Thursday, May 22, 2014

Taking it to the Deep End of COP 24/7

All Hat and No Cattle: Rapert Rages On

Well you wouldn't ya know it and certainly COP 24/7 expected more fall out over the recent marriage equality decision that simply had folks hair on fire and other's almost exploding. Enter our resident "God, Gays and Guns" fiddler himself Sen. Jason Rapert ( R-Conway). What will this busta not do or say that requires COP 34/7 to hit the "we're crazy" button again!!

Rapert has just been beside himself ever since that Piazza decision.  But hold on a minute, isn't this the same dude that has been mucho loco about policing women's vagina's with a nine inch probe? Not to mention more crazy talk about "taking the country for the Lord," while attacking the President Obama about visiting with Muslim leaders to the White House instead of attending the national
prayer breakfast for Rapert was totally incorrect. And add to his crazy greatest hits is his fetal heartbeat bill.

And now the good Senator has the audacity, temerity and down right gall to align himself with a cadre of African American minister's on the Capitol steps on yesterday. This is a blatant attempt to do a "Prop 8" move that somehow there's a overwhelming support against the LGBTQ community from seeking full inclusion in our society.

Allegedly, Rapert waxed on with this comment, "we're not going to allow minorities to run roughshod over what you people believe in." Really you people? And what people would that be Mr. Rapert? Have not your own policies and rhetoric been some of the most inane and asinine as well as embarrassing verbiage spewed since being elected. Just so you know Rapert has garnered several Facebook pages devoted to either debunking his crazy or trying to fund raise for another candidate to replace him. Check this link to donate to candidate Tyler Pearson:

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