Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rainbows bustin loose...

As Pride season 2007 continues to heat up around the nation, there are many stories and happenings that I felt needed to be included in this forum. It's always been our goal to find unique items and topics that often get left off the table of breaking news items. I get tired of hearing the same old headlines or headliners, such as the next "Rosie O." outbreak or tepid human interest tidbit. The direction of this blog will continue to kick the envelope and find those stories, issues, concepts and challenging reports that you are not hearing about from your mainstream hookup. If you want cutting edge, then you will find it here first....

Straights Banned. Tom McFeely owner of The Peel Hotel in Melbourne, Australia has been granted a ruling allowing him to ban heterosexuals from the premises. Mr. McFeely said that the ruling was needed to keep his patrons safe. "If I can limit the number of heterosexuals entering the Peel, then that helps me keep the safe balance," he told Australian raido. The Victorian state civil and administrive tribunal concluded that the hotel could exclude patrons based on their sexuality, running contrary to the country's equal opportunity laws on discrimination. Commission Chief Helen Szoke said the hotels' gay clientele had experienced harassment and violence. Szoke further commented to reporters, "that they also have felt as though they've been like a zoo exhibit with big groups of women on hens' parties coming to the club."

Bad Blood Rationale: The Food and Drug Administration has announced on their website that the current lifetime ban on donating blood will remain in effect for gay and bisexual men. This policy will remain in affect despite 2006 testimony from the American Association of Blood Banks, America's Blood Centers and the American Red Cross which stated that the lifetime ban for MSM's is "medically and scientifically unwarranted" and that "it does'nt appear rational to braodly differentiate sexual transmission via male to male sexual activity from heterosexual activity on scientific grounds." Gay and Lesbian Medical Association Executive Director Joel Ginsberg expressed his disappointment, citing "if a man has high-risk sex with a woman, he's allowed back into the pool after 12 months, but if he has safe sex with another man, He's banned for life. This isn't about science; it's about perconceptions about gay and bisexual men." This issue struck close to home recently when I gave my own blood for surgery. Even though the local staff was cooperative and extremely friendly, I still had an uneasy feeling as they entered my personal data into their system. The whole experience made me feel vulnerable, as another element of my life was exposed to government scrunity. Hopefully, the FDA will reconsider there decision, meanwhile finding a rationale blood donation guideline that will allow for a safe blood supply. But certainly founded on the best evidenced -based science and not misguided notions.

Out of The Closet: If you just happen to need that special Pride gift, why not check out, The Closet out on DVD. Produced by Maurice Townes and featuring a 68 member cast is a "gay soap opera with Black SGL (Same Gender Loving) men dealing with the various facets of their lives." In the Platinum edition box set you will find everything from the actual episodes to cast bloopers. It's on sale around the country, except anywhere in Arkansas ( go figure?) but you can get it directly from the website, The men of The Closet: ( left to right) Evan Allison, Preston J. Horne, Kevin F. Allan, Shannon Crawford, Raphael Joseph and Isaias Castaneda
Quick Pick:
4th Annual Conway Pride Parade & Festival
Saturday, June 23, 2007
Simon Park ( located next to City Hall)
1201 Oak Street
Conway Arkansas
contact: 501.244-9690 or for more info!!!
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Friday, May 25, 2007

As the flags unfurl...Part Deux

Our last outing elicited some stimulating reaction concerning our Pride or Bust post. As I've always stated, comments are always welcomed, posted as ASAP and they are unedited. In case you missed it, the posting is still current and here's my commentary on those observations, plus a look at the Isaiah Washington PSA from GLSEN.(Gay, Lesbian and Straight Educational Network)

Can WE all just get along....?

To begin, I never take comments as personal attacks or allow them to deter me from my goals or mission for this forum. I consider myself of the "thick skin" type who is willing to say what's on my mind, present varying viewpoints and willing to see the "800 pound" elephant or gorilla in the room, no matter the circumstances. I wasn't suprised at the swiftness or the tone of the comments coming from Pride committee board members. I expected it and respect it, especially when addressing the alleged stealth contribution. However, the accusation from board member, (barb) stating that somehow I was trying to tear apart...cause infighting and division in the community is not only startlingly unfounded, but so untrue. All this from a board member who states "I haven't seen the pride guide..." but took time to take me to task instead? Meanwhile, the postings to this site have been broad based and highlighted "prideful" accomplishments, announcements, health programs, drag shows and a diversity of people. Many items had Arkansas ties or human interest to the GLBTQ community and often fall far from the radar of other state sites. Even though I strive for perfection, at this time it's not within my reach and errors occur. The typo concerning Mr. Himan's name was detected when I read the hard copy, but access to the net was hampered by a Comcast internet connect glitch, not allowing me to correct the material. Nevethless, it was corrected as soon as the system was restored. After all, we've previously posted tour info, music, and video on our platforms, as noted by a positive acknowledgement from the Board President Joe, but no other board members. Perhaps that post wasn't as efficiently forwarded as possible negative news get's hearlded. To sum this up with the old adage, "opinions are like assholes, everyone has one," is rather earthy but true and I'm guilty of allowing individuals to share them with me, similar to the Whispers section of the Arkansas Times, which publishes a variety of items that are sometimes later refuted. With this in mind, the published comments on this forum from board members will stand to correct or clarify information so posted in Pride or Bust(5.23.06). Ultimately, whether I like certain perceptions or not, I'm not seeking to staying PC (politically correct), insulated from what people are really thinking and refuse to say, constructive criticism or stone cold realities. Therefore, Lord forgive me, the Arkansas Times, pundits, and other bloggers from rumor mongering and hurtin folks feelings. We pledge to do better in the near future. Amen.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

As the Pride flags unfurl around the country...!

And the winner is... Taz Bailey, Mr. Gay All-American 2007! Mr. Bailey from Midwest City, Oklahoma was selected from a field of three at the Copa, 5.19.07 in OKC in a competition based on interview, fashion modeling and talent. Rounding out the contest was Sebastian Armonte of Pittsburgh, PA, (1st Alternate,) and (2nd Alternate,) Dean Taylor of St Louis, MO. Awarded a $2,500 prize package, Bailey will represent the pageant throughout the country promoting a positive gay role model and participation in the MGAA system. The event was hosted by former MGA 2004, Rachel Eriks and MGAA 2006, Lucas Lander, which also featured guest performers and former contest winners as pictured below.

(Left to right) Antonio Edwards (MGAA98), Enrique Perez (MGAA03), David Pace (MGAA94),John Lucas, ( MGAA 06), John Bebee ( MGAA 96), contestants: Dean Taylor, Taz Bailey and Sebastian Armonte. How time has passed since the inception of this contest which has roots here in Arkansas, even though the state has failed to produce a representative in years. It was the brainchild of NK, Inc. decades ago and I had a chance to witness it's timely uniqueness as it began the journey to highlight and celebrate "overt maleness," of our diverse community. My then favorite, Keith Mitchell, went on to win the 1985 national title as well as represent the contest. Unfortunately and all to soon, Mr. Mitchell since then has passed on. Futhermore, to my knowledge this is the first time that all participants were African Americans. How times..they are a changing or are they? Congrats to all involved and bravo to Mr. Bailey on capturing the title. Perhaps we will be able to get an exclusive interview with him in the near future. Unlike most competitions, the contest is open to all and at this date does not demand an entry fee. The 2008 title will be up for grabs in November 2007, so get prepped early.

Pride or Bust: Across the country the sounds of Pride flags are unfurling as local organizers plan their yearly festivals and parades. However, many of those planners are finding that producing Pride activites, althought put together with love, often come at price that some groups can't continue to pay. Enter the Seattle gay pride celebration that "blinked" when organizers announced that they would cease operations and disband amidst a 2006, $102,000.00 budget deficit. But community citizens were not having it, meanwhile proposing to dial back plans and producing the event with more modest financing raised from dieheart supporters. North of the border in Ottawa and Montreal, organizers are reeling from financial difficulties and will attempt find more revenue producing aspects to offset Prides that have become behemoths of debt. The national budget figures vary wildly from $50,000 to $250,000.00 for an average event. Locally, Little Rock's impending capitol pride has been scavenging for funds for the past year, in the face of several cancelled fundraisers, non-responding corporate sponsors and a "fire sale" on booths to vendors and non profits. The last time I checked it's website's running total, the posted amount was less than $6,000 but the scuttlebutt around town is that a unamed benefactor has donated $10,000 to the cause. Allowing the organization to produce needed advertising materials including a slick "Pride Guide," stuffed with advertisements. But in my opinion ( and I wasnt asked) the guide lacks an actual schedule of events, FYI tidbits such as parking, security, rules of order or terrorist attack.( O.K. maybe not terrorist.) Further whispers have stated that headliner Eric Himan may not be totally engaged with the event, has Pride 07 morphed into "Joe Lafontaine Presents..." ( the solo inside cover picture of the prez doesn't help dispel this notion,) and others have cited too many concerns to mention here. I wish the skelton crew of LRCP well for undertaking the daunting task they've accepted. The planing meetings were open to all, participants sought and imput requested, therefore, the opportunities were presented to make this a success. If it's not, then there's always next year. It's going down at the Rivermarket Pavillions, June 3, 2p.m. - 9p.m. Pick up a guide at your favorite spot and tell me what you think.

Links: (contact info for MGAA contest) (Health and AIDS information)

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Which Way is Up...Part 2

Every day my life is augmented with it's own soundtrack from my special catalog. The song, Which Way is Up from the Richard Pryor movie of the same name, causes me pause as I slyly slip it into today's headlines, meanwhile finding it so appropriate all these years later. The 24/7 news slams from CNN, CNBC, MSNBC and FOX are relentlessly updating us with the latest madness from a world that so often seems to be spinning out of control. Yet dear readers, believe it or not, as the Ronco salesman used to say, "wait there's more..!" And of course, my radar is in full effect, catching everything and anything that may be falling through the cracks that I feel you should know about. With this in mind, I continue on my trek to find out, "Which way is up?"

Podcasting 101: Check out our latest podcast with a savvy mix of news, links, information and music. Click on the Evoca icon, adjust your volume and enjoy our online radio mash up!!
In case you missed it, you're getting another chance to hear our unique blend as we continue to harness the power of the internet and all the tricks of the the trade. Afterall, CorneliusOnpoint, is the first online site to podcast items related to Arkansas' GLBTQ community and beyond. Shortly we will be offering our entire catalog here as well, so you can see what we've been up to since we started podcasting in September 2006. We are proud to access this platform, courtsey of EVOCA and source material provided from a variety of content producers. We've tried to make sure our production values are consistant in conjuction to offering current information and entertainment value. As this forum grows, I hope to add more local color to the pod featuring special guest interviews, roundtables or other items of interest. We are on the move to bring you more of what you should be looking for.

You're Registered Where? Congrats go to the City Council of Eureka Springs, Arkansas for their precendent setting efforts of a registery alllowing same sex couples to formally acknowledge their domestic commitments. Unfortunately none of these documents will be consider legal in the state, just ceremonial. However, after unsettling articles in local newspapers and much grumbling from naysayers who are mulling over there next approach, the council still voted to approve the measure in a May 14 session. The local hamlet reports that Eurkea is a bustling enclave of GLBTQ businesses and entertainment outlets. Some have even referred to the area as "the Key West of the Mid-South," or a "southern Provincetown." I haven't been to Eurkea lately, but the last time I was their I didn't feel like I was in Key West by no means. Perhaps things have upgraded since then and I need to take a second look. I'll let you know what I find.

Word UP: The weekend patio fun is wide open at Sidetracks with patrons opting to "stay awhile" into the early evening. Phillip P. co-owner stated that" this is what I always envisioned happening. I want this place to be more than just a bar. There's so much more to life than bar life and having conversations among community members is very important part of what we want to do here. I feel that the people who come here, set the tone, atmosphere and contribute as they see fit." If you haven't had a chance to check out the scene do so. Co- Owner Jim is master grilling burgers your way for $1.00, Bartender Jon-Jon is always on top of it with bar specials and you can have cool evening without a cover charge. How's that for a cheap date!

Over HERE!: I've told you about HERE networks and the variety of well produced VOD ( video on Demand) shows filling there schedule. Well, the folks at HERE just continue to roll on with the debut of, "The D L Chronicles" this month. Created and Produced by team Quincy Lenear and Deondray Gosset, the multi-hued cast is not only great eye candy, but they can actually act. According to show notes, the premise is based around the narrator, Chadwick Williams, played by Damian Tofeek Raven ( yes that's his real name, pictured right) who is writing a book to explore the lives of DL (Down Low) men and their presumed, "sexually duplicitous and secret lifestyles." As I pointed out previously, the cast is must see TV, especially Kareem Ferguson ( pictured below) for those BSGL men seeking their fixes since the demise of Noah's Arc on LOGO. But speaking of the Arc, the net is a twitter with info that the promised movie version is in the creative writing mode, per creator Patrik Polk. Locally you can find HERE on Comacast Digital. If you are going spend a dime on entertainment, you should consider doing so with VOD, because if we don't support these ventures they will go, bye bye !

Queen of Mean: No this is not a Rosie O Donnell entry, but rather the other true bawdy Queen of Mean Comdey, Lisa Lampanelli. Who is Lisa L. you say, well you must have missed her one women, scene chewing, no holes barred, stand up act on Comedy Central. If that wasn't enough she has released a new CD/DVD, aptly named, "Dirty Girl" which warrants a parental advisory warning. Ms. L does'nt mince words about an array of topics ranging from her thoughts of Eclairs and Black Men, to her philosophy ticks about everything else that life has to offer. This off-color humor is not for the mild or meek by no means. Because, if you thought Joan Rivers made you whence, then Lisa Lampanelli will make you turn many shades of lavender and beyond. I needed a cigarette and a shower after watching the Comdey Central show. I'm sure the live version will take you places that you may never thought you would ever visit. She's posting her antics including Tour dates at: The CD/DVD is in stores now, so listeners beware!!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Which Way is Up...?

Ode to a Falwell

The magnatude of Jerry Fallwells death continues to spew forth from his supporter, parishoners, close friends and those orchestrating their power play for all those evangelical votes amassed in the name of Jesus. Falwell, 73 died 5.15.07 and left a trove of controversy and religious barnstroming including the highly visable support for Ronald "mornin in America" Reagan who rode his Moral Majority agenda into the White House. The fire and brimstone rhetoric of his ministry is ripe, as well as, rich with alleged direct ties to God himself. The whipping post was filled with the ususal suspects: the GLBTQ community was responsible for much of the pestilence sired upon the earth, Feminist, ACLU, Teletubbies & Twinkie Winke, Norman Lear, Jim and Tammy Faye, Abortionist and all those sinners who supported them. An era has come and gone. God giveth and taketh away, as we do the civilived thing to offer condolences to his wife and family, despite his full throtle bully pulpit of righteousness and condemnation often unfounded and many times hurtful. Rest in Peace as we move on to deal with the many others molded in his image that are left behind. Ultimately we must gather our collective senses to determine, "Which way is up."

King Passage:Yolanda Denise King, the oldest child of civil rights leader the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. died late Tuesday in Santa Monica, California at age 51. Relatives think it might have been a heart problem.
King was an actor, speaker, producer and the founder and head of Higher Ground Productions, billed as a "gateway for inner peace, unity and global transformation." On her company's Web site, King described her mission as encouraging personal growth and positive social change.
She was also an author and advocate for peace and nonviolence, and held memberships in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference — which her father co-founded in 1957 — and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
Her death comes more than a year after the death of her mother, Coretta Scott King.
In 2005, King presented the Gavin Newsom Visionary Award at the Fourth Annual Equality Awards & Gala to the California State Conference of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) for their support of marriage for gays and lesbians. King was known for her support of lesbian and gay civil rights and was a popular speaker at LGBT events.
She was among 187 protestors in 2000 that went to jail to make an impression on the United Methodists and the Archbishop of Canterbury in Cleveland, Ohio in a civil disobedience action seeking equal treatment from religious groups for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people.

The L Word gets jiggy: Filmmaker Amber Sharp ("Triple Minority") has announced the debut of the website for her latest project entitled “Don’t Go.”
“Don’t Go” is a new lesbian series featuring a multicultural cast aimed at filling the void for lesbian women of color on television. (pictured above)
"Don't Go" tells the intimate story of the lives and loves of a group of vibrant individuals living in an apartment complex in Los Angeles. The cast line-up includes Skyler Cooper (“Bone”), out rap artist Melange LaVonne (“Jaden”), lesbian favorite Guinevere Turner (“Melody”) among others.
Set to debut in Los Angeles at the 20th Annual Outest Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian film festival, “Don’t Go” is headed to a city near you soon.
Click here to view trailer and visit their official website.

Editors Note:There are several projects from BSGL producers, writers and directors all over the place,so get your hook up and check them out. If we don't show the necessary support, then these productions will go the way of Noah's Arc. Two Snaps and a Bye..Bye..

PRIDE-R- US: The Mid-south pride festival and parade will be held, June 9 and the Memphis Black Pride, June 14-17 all in the bluff city, Memphis, TN. Don't Forget Capitol Pride, June 3, 2-9 p.m. in the Rivermarket Pavillion, Little Rock AR.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Live from The Body Politic-Podcast 5

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She's Back, the D - List Diva, Kathy Griffin is barn storming her way across the country with her unique brand of humor, candor and "gay aura." The show can be found on the BRAVO network starting in June, so check your local listings. I recently saw the entire catalog of show's from her last outing and it was an interesting mix of baudy stand-up and in your face reality antics that kept me entertained. Check it out it's a sure fire alternative to re-runs.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Obama/Clinton Matrix

Candidates, Some Where Over the Rainbow...?

Democratic front runner, Hillary Clinton, the junior the Senator from New York and Illinois newcommer, Barak Obama have created a feeding frenzy from GLBTQ media outlets as well as, community onlookers. Their repsective positions have been scrutinized and sanitized to deal with the various factions that make up the fabric of opinionated gays on "political patrol", literally hanging on to every word uttered from not only these candidates, but anyone who mis-speaks. Most notably, Gov. Tommy Thompson's mis-cue, mistake or all around mess up via comments concerning gays and employers during the recent Republican Debates. Thompsom was on the A.M news circut ASAP, spilling mea culpas complete with the "you I know didn't mean it," spin cycle in overdrive. However, it's all about the Clinton/Obama factor that everyone's really talking about, but dont' count out John Edwards, because this ain't his first rodeo either. Although it's early in the game, it's apparent that candidate distinction is razor thin and sometimes indistinguable after the shake out. Each top tier candidate has touted press releases with a list of "who's who in Gay America" endorsements, ranging from local activitst to big bank gays who hob nob with the power elite. Unfotunately, in Arkansas tracking statistics seem to be lacking or have been created to clearly define which contender is favored. Yet, the Human Rights Campaign has scored both Clinton and Obama with respective 89% out of 100 concerning their support or voting records in Congress. Both, have cited there opposition to Gay marriage, but responded positive toward civil unions or domestic partnership status. Edwards has chimmed in with his traditional view of marriage as his oppositon and believes that the states will have to make final determinations. However, Edwards has publically stated that he supported same-sex couples who wanted to adopt children and the federal bill outlawing job discrimination based on sexual orientation. Unilaterally, each candidate was insensed by the homosexual immorality remarks by General Peter Pace and have voiced their concern about the Don't Ask, Don't Tell/Pursue policy of the Armed forces. Clinton capped her position with the quote, " they don't have to be stratight to shoot straight.." In Illinois, Obama was a staunch supporter of gay rights issues, but as his political aura has risen, he has often "redefined" his position from a more centrist viewpoint appealing to a variety of base audiences, staying in lockstep with Clinton and Edwards, as each prepare to shadow box with there Republican counterparts.

Amaechi Represents: "America has surprised me..." says John Amaechi during his presentation to a Log Cabin Republican gathering. He continues that he expected an "alvalanche of criticism and backlash, but was take aback at the positive outpouring of letters and contacts that he received." Publically, Amaechi was taken to task by former NBA baller, Tim Hardaway, who openly expressed his disdain for gay people with his callous statements of "I hate gays," in an Miami Beach interview. Since then Hardaway has recanted and said that he was taken out of context. Yeah, right. Amaechi has been selected at the spokesperson for HeadGear a male grooming product marketed to those who shave their heads.

Conway Pride 07: Organizers of the 4th Annual Conway Gay Pride Parade and Festival are seeking vendors, volunteers and performers for the event scheduled, June 23, 2007, at Simon Park ( located next door to City Hall) 1201 Oak street Time: Queen Time

For Profit Vendor booths: $25.00

Non-Profit/Community booths: $15.00

Vendors are soley responsible for tables, chairs and coverings for each booth

For additional contact info: e-mail: or call: (501) 244-9690

Idol Madness Continues... The Little Rock Capitol Pride event committee continues to sweep the city with more Idol Madness, with winners, Makayla Blake, Monica Deangelo and Alexis Wolfchase from the first primary to it's Drag Idol contest held at Backstreet (4/29), netting a reported $1200 booty for PRIDE O7. The next round takes place at The Factory, May 25, 8 p.m Cover charge is in affect. All "PG" performances can be pre-registered, call the PRIDELINE: 501.859.0723

Books-R-Us 911:The father of two teenage boys has asked city officials to fine theBentonville (Ark.) Public Library for keeping The Whole Lesbian Sex Book by Felice Newman on the open shelves where his sons could findit. Earl Adams said his 14- and 16-year-old sons discovered the bookin January while browsing for literature on military academies andwere "greatly disturbed," causing "many sleepless nights in ourhouse."Adams wants the city to pay him $10,000 per child, the maximum allowed under Arkansas obscenity law. "God was speaking to my heartthat day and helped me find the words that proved successful inremoving this book from the shelf," Adams said in the April 20 Springdale Morning News. City Attorney Camille Thompson said the book was not pornographic and Adams has no "valid legal concern." After receiving his original complaint, the library advisory board voted April 3 to remove thebook from circulation and look for a similar, less graphic resource for the open stacks. "I thought we had a very intelligent—I almost want to say high-minded—discussion about the book," said board memberGeorge Spence. Library Director Cindy Suter told the paper that she disagreed with Adams's conclusion that having Newman's book in the library follows an "immoral social agenda," adding, "My focus was to develop aninclusive collection and not an exclusive collection." All this hoopla justs when Alice Walton wants to bring "art and culture," to northwest Arkansas via the Crystal Museum slated to open in 2008.

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Cornelius: 2.0 gets more Hot, Live and otherwise !!

It's all Good on the upswing....!!

As I've stated before, "you just can't keep a good guy down, when he's determined to keep on movin ahead..." Yes, I'm back in the saddle, gearing up and ready to come out swinging! I can't thank my Faith community and healthcare team enough for the excellent care and premier job of preparing me for my second act in life. Choosing the right doctors and facilities to take care of your medical needs is paramount, therefore I highly recommend the Ortho gang at St. Vincent's Infirmary, Arkansas Specialty Care Centers and ortho expert, Dr. Gordon Newbern who sheparded me from Alpha to Omgea. In the words of Irene Cara, "Oh what a feeling...!" With all that said let's dive back into the fray of what's really going on in Arkansas and beyond.

Stonewall Rivived: The Stonewall Democrats of Arkansas have recently been on the move with a trio of recent successful events. Next up, a Spring Wine Tasting Party, honoring Amiee Berry, Executive Director, of Arkansas American Academy of Pediatrics, May 17, 2007, 6-8 p.m. The soriee will be hosted by Paul Dodds, 2119 West 17th Donation is $25.00 for more info call 501.944.5837 or need directions: 501.372.4376

Registering Eureka: A proposed Domestic Partnership Registry, which has won unanimous approval from the local city council will be placed on a final reading, Monday, 5.14.07 at 6 p.m.
Eureka Springs City Hall, 44 south Main St. If you can attend call: 479.253.2555
If you can't then reach out and share your thoughts with the local movers and shakers who need to know what visitors feel about their fair haven. According to organizers the GLBTQ community comprises of 20% of the population with 40 business owned or managed by rainbow citizens.
Rae Hahn: Brammer: Buchannan: Kathy Harrison: Zeller: Mayor Dani Wilson at: mailto:mayor@cityofeurekas

Voices in need of Men: The JCCSI program, Many Men, Many Voices, is seeking MSM from the Central Arkansas African American community to participate in it's HIV/ AIDS intrevention program. This workshop is designed for individuals who are HIV-negative facing the same concerns of race vs. sexuality, involving self identity, homophobia, and racism. Upon completion of the program they offer HIV testing and some nifty swag. You've been invited so call, Jeremy at 501.663-7166 Ext. 105 for the hook up. It's about "ever loving Black Men and the "Life of his partner." Tell em you heard about it here first!!!

Oh Jermaine: Gotcha! Yeah you thought we were talking about Arkansas Boxing sensation Jermaine Taylor when we actually want to introduce you to the other JT, from Game Show Network's , I've Got a Secret, hosted by Bill Dwyer. Taylor, a Texan native is a triple threat artist acclaimed for a one-man Off Broadway production, "A Peace of the Game." The ebullient Taylor is a featured panelist on this "lavender" version of the famed game show in which blindfolded panelist try to guess the particpants secret. "I'm just overwhelmed at the response", stated JT, in a recent interview. The show can be seen daily on GSN, (check your local listings) and his website:

Idol Madness: The Idol primaires continue at The Factory, May 25, 8p.m. Bring your "PG" performance piece to the stage and let the audience do the rest. Contact the Pride Idol event coordinator for more info or
call the participating venue. Don't Forget the countdown has started to PRIDE 07, June 3, 2007 in the Rivermarket Pavilions. If you want to get in on it call the PRIDELINE: 501.859.0723 or for on-demand form downloads. If you want to hear music from headliner Eric Himan, go to our newly designed Myspace page at

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Community "This- n - That" overview - Take 2

As the haze continues to clear from the my latest medical foray, I'm finding my way back to the maddening roar of cyberland and keeping this forum "on point." Recovery for me means staying laser focused as well as driven to being apart of the information mix. The air-waves are teaming with the who, what when and where of events locally, statewide and nationally. Let's get it started now!

NWA Pride: Ken Boyle will chair Pride 07 events for Northwest Arkansas, meeting May 6, 2007, according to the groups website. NWA Pride is searching for volunteers in preparation for the Annual Picnic and Parade. If you are interested you can check out there NWA Pride Yahoo Group or call 1.888.391.9222 for more information. Also the NWA Community Center Gala, "An Affair to Remember", June 8, at the Clarion Inn, in Fayetteville, Arkansas still has tickets that can purchased online at the The Guest speaker will be Sarah Scanlon from the Human Rights Campaign.

Stage PRIDE: May 10, Capital Pride will benefit from the Weekend Theater's performance of the musical "A Man of No Importance." May 10, 2007 at 7:30 p.m. A no-host cash bar will be provided. Call the PrideLine at 501.859.0723 for advance ticket reservations.

Foundation A-go-go: Donna Summer's classic, "Rumor has it..." couldn't be more adept in reference to The Arkansas AIDS Foundation which has been subject of whispers and wondering for the last 6 months. According to sources the foundation has become a "shell of it's self" as funding shifts have been implemented, per the Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services Department who will now facilitate payments for physicians or services. Circulated E-mail statements have admitted "identifying rumors and misinformation," as Section Chief Gary Horton continues to assure that all's well and client needs will be addressed. Meanwhile, interm Director, Chiquita Munir has allegedly departed and Board President Dean Blevins is scheduled to make an exit in June. However, we have confirmed that the Annual AIDS Walk 2007, bearing the theme "Celebration of Life" will commence, June 2, Clinton Libary Grounds, Registration 8:30 a.m. Walk: 10 a.m. Free Food, entertainment, games, prizes and health information will be available. For more info call them, if any one's left to speak to at 501.376.6299

Poll Results: CorneliusOnpoint hosted the recent Business Afterhours Project at Sidetracks, 4.12.07 and created a poll to monitor interest.

The Results were as follows:

31% for Guest Speakers

31.5% Chances of meeting someone new

15.79% Showcasing my experitse or business

0% Cash Giveaways

21.05% Concept won't work in this area

Thanks for everyone's participation and imput. If individuals or business are interested in hosting the Business Afterhours Project contact Sidetracks. Check out the May issue of the Free Press for a brief mention of our activites.

Website Update: Despite the recent setbacks, misinformation and delays that have plagued the launch of our new website, I am proud to announce that this endeavor has found new life and will debut shortly. If you wan't something badly enough you've got to make it happen whether others want that for you or not. I'm determined to bring that portion of our platform to forefront as a statement that "you might knock a man down, but that doesn't mean he's out!" You better ask somebody about me.... Stay tuned....