Monday, June 30, 2008

Everything is Everything Monday...

Let's face it folks, it's been a long week and I know that most of you need a breather, right? Well, of course you do, but as for this forum we forge ahead and stay in the saddle without retreat. As you can see I've been busy behind the curtain, re-tooling and polishing up the place with new graphics, sassy color palate and unveiling our new moniker, "COP: 24/7 ." What's the reason behind this update you ask? Well, people were having a difficult time with our name, because it is a mouth full. Not to mention awkward to remember. Therefore, I've been determined to brand this forum in such a manner that the name would be smart, with an easy recall and overall more marketable. Yesiree..., it's none stop around here and I want to thank all of you who have stayed with me over the course of this year as well as subsequent years. Your encouragement and intrigue into this forum's daily production has kept us "sitting in the big chair," all the while keeping it hot, live and otherwise. However, the bar continues to rise and we need your voices, content contributions, discussion, product and viral support to spread the word that COP:24/7 is truly Arkansas' On Line destination for everything both over and under the rainbow! I appreciate your support and Thank you very much!

Podcast Anyone?: It's coming...our new podcast will arrive in time for Independence day, July 4th. For the record, writing this forum is one thing, but doing a pod is different. Producing this little ditty is a bit more involved and I'm always wanting to get it right the first time out. In other words, there's no rehearsal, it's right out the the box into the digital player from our fabled downtown Mablevale Studios. Even as this post appears, the pod is in the works and you won't want to miss it!

Getting on Board: If you haven't subscribed, then what you waiting for? The subscription box is a handy tool that will keep you in the loop of what's going on in the Tri-State area. It's easy as pie and your info is not sold or used except to alert you to our updates, alerts, events and offers. We need you, you and you too...So subscribe and tell your friends to join you.

And the Winner Is?: I didn't get to hear none of that last year as this fourm put our toe in the Black Weblog Awards. The competition is about as tough as you can get among the people of color bloggers. I hope to venture back into the fray again this year, even though last year I discovered that some bloggers were stuffing the ballot box in their favor. The organizers did disqualify that candidate, yet it seems that there's a groundswell of costal networking among past participants and their loyal fan bases. The awards have several sections in which to compete and I'm determined that our niche can be most favorable in Long Term blog or News/Feature format. As soon as the categories are released, I'll highlight just where we best fit. Until then, I'm starting the campaign to get all of you... Yes, that's you, informed about this contest and our intentions to make a better showing this year. So, get ready to support us come this August 1. When it's time for the balloting to begin, I will need all of Arkansas to come forth and let the coast folks know that we got "blog" game, too!

Pride Montage: Similar to last year's, I'm putting together a video montage of images and pictures from this week's Pride events. If you have pictures you would like to offer, suggest or contribute let's have em. The mash up is tenatively schedule to appear Tuesday, July 1. What can I say, COP: 24/7... a creative force on the move in 2008!

LRBP Update: The info on Southern Comfort- Black Pride 08 came through loud and clear last evening, as organizers outlined an ambitious double weekend plan Starting July 11-13 and 18-20. The pre weekend event will feature the 1st Annual Taste the Rainbow pageant in which the house royalty will be selected. Meanwhile the bookend weekend will offer an all-star national show cast, Pool party at the La Quinta Hotel in downtown Little Rock, Awareness luncheon, and a Saturday picnic in Reservoir Park. The Executve Board also announced that they have inked a 3 year sponsorship deal with ID Lubricants, donor dollars from the International Federation of Black Pride organization and will be electing officers this quarter. On an odd note, I fact checked the IFBP website and noticed that even though the local event is listed, the group has denoted that LRBP is not an official member of it's organization. If you need more info, want to sponsor, be a vendor or compete, reach out an touch them at 501.398.0307. Tell em you heard about it here first.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pride Round Up 2008 and Then Some

Have you survived Pride 08? It's become very apparent to me that I get a little more spent than I use to trying to do "pride" in the city. Whew, the obligation mix/ mash up of my life, business, relationship, work and Pride has been a tough but we kept kicking. And just to think that there's more to come, not to mention the upcoming Little Rock Black Pride slate of events in July. As usual I'll be on board to bring you all the updates, commentaries, people watching and so much more! So, let's do a round up and continue to LIVE, LOVE and Be...Arkansas' online destination for the GLBTQ community and beyond!

Pride Royalty: Even in edit mode or at re-read point before posting, I may miss a factoid or a connecting feature that would bring clarity to a story. O.K. I'm not quite perfect, yet. As I was been chagrined at the contestant field of the 08 Mr. & Miss Pride contest. I needed to give a big shout out and apology to the "male" winner, Mr. Victor, as well as another nod to, Tionne Iman as Miss 08 Pride. Also a hearty "you go boy" to Zia D'Yor whom served as the MC for the event hosted at the Backstreet Complex plus noting his continuing excellence to serve within the community. It takes guts and talent to strut your stuff while attempting to represent. I know because I do it every day! Congrats to all and best wishes for the year to come! (picture courtesy of ZDY myspace photo album)

I wanna be in Pictures: Pride weekend will showcase Cinema Pride 2008 at Easy Street Piano Bar (307 W. 7th street) If you picked up one of the Pride booklets, then you will notice that the schedule was supposed to be released prior to the screenings. But, par for the course, some how this didn't happened. So I had to go in search of the damn thing. In journalist mode I also wanted to try to find out what happened and why. Of course there's plenty of splanning to do and it's just not worth the effort to tell ya. Just say that a Three Stoogies flick should have been included on the schedule. If time allows, I'm down for some Sunday screenings which began at Noon with a two hour window for each selection. According to the schedule, there will be several Arkansas Premiers, such as the comedy "Boystown" and documentary "Abomination: The Ex-Gay Movement," at 2 pm. But no Pageant, the high acclaimed film about female impersonation which has direct ties to this part of the country.With that said, I'm interested in seeing Abomination since I ran a post some time ago about gays being "relieved of their orientation by re-programmers". I'm also including a little synopsis of the film that may help get some folks out to see some of this material. From what I could determine, Saturday's turnout seemed a bit dismal. Abomination is a documentary focusing on sexual orientation conversion therapies, sometimes called "reparative therapy." Conversion therapies have been criticized by mainstream mental health professionals for the harm they cause and for their practitioners' overstated claims of success. Nevertheless, these "treatments" are increasingly being promoted by conservative faith communities across the US. Abomination is a sobering counterpoint to the false hopes being marketed by the ex-gay movement.. . . Just as a closing FYI, this film is available at and other outlets for your personal viewing pleasure.

Need More: If you haven't had a chance to do your Pride thing there's still time! Discovery, 1021 Jessie Road will continue to Party Like a Rock Star with it's Midnight and 2 AM Gay Pride Party for you late nighters, at UBU, It's a FOURBEANSALAD, starting at 9 p.m. Fish is Frying and Cotton is high at SIDETRACKS' Annual Family Reunion, bar opens at Noon and there's no charge! The T-shirt signing party was too cute and I'm taking my T with me to the BWMT Conference in St.Louis in July. Thanks to the ST management for stepping to the plate!

Black Pride in the City: Yep, there's gonna be some Black Pride in the Central City come July 18- 20. Previously I mentioned that organizers were putting together their slate and this forum will be getting the inside skinny of who, what when, where and certainly the "why" in Black Pride. Reliable sources have alerted me that printed 'Flyers" were being circulated in nearbyy Memphis, inquiries are coming in from various points, including brother and sister's in the ATL as well as other mid south destinations. Meanwhile, organizer S. Rogers is excited about the possibilities and the outreach will extended to the entire GLBTQ community and it's allies. The host hotel secured is the La Quinta on Broadway, a Freaky Friday show, Picnic in the Park and that's just the beginning. They tell me that I will get the exclusive info this weekend not to mention I may get in on the act to boot! Stay locked in for all the details, you can't afford to miss out on this years slate.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mid Week Pride 360

And Were Off: Pride Week 2008 has started it's strut to the theme, Live - Love- Be. All across the city, each venue will be offering various entertainment and social events for the local GLBTQ community and allies. In case you missed it, there is a schedule of events booklet that's available to keep yourself in the know about what's happening, when and where. I saw a nifty display at Sidetracks which also has there in-house Ontrack magazine. Of course, this forum has highlighted events and posted direct info on what will be shaping up throughout the week. We are in the pride mode by pulling out all the stops, with all our gadgets, videos, podcast and so much more. It's all about staying locked in with COP:24/7!

AIDS Walk: The annual AAF AIDS Walk held earlier this month was deemed a success, even though no "numbers" i.e. how many participants? funds raised? etc. have been released. I even checked their new savvy website for details but to my surprise there was only a brief "thank you" blurb in the margins. I thought to myself, why wouldn't they use this new and improved tool to maximize their outreach to possible donors or maybe those who couldn't attend. For the record there is a "donation" button thown in for good measure. Then, I thought, wasn't that one of those goals that were mentioned in past brainstorming meetings? Rats! there I go again being rational about how matters ought to handled. Someone stop me before I start stop making sense. In other AAF news, at this posting I can't determine if there's been any movement on the selection of an Executive Director. In past outings, I mentioned that long time activist B. Cofffey has thrown his hat in to the pool of applicants ( if there is such a thing?) but I guess the entire matter is in a creeping mode. If there's any announcement or movement, I will try to get it to you on this website, because it might not seen anywhere else.
Pride Watch: As I've surveyed the events thus far, the week has been a slow wind up. This year there was only one contestant(Tionne Iman) for the Miss Gay Pride slot and get this, no real male to compete for the Mr. slot. However, some drag kings step in to fill the void. Now this twist could be considered a bent toward the politically correct, but are there really no men? Otherwise, many in the community also seem to be unaware or unconcerned about GPW 08. Most don't know the theme, despite booklets being available prior to the events I keep hearing "when did that happen?." I'm stumped that a variety of people are just uninformed. I understand that many may not log into this site, have broadband or perhaps not go out much, but gosh dern it what more must be done to sound off about events in this city? If you've got any answers or opinion, let's hear it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Live- Love- Be...Pride Week 08

It's all about the Pride this week at COP:24/7! The events have been planned and are now underway across the city and state. And we will not be outdone, as this forum will roll out video content, updates, event coverage, podcasts, news, info, plus the kitchen sink! So get ready readers, it's going to a dizzying array of content that you will have to stay on point everyday and then some! Here we go...LIVE - LOVE - BE.

LIVE: There's not a day that some sage advice from my parents crosses my mind. Usually my mother always had her "words" for the day, such as "you have only one life to live, because each day ain't no dress rehearsal." I'd look at her with wonderment thinking, "I'm not sure what you're talking about but someday I'll understand it." Trust me, I quickly learned that those words couldn't ring more truer these days. During this week of Pride, don't forget that June 27 is National HIV Testing Day. If you have not had a recent test, then your life could depend on it. Do it today by texting your area code to the KNOW IT campaign, to find out a testing center near you.( see the banner ad below) Locally you can contact the Arkansas AIDS Foundation ( or Arkansas Department of Health for more information.

LOVE: One of the pillars of mission statement is empowerment. While I embracing that element to it's fullest, one must also discover that "loving" yourself is essential in creating a total and unique you. This mindset is multi-layered and can be as complex as a setting up your HDMI system. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what cord or whatjamigin goes where, not to mention do I really need any of this to just get a good damn picture? my hectic time spinning life, I have a passion to always be on time and living by the calendar. Well, you do what what you have to do to make it work for you. In the meantime consider, Jensen Atwood, of Noah's Arc fame and most recently on HereTV's Dante's Cove, new 2009 calendar. It's primed to cover a variety of needs on all levels. Conceived and produced by Joseph James and photographed by Jerris Madison via the Men of EROS collection. This 16 month panorama of Jensen is not only beautifully photographed but imaginative, striking and engaging. Yes, I'm willing to share, by offering you a sneak preview with a direct link below ( not the preview icon in the picture), it's worth it. For those of you not in the know, Atwood's character (Wade) is allegedly scheduled to appear in NA's convoluted long form version entitled, "Noah's Arc, Jumpin the Broom." The speculation around release dates, promo material, is it VOD, DVD, LOGO or DTVS( that's direct to video stores) is still up in the air at this posting. But we do know that you can actually get this calendar companion including some limited autographed versions from,

BE: BE their is my shout out to readers, supporters, and advocates for the 2nd Annual fund raising gala, "A Star Studded Night" will be held on Friday, June 27, at NWA GLBT Community Center. See for more information.
The PRIDE Parade and Picnic will be held on Saturday, June 28, 2008.
If you would like to attend, some SDC members from Central Arkansas are interested in a car-pool. I've asked some of our eagle eye scouts to capture pictures and check in with us about the festivities. If you have items to share, let's hear from you TODAY!!

BLK Pride in the City: I never know what I'm going to flesh out while I'm in the editing mode of this forum, but I was caught off guard when I surfed up the Little Rock Black Pride committee and it's slate of events scheduled for July 18-20. Themed, "Southern Comfort," there is a host hotel, La Quinta on Broadway, "Freaky Friday" show at Club Good Times, Picnic in Reservoir Park and Awareness Luncheon that's to be announced. Not to mention there own Mr. & Miss Little Rock Black Pride. According to the organizations website,( ) they have been in existence for the past 3 years and boast a 501c ( tax exempt) certification. Say What? However, the $64,000 question raised is...If this group has been producing Pride events for the last three years, where has the info and promo material been circulated? Were the organizers asked to table when other local Pride activities were being discussed? Exactly what's going here and why? I've inquired with this outfit and if they respond, you'll find the answers here first! Stay tuned...

Know your HIV status? Text: Your Zip Code to KnowIT or 566948 to find HIV test centers near you

Monday, June 23, 2008

Rainbows and yellow brick roads

It's all about Pride this week as COP celebrates with our special brand and savvy mix of history, commentary, and "who knew facts" from GLBTQ culture and beyond. First up is a cute cartoon /live action mash up featuring songtress Varla Jean Merman giving you a fast paced look at the Stonewall riots. A major event that formed the foundation for today's Pride celebraitons across the USA. As the news evolves this week I will be posting all the updates, sightings and going's on from around the state. If you've got news, pictures, poetry, musings, editorals or other contributions, feel free to share them with this forum. We're ready when you are! Let's here from you TODAY!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

It ain't Rocket Science Friday

Here we are again, another week, another blog post from The Big Chair. Yesiree, one more under my belt for 2008 and I'm still ticking or either being ticked off by the world around me. What can you say, there's so much to cover in the 24/7 news cycle and then some, as I've learned over the past 4 years for producing this forum. But, never fear, I'm not done yet and don't think for a moment that I'm not going to continue to offer you more news, updates, commentary, video and sometimes just plain old stuff. Are you ready? Then let's let the chips fall where they may.

Music in Black: Did you know that June is Black Music Month? Well did ya? In case you didn't notice, I've posted clips from Donna Summer's latest release, Crayons, now in stores and downloads. I've listened to various tracks from I-Tunes and downloaded a fav, "STAMP" which is my summer Pride anthem. You can bet you will here it on our next podcast coming to you shortly. Summer's new music takes off in various directions, meanwhile showcasing her powerful vocals and creative writing. Although this outing has been judged against her past hits, I found the music fresh, smart, not to mention toe tapping fun. Local DemGaz newspaper critic, Ellis W. wasn't so enthusiatic about her choices and seemed to feel that somehow it was sorta beneath her. However, I beg to differ. Donna's music is just the tip of the soul music that you can find and purchase( yes, I said purchase) on the net. I've gone download crazy after finding many of my old favorites on sites such as to I. Tunes. Don't forget that I stream non-stop music on our sister site over at Myspace.

History Equals PRIDE: I'm always in search of partners and resources to help round out our offerings. I'm always thrilled and proud to showcase the various and well produced features from the braintrust at Equality Forum. This year will be just as thought provoking and certainly informative and as I've done in teh last 3 years, I will feature the entire series in it's self posting mode in this forum. Here's a blurb from a recent E-blast: "From Renaissance artist Michelangelo to environmental pioneer Rachel Carson, the 31 Icons for 2008 combined with the 62 Icons for GLBT History Month 2006 and 2007, are extraordinarily impressive," stated Malcolm Lazin, Executive Director, Equality Forum. Each day in October 2008, an Icon is featured with a video, biography, bibliography and other educational resources. The resources for GLBT History Month 2008 Icons will be available in October at Educational resources for 2006 and 2007 Icons are archived on the site. GLBT History Month Icon videos are expected to be broadcast on Logo and here! and streamed on major gay portals. The videos are offered without charge to educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, for profit companies and the public.
"For a community deprived of its history, GLBT History Month teaches our heritage, provides role models, builds community, and makes the civil rights statement of our valuable national and international contributions," said Lazin.
Citizen I-Reports: A man is not a blog unto him self...O.K. I made that up, but, if you are interested in sharing your pictures, ideas, commentary, cartoons or news item with us then let's here from you. It's call interactiveness and I'm always on the hunt to get connected to the audience that's staying in the loop with us. So, drop me a line, a shout out or e-blast with what's on your mind. I dare ya to do it today!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pride in the City

Houston's Oil Can Harry was rocked by Mr. Larry Edward's one of the foremost TINA impersonators, Las Vegas veteran and who is Little Rock bound for charity during GPW 08. I got a chance to catch Edwards talents as part of the La Cage production at the Riveria Casino in 2001, but over the years had previously seen the "Ultra Hot Chocolate," many times before in the Central Arkansas area. On June 25, his high energy antics will be "rolling on the river" as a part of a Cruising for a Cause 2008 fundraiser for HPWA,( Helping People With AIDS). Prior to a 8:30 p.m. boarding of the Arkansas Queen River Boat there will be a 7 p.m. cocktail reception at The Salty Parrot. Tickets( $40) are now on sale at local outlets. For more info contact: Dustin( 501.951.2326) or Annie (501.944.5385). Limited seating, so get those tickets TODAY!

Going to the Chapel: You'd have to have your head burried in the sand, not to have heard the noise from the alleged stampede to the Golden State by couples who are in search of a mariage doucument. Locally Channel 4( KARK) wanted to find a up-close angle while actually finding a real live couple who went on camera to tell of their impending "nuptial vacation." As I've watched to news coverage, it seems that there are a lot of lavender folks out there that wanted to get some "hitch papers." While I was living there a while back, I couldn't even find a decent date, let alone some one that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Boy, times they must have changed. Meanwhile, the forces that believe that this "just not right" are gathering signatures and a cash booty said to be as high as 10 Million smackrooes to get this marrying thing stopped. So far at least two courts have held up the Supreme Courts decision and the I pronounce you "spouses for life," verbage will continue until some court some where say's not so fast.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Talking Out Loud: a Double take

I can feel it. Can you? It's the sounds of summer that raging just over the horizon. Even though we've been experiencing a mini heatwave in the last few weeks and those AC's are starting to hum a bit louder, I'm all about fun in the sun. This year more than ever, most likely much of the fun in the sun will be closer to home, due to those pesky gas prices, however, I will rise to the occasion. In the meantime, I will still find the time and patience to continue to produce this forum. Heck, how would you know what' really going on? So, let's get this version cracking as I post items that should cause you to start talking out loud....

Who's Asking: Remember the much ballyhooed Clinton policy of "Don't Ask - Don't Tell? What about those high five moments of Nancy Pelosi who announced that there would be serious legislative changes in the first 100 days of the Dems taking back congressional control in 2007? Well, folks didn't much happen in the first 100 days or 1000 days for that matter,especially in the area of the armed forces policy toward gays in the military. All across the board from Democratic presumptive nominee, B. Obama who feels that he can "reasonably see" a repeal if he's elected President. Other Hill bystanders are all in favor of repealing the measure but, feel that the electorate( that means you, me and everyone else) are interested in more pressing matters such as gas prices, inflation and foreclosures. Sound like the Congress is doing what they do best, averting anything that may cause them to step out of their comfort zones and actually stand for something.

There's Marriage in dem Hills: I know by now you've heard. Yes, the yellow brick road leads to the altar in California. After the recent state Supreme Court paved the way for that states GLBTQ community to get marriage certificates, it seems that it's all anyone can talk about. It's on the cover of the current Advocate which gives one the low down and possible shut down of getting hitched in tinsleland come this November via referendum. Even though we've been quite proud of the Eureka registry, the noise made in the Golden state has been deafing not to mention the money that's been spent by both proponents and opposition. The totals are staggering with the Protect Marriage organization dolling out at least 1.8 million on a signature campaign with sights on amassing around 10 Million to stop them gay folks from marital bliss. Yet not to be out done, Kate Kendell, executive director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights and a coalition member, Equality for All intends to match the opposition “dollar for dollar.” To pull that off, it’ll need to raise between $10 million and $20 million -- more than has ever been raised to fight a gay ballot initiative. (As we went to press, the Human Rights Campaign announced it would donate $500,000 to this enormous effort.) Whew, that's a lot of "I Do" dollars.

HIV Talk -Talk Tour: Last week, June 5, the first of several scheduled HIV/AIDS Task force forum was held at Philander Smith College. According to news sources only 45 people attended which included the 19 person board and the remaining were service providers. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend due to this meeting being scheduled at 5:30 p.m. which precludes some working stiffs from attending. After further scanning my sources, I discovered that many possible stakeholders or other interested parties were of the opinion, "so what do they want to talk about?" I re-read the material circulated by the task force and came to conclusion that the purpose of the this forum did not quite ring loud and clear. After this assessment, I went on to redetermine exactly what these forums were designed to do, subsequently catching the article in the Arkansas Gazette( 6.12.08) in which Dr. Katherine Stewart said, "that the public forums can be time when we can hear about their concerns..." Continuing with, "hearing directly from those suffering from the disease is crucial to the task force's mission..." Say What? Excuse me but, I've heard bucket loads of "concerns" from the HIV/ AIDS community without leaving my desktop and sometimes without even asking. So, where have these folks been for the last two decades. Are they not on the The Notes e-blast list? Did they miss that ADH HIV pow- wow that was held a few weeks ago? What about that highly promoted talkfest that was held at the Art Scene? Why hell they all could just bookmark this site! What more testimony is really needed? Sorry, I digressed. The next forums are scheduled for Fayetteville, July 17, August 21 in Pine Bluff and Sept. 22 in West Memphis. I can't wait to see who shows up for those meet and greets. Stay tuned I'll keep you posted....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On point, Stayin ahead of the Curve and You!

Information is power and is an essential part of this forum in our continuing effort to outreach to the GLBTQ community and beyond. As I edit daily in search for the items that will make the cut, I'm still intrigued with the fact that some "basic information" or other pertinent facts are not reaching deep within the community. I'm just dumbfounded and broadsided when I inquire with locals who say they are "unaware, haven't heard, didn't know or for some reason missed out on that!" What's going on here? A saving grace for me was two recent comments from Mark W. visiting from San Francisco who commented that he was "glad to see information he would could know what was going on..." Thanks! Mr. W, for re-confirming to me that this labor of love is being viewed as a conduit to updates, commentary, video, pod casting and so much more! This is why we stand alone as Arkansas' only daily produced GLBTQ site and the ultimate destination for what's really going on!

Surviving A to Z: After seeing a segment on Good Morning America, I checked out a website that I thought would benefit many in Central City and perhaps statewide. It's the new, Survivorship A-Z portal( ) that supports those who are facing health dilemmas from Cancer to HIV. The site's mission statement is clear, "to provide the practical information you need to thrive in the "new normal" that exists after a life-changing diagnosis. Our information is modified when appropriate to specific conditions such as Cancer or HIV/AIDS. Our information can also be tailored for your life and situation through an Individual Action Plan." I felt that this tool could be another vital source to end users who may need additional assistance. I can't help but notice and be confounded by the flow of information within the HIV/ AIDS community that continues to be sluggish and confusing. It's just got to get better and I'm doubling my efforts to put everything I uncover on the table for use!

Circling the Waggons: The Arkansas Families First organization is alerting the community about the upcoming ballot Initiative which purports to: AN ACT PROVIDING THAT AN INDIVIDUAL WHO IS COHABITING OUTSIDE OF A VALID MARRIAGE MAY NOT ADOPT OR BE A FOSTER PARENT OF A CHILD". This is the ill-conceived measure of the Arkansas Family Council, which sponsored past anti-gay measures. According to an AFF organizational e-blast this outfit has canvassed Sunday School classes, trolled through their data base and hit the streets in search of signatures to put this item on the fall ballot resulting in to date, 40,537. They need 61,975 to get the title on the ballot. AFF is seeking volunteers, donations and your individual action to help stem this tide of madness. Get in touch TODAY at 501.280.0082
COP:24/7 on the Move: In case you are looking for items that some one has e-mailed, you've seen in our Yahoo blast and can't find it. Check out the archives with keywords to find those posting. A few of you have made mention that when you check the site, it's been updated. Ah Yeah! Don't forget we are Arkansas' only daily updating GLBTQ site,therefore when it news it here first and keep on moving! Stay in the loop by bookmarking the site, RSS or get on The List for e-mails and special mailings. You just can't afford to not too...Do it Today!! Need to hit us up, then do it in the comment section.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's getting tough in here and out their!

O.K. Boys and Girls, summer is just around the bend and many of you around the water cooler are talking about your upcoming adventures. But, wait hold the phone! I've got more news, commentary, video, updates and so much more before you make your break for the nearest cool spot, I wanted to share with you that it's getting tough in here and out their! You've been warned....

FOUR!: No silly, it's not the rally cry of a golf fanatic, but rather most of us yelling uncle to the new $4.00 reality of a gallon of gas. What the hell is going on you say? Then we need to revisit some of our gas guzzling history to find some of the answers, furthermore understanding that there are no "real short" term solutions to the problems. First up, The United States commitment to a substantial energy policy from past administrations up to our the current one. With each passing presidential term and his co-conspirators in Congress have waffled, wavered, winked and policy wonked us into a dependence on foreign oil. It's stated that each of us, that's me and you are supposedly using at least 20 barrels of oil, meanwhile of that usage some 16 units of the stuff comes from somewhere else. Recently, we've heard about the Oil Reserves bunker where we are stock piling the black gold in case of "whatever," as a possible stop gap measure. However, it seems that this idea won't matter much when it comes to the pain at the pump. Then, there's the Holiday on the Fuel Tax, sorry that angle seems "out of bounds" and also unworkable. So what's a guy and girl to do? Public transpo?...could be a smart alternative, if your job or where you want to go is accessible. Smaller car you say?...thank goodness I opted for a smaller, 5-speed gas saver some time ago juxtaposed to my 4 x4 truck. The additional saving grace with that choice is that I own it! It now has soundly paid for itself. Driving less?... yes, I've modified by habit by eliminating the "cruising" and finding shopping areas where I can do one stop shopping or do more online shopping that comes directly to my door. Ultimately, "it's the energy policy of this nation, stupid!" We need to rapidly pursue more wind, solar, electric cars and other alternative fuel supplies. Let's stop screaming about the prices and start screaming at the elected officials who are long on rhetoric and short on action! Contact your Representative Today!!
DINO Gay Bars : Talk about rough out their. A recent article in Fortune Magazine cited some businesses facing "extinction," including crop dusting, telemarketing, record stores and Gay Bars! Ouch! Did they say Gay Bars? Yes, they did. In previous post I've highlighted a series of stories on this subject and it seems that this forecast just won't go away. The item named celebrated nigh spots from coast to coast that have met an untimely demise including San Francisco's Pendelum with it's colorful and at times dubious history. I can't believe that I use to patronize that spot and other's in the Castro district almost a decade ago. What's fueling the decline in these establishments is arguably mixed. Some state that it's "what we've wanted, to have a place of inclusiveness," but die hearts are wondering( and I'm mused as well) if all this welcoming of non-gay people is trendy or have we really reached a point where individuals are totally comfortable with the idea. I found it quite interesting over the weekend at a local watering hole that a table of patrons were discussing that they "didn't act gay at work and no one knew they were." I thought, if any of their co-workers decided to come into the place what would they do? In Central City we've had the closing of The Factory about a year ago and other outlets are vying for prosperity on a daily basis. The article concluded that bars are still needed in certain area of the country, facing a "gay-friendly" face lift in some sectors and during these questionable economic times possibly many will continue to go the way of the dinosaurs. What do you think? Has the era of the Gay Bar come to end of it's life? What's your attitude about alternative bars and GF haunts? Let's hear from you...

Sunday, June 08, 2008

What's the Frequency, Again....

Has you tuner ever seemed out of range and you keep turning the dial until to you can get the right sounds coming from your radio or whatever source you use to stay infotained. Of course these days, radio has gone hi-tech with I-pods and my fav of streaming music. You can get a taste of that testament by tuning to our sister site on the Myspace platform at Yet with all these gadgets galore and most likely more to come, what I've found troubling in this electronic age is the simple and basic "understanding" of language. I don't know about you, but it seems to me that there's an increasing tone of rhetoric, doublespeak and verbiage that's juxtaposed to that cellular phone company tag line, "can you hear me now?" Yes, I can but I find myself asking "what's the frequency," you're transmitting from because what you are stating needs clarification to the hilt. If you've been listening up recently, you can hear it all around you, ranging from friends who say one thing then tell you that they actually meant something else all together. Such as when you call a friend whom you haven't heard from in some time and they say, "I was just meaning to call you..." Now, really! How can I forget that wonderful lovelorn twist of," I love you, but I'm not in love with you at thist time..." Say What? Then we have the big picture of life that keeps all this BS shuffling from one level to another including bosses, vendors, strangers and not to mention politicians. Meanwhile, with all this talk- talk going on, I do my damnest to "keep it real" with right mix of info and entertainment for you reading pleasure. So, if you ever wonder what's the frequency is here, it should be loud and clear, "empowerment, information and entertainment" for the GLBTQ community and beyond. Any questions? If not, then let's do a 360 to see what's happening...

AFF Exec Search: Say it ain't so! The Arkansas AIDS Foundation still has no permanent Executive Director after almost year after the sudden departure,( and not really explained) of Larry Dearmon. Not to mention the continuing In's and out's of it's board of director including the resignation of it's last board president. According to an e-blast, it seems that the foundation was still or again looking for an ED to led to organization. Apparently, there's a quasi campaign of some sorts in which long time activist, Bob Coffey is ready and willing to step to the plate. Golly, just think I was told that there was going to be a "national search" for a replacement. I just couldn't imagine that this organization would have to look across the whole U.S. of A for some one to run this embattled outfit. In the e-blast, Mr. Coffey outlines in a simple "frequency" what he foresees for the position such as restoring it's viability and credibility, down to how his compensation should be handle. Viola, need we ask for more, especially since that "national" search didn't amount to much, O.K. Certainly, if Bob needs additional "vetting," then so be it. But let's face it, the organization needs to get on with it and stop with the "deer in headlights" stance that's not proactive. Time's a wasting and many HIV/AIDS end users don't have this commodity to continue to waste. If you'd like to show your support then send a note to Ms Nakia Williams in support...her email is: Do it today and let me know what kind of reply you receive. You can bet she'll get one from this forum.

Frequency Out of Bounds: I never know what's going to make the cut in this forum usually until I've read all copy or excerpts. However, just as I was in the editing process, I saw an interesting tidbit that rolled across one my Yahoo groups. The post entitled, "Obama is not exactly right about many things..." displayed a list of urban myths and off colored facts about the Democratic nominee. For me, this was not the first time that I had seen this messy e-mail being circulated within gay circles. I had received it personally from an acquaintance that felt that I would be amused by it. For the record, the crown was not amused then or now by individuals who send out these messages for either malice or as Mr. K. Jones stated, " those of you who know me and my demented sense of humor..." Even more illuminating was the fact that Jones reported that he had "death threats" sent to him in response to his posting. Simply amazing. All this excess effort that could be so better directed in a positive vein during this pivotal election year. Here's my two cents to Mr. Jones. I'm all for free speech and sharing your opinion, but you better be ready to support that position with indisputable facts not urban fodder that fits your demented sense of humor. As for the death threats, I suggest that you report this to the group administrator for swift action. This type of terroristic threat is unacceptable and not to mention a crime. In the meantime, take two aspirins, hydrate and read the" Audacity of Hope" by Barack Obama. It my just do you some good for your mindset and maybe your vote.

And the Winner is: In a previous post we posed the question about who designed the Arkansas state Flag? A keen and avid reader, Mr. Phil P. co-owner of Sidetracks who is a history buff ( who knew?) gave the answer and additional supportive knowlegde about the flag in record time. Who was the designer you ask, it was Willie Kavanuagh Hocker of Wabbaseka, Arkansas. Her flag design was accepted as the official state flag in 1913. Thanks, Phil for playing along and we will forward to you the prize ASAP. Keep reading because we've got more to come during PRIDE month 2008! Could their be a winner in you next?

Friday, June 06, 2008

Reloaded Friday Fallout

I'm back in the Big Chair as the weekend looms large before me. Oh, boy what a week it's been with all the political as well as economic news rocking the scene. Meanwhile, this forum has been running full speed ahead as I've tried to stay ahead of the curve and more! Time's a wastin and let's get a reloaded Friday fallout in full swing...

Pride in the City: Even though last year's ballyhooed Pride blowout won't be repeated, there are other Pride events popping up all over the place. The Center for Artistic Revolution, DYSC( Diverse Youth for Social Change) group has announced it own version of pride June 14, Reservoir Park, 2-8 p.m. The afternoon will feature music, food and what they are billing as the "1st Annual Queer Olympics." According to promo material the event is geared to the 14 t0 23 set, but their "allies," ( I guest that's code for "old heads") are welcomed. Need more info? Then tell them you read it here first, then hit em up at 501.244.9690

Bayard Rising: During this historic week of activities and our local Pride week 2008 that seems to be lacking any "Brain Trust" programming, there will be a pre-Pride week presentation of the film Brother Outsider, which showcases the life and times of Civil Rights pioneer, Bayard Rustin. I've seen this film and it's a fine testament to the commitment and struggle that Mr. Rustin endured during this turbulent era. Also I had the fortune to actually meet Mr. Rustin before his death and found him just as engaging in person as you will discover in this Bi0-pic of his complex life. The film is being sponsored by the National Park Service. I've enclosed the e-blast with all the info you need to attend this important empowering offering.


Movie Program Presents:

BROTHER OUTSIDER The Life of Bayard Rustin

"Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin" chronicles Rustin's complex life story, a tale of race, prejudice and idealism at the heart of 20Th century America. An advisor to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the height of the Civil Rights Movement, Rustin was often in the shadow of his accomplishments and socially ostracized because he was openly homosexual. Please join us for a pre and post show talk to celebrate the life and accomplishments of this Civil Rights Hero.


SATURDAY, JUNE 7th, 2008 AT 2:00 P.M.
Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site
2120 Daisy L. Gaston Bates Drive
For more information please contact Park Guides, Christian Davis
or Crystal Mercer at (501) 374-1957

Happy Birthday, Naturally: How does it feel to be 172 years old? Just fine thank you, as Arkansas celebrates it's statehood birthday. In case you don't know your Arkansas History and I'm sure that many of your probably don't. Arkansas has a colorful past that fills with a treasure trove of interesting factoids and stats that you should consider in your summer reading, volunteer opportunity or research questions. Here's a quick one, Who design the Arkansas State flag? Need a head start, then check out The Encyclopedia of Arkansas, where you can get everything you may want to know about this state with a right click. If you get the answer and send it to this forum, you could win a prize! I just added the valued resource to my list of favorite sites and yes, Virgina, the GLBTQ community has a section too! Do it today at

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Which way did they go Wednesday & then some more:2.0

Whew! It was a nail biter, a barn burner and an all nighter that I couldn't just stand one more moment of. Yes, I talking about the last of the Democratic Primaries that had many in America simply holding their breaths. Will She? Will He? Who Will? Can it Be? and ultimately, that nagging question that keeps bothering me to no avail,"Is America ready for a Black President?" Finally it's done, Senator Barack Obama has secured the Democratic nomination for President of the United States thwarting a gallant attempt from Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton. The tounges are wagging everywhere, heads talking and of course I'm at the keyboard putting my two cents on the table. In all my lifetime, I don't remember a campaign that simply was a battle of the titans in overdrive. Even today as I compose this entry, Clinton hasn't suspended her campaign, nor has she actually acknowledged his "presumptiveness" and she's still in play as a possible V.P. candidate, that I'm not sure will come to fruition or should. I even got in on the game with my less than stellar attempt to be a Clinton delegate during the Arkansas Democratic Party mash up of deciding who will go to Denver later this year. To date the Arkansas Super Delegates are stil holding frim to the Clinton corner and awaiting marching orders. Personally, I'm resloved that if B.O. is the nominee, then let's get in lock step to the ballot box. So, here we are with the historic candidacy of Obama resonating in the echo of the monumental pronouncement of MLK some two decades ago. Meanwhile, thrusted through the ground breaking presidential political forrays of Shirley Chisom, Jessie Jackson, and Al Sharpton respectively. Mr. Obama has sounded the ralling cry for "change," from the way we perceive each other overall to how the people's business is being handled in Washington. His optismistic view as well as belief that through his leadership this will be accomplished has appealed to the masses across the board and I'm egarly awaiting his details to this promised place and I reserved the right to my skepticism. Congrats Mr. O, a job well done. Mrs. Clinton, a job well done. But, it ain't over yet, it's on to November where the real thunderdome awaits you and even, me.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Spin Cycles and Caravans in The Rock

It's finally here! June 2008, the mid-point of the year that starts the summer sizzle and the sounds of Pride. So far, what a year it's been. Tornado's, earthquakes, Hillary, Obama, McCain, pundits, talking heads, and of course, CorneliusOnpoint shooting from the hip and then some. Ladies and Gentlemen and all those who haven't decided, It's about to get hot in the city and we are going to be here, their and everywhere it's happening in the GLBTQ community and beyond. So, it's all about Spin cycles and caravans in The Rock!!! Now let's see what's going on...

Northshore Hook-up: In the past I've complained, not whined, about not always getting the hook-up with other entities in this city both Terra fir ma and digital. However, I wanted to thank the management of Sidetracks for giving me a "bear hug" in there OnTrack publication as well as continued readership. The mini-ad is on the Pink Triangle/Symbol page at the bottom along with out tag line, " Arkansas' Online destination..." I appreciate it very much! Sometimes I'm perplexed about my penetration in this community, but occasionally get reminded that there is a core group staying onpoint with me. With this in mind, I realize that I may need to step up my public profile and do some cross promotions or mash-up. So, if you saw our mini ad, then send me an e-mail to get a invitation to our special event. You never know what I may pull out my bag of tricks! If you've got ideas, reach out and touch me any time....

DSRA Re-Saddled: During my bar crawl last weekend, I spent some time with some of my most favorite folks at DSRA (Diamond State Rodeo Association) as they continue to fund raise for Rodeo in the Rock 2009. The evening was filled with DSRA Royalty and volunteers who donate their creativity to helping the DSRA full fill their goal to continue the now, bi-yearly event. Despite all the fun and frolic, I was somewhat broadsided by a unceremoniously announcement that Mr. Dan Scott, 1st alternate would assume the Mr. DSRA title from Rick Loftus this year's winner. You can't say that I'm not on the nerve of breaking news in this community. After the initial curiosity, I gave Scott a hearty congrats and asked him what his plans were for the remaining of the year. However, it seems that Dan was pretty overwhelmed himself and told me that "he really didn't know." Yet, he did confirm that he will still be hosting the monthly karaoke parties and doing his best to represent the organization. After all, it's apparent that what goes around comes around again, since he previously served as Mr. DSRA in 2005. I would be reticent if I didn't denote that this is another year that the Mr. DSRA titleholder position has been problematic and mired in controversy. Last year's titleholder, John, didn't bother completing his reign by showing up for this years competition and passing the title. He cited to me prior to the competition, that "he had developed a philosophy conflict with the organization and felt that he could no longer participate." In my brief conversations with Loftis, I discerned that he was proud to represent the title and had a positive working association. However, I was aware that he had been plagued with "incidents" that were not favorable, and his actions were surmised as allegedly violating royalty codes of conduct. According to sources, it seems that his untimely resignation was the topic of a "full throated" internal board discussion and decision. I've gotten mixed signals from the membership, but basically most have approached the issue as one they would like to get behind them. In full disclosure I've known Loftus, a number of years and I want to personally wish him well on his future endeavors. Also, as the old adage goes,there's always two sides to the story. So, here's my shout out to Mr. L. If you want to have your say, clear the air or share, then this forum is willing, and ready to give you ample room. I'm ready whenever you are!!

PRIDE in the City: Ah yes, it's time to unfurl those Rainbow flags for Pride 2008, June 22-29 as promoted by the area entertainment venues and outlets. This year's international theme: "Live-Love- BE, " will be highlighted by a week of diverse offerings ranging from Cookouts, Pajama Party with pillow fight, rolling on the River Cruise featuring former MGAA and Vegas veteran, Mr. Larry "Hot Chocolate" Edwards, A Game Show Night at Easy Street, a Out in the Woods camping event and the long running Turn-a bout show at the Backstreet Complex. I will be covering some events during that week along with our own brand of Pride 08 activities. If you need info or reminders there's a Pride 08 booklet that I'm assuming is available at all participating nightspots.

HIV & U: A meeting will be sponsored by the Arkansas HIV Minority Task Force, Thursday, June 5, 2008...Time: 530 p.m. It's apart of the Have Ya* Heard, Public Forum. It's open to the entire community and Refreshments will be offered. It will be held in the Joycelyn Elders Lecture Hall, of the Harry R. Kendall Science & Health Mission Center on the Philander Smith College campus in Little Rock, AR The E-blast heralded: We Need YOU !!! Come share your thoughts about reaching those in your community about HIV prevention, treatment and other available services.