Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spring Dash into Summer Sizzle

Let the whining begin. "It's hot out here!! Yes, I've already heard folks acknowledging that they are totally uncomfortable with temps, even though it's not officially summer as yet. But never mind any of this yearly ritual where the grumbling and mumbling escalates to a fever pitch, because this forum is heating up it's coverage of local event, news makers, hot topics and issues effecting Arkansas' LGBTQ community and beyond. Are you ready? Let's do this.

Rodeoing OKC Style

I was on the road this past weekend with the Diamond State Rodeo Association attending the Oklahoma Gay Rodeo Association's 26th edition of the 2011 Great Plains Rodeo in Oklahoma City. The event featured contestants from all regions of the nation as a sanctioned charity event of the International Gay Rodeo Association. From the initial "howdy's" during the registration mixer on Friday evening, my co-participation with Mr. DSRA Candidate Nathan James in the Royalty Review in front of a standing room only crowd at the FinishLine that same evening to the actual rodeo competition at the OKC Fairgrounds, the weekend moved in a barnstorming fashion. Members Evan, Lisa, Allen and Steve registered to compete in barrel racing to wild drag during the two day event. DSRA members including my counterpart, Mr. DSRA, J. Lum led the "Grand Entry" on Saturday, walking the arena after the national royalty and trustees while greeting onlookers and supporters. Co-carrying the organizational banner with fellow member Josh for the first time was a interesting mix of intrigue as well as history. As we paraded, I'm sure the attendees probably had varying thoughts to my presence not to mention my royalty designation within the association network. Especially since I am the first African-American to assume the title in DSRA history and most likely one of, if any throughout the IGRA system. I thought to myself here was yet another memorable moment that I can catalog in my life time of experiences that has added to my life's journey while trying to promote diversity and multi-cultural acceptance in the GLBTQ community and beyond. Recently I was asked a legacy question about what work made me most proud and I replied, "always seeking to be myself while advocating on behalf of those who have not found their voice to do so. Meanwhile promoting personal responsibility, empowerment and vision through my individual actions and pursuits." So far I believe that I've done just that.       

The Lucie's Place Project

Homelessness among gay adolescents and teens in big meccas such as Los Angeles and New York City has been highlighted in numerous high profile publications such as The Advocate and Philadelphia's Gay News. But the plight of young gay adult homelessness and shelter accessibility also has roots in Little Rock and a continuing project under the LA Corp umbrella of services called Lucie's Place is striving to be the first facility of it's type in the state. According to program coordinator, Penelope P., "the goal is to offer a space, free of charge where LGBTQ young adults can live their lives to their fullest while developing the skills necessary for independence. " The project is in a fundraising cycle with just over $1300.00 collected toward a goal of $20,000.00 as a target for summer 2011. Unfortunately, there has been no data gathering on this dilemma within Arkansas or the south, despite recent census profiles spotlighting an influx of gay families in the region. The center will be designed to offer residents 2 years to acquire employment skills, savings platforms and access to social services including legal assistance from co-collaborators, Bowen Lambda. Regularly schedules meeting have begun with June 13, at 5 p.m. at 1417 Main Street as the next. For more information, contact them at 501.912.3780, click it to LuciesplaceAR@gmail.com  or www.luciesplace.org

Locking Up all the Right People

The Arkansas Department of Human Services and it's sub-agency, Arkansas State Hospital have been embroiled in some controversial incidents involving both employees and patients. In Sunday's, (5.29.11) Arkansas Democrat- Gazette matter's surrounding ASH handling jailed criminal defendants ruled mentally incompetent to stand trail was explored amidst opposing viewpoints and refusal policies of policing agencies. The case of K.H. Heinzman was the focal point of the article citing the difficulties of whether his subsequent death was affected by his incarceration at the Pulaski County jail after a suicide attempt. The Heinzman case continues to raise concerns about policy interpretations, court orders and federal lawsuits dealing with deadlines on how Human Services should receive mentally ill criminal defendants and deal with them otherwise. The State Hospital contends that its not a "medical facility" therefore it doesn't  provide psychiatric care in lieu of individuals brought to the agency. As evidence continue to unfold, it calls into question the entire scheme of mental health in Arkansas and its impact on the criminal justice apparatus which Sheriff Doc Holladay called a "ongoing problem." With this current glaring ongoing situation being reported, this forum has been monitoring the case of" Carl"  who has been ensnared in the mental health system under nebulous rulings and sketchy outcomes that have caused him personal angst and difficulties. His story was the subject of a 2008, 4 part series in the Arkansas Democrat- Gazette again demonstrating the struggles of those under the grip of Arkansas's mental health system. Advocates including the Living Affected Corporation have decried "Carl's" treatment as "HIV criminalization" and have outreached to national activist, Rev. Al Sharpton for review and assistance. COP/24/7 will update readers as to whether Rev. Sharpton responds and further developments with his case.   His memoir entitled, "The Set Up," is available at www.lacorponline.org     

Local Host Committee Sought

The Fall Midland meeting of NABWMT will take place October 14-16, 2011 in Little Rock. Local organizers are seeking host committee members interested in assisting with programming and serving as host for the group. Only serious responses will be considered and will be invited to an upcoming planning meeting. If you are interested sponsorships, mini-grants or other financial support please forward your information to nealix101@comcast.net  for more information on NABWMT, check out their website at www.nabwmt.org  We want to show our guest our special brand of southern hospitality, so come show us your pride!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Raising the Red, White and Blue

Memorial Day 2011 marks not only the beginning of the summer season, but somberly reminds us of the fallen heroes who lay in hallow grounds around the globe. Unfortunately, even as we stop to remember these individuals, our nation and it's servicemen and women are still engaged in conflicts in Middle East, North Africa and the longest and the costly mash-up taking place in Afghanistan. CorneliusOnpoint salutes all those who fill the rolls of our armed services who have pledged to "serve and protect" our homeland and freedom. However, with wreathes being placed, TAPS being played and proclamation stating our commitment to these persons, we find disturbing factoids surrounding the plight of those who return from these war theatres. Shockingly, suicides are rampant and have been escalating at a rapid pace due to PST dilemma's, meanwhile a plethora of other issues surrounding vets ranging from homelessness, mortgage refinancing to lack of employment opportunities have become platforms for vigorous debate. Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-CA) has been a firm supporter with numerous pieces viable legislation and Senator Patty Murray(D-WA)  signed on to sponsor a Veterans Employment Act of 2010 and currently the Hiring Heroes Act of 2011 to address unemployment among vets now topping a whopping 27%. The 111th Congress also offered a variety of vet focused bills including the Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Service Act of 2010.  Yet as more of these factors have fallen front and center, it seems shameful that those who fight the good fight must return to their homes only to become ensnared in nightmarish scenarios of civilian living. This forum will highlight as well as spotlight these ongoing critical issues affecting service people across the board. If you have stories, observations or voices to share, the floor is always open. 

Gay Pioneers Screening Will Launch June Pride

To launch June Pride, Equality Forum and federal LGBT workplace groups will screen Gay Pioneers on Tuesday, May 31st at 6 p.m. in the LBJ Auditorium, U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue SW.
Gay Pioneers Frank Kameny, 86, the father of the LGBT civil rights movement, and Lilli Vincenz, 74, will participate in a Q & A with Malcolm Lazin, Executive Director, Equality Forum and the Executive Producer of Gay Pioneers. This will be the first screening of Gay Pioneers at a federal venue.
There is a networking reception following the Q & A hosted by federal LGBT workplace groups. The event from 6 to 7:30 p.m. is FREE.
Kevin Jennings, Assistant Deputy Secretary for Safe and Drug-Free Schools, U.S. Department of Education and founder of GLSEN, will introduce the film.
lilli-vincenz~s600x600Gay Pioneers Frank Kameny and Lilli Vincenz will be available for photographs.
Gay Pioneers was co-produced by Equality Forum and WHYY/PBS. To learn more about Gay Pioneers, visit www.gaypioneers.com.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Windstream Wednesday

Does it seem that 2011 is just slip sliding away? Well, as another Memorial Day weekend rolls out complete with the somber reminder that many in our armed forces have offered the ultimate sacrifice to frivolity of festivals, changing of the seasons and of course, more CorneliusOnpoint getting ready to bust out the rest of the year. So many topics, issues and a kitchen sink or two are just the tip of what's on our bucket list. While we were on hiatus, many subjects that this forum put out front in the LGBTQI community then, need a review as well as an update to as if any progress has occurred or remains the status quo. Despite significant issues within our core audience, this forum realizes that many issues such as poverty, homelessness, health disparities and economic barriers that loom large in the greater society directly reverberate across all humanity. Our mission vision is steadfast and clear, as we promise to empower, enrich and entertain our readers with the best original content, open debate and access to information we can muster. If you haven't subscribed to our return, then we encourage you to do so. Don't forget to become one our followers as well. Even though we were out of sight for a time, we were never out of touch with our friends, family and fans that have been awaiting our come back. Thanks for your enthusiastic "welcome back" and "go get em" well wishes. Stay tuned....

Gays on Southern Ground

I've been reading numerous stories and following items surrounding the census findings that have determined that gay people raising children as couples and otherwise has become extremely prominent in the south. Especially in nontraditional cities such as  Jacksonville, Florida which has one the largest communities of gay parents in the country. In a New York Times January article by Sabrina T., she cites that, "In addition, the data show, child rearing among same-sex couples is more common in the South than in any other region of the country, according to Gary Gates, a demographer at the University of California, Los Angeles. Gay couples in Southern states like Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas are more likely to be raising children than their counterparts on the West Coast, in New York and in New England."
The pattern, identified by Mr. Gates, is also notable because the families in this region defy the stereotype of a mainstream gay America that is white, affluent, urban and living in the Northeast or on the West Coast.
“We’re starting to see that the gay community is very diverse,” said Bob Witeck, chief executive of Witeck-Combs Communications, which helped market the census to gay people. “We’re not all rich white guys.”
Black or Latino gay couples are twice as likely as whites to be raising children, according to Mr. Gates, who used data from a Census Bureau sampling known as the American Community Survey. They are also more likely than their white counterparts to be struggling economically. Most notably that article made the point that many of these units are results of individuals who were in previous heterosexual relationship's where children were conceived prior to their current status. It was a pointed fact that this was a fact, at least in Jacksonville of many Black and Latino couples. The 2009 census estimated at least 581,000 same-sex couples among the 8.8 million self identifying gays in the U.S. Counting same-sex couples didn't began until 1990 with married couples now becoming apart of that data gathering. As a first, local group CAR participated with the 2009 census program and actively recruited volunteers within the LGBTQ community. (photo courtesy of xaxor.com)

Doing Double Duty

Some of you don't know it but now you do, I do double duty in this writing thing. My other wordy endeavor is on behalf of the National Association of Black and White Men Together, Inc. where I post for their online presence, QVExpress. It's what I like to call the sassy sister of its big brother, Q-Visions which is the e-zine of the group. For the last 2 years I've served as Editor of that platform which serves to communicate the organizations mission statement which is to "support environment wherein racial and cultural barriers can be overcome and the goals of human equality realized." NABWMT was established in 1980 as organization to address the issues of racism, sexism, homophobia, HIV/AIDS discrimination within the LGBTQ community utilizing educational and social activities. You can check out my contributions to each from the following links: www.qvexpress.wordpress.com  or www.nabwmt.org  

Sharing the NEWS!!!!
If you have tips, breaking news, opinons, observations or commentary to share, then do it with COP:24/7. We encouarage your participation and interaction with this forum.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Periscope 360

The Ebb and Flow of
AIDS in Arkansas 2011

As the 30th anniversary of AIDS in America continues to be commemorated throughout the nation, with displays at the famed Smithsonian's National Museum of American History in Washington.D.C., a CNN news special moderated by Anderson Cooper, and localized events in various cities such as San Diego to NYC continues to remind us that the battle is ongoing as we must soberly realized that 75 Million people are infected with the virus globally according to UNAIDS reports. Despite those figures, there have been significant break throughs ranging from the momentous national HIV Strategy promoted by the Obama administration, expanded vaccine testing and newly developed single dosage regimens that have added to the quality of life of those now living longer with HIV. Yet among all these movements here in Arkansas as it is in other southern states there are still distinct issues surrounding this health dilemma. Such "elephants in the room" topics as the ADAP waiting list, available housing, poverty levels, transportation, stigma and those infected but not in care for numerous reasons require additional attention. Meanwhile depending on your viewpoint, exacerbating the problem includes agency moves, staffing exits, uneducated lawmakers and extreme fluid funding levels to organizations involved in offering services to end users have become apart of the complexity of living with HIV in Arkansas. Since this forums inception, we have been outspoken as well as supportive of the charge on HIV/AIDS. We will continue to address, inquire and report on the progress or lack thereof both locally and statewide. From our vantage point we are still puzzled as to "just what does it take to get consumers more motivated around this issue?" Especially those who voiced their concerns during a joint advocacy conference sponsored by Living Affected and NWA AIDS Links held earlier this year in Fayetteville. During that weekend, consumers brought matters to the table, but bringing it without active participation in holding systems accountable is counter productive to achieving any change. In the last two decades numerous groups, outfits, organizations, networks or what have you, have come and gone using valuable resources and brain trust. Yet in 2011 it appears that as the crisis spikes with co-morbidity health issues involving STD's and amidst flat lined funding, advocates and activist alike are still wary and suspecting of the supportive infrastructure which in itself has done as much to warrant such attitudes. Even though health care reform is on track to be implemented in 2014 and its framework slowly unfolding, political forces in this state have not been full throated in their support.  Therefore with this term of the legislature now a distant memory, to date Arkansas still has no line item in its budget despite a 2008 Governor appointed task force which cited a laundry load of recommendations, announced partnerships and other creative suggestions. A bright spot in this mix is a $400.000 (FY 2011) contribution from tobbaco settlement money destined for education, awareness campaigns and testing which is needed. But if new cases are discovered and they are being found weekly according to the Arkansas Department Health, without definitive funding sources we will eventually find conditions fueling the fire of the state's "care paradox." That paradox involves more positive individuals within a overburden system which can't sustain without elevated funding for labs, meds and other needs. Consequently in our opinion this "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" position persist as 2010's SHARP (State Healthcare Access Research Project) analysis again highlighted more of what these professionals and experts should have already surmized and those activitst with boots on the ground deal with daily. Ultimately its all about utilizing more dollars effectively while demanding accountability. As we survey the horizon there's lots of hard questions that need to be raised across the board and COP 24/7 is back on the beat to resume that process. We encourage your comments, leads, observations and personal stories on living with HIV/AIDS in Arkansas.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Wide Angles and Lenses

We are still here. Yes the latest rapture prediction and aftermath came and went with its organizers once again giving some inept reasoning as to why their "gloom and doom" howl went belly up. Its amazing that these folks can stir up, whip up and conjure up such dogma to send some folks into a frenzy. I was never quite caught up, since this dude has done this off the wall type of silliness previous when then, he too said as he said this time out, "somehow I got the numbers mixed up." Yeah Right!
Since we are still in the land of the living, lets go hard to see what really going on....

 No Gay talk in Tennessee schools

Instead of Tennessee's lawmakers being concerned with readin,writin and countin, it seems that they are overly concerned that children from kindergarten to eighth grade don't get no teachin or discussin on them there GAY people. Yes my friends, Tennessee's Senate has passed a bill to forbid teachers and students to discuss that some people are gay. Talk about social engineering?  Although the bill made it through the Senate, the bill isn't likely to be taken up by the House before lawmakers adjourn this spring, but the sponsor there has said he would push it forward in 2012 when the General Assembly comes back for the second year of the session.
Passage would make Tennessee the first state to enact such legislation, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. In 2003, Washington defeated a proposal similar to Tennessee's, as did California in 2005 and 2006. A Louisiana law forbids the use of sexually explicit materials depicting homosexuality in sex education classes.
Under the proposal, any instruction or materials at a public elementary or middle school would be limited to age-appropriate lessons about the science of human reproduction.
The legislation was amended from the original version, which said no elementary or middle schools will "provide any instruction or material that discusses sexual orientation other than heterosexuality." Republican Senate sponsor Stacey Campfield of Knoxville said some of his colleagues were uncomfortable with that language.
In an Associated Press reported quote Campfield quipped, "There's more than one way to skin a cat," Campfield said after the vote. "I got what I wanted."
He said the language is appropriate because "homosexuals don't naturally reproduce," and he said it's necessary because the state's curriculum is unclear on what can be taught. Unfortunately friends this guy is dead serious about this as if these students won't be expose from other outlets or perhaps those who they circulate among? 
Meanwhile, Sen. Roy Herron, D- Dresden, said it "may inadvertently prevent the teaching of ethics, morality and abstinence." Therefore with this passing, it appears that the LGBTQ community in this state may need to mobilize an effort to expose and unseat any Senator that thought this was a nifty idea.

Casting Call for LRBP

A recent Facebook blast was forwarded from Little Rock Black Pride concerning a "casting call" for an upcoming fashion show. At post time details were not complete, but the group is also planning "Sex and the City," 2011 Black Pride, July 22-24, 2011. According to an online flier, the host hotel will be Comfort Inn & Suites with travel partners American Airlines and Avis car rental. Unfortunately, with all this framework being announced, we've not been able to determine the programming for this week. Past events have featured strippers, exotic dancers, Mr & Miss Black Pride, picnicking in Reservoir Park and other assorted items. However, although supportive of local organizations, has wondered out loud about programming choices that supposedly represent, "Black Pride." Of course, we assume that everyone may have their interpretation of this "pride" concept but we would hope that organizers would program some "sexy" issues like personal responsibility, political empowerment and becoming more money savvy. We know that these issues pale in importance to bulging biceps, six packs and junk in the trunk. This forum is not a prude because we celebrate physical health and wellness. Yet, we encourage this group to consider programming dealing with not only the Body, but the Mind and Soul as well that is desperately needed in this city and throughout this community. If you need suggestions, give us a shout out, we're always ready to help. 

Health Reform for Me 4 U

Local station KARK will do more of its investigative pieces on the impending health care reform schedule to fully roll out in 2014. Although pegged "Obamacare," actually its formal name is the Affordable Health Care for Americans Act which was hotly debated and is still facing lawsuits, legislative challenges and opposition from opponents whom claim that it will bankrupt the country. Since most of you, if not most other as well have not read the bill, this report may help in answering some questions and quiet some misconception about this measure. If you are a local comcast customer, Channel 4 is actually (channel 5) if not check your local listings. It will be apart of their 6 pm newscast and most likely will be available on their website after airing. We will be following it and posting on Wednesday after our AIDS in Arkansas post this Tuesday.

The Big "O" Bounces

Well it's here. The final week of the legendary Oprah Winfrey Show that has dominated the daytime airwaves, pop culture and advertising world for the last 25 years. She told the world last year that season 25 would be her last, as she moves on to work her magic on the recently launched OWN network. I don't think Winfrey is trying to top herself, but rather continue building her "feel good empowering aura" onto a cadrie of productions. So far, only a couple of these efforts have garnered my attention and the rest are reconfigurations of stuff I've already seen and dismissed. Its obvious that Winfrey has had much influence in popular culture to the point that she wanted to copyright "lightbulb moment" as a personal mark and has set the book world afire with her choices of the latest read. For the last 25 years she's been their, on the afternoon tube with a dizzying array of topics, trends, toublemakers, and trinkets that now have their own iconic touch as Oprah's Favorite Things. She has spinned a web that has ensnared those favored demographics that advertisers swoon over while manipulating the greatest advertising campaign from everything from bath soap to PJ's. Meanwhile, bringing those superstars into the living rooms and kitchens of those who couldn't get enough of the "O" questions about being authentic and self revealing. Winfrey has just about done it all in the last two decades front and center calling the shots as she wanted with her stance that "nothing is off the table." And we've waited and watched her guest unfold their lives by peeling back every layer of the onion so we could savor the human aroma of pain, pause and passion day after day without regrets. As she calls the curtain, there has been talk that some of her minions will go through some type of "post Oprah syndrome," and others for reasons beyond me will find a void in their afternoons. No matter where you fall on the "O" meter, hopefully you will be able to discover another method to share your time. In the meantime we salute OW for 25 years of providing us all a means to fall through the looking glass, where we found each of lives colliding and combusting to understand that each of our six degrees of seperation really makes us have more in common than we ever really thought. Good Luck and Best Wishes...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Running on Empty

The Summer blaze is burning without any restraint and it's just as hot in this forum as we continue to bust a move with the latest updates, observations, opinions and breaking news. It's all here in COP24/7! Let's break off a piece shall we...

National HIV Testing Day in Arkansas

June 27 is National HIV Testing Day with numerous activities being planned around the country including global corporate citizens such as Walgreen's and Ebony magazine as well as those locally in the HIV/AIDS battle. Even though it seems that I'm always finding the shortcoming's of events, I believe that if you've done it more than once, then after a period of time it should be like riding a bike. You don't get on and forget to paddle to move forward or how to stay on the damn thing. In other words, the local events planned for anything shouldn't have to fall in the same traps each time they are produced. Case in point, I noticed a nicely placed ad/link on Xfinity to the NHTD site which was suppose to give info on all the activities in Arkansas. But after following the link, I discovered that only one activity was listed for this state. Even though I had heard radio spot's to the contrary. Subsequently, I rolled to the Arkansas Minority Health site to discover that neither the NHTD site nor the AMH site were in sync. What if I was an individual seeking testing info, updates or sources? Well, this is the communication stream breakdown that often occurs when these events roll out. Its the frustration that I've heard over and over from community people who state that they can't seem to keep in the loop on what's going on from services to social opportunities. This is the reason that this forum makes every attempt to stay current and keeping you in the information loop. If you are not bookmarked, subscribed or RSS, then you should. We keep bringing you the latest and fastest information that you can read. Keep it locked and loaded to COP:24/7
Check out each of these sites for National HIV AIDS Testing Day activities:  www.hivtest.org or www.arminorityhealth.com, www.blackaidsinstitute.org   Additional information: www.livingaffected.org , www.greaterthan.org

Bowling For Little Rock

Fitness is becoming more of what many of us should be doing instead of moving our fingers among the keyboards. The area already has a vibrant Kickball entity called the Sidekicks, sponsored by local community supporter, Sidetracks. So can we do more sports, you betcha! Therefore, a local bowling league is being developed and they are now seeking team mates or teams for this effort. All information can be obtained from organizer, Sandy B at sandybj69@aol.com Tell er you heard it first.

Diversity Swirl Prepares for Midland Meeting

The fall meeting scheduled October 14-16, 2011 of the Midland Regional wing of the National Association of Black and White Men Together, Inc, will include a Swirl: Diversity in Motion event slated during their Welcome to Little Rock mixer, Friday October 14. The Swirl concept is a multi-cultural, multi-racial social networking soiree that supports the NABWMT mission statement of "fostering supportive environments wherein racial and cultural barriers can be overcome..."  Local organizers are seeking volunteers for a strategy session, fundraising and weekend chaperone's and host. The weekend will include a Saturday morning business meeting, additional programming, city tour and numerous other activities. Online registration is now in full swing. The first 25 registrants will be put in a chance drawing for an Ipad utilizing an online contest from vendor, Regonline that will run through July 31. Early Bird registrations are available for $35 and you can make that move today at www.regonline.com/fmrock2011  If you are interested in sponsoring, in-kind gifts, contributions or volunteer opportunities hit us up at nealix101@comcast.net or call the new hot line at 501.553.6314 Do it TODAY!!!  

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Voices Carry 2011: A Thursday Edition

Legacy X:
American Revolutionary on Fire

Today would be Malcolm X's 86th birthday. His life, legacy and vision for African Americans living in the United States of America was bold, defiant and crackled with searing language caused a sensation then and even today. The recent publishing of Manning Marables book, "Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention," has reignited not only interest in the iconic activist himself, but has reached for far flung facts, myths and perceptions that have become Topic A in literary circles. The chatter has reached a zenith among the who's who in Black academia from Amiri Baraka to Cornell West, each with points of view on this latest look at his historical impact on American culture and society. I read the Autobiography of Malcolm X many years ago, however, in this book Marables continues to peel back the multi-layered, complex and intriguing person that "X" had become. During his 39 years of life, we re-live his reported hustling days as "Detroit Red" with the now added alleged tidbit that he may or may not have had some minor "gay interludes" with male acquaintances. This scenario has raised some eyebrows among some black scholars who have dismissed the allegation as pandering for shock effect while others have called for a greater discussion of homophobia in the black community. The book raises numerous controversies and provocative such as the knowledge that FBI and the NYPD has advanced information concerning a possible assassination plot on Malcolm at the Audubon Ballroom. Also, there are further discussions on his marriage to Betty Shabazz concerning infidelity, the diaries of his travels and his thoroughly complex involvement with the Nation of Islam and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. It's more that we can even begin to discuss in this forum. So, we've included a link to a video debate and other resources to enlightened you about this unforgettable figure in American history.   
Manning Marable’s Controversial New Biography Refuels Debate on Life and Legacy of Malcolm X

Coming OUT Into the Light

Well he done done it. Don Lemon, CNN's Weekend anchor put it out there that he's gay and in true 21st century style, he "tweeted" it his followers and fan base. And I had to do the hard way, by just telling folks to their face while living my life.  Alright then. In the meantime, Mr. Lemon who also has penned a memoir, "Transparent" which is scheduled for a June release by Farrah May publishing will address molestation incidents, racism and "colorism" and all things that have shaped his 45 year old life thus far. His statement that:

 "It’s quite different for an African-American male,” he said. “It’s about the worst thing you can be in black culture. You’re taught you have to be a man; you have to be masculine. In the black community they think you can pray the gay away.” He said he believed the negative reaction to male homosexuality had to do with the history of discrimination that still affects many black Americans, as well as the attitudes of some black women.
“You’re afraid that black women will say the same things they do about how black men should be dating black women.” He added, “I guess this makes me a double minority now.”
I think it would be great if everybody could be out,” he said. “But it’s such a personal choice. People have to do it at their own speed. I respect that. I do have to say that the more people who come out, the better it is for everyone, certainly for the Tyler Clementis of the world.”

Speaks volumes to his journey and gives us insight that he's taken the time to mull over the impact of his move. Lemon has received an outpouring of support from his fan base, activist and viewers. But with that support comes the hate and backlash from sectors within the black community that have framed his remarks as "throwing the black community under the bus," such as the headline on NewOne for Black America. I wasn't surprised at some of the vile comments that have equated Mr.Lemon as "less than black, being turned out and other gross misrepresentations of his stance. Others have commented that they didn't care if he was gay, but rather he should have kept it to himself. "Why do these folks have to tell all their business to the world," one such comment charged. Mr. Lemons assertion that we have homophobia in the black community is not flawed, but has been cloaked in varying degrees of theology and misconceptions. All the while, transgendered people are violently murdered, isolation, poverty and co-morbidity health issues have developed a hub and spoke dilemma within the HIV/AIDS crisis continuing to spike in the community. Even though he may not consider himself a role model, his coming out demonstrates that with persistence, talent and dignity you can achieve living out loud on your on terms. High five and Kudos to you Mr. Lemon, here's to you and wishing you the best!! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Hustle and Flow 2011

When you wake up some days, have you ever wondered what the hell is really going on? Gas prices keep bouncing from one price to another, meanwhile the tank seems to be about the same. The monthly bills roll in, just when it seems that you just paid those mothers, right? Then, you turn on the TV to hear more bullshit about Wall Street thievery, lying politicians, and back stabbing housewives of whatever than you really care about. You exclaim, WTF! Is it me or does it appear that life is churning just a little harder and little more tighter these days. Well, we can count our blessings but can a brother and sister get a breakthrough! And now may we pass the cheese to go with all that wine....

Full Moon Shines Tonight

The management at Sidetracks is stepping it up another notch with its latest entertainment offering with its "Full Moon/Underwear Party, tonight at the north shore main street venue. Now, according to the few Facebook blurbs that I've been reading, there are stipulations to this event. First up or not out as the case may be, your "junk" needs to be in your under gear. Of course, when you think about it, some of you don't necessarily need to be putting your "anything" on display that may make someone sick to their stomach. In the meantime, the evening will be feature contest for the best of boxers and briefs with the audience most likely picking the winners. Also there will be drink specials for all those so attired and embracing the theme. It all starts around 8 p.m. and goes until the last pair of fruit of the loom's leave the building...sorta of.

LACorp Re-Tools and Revamps

Its been a trying 24 months for local HIV/AIDS advocacy organization, Living Affected Corp as it has struggled to survive an onslaught of issues and barriers. Evolving from the now defunct and equally embattled, Brotha and Sistahs entity, the group now known as LACorp has had to face down more Medusa's than any service organization should have to endure. Designed to fill a void in dealing with sexual health issues such as HIV/AIDS in the black LGBTQ community, the group has attempted to flourish among politicians with hidden agendas, front page news reports of alleged funding mismanagement resulting from a state audit from funds granted from the Minority Health Commission, meanwhile being paralyzed to offer its needed services through a series of grid locked decisions from the Arkansas Department of Health. How can any group really thrive after this cycle of mayhem is a wonderment to say the least.
 Due to funding shortfalls, LACorp has suffered internally but is attempting to determine its future. CEO, D. Levi has stated that she "is tyring to see what the face of LACorp will look like in the future." She continues, " its been a tough couple of years and we've been in the fight our lives to exist. It's all been a little bit crazy." Even as LACorp regains its footing, the dilemma of continuing incidences of HIV/AIDS cases involving "men having sex with men" and women in the African American community is still statistically alarming. However, even though the stats speak volumes, it's the lack of "dollars" that seems to falling on deaf ears, especially in this era of budget belt tightening and deficits. The work of community based organizations such as LACorp and others is vital due to their outreach and prevention messages directly aimed at communities of color. COP 24/7 has always been supportive of health initiatives and have championed those in the struggle to end HIV and AIDS in Arkansas. This forum will continue to monitor and call to action law makers, consumers and advocates to know that this health crisis is far from over.
International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia 2011

Today marks the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. The Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has issued a statement that this forum believed that it was worth sharing as we feel strongly abhor homophobia either internalized or externally and support those who are reconciling themselves through transition.


International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

In every part of the world, men and women are persecuted and attacked because of who they are or whom they love. Homophobia, transphobia and the brutal hostility associated with them are often rooted in a lack of understanding of what it actually means to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT). So to combat this terrible scourge and break the cycle of fear and violence, we must work together to improve education and support those who stand up against laws that criminalize love and promote hate. As we mark the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia this May 17, let us resolve to redouble our efforts.

On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I am proud to reaffirm our support for LGBT communities at home and abroad, and to call for an end to discrimination and mistreatment of LGBT persons wherever it occurs. Whether by supporting LGBT advocates marching in Belgrade, leading the effort at the United Nations to affirm the human rights of LGBT persons, or condemning a vile law under consideration in Uganda, we are committed to our friends and allies in every region of the world who are fighting for equality and justice. These are not Western concepts; these are universal human rights.
Despite these gains and hard work, there is more to do to turn the tide of inequality and discrimination against the LGBT community. If you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, know that the United States stands with you and we are unwavering in our commitment to ending this cycle of hate.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Spin Out Monday

Nhojj's Artistry Delivers to LGBTQ community and beyond

Every year there are new artist that break out and share there creative force. Nhojj has been a quiet storm that has been swirling in the entertainment vortex over the last decade and his music has en roads to the mainstream.  In the above video entitled "Amazing Grace," the music maker takes the traditional gospel tune and lyrically adds a touching as well as rather spiritually embracing message about marriage equality. Although the video has received mixed reviews commenting on its productions values to those who have questioned the multi-cultural concept portrayed, it has been widely received as forward thinking. An Out Award winning artist, Nhojj's music catalog has a wide range including fusion, neo-soul, stirring ballards to up tempo anthems that he has offered at his many gay pride appearances. Hailing from Trinidad and Guyana, his musical journey has taken him to Europe, Canada and tours across the U.S. On an online bio, he states that he wants his audience to "come into his soul spa and relax. Allow me to caress your mind, body and spirit with sound." If you haven't had a chance to check out his vibe, then you should consider doing so.

Black Lesbians Matter at 2011 Conference

The Zuna Institute has announced August 25-28 2011, at the Disney World Resort as the destination for their upcoming annual convention. Billed as the preeminent assembly of Black Lesbian activist, educators, community organizers and professionals, the conference will feature a weekend filled with opportunities for skill building, networking, and leadership development. Organizers emphasize that the convention will also offer a high visibility platform for participants to share insights on the national LGBTQ community issues either in round table discussion or topic oriented panels. The Zuna Institute released its prominent quantitative study on Black Lesbians entitles, "Black Lesbians Matter." The comprehensive study was conducted in a year long research effort comprising of focus groups, interviews and data gathering. According to their website the report “Black Lesbians Matter,” is an examination of the unique experiences, perspectives, and priorities for the Black Lesbian Community, and has been our most rewarding accomplishment as of yet. The report focuses on five key priorities: Aging, Health, Identity, Family, and Invisibility. We thank all the contributors and funders that made this study come to life.
Francine Ramsey, Executive Director of Zuna Institute says, "This report is the result of year long process, and will lay the foundation for constructive dialog and the creation of an effective collection of strategies that will address the needs of the Black Lesbian community." The report was released in July 2010 and is available for download at www.zunainstitute.org   I read the report with intense interest and its subject matter speaks volumes to the many of the barriers, challenges and roadblocks that individuals face within the LGBTQ community as a whole, but also the greater society as well. Its a must read for those wanting expand there knowledge base, especially since the down load is FREE.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May Mid-Week

With our recent return to the boards, its apparent that there has been much going on and lots of stuff that has taken place that I missed out on. Just reviewing some of the past news stories, clippings, robo net searches and such, caused me to almost swoon at the fact that I didn't get a chance to get me two cents in on the discussion. But not matter, as far as I'm concern, everything that's old comes around "new" again and I'll be waiting with baited breathe. Until that time, let's go inside today's posting.

Killing All the Right People

Global politics often doesn't resonated locally and by golly it should. Especially since there are some interesting U.S. connections that are tyring to stay in the shadows. Activist from the group, Get Equal in Uganda have been outraged and rightfully so, at a measure that would literally imprison or execute gay and their allies. What do you say?  The bill authored by David Bahati actually had undergone some radical changes due to outcries from everyone from U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Senator Barney Frank and a host of international groups have all but condemned this measure in any form that it exist. Even though the bill seemed to be vanishing from the agenda, it appears that this bill still will be coming before the countries Parliament this week, after being sent to Stephen Tashobya, chair of the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee. Current President Museveni has stated that he would "veto" the measure, his track record doesn't mean any certainty as he attempts to bolster his public approval. Where things get murky and according to who is answering, is the fact that Mr. Bahati was reported to be a core member with a connection or no connection to The Family, A "smoke and mirror" entity with a "C" Street addy in Washington D.C. that has raised eyebrow's aplenty.  This outfit made headline news by housing notable residents, newly resigned Senator John Ensign and the "Appalachian Trail" hiker Gov. Mark Sanford who was actually on a global tryst elsewhere. Mr. Bahati in a stunning Rachel Maddow interview (12.2010) asserted that 15 Million dollars had been invested in Uganda to "recruit children into being gay," using videos of "men sleeping with men."  I watched this interview astounded at the ignorance and arrogance of this individual to spew fantasy as some type of fact deeply rooted in homophobia. If you are moved by this post, then you can support gay Ugandans by calling your Senator, House Representative or the White House.  Here's some links: www.senate.gov   www.usa.gov  www.contactingthecongress.org  and www.whitehouse.gov/contact  We will update as the story becomes available. Share your thoughts with us in our comment section.

BWMT Fall Regional Meets in Little Rock

The Midland Regional of the National Association of Black and White Men Together, Inc has selected Little Rock for its fall 2011 meeting, October 14-16. The downtown La Quinta Inn & Suites will serve as the host hotel and area organizers will utilize local venues for meetings and additional programming. The event will began with a Friday, "Welcome To Little Rock Mixer," Saturday AM, business meeting and additional programming, also scheduled will be tours of local museums and landmarks. On Saturday evening a banquet, after dark pub crawl and Sunday Brunch are the details that have been released at this time. Additional updates will be posted in this forum and on other digital platforms. Our hotel value priced reservations of $76.50 are available at 1.800.531.5900 using the code: NABWMT.  Additional volunteers and sponsors are encourage to contact nealix101@comcast.net  Established in1980, The National Association of Black and White Men, Inc is a gay multi-racial, multi-cultural organization for all people seeking to engage in educational, political, cultural, and social activities as means of dealing racism, sexism, homophobia, HIV/AIDS and other inequities in our communities and in our lives.


Of course, this city has had it share of comings and goings on the bar scene, I can almost name them all, but then I would be definately showing my age. Yet, among those that are still surviving, I'm perplexed that when I visit, that I seem to see the same old faces. I fully understand that I'm probably in these establishments more than most, for various reasons mind you, but no matter when I do step through the doors, viola, its the same tea cup of folks and I do mean "TEA CUP".  O.K. What's up with this?  Exactly where have all the patrons gone and why? Yes, I'm aware of those late night haunts such as the newly re-dressed, Trinity, where I've found not familiar faces but overtly younger faces that are in search of being some body with zero sum conversation for myself. Then the other flip of the coin, Discovery (Saturday only) which has a complex mash-up of folks who appear to be there for sake of being their because they thought other folks would be their because they had no where else to go. Meanwhile at SWAY, I'm not sure who is suppose to be at this temple, since each time I stroll through nothing seems to be underway until "later."  Alright, later it is. But, to great fanfare this haunt as well as the ill-fated STAR Bar opened with gyrating staff behind the bar and great promise of live music, ongoing special events and VIP treatments only to be downgraded to a single person serving a blessed few on the now Friday and Saturday only schedule. Meanwhile, we have the 7th street step sisters, 610, Pulse and Off Center, as alternatives but as I predicted prior to their opening even these outlets seem to be in search of audiences. Recently a performer quipped to me that he made a whole "$4" for his evening performance from the six to eight folks in attendance. Really?  No one is immune including, Sidetracks which percolates with event crowds eventually giving way to a core group that populates the bar on weeknights. We all know the economy may be at play, but can we honestly say that there's nothing going on and not support these businesses that are open for our access. Let's think about it...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Frames and Footwork

I have to admit it. Getting back into the swing of producing this platform has taken me a few days and It reminded me of exactly what it takes to make it happen. Producing any short or long form of media doesn't just happen, its all about the research, reading and re-writing that brings you this effort. Therefore, as we get with the program, please stick and stay for more of what you've asking for!!

CAR Changes Gears

Kudos and a big high five to the Center for Artistic Revolution with their recent acquisition of additional space for their announced, Lucille M. Hamilton Youth Center which will serve as a focal point for its DYSC programming and other youth oriented activities. ED, R. Romo has been the driving force behind both the inception and continuation of the local group which has addressed a variety of issues ranging from teen suicide to school yard bullying. According to CAR Notes the groups newsletter, they are seeking volunteers, board members and donations both in-kind and cash. If you would like more info contact them at 501.244.9690 and tell em you heard about it here.

Pride Season Approaches

Well, its almost that time again. The yearly exercise to gather together in a symbolic feeling of exuberance about "what have you done today to be proud." Its all about Pride 2011 across the land with websites, e-blast and a dizzying array of activities, events and fundraising. However, with those mega prides being planned elsewhere, I've heard of only a precious few nuggets of some type of effort being tinkered with locally, but following up on those few tidbits have been hard to substantiate. As in previous years the local watering holes will put forth their individual schedules usually containing some of the sameness that I've come to expect such as the "pub crawls to turnabout this or that." Meanwhile, Conway will roll out their 8th annual event June 5, 2011 in Simon Park featuring vendors, entertainers and most likely a sprinkling of those "turn or burn" folks who add a dash of dramatic effect. In Northwest Arkansas, plans are underway to celebrate their 5th anniversary pride June 25, wrapped in the theme "Live and Let Love." Here you will find another pararde filled with colorful participants and Grand Marshall, M. Walsh who was instrumental in the development of domestic partnership issues in Eureka Springs. I salute those tireless volunteers and contributors who put there heart and soul into these gatherings to offer a sense of pride, but after the pomp and circumstances of it all, we must ponder "is that all there is?"  No. Organizations all over the state, especially in Little Rock are dealing with the deadly Non-Profit trinty, "Budgets, Bodies and the Business" of staying viable in a city that has marginal resources and pockets of committed individuals who are attempting to carry the mantle of social justice. Pride parades aside, its the everyday work of defining and assessing our needs in HIV/AIDS prevention, homelessness and housing issues, mental health barriers and garnering the support from our governing bodies to address these problems which needs all the gusto that can be mustered from each cities LGBTQ community and beyond.  Let us not forget that many of those affected by these human delimmas are not standing on the sidelines of the nearest parade, but often suffer in the shadows of the rainbow. As we prepare for this yearly outing, consider putting some time, money and energy into numerous worthy groups such as Living Affected Corp, CAR, Arkansas HIV/AIDS Community Advocates, ARCPG or Stonewall Democrats. There can be lots of pride in helping these groups continue to fight for us all.  

Dating on Demand

Most of you have forgotten as I had also, that the Dating on Demand crew visited Sidetrack back in March. They were there to get participants to create "Dating on Demand" video profiles from selected questions from an off camera hostess. Actually, I had never heard of the service neither did I know that it was a part of my Comcast package. But a e-blast was circulated to patrons, I curiously attended  to see who would participate, unknowing that I would be goated into making up the shortfall when others didn't step to the plate. It was a hoot and a hollar to say the least, especially after a few libations and some sassy questions to answer off the cuff. The profiles will be available until July under the On Demand button of your clicker, then go to the "Get Local" button, and you will find Dating on Demand icon. Once you click it, you will see the menu which will take you to the videos.  As for myself being thrusted into this spotlight by another participant (Chris), It seems that I was channeling non other than Vouge magazine's Andre Leon Talley with all the loftiness of his essence or was it just one brewsky over the line. The DOD stats state that my profile has reaped at least 44 views by others who are probably wondering, "what in the world was he thinking?" Seeing the Chris profile is worth the trip and it's a must see in my book.  No matter, it was another fun and "out of the box" event offered by the management of Sidetracks. If you don't have a Comcast package and some of you have told me that you don't, then you can get a glimpse of this mash-up at www.datingondemand.com   Look under the profiles section in the task bar marked "find singles." If we can get permission, we may be able to post some of the profiles here. Just for the record, please be advise that this site also offers fee based services which we are not endorsing or soliciting.  

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Too-Ism: The Discrimination from Within the Queer Male Community

Too-Ism: The Discrimination From Within the Queer Male Community

The topic of internalized discrimination within the Queer male community is another issue within the complicated LGBTQ mix. In this David D. Moss video, several men describe their experiences ranging from an individual who feels "invisible" when he moves about in gay bars due his age to another who has been victimized due to his weight. Also included in the interviews is an Asian-American who speaks to overt racism he has felt from those who have stated they didn't find "them," meaning "Asians" attractive. This type of attitude is no secret in the gay male community and has been prevalent as well as perpetuated within the sub-culture on numerous levels. If you check most gay media, people of color are "MIA" (missing in action) while magazines, e-zines, and other publications tout the Caucasian "youthful, biceps, butts and boxes" image that doesn't totally represent across the board. Originally on YouTube, this video has had several thousand views as well as gotten mixed comments. Interesting but expected, a faction of those commenting believe that this behavior is rooted in preferences not discrimination. You've seen the personal ads on Adam 4 Adam, ManCrunch or Craig's List denoting "no fems, fags or fats,"which fuels the premise that only certain people make the cut.  I've been subject this phenomenon personally by being referred to as "snow queen," a reference to Black men who date inter racially. In return for those White men who are attracted to men of color are tagged with such derogatory terms of "jungle bunnies," "dinge queen," or " rice queen." And yes, I've heard the "N" word uttered in local bars and from the very folks who feel the greater society is a barrier to their social justice. All the while dismissing people before getting to know the individuals personal history, journey or victories.  Ultimately, this piece is design to make one grasp for a "teachable moment" in their daily living. If we can't love within our community without hate, then how can we expect to get the respect otherwise.

Agenda in the Rock

Our first post mentioned the successes of the reapeal of the adoption ban and legislation concerning bullying, I didn't mentioned the all important Fed regulation of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" which will affect many Arkansans in the military. But with these behind us, its all about what issues lie ahead and exactly who will be capable of putting the shoulder to the wheel to get something done. One reader e-mailed me to state that from where they stand, the issue of homeless youth and transpersons is number one on there radar.Therefore they are planning a comunity meeting concerning the direction of Lucie's Place, Monday,  May 9, 6 p.m. at Boulevard Bread Company, 1417 Main Street. COP encourages readers to attend and learn more about there future plans. Although its good to know that this effort is going forth, there are many issues that will require some attention from the voting public and that's each of you. So where do we began is the question and we will wait for your comments.

Welcome Back!

Just as we were getting out of the gate this week, I have already heard from a few of you who have tuned in to see what we were up to. Getting back to the boards has been challenging, but with your support and enthusiasm we will get up to speed in no time. Creating this forum is always a work in progress and the time as well as effort it takes will result in content that you will find valuable and useful. Stay in touch and tell your friends that CorneliusOnpoint is at it again...


Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Living in the Life: The Return of COP 24/7

Its been well over a year and a few months since this forum known as CorneliusOnpoint, exited stage left in December 2009. During our four year stint at the keyboard, we covered a lot of ground, made some friends, created some haters, and took no prisoners. But what was most important to me was keeping it real and standing in what we thought was the truth. Looking back over those thousands of words and over 500 post, I personally thought I had had my say and there was very little more for me to be on point about. If memory serves me correctly, there was no boundaries, no topic off the table and above all I welcomed my readers to give me their back talk, unabashed, unedited and uncensored. Of course there are those who to this day have there point of view about our exercises in freedom of speech and there recollection may differ, but nonetheless, COP:24/7 kept bringing it then and is poised to stand in the gap once again. As I have stood by in silence with this forum, I've heard from many of you both positive and negative. Your voices, opinions and cries have stayed with me over these months, causing me to ponder my decision to shutter this forum and step away from my megaphone. However in my stillness I observed that my clarion call concerning our community, those who impact the decision within it and our responses whether real or contrived, beckon for more of my special brand of CorneliusOnpoint.  Ladies and Gentlemen, and all those who haven't decided, may I announce my return to offering you the latest updates, breaking news, commentary and "let's call it what it is" pieces that will revive our efforts to empower, entertain and inform Arkansas' GLBTQ community and beyond. I'm ready to began a new chapter and I hope that you are as well...

A 360 Overview

There has been so much that taken place since our last outing in December 2009. The world has not necessarily gone to "hell in a hand basket," but there's been some mighty interesting comings and goings taking place globally, nationally and certainly on the local scene. So, what will COP:24/7 take on this time around? Well, we've had time to put some new experiences under our belt as well as take a fresh whiff of situations that continue to have that special stench in the air that seem to always catch our attention. Furthermore, even though we applaud those "notes" and shared e-mails that circulated some news or action alerts, apparently COP:24/7 created its own niche that simply has been missed.  Even though we stop producing the weekly version, many continued to check in, post comments and surf by for anything new. Therefore this forum will play catch up and then some on topics such as:

  • Arkansas' ongoing care paradox in relation to the HIV/AIDS health dilemma and other "wheel and spoke" issues including, criminalization, mental health, and current PAP access and continuing access, meanwhile asking some questions about the skeleton staffing of the Arkansas Health Departments' HIV/AIDS Section. Such as what's taking so long to find someone qualified and capable to be chosen Section Chief after Kevin Dedner's exit many months ago? Is anybody mad about it? 

  • Where have all the leaders gone? It seems with each passing day current, past and possible future leaders in the GLBT community seemed to be disappearing faster than cold beer on a hot day. Many of these invaluable individuals served in various capacities with entities such as Little Rock Black Pride, Little Rock Capitol Pride, Brotha & Sistahs and other community based organizations that have been subject to turnover. Why all the haste to get to somewhere else, when this city needs all the creativity, brain power and activist it can muster? We know that its suppose to "greener in the next pasture" but is it really? Where are the next leaders in this city and what will they build from if there's no apparatus or networks in place from which to develop. Note to community: Leadership vacuum is a serious issue.

And speaking of leadership, before you lead you have to have some sense of where you are going therefore, what exactly is the agenda for the GLBTQ community? This year the defeat of a measure to deter same -sex couples from being consider suitable as foster parents was a victory, addressing the bullying issues was rewarding but where do we go from here? Does any one know?

Yes dear readers, we're back and we are ready to ask some question about what's really going on? Tell your friends that CorneliusOnpoint has returned to see just what it takes to get some of you mad about it all. Stay tuned...