Friday, January 30, 2009

First TGI Friday 09

Is it here already, yes sirree, it's the first TGIF of 2009! Yep, we are off and running with a vengeance as we prepare to do our best to bring you the latest updates, commentary, links and every thing over or under the rainbow. Welcome to the no messing around fast lane....ready, set, go!

Love Lights: Interweave a program of UUCLR will host Heart to Heart a Valentine Eve dance
February 13, 2009 8:00 - 11:00 pm ,$5.00 / person at the Unitarian Universalist Church
of Little Rock Fellowship Hall 1818 Reservoir Rd. This smoke free environment will feature mixing as Beer, Wine, and Soda will be available. For more info click it to: or call Sue McDonald, 501.225.1503.

Electing 2010: Didn't we just finish this electing stuff? Yeah we did, but it's never too early to start your fundraising for the next election cycle. Enter the friends of Jay Barth with their 2.5.09 soiree, 5:00 - 7:00 p.m., raising funds for his impending run for Arkansas state Senate District 34. The event will be held at the home of Dr. Rickey Medlock and Scott Heffington 2200 Broadway St.,in downtown Little Rock. Barth is an educator and has served on the State Democratic Committee.

NA Calleth: I've received "congrats" from a few of you as well as Norbet Young, co-chair of the National Association of Black and White Men Together on their vote to choose me as a new board director. After that vote, at the pleasure of the chair, It's been suggested that I be dispatched to the newsletter/publications committee as it's Co-Chair. Now how did they come to that conclusion, well isn't obvious? It will be my pleasure to help usher in a new digitized version of the their venerable publication, The Quarterly which will be re-christened after a name search and selection. I'll be off to Chicago in April for our board meeting and then to Philadelphia, July 29- Aug 1 for the national convention. If you are interested in attending the national, hit me up with an e-blast, click the picture icon or NABWMT link for more info! I'd love to show up with other folks from this part of the country.

7th Street Duos: Last week I gave you my take on the new bar in the 7Th Street entertainment corridor, Six Ten Center which opened simultaneously with it's "sister" entity, Off Center formerly known as Easy Street. The piano bar concept of Easy Street wasn't new to me although it was new to this city's rainbow community which thoroughly embraced it. It was different from karaoke with it's mix of good and not so good singers. Even though the idea was fresh, some of the back story antics that plagued the venue eventually caused it demise. Flash forward to Off Center which gussied up things, rearranged, re-tooled, re-stocked and is now off to re-create the good times. I visited on a week night to let the chips fall where they may. I didn't expect a crowd and there wasn't, but there were a few die hearts sitting around the new bar area sharing conversation. Bar GM Jordan greeted myself and my companion warmly, although the house was quite chilly, if not down right cold. However, he complied to adjusting the temp and explained the nature of the problem. Off Center has been re-vamped yet still has elements of the past, including an great nod to the past with the former bar top accented on the wall for an interesting decorating twist. Some one's been watching those TV designer shows! The rest of the "performance area" is rather basic with banquette seating and other non descript seating. Unlike it's former predecessor, the smartly lit bar is fully stocked with your favorite libations, soft beverages and power drinks. Each night there's a entertainment offering including an open mike night on Wednesday's and scheduled weekend fare. I mentioned in earlier post that when this change over was in progress, that the days of "no cover" would cease and I was on target. Yet, the nominal cover is supposedly slated to cover the expenses of those entertainers along with your generous tips. Let's face it folks, being entertained has it cost. Smoking is allowed in the rear pool/game/lounge area with it's access to the patio, which I suspect will get lots of play when the weather warms. I can see a very nice garden area developed with subdued lighting. Someone send for Chris Olson or P.Allen Smith if he's available. As for that dinky theater that hosted an all kinds of stuff, the plans are in a "TBD"( to be determined) holding pattern until the bar finds it's bearings. All in all, Off Center is a quaint diversion that with a steady hand, could develop into a premiere stop for early birds or those in a late evening speakeasy mood.

Super Sunday: It's going down this Sunday, the Super Bowl! On the north shore, Sidetracks is getting ready to bust out with food reportedly from the new Whiskey Restaurant, bar specials and all other kinds of shenanigans that this venue is known to enjoy. All this activity will be highlighted with their new flat screen TV over their elongated bar. Will I be there? Possibly, But will you? I hope so. Tell em I sent ya!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Voices Carry, Part 2

I don't know about you but doesn't it seem like everything old is new again. Or is that some stuff just won't go away. Such as O.J. Simpson, everything Paris Hilton, and those loveable 50's TV shows such as Lucy, Beaver and Hillbillies that just keep running no matter what! Anyhow, with all that said. This forum is not going away anytime soon, but I will keep it banging it out as Arkansas' only daily updating GLBTQI outlet. We are here, when all the others are just getting their second wind. I'm ready to give it to you, so come get it...

OH TED!: Speaking of folks who I thought would fade in obscurity and simply leave us all along is Mr. Ted Haggard. He's back and is a blaze of mea culpas complete with a documentary no less decrying his turbulent life. I don't know whether to do a OMG slap or just shake my head at this train wreck of a life that keeps playing out for our excruciating viewing. Just in case you forgot and God knows we've tried, Haggard was the premo-ultra connected pastor of a Colorado mega-church where he praise God and condemn gays to burn in the fiery bowels of hell. You know the drill, Bible verse and chapter of this guy who preached to some 10,000 folks before they found out he had feet of clay and a two faces to go with it. It's call a busted Hypocrite who had to admit that he didn't admit to an admitted "encounter" with a boy trick while hitting a few whiffs of illicit drugs for affect. Did you get all that? Well there's more if we really care and obviously I must because it made the cut for this posting as well as Lady Oprah's show, Larry King and that film thingy on tonight on HBO. Haggard said in one interview when asked if he owed the GLBTQ community an apology, he couldn't apologize enough about all that "blah blah" anti gay stuff he espoused. I watched his face as he said that he thought that not everyone in his flock or flock of bible thumping friends would abandon him, not to mention that negotiated exile from the whole state that imposed on him and his family. Oh those dastardly evangelicals who he thought was his family. His whole bowed head/ Greek tragedy story bringing him back into the spot light is almost too much. He goes on to admit yet another misguided encounter with a former questioning convert, says that his therapist said he was actually "heterosexual with homosexual attachments." Say What? Meanwhile, Mrs.Gayle Haggard is standing by her man lock, stock and soon to be life insurance company that they are s launching to make ends meet. I suspect most likely she didn't call the former Mrs. McGreevy or get the book about her falandering husband who became a Gay American in a blink of an eye once the jig was up as New Jersey's Governor. You know some how even with my skeptical and acerbic take on this penny opera, I would love to just take old Ted out for beer sometimes. Alright, Haggard, if you want to continue this sexual identity parlor game, doing a Down Low or whatever you want to call it, then so be it. If you ever want to talk, feel free to give me a ring. I've included a video clip from a review in the LA Times, but I'm going to see this documentary just in case Ted go aheads an give me a ringy-dingy!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mid Week Spin Cycle & Caravan

The lights are on and I'm back in the big chair knocking out another version of COP:24/7. Yes readers, it continues to roll out in full force. There's so much in the hopper that I want to get this hot copy moving... Here we go!

FEEDJIT Widget: I've been watching the widget. That's the FEEDJIT widget that I added to this site in order to gauge my online traffic. It's a live feed that not only myself, but you too reader can check out who's staying on point with COP:24/7 and where they are arriving from. From best I can tell, we are getting hits from a variety of places and even some international destinations to boot. I added this tool to demonstrate that our appeal is broad based and far reaching. Also you can jump in as a "blog follower" using our handy "follow this blog" icon and get instant updates courtesy of the Feed Blitz subscription service which will let you know the minute that I throw it down here. These are great additions and there are more to come including the Chip In widget, video channels from YouTube and podcast from Evoca. As I ramp up our interactivity with you in mind I'm also open to other gizmos that you might suggest. But all these gadgets don't work if you don't use them! So on your next visit, do a widget to let me know that you want to stay in the loop!

CAR Notes: Saturday, March 7, 2009, the Center for Artistic Revolution, CAR will present the 5th Annual Corazón Mexican Dinner and Silent Art Auction. This is CAR's signature event and annual fundraiser. They need your help to make it a big success and I suggest that you clear your calender and get a ticket! The signature centerpiece of this event are Wooden hearts that are distributed to artists, school children, community activists, CAR members, and anyone else who would like to participate. If you are interested in donating your talents, they will supply you with the heart, hanging device, and necessary paperwork to get you started. Contact CAR at or 501-244-9690. Then it's your turn, you can paint it, burn it, mosaic it, collage it, what ever you're medium. You can turn it upside down, add things to it or around it, we just need to see the shape when you are done. Add the provided hanging device and drop it off at the CAR office. Deadline for completed work to be back at the CAR office is March 2, 2009. If you've got suggestions for my "heart" then drop me a comment to share! Once the idea has been chosen, we'll announce it hear first, of course!!!

Block Newby: I'm always glad to see more info additions to the community whether they be in cyberspace or hard copy. I read over the new Activities on the Block newsletter which is the in-house media for the new venues, Six-Ten Center and Off Center respectively. It's a tabloid size effort that highlighted the opening of the bars with a tribute to the late Buddy Habig and supportive advertisement for the new ventures. As with most of these type of publications, they are designed to promote specials, upcoming events and other pertinent "in-house" news. According to it's masthead, Tonya Bruce is at the helm and will be doing this community service monthly. She will be accepting ads and article submission by phone at 501.680.3865 or by e-blast, Hey you guys, welcome to covering the community and kudos to ya! Give me a shout out soon, maybe we have something to talk about!

Coming this Friday, I will review Off Center, the 2nd venue in the new 7th street entertainment corridor. You know you want to know what I discovered. So get locked in on this Friday!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rainbow Horizons

Is this month slowly slip sliding away? I should say so as we prepare for old man winter to rock and roll his way through the next few months until spring burst forth around April. Actually I"m one who loves the cold weather months which allows me to be a layering fashionista extraordinaire! Talk about slave to fashion! However, no matter how you are dressing yourself for these winter months, it's always quite toasty here inside COP:24/7, with breaking news, updates, links, commentary, video, and podcast. Whew, how do I do it? Because it's community service that someone has too! Let's go get em....

Lavender Lifetime: I don't how many of you watched the docudrama, "Prayers for Bobby" starring Golden Globe Winner and Academy Award nominee Sigourney Weaver, but you had ample time slots to check it out and believe it or not you still can. Instead of a bar crawl, I tuned in the flat screen for a heart warming and honest film based on the book by Leroy Aarons dealing with the coming out issues and it's impact on the Griffith family. This real life situation involved central characters, matriarch Mary Griffith and her son Bobby whom dwell in a seemingly stifling devout religious family structure. I decided not to read any press material or synopsis' as to allow myself to let the story draw me to it's message and themes. I wasn't disappointed on any level and as I expected, Ms. Weaver gave a solid portrayal of Mary that not only demonstrates her mastery of the acting craft but showed Mary's complexity in the face of her despair. Eventually Mary relents on her stance with an epiphany when she states "I knew Bobby was different from conception." It's a hanky story turn moment where Weaver eats up some scenery. New face Ryan Kelley as Bobby aptly handled the role giving me a sense that I had seen this character or even met a "Bobby" somewhere in my lifetime. Kelley's eyes captured the character's vulnerability and emotional state which made me care about what was happening not only within his life, but countless others across Arkansas and the nation. Lifetime is a known for it's sappy movies but every now and then you get one that you are glad you spent time watching. Speaking of watching you can still catch this flick courtesy of lifetime's website. Here's a direct link that I wanted to share with readers. Do it today and then pass it on.

Gay Pride Week 09: Did you know that the 09 Pride event sponsored by LRCP is Sunday, June 7, 2009? Well, it seems that that message is getting lost in translation. Especially as time continues to whiz by us all. Here's a ZipDrive update of what we know so far.

(1) In 2008 there were a couple of fundraisers at Jester's in Hot Springs and Club Good Times. How much was raised to add to what in the all important event budget? Unknown.

(2)Elections were held at the Central Arkansas Library, 11.16.08 with slate of officers choosen. Ari was elected President.

(3) There's a website,, a Pride Hotline, 501.476.1375 and a "My Space" page at

Yet with all this mash up, there's very little to no current who, what, when, or where about anything Pride related. Now, let's not be miffed at the messager because I've gotten inquries about what's up with the event. So, all I can report is the fact that apparently the lights seem to be on, but it seems that no one's home? There you have it. In the meantime, I'll keep the lights on here. Stay tuned...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Voices Carry, part 1

There are many challenges in producing this forum. First up, keep pumping out the content on a daily basis, staying broad based, timely and current, consequently "keeping it real," from various angles. All of this can be feat all unto itself and often times put myself in the precarious situation of evaluating what makes the cut each outing. Thusly not shying away from hot button topics, fringe subjects or offering unpopular observations. It's all here and will always be here, openly and unabashed. As a community collective, I encourage robust discussion, debate as well as all voices that carry.

BackTalk: Last Friday, I posted an e-mail response from a reader which detailed his personal observations concerning DSRA. I wanted to clarify that those unedited opinions were his own and his alone to share inside this forum. Often the opinions of others may run counter to my personal viewpoint, but otherwise they deserve to be heard if meeting our abbreviated publishing standards as well as our respect for free speech. I expected to hear from those involved with the organization in question, plan to certainly solicit there rebuttal or counterpoint and encourage each of you to give us your thoughts on this or any of our postings. The below unedited e-blast is from a DSRA supporter and frequent COP reader whom wanted weigh in on this matter.

In regards to Ken's comments on the DSRA becoming a money hungry free-for-all Sex club, let me say this. The DSRA RENTS the space to the Diamond State Bars for these Boots and Boxers partys. If you have a complaint about these functions, perhaps they should be directed to Michael who is in charge of these functions. And, attend a board meeting of the DSRA and let your feelings be known to the Board of Directors. I doubt seriously that EVERY fundraiser you have attended at the DSRA ended up in a "no-condom,no-care orgy. Having attended most fundraisers at the DSRA over the past two and a half years, I have NOT witnessed what you speak of. The DSRA rents the clubhouse out to various people and organizations which in turn, helps pay the rent and allow our community too have a rodeo every two years. Yes the DSRA has been plagued with turulence, musical chair leadership over the years. Most is due to the fact that our community would rather bitch and gripe, than climb on-board, join the DSRA, and get involved. I certainly don't agree with the Boards Leadership, however, the small group of active paid members elect these individuals and those seeking or wanting a position on this board are few and far between. Many of those serving on the Board have done so for years, they are burned out. But in order too keep the DSRA alive and kicking these people remain committed. So I suggest to you Ken, be knowledgeable in your facts, approach the Boards of these organizations ( Does the Diamond State bears have a board ?) If others feel the same as you, take them with you. Get involved and actively join, speak up and out.

Steve Thomas

Taking a Bite out of HIV: The Arkansas Health Department has announced a Special Oral Health Initiative offering dental services to current or future clients of the Ryan White Part B Program utilized by district ConsortiaCare providers. In Little Rock, that ConsortiaCare provider comes in the guise of the Arkansas AIDS Foundation. According to a circulated memo from Ty Keller, Program Services Manager, the program will allow clients to access dental services from statewide dentist using a $2,500 threshold for limited allowable procedures. Dental health of HIV/AIDS individuals has been widely contested as a low level priority which needed additional resources and revenue infusions to impact end users. Participants must be enrolled by March 31, 2009 through contacting their case workers. This forum will continue to post more information on this program or contact Ty Keller at 501.661-2433.

Paging Dr. Cannon: Did you know that there's a new Executive Director at ConsortiaCare District 1 also known as co-entity the Arkansas AIDS Foundation? It's Dr. Michael Cannon according to content on it's website. Of course, I was researching other material when I discovered this add on to their web tool which still has blurbs about AIDS Walk 08 and other old news with basically no follow up. Shame on that webmaster! In the meantime, did I miss a press release? Where's Mr. Cannon's bio on the website? What!!... no meet & greet for the new Executive Director or was I not invited? Apparently, I've got to send out a request for info, interview, smoke signal, or something about the who, what, when and where Dr. C is going to take this organization in 2009.

Friday, January 23, 2009

COP:24/7 in Slip Stream Mode

What's Slip Stream Mode? It's new fangled verbiage for saying I've got plenty to items to post and I'm not wasting no time on intro chit- chat. Let's shift into gear,right now!....

Center Street Duos: Just for the record, I've been to literally hundreds and I do mean hundreds of bars over my life time thus far. Therefore, I feel credible and in my own mind I guest qualified to review new places of interest in the SGL community. Enter, Six-Ten Center, the latest creation under the NK family umbrella which formally opened 1.14.09 at 610 Center street in downtown Little Rock. I had heard various tidbits and conjecture about what this concept was going to deliver as well as it's impact on the community at large. But all that aside, I always need a first hand experience as my own guide. I didn't attend the opening night purposely, in order to get a better sense of the atmosphere as I might would enjoy it on a week night. In case you haven't had a chance to get their, you should certainly make your way there ASAP. The decor is handsomely modern, featuring cozy nooks for intimate conversation, love seats grouped for mutual partying, and for me personally that all important muted amber lighting that I actually have throughout my own abode. Interior walls are footnoted with accent pieces on warm colored walls adjacent to an antique bar. For your entertainment pleasure, three 42' inch flat screens host a variety of music videos and other rather amusing source material. Need to nibble on something, then try items such as fresh fruit, veggies or olives from the banquet table while sipping on a variety of martinis in some neat martini glasses. My partner and myself was professionally served by Jamie who gave great customer service including a hearty "welcome and please come back!" At this time the bar is a cash only option until further consideration. In case you didn't know, using plastic is only a recent phenom, most bars use to be only cash. So don't sweat it, because an ATM is available for your convenience, however, be mindful of those pesky foreign ATM charges that could cause you more of hangover that you might anticipate. Here's the verdict ladies and gents... Six-Ten is a winner and just in time for more outlets to celebrate June's Gay Pride Week. Congrats, Kudos and High-fives all around to those who had the vision and gravitas to bring it to the community! Salute! Next up: Off Center coming next week!

Be the Change Ball: You know I can't be everywhere, but It would certainly be great if more of the local activities could be more circulated, not to mention advertised across the board. I make a every attempt to get it all, yet I need more boots on the ground to share your events and concerns. I've been to Rev Room for both dining and shows, but somehow missed out on the GLBTQ celebration on Inauguration night featuring impersonators and music by Debbie T. I lead a hetic schedule, so if you were in the place, let us know what was going on and who was who!!

Voices Carrying: I've always encouraged that this space is open for your comments, opinions and observations. I believe that as long as the writer signs their piece, shares it as an open item for posting and it's not defamatory, I'll post it. I got such piece recently that was critical and cited concerns at the sometimes controversal Diamond State Rodeo Association. I say this due the fact that DSRA despite all it's chairitable endeavors and pursuits, it has been plagued with turbelence, musical chair leadership and unfortunately rumor mongering that is not good for any progressive organization. I've reported on the "mutal resignations" of Mr. DSRA 2007, Jon Jon & 2008 Mr. DSRA, R. Loftis. Including asking both men to openly share there side of the story. Jon stated before moving out of state that he had problems with chairitable funding decisions and decided he could no loger be apart of the group. I was further puzzled when we he refused to be present on pageant night to past the title to Loftis, whom later offered no response to my inquiry. I've listened to local business folk who have shared their skepticism of the groups "legal" structure and other manuevers. In full disclosure, I've particpated in fundraising for this group and attended other non DSRA sponsored functions at the clubhouse. As I post this items, I will solicit a response from the organization to help clarify their position. It's unedited and signed by it's composer.

Dear Cornelius,

I and my sweet departed hubby were members at the birth of the Diamond State Rodeo Ass' After 2 years of hard work buildingthe foundation we washed our handsand left in disgust. This club has become nothing but a money hungry free-for-all SEX club. I have attended several events when by the end of the shows the sex party starts. Their boots and boxers party are just one big drug and booze infested orgy. Now don't get me wrong, I'm no prude I LOVE big hairy cowboys. But every "fundraser" I've been to has ended in some if not all joining in a "no condom" "no care"orgy. I have been criticized and shuned for my lack of participation in this "money grabing sham". I can't tell you how disappointed I am that our community is so guided by the all mighty "PENIS" that we can't come together and enjoy a good cause with out prostituting it. Sorry, but I needed to vent on this one.

Ken Jones

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Talking Out Loud Rewind & Remix

It's in full swing and more, January is just rumbling along as the new year has just taken off with a vengence. With each days passing, I keep wondering , "O.K. how did I get through yesterday and just how am I going to be master of my universe today?" How do I do it you ask? Thanks for asking. It's all about the "multi-task- by- the- grace- of- God shuffle," that I go full force with each and every day. Managing to get through each day can be trying, yet despite it's often dauting landscape, it can be done and actually simply must be done. Just this week we heard President Obama chide us Americans to dust ourselves off and get busy with remaking this nation. How ironic, since I've become accustomed to dusting myself off and getting busy with remaking myself over many years. Am I better? You better believe it. And as far as I'm concerned I'm winding up to take it to the next level especially here in this forum where we will forge ahead bringing you more, more more of what you're looking for! Let's go people!....

Car Notes: Saturday, March 7, 2009, the Center for Artistic Revolution, CAR will present the 5th Annual Corazion Mexican Dinner and Silent Art Auction. This is CAR's signature event and annual fundraiser and this is our 5th year! Help us make it a big success!Wooden hearts are given out to artists, school children, community activists, CAR members, and anyone else who would like to participate. If you are interested in donating your talents join us. We will supply you with the heart, hanging device, and necessary paperwork to get you started. Contact CAR at or 501-244-9690. If I can work it in, I plan on particpating. If you have ideas for my "heart" design let me know or if you are working on desgin feel share your design with us in words or pictures!

Cowboy Up in the Rock: The Diamond State Rodeo has announced a February 7th funder held at the DSRA clubhouse (4525 Hoffman Rd). Doors Open at 8pm / Show starts at 10pm. This event will be hosted by Miss Gay Diamond and 1st Alternate to Miss Gay Arkansas, Zia D'Yor. Zia has assembled a most entertaining and varied show cast for this event. There will be a little something for everyone to enjoy. We encourage everyone to come out and enjoy the show, help raise money for central Arkansas's largest gay event, and meet some great friends from all over the LGBT community. All money raised from this event will go to help support putting on the Arkansas Gay Rodeo (April 17-19, 2009).For more information, contact Michael at LRmales@yahoo. com

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New Day Wednesday

It's a cold, bright sunny day in Little Rock, Arkansas. A peaceful transition of power has happened flawlessly and here we all are taking a deep breath from yesterday's history making events. Just like the rest of world, I too paused to grasp the magnitude of that Mid-day political shift that was demanded from the people of this democratic republic. Although the pomp and circumstance has now all but faded, it's on to the the serious business of navigating where we go from here as well as our personal responsibility in that journey. I'm ready. Are you? In the meantime, I'm keeping it fresh, funky and of course, staying on point!

Legislature in the House: With all the high brow D.C. political goings on, locally I must remind everyone that the 87th Arkansas Legislature is in session and doing business that you should be aware of. To keep tabs on that body and what they may or may not be up to, check out their nifty website at Also for additional info you should try accessing, which is a mainline portal to many services and source material.

Stonewallers Meet: Arkansas' Stonewall Democratic Caucus will be kicking off 2009 with elections this Thursday, 6 p.m. at the Democratic HQ with a slate of candidates looking to join the national momentum. The group is also seeking new members during it's membership drive. Dues are $35, and for your convenience payable on their website( or at the meeting. Here's the proposed nominees for your consideration.

Joe LaFountaine, President
Sarah Scanlon, Vice President
Jada Walker, Political Vice President
Heather Miles, Treasurer
Sam Castleberry, Secretary

Jovan Haynes, Chair of Membership and Diversity Enhancement Committee
Lee Lee Doyle, Chair of Straight Outreach and Party Outreach Committee
Lynn Smith, Chair of Fundraising and Events Committee
Dana Collins, Co-Chair of Northwest Arkansas Outreach Committee

Casey Willits, Co-Chair of Northwest Arkansas Outreach Committee

NABWMT Calleth: Last week I mentioned that the National Association of Black & White Men Together had inquired if I would be interested in being nominated for it's board of directors. I'm happy to announce that I will be joining the board of this organization and serving on one it's various committees. Our first national 2009 meeting will be held in Chicago in April with the national convention in Philadelphia later this year. I find this new challenge certainly an adventure as well as a privilege to continue full filling my mission to continue to try to make a difference in the world. I did daily blogs from last years convention in St. Louis and was awarded a Personal Achievement recognition in 1983. Look forward to getting highlights and educated on the efforts of this group, plus updates on possible local movements. If you have imput feel free to share it with me, I love hearing from all of you and I mean all of you from Austin to Benton. I know you are out their and I appreciate your readership!

Coming this Friday...They are open, the new Six-Ten Center and Left of Center bars in downtown. I've been checking them out and I'll give you the skinny on what's really going on!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Rising

It's finally here. The dawning of history in the making, as Barack Obama prepares to transition to the 44th President of the United States of America. It happens at noon, today and then the heavy lifting begins it unpredictable four year path. Every where millions of people will be tuned in from television coverage to the Internet. There have been many milestones and markers in my life thus far. Especially involving my love of all things historical and there's no doubt that this moment will rein supreme. Although I'm an optimist, I'm a die heart realist who is always ready and willing to deal with the hard questions, choices and those trusty old facts. Occasionally, I put on my "rose colored" glasses as a gleeful distraction but when it comes to "keeping it real" my expectations of Mr. Obama are filled with hopefulness and respectful consideration for the tremendous task at hand. Are we the American people ready for some basic truths? I'm not sure. Can we stand it when we may have to face the stone cold understanding of what it will take to correct the situation? It's going to be dicey. No matter what goes down, the choice has been made, certified and now the swearing in makes it official. Congratulations to Mr.Obama and family as they settle in for the long haul ensconced in the lenthy and possibly trecheous winding road ahead. The torch has been passed and a new day is upon as all in a Obama rising. I thank the heavens for allowing me to again, witness to yet another historical flashpoint in my life.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Threshold to History

Even as we are on the eve of the threshold of history, I'm encouraged that we are in a break through mindset that will allow us all to not only believe in the impossible or improbable, but start a dialogue steeped in the mindset of "why not?" As an pre- Obama African American, I developed a curious as well as wide eyed view of the world from the stoop of my home on the south side of Little Rock. Growing up in a then, in all white neighborhood, it was sometimes confusing and often times trying in understanding my surroundings. Yet, I persevered and morphed into the Renaissance individual you see today poised for the future. It's been a hell of ride so far and I'm gearing up for a what's to come! Hey America are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get this thing back on track? Well, before you get to work, don't forget that we are your online destination for news, commentary, updates, links and so much more. It's all about "Opening your Mind in 09!" in COP 24/7 style...

Day ON- Not Off: I'm going to work despite the King Holiday. No disrespect to the this civil rights icon, but I honor his legacy with my own set of personal tenet's of personal responsibility, humility, service and pride. I can't count how many items by MLK that I've read or heard over my life time. As a student at Parkview high school , I went toe to toe with an English teacher who was rather opinionated about celebrating Black History or it's significance in the learning process. At that time, I didn't realize that I was embarking on a lifetime track of embracing the scope of the past, present and future of being Black in America. Who knew that I would be sharing much of this ongoing journey with you my dear readers in this digital age of techno gizmo's such as this forum. I wrote about how visiting the Lorraine Motel and King complex in Memphis was soul stirring and eye opening. My standing at St Louis Court house where the Dred Scott decision was handed down citing that Scott and his wife were considered nothing more than chattel. My viewing of the Emancipation Proclamation at the Clinton Presidential Library gave me a sense of how fragile this Republic has been, how this country has endured strife within extraordinary circumstances and ultimately the solid impact of both historical figures as Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, and numerous others. Then there's the extraordinary determination of individuals such as King whom continues to loom large intersecting with the election of Obama. The passages from King give so many affirmations, directions, observations and predictions including his prophetic words that a "negro would be elected to presidency" within 25 years of that speech. That powerful prospective again reminds me how his words continue to ring true in the 21st Century. A new day is dawning as I that wide eyed kid from the south side continues to bridge my reticence to the past as a man and my personal open arms to the future. Amen.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Onward and Upward

Can you feel it? 4 days and counting till the passage of power. With each days passing, it seems that the whole nation is on hold, anticipating something special to happen. I'm sitting high in the big chair looking from my office window, watching, waiting, and wondering what this historical event will reveal. In the meantime, it is still our mission to keep you informed and updated on local mash ups. So with out further delay, let's get cracking....

Inspirational Music: Jason and deMarco, will showcase their talents this Saturday, 1.17.09 at New Beginnings, 4303 East Drive, North Little Rock. Admission is FREE with a reception following their performance. Their first single "Trying to Get to You" climbed the Billboard Charts and their second single, "This is Love" won "Music Video of the Year 2006" on MTV's LOGO. A remix of "This is Love" produced by DJ Scotty K was released in April of 2007. Currently, a full-length feature documentary film entitled "We're All Angels" is circulating the independent film circuit where it premiered at NewFest 2007: The 19th Annual New York LGBT Film Festival as well as OUTFEST 2007: The 25th Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.I've listened to some of their tunes and they are of a catchy toe tapping sort. So if need a preview of there artistry check it at Then get on over to the church on time for the FREE show!!!

Stimilus Dating Anyone: With the economy sorta doing a belly flop, you may need a small primer on how to still find that special someone on a budget. Of course in the above post I gave you a kicker by letting you know about a FREE, yess FREE concert that you could take a date too for a interesting evening of mixing. But in case you need more, Tamara, a contributor at QueerCents gives you more options and advice. I'm all about stretching those dollars to the max and you should too. Take a gander and learn some her tricks of budget dating not being a cheapskate. You know there is a difference, right? O.K.

Dating on a Budget: The Rules

by Tamara
courtesy of QueerCents

Your financial goals shouldn’t be hampered by your search for your nightly, weekly, yearly, or life long partner. Although I can’t give you any advice on how to find that person worthy of your dating time, I can help you navigate the choppy dating waters with your credit score unscathed. It is a delicate situation because for some reason, people equate the amount of money you spend with the way you feel about them.
So when dating, regardless of the status of the relationship, it is important for the dates to feel like you spent a lot of money or more succinctly that you are not a cheapskate! I sometimes get offended when I am called cheap. I prefer frugal, thrifty or just plain old budget conscious. Cheap derives a feeling of contempt in the dating world.
Would you be offended if your date requested that you order from the kids menu? What if they pulled out coupons? Or what if the person sitting across from you said you had to order from the “daily special” because you get more bang for your buck? Although true to the money consciousness that I personally practice, it is tacky and unacceptable in a new relationship or on “official dates”. Tact will be your biggest ordeal when it comes to dating on a budget.
No worries. There are a few different factors that influence your spending habits: familiarity with one another, the actual date, and if it’s a special occasion. Here are a few guidelines that will make your courtship rituals fiscally successful:
• Rule #1: Plan for your date. Dating is such a personal experience. You should want the activity to represent you or your date’s interest, but you shouldn’t go beyond your means just to impress someone. It is easier to do if you know where the deals and specials are in your city. Think about what activities you would want to do, where you want to go, what day of the week, what time of day, and of course how much does it cost? Be open to new experiences. Even if you have a horrible time you can bond over that very event.
• Rule #2: Just pay cash. Figure out the amount of money you want to spend on a date and take only that amount of cash. If you are anything like me, if you take out emergency money, you will spend the emergency money. Put the credit card away unless your date involves an airplane and a passport. When working for a major credit card company, my pet peeve were those folk who called in on Monday because they couldn’t remember what they spent all that money on over the weekend. Recapping your spending since your last bill sent out 3 weeks ago is undue torture. Don’t put yourself or any unsuspecting call center representative through that. It’s easier to leave a tip, no unsuspecting charges, and you don’t worry about going overboard.
• Rule #3: Use discretion. Bragging about the amount of money you spent or saved on the date is not cool. Unless you know someone really well, money talk can be a big turnoff! The money conversation should be kept between you and your wallet. For instance, if you buy a gift from the dollar store at Valentine’s Day, no matter how great the gift is you don’t tell the person you got it for $1. You wrap it up in gorgeous wrapping or tissue papers and gift bags. It looks like a million dollars and no one ever knows that you could have just as easily gotten a cheeseburger at your local drive thru for the same amount of money. If you are paying, there is no reason to even let your date see the check.
On date day, the main focus should be your date, not your budget. Since that’s out of the way, we can focus on having a great time!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hey, is this thing on!!

It's swirling, ebbing, flowing and churning like a massive star burst just over the horizon. What you say? It's Inaugural Fever 2009. You can't avoid it because it's sweeping the landscape, ultimately culminating in wall to wall televised coverage this weekend. The whole event is being showcased as if there was nothing else happening on the planet or elsewhere in the cosmos. But, we know better, especially after the pomp and circumstance of January 20, I will still be here throwing down the latest news, commentary, links, videos, podcast and everything over the rainbow. Stay locked in and we unload the goods on what's really going on!

Keeping it Fresh: Pssst! Have you noticed we've shredded some skin and put on a new coat? Don't tell me you didn't notice! Yes, we've slipped into our first phase of a fresh look for 09. And there's more to come, just you wait! In our right margin we added our Live Traffic Feed which reveals who staying on point. I've been bemused at how readers are clicking in and checking out our site. Believe it or not, we've had hits ranging from the country of Kuwait to stateside Macedonia, Illinois. Also we've added our followers widget where you can show your support plus get e-mail updates via Feedblitz. It won't stop there, as I keep kicking it into high gear for the new year. Don't' forget our mantra for this year, "Opening our minds in 09!"

Board Approaches: I was pleasantly surprised to have been considered and nominated to the Board of Directors of the National Association of Black and White Men Together, Inc. According to Co-Chair Mr. Norbet Young, the nomination will be discussed later this week during a national teleconference. The organization comprises of various chapters from around the nation which addresses the issues of racism, homophobia, and cultural distinctions from a interracial viewpoint. I was introduced to the group some 20 years ago after attending meetings in Memphis and later living with the groups founder the late Michael Smith in San Francisco. Last year I gave daily updates from the national convention held in St.Louis where I rediscovered the mission of the group and the challenges facing it's existence. Philadelphia will host this years convention July 29-August 1, 2009, heralding the theme," A Blue Print for Change." Little Rock had an emerging chapter which faltered, however, conversations surrounding a resurgence are in early stages of formation as well as possibly a group traveling to the national. If you are interested, give us a shout out for more info via our comment section. Need more on NABWMT? click it to

Crown News: Mary Kay Arden will be crown Miss DSRA 2009, Saturday 1.17.08 in conjunction with big Alternative Night birthday bash for Mycha featuring DJ Moon God. Arden has been a long time member as well as supporter of the organization. Each time I've been apart of their show cast, he's always been apart of the welcoming waggon. Congrats to MKA on this distinction and on future endeavors. Doors open at 8 p.m. with super beverage prices in effect and I know a blast of show around 9:30 p.m. or queen time. Start off your inaugural weekend off with celebrating this local transition of power. Don't meet me their, beat me their! Get more at Gear up for Rodeo in Rock 09, April 17 -19, 2009 !!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Day, Another Point to Point

Next Tuesday, January 20, 2009 is "O" Day in the United States, that's "O" for Obama the 44Th President of United States. The stakes are high, anticipation soaring and the world is watching this new transition of power. All the energy that surrounds this impending historical event certainly has struck a tone with the nation as well as this forum. I'm hyped with the possibilities but with that ever present cautious current that I always keep in my hip pocket as a reality check. It's countdown to Administration Obama but in the meantime I will keep updating you on the latest news, links, commentaries, products and web interactivity. Let's step off..

Bar Watch: Speaking of count downs, January 14 is targeted date of the new 7Th street corridor venues, now officially known as Left of Center( formerly Easy Street Piano Bar) and 614 Center. I'm not sure who christened these new haunts, but as they say "what's in a name anyway." Even though all this is going on, my Buzz meter is not turning flips and to my surprise, some that I've mentioned this opening to have expressed a rather lazzie farie attitude about the whole effort. Others have a wait and see position, wrapped in a rather mundane mindset that makes me wonder where's the energy in this town that's not artificially enhanced. Yes, I keep hearing that Little Rock is boring, well perhaps some of you may need to look at the person the mirror. As a side note, I was quietly approached by a visitor from Cap Cod, Massachusetts whom said that he had found it difficult to talk to people since he's been in town. He stated that many have been rather aloof and at least one individual actually walked away from him in mid- conversation. He wanted to know was everybody like this? What's really going on? Well, I assured him that speaking for myself, No. I've always tried to be open and accessible to most, especially visitors since they return home and share their experience with others. However, I was frank when I told him that unfortunately my perspective is not locally pervasive. I wished him well on his visit and I hope too see him again before he leaves town. Lesson learned: Siimply, It don't cost you nothing to smile and say hello. Enough said.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Monday Up Periscope

A ti skit, a task it another Trillion in the basket! Wait just a damn moment. A whopping 53 Trillion? Yeah that's the latest number count that's being bandied about those folks who are in the money know. And guess what it's growing!!! I was totally bold over by the documentary, "IOUSA," presented Sunday on CNN. It was an eyeopening and sickening slap in the face about our monetary polices and lack of stewardship of these precious resources. According to the film, my part and your part of this mounting deficit is about $175,000.00 each. Say what? How did I as an individual run this kind of tab, when I've been watching all the Benjamin's that pass through my hands. Did I authorized some of those pork projects, lack of oversight, war efforts or mindless spending? What the hell? If you missed the film, I can't encourage you enough to see it, then realize that this country has had a long running affair with tomfoolery using the public purse. There were so many stand out facts that I can't even began to mention them here, but the pit of my stomach did a flip as it outlined how the social security trust fund has been used as cushion as well as a "catch all" when another cash infusion was needed. Ultimately, the main deficit that we really have had had been in "leadership." Who was minding the store? It's apparent that it was Mrs. Wink and Mr. Nod at best and we the American people have been busy with our lives when we thought we had Reps with our best intrest at hand. NOT! It's less than two weeks til the passing of the torch, the transition of power, and another commander and chief takes the helm. Yes, Mr. Obama cometh, but what a mess the bouncing "O" will have when he reaches the Oval office not to mention future generations to come. Please if you have any time on your hand, take a look at the 30 minute embedded version from If this land is your land and my land, then let's get a hand on what's really going on with the cash!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Roll out Friday

It's rolling like the river. 2009 is starting to pick up steam as well as revving up it's engines for a jam packed new year. Are you ready? I hope so, because we are on board and ready to take you to the next level in links, products, news, coupons, commentary, videos, podcasting and maybe even the kitchen sink. It's COP:24/7 helping you open your mind in 09!

Signatures Please: As usual my e-box gets the latest grass roots organizing campaign and I always want to share this info with as many as possible for the max affect. It's all about participation and speaking to the power about what's on your mind. Therefore, if you are so inclined check this opportunity to jump in from, Join The Impact.

A little under 1 year ago when Barack Obama was running for president he wrote an Open Letter to our community. A community where many members do not have equal protections under the law. A minority community that has felt the sting of discrimination, and held on to love to build bridges in the hope of overcoming. The opening to this letter still chokes me up today: "I'm running for President to build an America that lives up to our founding promise of equality for all ‐ a promise that extends to our gay brothers and sisters. It's wrong to have millions of Americans living as second‐class citizens in this nation. And I ask for your support in this election so that together we can bring about real change for all LGBT Americans."In this letter, Barack Obama promised to repeal laws that discriminate against the LGBT community. He vowed to
Repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and ensure that states treat same-sex couples with full equality in their family and adoption laws
Enact a fully inclusive Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) to outlaw discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity
Repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
Enact the Matthew Shepard Act to outlaw hate crimes against our community
Confront the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the stigma surrounding it
Amend the Uniting American Families Act to afford same-sex couples the same rights and obligations as married couples in our immigration system
A letter was crafted in response to Obama to remind him of his promises that we expect him to keep. This is not an online petition. Studies have shown that they are far less effective than the obvious blood sweat and tears that went in to physical signatures. Imagine Barack Obama sitting in the Oval Office with One Million of our voices in his hands. We need Real People, Real Signatures, Real Change.
Signature gathering has already begun. Here's 10 ways you can help get signatures: 1. Gather signatures at your place of work (make sure it doesn't hinder your HR policy) 2. Go out to the bars on Friday and Saturday nights and get signatures 3. Go to your local screening of MILK and get signatures from individuals in line or as they are leaving 4. Go to local stores and ask that they put the signature pages at the counter 5. Grab a friend and canvas your neighborhood asking for signatures 6. Go to a local event to gain signatures (Art Walks, Concerts, etc) 7. Take a copy to class and ask your teacher if you can announce that you're gathering signatures. 8. Attend one of the National Rallies on January 10th to gain signatures (find your rally here) 9. Go to church on Sunday and ask for signatures 10. Use the power of the internet: Email this letter, Blog about it, ping all your friends on Facebook/MySpace, send this message to EVERYONE As always, when on private property be sure to ask for permission. To learn more about Federal DOMA and the rallies this weekend please follow this link: JOIN THE IMPACT ON THE WHITE HOUSE: Print the Open LetterPrint Signature pagesMail all signature pages by January 12th to:Join The Impact PO Box 141491 Columbus, OH 43214

The Unddy Party Returns: Shhhh! Have you heard? It's back. The Undergear Party is scheduled for this Saturday, 1.10.09, at DSRA Cubhouse. Every one is encouraged to get with the theme and come party ready or use their in-house check in. Doors open at 9 p.m. If you want more info, shout out to us( for the details. In the meantime, I was in the place last outing and may show up to the 09 version. You never know what I'll be wearing or not wearing...stay tuned!

Bar Watch: Things seem to be moving along with the latest entertainment venues emerging in the 7Th street area slated for a probable "soft" opening on January 14. I'm still trying to sort out the fact from the fiction. Like exactly what's the concept? The design seems to be in a small pub fashion? Hours? Did you say Alternative Bar? Golly, what does any of this mean? When we get more official confirmations we will pass them on. Until's any body's call!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Tools for a Healthy U

With each new year, I've pursued a regimen of renewal and enrichment as part of my overall new years resolution package. It's important that as we "sweep out the old and usher in the new," that should certainly include the old body. I'm not really into the latest fad diet but rather sticking to some of the tried and true methods that take a basic approach to wellness. Therefore, I wanted to share this article from Delicious Living magazine which has become a excellent source of info on keeping the pipes ebbing and flowing. It's all about detoxing and using items to assist you to be a better YOU! Remember our mantra for COP:24/7 is "Opening your mind in 09!" For more stories and products click it to If you've got a renewal story or a special something for health, share it with us first....

Every Detox

by Pamela Bond

Beyoncé, Gwyneth, Oprah … what celebrity hasn't popularized a get-it-done-now detox plan? Lose a little weight, gain energy, lighten your toxic load — sounds great. But are restrictive detox regimens really the answer? While getting it done fast — by next week at the latest — may sound appealing, such programs may be little more than a new generation of crash diets. There are other, gentler ways to detox your system.

“In a perfect environment, the body could possibly take care of things,” says Brenda Watson, CNC, a digestive-health expert in Dunedin, Florida, and author of The Detox Strategy (Free Press, 2008). But as industrial compounds, pollutants, and other chemicals from the environment and foods build up, the body has trouble getting rid of all of them. The resulting contamination, or “body burden,” has been linked to cancer and reproductive problems, among other health issues. “One exposure too many can push you over the edge to sickness,” says Walter Crinnion, ND, a professor at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona, who specializes in environmental medicine. “So it's best to take measures before you get there.”
The good news is that you don't have to do an intensive detox. Gentle everyday strategies that minimize your front-end exposure to toxins and support your liver — the body's primary cleansing organ — can be just as effective as predetermined, time-specific diets, says Crinnion. The following measures can help anyone feel lighter, think more clearly, and have more energy within a couple of weeks to a month.

EASY DETOX RECIPES: To create a mildly detoxifying menu, start by avoiding the foods and substances that you tend to over consume, says Elson Haas, MD, director of the Preventive Medical Center of Marin in San Rafael, California, and author of The New Detox Diet (Celestial Arts, 2004). This might mean eliminating the “big five”: sugar, wheat, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol. Then emphasize alkaline choices in your diet, including fresh fruits and vegetables (particularly greens) and alkaline grains like millet and quinoa. Try the following detox recipes. Breakfast: Creamy Millet with Apples and HoneyLunch: Brown Rice with Hempseed Salad; Enlightened SaladDinner: Roasted Asparagus with Lentils; Quinoa with Mixed Veggies

1.Fish out contaminants.
Nix contaminated fish, such as farmed Atlantic salmon, which has high levels of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and grouper, swordfish, Chilean sea bass, tuna, and halibut, which contain mercury. Wild Alaskan salmon, on the other hand, has low levels of mercury and high levels of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. (It's also a more sustainable choice.) For a complete list of the best and worst fish, go to
2.Choose organic.
Crinnion suggests lowering your exposure to pesticides by always opting organic for the Environmental Working Group's “dirty dozen,” the 12 most pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables: peaches, apples, sweet bell peppers, celery, nectarines, strawberries, cherries, lettuce, imported grapes, pears, spinach, and potatoes.
3. Get more greens.
Consume the recommended five to nine servings a day of fruits and vegetables — most important, dark leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables. Dark leafy greens come packed with cleansing antioxidants and toxin-eradicating chlorophyll, while cruciferous vegetables are especially powerful because they stimulate production of the detox enzyme glutathione-s-transferases (GST). GST binds to heavy metals, solvents, and pesticides, and then ushers them out of the body through the stool.
4. Veg out.
Try to eat a mostly vegetarian diet that is rich in protein but low in fat and carbohydrates. “A high-sugar, high-fat diet, which is standard American fare, makes toxins stay in the bloodstream longer,” says Crinnion. The more energy your liver expends to process high-fat foods — which take more effort to digest than lower-fat ones — the less oomph it has to complete its detoxification work.
5. Give your liver an herbal boost.
Your liver breaks apart toxins so that they can be excreted through the lungs, intestines, skin, or urine. But because it doesn't always show outward signs of sluggish operation until matters get serious (think cirrhosis and hepatitis), this hardworking organ needs the most love. Support the liver by taking cleansing herbs (see “5 Top Liver Lovers” on page 32). Your best bet: a premade formula like ReNew Life's Liver Detox or CleanseSmart, which contain combinations of star herbs.
6. Vitalize with supplements.
The liver thrives with ample supplies of certain vitamins and minerals. To be sure you're getting enough — at least the recommended daily amount — supplement your diet with vitamins A, C, and E; B vitamins; zinc; calcium; and selenium. A good-quality multivitamin and multimineral supplement will give you plenty of these essentials.
7. Drink your antioxidants.
Crinnion recommends drinking at least three cups of green tea a day (the equivalent of about one green-tea supplement capsule). A 2007 study in Cancer Epidemiology found that green tea's catechins boost production of glutathione enzymes, which help the liver get rid of cancer-causing toxins.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My Review of Gloss White Adjustable Accent Light

Originally submitted at Lamps Plus

This adjustable can accent light has a bright, white gloss finish. Use this light to illumninate a plant or piece of artwork. The small fixture hides away making it perfect for accent lighting.

  • 7.5' cord included.
  • 8" high.
  • 4" wide.
  • Takes one 50 w...

Getting it right in the spotlight!

By The Catering Cornelius from Little Rock, AR on 1/7/2009


5out of 5

Pros: Quality Construction, Attractive Design, Easy To Change Bulb, Easy To Install, Great Illumination

Best Uses: Mood lighting, Decoration, Small Rooms

Describe Yourself: Midrange Shopper

I use this item as smart accessory in my glass all seasons room illuminating plants and casting shadows from decorative screens. It's easy as well as multiple uses make this the ideal product to set a mood or showcase your room.


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Tides that Bind Us

Since posting my 2009 resolutions and asking for your comments, I've started to hear from some of you both online and personally. This is exactly what this forum has been designed for and about. It's all about empowerment, information and "Opening Our Minds in 09". As we all await the transition of power, now only 2 weeks away, life still goes on in both big and small ways. And so we continue bringing you our special brand of everything GLBTQ and beyond.....

Statistically Speaking: As the new year has begun, I wanted to continue to offer items concerning important community issues and platforms for your consideration. I discovered these interesting stats from, which gives insight into the wide ranging mental health needs in the face of the ongoing AIDS crisis. If you have personal stories, questions, testimonies or observations to share, click our comment icon and express yourself. As this series continues to develop, links to local professionals will be provided.

* Gibson,P (1989) "Gay Male and Lesbian Youth Suicide" In M. Feineib(Ed), *Prevention in Youth Suicide* (Report Task Force on Youth Suicide, Vol3,pp 110.44) Washington, D.C.: US Department of Health and Human Services. According to this study, gay and lesbian youth are two to three times more likely to commit suicide than other youths and 30% of all completed youth suicides are related to the issue of sexual identity.
* The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force "National Anti-Gay/Lesbian Victimization Report" concludes from its survey: 45% of gay males and 20% of lesbians surveyed reported having experienced verbal harassment and or physical violence during high school as a result of their sexual orientation.
* In a survey of lesbians and gay men in Pennsylvania, 33% of gay men and 34% of lesbians reported suffering physical violence at the hands of a family member as a result of their sexual orientation.
* In a psychological study of 484 students at six community colleges conducted by Dr Karen Franklin, 18% of the men interviewed admitted that they had committed physical violence or threats against men and or women they perceived to be gay or lesbian.
* 28% of gay and lesbian high school students in a national study were seen to have dropped out of school because of harassment resulting from their sexual orientation. (Remafedi. G. Pediatrics. 326-330. 1987)
* 80% of lesbians, gay and bisexual youth reported severe isolation problems. They experienced social isolation, emotional isolation and cognitive isolation. (Hetrick. E.S., Martin.A.D. Journal of Homosexuality 14 (1/2). 25-43. 1987).
* 26% of gays and lesbian youth are forced to leave home because of conflicts with their families over their sexual identities. (Remafedi. G. Pediatrics. 79, 326.30. 1987)
* Approximately 20% of all persons with AIDS are 20-29 years old: given the long latency period between infection and the onset of the disease, many were probably infected as teenagers. (Lehman. M. HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report, 5 (1) 1993)
* 53% of students report hearing homophobic comments made by school staff. (Making Schools Safe for Gay and Lesbian Youth: Report of Mass. Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth 1993)
* In a study of depression and gay youth, researchers found depression strikes homosexual youth four to five times more severely than other non-gay peers. (Hammelman. T.L. 1990)
* "Homosexuals are probably the most frequent victims of[hate crimes]" (US Department of Justice 1987).
* In a recent Australian study of 1500 gay and lesbian adolescents, 80% had not told their parents of their same sex attraction. Gay statistic studies over the past 7 years have indicated that 25% to 40% of young lesbians and gays have attempted suicide. ("Here For Life" Youth Sexuality Project)
* On any given night there are approximately 19000 young homeless people in Australia. It is estimated that between 5000 and 6250 of these are same sex attracted. Homelessness was due to a range of factors, including family conflict over sexuality related issues. ("Writing Themselves In" Hillier et al NCHSR 1998)
These are only a few gay statistics and I will endeavour to keep adding to them for your interest.
Remember, these gay statistics are just that, 'statistics' and this doesn't mean that your children or loved ones may ever be in any of these groups concerned.

Monday, January 05, 2009

A 09 first Monday, Monday...

Here we go! It's our break out into bringing you more of what we know you are searching for! More news, updates, commentaries, videos, links, personal stories, podcast and everything that's everything in the SGL community and beyond. Our mantra for the entire year will be "Open your Mind in 2009!" It's our rallying call to our readers, supporters, haters and all those who haven't' made up their minds that this forum is ready to be your online destination point for empowerment, information as well as entertainment. Come on people, we are ready to rock and roll. Sign up to be a follower and Let's get it started, now!
Easy Over-Update: In our last posting concerning the impending opening of new venues, we included a mention about Mr. Buddy Habig as an entertainment coordinator. However we've learned of Mr. Chadwick" Buddy" Habig's untimely death 12.23.08. I would like to offer our sincerest condolences to his family, friends and extended family. Due to the nature of our post schedule which includes some pre-programmed posting, our best efforts to update sometimes have to be revised. We humbly apologize for any perceived inconsideration. The family asks that any memorials be made to the Chad "Buddy" Habig Scholarship fund at the Arts Center Summer Theatre Academy for children.

The 09 Resolutions: I listed my 2009 resolutions and asked all of you to feel free to comment or share your thoughts. The comments are starting to flow and so far I've sensed that their are many of you whom are experiencing ongoing discomfort, disillusionment and lives that may appear in disrray. The holidays can be a bummer that leads into a new year without a love one or in search of the a illusive soulmate. Even though I now have a loving relationship, I too have suffered the lost of life mate. It was a life changing event that caused me to have to regroup and retool my entire way of thinking. This forum, if nothing else is determined to be a open forum to share the "gay experience" from all angles ranging from the positive to the underbelly of living the lavender life. I discovered the item below from the site which is maintained by Dr. Eric of NYC. The tag line for his site states, "A place to find support and information to help you go from being a PAIN-FULL dater to a PAIN FREE DATER!" This unedited information is offered as source material and is not intended to be an endorsement of his practice or a subsitute for locating you own personal health practicitioner. You don't have to go to NYC to get help, there's great therapy right in our own back yard. I will be adding some of the local outlet to our site map. Remember we are always here as a place to share, learn and Love. Join us as a follower today.

Tragedy to triumph

This tip is for those who have lost someone for any reason, from being dumped to a partners demise.
While it could be argued that thier is a huge differnce between the two, there are many similarities if there was a large degree of attachment!
When we enter into a relationship and integrate our lives with another person. As a result we are we are forever changed. Our worlds are intertwined and organized around the other...
I have listened to many describe the void that is created in the lives of those formerly partnered...especially those who have had a partner for several years.
Our daily lives are impacted by our loss:
sitting across from us a breakfast, lunch, dinner
an empty bed
fighting for sink time and mirror space in the bath room
preparing meals for just one
making plans with out consulting your partner
phone check ins to see how the day is going
This list could go on and on...what I am describing here is an empty space that was formerly filled.It is presence felt by it's absence.
Mourning and grieving are a natural part of loss and is the very thing that heals our pain. While this is occurring it is sometimes useful to remember and do a few things that can help the process along....

1. You were a whole person before this very important relationship
2. There were things that you did that you stopped doing as a result of this relationship (many good things)
3. This emptiness you feel is in fact space...and it can become potential.
4.Perhaps this is a good time to reconnect with neglected friends(happens in relationships)
5. Talk to someone who knows how to listen with out judgment or at least journal about your feelings.
6. Keep their things around for as long as you need to(warning: if you do that too long the empty space will be filled with sentiment and nostalgia and will prevent you from effectively moving on.
7. This is a time to practice extreme self care

These are just a few of the things to do and remember while you are experiencing a loss.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Daybreak 2009: The Resolutions

Welcome to 2009. It's daybreak and another 365 days are ready to roll through our lives. Are you ready. I sure hope so, because it's going on with or without you no matter how you accept it. I ended 2008 in a fast paced manner, and I believe that in 2009 the pace will continue to quicken as I've made a commitment to not waste time on issues or people whom are caught up in going nowhere fast. It's daybreak in my life and I'm pursuing my break through for 2009. How about you? To get started I've posted my annual New Year's resolutions to chart my progress. If you have resolutions, feel free to share them, I'd love to hear them! If not, why not! We are open for business and looking forward too more interactivity, opinions, commentaries on this forum.

The Power of TEN: TEN. That awesome number that has become somewhat of an icon unto itself especially within the lexicon of pop culture society. How could we forget the allusive Bo Derek who will always be remembered as a "10." Then there's late night stalwart, David Letterman who has firmly secured his place on the planet with his Top Ten list, and now, President Elect Barack Obama has maximized the power of Ten into the stratosphere of multiplication history. What can top all of this? Well of course it's my own power of TEN New Year's resolutions for 2009. It's always on my must do list every year and why would this year be any different. I'm sure that each of you are wringing your hands over what year 2009 will bring and how you will execute it. As the months tick away, I usually try to start thinking about all this resolute stuff kinda early. Just so I'll have plenty of time to change mind, especially if I believe that it might get the best of me to pursue. Anyway, as NYE 08, here's my list to date. Once you've got your list together, let's compare. I'd love to hear from you!!! Until then, Happy New Year!!!

1. I plan to enhance my time management skills.
2. I will learn more about sustainable living including trying to grow organically.
3. I will make a conscious effort to make new friendships.
4. I plan to continue reassessing my financial aptitude as well as attitude.
5. Try to find more solace and zen like thoughts to combat stressful situations.
6. I plan to discover more outreach methods for COP:24/7 within my audience.
7. Take more chances and engage in being more spontaneous in life.
8 Say "I love you," to those who I really care about and don't hear it enough from me.
9. Demand of myself to get at least 20 minute of work out each day in some way.
10. Get ready for an exciting 2009 and composing my next year's list!!