Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Streaming Rainbows

The last Wednesday of 2011 post filled up before I knew it! There's so much to get caught up on as well as breaking news that keeps falling into my e-box. With that said, there's not a moment to waste, so let's bring it!


The Living Affected Corporation is requesting locals to mark their calendars and save the date February 7, 2012 for National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD), a national HIV/AIDS testing and treatment community mobilization initiative designed to encourage Blacks across the United States and Territorial Areas to get educated, get tested, get involved, and get treated around HIV/AIDS, as it continues to devastate Black communities. LA Corp will be submitting a request to Little Rock's Mayor Stodala for a city proclamation, circulating literature throughout the city, submitting media advisories and engaging the community while asking individuals to post either video or written responses to the national theme, "I Am My Brother/ Sister's Keeper," to their Facebook page. At post time no other activities have been announced from other area entities.  

In 2009, an estimated 16,741 Blacks were diagnosed with AIDS in the US, a number that has slowly decreased since 2006. By the end of 2008, an estimated 240,627 Blacks with an AIDS diagnosis had died in the US. In 2007, HIV was the ninth leading cause of death for all Blacks and the third leading cause of death for both Black men and Black women aged 35–44. Unfortunately, many of those who are infected with HIV are unaware of their status and may unknowingly transmit the virus to others. It’s time to mobilize and talk about this devastating disease so we can make a difference… and there’s no better time than February 7th! On this commemorative day, Blacks are encouraged to get educated, get tested, get involved, and get treated around HIV/AIDS. Special events such as press conferences, town hall meetings, health fairs, church services, community marches and rallies, candlelight vigils, and free HIV testing will be held throughout the nation.

"We have to challenge the mindset and notion that Black people are disposable based on their sexual orientation, drug addiction or behavior, we didn’t have that option on the slave ships or plantations – so why now? We can turn this epidemic around if we act now." says LaMont "Montee" Evans, of Healthy Black Communities, Inc, NBHAAD 2012 Annual Chairperson and a member of the NBHAAD Strategic Leadership Council.

While Blacks represent approximately 14% of the U.S. population, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the group accounts for 44% of the nation’s new HIV infections.

In its twelfth year, NBHAAD organizers remain focused on all cities where Black communities are disproportionately impacted and the epidemic is not slowing. Some of these cities include Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, Newark, New York, Oakland, Philadelphia, Raleigh-Durham, San Francisco, Trenton and Washington, D.C.

Several Black celebrities and community leaders have served as the face and voice of this huge effort while encouraging thousands of Black communities to mobilize and do something that will be long-lasting in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Past spokespersons include: President Barack H. Obama (during his time as Illinois Senator), Congressman Elijah E. Cummings; Tony Dungy; Idris Elba; Kimberly Elise; Lance Gross; Hill Harper; Taraji P. Henson; Tom Joyner; Congresswoman Barbara Lee; Ludacris; Master P; Tangi Miller; Patrik-Ian Polk; General Colin Powell; Sheryl Lee Ralph; Gloria Reuben; Romeo; Rev. Edwin Sanders; Tavis Smiley; and Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

Currently, NBHAAD is directed, planned and organized by a group known as the Strategic Leadership Council who partners with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to mobilize communities and address specific issues in regards to local epidemics.

For more information on National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, visit ,  or    

People of Unity Presents Benefit for local Entertainer

Upstart organization, People of Unity will host a benefit at Miss Kitty's Saloon, January 8, 2012, 7 pm for local songstress Amber Edge. A $5.00 donation is suggested. She is vying for a spot on the national talent show, America's Got Talent. Edge is scheduled to travel to Austin Texas in January 2012 in another step to make the cut for the show. The benefit show will feature a mixture of her own original compositions and cover tunes in 15 minute sets during the evening. This will be the first event for People of Unity in its quest to grow its membership and develop future projects and initiatives. The groups focus is based on supporting diversity environments that addresses racism, sexism, homophobia and HIV and AIDS in the community.
Check out their Facebook page for more detail and contact information.  

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Treking toward 2012

It's only days away, as we prepare to turn the old calender one more time in search of a new year. While 2011 chugs it way into the history books, COP 24/7 has also stumped its way back into the fray with coverage of much that impacted Arkansas' LGBTQ communities and beyond. Its been a wild and wacky year that has filled our post with an array of senses from hopeful to damn near raging. As we have checked out analytical which give me a portrait of "all things COP 24/7" I've come to understand that even though we are reaching far away lands such as Arab Emirates, I'm more concerned about if this forum is reverberating to all corners of this state. I'm glad to know that we've had folks drop in from Star City, Pine Bluff, Cabot and Mena. But the goal for 2012 will consist of concentrating on defining our reach within the state as we take the mantle of being the "information hub" that is the "go to" platform to be in the know. However, in order for this to take place I encourage current readers, allies and supporters to share our post with all your networks. It is not secret that we are in a paradigm shift that is being fueled by the power of the Net. As the Executive Producer of COP 24/7, I  fully understand this movement and I'm preparing to continue to scale up my effort to being on the cutting edge of whatever is the next big thing in technology. Come join me, follow us or subscribe to our opt-in e-mail box, so that you will always be in the loop of "what's really going on." I appreciate every one's support and look forward to serving you into 2012!

THE NOTES: Sharing the Power of Information

Have your seen the latest "Notes?" No? Don't recall or are you simply unaware of them? Well perhaps you haven't had the chance to be on the extensive e-mail list to which The Notes serve. But never mind if you are reader here, you've seen some post that have been slingshot from this monthly source. Compiled, sorted and flung to the masses, local advocate Bob Coffey has been producing "The Notes," for the past few years offering a bounty of announcements, updates, sources, links and some times the kitchen sink. This forum looks forward to this "message in a bottle" whenever it arrives in my e-box. Once opened, I know that it will contain many nuggets of interesting factoids or items that often lead to further exploration. Coffey who proudly states that "everyday of his life is the best day of his life," unabashedly offers items from many levels and angles. Whether it be CDC info to possible funding sources for area agencies. Fortunately, COP 24/7 not only is apart of the "notes" network but often makes the cut to be included with extracts from various post. This type of circulation is vital to growing our brand and navigating more eyeballs and mindsets to this page. Being apart of this effort is most appreciated as well as important to the overall communication flow that is most needed within the LGBTQ community. However, despite The Notes, this forum and everything that is being created to inform folks, I have found that for reasons unknown somehow we continue to experience individuals who don't get the hook-up to the messages. This forum certainly has done it best to ramp up our visibility through our links to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter while circulating critical  post to new sources nationwide. The Notes also has a viable and valuable data base of contacts that are far and wide. It is my hope that each of this communication tools will continue to thrive as we keep pumping out news for your consideration. Remember we are only the messengers but its up to each of you to receive the message and then make your choice of what to do with it. Thanks Bob for keep putting it our their and sharing your corner of the world with the world. 

The NET 2010
We Know you are out their!

I always mention that my in-box here at COP 24/7 runneth over with stuff from A to Z. Even though there are spam filters, firewalls and other detectors in place, it doesn't seem to matter. Everything and almost everybody is sending me the latest e-mail solicitation or demonstration. Case in point I was recently dumbfounded that my Facebook account had be placed "on hold" due to some suspicious tinkering. I thought "What?" Have I become that important that someone wanted to "hack" my Facebook account for nefarious reasons. Or better yet was this effort apart of the "cyber attack" being planned by those Cyber- Wiki like bastards that planned to ruled the world. No not quite. But what was happening after I checked into this whole mash-up was the fact that, believe it or not," some jokester in the Russian outback was attempting to access my page to post God knows what. The good folks at FB contacted me to pose the question if I had move Camp COP 24/7 to that motherland.
To which I thought, Really? Even though I'd like to visit Russia, I'm not so sure about taking up a domicile their. Now don't get me wrong, President Dimitry Medvedev strikes a rather handsome pose but I would prefer kicking up dust here in Obamaland. With all this said, I contacted the good folks at FB to work on re-establishing control of my account and move on minus the rusky. In a even more interesting twist, COP 24/7 has been deluged with spam all in, wait for it, Russian! I just hope that none of that craziness lands me on the no-fly list. Of course as we've come to know, our "cookies" our cookies are everywhere across the Net. If you've visted whatever site, they know you've been their.Just as COP 24/7 knows who's dropping by ( usually Tuesdays in the late afternoon is one trend) so do all those other sites. And they certainly track me at every turn even when I'm not thinking about it. One way I know that "they" are following me is the fact that their adverstisements magically appear in my sidebar after I've done a search. I'm somewhat brand loyal and according to Ad experts they state that most LGBTQ folks are brand loyal. Who knew? So when I search a hotel, I get that hotels Ads appearing at every turn. Hello, La Quinta. Meanwhile, earlier this year I stayed at the beautiful Sofitel Lafeytte Park hotel in Washington D.C. which offered me their loyalty card. Viola! The Sofitel ads have been popping up at my every move just in case I may want to stay at one their wonderful properties. Not to mention those great terry cloth robes that you just don't wan't to take off, but you can take home for a price. And it doesn't stop there because it seems that even if I read about a product or item it seems that their marketers seems to make their way to my screen. I guess they just want to remind me that I did read about their product and not to forget that I could have it at anytime. What can I say, we live in the mad, mad mad world of consumerism and free markets that drive our economy. Even though we are encourage to save a dime, it seems that we spend Ten dollars in the mean time. Actually I'm a pretty good money manager and during this holiday season my spending was at a minimal. I didn't loose my mind over a Michael Jordan shoe or stuff that I just really didn't need. Afterall, I'm trying to get ready for that major tag sale come spring and put  a few more dollars in 401k.  I don't know about you, but don't forget that "less" is actually more because you can learn to live so much more with less. Think about it....

Monday, December 26, 2011

Mad Dash Monday

It's the last week of the year and COP 24/7 is going to go out like gangbusters! All this week we will recap "what's really been going on" during 2011 while reflecting on our seven years and over, "100,000" plus words that have made the cut on this platform. Talk about a year! And think that COP 24/7 has it eyes set on re-vamping, upgrading and creating our own revolution as Arkansas only daily updating blogsite addressing the GLBTQ community and beyond. It's all going to be here, front and center, and bold as hell in 2012!" Stay with us and share this platform with your social networks, friends, allies and commrades. Keep it locked and loaded to COP 24/7!!!!

Nightclubbing Tragedy

On Saturday morning, 12.24. 11 at local night spot, Discovery nightclub, Richard Ratley, 35 of Dallas Texas was killed in an apparent robbery attempt of his brother, Tyler Ratley, 26 of Little Rock. According to police reports, Tyler and Richard along with his girlfriend were leaving the club when Tyler was attacked by two men on the way to his car. Richard Ratley went to help his brother fight off the two assailants, as the the two departed the scene, they fired a single shot at Richard Ratley who was sturck in the abdomen and died on the scene. Tyler Ratley incurred a large laceration on the lefr side of his face. The robbers two his wallet and cell phone, police said. Witnesses told police that the two attackers were black and that one was wearing a green satin jacket and the other was wearing a black hoodie. Allegedly the two men, along with a thrid who was driving the getaway care, are believed to be in a stolen red Chrysler PT Cruiser with handicapped license plate with the number 217350. Usually the nightspot complex has a large contention of security both inside and on the grounds of the area, however unsubstantiated sources have stated that some of the club security had been faced with recent layoffs. This incidence is just one of a several violent occurrences that have taken place at clubs in the Little Rock area. At this posting club management hasn't officially commented on the incident or the state of future security measures. COP 24/7 sends it condolences to the Ratley Family and encourages anyone who sees the car or has other information about this crime to call detectives at 510.371.4660. Be safe and Be careful during this holiday season.

People of Unity supports Edge

Newly formed local group People of Unity is preparing to support area songstress, Amber Edge in her bid to audition for America's Got Talent show, January 2012 in Austin Texas. The group is planning to enlist the support of the TraX management in producing a live entertainment fundraising event tenatively scheduled for the Miss Kitty's venue. At post time the date was unconfirmed but will be announced this week. Miss Edge, has been apart of the local LGBTQ music scene with a recent solo performance durind the National Association of Black and White Men Together,Inc 's Midland Weekend in October. She has music video clips posted to YouTube and is sourcing material for an upcoming CD. As more information develops, COP 24/7 will break it out on all platforms. People of Unity has a facebook page with additional contact information and is now seeking interested individuals for member as well as planning activities for 2012. The group wishes to foster supportive environments for those embracing multi-cultural and multi-racial diversity.

LA Corp Resource Guide hits Streets

The recently published Holistic Health Arkansas resouce guide published by the Living Affected Corporation has begun its citywide and statewide distribution. The 2011 guide was developed as a snapshot of local service providers, area group meeting times and dates and also features other area agencies, allies and contact information. Although their have been a few other previous efforts plus some online links there has been no such physical guide compiled nor distributed within the last decade complete with the latest information. The Arkansas AIDS Foundation under a past administrator offered a guide to in-house clients with resource info but has since discontinued. LA Corp oganizers stated that they were determined to produce the item as the organization deemed it a necessary free resource to those seeking such information. The group has surmised that the information flow in this city continues to be problematic and LA Corp is moving to make informing targeted populations a priority through it publishing intiatives which supports its organizational branding focus. Area business, In's and Out's owner Larry remarked that" he was glad to see the guide and wanted to be on board using his business as a distribution point." The guide also has been placed in the 65th Street Adult Book Store where management welcomed the placement and TraX's nightclub which encouraged developing a more prominent display. Holistic Health Arkansas will be made available to those listed in the booklet and If your agency, organization or entity would like to copies contact LA Corp at 1.877.902.7HIV or by email at

Got Info? We are ready to hear from you! Hit us up at with your breaking news, observations, rant or mash up. COP 24/7 is all about interacting with our readers, allies and supporters. Bring it today! Don't be scared..... 
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Holiday's Galore and More

COP 24/7 hopes that your holiday season is filled with bright smiles, promising outlooks and bountiful blessings. Remember the reason for the season as well as our charge to believe in the power of "one." It's up to each of us to become apart of the difference that we seek not only in other's but all humanity. Paying it forward will also allow each of us not to "block blessings" that will eventually descend upon us. This forum has been tremendously grateful for our readers, allies, supporters and visitors from literally around the globe. Big shout out to our visitors from the Ukraine, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Asia, Russia and all points throughout Europe. Also to all those who are checking in from coast to coast in the United States. Unbelievable as it seems, this forum has stayed steadfast in our efforts to "keep it real," while covering an array of topics from female circumcision to the absurdity of those predicting the demise of the planet. This forum has tried to offer a little bit of everything to all who wanted to check out our special brand of news, updates, observations and so much more.  It's all been here at some point and we've loved bringing it to you. Merry Christmas and let's roll into the New Year!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tis The Season Thursday

Over the river and through the woods to read another posting from CorneliusOnpoint we go! The clock is ticking and this forum is in a mad dash to get it all posted before we break for the holiday. It fast and furious from the keyboard with updates, late breaking news and so much more. It's COP 24/7 keeping it funky fresh and More!

The ADH, CPG and COP 24/7 Spin Down

Can you say "Winning!" Just yesterday we had scheduled a post concerning the mash up concerning a proposed purchase by the local Community Planning Group which voted to utilize a periodical created by The Living Affected Corporation through it's The HIV Plus program. Earlier this week, the groups decision appeared to be deterred through additional "red tape," but by Thursday at 12:00 noon it seems that there was an about face decision was circulated from Section Chief, Tina L. noting that the purchase of the books would take place as originally scheduled. COP 24/7 entered the frey after listening to the(12/9) proceedings and expressed our dismay at the then action. In the e-mail follow up from Long she cites that their had been a review of the recommendation. In full disclosure, COP 24/7 is reprinting her entire response.

Dear CPG members,

Because “Our Lives, Our Experience” contains copyrighted material, it will not be possible for the ADH to produce these materials without permission of the copyright holders. Consequently, the ADH leadership has reviewed the appropriate conflict and procurement provisions of state law and concluded that the purchase of these books as recommended by the CPG would not be a violation of state law. We have also discussed this issue with our CDC Project Officer and are not aware at this time of any federal laws or guidelines that would prohibit this purchase. Although we may receive additional input from CDC at a later date, the ADH leadership has decided to move forward with the purchase, based on the strong recommendation of the CPG.


Tina Long, MS, CHES
Section Chief | HIV/STD/Hep C Section
Arkansas Department of Health
4815 West Markham, Slot 33
Little Rock, AR 72205
O: 501-661-2155

The response is adequate but begs the question if their were questions about " appropriate conflict and procurement provisions" at play then why wasn't that angle brought to the table for discussion before their was a vote?  Furthermore, why wasn't this mentioned during the abrupt notification to The Living Affected Corporation which was already ramping up production? All of this could have most likely been avoided if all due diligence concerning this purchase had been done prior to the meeting. In the aftermath of this hiccup, dare we suggest that there be a clear and concise understanding of relationship of ADH and the CPG to thwart any future debacles from possible decisions. COP 24/7 is proud to have led the charge in speaking to power and seeking resolutions. This forum has always encouraged and promoted that "you" can be apart of the change that you wish to see. Don't under estimate the power of "one." The book "Our Lives, Our Stories," will be available in early 2012 and will be utilized by area agencies and programs providing HIV/AIDS prevention work. The LA Corp program, The HIV Plus Club allowed HIV/AIDS infected women to create a safe zone to interact and discuss their lives within a social context. The women shared their stories of living and loving after their diagnosis. The book also contains a resource guide with contact information to local providers, health care experts and community resources. Additional copies will be made available for purchase. To secure a copy contact: or call 1.877.902.7HIV  

Free “Crooked Room” Excerpt from Melissa Harris-Perry’s Sister Citizen

Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America: Melissa V. Harris-PerryMelissa Harris-Perry must be busy. A professor of political science at Tulane University, a columnist for The Nation, and frequent guest and host on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show, she has spent the last few months giving interviews—on everything from her take on the new movie The Help to her politics—in conjunction with the release of her new book Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America.
In the last several weeks, Sister Citizen has been raved about by Feministing; Executive Editor Samhita Mukhopadhyay called it “a much needed intervention to the ways that black women are talked about in the mainstream media”, and The Root, who recently ranked Harris-Perry #15 on their list of influential African Americans. In a review in the Washington Post, Gwen Ifill commented on Harris-Perry’s use of “a social scientist’s rigor” in covering “an important new front in America’s continuing battles over black and white.”
The heart of Sister Citizen is Harris-Perry’s “Crooked Room” thesis, which states that black women are so defined by stereotypes that it is extremely difficult them to orient themselves in political discourse. She specifically treats the stereotypes of the promiscuous Jezebel, the nurturing Mammy, and the angry Sapphire, who is characterized as irrationally irate. Harris-Perry balances these against the myth of the strong black woman, which, she argues, can be empowering, but also limiting in its own way.
For a description of the unique blend of literature and social science methodologies Harris-Perry employs in Sister Citizen, read this Q&A with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and from an earlier post on the Yale Press Log, an explanation of how Harris-Perry decided a pure political science approach could not fully capture her theme. Instead of focusing only on charts and numbers, she complements her social science research with interviews with black women and texts such as Their Eyes Were Watching God in order to delve into the weighty emotional effects of the crooked room in which today’s Sister Citizen finds herself.
Read a free excerpt from the book, discussing the “Crooked Room” and why it can be so hard to stand up straight when your surroundings are tilted by your own perceptions and those of others.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Which Way is Up Wednesday 1.0

The Christmas countdown continues with this mid-week post that did a "double take" as I reviewed the e-box brimming with items from A to Z. In the meantime, not only was the box filled with some of the usual musing, updates, spam and otherwise. Also there was the hot topic concerning some interesting maneuvers involving the ADH and decisions voted through the Community Planning Group that this forum must elaborate upon. So fasten your seat belt, grid your loins, hold you nose or whatever it takes to get through another provocative post from CorneliusOnPoint! Let's see what's up....

And the Scavenger Hunt Winner IS...

COP 24/7 had an light bulb moment a week ago while being motivated by CBS's The Amazing Race program finale. Unfortunately I had not actually been following the program since I'm not really into that type of programming. Political Junkie, yes, but "game boy," not to so much is more my drift. However the finale was quite intriguing to say the least and while watching the final contestants race around the ATL in search of the last of the clue for the Million dollar pay off, I thought that concept could be adapted to an HIV prevention message opportunity. Viola! How about using the recent billboard campaign in a scavenger hunt while offering a small prize. I didn't know what to expect but gave it a try. The winner was Amber W. of Pine Bluff, Arkansas who went in search of the billboards and submitted photo's to prove it. Eureka!  Another light switch went off as I  thought that if this exercise had been strategically developed the impact could have been so much greater with actual tangible results that could have penetrated even deeper into target groups. I've attended many meetings around the country where I've been witness to so many unique and creative means developed to "message" about HIV and AIDS. Many of the trainers at these "think tanks" demand that participants "go deep" and encourage us to "think outside the box." A former employer use to ask managers to have at least one B-HAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) per day for our department which was terrific motivator to make one believe that the sky is the limit. At this point in the prevention message challenge we now know that most of the efforts have not been successful hence additional incidence rates. The box from which past ideas have been utilized must be deconstructed and reconstructed to interact with the targeted subjects. We now live in a age of "I- this and I- that" gadgets that talk, locate, track and by damn it, INFORM users from those view screens. The very view screen that Amber took the pictures and forwarded them to this medium is the gateway that needs to be explored and exploited. If COP 24/7 can take this creative approach then surely there are others who should be able to discern that doing the "same old, same old" can not fully message to today's tech savvy and Internet bound stakeholders. Congrats to Amber for taking the time to play the game. Look for your next chance to be not only a winner but educated as well. Stay tuned...

ADH, CPG and COP 24/7 Trifecta

As most of you know COP 24/7 often weighs in on a variety of subjects with all attempts at " keeping it real" while fleshing out the situations and those involved. My commitment and connection to the ongoing HIV/AIDS dilemma has been front and center. My passion surrounding this health crisis often takes me in numerous directions while often encountering actions and reactions that tweak our senses. Again, COP 24/7 has entered the frey of the recent mash up of the local Community Planning Group's decision to purchase the periodical "Our Lives, Our Stories," featuring the stories of women living with HIV. It was produced by community based organization The Living Affected Corporation's The HIV Plus Club program via grant from Tibotech Pharma. Although there had been conflict of interest concerns, it was decided that such concerns were not warranted and that the CPG viewed the book as a valuable prevention tool which also included a provider listing and other community links. After debate and futher discussion it was affirmed by a unanamious vote to proceed with the transaction. Despite all interested parties being present during the proceedings. LA Corp was  later notified by HIV AIDS Section Chief T. Long that the CPG decision had been rebuffed and would not move forward due to stated cost concerns. According to other sources there is suppose to be more to the entire affair which this forum in on the hunt for that angle. However, COP 24/7 was listening in to the monthly call as this proceeding took place and pondered just how this entire matter ended up approved to happen by a self governing body in one moment and then by some other means the project is subjected to another internal review then scrapped. After learning of this malfunction, COP 24/7 rolled with a letter questioning the outcome in support of the CPG's decision. Since our letter went viral, this forum has heard from those who had a chance to review the document. At this point, most are also bemused at this about face as well as the perception that what appeared to an empowering act may not have exactly been what they thought. Other's have shared that the letter amounted to a "slam" on ADH while decrying it as "finger pointing"  or "a posion communion." COP 24/7 has been seen as a gadfly or airing the dirty laundry but actually my position as a "provacutuer" is just what this commuity needs. We need not just this forum but as many voices as possible making their concerns known and making noise to policy makers and the administrative types who may be dismissive in attitude. If I get the facts wrong or mis-stated then I am not beyond retractions but in our true fashion this forum speaks openly and honestly to matters that not only interest this forum but our readers as well. To add context and a FYI on what was said, I am reprinting that letter as sent 12/20/11. It is unedited or altered.

Dear Community Planning Group Members and Supporters,

On December 9th, during a regularly scheduled meeting, attending members of the CPG were engaged in discussion concerning supporting the purchase of the book/linkage to care tool, "Our Lives, Our Story" produced by the Living Affected Corporation. The members of this body robustly discussed this matter citing pros and cons of its utilization as a prevention tool to be disseminated to community based organizations forging work with women affected or infected with HIV/AIDS. After discussion was completed, it was affirmed through a unanimous vote that 249 copies of the book would be purchased for $4,980.00, as a line item purchase from the group’s year end budget. All conflict of interest parties were excluded from the official vote. There was no further discussion and as you may have thought, the matter was seen as confirmed. As of December, 19th, it seems that your time, discussion, consideration and vote meant nothing.

Today, Ms. Tina Long, ADH Section Chief notified the CEO, Diedra Levi of The Living Affected Corporation that the decision to secure the book, "Our Lives, Our Story," made by the Community Planning Group had been "vetoed" by health department officials. Her explanation was that ADH could produce the item at a lower cost. The example given was that their Annual Report cost less than $5.00 to print.

If the Community Planning Group is an independent body complete with leadership and structure per the guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control, then by what authority does the Arkansas Department of Health have to usurp the power of the group to fulfill its vision and assessment of what's needed within the HIV/ AIDS community or its stake-holders? During the course of this meeting of which Ms. Long was present, at no time was there any interaction from her as to the issue of purchasing this item as being problematic. If such an issue was apparent, then certainly this should have been brought to the attention all who voted for in favor of this action, if not during the meeting certainly within a minimum of 24 hours. Especially since the aforementioned publication was already placed in production by an outside vendor. Furthermore, this continues to fuel the premise of a dysfunctional and pervasive ineptness of this section of the Department of Health. This action along with other lackluster efforts supports the fact this section has no viable intentions of embracing basic sound decisions or directives from an entity sanctioned by its lifeline authority, the Center for Disease Control. All of this merits a vote of "No Confidence" from our vantage point but what has also been perceived by the HIV/AIDS community at large not only presently but over the years. Most members of the Community Planning Group abhor the position that our involvement is considered a checked off item for this departments "to do list," in this smoke and mirror charade for appearances sake.

In response to this action, The Community Planning Group should demand a full accounting of this decision in writing to be a part of the permanent record and insist that the person or persons who finalized this decision make a formal appearance before this body at our next regularly scheduled meeting, January 13, 2012 to further explain not only this direct offense to our decision but offer clarity as to the relationship of the CPG to the Arkansas Department of Health. We believe that this matter is of such a magnitude that we should also include a notation to the CDC Project Manager, CDC Consultants, Legislative Representatives Tracy Steele, Linda Chesterfield and Kathy Webb, our press contacts, community allies such as Arkansas HIV/AIDS Consumer Advisory Board, American Civil Liberties Union, Arkansas Public Policy Counsel and the Health Law and Policy Clinic of Harvard Law School.

In closing, if this issue can't be mutually satisfying for all parties involved, we call for those members involved with the Community Planning Group to cease participation and appeal to the Center for Disease Control for a full and exhaustive investigation of the HIV/STD/ Hep C Section to the adherence of policies and initiatives mandated. Thank you for listening and we await your response.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Tuesday Step Off

It's countdown to all things Chirstmas 2011 this weekend. If you are still looking for that special this or that, it awaits you at the latest door buster or close out sale. Even though there's much talk about recession, economic down turns and all manner of "people suffering," it seems that the cash registers are ringing up record sales. In the meantime, the world takes a licking but keeps on ticking including COP 24/7 which will bust out our weekly original post this week. Starting next week I will offer a series of the "Best of CorneliusOnPoint, featuring some of our notable items to make the cut complete with some updates. Our 2011 re-birth has been an interesting twist and turn so far and I'm looking over my list and checking it twice on who's been naughty and who's been nice. Thanks for your support and readership during the year and stay with us for our next chapter in 2012!

AIDS in Arkansas
A Reality Check: The HIV/AIDS Fatigue Syndrome

It all seemed so surreal for myself as I watched the trailer for the film AIDS: The 30 Years War, directed by Josh Rosenzweig. There it was again, the recall of the stories and remembrances  that have been an integral part of my friendships, mindset, and vocabulary whether I liked it or not. For three decades of my entire existence, HIV and AIDS has moved about the landscape without boundaries or discretion despite the rallying cry of activist and advocates from coast to coast. Not to mention my own involvement working on events, local groups, boards and contributions. During my engagement I also had a succession of hospital visits, hospice watches and ultimately funerals, which comforted me to stay hopefully steadfast that as more medical break through would come forth,  I would eventually see a daybreak in this health crisis.  Recently, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton added to my hopefulness by citing that the goal of "zero" infections or deaths are within our grips as additional treatment regimens are used as prevention. Yet with all of this movement and fiery strategies I believe that many are caught in a AIDS "fatigue syndrome" that has impacted our systems which are bogged down in "policy speak", leadership vacuums and political vice grips. The movement is loosing important advocates due to burn out dealing with the rigors of navigating state agencies, constant development of funding sources and the overwhelming paradigm of social determinants affecting their client base. Local community fundraising is at an all time low not due to economic conditions but rather the lack of making the needed emotional connections and "buy-in" to this ongoing health dilemma. Unbelievable as it seems after thirty years of HIV and AIDS, there are prevailing attitudes in this city that assume the position that "some one else is taking care of that."

 Dr. Anthony Fauci framed the situation as early as 2007 in a CNN interview by stating,"... we're victims of our own success in some respects, where we have drugs that have really transformed the complexion of HIV. Whereas a decade and a half ago we had people in hospices, we had 30-40 percent of the hospital wards in inner-city hospitals occupied by people with advanced HIV disease. And now because of the success of the therapies -- which is great news -- we don't have that.
Unfortunately, that has lulled the public in general and even people at risk for HIV into a complacent state, which is very dangerous because we still have over 40,000 new infections each year in the U.S. And the distressing part of that is that number has remained stable over 10 years. Which means we have not been able to crack that wall in numbers of infections. So, we have to be even more creative in our prevention measures. His words could not have been more prophetic as this year the CDC announced a national 48% increase of infection incidences among young gay Black males. Arkansas fairs no better with continued spikes of not only HIV but numerous sexually transmitted diseases including Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis.

Locally AIDS service organizations and community based groups are struggling with revenue streams while attempting to craft messaging opportunities for consumers who are dealing with the impact of soci-economics indicators such as housing, employment, food, treatment and education. It is these elements of living that directly affect the work of local CBO's whom can not achieve viable outcomes or results if these prevent clients from participating in any evidenced based intervention. With individuals boxed in by these barriers, is it unreasonable to believe that any such prevention messages would be capable of transmitting the importance of their health. Especially when trust factors and personal responsibilities are serious dynamics surrounding an individual who has internalized marginalization on numerous levels. Is it too far fetched to believe that consumers have tired of being "assessed," with rewarded trinket incentives while dealing with the "big picture" of their lives. If CBO's are faced with the lack of local continuity in conjunction to the latest developed initiative, how can they really be effective to their client base or realize any significant change. This is most challenging among African Americans whom bring additional baggage to the consumer table that adds to the complexity of servicing this population. Consequently as consumers and end users face these "fatigue" circumstances, I was intrigued by a Facebook posting from local entertainer Diamond Rose in reference to the Helping People With AIDS fund raiser held last weekend. He stated, "...It breaks my heart that our community doesn't support AIDS benefit's. I pray that there doesn't come a day when you need the help with getting medicine or just need help in paying bills, because you've been off work due to a illness because of HIV. If we don't help support the organizations they may not be here to help in the future..." 

Rose was sharing his apparent disappointment with the response the event received and observations such as his have been noted from others who are surprised and to some degree amazed at the lackluster interest within the LGBTQ community. The over arching question that should be asked is "to what community is he referring?" Is it the "gay upwardly mobile people" that have secured careers and homes of the wine and cheese set?  Could it be the working stiff gay person that doesn't have much disposable income? Or is it those who register below the FPL, ( Federal Poverty Level) who are seeking commodities, entitlements or drug assistance programs. Who is the target audience that he speaks of and exactly what would he have them to do?

It's no secret that HPWA as an entity for all practical purposes has been a rather cloaked organization operating as a internal organ of the NK apparatus. As a "private" source they have the right to operate as they wish, yet from Rose's perspective he cites the "community" as not being supportive of this effort. However, I beg to differ that no community can be expected continue to support any entity that has haphazardly cultivated a connection with it primary donors. That being any bona fide non-profit or otherwise operating in this city or state.  Why show up to donate to something that hasn't demonstrated any return on investment such as "how many people have been assisted?" Since its inception, how much money has been raised and how was it allocated? "What's the growth plan for 2012? Anybody know? 

And so it goes. Its thirty years and counting as I raise my head to reassess, re-boot and reflect on my commitment to stand in the gap of advocating and addressing the plight of HIV and AIDS in our city and in our lives. I've seen so much that has been developed over the years from video modules to radio shows. There have been organizations from A to Z, Millions of dollars have flowed in and out of this state and still we have over 4,000 individuals not in care in 2011. What say you consumers, end users, allies and community members? Has the HIV/AIDS fatigue syndrome found a welcoming host who will allow our progress to become stymied and stowed on a departmental shelf awaiting another assessment. Let's face the fact that addresssing these issue will be vital in 2012 and ultimately its all about "what you gonna do?"    

Monday, December 19, 2011

Voices Carry in a Holiday Rush

This forum is always is totally open to allowing creative forces and eloquent voices to utilize this space for their messages or outreach. COP 24/7 from the get go has touted it very presence as an "open space" dedicated to presenting challenging thoughts, opinions, observations and above all your personal stories that often penetrate our souls. I encourage any and all to bring your concerns or subjects to our altar for disemination to nothing less than our global public square that visit our site. Let me hear from you as what's on your mind or hearts. COP 24/7 is here for the taking and giving as we continue to pursue our mission of empowerment, enlightenement and entertainment. Today's item is posted unedited or altered. If you have comments, please leave them in the comment section for consideration.

 H.E.F.T.E. 4000+

by Diedra Levi, CEO, The Living Affected Corporation

(As an advocate, in the field of sexual and reproductive health in Arkansas, I hear the crisis of getting people that are HIV positive into care over and over again. I am also in personal conflict on evidence based interventions as prevention methods. I think common sense leads us to enforcing the human rights framework before any science really works for those living or affected.)

In Arkansas, over 4000 people that are HIV positive are not in care. Why? “Why” has been the question for many of us. I, personally, have come to the conclusion that the people not in care have resigned their selves to dying because life, as they know it, gives them no reason to continue to want to live after diagnosis. I cannot tell you how it is to live with this disease inside of my body. I can tell you how it is to have this disease in my life. I have seen so many die that I have lost the sense of loss. Many of you knew my friend, Patrick. I remember him calling me while I still lived in Tulsa and telling me that his doctor said that he had only six more months to live. I searched all around my brain to find some words to console him. I told him to make his doctor a liar and live. He lived for 5 more years. But did he really? Did he really live?

Patrick had listened to the doctor and watched for death for the next few years. His outward appearance had changed so drastically that he was self-conscious about people looking at him. He couldn’t stay at any functions long without being offended by a stare. Usually the stare was simply someone recognizing who he was. I tried so hard to get him to participate in things other than waiting for death. I argued with him about going to the doctor and eating so often that it became routine. I was selfish and wanted my friend to get better and hang out with me like he used to. I even convinced him to go back into treatment. In treatment, he was told that he had 7 T-Cells. How encouraging was that? He also had to get $5 from me so that he could get some gas to go get a fuel card to make it to and from his doctor’s visit. When Patrick died I had interaction with his family who, like many, did not want HIV/AIDS to have anything to do with his demise. They also didn’t want any of his life mentioned because they were ashamed of him. He was denied his personhood in death.

Then there is Carl. Carl is such a loving soul tormented by the two most stigmatized diseases on Earth, mental illness and HIV/AIDS. Carl just recently found out that the psyche drug he has been taking for 3 years suppresses his white blood cells. He even had to make the decision of buying his AIDS meds or paying rent. He chose rent. By some, this decision would make you question Carl’s intelligence. Carl chose his quality of life and no one has the right to judge that.

There have been calls in the night to visit other friends in the hospital and by morning they were dead. There have been medical anomalies brought forth by AIDS that have taken my breath away. I remember when Junior’s brother, Dennis, was hospitalized with a cancerous tumor behind his eye. Patrick and I went to visit him. When we walked in and saw Junior sitting by the bed next to Dennis in the dark. I flipped the light switch and Patrick collapsed in tears. Dennis’ head was twice its normal size. I later admonished Junior for not giving us fair warning. Dennis was released from the hospital but needed constant care. I remember bathing him in the tub in oatmeal and other herbs to help with the sores that were all over his body. His hair had matted with extensions in it and I brought my new clippers over and cut his hair. The clippers never worked again and I never saw him alive again.

I have heard horror stories of intentionally infecting and the casualties of criminalization. Women, by my account, have the most horrific stories. It is the pain of betrayal that enables me to relate. In the women’s stories, the men run from their children, the woman, and leave the disease. I have digressed into these stories to reiterate what I believe is the key to ending the epidemic. We must give people a reason to want to live. The dis-ease of life probably began prior to the diagnosis of HIV. Through misogyny, homophobia, apathy, racism, and classism we encourage groups of people that are not like us to die. We then expect the same people to believe that we suddenly care about them because they have HIV. The truth of the matter is that we have all concentrated on the epidemic and not the person(s). We have mastered and PhD’d public health to the point that we forgot that the least common denominator of the public is a person, a human being. Let us try giving a person an education, a meaningful job, a decent place to live, nutritious food and comprehensive medical care. Our unmet need of over 4000 people would disappear because we are addressing the person’s unmet need not the epidemics. This is real care and it is possible. Anything less is folly. People, not programs are important. We’ve made HIV/AIDS care and prevention into a machine; a science based apparatus that no longer renders the results needed.

Let’s think about it another way. If one tenth of the people without care wanted care, we would have over 400 people on the waiting list to receive care. Although this may raise the eyebrows of legislators who believe we have everything under control, the bottom line is that we don’t have enough funds to take care of our people with unmet needs in HIV care. Without Ryan White funding from the Federal Government, we have no funds. Yet, we have those that want to decrease Washington’s spending without understanding that it is all that we have. It becomes a death sentence for someone who has not committed a crime. Housing, employment, food, treatment, and education (HEFTE) is care. I hope not to have the discussion again about getting people into care until we decide to actually care about people. For more information contact or all 1.877.902.7HIV

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COP 24/7 Smokin the Landscape

This week had been "smokin" to say the least with all manner of meetings, teleconferences, phone calls and all day sessions. In case you didn't know and as we have stated before, most likely you don't, there's plenty of stuff to engage any and all of you who don't have nothing to do or believe that you need to give of yourself  to be apart to the change that you want to see. COP 24/7 with Kleenex and cough in tow kept moving and grooving not only from the "Big Chair" but here, there and everywhere we could muster. As the week ends, there's still items left on the table for this outing. Let's smoke em out!!

The Scavenger Hunt Mash UP

O.K. This forum earlier this week thought it was cute to launch a scavenger hunt for those HIV/AIDS billboards created from a advertising campaign courtesy of some local entities. Alright. Then we discovered that perhaps at least one of the billboards had been removed prior to the December 18 cut off date cited by organizers. So far  from our initial announcement, we've got nothing. That's right, "zip O,  ZERO,  nutin,! Really? So what's the take away from this? Well not much except that we suspect that if we got "crickets" then how will this effort be assessed for its effectiveness. Let's just say that as we reflect upon the crafting of this outreach piece, perhaps there should have been a "video" or interactive module developed that could have garnered some "real" tangible and data driven results. You know, similar to that "evidence based" stuff that keeps get thrown around as the "gold standard" for almost everything and anything that's considered. Anyway, if any of you are still interested in our hunt, go for it. Actually, this idea was a novel one and could have been a great tie-in to this campaign or any future mash up's that coming rolling out from Mount Olympus or any where else.

LGBTQ Local selected for America's Got Talent Audition

Amber Edge, local songstress and composer has been selected for an audition for the show, America's Got Talent, in January 2012. Edge has posted items to YouTube and was apart of the NABWMT Midland weekend last October in Little Rock. At this posting Edge is recuperating from recent surgery as she prepares strategies on how to acquire the necessary funding to make the trip to the audition site of Austin Texas. If you have ideas, suggestions or would like to kick a possible fundraising concept around, then check out her Facebook page or share it with COP 24/7.  It's vital that we support our local LGBTQ artist in their quest to make their dreams come true.Contact her directly at:  Also check out her videos on You Tube.

Holiday Giving and More!!!

Even though we know that the spirit of Santa as you know him abounds throughout the holiday season. Ultimately COP 24/7 would like to remind you not to forget the real reason for the season which should be about unselfish giving and random acts of kindness that create blessings for others. Locally HWPA will continue its yearly effort Saturday ( 12.17.11) featuring a cast of thousands from the area talent pool. Doors open at 9 p.m. Showtime at 10:30 pm  On Friday (12/16.11) Showstoppers, Dominique Sanchez and Whitney Paige will be in the house with a holiday show. If you are 21 and up and arrive before 11 pm you'll be admitted for free. At some point in the evening there is to a cash drop and they've announced some "recession" price roll back on drinks. Just for the record, you never know when you will be a winner! COP 24/7 staff members got nifty "bar tabs"for their contributions to the Tree Decorating event at Miss Kitty's. Come on folks, get out and get engaged with these area establishments. Everyone can be a winner if we just try!!!  Stay tune to COP 24/7 for more updates and links.

Miss Gay Arkansas United States at Large 2011

Congrats to Mendigan Iman Starr, who captured the title of Miss Gay Arkansas United States at Large 2011 last Saturday evening at Triniti Nightclub. I have known Mendigan since the beginning and have watched this entertainer blossom and literally evolve before my very eyes. It's always interesting to see individuals discover their destiny as well as watch their journey to full fill that reality. Sasha Harrison was first Alternate with Gigi Galore as second Alternate. The evening was filled with local celebrity entertainers including Miss Gay United States Tyler Monroe, Miss Gay Arkansas, Zia D'Yor and Mr. Gay United States, Braxton. COP 24/7 wanted to share their very well executed video from our online partner YouTube. Again, congrats to all who entered because this forum believes that "everybody is star with a winner in you!!"

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Streaming in a Zip Line

COP 24/7 in it's continuing mission to stay on the cutting edge of technology and all things trending over the Internet.  This forum takes another bold step in bringing today's post as a "live" post ( 9:00 am) from the Community Mobilization meeting being held in downtown Little Rock, at the Darragh Center in the Central Arkansas Library. The session began with two spoken word piece featuring Mr. Uriah Bell who read, "For the Boys," which called out the plight of those who are on the "down low" angle who also face infections and stigma. His second item entitled, "Catastrophe," which grappled with the impact of current economic times juxtaposed to coming to grips with their sexuality. Each item was an original composition from his book, "Mood Swings and other Rants."
The speakers today are addressing how best practices can be scaled up in reference to the current as well as troubling spikes within Arkansas' Black communities. JCCSI's ( Jefferson Comprehensive Care Systems) SAMSA Manager, Mrs. Sybil Ward spoke to the dilemma of Black women's perception of self worth in conjunction with economic conditions, co-morbidity's and mental health. Ward emphasized that HIV & AIDS can longer be "the secret" that is buried with partners, love ones or family members. She continued that "Its important that we understand the "choices" that are being made not only by women but those who have self esteem issues that often does not link them to care." In keeping it real, we must no longer lack the ability to talk about sexual health and the multitude of reasons that women are not empowered in relation to this disease."
Bishop Michael Thomas, cited startling and frank facts concerning severe substance abuse in the delta area such as cities as Helena, West Helena, and Marianna. He said that cases in which mother's used their daughters for access to drugs. Also he pointed out the violence induced lyrics of hip-hop which glorify the gangsta lifestyle and prison life in which many prisoners find themselves involved with unsuspecting women. Bishop Thomas decried that within his prison ministry he has seen a certain level of individuals that are in a desperation mode. He believes that more can be done if additional sharing of personal experiences and set backs can be forthcoming in numerous settings such as his mobile health intervention unit which serves his community as often as possible. Bishop Thomas said as a pastor we must become better overseers to our congregations and move more about within our schools and rehab facilities. Rounding out the day included the film presentation, HIV/AIDS in Arkansas: Life in the African American MSM Community Video which spotlighted the ongoing "care paradox" involving linkages to care and the "spoke and wheel" dimensions of the socio-determinants of the disease. Nigel Weatherspoon, Program Educator for AIDS Alabama reiterated the recent CDC statistics quantifying rates within their community, messages created to support MSM (Men having Sex with Men), and the "MSM Cycle" which details the evolution of discovering one's sexuality. He also spoke of a life skills drop-in center and other culturally competent curriculum developed to aligned with the Obama Administrations National HIV/ AIDS Strategy.  Rounding out the day included a panel discussion facilitated by Health Educator Karen Swinton discussing the realm of health education within the school system, community assessments from Dr. Creshelle Nash and summary by host, Courtney Hampton who advised all participants to full fill their "bucket list"of ideas that will assist with more mobilization with their communities respectively. ( photo credit: National HIV/AIDS MSM prevention campaign) For more information check out our links in our link section for more updates, resources and contacts.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Taking it to the Streets: Information is Power!

This week has been moving and shaking off the chain! It's one of those weeks that matters come flying through at a break neck pace and then some. Just trying to get all of it even half ready for this forum keeps me in the "Big Chair," busting it out ASAP. I know some of you think that putting this down takes only a minute or two and you are oh so "wrong-o!!" COP 24/7 is not all about a "cut and paste" endeavor and if you check out archives of over 100,000 words and counting, it speaks for it self. So while we through down our small "joker" this outing, we're holding our "big" joker for later. Until then, feast on our latest...

Scavenger Hunting

Hold On, Wait a minute!  Even as we launched our Scavenger Hunt for those HIV/AIDS Billboards, it seems that even though they were to in place through December 18th, it seems that at least one and perhaps more have disappeared already. COP 24/7 thought that we should go out and about to make sure that our readers would be able to discover these billboards. Therefore as we surveyed the city we found that it seemed that there had been some moving of the coconuts. With that known, it was imperative that we at least make that known to any participants who decided that they would take on the challenge. At this point, no one has come forth and all of this may be about nothing. However on the flip side, COP 24/7 got to thinking, why didn't producers of this campaign create some type of tie-in connection that would have at least alerted the public to this campaign and the messages that were to be delivered. Where was their press conference? Were there any articles in the local newspaper? How about that glossy "501" magazine with all those hip and happening things taking place in Pulaski County? Or Perhaps the worldly AY publication that covers many demographics that could have gotten a "poke" to remind them that HIV and AIDS is still with us. Wow how did COP 24/7 think of such tactics that could have complimented the campaign while giving much greater awareness to the effort. Ultimately, how does one assess a measurable outcome of this expenditure and how will those findings be presented to the public? So many questions. So many undeveloped tie-in's or approaches that could have take this effort to greater heights throughout this city's diverse communities. Oh well, as we've come to hear on numerous occasions, "as we learn better, we do better." COP 24/7 keeps wondering in lieu of the fact that we are dealing with people's lives how much more learning will it take before we actually do better.  Happy Hunting....

INFO PLEASE: What's the 411!!

This forum goes to the mat while trying to circulate important information and updates for those seeking medical services related to HIV and AIDS or otherwise. COP 24/7 is proud to announce our involvement in the development of two such information pieces that will offer a snapshot of providers and service organizations to consumers. At the behest of the emerging The Living Affected Corporation's publishing division, Holistic Health Arkansas, a resource guide has been completed featuring a "one stop" concept of organizations, meetings, AIDS services groups and hot line contact numbers. The cover highlights, Ms. Ann D. as Top Advocate for 2011 who's entire story will be apart of the upcoming "Our Lives, Our Stories" project slated for January 2012 release. Dixon has been a tireless advocate and activist in the arena of HIV/AIDS issues. She has served on numerous committees, particpated in conferences and represented Arkansas across the nation. The booklet will go into statewide distribution by December 15 and will be available to ASO's, CBO's and general public.

Administration P.O. Box 479 McCrory, AR 72101
870-731-3068 (ph) 870-731-3070 (fax
District 1
Fayetteville2894 McKee Circle Office 101
Fayetteville, AR 72703
479-571-2100 Phone
479-571-2102 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 211

Fort Smith
233 North Greenwood Ave.
Fort Smith, AR 72901
479-782-2500 Phone
479-782-8557 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 212

Bentonville Satellite
900 B South Walton Blvd Suite 21
Bentonville, AR 72712
479-715-4745 Phone
479-254-6868 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 213

District 2

1175 Vine Street
Batesville, AR 72501
870-793-4607 Phone
870-793-4608 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 221

606 Wilbur D. Mills North
Kensett, AR 72802
501-742-1216 Phone
501-742-3031 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 222

Mountain Home Satellite 610 Broadmoor Drive
Mountain Home, AR 72653
870-793-4607 Phone
870-793-4608 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 223

District 3
Jonesboro 1817 Woodsprings Road Suite D
Jonesboro, AR 72401
870-932-0021 Phone
870-932-2601 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 232

West Memphis
206 North Rhodes
West Memphis, AR 72301
870-400-0263 Phone
870-400-0293 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 233

Forrest City Satellite
805 Mann
Forrest City, AR 72335
870-400-0263 Phone
870-400-0293 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 231
District 4
Hot Springs 320 Ouachita Ave Suite 312
Hot Springs, AR 71901
501-627-1933 Phone
501-627-1922 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 242

300 East 6th Street
Texarkana, AR 71854
870-216-1223 Phone
870-216-1236 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 243

El Dorado Satellite
460 West Oak
El Dorado, AR 71730
870-216-1223 Phone
870-216-1236 Fax

888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 241

District 5
Little Rock 11219 Financial Centre Parkway Suite 200
Little Rock, AR 72211
501-455-2712 Phone
501-455-2781 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 252

Conway Satellite
1600 Dave Ward Drive Suite C
Conway, AR 72034
501-499-6308 Phone
501-764-1010 Fax
888-845-8884 Toll Free ext. 251

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Confetti COP 24/7

Billboards Away across the city

Have you seen them? What you ask? Its a billboard campaign designed to inform the public concerning HIV/AIDS. Are you sure you haven't seen them? Well, from what this forum has discerned, not many have actually seen the billboards and for the most part those who have seen them are not sure what to make of the message from the first glance. Spearheaded by a unique entity mix of Jefferson Comprehensive Care Systems, ARCare, Arkansas Minority Health Commission and Arkansas Department of Career Education the billboards began appearing around mid November and are slated to run through December 18. Now that COP 24/7 has told about you about them, COP 24/7 is prepared to offer a prize to the first person or persons who take on our Scavenger Hunt to locate them, take a photo of you in front or near the billboard and tell us what you think about the campaign. So get started today and we will announce the winner on Monday December 19th. All submissions can be submitted to our e-box but only the first submission with all the locations will be chosen. Just as a clue we are including a picture of one such billboard so you will know what you are looking for! Good Luck and happy hunting!!!

The Scrolls of the The Secret Unveiled

A few years back, folks were in a tailspin over a nebulous advertising campaign that was rolling out all over the place. It was being sent over the Internet to unsuspecting users, finding it way into the print media and of course ultimately tongues went wagging just trying to find out "what" and "who" was behind "The Secret." Even Lady Oprah got swept up into the frenzy and spent an entire show showcasing Rhonda Byrne's supposedly new "meaning for life," guru talk. This promotion which predated the conspiracy powerhouse of The Divinci Code, also was filled with mysterious scrolls and documents that may or may not have been passed down through the powerful and those of the intellectual set. What I learned and most of everyone else is that "everything old is new again," as the message from Byrne seemed eerily related to that of the long forgotten "transcendental mediation" trend that was all the rage years ago. Concentrating on your passions and living in your "visions" all seem to come back to many of us who had already got that message some time ago. We just sort of moved on to the next mind trickery via the next guru flavor of the month. Whether it be Tony Robbins, Depak Chopra or Steven Covey, there's been plenty of help available to those seeking to re-invent or take their lives to the next level. Of course Oprah Winfrey is now inf full affect with her Master's Class series and is ready to launch in 2012, Oprah's Next Chapter, which I'm sure will be filled with more inspiring, uplifting and empowering tidbits for the taking. COP 24/7 is not quite in this strata but we've always got a few words that inspire as well. In the meantime, here's some greetings from The Secret. Take what you may from it and know that COP 24/7 believes that there's a real winner in you, you and yes too dear reader.

 Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne

Creator of The Secret and The Power
You can make 2012 the best year of your life! And you can do it very easily, right now.

All you have to do is set the most powerful intention you can ever set in your life, which is that you will focus only on what you want, think only about what you want, and talk only about what you want. Decide right now that anytime you find yourself thinking or talking about what you don't want, you will stop and demand of yourself, "What is it that I want?" And with all your might, with all your strength, with all your willpower - you will focus on what you want!

This one intention, repeated daily until the New Year and reinforced through 2012, will ensure that you make 2012 the year that your dreams came true, and the greatest year of your life!
To help you have an even more magical year, I'm going to let you in on a secret... I have written a very exciting new book. It's called The Magic. It will be released within the early months of 2012!

Happy holidays, and a very, very Happy New Year
May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne

The Secret... bringing joy to billions