Friday, June 12, 2009

Funky Fresh Friday

The countdown continues to PRIDE 2009 rolling out starting June 14 thru 21. It's that one week of the year, that allows everyone a chance to think about "what have you done today to be proud." However, it's not all about the week, it's really about staying prideful 365 days a year, all the while passing that feeling on to as many others as possible. So with pride, here we go with a funky fresh Friday edition of COP:24/7!

Who's Who in Black SGL America: The list is out and I didn't make it. The Who's Who in Black LGBT America from BET ( Black Entertainment Television). Several years ago, I did make a Who's Who list, but I guess I'm not a Who's Who enough for the BET list yet. Anyway, it's some of the candidates that made the list that sorta had me pondering, who are these folks anyway? Now don't get me twisted, there are some that I'm familiar with yet there are many that I'm clueless to. Since it's a Pride week in the making, let's do a teachable moment. O.K. Here are a few who made the list and I wonder just how many of you know who they are? I've even posted items about at least 5 of them in this forum.

1. Angela Davis
2. E. Lynn Harris(pictured)
3. John Amaechi
4.Kevin Aviance
5.Patrik Polk
6. Wanda Skyes

If you know, then hit us up in the comment section. If you have to google, then get busy. You can search this site as well to find out why they were people of interest.

What's the "T": What's really the "T" is in Lady T, known as Teena Marie, the musical raven that has a new CD that dropped earlier this month entitled, "Congo Square." Make no mistake, I'm partial to the "ivory queen of Soul," who can pen a verse then sing it so that it pierces your senses. One of my all time favs is her soaring, "If I were a Bell," which brings me to tears. I've long been a fan of Lady T, since her days with R& B funkster, Rick James and her solo efforts populate my downloads and certainly this latest effort will make the cut. Her heart wrenching duo "Fire & Ice" with James is the number one most requested R& B ballad in history. Currently on local radio, she is high rotation with her "Can't Last a Day," duo featuring Faith Evans. It's pure Teena with a remarkable and recognizable siren voice that summons my attention at the drop of a dime. Even as she has matured, there's nothing lacking in ability to deliver and the other tracks on this CD demonstrate that Marie is in full awareness of what's going on in world. She duet teams with Howard Hewitt, MCLyte and her own daughter who is following in her mom's footsteps. The Grammy nominated icon has also partnered with PAX Stereo for the official Tenna Marie Channel to stream for the net. The CD can be obtained from I-Tunes and other online sources. If that were not enough, Lady T is also taking her catalog to new heights via the net including a complete twitter campaign to boot, plus a tour schedule. You Go Girl! I've listened in to the channel and if you are a Teena devotee, it's on point.

Pink Dust Up: Here's the latest update and clarity of the FED Up duster that occurred last Friday at the DSB complex. First up, the organizers let me know that the formal moniker of that micro-movement is "No to Norman," vs. the "just say" action words that I assume I zealously connected. We stand corrected. I've posted their comments for your consideration and there is a link to the comments from Mr. Jones on their site. However, they are not convinced that those words are of Mr. J. However, I read the comment and I feel confident those words are vintage bonafide Jones speak. As he shared with me some of his thoughts on this matter, some of the same phrases were used and his citing being at the first march in Washington is truthful. The group also chided me for inferring that the exercise was about "Consumerism vs. Liberation," and as they state it, "...that having a “gay club” simply is not enough. You are not just a business man, people see you as offering these safe spaces, which we believe to not be safe for Queer and Trans folk. Your clubs are becoming more and more straight (this is what you call assimilation) and are no longer welcoming to the people who actually need them." Just for the record this forum has posted on numerous occasions that "gay"bars are going out of business across the country due to patrons, that's gay folk, who have made choices not to exclusively go to such entities while others are nesting at the house or doing the Net. Locally, there are plenty of SGL people at the Electric Cowboy, Club Elevations and La Changes. These are primarily "straight" outlets where I'm told by club goers that they feel "welcomed." Finally, I've known Jones for nearly 20 years and we've not always seen eye to eye on a plethora of issues. During that time I've come to learn that we can agree to disagree. His unique view of the world, community sensibilities and his place in it, is his own and has been such since I first met him. Perhaps their are teachable moments in his future, but as owner and operator of his businesess he is the shotcaller, just as I am for my own empire. Mr. Jones stated in his comments that he was open for dialouge, I suggest that those concerned make an appointment to discuss it or debate it further.

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keninbenton said...

This whole "Pink Dust" thing got me
to look at these people and their
Looks to me like a bunch of outa step folks that have a BIG bag of
sour grapes and eat them insted of
throwing them away.
I'v known NJ for over 30yrs and too
don't see eye to eye about 40% of the time, BUT, These YaWho's need to work more with thfeir hands than
My 2 cents..........