Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tuesday Twisting and Turning

There's no time to waste in this outing of COP 24/7. The news is fast and furious as usual so, Let's roll with it...

Changing of the Guard: The Stonewall Democrats have announced that come January 2009 a new slate of officers will be elected. They are seeking possible candidates to lead the organization in lieu of recent political initiatives as well as the upcoming legislative session. If you are ready to take the lead, then contact them at http://www.stonewallarkansas.com/

Giving in the City: As the holidays descend upon us during this strained economic time, there are agencies that will go the distance to assist those in need. Such groups as the Watershed, Compassion Center and the Union Rescue Mission will be available. If you need or know of someone in need of assistance, feel free to e-mail us for more contact info.

It's all in the Closet: This forum has survived for the last 4 years without any substantial ad revenue or actual product promos. However, I believe that it's high time that this be revisited and reconsidered. Therefore, I'm looking the affiliate programs of several online products producers. Even though we've covered some racy and perhaps controversial topics, I've never seen this forum as too explicit or overly sexual in nature. But some of you have mentioned that you would like to have more info on products that could enhance your passion or lack of it. I've become increasingly aware of you who like spending your hard earned currency on DVD's, Toys, and those KKF's that I keep hearing about. Therefore, I've heard you loud and clear and will take it all under consideration. Stay tune and we'll find the best items that match our temperament. If you've got suggestions, of course dear readers, I'm always open to hearing from you. Hit me up with your two cents.

Plain Brown Wrapping: Speaking of products and the use of them here, I found this interesting article from one of my favs, Queercents which has a "Queer Stimulus" package of it's own for your consideration. Ladies and Gentlemen, Moorea's, Economic plan: Buy Sex Toys.

Here’s more of my Super-Gay Economic Stimulus Plan. The economy sucks, the days are getting darker; but don’t get depressed, get randy! My friend Katie said, “When this is election is over, we either celebrate with beer or drown our sorrows in it.” I’m not a beer girl, so all I could think about was sex. I’ll use sex to celebrate! Here are four great reasons to “stimulate” the economy (and other things!)
1. It’s a relatively cheap way to spoil yourself and while improving your health. If you have more sex/get off more, you will fill the psychological contentment void which otherwise causes you to over-eat ($$) and spend more of your precious cash on bigger frivolous items. (I’m all about getting you to have a more sex, as a life coach and as a musician. Listen to my new song Sex Begets Sex on Myspace.)
2. If you stay home and have sex by yourself or with a sweetie, you are less likely to blow $100 or more per night on dinner and wine, night clubs, drinks, (prostitutes?). A really nice vibrator or dildo at $80 can provide hours and hours…and hours of enjoyment…
3. Buying sex toys, especially ones made in the USA (or made locally) supports the kind of sex and sexuality-positive small businesses we as queers must not allow to perish in an economic crash. We must support businesses which cater to queers, queer up the sidewalks of our cities, and help straight people explore their sexuality. The feminist-owned sex stores I know help support other local queer arts and social justice organizations.
4. Because people are less likely to buy sex toys or other non-essential items, you are more likely to get them on sale! (Its true, sex toys hardly ever go on sale). Cool things on sale at Babeland right now and DVDs and Rabit Habit currently 15% off at GoodVibes.com. So get your buns to your local woman or queer-owned sex store like Good Vibrations (The Rabit Habit, all vibratex products and DVDs are 15% off!) or Babeland (great sale page!) and buy something to cheer you up on a rainy day.
Have you found sex toys on sale recently? Why are quality sex toys so expensive? Does sexy time with yourself or a partner enhance your mood when the weather gets icky? Are you a sex toy “big spender”?…

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