Friday, April 24, 2015

The Hot Friday Mix Down

Another TGIF edition of COP 24/7 as we have started the count down clock to close up shop of this experiment in citizen journalism that was to only exist for a few months. Wow how time has passed by as we hit the Ten year mark last year and we will conclude where we started come this September 2015. It's been good and bad on so many levels. Was it worth it? Of course it was, as this forum has left a indelible body of community coverage, national post, links, videos and so much more that will serve as our "time capsule," for all to discover. Next week I'll have my say about this digital town square and all that it has meant to me. Until then, let's roll some videos and other fun stuff!

Dear Future...Prince Ea Calling

In this visually beautiful and mesmerizing piece, 27 year-old Prince Ea apologies to future generations for what we are doing, and not doing, to the planet today. The six-minute video contains so many great thought-provoking quotes, it's bound to be shared for many years. So far, in less than 48 hours, his video has garnered over 35 million views on Facebook.  It is content such as this that I often get from folks who want me to be aware of or take notice. Amazingly I don't get as much content from local folks as I would have liked, but that's par for the course. In the meantime, take a gander at this heartfelt poetic "call to action," from a brother who dead serious that "equality" don't mean nothing if we are not all equally concerned about what's being done to our environment. Ultimately if we don't do anything to raise our collective voices then we all could be "equally extinct." Think about it...

Al Jazeera in the House
I do my fair share of TV watching among the dizzying array of channels from Xfinity for which I seem to pay a kings ransom for. I've tried to figure out just how could save some cash if I could cash
in my cable and go commando on the net. But I just haven't cracked that code as yet. Until then I wanted to hip any of you the Al Jazeera America channel. 

I caught the AJ bug during some down time at a conference in Washington D.C. some years ago. I thought to myself what a fascinating channel that takes me on a global ride to connect me with what's really going on with the rest of the planet.  Its' amazing just how little many American's know about our global neighbors or what's it like in their part of the world.
 I find that many of my fellow citizens are absorbed with the corner of the sky and often times unless there's wall to wall coverage by our national media about something devastating or some other disaster that catches our attention.  There are great shows such as Faultline, The Stream, Real Money with Ali Velshi and  Talk to Al Jazeera that offer a different spin on events and often times from perspectives that you just haven't thought about it. If you don't have this channel, check out there website   Try it, I believe that you just might like it.
Tallywackers Comes To Dallas Gayborhood
The male equivalent of the breastaurant Hooters reportedly is coming to Dallas' Oak Lawn gayborhood.

TallywackersAccording to a Craigslist help wanted ad, Tallywackers is a bar, restaurant and entertainment venue that will feature scantily clad male servers. From the Dallas Eater blog:
If you've ever wondered why there wasn't a male version of the skeezy dining establishment that is Hooters, well, your prayers are about to be answered: Brace for the arrival of Tallywackers, coming soon to the gayborhood. ...
If Hooters and Twin Peaks are considered breastaurants, does that make Tallywackers a... dickstaurant? Discuss.
Tallywackers3Billed as Dallas' "newest and most exciting place to be" and scheduled to open in May, Tallywackers staged a hiring event Saturday for bartenders, servers, cooks, bus boys and hosts. And judging by photos from the event on Facebook (right and below), there were some highly qualified applicants.
We reached out to Tallywackers for more info but didn't hear back right away.

For those familiar with Dallas, Tallywackers will occupy a seemingly cursed spot on Lemmon Avenue that changes restaurants every few years. But in a city that supports more than its fair share of gay dancer bars, perhaps Tallywackers will have better luck.
At the very least, Tallywackers could make for another scandalous float in the gay Pride parade — and piss off the local newspaper columnist who's obsessed with that billboard. 
Check out more photos from the Tallywackers hiring event, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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