Thursday, January 30, 2014

Another COP 24/7 OUT Post

POTUS Calls for a Better State of The Union

Earlier this week, President Obama took the bully pulpit of the U.S. Capitol to make the case that he believes that this year can be a break through year on variety of fronts.

He further illustrated his remarks while citing that better employment numbers, cited that the continuous rancor of the governing bodies must be dismissed, budget comprises and a laundry list of action items. Let's just hope that they were listening and will do something about it.

One of the highlight of his speech was taking on the state of the minimum wage situation in this country. He pointed out the value of raising the wage in its affects on the economy and boldly decided that through Executive Order he ordered government contractors to raise the wage to $10.10.

With this shoot from the hip action, President O has "triangulated" the issue causing those across the isle to scramble to find away to counterpoint his point of being against raising the minimum wage to more of a living wage. Since the speech, Republicans have done a 360 by forwarding a letter to citing that they have found some common ground to work from. Who would have thought it? I bet those Tea Party folks are rolling their eyes and waving their hands!

In case you missed it and I fear that perhaps many of you decided to go channel surfing instead. You can count on COP 24/7 to offer a link to his entire speech at non other than,

STRILITE Emerges to Recognize BHAAD

STRILITE, a mentoring and self efficacy program of The Living Affected Corporation will 
recognize Black HIV Awareness Day, Feb. 7, 2014 at 610 Lounge, 610 Center Street, 6:30 till 9 pm. The centerpiece of the evening will be a reunion of local models who participated in the Arkansas Department of Health's "Know Now" HIV/AIDS messaging campaign. The campaign was originated as a multi-tier prevention messaging attempt to continue to raise awareness to the importance of knowing one's status and accessing testing opportunities.

When the campaign was unveiled during a 2012 AIDS awareness even, members of STRILITE became disillusioned and discouraged to the lack of significant imagery that resonated with themselves and they felt did not address the population most affected which was Black gay men 13-24 according Center for Disease statistics. Currently advocates and activist have been alarmed to individuals whom have co-infections of Syphilis and HIV including many cases across Arkansas.

The group countered the release of the campaign with a "Know Not," rebuttal that went viral, causing ADH management to move to further investigate the misstep and concluded that a re-shoot of the campaign would occur using members of STRILITE as consults and participants.  "We were proud that we chose to speak truth to decision makers concerning the original campaign," said Kevin Holmes. He continued, " It is vital that we be about the business of striving to enlighten our brother's and sisters that HIV has not gone away and still knowing your status is important.

The evening will be filled with complimentary food, drinks specials, surprises and the models on hand to autograph their posters. Save the date and call 379-8203 to RSVP your VIP pass for special discounted drink specials. Stay tuned to this platform for the latest updates!!

Live From Houston

The Task Force is in Houston for the 26th National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change, the largest ever gathering of LGBT and allied activists, organizers and leaders! What they say is true, everything really is bigger in Texas and COP 24/7 hopes our delegation from UALR's The Alliance is taking it all in and more!

The Task Force will be streaming live video from our main stage, starting with tonight’s opening plenary session at 8:00 PM CT. Houston Mayor Annise Parker will welcome us to Houston, and the always funny Kate Clinton emcees. The fabulous Laverne Cox will deliver tonight’s opening keynote speech, so you’re not going to want to miss out!
In addition to tuning in live, I hope you’ll participate in the conversation online with #cc14 on Twitter and on our Facebook page. We're also posting daily highlight shows on our website, you can watch the first episode of Task Force TV here.

Click here to watch video from the conference and bookmark our livestream channel so that you can tune in all week long. 

Kudos to the Task Force being a trendsetter in bring the conference directly to your laptop, desktop or mobile device. Rock on Task Force and congratulations of 40 years of service to the LGBTQ community and beyond!!!! 

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