Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The 24/7 Catch Up: A Tuesday Edition

Whew, can you say, busy as a bee? You betcha. I stomped by into Central City earlier this week, got fifty winks of sleep, blew through a stack of snail mail, winced at the e-mail stash and went directly back to the Big Chair too keep things movin and groovin for the rest of the week. It's that "thing that I do," you know...being the VOICE out in the wilderness of GLBTQ land offering you the latest updates, links, mash-ups and gosh dern it whatever it takes to keep you informed. Without any delay, let's rock...

Benefits- R- Us: I posted about local benefits that have had lukewarm turnouts or response, so here's another chance for you everyone to demonstrate their concern and support for those living with HIV/AIDS. If you plan to attend and would like this forum to send it's ambassador give us a shout out. The goal is at least 50 shout outs or $100 in ChipIn contributions by show time. There's the Challenge, so what you gonna do?
DSRA Clubhouse: 4525 Hoffman Rd. Little Rock, AR. (501)562-4466
8-8-2009 at 9:00 pm
$5.00 at the door or an unwrapped toy.
Show Stoppers:
Cherity, Mary Kay Arden, Miranda Miridian, Marvella, Veronica Devaul, Dan Scott and many others
Refreshments will be served. All proceeds and tips will be donated to the Arkansas AIDS Foundation in support of their annual holiday meal.

BLK Agenda Rising: I've been made aware of community wide meeting in search of assessing our current needs, definitions and future goals. Local activist and capacity building facilitators are preparing to launch this endeavor. It's all going down at the Women's Project, 8.10.09 with time to be determined. Check back for more details and information this week!

Pride 2010: In lieu of this years Pride Picnic location, it's time to start the process to dialogue about next years location and offerings. If you are interested in this project and so many of you told this forum that you were, let's hear from you Today to get organized and preparing! It's the advance planning that makes any event a success. Don't forget it. Hit us up in the comment section or directly at Nealix101@comcast.net Do it NOW!!!

HAVE YOU hit the CHIPIN Icon yet? It's waiting and ready for your secure donation for Pride Picnic 2010. What you gonna do...

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Anonymous said...

The community building meeting at the Women's Project will be at 7 pm and the address is 2224 Main St. in Little Rock. This is not addressing just the BLK agenda but the entire SGL/LGBTQ community and our allies. All are welcomed!