Thursday, February 12, 2015

The COP 24/7 Catch Up & More

14 Insanely Wealthy LGBT People

Even as COP 24/7 will be participating in the Awareness Day Summit to encourage further dialogue about agency sustainability and the $100,000 question of, "if these organizations cease to exist, what happens to those whom they serve?" Its a valid question that should be discussed, especially as the
health care system and as this forum has emphatically cited, funding streams are doing jumps through big hoops!

In the backdrop of those struggling, I checked in with Earl Young's Arkansas Delta LGBT Newsletter which rocks and rolls out links to content at a maddening pace. Not sure if Young has nothing else to do or he feels as passionate about his digital pursuits as I have for some time now. Nonetheless, in some of his myriad of postings I also saw this headline, "14 Insanely Wealthy LGBT People." I thought of course I got to see if I made the list. Alright just kidding. But what I read was extremely interesting especially to learn that about a billionare transgendered individual running a private wealth management fund.

According to the Advocate story written by Leslie Dobbins, in August 2013, Chicago investor and philanthropist Jennifer Pritzker became the world’s first and only openly transgender billionaire when she announced she identified as a woman. A retired army lieutenant colonel, the 64-year-old is currently CEO of Tawani Enterprises. Her philanthropy reaches far and wide; she created the Pritzker Military Library, donated to Norwich University, and contributed over $1 million to the Palm Center’s Transgender Military Service Initiative. Her estimate net worth, are you ready for it, $1.8 Billion.

Now as you take all of the above in, the list included the likes of designers Michael Kors ($1 Billion) and Dolce & Gabanna ($1.65 Billion), and that other Facebook creator, Chris Hughes, 31, comes in at $700 Million and film producer and production company owner Megan Ellison, 29, is the founder of Annapurna Pictures. The daughter of Oracle founder and CEO Larry Ellison (the third richest man in America, with an estimated net worth of $50 billion in 2014), was reported to inherit $2 billion on her 25th birthday. Wow, after reading the list, I realized that I should have done something more than what I've done so far. If you can bring yourself to do so, check it out at

And Now a Moment with J. Kelly

In case you haven't seen it and you should. Local video blogger Jahmad Kelly has been rolling out unique content since his September 2014 launch. COP 24/7 also featured him as one our BYB's ( Bad Young Brother's). His irreverent and sometime going blue monologues has taken on all manner of topics ranging from last year's GOCIC hot topic which sent me into hysterics and onto critiquing the Queen of Soul's last musical outing in which Kelly liken some of her vocals to gay icon Sylvester. Even as Kelly gets those valuable "eyeballs," that we all are in search of, he also get's his share of blow back. After recently scanning comments on his You Tube channel, I assume that he's put on his big boy panties to deal with being call everything from "cocksucker," to "sodomite." Wow is all I can say but I do understand that old adage, "if you give it, then you need to be able to take it." Hat's off to Kelly for talking out loud in his own truth no matter what the fuck others think.

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