Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Frontline

Thank God the weekend is upon us! Whoa Nelly, it's been a barn burner, no holes barred, don't stop week here at COP:24/7! I hope that you have been along for the ride and that your seat beat is still connected. Because we're winding up to give you more of what you've been looking for in news, updates, commentary, links, and just damn good coverage of what's really going on in from the four corners of Arkansas and beyond. I'm in the big chair, still locked and loaded, so let's go get em...

Obama Lapalooza: It's done, for now at least. History has been made by Barack Obama as the first African American to be nominated by a American political party as it's candidate for president of these United States. As I listened to his acceptance speech, so much ran through my body and soul. First, I was so envious that my face wasn't in the place but that aside, my sense of pride soared watching this man issuing a clarion call for "we" the people to demand change. As I listened, I realized that the themes and bullet points that Mr. O was outlined were not that new or radical. Affordable health care, educational opportunities for all, infrastructure repairs, responsibly ending the war and immigration issues can no longer be "winked and noded" by our Representatives or the future President. O.K. America, it's done. The Obama Biden ticket is in place, the stakes are high, the issues are front and center, and the ball is in play. What you gonna do?

McCain in Waiting: Believe it or not, I don't want you think that I've forgotten about Mr. John McCain the Republican presumptive nominee. How could I? I've actually read some of his position papers, listened to his take on matters and given him a fair shot at explaining himself. There's no doubt that JM has a distinguished career in Congress, his military service is beyond reproach and his love of country is distinctively obvious, however, I believe that he's not the tour-de- force needed to refresh the country. I expect that Mr. McCain will pull a pre-convention surprise with the naming of his VP. Unfortunately, I can't call it because the choices are so varied, but I'm lending that his will play a gender card in this political poker showdown. The twin cities will be painted red next week as the Republicans roll into town with deep pockets and lots of rhetoric, rebuttals and replays. Will I tune in, you betcha. Let's not forget those hanging chads and other shigity that went on in the last two election cycles. These folks are no joke when it comes to being "in it to win it."
GAYin the Rock Cometh: Are you wondering how does he do it? Staying on point and keeping it funky fresh from all angles. Well, somebody got to do it, don't they? So I went to the launch party for the Gayintherock website held last eve at Sidetracks. I'm not sure if those in attendance actually understood what was this was all about, except that fact that they were giving away free t-shirts and free food. Where were the complimentary beverages? What about those prizes? Where's the party people? If they wanted to the evening to be all about them, some one should have turned off the TV sets or better yet they should have had something that tied into their site on them. I didn't sense any real buzz about it nor did two women who were almost in a orgasmic mash up at the end of the bar. It's was almost one of those, "get a room moments." Meanwhile the promoters, one of which is bartender, "Keith" and a gentlemen who never introduced himself sorta perched themselves at front of the room without much fanfare. Furthermore the unnamed guy was not even wearing a promo t-shirt or engaging with member prospects? What's going on here? Alright every one's not extroverted like myself whom likes to tell you "who I am and why I"m glad that you came to this event." Anyway, the site is allegedly a social networking and possibly a portal for other stuff. At this time the site is in development and you will have to be the judge as to where it's going. Take a look at it and let me know what you think. It can be found at, Perhaps maybe they'll be a working association at some junction, I'm always looking for partners. In the meantime, stay locked in to COP:24/7, Arkansas' only daily based online site for the GLBTQ community and beyond.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Still Speaking Volumes 1.0

Do you ever wonder just how we keep COP:24/7 updated with the breaking news, commentary, updates, links and the kitchen sink? It's called commitment and drive to stay ahead of the curve along with the latest in techo mash up's that assist me in keeping it all together. This week is no different as I've pre-produced the weeks posting meanwhile editing just before their scheduled posting which is automated through the blogger system. This new gadget is better than sliced bread when it comes to helping me with my hectic lifestyle and pace. So now you know some of the magic behind the wizards curtain in bringing Arkansas' GLBTQ only daily online destination for what's really going on and then some! There are 125 days left in the year and I'm locked and loaded, so brace yourselves my pretties...

Vegas Galm in the Rock: If you recall, last week I started posting about the The Complex "glam squad" that decried the scrolls from the Drag Gods on how to whip the weekend performances into showroom shape. So far, the vibe that I'm getting is that even though this mandate has been thrown down, there's actually little that local personalities can do or will do anything about it. So what's new about that? I've heard a few talk about some type of "revolt" and only performing at UBU or other venues if possible. Well I guess that could be a possibility but will probably not solve much. Some have mentioned that they perhaps will "retire" or limit there activities to fundraisers, contest or Halloween. Oh Really now. Then, there are the die hearts who will bow to the edict, meanwhile attempting to rise to the occasion by trying to meet those imposed standards. With all that said, how many of you know exactly how many Benjamin's does it take to be a entertainer? Let's run some numbers. If you're not a beginner, then the cost varies especially depending you how often you perform. On average you'll need a full compliment of cosmetics including brushes, eyelashes, etc, Cost: $200-350.00. At least one wig, but let's keep it real, because most every dragon has at least two. Cost: $45 to $200.00 for human hair or fancy updo's. How about some costuming? As I understand, one of those now outlawed "stretch material" gowns with a fishtail probably would run you about, Cost: $75.00. If you are a glam gal, like myself, those beaded outfits can run you a tab from $100.00 for sequin pants, Heavy Beaded Jackets, $185.00, Tuxedo Pants suits, $125.00 or stage gown, anywhere from $300 to $5,000 smackers! Are you counting yet? All of this doesn't include your jewelry( oh how we love to sparkle in those rhinestones)Cost:$50.00 -$1,500, other incidentals like under gear, shoes (I paid $125.00 for a custom fit), music mixes, entourages (do you think those make-up people work for free?) and everything else that goes into being an ace in the spotlight. Did I mention pageant entry fees? Nope, because that's an extra expense depending on what you are making of this little fantasy trip. How can I forget my Miss NLR 02 trip which tabbed out at a modest, $2.000.00 even though I didn't even get to compete in the state pageant. Can we Talk? Trust me, it doesn't stop there people. If you need a touch of more "realness" how about a "nip & tuck" about the nose, chin, cheeks or whitening that smile with a few bucks. These little touches can be in the thousands! My philosophy, if that's what it takes to blow up your skirt, then by all means go for it!
Got your calculators out yet? Can you imagine all these expenses juxtaposed to a $50.00 performance fee for non-title holders plus those all important tips. Which may happen or may not, depending on how well you work it. Let's not mention if you don't meet the standard and are "sent home." Yes my friends, dismissed because you didn't make the glamour cut!!

Are you ready to be a performer now? If so, good! It's all about choices and what you want to do when making them. In the meantime, I wish them all well and hope that they find some solid solutions to their dilemma. Sounds like to me, it's either step up or flame out sistas!

Pride in the City: Even though there was not a prominent pride event matching 2007. There seems to be movement within the community construct toward a PRIDE 09. I've gotten wind that Little Rock Capitol Pride is tentatively scheduling pride for June 7, 2009 in the River market Pavilion. They've elected board members, pursuing strategies and need input. O.K. here's my two cents. Begin with a clear and realistic business plan to achieve a maximum affect for the event. Also keep those board members feet to the fire, they've either got to pony up or get lost!

Psst, Bears in Togas, Oh My!: They're at it again! The Diamond State Bears have announced there latest gathering being held soon in Central City. Do I have the date, of course I do, but I'll be revealing it by Podcast. If you want to know where all the Caesar-Bears will be holding court, then E-mail me and I'll pass it on to you. If you missed the last get together, then you can't afford to miss out on my Podcast. I'll be waiting for your e-mails. Let's make it more interesting? Want to be my special guest? I've got a special question that you'll need to answer. Feel free to reach and touch me through our comments sections or our sister site, , I'll be waiting, if you dare!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Speaking Volumes & more 1.0

As the DNC 08 convention continues to wind up to it's crescendo this Thursday with the acceptance speech for presumptive nominee Obama. There's other news of importance that I want to keep front and center to my readers and supporters. Each of the candidates are quoted in this item concerning the HIV dilemma in this nation, however, each of "us" must do our part to stay steadfast in our missions to keep our elected officials, local CBO's and activist engaged.

Cougars, PUMAS, & Hillary, Oh My!: It had to happen, according to all the hand wringing and worry warts who pondered if former Presidential contender, Hillary Clinton was going to help unite the democratic party. Mrs. Clinton approached to podium, after a tremendous salute with fervor and confidence while delivering the rallying cry that set the hall in motion for unity. Her pronouncement of "No Way No How, No Mc Cain!," is probably already being produced into a campaign button somewhere! Thusly the pundits, talking heads and wonks are in hot analysis mode trying to figure out whether her speech will bring those 18 Million supporters into the fold for Team Obama. However, it seems that reports are still circulating that those "cougars," supposedly women over 40 are still mulling it over and then there are those, "PUMAS," (Party Unity My Ass!) folks who are miffed that Mrs. C. didn't get the nomination nor the VP nominee nod. Whew, it's high politics going in the mile high city and It's just to damn bad that I'm not in the house for all the heat. Next up, It's OBAMA Time, Thursday night's mega event in Invesco Stadium where a reported 76,000 people will be waiting with baited breathe for the presumptive nominee to seal the deal and bring it home.

CDC Releases Updated Estimates on HIV Infections

The new analysis found there were about 56,300 new HIV infections in 2006, the most recent year for which data are available, about 40% higher than CDC's long-standing estimate of 40,000 for each of the last several years (Washington Post, 8/3). According to CDC, the number of new infections likely was never as low as the previous estimate of 40,000 and has been relatively stable overall since the late 1990s (CDC release, 8/3). According to the Post, the estimate is based on data from a new advanced testing method, which enabled researchers to detect recent HIV infections (Washington Post, 8/3). The study did not calculate the total number of U.S. residents living with HIV/AIDS, although such estimates are expected soon. Earlier projections estimated that about 1.2 million people in the U.S. are HIV-positive, and CDC is updating that number, the Boston Globe reports (Smith, Boston Globe, 8/3).Among sub-groups, the report found that:

Men who have sex with men accounted for 53% of all new infections;
Non-Hispanic blacks accounted for 45% of new infections (Sternberg, USA Today, 8/2);
People in their 30s had the highest number of new HIV infections, while people younger than age 30 accounted for 34% of all new infections;
73% of new infections were recorded among men (Washington Post, 8/3);
Injection drug users accounted for 12% of infections; and
Heterosexuals made up 31% of new infections.

Although the report indicates general stability in new infections nationally, as well as reductions in new infections among both IDUs and heterosexuals over time, it also shows increases among MSM (CDC release, 8/3).HIV incidence in 2006 among blacks was 83.7 infections per 100,000 people, seven times as high as the rate of 11.5 per 100,000 among whites and three times as high as the 29.3 infections per 100,000 people among Hispanics (Altman, New York Times, 8/3). According to the data, although new infections among blacks are higher than among any other racial or ethnic group, the number has been relatively stable since the early 1990s (CDC release, 8/3).
Historical Analysis According to the analysis, new HIV infections peaked at about 130,000 annually in the mid-1980s and decreased to a low of about 50,000 annually in the early 1990s. The number of new infections increased in the late 1990s and has been relatively stable since then, with estimates of between 55,000 and 58,500 new infections annually in the three most recent time periods that were analyzed, according to the study (New York Times, 8/3).
Prevention, Funding According to the Post, CDC spends about $750 million each year on prevention efforts. About half of CDC's HIV prevention budget targets blacks, Kevin Fenton -- director of CDC's National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD and TB Prevention -- said. However, he added that the increasing incidence in MSM -- particularly in young black MSM -- is evidence that prevention campaigns have "not reached all those who need it" (Washington Post, 8/3). According to Fenton, the recent relative stability in incidence is somewhat good news because the overall number of people living with HIV who could potentially pass the virus on to others is increasing as HIV-positive people are able to live longer due to antiretroviral drugs. That suggests those people are taking steps to prevent spreading the virus, the San Francisco Chronicle reports (Stannard, San Francisco Chronicle, 8/3). "Over 95% of people living with HIV are not transmitting to someone else in a given year," David Holtgrave of the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University said, adding, "What that says is the transmission rate has been kept very low by prevention efforts" (Washington Post, 8/3). An analysis last year by Holtgrave and Jennifer Kates, a Kaiser Family Foundation vice president and director of HIV policy at the foundation, showed a correlation between the amount of funds spent on prevention and HIV incidence. "You get what you pay for," Holtgrave said, adding, "I think the new statistics are the most important AIDS story in the U.S. since the advent of the new treatments" (USA Today, 8/3).

View full report. is a free service of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cyberland Me & U

Wow, is summer winding down already? Yesiree, therefore I'm in editoral overdrive with this weeks posting, before the long Labor Day weekend. I'm wasting no time putting it all out there in our special brand of commentary, links, updates, video and so much more. Enough already, let's get this started...

Lady O Speaks: The verdict is in, perhaps the Democrats are nominating the wrong Obama according to some reviewers of Mrs. O's speech last evening. Michele Obama step to the podium, beamed her gorgeous smile and told the delegates her heartfelt story. It was good TV and she made a impassioned plea to let the electorate know that she's a wife, devoted mother, and women for all seasons. In my mind I kept thinking is she having a Sally Field moment, "they like me, they really like me.!" Her scripted moment in the spotlight had to be a proud moment for her mother sitting in the balcony. The expression on her face was priceless as she watched her daughter reveal their struggles as a middle class family dealing with everyday issues. I believe that most likely those scenarios resonated with many in the Pepsi Center as well as the extended audience watching. You go girl, I just hope that you're ready to be in the fish bowl of being First Lady of the nation. I believe that you've got the moxie and that "sista substance" that it will take in the glare of the White House spotlight. Bravo, Mrs. O !

Dreamin in Colors: This week there's just history being made on all fronts including the 88Th Anniversary of the Women's rights's to vote, Barack Obama's Thursday night acceptance speech in Denver and then there's also the MLK "I Have a Dream" Commemoration. You can join in commemorating the 45Th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, "I Have a Dream" speech with a day of film screenings and other entertainment at the Clinton Presidential Center. King delivered the famous speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during the 1963 March on Washington. Festivities include a "Tribute to the March on Washington: An Entertainment Celebration," featuring special guests Gracie Carter of Little Rock who participated in the 1963 march and Joshua and Andrew Withers, sons of the late Ernest Withers of Memphis, a noted civil rights photographer whose photographs and prints will be on display during the commemoration. The commemoration is hosted by the Clinton School, the William J. Clinton Foundation and The College of Aspiring Artists. I've been to the Clinton Center for a variety of activities that result in valuable "teachable moments" and just plain old fun. Reservations required by emailing or calling 501-683-5239.

GayRock Cometh: What can I say, competition is good in the big tent of the Internet. With that said, enter, a new social networking website that is winding up and has plans for a send off this Thursday( 8.28.08) at Sidetracks, 9 p.m.. I plan on attending at some point, but don't they know the rest of the world will be in Obama Land? O.K. Now let's cut to the chase, I have no quibble with this venture, meanwhile feeling hey, the more the merrier! Maybe they think they can do that thing that I do, much better. Well, let me tell you that this thing that I do, takes more than just a few pictures, bullshit content and armchair visitors looking for a love connection of some sort. The web is littered with plenty of this type of diversion for those so inclined. Believe it or not, there are many other Arkansas alleged networking websites, portals and web pages that start then flame out. I know this because I belong to several that have no activity or in my opinion have a limited purpose. I've made overtures for partnerships and cross promotions, but have basically gotten the cold shoulder. On the other hand I've dealt with those other city "big talkers" who are all talk and no balls. Yet I'm appreciative of the OnTrack publishers who have been gracious with acknowledgements on the pages of their bar mag. It's unfortunate that this spirit of mutual cooperation is so elusive among the gay collective. Why the hate, you ask? Because COP: 24/7 is all about "keeping it real" as a independent shot caller in Central City. I say "bring it on!" For the record, this forum is 4 years in the making and counting!! Let me remind you that we are Arkansas' only daily based online destination for both local and national "real" news, updates, first in pod casting, video, and links, for the GLBTQ community and beyond. Hey, G-Rock staff, considered yourselves welcomed to the thunder dome! Hit em up at

Monday, August 25, 2008

Manic Monday & Me

Whew! Another weekend in the hip pocket and I'm staying ahead of the curve this week by posting a variety of items that have filled my e-box. Not to mention updates, links, flashes, mash-up's and everything that goes into our special brand of coverage in the GLBTQ community and beyond. Gosh dern it, are you ready again? Yeah I thought so...Let's go get em!!

The Body Politic: It's finally here, convention season 08 with the Democrats kicking it in the mile high city, Denver, Colorado this week and the Republicans taking it the land of 10,000 lakes in Minnesota in September. Yet, with all this carrying on, there are other matters that need to be recognized. First up those folks at the Family Council have submitted the necessary signatures to get that dastardly initiative on the November ballot. Awareness and action is going to paramount in an effort to defeat this measure. This forum will continue to highlight, as well as, spotlight the latest moving and shaking surrounding this ballot fight. I implore you to take a stand and get involve somehow. Don't think that some one else will always be there to take on the fight. Do it Today!

From Beijing to London 2012: I don't know about you but I was simply in awe of the People's Republic of China's world Olympic party. From the opening ceremonies which had me speechless to the stunning closing array of ingenuity and creativity that makes me just damn giddy. Even though all this display of national pride was one of the best, the issues of human rights, info blackouts and government limitations spiked with restrictions were looming in the background. Nevertheless, the games still persevered bringing the world together to showcase the multi-levels of athletic prowess from all corners of the globe. Congratulations to Team USA whom made me proud as they continued the excellence we always expect from our Representatives. Who knows may be I'll make it to London in 2012! (picture & logo courtsey of the B08 website)

Who's that Candidate: It's only hours before the doors swing open and the delegates pour into the Pepsi Center starting the mash-up known as O8 DNC/ the national Democratic Convention 2008 in Denver, Colorado. I'm not amused that I'm not in the house, but nevertheless I'll be "onpoint" all this week with my own talking head coverage of the event. Tonight, it's Mrs. O, Michelle Obama who will make the case and tell all of America, "who's that Candidate name Barack." Seems like to me how could we not know by now, after all there's the books, audio books, website bio's, documentary and a ton of video messages and clips telling us just who Senator Obama really suppose to be. Gosh dern. Do I want to have a beer with the Bouncing O? Perhaps. Would I like to have Michelle and the girls over for a garden party? I could I do it with no problem. What about a dinner party with the Obama's? Why certainly, because I can do a great din-din spread. O.K. I'll be watching to see if there's anything new that I don't already know about presumptive nominee O. If you miss tonights warm up, you can get more at

Friday, August 22, 2008

From the Front lines to the Fringe Wire

Can you stand it? It's another friday taking us into a highly charged weekend. The week for myself has teeming with energy, expectations and excitement. However, this forum goes on despite it all. With that said, are you sitting down? Alright, then let's roll out...!

Waiting for Obama: You would have to be in a time warp not to be aware of the fact that presumptive nominee, B. Obama is playing possum with the world as we await his VP announcement this weekend or whenever. As I've watched the coverage, read accounts and listened to the talking heads among us, The Bouncing O seems be in sheer delight taunting the electorate, especially those media folks, as he prepares to pull the cat out of the hat. I've already weighed in with my earlier prediction that the TEXT will have the name, Sen. Joe Biden, (D) Delaware. Now, of course Team Obama has been known for going left when we thought they were going right. Of course, that's how Mr. O has reached this political pinnacle, on his way to accepting the nomination in Invesco Field next Thursday. Am I hooked into the text, you're damn right and I'm waiting for Obama to phone home. When I get the word, along with the rest of the world, I'll be on the horn with my two cents.

Drag Galm in the Rock: While I'm on hold for Obama, I've been thoroughly entertained elsewhere by the latest edicts handed down from the inner sanctum of the Drag Elite directly from the Drag Oracle. Now, you say what the hell is this all about? Well hold on let's try to figure all this out together, if we can or if we really care. Most of you unsuspecting audience members who witness the local entertainment and /or pageants are probably not aware of the machinery that lies beneath those wigs, eyelashes and crowns. Not to mention the Alumni figureheads or the surrogates whom unfurl the holy instruction drag scrolls sent via the Norman Palace,( not the one in Palermo, Italy mind you) or either the Athena showroom located locally, not in Greece. Apparently show producers have decided and let me be the first to say they have the right to do so, because it's their sand box, that the shows need an an overhaul. Meanwwhile, they have laid down some ground rules across the board. What rules you say? Are you ready? O.K. The surrogates, Dominique D. & Raven St. J. have been given the authority to whip things into shape.

First of all, entertainers of a certain size. You know those Plus Size girls who need to cover up and stop showing all that "meat and no potatoes" flesh in costuming that's unflattering or simply not cute. Not to hate, but this comes just in time, since current MGAA, Stephanie Richards certainly has tipped out in the this type of costuming in the past. Girl you got in under the wire! Also, according to sources close to this "project runway," the shows need more Vegas glam. Participants have been instructed that they are to gather more "beads, bangles, feathers, headdresses and more," if they are to be seen on the boards at the A-showroom. Furthermore, no more stretch material gowns! Now, I must say that I have no problem with this one, since there seemed to be a tidal wave of cookie cutter stretch gowns that paraded out constantly. Don't ask me why, when there's so much more available now via the Internet. I should know since this is where I found much of my then, fashionable wardrobe in my size and at reasonable prices to boot. I don't know who was making these little outfits but they must have made a fortune! Speaking of the net, would you believe that little old me was tagged as a favorite reviewer on E-bay by individuals who purchased some my gowns and costuming. Who knew? Need more, yes I've got it and you've got to check it out next week, because you just won't believe it...see you then!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Another day has dawned, another soul has left the earth in route to the hear after, and the universe has welcomed a new birth to perpetuate the cycle. It's 8.20.08, I'm in the Big Chair, resolute, reticence and boldly basking in the blessings thus far. It's COP:24/7 tossing and turning until I can bring you what's really going on in the GLBTQ community and beyond. Can you stand the heat, then let's get this shigity started....

Birthday Boys: Thanks to the webmasters at the Sidetracks Yahoo site for pointing out that 8.20.08 is the day I was born into this world. Thanks for remembering. It's a nice feeling to have others think of you. I'm kinda funny about the B-day thing, since I don't really make a much-a-do about it. Usually, I celebrate it rather quietly and without much fanfare. Staying humbly retrospective can be quite the equalizer when death has been on the prowl. Despite the many dilemmas that I've faced over the last few years, I've always stood steadfast, knowing that this too shall pass. If your birthday was this month and your celebration was lacking, just remember that many others are most likely more unfortunate than yourself. If you were considering a gift for me,( and I know you were, right?) I appreciate it very much. But, I'd like to encourage those so inclined, to put your efforts where they count the most. Stand up and be counted. Get registered to vote, spend Two Dollar bills or the new Dolllar Coins in our local establishments on my behalf, or donate to your favorite charity. I started some time ago "living the life," and proudly continues until this day. So, trust me, Lord willing and the creek don't rise, I'm not done now or anytime soon. I'll be around until the "fat lady sings." You can count on that without a doubt! In the meantime, "what have you done today to be proud?"

A Veeping we Go: What's with all the secrecy about who will run with the Bouncing O. Can a brother not just choose some one and roll into the White House. Obviously not. Everyone is a pundit, choosing the pro's and con's of what Senator O has done in his choice or whatever he's decided as the world looks on. I said it should be Joe Biden, however, I was somewhat broadsided by an e-blast from film maker Michael Moore, promoting and damn near calling the lady out, Caroline Kennedy as the perfect Obama choice. Say what? Talk about change and how in the world is that suppose to play in Peroia? Perhaps very well, since Mr.O is all about change, then let's have some revolutionary change at the core. Moore makes the argument that Mrs. K is not apart of the establishment and futhermore, should do what current VP Chenney did as a key figure in selecting a future VP. Sorta nominate yourself. Why not, it's just politics anyway. Boy, It's gonna get extremely interesting, so stay tune, I just know it's gonna be a doozie...I can feel it in my bones. Do you have a VP pick? And why not, it's the hottest game going and you shouldn't want to be left out. Send me your nominee, today!!!

Curtain UP: The Weekend Theater presents "Southern Baptist Sissies" By Del Shores, August 22, 23, 29, 30 September 5, 6 A roller coaster of a play that takes audiences from heights of hilarity through outrageous anger, and into caves of depression and out again, this political and religious commentary is the story of four gay men in a Southern Baptist Church in Texas and the various ways they cope when they discover urges within themselves that go against the teachings of their church. The damage of religion that preaches intolerance and foments self-hatred and the repercussions of this brand of religion are seen throughout the boys' trek from pre-adolescence to adulthood: the pain, the doubt, the self-loathing, the confusion. The script weaves together the characters' stories inserting Bible passages that support, contradict and call into question the fundamentalists' teachings about homosexuality. The production is being directed by Ralph Hyman. On Fridays and Saturdays, curtain times are at 7:30 p.m. I may have to make the rounds and check this out. If I get it on my schedule, you know that I'll have a full review here.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

COP: Checking IN and OUT

In case you haven't noticed, 2008 is headed for the home stretch, as we prepare for the various other shoes to drop before the ball does on 2009. So far, we've had primaries, a continuing war, a housing bust, saber rattling, weird weather and shortly, the election of the next leader of the free world. Yeah, it keeps coming at us on a daily basis. But never fear, so do I from the Big Chair in search of commentary, links, news, updates and those classic "whatever" maneuvers in the GLBTQ community and beyond. Here we go again...

Lypsincka Me: It was another good time for a worthy cause last Saturday night at the DSRA clubhouse. As usual, I was welcomed back and felt right at home with the assembled cast as well as house royalty. Brian's (a.ka. Cherity) posted message reflected his heartfelt "thanks" and gratitude for the outpouring of support. As my alter ego, Cassaundra Manchester, I was once again proud to lend my talents to spreading goodwill as I've always done in the name of true excellence. Thank you staff, management, house royalty, fellow cast members and a special shout out to my girl, Mary K. Arden whom always keeps it really real, O.K. Until next time...

Waiting for Obama: Are you breathlessly waiting for the VP announcement? Well, maybe not, but it's coming some time this week or weekend. Just in time for the Denver mash-up next week. Unfortunately, I will not a chance to see it live as I had hoped, but there will be wall to wall coverage. Not only from the majors, but here too. I've got the Bouncing O hook-up with e-mail and TEXT, so just as soon as "O" phone's home. I'll be on the line to you. Want to know who I think will be the VP choice? After close consideration and consternation, my pick for the ticket (and should be Mr. O's) is...Senator Joe Biden (D) Delaware. Let's see how the chips fall. Do you have a choice, then share it with us.

Birthday Boys in the Rock: When I say that I offer community coverage, ya damn skippy I do! I was in the house of Easy Street on a Monday night to help celebrate the birthdays to two readers who requested my attendance. To my surprise, both Eric R. and Vernon S. have birthdays in the same month as me and my LTP. I always knew that August was a great month to be born into. Meanwhile, it was vintage ES, with Michael Henderson tending bar complete with hugs and kisses for everyone and a ever present bar back/waiter who kept the beer and wine coming. After making a somewhat late arrival, the evening was still enjoyable on the patio with stimulating conversation and a little shooting from hip Q talk on all manner of issues. I did inquire to sources to the fate of the piano bar and the various going's on that have been bandied about. What I heard was, "when it's all over, I'll be telling you first, all the details about what really was going on..." I guess we will have to wait for the real story on the back story. For now, the management and it's benefactors will trudge on or at least to the lease expires. I'll be waiting in the wings for the whole truth and nothing but...

Doing the Springs: Here's my final install of my R & R in Hot Springs last week. I complete the trip with a visit to Oaklawn's new "Gaming Room." As I closed my eyes and listened to the surroundings, took in the smells and envisioned where I could be, I thought Vegas? Tunica?, Buloxi? NO, I'm in Hot Springs, Arkansas! Yes, the sights and sounds of all those places seem so similar to the new gaming experience at Oaklawn. I was treated to bonus points with my new membership, since August is my birthday month and more points from a brochure I picked up at the hotel. Which resulted in my having some fast cash to take my chance at the "games of skill." If you don't what you are doing, the room comes complete with tutors to assist you with loosing your money, oh I mean taking a chance at winning points, redeemable for prizes from the games of skill. Wink. Wink. No matter what you call it, and according to some folk this ain't gambling. I had a smart time with those .99 Frozen Rita's, snappy music that kept my toes tapping, encouragement from the tutors & staff, all while dropping that hard earned currency to delight of owners. I also journeyed out to see the rest of Oaklawn, now in it's off season of live racing, but it's all a buzz with simulcasting from around the nation. I was somewhat surprised the crowd of people who were actually betting, and betting and still betting after my tasty Bloody Mary. It was not time for lunch in the Carousel Room, which was available all to myself and JCM's. The waitress was accommodating, friendly, informative and certainly made me want to come back. Especially for the game room member specials, such as a $1.99 Catfish Buffet or Fillet dinners, with pricing being based on your games of skill play. I lived in Hot Springs and never went to Oaklawn. Boy, what was I thinking. I can't wait til the next years season's for that live stuff, in meantime, maybe I'll save a few big head hundreds to take my chances at those games of skill.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Cornelius Unlimited Express

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to another full throated posting of the In's and outs of the GLBTQ community and beyond. I'm in a "Living my life like it's Golden" attitude as the year continues to wing it's way to 2009. I'm ready, if you're ready. So let's go em and how!....

In memorandum: The recent tragic death of Bill Gwatney, local business man and State Democratic Chair, is one of those incidents that remind us that life can be fleeting in the midst of senseless crime. My condolences go out to his family, business associates and staff. I briefly met Mr. Gwatney at a ASD meeting after he addressed the group about caucus politics. He seemed approachable and filled with information about how to affect change through the system. While I was pursuing a chance to be a delegate to this year's Democratic convention I noticed that he was always making sure that process was moving as dictated by the national rules and regulations. According to his obituary, "Arkansas lost one of its greatest cheerleaders with the passing of, William A. Gwatney, 48 of Little Rock, a treasured favorite son whose respect for and appreciation of the everyday citizens of his home state was proven daily through his unending contributions to community and public service.
Bill distinguished himself in the Arkansas state Senate, first elected in 1992 and serving until 2003. He championed many causes most notably the Patient Protection Act, allowing patients the right to choose their doctor from willing providers. In addition, he was extremely instrumental in the legislation leading to ethics reform in Arkansas politics. I know he will be desperately missed by those on both a personal and professional level. May he go with God's speed.

Presumptive Platform: This week is the pre-cursor to next weeks blow out Democratic Convention in Denver, CO. Talk about a Rubik's cube of political wrangling that's worthy of the cat call, "welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth!" To add to this spectacle of political high jinx's, I recently received a e-blast from an intrepid reader sharing a link to some thought provoking words from Senator B. Obama, concerning his commitment to and respect for LGBT families. Mr. O stated," We have to do more to support and strengthen LGBT families. Because equality in relationship, family, and adoption rights is not some abstract principle; it's about whether millions of LGBT Americans can finally live lives marked by dignity and freedom. That’s why we have to repeal laws like the Defense of Marriage Act. That’s why we have to eliminate discrimination against LGBT families. And that’s why we have to extend equal treatment in our family and adoption laws. I’ll be a president that stands up for American families – all of them." Boy does this guy have a perfect answer for everything, except that recent strange answer during the Presidential Forum at Saddleback Church. When asked by Pastor Rick Warren about conception, he said "that he couldn't answer because it was above his pay grade." Say what? Then let's not forget the word Monte that the Democratic Platform committee is playing with deleting references to "gay families, transgendered, or lesbian." Even though the current version is suppose to be inclusive and a working foundation for the GLBTQ community overall. It's obvious that some of the committee members do have a problem with the "G" word. So what's new about that in 21st Century?

Politics & Wine :The Stonewall Democratic Caucus will host a WINE-TASTING EVENT at the
Historic F. O. Rogers House
400 West 18th St.
Little Rock, AR

September 25, 2008
at 6pm

A "Friend of the Community" Award will be presented to Robbie Thomas-Knight
for more info contact :
Viva Vegas Via Little Rock: Do you want some Vegas Style entertaining in your local Drag spot? Then you've got to stay tune as we continue to gather the details about the latest incarnation of what constitutes doing drag in Central City. Just when I thought I had heard it all...well I haven't. It's coming this week...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Free Fall Friday: Remix 4 U & Me 2.0

Is this month in a slip stream or what? If not it's slip slidin away with a quickness. 2008 has been a roller coaster ride so far, but it ain't over til it's over. Especially with the all the important Presidential elections looming just over the horizon, war still raging and rumors of war within earshot. I'm in the house, back in the big chair and ready to roll. So, if you're ready, let's get busy!

Lypsincka Me: Many thanks to those of you who sent me song suggestions for Saturday's benefit show at the DSRA( Diamond State Rodeo Association) Clubhouse. Each one was a good one and the winner is....Well you'll just have to come to the show to check it out. It's all going down at 9 p.m. on Hoffman Road (501.562.4466) I'll see ya there. Will you join us?

Cool Clubbing: The weather is cooling off and apparently so is it at Club Good Times where long awaited additional air conditioning is providing patrons with a cool spot to party, However, even though the place has gotten some air, there's still an air of violence and fighting that prevails according to sources who put their faces in the place. I just don't get this type of behavior or why it seems that when my brothers and sisters get together in a space this drama activity is par for the course. Did you mama not teach ya nothing? It's so unfortunate and frustrating to keep hearing these reports. Perhaps some of those who can't control themselves may need some anger management intervention. So here's my Keepin It Real tit for tat: Stop the madness people before someone gets seriously hurt or even worse, killed.

Tribute to the Mac Man: The tragedy of Bernie Mac's death juxtaposed to the departure of Issac Hayes is certainly a reality check. Ultimately, we come to this earth with an unknown destination as to our departure. Just like the rest of the world, I was deeply sadden but will always remember the shock comic wit of Mr. Mac and his groundbreaking TV show that kept me in stitches. He will be missed. Thanks Mac Man for the years of laughter and tears.

Doing the Springs: I promised you a little more about my R & R to the Springs earlier this week and here it is. When you really think about it, Hot Springs has some interesting little nooks of entertainment, features, eateries and tourist traps for you spending pleasure. JCM and I did breakfast at The Pancake House on Central. This retro restaurant has been in business since 1940 according to the historical brief on the menu. Stepping in the place you get a "hearty welcome" and promptly seated. Our waitress, Irene was moving and shaking her section with a routine pace that I later learned she's been doing for 28 years. Talk about longevity! We both had blueberry pancakes which were the size of hub cabs plus a side of bacon. Hot, tasty and filling was all I could say. You can get some menu items from a small shop next door or have them ship it to your door. Especially the ham products which sound like they could melt in your mouth. Next up: Mid America Science Museum's Our Body exhibit. I was so intrigued after reading about this exhibition coming to Arkansas, that I wanted to make sure that I got to see it. I love museum's and all that goes with them. This unusual spectacle offered me another self teachable moment as we toured the various displays of actual human bodies. Yes, you heard me right the first time, real human specimens revealing what lies beneath the skin and beyond. In it's promo material the show is billed as a "once in a lifetime opportunity" and I can assure you that walking and viewing each creatively displayed item was eye opening to say the least. If you're the queasy type then you might reconsider this one, but if you really want to know what you're made of, then it's on the money. I was particularly fascinated with the embryo section which had actual cells in a progressive display developing into a fetus. With a supporting 9 month time line, I realized that everyone takes the same path to get here and then life decides the rest. Also I was amazed at, an entire body that had been "sliced" length wise to show the various layers of the human body. One display that struck home was the skelletal display which included our important joints. A while back and I blogged from my hospital bed about those new metal parts I received, filling in for what creation had delivered some 40 years ago. How'd they do that you ask? Here's the answer, the over 200 bodies, specimens and organs included in the exhibit have been preserved using a process known as polymer impregnation. Who Knew? I'm a reader, so I love reading the place cards but their is a live action take along tape program for those who need someone else to describe what you are seeing. It's a limited engagement, so click it to their website, for more details. Did it end there, no it didn't and the best is yet to come, so come on back to find out....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Diversion Wednesday

I can't seem to stay off the road, despite those pesky gas prices or travel cost. Where in the world is COP 24:7 this time you ask? Thanks for asking. I decided I needed a little mid-week "R&R" with an overnight/ day trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas. I lived in this city briefly a few years back and have always enjoyed trekking back every now and then for look over. In case you didn't know, Hot Springs' gets the distinction as one of America's first national parks. Not to mention a host of other notable Didn't I say that we cover all points in Arkansas and beyond? Well, O.K. then. In this post I'll be highlighting (don't hate... from pool side) this mini jaunt as well as our unique mash up of what's really going on. Fasten you seat belt and let's go get em....

Political Dollars A-Go-Go: It's all about the "Benjamin's," as they say when it comes to playing the political game. Money talks know the rest. Therefore I wanted to alert you readers of this chance to hobnob with Rick Fleetwood, along with Linda Dixon, Jimmie Lou Fisher, Becky and Bruce McMath, Nancy Tesmer, and Rep. Kathy Webb, as invited guest to a fundraising reception in honor of Congressman Vic Snyder. Mr. Snyder has been an ardent supporter of the GLBTQ community and beyond. Lately was apart of the DADT ( Don't Ask-Don't Tell) hearings which is seriously being mulled over. State side he was among the first to attempt to derail that senseless Sodomy Statue that existed in this state without a lot of vocal support from the GLBTQ community. A few years back as I barn stormed my way across Washington D. C., he met with me personally during a Capitol Hill Lobby Day, as I expressed my concerns over then AIDS funding. Now you say, little old blogger me trying to make sense in the nation's Capitol? Yes, my people, you've got to speak to power every damn chance to you get. It's not as hard as you may think. With that said, even if you don't get to the fundraiser itself, consider a donation to his campaign as well as a letter, e-mail, phone call or in person visit on a myriad of pressing issues that impact us all.
The event will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Thursday, August 21, at the home of Rick Fleetwood, 1821 Beechwood in Little Rock. For additional information, please contact Chris Kell at (501) 804-3714 or . Do it today and tell em that I sent ya!

Rainbow Represented: A few of you may remember that I made a run to be a delegate to the 2008 Democratic convention but didn't get the nod. But I considered it a "teachable moment" with hopes of being better prepared next time along with any other hopefuls. However, all is not lost. Arkansas' GLBTQ community will be represented out front by Rep. kathy Webb in Denver along with a few others who are still peeking from the closet. And you thought the closet doors had flew open wide. Well obviously not in all quarters of the state. If the GLBTQ community wants to wheel and deal to the powers that be. It's imperative that the greater power structure gets to see our faces, know our names and sense our united passion. Hiding in plain sight, although may have it's advantages, yet in my opinion is some what flawed. But stepping to the plate up front and in person demonstrates that we are all about some business.
R & R in the Springs: Every time I come to the Springs, I'm never sure what to expect or what new adventure await me. Without failure and despite the off kilter charm of it all, the spa city never let's me down. First up, the arrival. Since it was going to be a short jump, I wanted to maximize the dollar to cover a lot of bases. I did an online search for accommodations was horrified at some of the reviews left online by previous guest. Oh Hot Springs, I certainly hope that someone at the CVB ( Conventions & Visitors Bureau) is doing some random trolling. Past guest are dissing local hotels and motels with a fury. I was truly amused at one posting that stated," as fast as you can away from this hotel." You know me, keeping it real, the hotel in questions, The Austin. Also, keeping it real, I contacted a source which confirmed to me that I should consider other options. If you know what I mean. I did, but the All Seasons Lodge did it's best to accommodate me, although not in the true "COP" fashion. The desk clerk and staff all were extremely chatty and get this folks, tried to make it a nice stay anyway. Next up: Club Jester's. In past post I've criticized this joint for hosting SQL ( Shirley Q. Liquor) but my Tuesday night blow through was as welcoming as you can get. Even though their was no crowd per se, everyone around the bar was quite friendly and pleasant to the new faces in town. The bartender even served up a birthday drink: a tall, potent Long Island Ice tea concoction, which in turn made my companion oh so ready for bed. Also they offered us birthday cake, made sure we comfortable with the temp, music and if there was anything else they could get for us. What else can you ask for, except a little something to take home. Kudos to Tuesday' night staff for making our brief stop in, one that will make me want to return real soon. Even though we may not always agree with your entertainment choices, Jesters can be be a nice place to party. Look for their link on our sidebar shortly! Need more? Yes, there's more but you'll have to come on back for our next posting. See ya then...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Cyber Twista Tuesday

"It's Obama Time..." remember those famed words from all things media mogul, Oprah Winfrey who stomped for then candidate Obama, whom now is poised to accept the democractic nomination for the presidency. Whew, what a ride it's been and yet, still to go. It's almost just to much for me. Yet, I will survive no matter the outcome. I've somewhat strayed from the political scene, but it's never that far from my radar. And how, since it's gotten even more interesting in the past few days...

Oh! John Boy: Well here we go again...another Mea Culpa from a mere man who stated that his rise from a poor boy from the Carolina's to a possible contender to lead the free world caused him to fall into the legs of another women. Enter John Edwards's plea for understanding as his courageous wife, Elizabeth continues to stand by her man through it all. They are latest public couple dealing with "men who creep then get caught." Of course there's that song that say' s "it ain't cheating till you get caught!" It's a Pity that Mr. E had to out himself after much media snooping and trolling, even though he claims to have told his wife all about it. But failed to disclose it in his White House pursuits because maybe he thought it would just go away. Now really J.E.! Does this type of behavior hurt? Certainly. Is it really any of our business? Probably not. Especially, since we all know a creeper, have creeped or known some cheating heart somewhere in our romantic lifeline. Is his political career toast? In America every things possible with time. Let's not forget, John Mc Cain was down for the count early in is campaign, but somehow ended up the Republican nominee. I'm sure that there's more to come, but let's move on to the real dilemma's facing this nation. Gosh Dern, if his wasn't so handsome with good hair, ambition and some what full of himself, he wouldn't have had this problem. Let's face it, "lover lips," you've been busted. Shame on you Mr. Edwards.

Obama to EARTH: The high preist of the Online Campaign is at it again. The Bouncing O campaign will annoucing his VP by E-mail or TEXT to the personal digital device of your choice. Talk about Change? It seems to me that everything about this entire experience has become digitally based and it's seems to be working. I'm so glad that I got on board the digital mainframe some time ago. It's the way to the future and I'm trying to position myself right smack in the middle of the grid. However, with all this techo wizardy going on, I tried to open the Arkansas slot on his website to get info, only to discover an " fatal error" message that stated "no such filed exist." Never mind, you can still get ringtones, so you will know when "Obama- Line one" is leaving you a message. In case you need the hook, check out the website for all the details at The event of the century is only two week away, therefore if you will be attending, lucky you! Yet in true Obama fashion, the Boucing O will be breaking the mold of traditional political Conventions. Senator Obama will accept the Democratic nomination for president at INVESCO Field at Mile High, August 28, 2008. This is Denver's iconic football stadium which can accommodate an audience of more than 75,000. I saw this venue while in Denver and it's an awesome site. But if it's not in the cards to see it in person, this historic Convention will be easy to follow even if you lived on Mars. Besides the network coverage, you can catch all of the action live online at

Out over the Rainbow: This forum continues to twist and turn in how I can offer real info to the GLBTQ community and beyond. As you've noticed I often post from various locations near and far which put me in travel mode. In case you did'nt know and I know you didn't, perhaps you may want to check out American Airlines Rainbow TeAAm. American Airlines has the only GLBT dedicated sales team - The Rainbow TeAAm - in the airline industry. According to their website, "we want to be your airline for life so we've created a one-stop shop to fulfill all of your travel needs." In full disclosure, I am a AA Advantage member and was pleasantly surprised at the exactly how many GLBTQ events in which AA is the official carrier. Also, on the website they have a complete listing of upcoming events that you can earn frequent flier points. However, I found it interesting that the upcoming Miss Gay America Pageant being held in St. Louis wasn't listed. But all is not lost, Southern Decadence 37 (8.27-9.1.08) in New Orleans, LA and Atlanta Black Pride (8.1.08- 9.1.08) were prominently featured but not coded at post time. As a member I also earn travel points for hotel stays, most recently my STL jaunt and other business connections also earn credits. These travel experts, Betty Young and Geogre Carrancho are based at DFW but can assist you globally. It's an all access site at You know I'm always trying to demonstrate how to earn a dollar and then maximize it. If you've got travel in your future, consider it! Just imagine the points if I had of made it to Beijing!

Back to the Hustle and Flow...2.0

Reflections of Hot Buttered Soul:

The Issac Hayes Revolution

Although I was stunned at the recent death of soul icon, Issac Hayes. His passing allowed me to re-cross a bridge to my past and reflect on the impact of his music, visage and legacy within my own life. I've always loved muisc and at one time believed that perahaps I might have a career in the industry. Even though the music choices in my environment was somewhat limited, I was always intrigued with the various styling and creativity from gospel greats like the Mighty Clouds of Joy, those Sam and Dave records and my valued James Brown 45's that were only 99 cents. Yes my pretties they were vinyl disk then and I didn't realize that I was a budding audiophile then, because I'd never heard the term before. Yet, it was the the music of Issac Hayes that broadsided me with it's street smart, cutty edge beats that made me feel I was apart of the tough scene. Earlier James Brown had instilled the mantra, "I'm Black and I'm proud," but his "hot buttered" soul via Stax Records ushered in a new era of pride, ultra masculinity and fierceness that I couldn't resist. Just like other teens, I too had my favorite poster of the "Black Moses" prominently displayed over my bed, as his music often lulled me to sleep while playing from the radio. Not only the hard charging, theme from Shaft which he won acclaim, but other selections from Hayes' catalog which is varied as well as deep. Such memorable cuts as duo's with Millie Jackson, his long version "rap" selections, instrumentals and later his infectious disco romp, "Don't Let Go," that was mixed and remixed by then DJ Doug which played prominently in the early Discovery Club days on Asher. How surreal it is for me at this stage in my life, that his music still moves me and how many times it's intersected with significant moments in my life. So, long I-Man, God's speed, we'll continue the groove on the other side....

Help Wanted at AAF..Still?: Apparently, the Arkansas AIDS Foundation can't seem to find anyone qualified to lead the embattled organization. A few posts back, I mentioned my support of local activist B. Coffey as a contender for the ED (Executive Director's) post. I touched base with Mr. C, to check the status of that possiablity, only to learn that even though he applied, he's not even been interviewed! Say what? This makes me wonder exactly what are they waiting on and what's up with this lackluster approach to filling a key position. Especially with more recent stats about the impact of HIV/ AIDS within the African American community across the board. Not to mention the low attendance at the recent MATF ( Minority AIDS Task Force) event held at Philander Smith College. At this point, you're saying did you ask them? Well, of course not, because all you get from this outfit is the sounds of silence. I've sent countless E-mails and made some personal queries, all with no real outcomes. According to Bob, "they're still looking." The $64,000 question is looking for what or who. I'm encouraging all of you to keep asking, call them 501.376.6299, write them, 518 E. 9th Street, L.R. AR 72202 or blast them at their website,

Monday, August 11, 2008

Onpoint in a 360

Another 2008 week has rolled by as the weather kept most of us in search of a cool spot, but others on the prowl for the "hot spot," in Central city. Of course, I had to leave the big chair for a few hours to get into the mix of what was really going on and I'm ready to give it up in this addition of COP. Are you ready, if not, then get ready because here we go....

August B-Day: I want to thank the boys at Sidetracks for their August Birthday Salutes last Thursday. (8.07.08) James, my LTC and myself enjoyed the mini Bar-b- Que buffet complete with cake as well as the complimentary beverages citing our dual B-day's this month. We didn't celebrate alone as others made their way into the scene stating where their special day falls on the calender. As for us, his was Aug. 5 and I'll bring up the rear on August 20, respectively. For the record, I'm just this side of 40. Don't ask which side. Speaking of B-Day's, Don't forget, Jim's Birthday, Sunday, 8.24.08 at Sidetracks. I've been to this celebration and usually it's laid out extremely nicely. You never know what surprises these guys are going to pull out of the hat.

Bears in Undergear: Never say that I wont go the limit to cover events, even if I have to show up in my 2(isxt) briefs and boots. Yes, I took the plunge and joined the Bears for their Undergear Party, 8.09.08 at the the DSRA Clubhouse. I didn't really know what to expect, since I had never been to one of these functions, furthermore, I think some of them were surprise to see me as well. Obviously, this type of event meets certain needs, because at the height of the event it seemed that the house was full. A totally diverse crowd of aproximately 100 men from various parts of Central Arkansas and beyond were on full display. Ranging from J-straps, thongs and other means of undergear. The camaraderie, video, music, food and anything goes atmosphere put the party into full tilt. Including those "Peekers and Players " in the back room taking matters to the next level similar to the Big City girls. What can I say, voyeurism and "menergy" is still alive and well in Little Rock. To sum things up, I learned from one of my sources that the evening netted a pot of $1800.00 for organizers. If they are raising this kind of booty for their cause, you can bet that there will more of this to come. I'll keep you posted.
Lip Synchika Me: I've gotten a few suggestions for me in regards to the upcoming benefit show for Brian Cook. I appreciate it and keep them coming. I will consider them all. Then make a choice prior to show time. However, It won't matter if there's no audience. So, call your friends, tell the neighbors, alert the masses that I'll be joining the show cast, 8.16.08 at DSRA, 4525 Hoffman Street. This just may be the last time out for my alter ego. Join me, I dare ya!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

COP: 24/7... Locked and Loaded

It's a number's game this posting making this outing number 313! Whew, who would have thought that I'd still be at it this long. Well, of course I would. There's too much happening not to be on the prowl for updates, links, commentary, news, and everything that relates to the Arkansas GLBTQ community and beyond. Yesiree, It's another COP:24/7 and I'm locked and loaded. Are you ready? Then, let's go get em.....

Youth on Fire: CAR's DYSC program will feature a youth Solidarity showcase, August 13, 7 p.m. at Easy Street Piano Bar, 307 W. 7th in downtown Little Rock. The show lineup has not been announced however, the group is actively seeking both the talented as well as inspired participants. If you are are ready to hit the boards, then contact, Feliz ( 813.713.0984) or e-mail:

People Helping People: Local entertainers and personalities are coming together in a fundraising effort for Brian Cook (a.k.a Cherity, pictured) in lieu of the recent death of his partner, James Anderson. DSRA will host the event, August 16, 9 p.m. If you can attend, I'd love to see each and everyone of you, if not, then consider offering a donation for the cause. I'll be apart of the night's cast and hope that I will see you face in the place. Got a song suggestion for me, then send it. For each song suggestion I'll match a buck toward the benefit. Hit me up in the comment section with your suggestion and feel free to share your thoughts as well. Do it today!

Got A Big Idea?: I'm a fan of Donny D's, The BIG Idea cable show which calls out the entrepreneur in yourself. It's one of my favorites empowerment shows that makes me think and then, think again about where I'm going, not to mention what I'm doing to affect my economic future. I'm thrilled to know that Arkansas will step to the plate to help those of us with "Big ideas" to get access to capital. According to Arkansas the Arkansas Association of Two-Year Colleges says eight of the state's two-year colleges will offer a business degree option and certificate in entrepreneurship this fall. That's a good thing.
"Economic development is more important than ever in today's economy, and this program will help to create jobs in Arkansas by enabling and empowering people to start their own businesses," said Ed Franklin, executive director of the association.
The Arkansas Venture Forum last week outlined the importance of entrepreneurship. Citing figures from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Entrepreneurship Center, it said 70 percent of a nation's economic growth is typically attributed to entrepreneurship.
The Arkansas Venture Forum issued a call for entrepreneurs seeking capital to submit executive summaries by Aug. 29 for the sixth annual Arkansas Venture Conference.
The finalists will make presentations at the conference, set for Nov. 18-19 in Little Rock, which in the past has drawn interest from surrounding states, including venture capital firms and angel investors representing more than $500 million in capital.
Companies wishing to submit an application will find the guidelines at
The schools in the consortium are Arkansas State University at Beebe, East Arkansas Community College, North Arkansas College, Northwest Arkansas Community College, Ouachita Technical College, South Arkansas Community College, Southern Arkansas University Tech and University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville. Pulaski Technical College and Southeast Arkansas College will join in October.
This is a learning opportunity that all the state schools should embrace.

Faith Presentation: I got this interesting e-blast and wanted to pass it along in our continuing mission to inform and empower. It was forwarded from Just Communities and they hope you anyone interested will be able to join us for this video. The complete series is available (through UAMS College of Public Health or the JCCA office) for others to show in their own venue.

According to Ruth Shepard, the videos were made available in June, and the discussion following was provocative and informative. This one, “Place Matters,” really makes one think about our city planning and policies and how that impacts the health of our residents.

Please let me know if you will attend so that we can be prepared with chairs and drinks. If you are unable to attend but want to learn more, please contact me or Kate Stewart []. Also feel free to pass this email along to others who might be interested.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Dog Days of August

Welcome to the Dog Days of August! It's those hot, sluggish, intense ozone filled days that we dread each and every year, especially the Arkansas humidity that's just almost unbearable. However, it's never to hot to get back into the "Big Chair" and produce another outing of COP:24/7. And here we go...

And there He is: The votes are in and the tally is final and the winner is... Stephanie Richards, Miss Gay Arkansas America 2008 representing the Miss Gay Hot Springs prelim. The court includes, Zia D'Yor Second Alternate - Sasha Harrison Third Alternate - Christina Saxton Fourth Alternate - Veronica Duvall. Congrats to all, because in my mind everyone who get's to participates is always a winner. Unfortunately I was a bit under the weather and could not attend the event, but I've worked with Richards on various occasions finding him always friendly, non-stop fun and not taking himself too seriously. The national competition will be held October 8-12 in the STL. (St. Louis, Missouri) at the Millennium Ball Room. I saw this lovely venue from atop the famed Gateway Arch in July during my convention jaunt. If you are going to the pageant, plan your travel now! Tickets go on sale August 15, 2008. It may be a sell out!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Free Fall Friday: Reloaded 4 U & Me

Here we are again, it's another TGIF and I'm in overdrive producing, writing, editing, surfing, as I do that "thing that I do." If this is your first outing with COP:24/7, then welcome, if it's not, then thanks for coming back for more of what you've been looking for in news, updates, links, commentary and just plain old stuff for Arkansas' GLBTQ community and beyond. We are the only lavender site with daily updates across three platforms. What can I say, it's all about CorneliusOnpoint where we believe in All Buzz and NO Bull! Are you ready, then let's roll!

Capitol Pride Elects: Outgoing President, Joe L. has e-blasted the slate of newly elected board of Directors of Little Rock Capital Pride. The new board for 2008-2009 consist of, Ari Chagoya, President David Tucker, Vice President Carrie Dudley, Secretary Craig Fredrickson, Parlementarian Rounding out the board are Amos Lassen, Chad McGriff, Devon Davasherand James Thweatt. Congrats to all of these indiviudals whom have stepped to the plate to lead the group for the next year. I plan to pursue interviews from the Mr. Chagoya in order to see how he vibes and what's his vision for the organization. As a final salute, a hat's off to outgoing President Joe L. for his enduring committment and relentless tanacity to making it happen. Good luck on your future endeavors!

Potlucking at Sidetracks: It's food on the grounds time again at Sidetracks, 8.3.08 from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. As usual the management will be serving up hospitality for patrons and guest but you are encouraged to bring your favorite dish to share with the massess. It's all going down at 415 Main Street on the north shore. Look for special bar drinks and specials. Tell Hobba, I sent you!

Are you Registered?: CAR's Voter Registration Team is a group of Dynamic, Enthusiastic, and Engaging folks who are working for social change, and taking a stand for ALL FAMILIES in Arkansas. This team through voter registration, get out the vote events, and engaging our community fights for fairnerss and equality for all of Arkansas. If you wish to join this team, and take a stand for ALL ARKANSAS' FAMILIES contact CAR: 501.244.9690 or email Eric Reece @ next VR training session will be July 31, 2008 @6:30pm, 1st Presbyterian Church 801 Scott St. (corner of 9th and Scott downtown LR), please contact CAR to register for this training. Are you Outside Little Rock? CAR will bring the training to you. Simply find 5 folks who are interested and contact CAR to arrange a date and time.