Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Postings 24/7

The weekend simply rocked and rolled right off the rails or as the young set say it, "off the chain." There was so much stuff stepping off from here to there that there was no way in heck any one person could attend or participate. For those who keeping whining that there's nothing to do or no where to go, then I don't know what you're talking about. If those kicking events were not enough, the rain Gods sent summer showers and cooler weather to remind us that if you don't like Arkansas weather is always in motion ranging from blazing heat to fall like breezes. Its the Monday postings, now let's work shall we...

Renegades Raising Cash for Causes

Those resourceful and crafty folks of Renegades for a Cause have been on loose in search of raising dollars for local community based organizations including $438 for PFLAG last Friday evening on the heels of their successful yard sale that netted a tidy $1600 plus. The PFLAG show headlined by Justin Case also featured  GiGi Galore, Karma Kouture, Venus Hart, and Alotta S. Cummings showcasing their talents for charity and community involvement. According to Case, the group has been allotted the third Friday of each month for its efforts and will be announcing schedule updates shortly. Big props to this group on its efforts to be apart of the change the wish to see in this city. (Pictured from left, Justin Case, Carla Coley, KM Thompson)

And the Winner IS...

Miss Gay Arkansas America is...," Veronica Duvall of Pleasant Plains, Ark., whom shared her enthusiaism admist a packed house at Argenta Community Theater, on Saturday night.
Taking First Alternate was Chloe Jacobs and Second Alternate was Jazmyn Turrelle. It was a night of pageantry, tears and jubilation. With songs ranging from "Mary Poppins" to "Grease" to "Sweet Georgia Brown," the audience was entertained from beginning to end. It was a very close contest with only a few points separating the top five contestants.
Diamond Rose won Male Interview portion of the contest, while Turelle won Solo Talent and Long Talent. Jacobs won the On-Stage Question, and Duvall won the Evening Gown competition and the overall point total, to take the crown.
Miss Gay Arkansas America 2011, Zia D'Yor, gave a stunning, tearful final performance, receiving flowers and hugs from audience members along with a standing ovation. In October, both Duvall and Jacobs will travel to Columbus, Ohio to participate in the Miss Gay America pageant. ( content sourced from photo credit: Marcus Rachard)

Bar Trio Raves on

The management of TRAXS, The New Six Ten and MK's celebrated the Family Reunion, Sunday 8.19. 12 by pulling out all the stops to conclude a non-stop weekend of merry making. From Friday nights Luau, Saturday newly established Ladies Night at MK's. plus new wine offerings at The New Six Ten is just a snapshot of the new energy being promoted by the duo Luke and Levi. Among all this activity also comes new bar keeps Bryan, Scott (pictured) and personnel such as Bubba Atlas ( yes that what he says his name actually is?) plus darling "TJ". Even though all this shuffling has some regulars  a bit out of sync, it appears from our vantange point that a changing of guard happens at regular intervals and then some. Unlike the Cheers atmosphere once earned, now you just never know who's gonna to know your name. 

In the meantime, L & T and the supportive staff  blow up the social media circut with updates, schedules, shout out's , pictures and all manner of keeping you connnected to what's happening nightly, weekly and at some point damn near hourly. My e-box is cramped full of the latest information about what had happened and what will be happeing. For the life of me I can't imagine anyone not being in the know about anything that happening at these venues. As another calendar year turns me a year older, Its going to take all I've got to keep up with these young whipper snappers. See ya on the crawl!!! Hit em up on Facebook at  under Our Gang, Miss Kitty's, Six Ten and of course TRAX's.

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