Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Secret is about to be revealed !....

On the horizon, a final stage full moon was slowly rising, emitting Luna's haunting glow and intrinsic charm that captured my attention. I could just imagine that this same lunar latern probably had cast a spirited eminence over the sands of Africa, bouncing light off Pharos and down into the catacombs of the Valley of the Kings where whispers are still heard. From that valley to the Far East and around the rest of a restless world, power brokers have struggled to control the flow of information, the far reaching knoweledge and the ultimate treasurer trove of prosperity that only a few have been privy too. I too, as I gaze into the streams of Mother's Nature moonlight, lie in wait for my chance to view the scrolls and unearth the volocity of their meanings which hold, "The Secret."
Being successful and finding the right source to accomplish the task have always been on my radar. It seems that certain elements and cornerstones must be in place in order to unlock the gates to a gainful existence. Realizing the paradigms of "The Secret" will allow me to further understand how those great empire builders such as Rockefeller, Carnegie, Dupont and Ford were able to use it's contents to create everlasting dynasties. The American industrial revolution has been transformed by new discoveries in the 21st century, however, the basic elements found within the scrolls of " The Secret" are fundamental composites that I know will align, as well as, propel me toward the my goals. I can't be fatalistic about the possiablities because believing in myself, embracing my faith and designing the best business model will provide me a sound foundation. Afterall, in the words of Spike Milligan, " money can't buy you friends, but it can get your a better class of enemy." I'll take my chances. Let's find out together as we all prepare to share, "The Secret."! Check it out at,

Friday, October 07, 2005

"And now a message from our sponsors..."

There it was. Another reminder from yet another product or service deivised to find it's way into my purse, pocketbook, wallet or fanny pack. All through the day and much of the evening, we are constantly bombarded with the message that we simply don't have enough stuff to either gaurd, proctect, satisfy or wreck havoc over our daily lives. Just one more infomerical to state that "if you don't have this and don't order it "now," you'll going to be somehow unable to complete the rest of your days on Earth, not to mention get to sleep after watching this crap. Sometimes, I wonder how did we get here and why so many people are now suffering from type of conpulsive order or another. They've filled their lives not with a loving spirit, but rather hapless products ranging from the unused thigh master to the insipid singing Bass that flops around for your distatseful pleasure. Some individuals are actually drowing in the crass commericalization of their being with so many items that they have found some type of sick affection for these inanimate objects of their desire. The bottom line, they can't part with it any of it, whether it be a use tube of cosmetics that may have one more use or stacks of Ladies Home Journal that will never see a reading light ever again. Consequently, I 've decided to do my part and get rid of the crap, by saying "good night Irene" to many of the trinkets of past lives that no longer have any significance to my present. However, I've gone one step further and decided to cleanse much of my entire being by realizing that old habits and desires also need to be re-exaimined and purged. Making up for lost time by reaffirming my self to myself, therfore contemplating my future as well as, impending mortality and or legacy. I don't want to be remembered for all the stuff I had, but rather what I did with my stuff by either donating to worthy causes or other erstwhile charities.I want my earthly possesions to eventually keep on giving long after I've departed the scene and perhaps if we took the mountains of no-nothing junk that keep growing each year in garages around the nation and decidely make less purchases of addtional baby strollers, tea service, beer teddys or other non-useful crap. We could just establish funds to further education or elevation of human kind. Perhaps entertaining the novel idea of just saving more money to take of lingering existence would be good cause. Yet, I'm putting my money where my frustration lies. I am committing to not to buy items that I simply don't really need or do anything to make my life more enriched. Ultimately, if the "six degrees of seperation" paradim really exist, I hope that those who are within my six degrees will do the same and not buy anything while there thinking about it.