Friday, September 09, 2011

Kicking it COP 24/7 Style

ATL Goes all out for Black Pride 2011

Did anyone catch the ATL's Black Pride a few weeks ago? Unfortunately my hectic schedule didn't allow for me to catch it, but reports state that it was "off the chain." How could you miss with headliners like Mary J. Blige (pictured) who was a first time pride performer at the Park Tavern in Midtown and also songstress Brandy who made two appearances including one with none other than Nicki Minaj. Stop already! Did the SGL community of the ATL actually pull this off. You Damn Skippy they did and more! The local watering holes blew out the week with all sorts of "man hunting" opportunities with the ladies not missing a beat to this yearly over the top extravaganza. Not one but two "sold out" hotel room blocks, a marketplace and health expo, plus workshops and Black Summit. The Summit was spearheaded by Little Rock's former Brotha and Sistah's organizer Darlene Hudson which has been instrumental in producing the Summit for 5 years assembling an impressive array of participants. Themed“Revitalizing Our Commitment to Leadership, Diversity, and Community,” the meeting focused on the state of Black gay America and was bolstered by keynote speaker Earl Fowlkes, president and CEO of the International Federation of Black Gay Prides.

As I read more accounts and listings it was almost too much to take as I thought of what I was missing by not being their, but rather the uneven series of events that attempt to fill the bill here in Little Rock. Of course as I've said before and I guess I'll have to keep saying it, it's all about the planning and more important is the CASH on hand to produce such an event. Sponsorships and partnership's are vital to every event, but solid leadership, focused planning and good business practices are paramount to any successful project. I have no doubts that the effort to put this on took tremendous organizing and creative forces beyond belief. I can only dream of such a well crafted event on my own home turf. Not to mention at least a "thank you " letter from local organizers either personally or publicly.
In case you missed it, President Obama was back on the airwaves again attempting to get the Congress to as he stated, "stop the political circus," and get on with governing. If they can!  Every body's got low poll numbers and we are 14 months out before that voting thing takes place again. In the meantime, POTUS is on a tear to put the Republicans on front street with his latest job's proposal but while that's being looked over, some folks are circling the waggons about possible Medicare being sliced and diced. What's a President to do, when you are damned if you do and gosh dern it damned if you don't. So if your dog in this hunt is about Medicaid here's a info blurb and link to your camp.The “super committee,” the group of Congressional Members charged with reducing the federal deficit starts meeting this week—we need to exert pressure now! Millions of Americans, including persons living with HIV/AIDS, rely on Medicaid for their basic health care needs; Devastating cuts will put the health of the most vulnerable populations at risk; Members of Congress are paying close attention to public opinion on this issue as many of them will be up for reelection next year
In a matter of seconds, you can make an impact on this critical issue in one of two easy ways! Click the "Take Action Now" text above to send an email to your Senators and Representative, telling them that you are strongly AGAINST cutting Medicaid and that they must protect this vital program.
You can also tweet your Senators and Representatives. There will be a default tweet message will be filled in for you. Learn more about the Super Committee and how their decisions could impact Medicaid
AIDS United is circulating this alert in partnership with the HIV Health Care Access Working Group (HHCAWG), a working group of the Federal AIDS Policy Partnership.

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