Friday, August 22, 2008

From the Front lines to the Fringe Wire

Can you stand it? It's another friday taking us into a highly charged weekend. The week for myself has teeming with energy, expectations and excitement. However, this forum goes on despite it all. With that said, are you sitting down? Alright, then let's roll out...!

Waiting for Obama: You would have to be in a time warp not to be aware of the fact that presumptive nominee, B. Obama is playing possum with the world as we await his VP announcement this weekend or whenever. As I've watched the coverage, read accounts and listened to the talking heads among us, The Bouncing O seems be in sheer delight taunting the electorate, especially those media folks, as he prepares to pull the cat out of the hat. I've already weighed in with my earlier prediction that the TEXT will have the name, Sen. Joe Biden, (D) Delaware. Now, of course Team Obama has been known for going left when we thought they were going right. Of course, that's how Mr. O has reached this political pinnacle, on his way to accepting the nomination in Invesco Field next Thursday. Am I hooked into the text, you're damn right and I'm waiting for Obama to phone home. When I get the word, along with the rest of the world, I'll be on the horn with my two cents.

Drag Galm in the Rock: While I'm on hold for Obama, I've been thoroughly entertained elsewhere by the latest edicts handed down from the inner sanctum of the Drag Elite directly from the Drag Oracle. Now, you say what the hell is this all about? Well hold on let's try to figure all this out together, if we can or if we really care. Most of you unsuspecting audience members who witness the local entertainment and /or pageants are probably not aware of the machinery that lies beneath those wigs, eyelashes and crowns. Not to mention the Alumni figureheads or the surrogates whom unfurl the holy instruction drag scrolls sent via the Norman Palace,( not the one in Palermo, Italy mind you) or either the Athena showroom located locally, not in Greece. Apparently show producers have decided and let me be the first to say they have the right to do so, because it's their sand box, that the shows need an an overhaul. Meanwwhile, they have laid down some ground rules across the board. What rules you say? Are you ready? O.K. The surrogates, Dominique D. & Raven St. J. have been given the authority to whip things into shape.

First of all, entertainers of a certain size. You know those Plus Size girls who need to cover up and stop showing all that "meat and no potatoes" flesh in costuming that's unflattering or simply not cute. Not to hate, but this comes just in time, since current MGAA, Stephanie Richards certainly has tipped out in the this type of costuming in the past. Girl you got in under the wire! Also, according to sources close to this "project runway," the shows need more Vegas glam. Participants have been instructed that they are to gather more "beads, bangles, feathers, headdresses and more," if they are to be seen on the boards at the A-showroom. Furthermore, no more stretch material gowns! Now, I must say that I have no problem with this one, since there seemed to be a tidal wave of cookie cutter stretch gowns that paraded out constantly. Don't ask me why, when there's so much more available now via the Internet. I should know since this is where I found much of my then, fashionable wardrobe in my size and at reasonable prices to boot. I don't know who was making these little outfits but they must have made a fortune! Speaking of the net, would you believe that little old me was tagged as a favorite reviewer on E-bay by individuals who purchased some my gowns and costuming. Who knew? Need more, yes I've got it and you've got to check it out next week, because you just won't believe it...see you then!

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