Friday, October 30, 2009

A Royalty Friday Re-mix

Road to Royalty:

DSRA Steps to Diversity

Well it had it happen, didn't it? I couldn't pass up another opportunity to demonstrate that my involvement with this community is broad based, unabashed and diverse. It's for this reason that I accepted the challenge to serve as the current Miss DSRA 2010-2011, representing the Diamond State Rodeo Association along side, Mr. Dwayne L., Mr. DSRA, and 1st Alternate, Marvella. How did this happen you ask? Well, thanks for asking, because at first I was bemused by the idea of myself re-stepping into the spotlight and certainly in the the C & W culture. Yet, after some hearty conversations and downright prodding, I thought, why not? After all, no one realized that I was country, when country wasn't cool. Furthermore, members of DSRA have always been cordial, as well as, embracing for as long as I've known the organization. I never subscribed to preconceived notions that the group was not inviting nor capable of offering myself an alternate entertainment option or new friendships. I'm fully aware of this organizations ripe history reviled with observations that cover the gamut. It seems that almost everybody has a "DSRA" story or perception that has been either positive or negative. Have I heard them all, most likely not. Is their any truth to them, depends on who you ask. Ladies and Gents, this is nothing new to any organization, especially one with 17 years in the rear view mirror. Every organization has it's triumphs and tragedies throughout it's existence involving personalities both large and demure. Not to mention internal wrangling that could be unsettling to some and maybe a radical approach for others. One simply can't keep dragging out the dirty laundry at every chance as a barrier to new growth. Yet, as a new royalty team member I'm determined that despite what has transpired, I'm poised to turn the page to discover new vision, lifeblood and spirit to move the organization forward into the 21st century. After all they've chosen myself as the first African American to hold this title since it's inception and the only one among the association national membership. Who knew that Little Rock would be the first! As I stood in the public presentation portion of competition, I stated that my goal was to encourage newcomers to explore what DSRA could bring to themselves and our overall sense of community. I hope to spread that message to all point across the state. If you've read this forum, you know I'm not afraid of traveling for the cause. For the record, the judges gave me a perfect score for that answer and the audience showed their acceptance with distinct applause. Since that evening, I've begun the process to review strategies, expectations and formulate a plan to execute what I could uniquely bring to both the DSRA and IGRA table. This is most important as we began the task of planning for Rodeo in the Rock 2011. However, no best laid plan can be achieved without supporter, advisers, and ultimately YOU. That's right, YOU. Therefore, I and the entire royalty team will be making the rounds in search of making that goal a reality during our tenure. I'm encouraging all past members, present members and future members to come to the table with me as we chart a course for the next decade and beyond. DSRA is alive, well and open to community at large! Click the link in this forum to check out the newly refreshed website and of course always keep it locked and loaded here at COP:24/7 I want to thank everyone who has shared there enthusiasm and well wishes on this endeavor. It's always good to know that there's still some good folks around this town who just might really wish you well. See you soon...we're coming!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Arky Quake!

I didn't feel it. Did you? According to those seismologist guys, central Arkansas was rattling about under foot. Wow, just what else can go on in this state! If only there was some quaking going on in the LGBTQ community that would shake things up a bit. Well, let's not get silly about it all. After all, COP:24/7 is still on the prowl of bring you "what's really going on" and so much more. So if the ground is wiggin about somewhat, we've got some wiggle as well for you too! Let's get jiggy with it...

Obama Rising: This week has been filled with President O shaking a few things up with by signing hate crimes legislation, re-authorizing the Ryan White Act, meanwhile sending signals that he has all the lavender issues on his radar. The amendment signed into law Wednesday was named partly for Matthew Shepard, a 21-year-old student at the University of Wyoming who died after a 1998 beating targeting him because he was gay, and whose parents were instrumental in leading the fight for such legislation. The law also was named for James Byrd Jr., a black Texas man dragged to his death in a racially motivated killing the same year.
The measure also extends protections to those attacked because of their gender or disability.
Federal hate crimes law already covers race, religion and national origin. The new law strengthened it substantially, however, by removing a requirement that a victim must have been participating at the time of the assault in some federally protected activity, such as voting, for it to apply. Mr. Obama doesn't seem to mind the naysayers as well as lavender haters whom have chided him for what has been termed as a slow reaction to the campaign promises he readily offered during the last election cycle. Nevertheless, "O" marches on with a decent approval rating and the world awaiting his every move. Good Luck, Mr. O. you are gonna need it!
Public Opinion on Health Reform: What Do the Polls Mean?

The Alliance for Health Reform and Kaiser Family Foundation co-sponsored a briefing at which a panel of experts answered questions about how public support for health reform waxes and wanes depending, not only on what's being proposed in the reform proposals, but also on who asks the question and how it is asked. I don't know about you, but I'm getting a bit steamed at the three ring circus that the whole matter has been force into. I use the KKF resources often to get a different perspective or overview. The item I recently read spoke to a variety of topics and issues including: Do the majority of Americans support health care reform now? Do people want to pay for covering the uninsured – and if so, how much? What do seniors think about paying for health reform partly through changes to Medicare? Some polls indicate that most people like their physician but not the system. What if health reform means changing the system Americans now enjoy? There's so much noise surrounding this dilemma, but I suggest that everyone do your homework and don't' believe some of the hype. Call your Representatives and let them know where you are coming from. Especially, Ms. Lincoln who has been a central player in this shell game. Also, Senator Pryor who seems to be doing a little ebbing and flowing like the buffalo river.
Findings from the Foundation's October Health Tracking Poll were released at an event sponsored by the Kaiser Foundation.
An enhanced webcast presentation includes the speakers' slides synced to the video of the briefing. A podcast is also available on

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday Roustabout

Just as 2009 seem to be getting started, it seems that it's time to start planning for 2010. I can't believe that my calender is already underway. Where has the time gone folks? Well, it doesn't matter because COP:24/7 has been with you all the way for 2009 with our special brand of news, updates, commentary, links, video and so much more. It's mid-week and it's on to the weekend, see you there!

JCCSI 4Th Regional HIV/AIDS Conference convenes in 2010
The conference, scheduled to convene March 4-5, 2010, at the Peabody Hotel, in Little Rock, Arkansas, will be an event to remember. This is the only HIV conference in the South that targets Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee so mark your calendars now. I checked out their website to find more information about the 2010 Conference and other pertinent facts. A tab on the website cites that JCCSI invites all interested parties to submit an abstract for presentation at the 4th Regional HIV Conference. JCCSI is specifically seeking presentations that: build skills; provide strategies or solutions; provide practical applications; present innovate programs or models; present data or approaches for providing quality HIV care for at-risk populations. Participants will include physicians and other health care providers, public school personnel, clergy, various service and community based organizations and people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.
To become a presenter, please download and complete the forms below. The deadline to submit abstracts is May 30, 2009. Please note that you must also submit a current CV or resume. If you need assistance, please contact Shari Joyner at or (870) 534-3448, ex 104. There are scholarships available for attendees at this posting Watch this forum for updates as they are released.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Autum Rollout 09

Even though I attempt to keep up to pace with the latest Techno "This -n-That," sometimes I find myself still playing catch up nonetheless. This forum has done it's damnest to grab gadgets, video, hyper-links and updates across all platforms, some days it seems that there's still more that's evolving. With that in mind, so goes this forum with discovering more interactive elements to engage our readers. It's our desire to stay on the cutting edge and of course, On Point! In the meantime, please stay locked and loaded for more to come from COP:24/7 Now, let's dive in, shall we...
Crowns-R-Us: Last weekend was filled with crowns flying on to the heads of the next royalty court. After a fast tracked Saturday evening at the DSRA for their ceremonies, where I accepted the challenge of being their represenative. I hit the ground running on to the Miss Gay Little Rock, US of A pageant held at Pulse, 10.25.09. Congrats go out to the newly crowned, Miss Little Rock US of A, Sasha Revlon and M' Shay Foster 1st Alternate whom brought winning packages before a capacity crowd. Each competed from a field of 5 contestants all seeking the title. The evening was teeming with "blinging" crowns on the heads of a "Who's Who" from the royalty realm ranging from Dominique S. Miss AR US of A, former Miss LR US of A, Kyrstal K., Mr. Jeffry(pictured left) and Tione Iman. I want to thank Miss K.I.K. for posting the pictures on her social networking platform and keeping me in the loop with updates. Again, congrats to all who stepped to the spotlight, you all are winners for doing so!
COP:24/7 Watchers: I've mentioned that our forum was designed to outreach to all corners of the state and I've been watching our online live traffic gadget that keeps revealing new hits from all of Arkansas. COP:24/7 says a big "hello and keep on coming back to this site for more of what you are looking for!" In case you may have missed them while on the counter, I've seen clicks from such cities as Whitter, Whitehall, Cabot, Jonesboro, Jacksonville, Star City and Camden! I know you guys and gals are out there in all corners of the state and don't be bashful with sharing news from your neck of the woods. I would love hearing from Texarkana, Hot Springs, Stuttgart, Eureka Springs and all of the Delta. Come on, click it today and let's hook up the CorneliusOnpoint connection in your town!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

kickin It in the Rock

Can you say techo glitch in a the age of High Speed? It seems that despite all the mad dashing I do through Airports for those national meetings, multi-tasking from home base and using all the handy gadgets that I can handle, it seems that it's never fast enough or ready to go into overdrive when I need it too. However, I realize that some day's it's just not to be and no matter what tantrum I may go into, ultimately it's not going t always change for my sake. So, what's a guy to do, but simply chill out and take it as it comes. That brings us to today's posting of news, updates, links and everything kickin in the Rock!

Rodeo Royals Arrive: The Diamond State Rodeo Association held it's Royalty Competition, 10.24.09 with three competitors vying for the titles. Congratulations are in order for Mr. Dewayne, Mr. DSRA 2010 and Cassaundra Manchester, Miss DSRA 2010, and 1st Alternate, Marvella, Queen of Comedy. I've got the inside story and it'll be making the cut later this week. So keep you eyes peeled for that special prospective!

WAD 2009: I've learned that planned activities for commemorating World AIDS Day have been a work in process. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the meeting due to the fact that the date was moved and this didn't coincide with my scheduling. Yet as I followed up on that meeting, I was somewhat bemused at a proposed "essay contest" as the centerpiece of the activities and a "balloon" release. Now let me get this right, it took a meeting to determine this level of programming? I hope that this was the initial framework of more full filling recognition of this health dilemma. However, as I've stated previously, all events, programming, campaigns or what have you, take PEOPLE power plus some Benjamin's on the side. If we want more, then stepping to the plate is the answer.

AIDS S.O.S.: Believe it or not, the mainstream media put the Arkansas HIV/AIDS funding issue on front street citing the money backslide in the Arkansas AIDS Foundation's coffers. Board President, Fred Gentry described the issues as well as put a face on the foundations shadowy presence. He stated that at least 153 clients would be released from services, with the caveat that other sources would be sought for assistance. Unsurprisingly, this news comes in lieu of lackluster fundraising from marginal events and a board seemingly paralyze to move the ball forward during these challenging economic times. In full disclosure, I am a former board member who was persuaded that my views and energy were not conducive to then administration. Since that time, basically I've seen very little progress or momentum from this entity which as far as I'm concerned needed my "energetic prospectives." Even more glaring is the fact that even though as TV cameras rolled, on their official website there is no mention or statement addressing their plight. Where is their call to action? Where are the stats, goals or possible outcomes? Where is Boards business plan to handle the situation while asking the community or stakeholders for input? Hey Guys, a two minute blurb on TV just doesn't cut it. Trust me it sound likes the group needs to really send up an S.O.S! (Save Our Services!) Think about it and get busy TODAY!
Activity Overbooked: I don't know about you but it seems that in this city everyone seems to booked their activity,events or programming without any coordination. There are films, pageants, meetings, or whatever and it all seems to be going down either around the same time, day or evening. I realize that their are separate planning groups and organizers for each of these events, but wouldn't it be great it there was a master calender that could be coordinated with all entities, for a maximum usage of the pool of possible attendees? Oh well, I guess that is wishful thinking for a day when folks learn to work together. Gosh, I assume that day is still in the works.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Frames

Here's another COP:24/7 Special post for your consideration. I'm going to the wire in editing the national media peice for the National Asssociation of Black and White Men Togethter. In case you've not being paying attention, and I know that you have...I've tapped as the new Editor of that newsletter and I'm in throws of putting her to bed. No not that bed silly, but "to bed" as in finalizing the look, content and publishing. So, as I get down with that, you can get with this...

MillerCoors honored for support of LGBT community
From The Business Journal of the Greater Triad Area

In lieu of the recent Congressional move to pass crimes legislation, I found it quite interesting that while that is moving through the process, came this timely news from one of our avid readers and contributors.

MillerCoors has received the 2009 Matthew Shepard Foundation corporate Essential Piece Award, awarded annually to a business exhibiting and supporting inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees.
“We are a company made up of a diverse group of people who work together to fulfill two basic commitments — brewing great beers and supporting the communities where we live and work, and we believe it is critical that we promote diversity and inclusion everywhere we are as a business, including the LGBT community,” Leo Kiely, MillerCoors CEO, said.
MillerCoors, with a major plant in Eden, is a national sponsor of the Matthew Shepard Foundation, founded by Dennis and Judy Shepard in memory of their 21-year old son, Matthew, who was murdered in an anti-gay hate crime in Wyoming in October 1998.
In addition, MillerCoors:
Teamed with the Matthew Shepard Foundation and Human Rights Campaign to pass the Matthew Shepard Act and Employment Non-Discrimination Act;
Was the first company in the alcohol beverage industry to provide domestic partner benefits;
Sponsor an LGBT employee affinity group which offers educational, social and support opportunities for its members and all MillerCoors employees;
Supports non-profits working with people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS.
“This award is a testament to all that MillerCoors embraces and leverages diversity and inclusion in our work place and community,” said Doug Sanborn, brand manager for multicultural marketing, LGBT, for MillerCoors. “Under no circumstances can we tolerate hate or discrimination, and we do everything we can as a company to help educate others.”
In addition to awarding MillerCoors the corporate award, the Foundation honored Sanborn as the individual recipient of the “Essential Piece Award.”

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A OH! Wednesday Edition

It's mid-week and I'm ramping up what's left of my energy to kick it the rest of the week. In case you are keeping count and certainly I hope that you are, because I've had a steady agenda for the last three weeks that pushed me to almost the limit. All the while, I kept thinking how do I do these things? What answer echoed back to me was... "because you are an engaged individual living your life out loud and boldly believing that it takes personal commitment and determination to make a difference." Wow! Is that what I've been doing this last 3 weeks and for the last 20 years? The voice said, "yeah, fool. now get back to work. That is all..." With that said here's the latest posting from the Big Chair.

OH! People: I'm involved interesting conversations, overhear them and often quizzed about my impressions of conversations. Recently, I was questioned about a variety of topics that are bouncing around this community and beyond. However, one such conversation that really impacted myself revolved around the question: "What does it take to get this community mad as hell and ignited to do something about it? After a pause, as well as, a moment to gather my thoughts, I was stifled. Yes readers, me without a quick response or comeback to this basic premise. Then, it hit me. I don't know. The history of this community "getting mad as hell," is sketchy at best. We've had a few letters to the Editors, an Op Ed piece here and there, minuscule media coverage or interactivity, there has been a scattering of marches, speeches, testimonies, meetings, and mucho lip service to round things out. But, the actually "getting mad" meter needle hasn't broken through in my opinion. Although there have been good intentions, sound efforts and concerned advocates, they too are perplexed at the marginal response to their ongoing agendas. Even though I've been around the bend a couple of times, I've always been bothered by the lack of "fire" that permeates in this city. It seems that the tea cup of movers and shakers are always tapped to fund raise, attend, participate or support this or that campaign. Hillary Clinton once stated that it "takes a village,"and our predicament demands more than just ME, more than just a coalition of the willing, more than the Organization of the Day. It requires a community chorus realizing it's own strength, pooling precious resources and activated to design a course of action. To sum it up can be found in the words of literary Icon, James Baldwin whom eloquently reminds myself and now I share it with you, "To be conscious in America is to be in a constant state of rage..." Think about it and get involved Today!
OH!H1N1: With the health debate in a full tilt, I can't believe that we are experiencing a shortage of flu vaccine of any kind. This doesn't bode well as this measure creeps through the annals of Capitol Hill. As far as I'm concerned, I'm not worried about accepting the inoculation, but what gets me is the knee jerk production, double speak information and in some areas ineptness of preparation. I'm ready to support that "Public Option" but not getting this Flu thing right, opens the door to those opponents who want to shut out that element of the reform. I haven't tried to get anything from my PCP nor have I considered any of those "drive thru" clinic. In the meantime, I'm taking the naturally healthy route by getting more sleep( when I can), supplements, juices, good food and staying away from to many crowds!! If you are looking for the vaccine or need some more info, click it to
OH OH OH!: Every time I check the Fedjit gadget in the sidebar, I'm always glad to see that this forum is being checked from around the state all the way to some global clickers. I don't always check the statistics as I should, but I'm hopeful that our special brand of news, updates, links and commentary is making the rounds. As usual if you've got info, items, updates, creative content or photography let's hear from you. This is an open space for stimulating dialouge and conversation. Thanks to our readers in Cabot, Pine Bluff, Star City, Benton, North Little Rock, Jacksonville, Jonesboro and Camden. I know you are out there wanting to stay on point with COP:24/7. Tell your friends that we've got more of what you are looking for in the LGBTQ community and beyond!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let The fall Games begin 09

Decades ago their was a mighty dance tune entitled, "Can't Stop," by then gay icon singer Sylvester, whom incidentally did a concert date in Little Rock. Of course this was the disco era and the song was a tremendous beat driven item that use to send dancers into a frenzy at it's crescendo. I loved that number then and often hear it now when I stream from my Internet FM jukebox. And still to this day it gives me the fever that it did all those years ago as I move with in our "blink" society of twits, tweets, and "Ta-Dah" moments. Every time I produce this forum, I can't help but ponder the wonderful leaps of technology that I've seen thus far in my life. I'm apart of it all and I'm thrilled to be bringing you my readers along with me. Therefore, let's dive back in for more of what I hope you are looking for from COP:24/7!

Congress Can you Hear Me? I've mentioned way back during the last election cycle that I wanted Obama to phone home, apparently Team O is also wanting a few us in the out lands to do some phoning with their latest campaign. According to a e-blast from their mighty e-machine, they state that" insurance companies are spending millions on a campaign of lies to kill health reform that would help folks like Jenny. So, today, with crucial negotiations taking place in Congress, we're raising our voices and making it clear: It's time to deliver on reform.We've set a big goal: 100,000 calls to Congress made or committed to in a single day. To hit it, we'll need your help -- will you take 3 minutes to call Congress now?Call your representatives and tell them: It's Time to Deliver on health reform. According to our records, you live in Arkansas's 2nd congressional district. So if you got something to crow about in this health care tug of war, then I suggest that you get busy on October 21! Please call:

Sen. Blanche Lincoln at 202-224-4843

Sen. Mark Pryor at 202-224-2353

Rep. Vic Snyder at 202-225-2506

(Not your representatives? Click here to look yours up.)Health insurance reform is finally ready for consideration by the full Congress, and hundreds of insurance company lobbyists on Capitol Hill are working overtime to kill it. Calling is quick and easy, but effective -- and your voice has tremendous power at this critical moment.After you make your call, tell the staffer who picks up where you live and that you're counting on Congress to deliver on health reform. Let them know that Americans like you support the President's plan -- and that if your representatives are working to pass it, they have your thanks.If we hit 100,000 calls made or committed to, we'll send an unmistakable signal that this time, families must come before insurance companies. We'll be tracking progress toward our goal publicly -- make sure to report your call back to us so we can count it:

DSRA Kicking: If you haven't heard things are coming out the shoots at the Diamond State Rodeo Association. This weekend is the official Royalty Show & Competition, Sippin Sundays', Men's Night Out and a rootin-tootin Chili Round Up Cookoff, November 7. It's high times at the old corral, click it to their newly revamped website for more info. You can find a link in the margins of this forum. Come on Out Folks!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Manic Monday 2.0

Holy Toledo, Whoa Nelly, and boomshakla!! It's Monday again and I'm back in the house with a phat post right out the gate. No jet lag here! Let's go get em...

Sex In the Closet: Last week I put it down that there was "no sex in the closet" discussion from a Philander Smith campus group. At least that was the 6:50 p.m. FACEBOOK e-blast I got, however, it seems that I got mixed signals and was corrected about the situation from an ardent reader. In a response to that post, I was informed that "true enough" the e-blast went out, but organizers thought that they had touch all the bases for the meeting, yet discovered that somehow it didn't translate to facility officials. For the record, here's their full (unedited) explanation of what was really going on:
"... Yes, you are on point as to the Sex in the Closet episode.
Carissa Rodgers, a senior at Philander, had been excited about her part two of
"Gay Answers to Straight Questions" which was attended by over 100 people last
semester. She had followed the PSC policy and procedures for space, a/v
equipment,and simple things like chairs, only to show up and find nothing was in
place. The door to the auditorium was locked and the janitor was gone home. The
only other person with a key was President Kimbrough and surely he wasn't coming
back to the school to do it. But he did and he attended and participated. Also
attending were members of Brothas & Sistas, Little Rock Black Pride, UCA's
Prism and a host of predominately female students and staff. I'm sure many
people were lost in that moment that Carissa thought her long awaited 15 minute
follow-up was doomed but there were still about 70 people there. The topics
ranged from gender identity norms to HIV/AIDS. For the first time, I saw women
filling their purses with condoms. One of the staff asked for all that remained
because of the outbreak of STDs on campus. I informed her that the STDs were
clearing the road for HIV. I then asked about HIV testing and she said that
occasionally JCCSI would hold testing events. Not to step on toes but I informed
her that we would test whenever requested. Enough of my shameless plugs though.
Carissa's community level, campus based event went well despite the gliche.

Alrighty then. We stand firmly corrected and impressed with organizers determination to go on with the show despite some possible ball dropping. It's this type of chutzpa that it takes when offering community programming. Also, a big "fist bump" to President Kimbrough for walking the walk with that firm demonstration of support. We need more men like himself to step to the plate for our community and city!

Hola Arkansas: I was considerably surprised that the Latino HIV Day Spanish post was well worth the effort. I got a high five from Ari C. whom made me realize that this forum has many unlimited capabilities as a medium for outreach or information. It was another light bulb moment and a new learning curve for myself. If you've got idea, suggestions or observations, I created this space for your pleasure. All you have to do is speak up and own your words.

HIV Consumers Meet: Talk about multi-tasking, I had a chance to listen in on the recent teleconference of the HIV Consumer group last Thursdays as I awaited my flight. Although I did announce myself on the call, I didn't notice my name in the minutes but in true disclosure I wanted to state that for the record. What I heard was eye opening to say the least and cause me to raise an eyebrow. The group consist of stakeholders and Representatives from the four corners of the state or as they come forth. On the table for concern were issues surrounding the recent cost containment moves from ADH including the poverty level reduction, transportation, H1N1 access, patient assistance programs, housing wait list and ultimately, infections rates vs, treatment thresholds. As I listened, I thought to my self, "this isn't the early 80's, we are 30 years into this health dilemma yet we are still dealing with some of the same problems?" Why I ask and most likely so do you? Therefore, we will continue to monitor these proceedings and check in with other on the forefront of these efforts for some more Q& A. Stay tuned...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Event Horizons

Are we done yet? Of course not, silly. Haven't you ever produced a national newsletter for viewing from coast to coast? Well, probably not, but as I've mentioned previously, I'm rounding the curve and heading for the home stretch in putting this ditty to bed. That's Editor talk for being done. Yeah, right, because the task actually overlaps into the next edition come 1st Quarter 2010. Oh Joy! As I whirl in the Big Chair, while making a mad dash for Little Rock Regional, let's dive in for today's COP:24/7 special edition! It's Latino HIV Awareness Day and on behalf of our latino brothers and sisters, this forum message will appear in Spanish, courtsey of InfoSIDA ( Hola Amigos! from COP:24/7

Día Nacional Latino por la Concientización del SIDA: 15 de octubreEl 15 de octubre, 2009 marca el siete día Nacional Latino por la Concientización del SIDA - un día dedicado a concientizar a la comunidad latina sobre el VIH/SIDA. El tema de este año es "Saber es poder. Infórmate. Hazte la prueba del VIH." El tema enfoca la importancia de la prueba del VIH, la prevención y la educación, y la concientización de la comunidad latina sobre el VIH/SIDA. Los siguientes enlaces ofrecen información sobre el día nacional, incluso panfletos educativos de prevención, tratamiento, ensayos clínicos y estadísticas del VIH/SIDA en la comunidad latina.

Recursos de AIDSinfo
Información sobre ensayos clínicos para el VIH/SIDA: Base de datos de ensayos clínicos para ayudar a pacientes y proveedores de cuidado de salud a localizar ensayos clínicos de VIH/SIDA.

Información sobre los medicamentos contra el VIH/SIDA: Hojas de datos con información para pacientes.

Hojas de datos de VIH/SIDA: Información basada en las pautas de tratamiento del VIH/SIDA escrita en lenguaje simple.

Glosario del VIH/SIDA: Amplia recopilación de terminología de VIH/SIDA para la comunidad hispano hablante. Incluye una guía de traducción que provee una lista de términos traducidos del inglés al español.

Información sobre vacunas contra el VIH/SIDA: Hojas de datos sobre las vacunas preventivas y terapéuticas. Esta página también ofrece enlaces a ensayos clínicos que estudian la vacuna contra el VIH/SIDA.

Información para la comunidad hispano hablante
Comunidades en peligro - Hispanos y latinos: Página web del Centro Nacional de Prevención e Información (NPIN) de los CDC con enlaces a información del VIH/SIDA para la comunidad latina.

VIH/SIDA entre los hispanos: Hoja de datos de estadísticas de transmisión del virus con información sobre el riesgo de contraer y la importancia de prevenir el VIH/SIDA en la comunidad latina.

Información sobre el VIH/SIDA para mujeres, incluso estadísticas del VIH/SIDA y enlaces a publicaciones en español.

¿De qué forma afecta el VIH/SIDA a las comunidades hispanas?: Hoja de datos de la red de ensayos para vacunas del VIH (HVTN por sus siglas en inglés) sobre el impacto del VIH/SIDA en la comunidad latina y la importancia del desarrollo de una vacuna preventiva contra el VIH.
For more information, links, video and podcast click it to....
The Latino Commission on AIDS (LCOA), the Hispanic Federation and many other organizations organize this day. Hispanics/Latinos, who represent approximately 13% of the total U.S. population, make up 18% of new HIV infections. Among Latinos, men make up the vast majority of new HIV infections (76%), but Latino women are also at disproportionate risk for HIV. They are infected with HIV at a rate four times greater than white women.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Everything is Everything Wednesday

Is that smoke coming from my keyboard? By golly, I think it is! Alright, don't call 911, but you can come on in for some our hot topics in this Everything is Everything mash up. You already know the drill, so let's go...

ANONYMOUS NO MORE: Just in case my post concerning my position on comments on this forum didn't resonate. I felt that perhaps I may need to send up another smoke signal about this issue. Although this space is an "open forum" for your rants, observations, commentary, viewpoints or updates. I've decided that if you want to make your opinion known here, then you should "own your message." That being that if you've got to say it, then sign it with your name. Liability and culpability aside, why take the time to tap out your thoughts only to not let the world know what you are thinking. From my vantage point, it's still America and that free speech thing has been the order of day for some 200 years. Therefore, if you say it, then own it. All comments tagged "anonymous" will be sent to File 13. I look forward to hearing from you with you cyber signature! I do it everyday and then some.

No SEX in the Closet!: Last evening there was suppose to a interesting dialogue featuring "frank" talk about sexuality at HBC, Philander Smith Collage . Yet as I prepared to attend, I discovered that there was no "sex talk" happening. What's up? I got an rather bland e-mail explanation stating that there was an "institutional" issue and that the affair would be rescheduled. Only to later to learn that the event "did" actually happen with a reported "high attendance," depsite those unexplained circumstances. Who Knew? It's for these reasons that audiences are far and few. Get it together folks or don't do it at all...

Red Ribbon Meeting: The Arkansas HIV/AIDS – Consumer Advisory Board will hold its first “Official” monthly meeting on Thursday, October 15, 2009 from 11:00 AM until 12:00 PM.
The meeting will be held in room 902 at the Freeway Medical Tower located at 5800 W. 10th Street, Little Rock, AR. In a great use of technology those unable to attend in person can participate via conference call by calling the following number: Dial in phone number: 1-218-844-8230 Access Code: 1036880#

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bust a Move Tuesday

It's Tuesday whatever time of the day for myself, as I burn the candle at both ends as well as the damn middle! I'm in a self imposed dead heat to produce the NABWMT media piece. It's been exhilarating and challenging to pull all the elements together for our end of month publishing. Not to mention, I'll be on the road later this week for our national board meeting in the Badger State. Go ahead and do your google to find out where I'm going. Hey let's through a prize in with it. The first person to discover that location will get a gift from our prize closet. Didn't think we had a prize closet did ya? Well, ya wrong and we do. So let the games begin, in the meantime here's our fast track post as I dash for the deadline and Airport!

Citizen Brunch: Take note of the Stonewall Democrats Quiche Brunch fundraiser, Saturday, November 14Th 11am-1pm. This fundraiser will feature a variety of quiche dishes, Mimosas, Bloody Marys, coffee, orange juice and dessert items. The invite didn't quote who would be catering this event, but I'm sure that it's going to be tasty treat! During this effort the Stonewall Democrats will honor Ruth Shepherd of Just Communities of Central Arkansas with a special “Friend of the LGBT Community” award. They are looking forward to seeing everyone at the brunch to help Stonewall Democrats continue to “Make a Difference in Our Community”!
Let's refresh ourselves shall we....
What: Stonewall Democrats Quiche Brunch
When: Saturday, November 14Th 11am-1pm Award presentation at 12pm
Where: Unitarian Universalist Church, 818 Reservoir Road, Little Rock
Price: $25 in advance or at the door
For Ticket purchase information, please contact:

Your Mother Told You So!: In this germ filled, H1N1, seasonal flu, med resistant world we now inhabit, it's amazing that the simple task that ya moma told ya, works just fine. WASH YOUR HANDS! This Thursday, 9.15.09 is Global Handwashing Day! Yes folks, washing your nasty little paws can go a long way in keeping you healthy, wealthy and maybe wise. Believe it or not, there's a website for this event( isn't there one for every thing these days?) where you can get some spot on facts about using the h2o and soap. It's just so simple I keep thinking, especially as I wash my own little phalanges more times than I can count in a day's time. According to the website,( "Hand washing with soap is the most effective and inexpensive way to prevent diarrhea and acute respiratory infections, which take the lives of millions of children in developing countries every year. Together, they are responsible for the majority of all child deaths. Yet, despite its lifesaving potential, hand washing with soap is seldom practiced and difficult to promote. The challenge is to transform hand washing with soap from an abstract good idea into an automatic behavior performed in homes, schools, and communities worldwide. Turning hand washing with soap before eating and after using the toilet into an ingrained habit could save more lives than any single vaccine or medical intervention, cutting deaths from diarrhea by almost half and deaths from acute respiratory infections by one-quarter. A vast change in hand washing behavior is critical to meeting the Millennium Development Goal of reducing deaths among children under the age of five by two-thirds by 2015. " Did you get that? Here's it is again...WASH YOUR HANDS and OFTEN. enough said.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Manic Monday in a Spin Cycle

I'm still in a deadline flux, as I scurry about editing, writing, re-editing and all that it takes to put a national news media piece "to bed." That's fancy journalist talk for completing the task at hand and start pulling your hair out for the next edition. In the meantime, enjoy this shared content from a new site that popped up on my radar screen. It's call The Grio. Apparently it's an urban centric site that covers a variety of topics from the MSNBC media stable. Including this interesting prospective/overview of last weekends Equality March, the strained relations that have been ebbing and flowing in lavender circles around the country and ultimately the price tags of being gay. This is unedited except our creative license and is the opinion of it's creator.

Black working class gays left out of national gay rights agenda
Kenyon Farrow

When Obama delivered his "gay agenda" speech to the well-fed, well-scrubbed mostly white crowd of gays and lesbians at the Human Rights Campaign's Annual Dinner on Saturday night, anyone outside of the LGBT community would have assumed by the applause that the entire "gay community" is in agreement that access to serve in the military, gay marriage, and hate crimes legislation are our primary issues. But in reality, HRC's political agenda is not what I want. It does not speak for me, nor for the lives of many other black, poor and working class LGBT people. Given the fact that we're in a long recession where hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost in almost every month of 2009, and national unemployment numbers are at nearly 10 percent, why are we not talking about the issues that most people are concerned about - health care and the economy - and their impact on the LGBT community? The truth is, for many people at that dinner who could afford the cheapest ticket at $250 a plate, jobs and wages are of little concern.
It's not as though there is a lack of evidence that supports the idea that LGBT folks are impacted by poverty. A report on lesbian and gay poverty in the US by the Williams Institute this spring showed that lesbian and gay couples were as likely to be poor as straight couples, mostly due to the impact of race and gender.
The study showed that black gay and lesbian couples had higher poverty rates than their black straight counterparts, and three times higher than white gay couples. White gay male couples with jobs and no children had higher incomes than all compared groups - even heterosexual couples.
We see that race and gender are more likely to determine one's economic status, something that the 1000+ benefits given to married couples will not solve. Even if it did, do we want to live in a society where only married couples can ensure not being poor? Living wages, affordable housing, and universal, single-payer health care access would go much further towards stabilizing poor and working class people than marriage, military service or hate-crimes protections would ever do.
Some might point to HRC's lobbying hard for the passage of Employee Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) as a major win to protect LGBT employees. The law would add sexual orientation and gender identity to national employment discrimination laws. On the surface this would seem like a good thing - after all, in most states, you can still be fired from a job with no legal recourse for your sexual orientation or gender identity. While discrimination is clearly wrong, we know that unemployment in the black community is usually twice the national average, even though race already exists as a "protected" category in employment discrimination laws. Currently unemployment among blacks is at a staggering 15 percent.
Other studies have shown that people of color with "ethnic sounding" names are less likely to even get a call for an interview. If you're a black lesbian or transgender woman named Keyana Brown and you're looking for work but your name prevents you from getting an interview, ENDA won't help you. The chances of proving discrimination took place, finding a lawyer to take on your case, and winning a judgment in the courts are very thin.
It seems it took a while for HRC to support another important employment legislation, The Employee Free Choice Act, which if enacted in its original form would make it much easier for workers to unionize and would provide job security, higher wages, and health care for workers in so-called "Right to Work" states where unions have been historically dissuaded. Many of these states are also the same ones with no protections for LGBT people from workplace discrimination. It was originally reported by that HRC's Business Council (gay and lesbian reps from major corporations), tried to dissuade the organization from endorsing EFCA. HRC did ultimately endorse, but that endorsement can only be found only the websites of labor unions, not on HRC's website.
In short, HRC doesn't have a progressive vision of justice for the LGBT community. And their work does not represent the needs of all LGBT people, certainly not those who are not wealthy and white.
Black lesbian blogger Pam Spalding of Pam's House Blend, on a North Carolina NPR show this week noted the tensions that exist between HRC and other members of the LGBT community. She stated, "The fact that [President Obama] will speak before the nationally known, official, gay rights organization, the Human Rights Campaign, sort of brings up the schism between those who are the well-to do insiders within the community and those of the grassroots who will be outside or even not able to go to the march itself. While it is important to talk to that group of people who are the movers and shakers on the Hill, there are also voices out there that don't have a [direct line] to the president."
President Obama, who once named the black gay character Omar as his favorite on the HBO hit series, The Wire, needs to listen less to the HRC, and to find the Omar's of the world to find out what a true LGBT agenda might look like.
The October episode of the PBS show In The Life, which deals with the lives of low-income LGBT folks, would be a good place to start. Speaking of this PBS show, look for our impending post concerning it's "no show" status in the Natural state.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Free Fall Friday: A Remix in Fury

Since I'm in a deadline mode while producing Q-Visions, the official newsletter of NABWMT, I'm featuring content from source material in my e-box. As you know, I'm always open to content from a wide berth of contributors. It would be ever so great, if I could get more direct content from local writers, poets, thinkers and commentators. I know that many of you have got much to say, so, where are your voices? Think about it and put pen to paper or fingers to keyboards and start sharing! As we await more local throats, I'm posting a item from Alicia Banks from her Eloquent Fury site. She's caught our act and stated that she likes our carrying on. By permission, this dynamic women offered COP:24/7 usage of her material. It's powerful and brassy, but hey isn't that what this forum is all about anyway? All of her revolutionary vision can be tracked by to It is unedited and she owns the message.

I love, praise, and pray to God daily. My God is a universal and genderless spirit of love, inspiration, peace, wonder, and magic… I worship the very same God that trees do.
I am not an atheist. But, I have absolutely no use for any religion. Human men create all religions. Most religions are comprised of sexist, racist, xenophobic, and elitist myths.
For decades, I have written and spoken about my deep hot hatred for religious bigots. Most "Christians" are the global epitome of hypocrisies and hatreds that curse my life and torment my spirit. I despise evil sinful “holy” people who live inside churches as if they were bath houses. They are sinners who engage in so much trifling and deceit daily that they must run to churches every time the doors open.
I am a noble loner who lives a purpose driven life. I have dedicated my life to educating poor adults and children. I live every day doing good deeds. I live and love and let others do the same. I do not have to run to church to be cleansed because I do not live immersed in the toxic sludge of policing and judging the bodies, spirits, and souls of others.
I adore books. I am a voracious reader. I have read at least five books a week since I was six years old. At 45, libraries and books house the very same magic that they did when I was a child.
I am an eternal learner who prefers to study non-fiction. Scholarship is my greatest intellectual obsession. Biblical scholarship is my primary passion of choice.
I study the bible incessantly as a uniquely complex and infinitely interesting book of contradictory and elaborate myths and historical fables. No more. No less. Ever. The bible is merely a book. It is a great and timelessly entertaining book penned by human men who injected their own human suspicions, superstitions, bigotries, and beliefs into its voluminous pages.
Ironically, those who loudly quote the bible most frequently have never even read it. They are lobotomized sheeple who chant erroneous mantras mangled by pastors who are even more illiterate and ignorant than they are. They religiously regurgitate the biblical myths and lies that they have been told. Most hypochristians use their bible exclusively as a primer for hatreds. It is used expressly to condone their abuse of women or homosexuals.
Any functionally literate person who actually reads the bible can never believe that it is the word of God! The bible has countless translations, editions, and copyright dates. As religious beliefs changed, the authors of the bible edited its contents accordingly. Yet, religions have constantly caused more evil and murder on earth than any other ingredient in human life.
For centuries, hundreds of biblical scholars have proven that the bible is simply a book that has very little to do with Jesus or God. All biblical scholars know that the bible is simply one of many religious books. My favorite religious scholar is Dr. Bart D. Ehrman.
Ehrman is that very rare blend of academic genius that makes complex scholarship magnificently plain. He is deeply learned and eloquent. He has a gift for explanation that transcends lofty theology. His intensely cerebral books are sheer casual pleasures to read.
He has published many masterful books. All of them are academic and profound. But, his newest book surpasses his typical perfection. It is his most necessary and outstanding work to date.
All who care to know the truth about the bible must read: JESUS INTERRUPTED – REVEALING THE HIDDEN CONTRADICTIONS IN THE BIBLE (AND WHY WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT THEM) by Bart D. Ehrman.
Ehrman’s classic new book is a meticulous collection of detailed proofs of religious mythology and literary conspiracy. Like no other work I have ever read, this book succinctly documents specific contradictions and flaws that prove that the bible is literally the greatest story ever told.
All who care to know who Jesus really was will read this book. All who desire to be wiser than bigoted religious fools will read this superbly researched book immediately! God creates our brains so that we may use them to think for ourselves.
The bible is an ancient storybook that has only a nominal affiliation with the reality of Jesus and God. After reading this book, I am more convinced than ever before that Jesus was a human man. He was no more or less divine than Harriet Tubman, Fannie Lou Hamer, Sojourner Truth, Fred Hampton, Malcolm X, or Martin Luther King Jr….
I love that Jesus was a rebel and a prophet. Jesus never called anyone a “Christian”. Gaybashing, racist, elitist, and sexist "Christians" disgrace the biblical Jesus more each day!
I love how Jesus called out hypocrites and profiteers in churches. I love how he walked among the outcasts of society. Today, Jesus would not befriend mega rich TV pastors or hang out at their fashion shows inside gilded temples. He would walk within ghettos and trailer parks and befriend heartbroken homosexuals and haggard homeless people in storefront churches and public parks.
Intelligent pastors encourage believers to become biblical scholars. Ignorant cowardly pastors encourage illiteracy so that they can control the limited minds of their moronic flocks. Do what Jesus would and read: JESUS INTERRUPTED – REVEALING THE HIDDEN CONTRADICTIONS IN THE BIBLE (AND WHY WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT THEM) by Bart D. Ehrman.
Here are a few quotes from this classic book:
"For me, its just one of the great mysteries of the universe: how so many people can revere the Bible and think that it is God’s inspired revelation to his people, and yet know so little about it.

…just as I came to see the Bible as a very human book, I came to see Christianity as a very human religion. It did not descend from on high. It was created, down here on earth, among the followers of Jesus in the decades and centuries after his death.

In the South, it is true, more people revere the Bible than read it…For most Christians [in other parts of the world], Christian faith is about believing in Christ and worshipping God through him. It is not about belief in the Bible.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thursday Frame-Out 2.0

I'm doing double duty this week and I'm in overdrive as usual. How do I do it, you ask? Thanks for asking. Hell, I don't know, all I know is that somehow the thing comes together in spite of other assigned task. It's the passion, the determination, the tomfoolery of it all, as I try to keep banging it out in full force. The in-box is full as well as the out box on my Yahoo mail, MySpace, Facebook and Comcast! So much stuff going on in the GLBTQ community and beyond. Therefore, if you want to know what's really going, then you simply must keep it locked and loaded to this forum. Hey gang, It's another venture into the world of COP:24/7. Come let's dive in...

SEX IN THE CLOSET?!: There talking about sex on a local collage campus. Are you surprised, certainly not I hope. The "Sex in the Closet Part II to Gay Questions, Straight Answers" Workshop will take place Tuesday, October 13 at 7:00 pm at Philander Smith College's Kendall Building / Nugent Center. This is the companion piece to a similar event held last year and promises to be a stimulating conversation. According to a Facebook post, the Office of Student Affairs at Philander Smith College is presenting to you another gritty, raw, open conversation about sexuality and everything that accompanies it. Sex in the Closet is an exploration of the issues inside the hetero AND homosexual communities – and how those separate issues are interconnected.We're discussing everything from infidelity, sexual promiscuity, OH YES!!! And SEX IN THE CLOSET!! If you've got time for another teachable moment, then by all means check this one out. If you do, then share observations here!

Video Lavender: I spent a considerable amount of time getting that cute Equality Forum gadget featuring GLBTQ History Month and to date, I've not gotten not one "kudo" for bringing this extremely important info to the table. Now, I'm not needy for praise, but I certainly like a little pat on the back or perhaps a High Five for keeping this forum funky fresh and then some. Ultimately, what I'm after is relating to the those who may not know and believe me there are plenty of folks not in the know, an avenue to LEARN something. O.K. If that goody isn't enough, there's another info stream available courtesy of LOGO. When you get a chance you need to surf on over to which presents a video course on the people and events that make up LGBT history through this unique collection of bios, documentaries, films, interviews, and coverage of major events. In order to know where you are going, then by all means you must know where we've been! The EF gadget is located in the margin of this forum presenting daily updates of featured icons.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hump Wednesday

It's another Hump Day and COP:24/7 is humping the latest news, community views, links, video and the "whatever" from the big wheel of life. Get on board and hang on because here we go again!.....

Jay Walking: State Senate candidate Jay Barth has been out of the gate early as we prepare for the next political slug fest coming in 2010. I have to give it to Mr. Barth who has been making the rounds of numerous community events and is inviting everyone to "Join the Jay Barth for State Senate JCCA Walk for CommUNITY Team" on Sunday, November 8 at 3:00 pm. Sunday,in the River Market, Downtown Little Rock. Only recently have I begun to getting to know a little about Jay. He was a regular commentator on Arkansas Week, Scholar and Democratic politico. He's a likable guy and appears to have the best interest of the "people" at hand. In his various stump speeches he speaks in broad terms with hopeful outcomes in a "I'm on your side," type demeanor. Of course when you are seeking votes, it doesn't hurt to make folks feel like they really know you and in his approach it may be working. He's got a snazzy website with all those "broad details" about his candidacy. On such item was his thoughts on passing the Federal Equal Rights Amendment in Arkansas, which was again defeated last term. I assume that he believes that this is a possibility although since this measure has been trounced repeatedly, I believe that this Barth Issue may just be a feel good "sound bite." I'm aware of his efforts on the ACT 1 and Arkansas's Marriage Ban, but I didn't see any references to those efforts or any musings on the "gay trinity:" ENDA, DADT or DOMA. Well I guess I'll perhaps ask him to share it with us. In the meantime, if want to know more about Mr. B., donate or volunteer click it to

H1N1 101: Achew! It's flu season and how! Arkansas is on the radar for our cases and if you have not been in the know, it's time for you to step to the plate. There's plenty of information and destinations for vaccinations. So listen up! Here's some links to that info and don't forget that staying healthy is all about you and your choices. The symptoms of H1N1 flu in people are much like the symptoms of the regular seasonal flu and include fever over 100 degrees, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and tiredness. Some people have reported diarrhea and vomiting related to the H1N1 flu. Like seasonal flu, H1N1 flu may cause already existing chronic medical conditions to get worse.
For more information about swine flu, call the ADH hotline at 1-800-651-3493 or go to or The Health Department will provide updates as they become available. As you score info, don't forget to WASH Your HANDS completely. It does a body real good!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Raging a Tuesday Machine Onward

Since fall blasted on to the scene, the weather has charted off the scale giving us cool evenings to sultry days. What's up? Well, it's Arkansas, of course. I'm use to these shifting atmospheric phases and certainly most of you as well, In the meantime, we'll keep shifting the gears of this forum as we continue to bring you more updates, breaking news, links, video and whatever makes the cut. It's all here at COP:24/7, let's step off shall we....

National Coming OUT Day, October 11, 2009
What have you done today to be proud? One such step might include coming to terms with your sexuality as well as discovering that it's uniqueness that shouldn't leave you discouraged, disappointed or demeaned. Unfortunately, throughout this nation there are individuals who are grappling with this dilemma or family drama. As a personal journey, it takes one through a range of emotions that can life changing affects, often manifesting themselves in later life. However, no matter how you arrive to your personal rainbow destination, it's important to know that "loving yourself is the greatest love of all!" As another teachable moment, I'm posting video courtesy of the HRC as featured on YouTube with a variety of stories which highlight these break throughs. If you have a personal story that you'd like to share or searching for an outlet to empower you, then hit us up here at COP:24/7 We'd love to hear from you, you and yes, you too!

NCOD Local Color:
Save the Date for our local NCOD event slated for October 10, 2009 Reservoir Park, going west on Cantrell Road ( also known as Hwy 10) turning to the left if traveling from Downtown or Right if coming from the West just after Reservoir Road. It jumps at 1pm., in celebration of National Coming Out Day and to encourage participation in equality work at the local and state level. There’ll Be Free Food, Entertainment, Speakers, Games and a Kickball Finale.This fun filled event is for ALL of our LGBTQ/Same Gender Loving community and allies. Bring your family and friends. COP:24/7 has joined the "coalition of the willing" to assist in this effort. However, as this coalition moves to provide these community building opportunities, it's imperative that this synergy expands our ability to create a "true sense of community." Fragmentation is not a viable option as we face challenging economic and political horizons. It's not about a free burger but a party with a purpose. If you are out of the loop, or not on point, then here's a chance for you to connect!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Smoke and Mirror Monday

Got nothing to do? Well, I'm not one of those who have the "nothing to do" dolrums. I've got plenty on the plate and I need some sideboards to get through it all. With that said, let's not waste any time with getting this posting started with the latest from COP:24/7! Are you ready, if not get ready....and away we go!

Marching Lavender: It's this weekend and tongues are wagging, fingers shaking and eyes rolling about the March on Washington slated for this Saturday. Net savvy gays have been keeping the Net humming with a plethora of viewpoints on the march, organizers, dueling organizations and the Obama factor. I read so many takes on this event that I'm beginning to wonder if all the nay saying and bickering will cause the significance (if there's actually one) of the march to devolve into another gathering on the mall in DC. The latest and greatest eruption has surrounded the announcement that POTUS Obama will address the "sold out" Human Rights Campaign's swanky dinner this weekend, but there will be no "O" at the march itself. From my vantage point, O.K. Obama will speak at the dinner which will be locked down for his attendance, but I'm sure that his attendance at the mall rally would be a security nightmare for his SS detail and not to mention participants. Despite planning, I don't think that march organizers could have prepared for that type of scrutiny or even desired too. Also, it seems that from a historical position, no one from the Oval office has addressed this type of crowd due to numerous reasons and I'm sorta perplexed at the chatty kathy's who are bashing President Obama about this particular matter. Actually, this is just the latest item and this list seems to be growing, that some gays are mumbling about concerning this administration. I understand that there's been lackluster approach to those major items such as DOMA and DADT, but for goodness sake, at least Obama is willing to acknowledge this constituency although viewed through a "Clintonistic" frame. Let's not forget the last 8 years where our concerns and existence was largely ignored. I'm not going to the march, but no matter who attends I believe that a united front would be the order of the day. After all this time, you would think that this strategy would be refined and rooted in whatever maneuver that's taken. However, as we continue to grapple with the soft inter community cooperation locally, it's very apparent that it's no different on the big stage nationally. It's all about getting it together, then keeping it together, in order to make it better for us all. Here's to a great march, future unity or at least wishful thinking.

The Word IS: I've mentioned in a few past post that I had a small announcement to share with my readers and I'm putting it out there today. I've been tapped by the DSRA (Diamond State Rodeo Association) as a candidate for it's royalty team and I've accepted the challenge. Yes, as if I didn't have plenty to do already you say and you would be right. Yet I thought that this opportunity would be something sorta different as well as allow me to bring my unique prospective to the table of this charitable organization which is searching to embrace the community in diversity and dynamics. So, there you have it! I'm going in to deep preparation mode as I compete for the title October 24Th. Wish me well on this next outing into the spotlight! As always, I thank you for your support and confidence. Please watch this forum for updates or click it to for more info.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Free Fall Friday: Reloaded for You & Me

Here we are again, it's another Friday in the Natural state and our in box is bursting at the seams with news, updates, links and just plain old stuff. Each and everyday, I get it all. Yes, whether it's spam or can ham, It finds it way to my inbox for my consumption. Therefore, as I sift through it all, here's some items that have made the cut....

Scratching for Dollars: Whoa Nelly! After four days of lotto fever, citizen players have fill the coffers with 4 Million dollars for those Arkansas scholarships. Wow! Who knew that in this "economic downturn," in a low median income state that there was four extra million dollars! All the while, folks are mouthing off about high grocery prices, utilities and taxes. But despite all those necessities of life, some how all this disposable cash was brought to the lotto trough without any outcry. Don't you find that simply amazing or is it? I haven't purchased a ticket, but by golly I'm gonna, for at least posterity sake anyway.

National Equality March
I've been made aware that a blessed few Arkansans will be joining the Human Rights Campaign and other organizations for the National March for Equality in Washington, D.C during the weekend of Oct. 9-11. HRC and other groups will be holding events throughout the weekend and you can see the schedule weblink below for confirmed events and continue visiting this page for updated information. This event has had it's detractors and speculators as it it's timeliness or effectiveness. Even though I travel for conferences and such, my schedule won't allow for this outing. Hopefully there's a respectable showing with some pointed significance during this heavy lifiting political cycle. If you are attending, I would love to get some of that "man or woman on street/I-reporting" from an Arkansas prospective. If not, then take time to find a worthy local effort to pour your energy into. Believe me, there's lot's of work around this state to be done.
On October 11, meet at the Human Rights Campaign building, 1640 Rhode Island Ave. NW, at 11:00 a.m. The march will take us through D.C. and end with the National Equality March Rally. The march begins at 12:00 p.m. click it to for the entire listing of events. I looked over them and there's much going on ranging from a "Milk and Cookies" family event to a Cadence Run with the service people.

Holiday Showcase: The Arkansas AIDS Foundation will have a Holiday Show Funder at PULSE, (7th & Center) Sunday 9.4.09 featuring Cherity & crew starting at 10 pm. The show had been scheduled for the Backstreet Complex, but was moved to utilize the new venue's workforce, central locale, not to mention that a smaller venue would be more conducive to the attendance track that this event targets. At post time, there was no listing of performers, but you'll have to get on down to check it out. Don't forget that there's been a $3 kegger that usually proceeds the show at 6 p.m. Could make for a cheap date night or at least a night out to give to a worthy cause. Can't make it, then go to the foundation web site(there's link in the margin) and donate. Tell em that I sent ya!!

Are you ready for that special announcement that I mention would be posted here, then get ready as I spill the beans coming this Monday. Pssssst. You don't wan't to miss it......

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Fall Bounce

With the changing of the seasons, comes changes here at COP:24/7. We've put on a new coat, shifted some items around, wrapped ourselves in more fast paced postings and prepared to roll through the rest of 2009. It's what it takes to keep this forum humming and steady with more news, updates, links, pod casting and video for the GLBTQ community and beyond.

GLBTQ History Online: Welcome to Equality Forums, 2009 GLTBQ salute featuring literally a rainbow of individuals from Alvin Ailey to Suze Orman. Did you that fact? Probably not and you can get a whole lot more from the widget in the margins of this forum. It changes daily with the icons stories highlighted with really interesting facts and tidbits. I tried to offer prizes last year for the most correct answers, but got "crickets." So I will forgo that effort and just say enjoy the stories and if you've got comments feel free to share. Equality Forum is a powerhouse organization that also presented at this years NABWMT Philadelphia conference and I've made it a tradition to host their information. Depending on my schedule, I would be thrilled to attend their 2010 conference, where else?... in Philly of course.

Anonymous NO More: After being apart of the Society of Professional Journalist Blogger Academy last week, I learned much about "media law" and a variety of publishing related matters. Although I won't tumble out all the legal mumbo jumbo that comes with the territory, but ultimately it's all about responsibility and culpability. Therefore, I will not be posting any more unsigned comments, observations or rants. This space is completely open unlike some other blogs where you are not even allowed to comment. Even though I get an advance notice of comments which allow me to choose to post or not, I believe that if you got something to say, then by golly say it with pride and then put your name on it. With this recognition, I don't have to worry our legal department for any of this fancy and costly legal stuff. Speak up but sign up!