Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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Gay Traveling: Can you make that a double or can I get a King?

Traveling as gay couple in certain parts of the world can be an experience. As me and mine have trekked across the country although not globally as yet, we've for some reason never really encountered any "double takes." Usually as I make the reservations I don't hesitate to ask for a King room among those non-smoking rooms that are most prevalent at hotel's nowadays.

However according to an article featured on the Advocate website, they cite a survey on the Gay Asia Travel website which found that some hotels still make it difficult for gay couples in that part of the world.

A recent survey of 350 respondents conducted by the Gay Asia Travel website found that 20 percent experienced a problem at a hotel because they were part of a same-sex couple. The main issue, according to survey-takers, is that the couples were given single, twin beds when they booked a double. That doesn't seem to be an issue in Las Vegas (see the city's latest commercial below). When myself and my partner visited that city after the aftermath of 9/11, we were openly welcomed as a "couple," at New York, New York hotel complex.

The desk agent was extremely friendly and moved to change our reservation to a "King Junior Suite." Fortunately we've experienced this same hospitality not only in other cities but earlier this year during a freak snow storm in Little Rock, the staff of the La Quinta Inn downtown quickly accommodated us again with a "King" room despite showing us at a moments notice. And yes even in small places such a Clovis, New Mexico or Fort Smith, we've not had any problems as yet to having our single bed request.

Other findings: 30 percent say they travel with a partner, while 54 percent take vacations alone; 16 percent travel with friends.

The top activities for gay Asian travelers is clubbing, followed by sightseeing, shopping, and hitting the beach. Visiting countries known to be LGBT-friendly or at least having a gay scene is very important to travelers, with Bangkok, Singapore, and Bali listed as the three top Asian destinations. Hopefully as time will have it, we will get a chance to venture abroad to see many of the places that often times we just dream about. Until then, we will continue to enjoy our stateside adventures while always reserving a king.

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