we can nation build in foreign lands why can't we build a singlepayer healthcare system addressing prevention rather than acute care. I predict that a lot of folks are going to be sick about it.

Local Politico's on the move: We receieved this notice from Jada Walker, President of the local chapter of the Stonewall Democrats concerning upcoming meet and greets. I appreciate this organization keeping us updated. Hopefully as the schedule allows, I will get a chance to actually attend and give you readers some first hand impressions. Of course, I encourage you not to meet me their but get their first. It reads as follows:


A heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped to make Little Rock's PRIDE event at the RiverMarket such a great success.
It was so well organized and, well, crowded, with GLBTQ, our families, and our 'straight but not narrow' friends!
It was just fun all day.

The on-stage presentation of a Stonewall 'Friend of the Community' award to Senator Jim Argue for his work against SB 959
was a wonderful moment and we were thrilled that he and his wife could be there.

Of course, our very own former SDC president, Representative Kathy Webb, was at PRIDE as well and that made it even more special.
Those of you who worked the Stonewall Booth deserve a blue ribbon for your dedication - so thank you very much for that!

Please plan to join SDC at 6pm on Thursday June 21 at the Democratic Headquarters for a brief meeting and social hour.
We will discuss potential strategies for responding to the threatened election ballot initiative to 'ban unmarried adoptive/foster parents'.
Jada Walker, SDC President

ArkansasPride 07 continues: With Capitol Pride over, the pride season continues with celebrations throughout the state with local establishments offering stylized versions in their respective venues and cities. All the scheduling and information can be found at their websites and links. Stay tuned for our Pride round up.

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