Friday, July 31, 2009

Philly Shuffle

What more can you say about a jammed packed week of workshops, networking, chit-chat, empowerment and renewing acquaintances? Well, believe it or not, there's more that I can share about the 29th NABWMT national convention in Philadelphia, P.A. It's fast and furious as I count down to my Sunday farewell to the city of brotherly love. Let's go...
BWMT: What's the Frequency again: As I've been embracing this weeks activities and programming, I realized that my experience with this organization may not be translating as I would hope. I've had questions about BWMT in the past and I felt that most likely those who follow this forum were probably still unclear as to revelency of this organization or it's function. BWMT was founded in 1980 by Michael Smith of San Francisco to establish a group of like minded men whom shared the desire to openly deal with the interaction as well as their SGL(same gender loving) attraction of a different race. The group was formed in response to the lack of gay centric environments in which such men could openly share these experiences and the impact of this choice on their daily lives. Over it's existence, NABWMT has ebbed and flowed with a network of chapters in a cities coast to coast. Each local chapter governs itself in a self styled manner ranging from social to volunteer activities. As a national social justice entity, NABWMT in 1996 established the Bush-Mallon Institute For Social Justice (BMI) facilitated by certified trainers as a model to address racial and cultural barriers. This series of workshops is available to companies, municipalities, college campuses and others interested the learning and dealing with issues surrounding racism in our society. Despite our moniker, NABWMT is an inclusive organization with a diverse roster of stakeholders and officers. Everyone is welcomed as member prospects, allies and supporters. For more info I encourage you to check out our newly designed website at Is Little Rock a prospect for chapter development? Well, why not! If you want more information on what's percoulating locally, hit us up in our comment icon. I'd love to hear from you TODAY!!

Philly at Night: All work makes COP:24/7 a dull boy and we certainly can't have any of that, now can we. Therefore, I hit the streets of Philadelphia in search of what's really going on and yes, by golly I found it. Everywhere. In case you haven't been to this city, Philly as it's commonly known, is a very walkable city with plenty of sights and sounds to encounter while in motion. Personally, I loved every moment. The hustle and bustle, cobbled streets, sirens blasting, trains shuffling, unique neighborhoods and the smells of urban living every now and then tinged with a whiff of urine to remind you that mankind moves about day and night. It's all their for the taking
and so much more. As I joined the pace, during the day I set about to see the Franklin Institute with it's impressive Ben Franklin statue in the rotunda. This museum also had a Star Trek exhibit and an interesting exposition on entitled RACE. There are wonderful parks and fountains that seem to pop out of now where especially the LOVE art piece adjacent to a soaring center city fountain. On a one of the hot days, I felt the cool spray mist while surveying the imposing cityscape, especially City Hall with it's artful facade. Ultimately, I arrived at the Independence Museum and the Liberty Bell complex where I strolled through the sections while reading the history of this historic icon. At the rear of the building, I stood face to face with none other than the item itself, the Liberty Bell. Upon exiting, I quickly moved on to the famed Independence Hall where founding fathers hammered out the origins of this land. Dusk falls, enter Philly at Night. I was warmly welcomed at all the local nightspots throughout the "gayborhood," which is a noted area south of City Hall featuring street signs with "rainbow decals." I met local entertainer Ms. Karen at Woody's, who gave me the 411 on where to go, when and who to see while I was in town. Later, I spent time at Uncles, Bike Stop, and the three story 12th Air Command. Meanwhile over at Bob's and Barbra's, I got the affectionately official "Fuck U and Welcome to Philadelphia," from Ms. Lisa Lisa and crew. Actually, this shout out is reserved for in-houe birthday's, but I shared some time with Club Hostess Ms. Lisa at a convention party night in the skylounge where she gave me the head's up on the Philly scene. Each place had it's own distinctiveness or offering that I found quite appealing. Usually there were the basics, boys, bounce and pricey booze admist a parade of others filling the streets and shadowy allyways. I didn't expect to see so many individuals strolling the streets, especially many gay youths who may or may not be homeless. The entire area is vibrant, boisterous at times and open for all to just be gay and proud. Check out the Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Tourism Caucus for everything going on in the Love city.
Have you Chipped In Today...It's all about Pride 2010 and what you gonna do to show some pride. The secure and safe ChipIn icon located in the margin has been established to begin fund raising for programming and actitivities for next year. Look for more info, upadates coming soon! So ChipIn TODAY, what are you waiting for?....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

COP in Motion & More

If you haven't attended a national convention and you should to discover the experience, it's jammed packed with workshops, speakers, conversations, networking and staying on the move. Conferences last from blazing 3 days to week long outing that can offer you opportunities that perhaps you will never encounter on you home turf. This week at the 2009 NABWMT convention in Philly has been just that and more. Next year this experience will be held in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and hopefully, they'll be a few more of you who want to get out your comfort zone and open your mind to something new.

Electric Connections & LGBT Pink Dollars: Of the many workshops that I attended two of the best workshops that I enjoyed directly had links to some my work. The Community Organizing through Modern Technology featuring Jeremy Hettner and Chris Bartlett barned stormed cyberspace covering the many aspects of harnessing the Internet for a variety of purposes, especially community organizing. Each presenter demonstrated how the power of the Internet can mobilize people around issues as well as alert them to action. I engaged both presenters on how I could better use this forum as a catalyst for outreach. They instructed me to continue finding essential tools for my "toolbox" to enhance my readers experience while viewing the site. Such items as analytical sources, gadgets, counters, links, pop boxes and many other gizmos. To my surprise, I had done many of those suggestions and was quite proud of the fact that I wasn't behind the curve as perhaps I had thought. It was a good to know that COP:24/7 is on track and keeping up with the latest ideas for websites. The other workshop that grabbed by attention was presented by Perry Monastero of the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund. Mr. Monastero was stimulating as he detailed how to begin the "out of the box" thinking when searching for funding sources. I was impressed with how he simplified some techniques and approaches that should be used when dealing with funders or possible in-kind donors. He covered some of the nuts and bolts of what it takes to make events take place and emphasized that in some cases, "continuing touches" which basically means, staying vigilant with your prospect which may take a period time before they reward you with a gift. He was quick to point out that also using key people in the community and defining pockets of individuals who can outreach to their networks to bring you fresh possibilities. I was energized by his presentation and hope to use this information for Pride 2010 and other events that I be involved with. Ultimately, it's all about the Benjamin's and how they are expended for the maximum impact.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On the Road in Midweek

I hit the ground running here in Philly this week and it's been non-stop. In case you've never attended a national convention and I hope that you have, there's a definitely a pace that you must adhere to. There are workshops, guest speakers, meetings, side meetings, interviews and materials to consume in the meantime. Yes my readers, you also have time to work in some down time for that all important rest and relaxation. Furthermore, if you are visiting a new city, then it's imperative that you check out the local color and I've made time to do just that. I'm doing America's first capitol and not missing a beat! Let's go deep...

Mandy in the House: Firebrand activist, Mandy Carter addressed the delegates during Wednesday's Co-Chairs luncheon. She delivered a message filled with detailed information tendered with her passionate plea for NABWMT as well as other national organizations to review their approaches to all issues. "At this time we must consider whether our view is about "Justice or Just US," came the rally cry from Carter. "Our issues should be expanding such as health care policies. I'm a Black Lesbian without health care. Where are we on these issues ?" Carter affectionately chided NABWMT about it's long standing moniker and the perception of it's continue use. However, she affirmed that the mission of the organization was necessary in this issue oriented climate especially in lieu of the publicly debated Gates Affair. She also asked for the organizations attention to a 2011 celebration of Bayard Rustins life highlighting his often overlooked contribution to the civil right march on Washington. Also, direct input on the newly formed NAACP LGBT Equality Task Force unveiled at it's national Centennial Convention in New York City. Carter is affiliated with the National Black Justice Coalition. I had heard Ms. Carter speak at least once before and she never fails to keep it real as well as bring all the issues to the table. As a lifetime member Carter has been a supportive force for NABWMT and was recipient of a 2004 Lifetime achievement award.

A Empty House: Even though I'm out of sight, trust me I'm only a few clicks away from always staying on point about what or what's not going on in Little Rock. I was dishearted yet somewhat not surprised by a follow up e-blast from a reader concerning the Christmas in July benefit held 7.25.09 at UBU. Even though there are many benefits that are planned during the year, it's important to know that these events are funding sources for the local ASO, which utilizes proceeds to assist clients and end users. Those involved are volunteer talent and coordinators whom continue to make the sacrifice to keep the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS current. Unfortunately, their efforts are not always met with a hearty response and such was the case according to this audience member, HIV/ AIDS survivor and ardent supporter. Even though I basically agree with his observations, I must also ponder a few other items such as, "where was the rest of the Arkansas AIDS Foundation Board of Directors?," if it was possible, where were the "clients" and end users whom benefit from the funds providing these services? ," are those scheduled entertainers aspiring to be "symbols of excellence?" Should we consider, "is Little Rock's GLBTQ community suffering from "Benefit Fatigue?," and finally in lieu of other failed benefits we must not forget one of my working proverbs, "prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance." A big shout out, high five and heartfelt THANKS to Cherity, Diamond Rose and Marvella for demonstrating what true "symbols of excellence," are suppose to be all about. I'm sure that there's probably more to come about this whole affair and of course, I'll be the first to let you know...stay tuned.

Coming this week, More from the City of Brotherly love, the NABWMT convention and what's really going on in the Rock. COP:24/7, Arkansas only daily updating online portal for news, updates, links, commentary, video, music and podcasting. It's all here and more, Have you hit the ChipIn icon? If not, why not? Stay locked in for more of what you are looking for.....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Traveling COP: Taking it on the Road

I'm packing it up and taking COP:24/7 on the road this week. Yes, my readers, I'm out to the east coast to attend the 29th National Association of Black and White Men Together national convention in Philadelphia, P.A. Serving on this organizations Board of Directors has been enlightening and exhilarating to say the least. When I was approached with this appointment, I realized that this was another opportunity for myself personally, as well as a continuing conduit to represent Arkansas in a positive view. Furthermore, harvesting a wealth of contacts, knowledge and experiences to share with all of you in this forum. So, as I grab the friendly skies to the City of Brotherly Love, here's some random thoughts for your reading pleasure...

Ticket Please: As the economy bounces, the airlines have been quite creative in keeping the cash flow-flowing. The crown was not amused when I had to do a "ticket change," due to scheduling. Hello, Mr. M, so you want to change your ticket...that'll be $150.00! Yes mam, a bill-fifty to go no where and I had no choice. However, it got even better or should I say worse, when I changed cities, "Hello, Mr. M, so you want to change cities...there wasn't enough credit left on that portion of that ticket..that'll be Cha-Ching, another $150.00, please. Say what, I'm spending dollars and haven't gone any damn where!!! Of course my legacy carrier, AMERICAN, wasn't done with me yet. Hello, Mr. M will you checking luggage...sure you will, so that'll be $40.00 each way for that luggage, sir. Welcome aboard and thanks for flying American...and oh yeah, "have a nice day."

Lambda Passing: The death of E. Lynn Harris was sudden and was thoroughly reported in the news cycles. Locally, both KATV and KARK had items on his life including interviews with his sister and mother. However with his passing, I found some interesting aspects that struck me in various ways. I received a text message that Mr. Harris had died and individuals from around the U.S. inquired with me about his impact in Arkansas. Unfortunately, even though Harris had reached national prominence, I found that his lauded accomplishments in regards to his writing had minimal affect within this states LGBTQ communities. Yes, those of us who are avid readers and are so enlightened were well aware of his works, but unilaterally I've surmised that many simply did not know who Mr. Harris was or his significance. Ironically, even though Harris composed books about "gay life," it's apparent that either by design or choice he was not openly active politically or widely engaged within Arkansas' gay community at large. My acquaintances from other regions were somewhat stunned to the fact that although Harris was celebrated in larger metro areas, he had not been more progressive in the state from which he launched his many book tours. Illustrating this point there were no newspaper Op-ed pieces, commentaries, interviews or attendance to organized events involving social justice issues affecting Arkansans. Meanwhile, as the news media descended on his family for comment, it was further illuminating that they stated that they "suspected or didn't quite know," of his gayness. Respectively, to them he was just "E. Lynn." I'm sure they found it difficult to talk about his personal life as they mourned their loss. Consequently, It's no secret that the SGL issue is not something that can be fully digested, totally accepted and not for public discussion in many African American households no matter how famous or accomplished. I've featured Mr. Harris and his works in this forum on numerous occasions and my condolences go out to his family and friends.
ChipIn: Have you Chipped today. Probably not, so what are you waiting for? It's all about gearing up for Pride Picnic 2010 in central city. You can find the gadget in the margin for easy access and it's a secured platform using Paypal. Show some pride and let's max out the meter with your donation TODAY!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Blue Monday

Even after the all the Moon fuss, not to mention that total eclipse, there's still plenty of stuff that makes the cut and that can be considered as "Moons over Little Rock." As usual this forum does it's ever loving best to keep it funky fresh and on point. So, let's step off to see what's really going on.

Tea Cup Benefit: "Is anyone out there!" Echos rebounded to the multi entertainer cast at last Sunday nights' Cassadine Benefit show, which rolled on to an audience equivalent to less than a Bakers' Dozen. What's a Baker Dozens' ? Thanks for asking, because that means that it's reported that only about "12" folks showed for this event. A Baker's Dozen is a whopping "13." Surprisingly despite the very low turn out, supposedly there was about "Three Big Headed Hundreds," collected for the effort. However, this low turn out, semi money maker didn't account for additional "expenses" that the show would incur, therefore this outing as well as Miss C herself ending up in the "red". Lesson learned: Don't forget that it takes money to make money honey. Hey, Miss C, here's some"real" advice for you, " get more info out, also you need to get your fabulous self out and promote your cash grab." Trust me, promoting is really the only way!

Chip In: Have you Chipped In yet? I bet not and what are you waiting for? The gadget has been positioned to accept donations toward Pride Picnic 2010. It's a secured platform supported by Paypal and showing your pride will help propel the planning to meet community expectations for this event. If you missed it this year, you can assist with making next year a even greater success. It's easy, secure and ready for you to make a difference. Will you Chip In TODAY!

Face Networking: Our new presence on Facebook has been off the hook. Thank you to all for your friend invites and "hello's." It's this forum to reach out and touch the LGBTQ community from all corners of the state. I'm glad to announce that our Fedjit feed has captured that we are penetrating into the rural areas as well as the metro. A big hello to Witter, Star City, Jonesboro, Bentonville and Maumelle. Let's go viral and let all of Arkansas know that COP 24/7 is the premiere online destination for updates, links, video, breaking news and podcasting! Keep it coming people and then share it with everyone you know!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Can We talk!..The Thursday Throwdown

Have we not covered much this week? And by golly the news, views and what have you just keeps on coming! Trust me, it doesn't stop and just when I think I'm getting a break from it all, there's more. It's all in a days work of COP:24/7, Arkansas' only daily updating online source for news, commentary, updates, links and anything else that makes the cut in this forum. Here we are again, and this outing we're doing a Can We Talk, The Thursday Throw down. Are you ready, if not get ready...

BLK Pride in the City: After sifting through e-mails and word of mouth, I finally got a look see at the official flyer for LRBP's Black Pride events being held this weekend, July 24 -26 in Little Rock. However, to my surprise there were items listed that I had not heard mentioned previously nor have I actually seen this "flier" physically circulating. With all that said, the event is proposed to go down Friday, July 24 with a "meet & greet" at host hotel La Quinta Inn, 901 Fair Park Blvd. I've heard unofficially that this starter will tentatively feature mentors from the International Black Gay Pride Federation and guest. According to the flier, the "main attraction day, Saturday" will include a Park Plaza "Mall Takeover," 3-9 p.m. and Splash Pool Party & Hot Body Contest, at the hotel, 5-9 p.m. Other e-blast sources cite a Sunday Family Fun Day Picnic at Reservoir Park at Cantrell and Reservoir Rd. and a Final event After party Farewell Bash at the Multi-Cultural Center Corner of 11th St and Cross St. LR. Yet, the flier that I received didn't list these activities. In another uncleared mention in the flier was the availability of "weekend passes." Despite the organizers best efforts they unfortunately offer no direction as to where you can get them, is the entire weekend's events covered or TA-DAH, how much do they cost? Hey folks, I just try to keep it real and deliver as it comes in. Stay tuned...

Lights, Cameras & U: I encourage any of you who want to share your stories to consider the Video Project, from Center for Artistic Revolution’s For ALL Families Matter. I've been personally approached to participate and when completed hopefully it will be posted to this site. The ALL Families Matter Video Project that is hosted on their website featuring LGBTQ community members with a member of their family; a parent, sibling, grandparent, etc. The conversation will feature the love and support of the family members, concerns around the inequalities and photo montages of the person as a child and growing up with their family. Our goal is to continue to eradicate the myths and stereotypes about our lives and our families and remind our fellow Arkansans that we are their family, friends, co-workers and neighbors! These videos will also go out on YouTube and Vimeo.
To schedule an interview time please call 501-244-9690 or email

Radio Rainbow: To date it's still the sounds of silence as far as the purported "gay radio" show that was proposed for KABF-FM. A few months back, I was solicited for participation in a new venture via the community radio outlet concerning the formation of a fresh show on the station. It was tentatively titled, Under the Rainbow and would feature segments from a round table of contributors. Meetings were held, assignments projected, time slot approached and the blessings from the Board of Directors of the station was the fuel that was to launch the show. However, to my chagrin and dismay, the entire project went down faster than you can say, "flaming Queen." Ultimately, I was informed that the original ideas and concepts were to be re-formatted with a new crew under the directions of station employee, A. Chagoya. Alright so be it. But, from what I can glean from the situation, the fact is that absolutely nothing and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has transpired under that knee jerk decision. In the meantime, I was sorta asked to cool my jets about the situation as matters would work themselves out. Bullshit I say. If we are calling out politicians, opponents and those who are barriers toward our building a sense of community, we shouldn't allow "anyone" off the hook without some splaining! Let's call 372-6119 or e-mail the station at and ask, "Where's the Rainbow?"
Contributors Wanted: COP24/7 is an open forum space that's always searching for writers, creative types, photo bugs, videographers, pod casters and artist. This forum is seeking to expand our content across our growing platforms. If you are interested in "staying on point!" Then, let's hear from you today. Hit us up at

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And the Beat goes on in a Mid Week drive

Of course you don't know it, but I've been burning the candles at both ends this week. Why, you ask? Thanks for asking. I wanted to finish out the week in advance of my impending travel to the 29th NABWMT National Convention in Philadelphia. If you recall, I blogged daily from last year's site, Saint Louis, but I'm seeking a new angle for this year. In the meantime, I push onward and upward to keep bringing it to you, you and yes mam, you too! So without delay, let's get down to it!

ARCPG Announces: Kevin Dedner, Section Chief of the Arkansas Department of Health has announced that Liz Gates has joined ADH as the new HIV Prevention Program Manager. Liz is an attorney and will have her Masters in Public Health in December of this year. Her research focus has consistently been on various aspects of the legal and public health ramifications of HIV/AIDS. He further states in his e-blast that Liz will be taking on the ARCPG management duties previously handled by Willie Rhodes. This change has been made to allow Willie to fill the much needed position of MSM Outreach Coordinator. Dedner concludes, I am pleased that Willie has agreed to take on this position and the important challenge of contacting, networking with and coordination prevention for the MSM community in Arkansas. Congrats to Ms. Gates and Mr. Rhodes on these new positions. Yet, as this news arrives, there still seems to confusion swirling about on services, funding and access. Maybe with this new configuration, perhaps any and all matters can be addressed in the name of client centered care.

HIV/AIDS Strategy: With health care reform in a firestorm of debate juxtaposed to this Saturday's HIV/ AIGDS luncheon sponsored by the LRBP, statistics showing that blacks and men who have sex with men are disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS and the impact of the virus on Washington, D.C., residents "should shock the conscience -- and spur action," a Washington Post editorial states. "The national strategy being crafted for the president must include efforts to destigmatize the disease and to get people tested and into treatment," and "HIV testing must become a routine part of medical care (akin to testing for diabetes, for instance)," the Post writes. "But none of this will work if all people from all ages and backgrounds don't know or refuse to learn their HIV status," the editorial adds. The editorial says that the national strategy expected to be developed within the next year by Jeffery Crowley, director of the Office of National AIDS Policy, is "long overdue and desperately needed." For more info on this weekends events and how you can get the hook up contact: Tell em that you saw it and heard about it here first!
Chip In NOW: Finally I've loaded the ChipIn Icon on this forum in response to early fundrasing for the 2010 Pride Picnic. The momentum of this year's success shouldn't wait until a few days out from the event, but with proper planning, this event can meet further needs and expectations of attendees. The ChipIn icon is a secured gadget using the Paypal platform with total transparency via the online scale. The funds raised from this effort through this forum will directly benefit the outcomes of the event. It was our pleasure to step to the plate and offer our support in a group pursuit as we celebrated "Unity in Community 2009!." All donations are welcomed including in-kind, products, sponsorhips and volunteering opportunities. Well, what are you waiting for! Hit the ChipIn Icon TODAY and show some Pride for 2010!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Twista Tuesday: Arkansas Style

Since topping the 500 mark last month, I've been wondering just how much more or should I say what more can I do with this forum. I know that it's serving some purpose, due to the fact that many of you share your concerns with me personally, a few through your online comments and direct e-mails. With each days production, I can't help but speculate, are we reaching our target audience? The items that make the cut are they pertinent and interesting to our readership? Are we missing the boat in some way that I hadn't thought about or considered? Oh Hell, I've written over 75,000 words and has it made a damn bit of difference to anybody or stirred anyone to action! The answer: perhaps or not. Anyway, with that passing reflective moment in the rear mirror, I sojourn on from the Big Chair, bringing you our special brand of news, updates, links, commentary and items from both over and under the rainbow. It's a Twista Tuesday: Arkansas Style...

Red Light Arkies: There's always so many reports or list of "this or that" totuing some new factoids or assessment from some numerber wonk or policy pontificator. Now comes the news that Arkansas has been officially become a Red Light State. A Red Light what, you ask? Yes, it seems that not only does many of this states citizens do red politically, it's been deemed that theyre peeking and poking around many porno sites 24/7. Arkansas ranks, No. 6 in pornograhic sites being accessed from within our borders. Whew, now we know where all the bar folks are, as well as, some of those possible prospects for the lovelorned! According to a study by the Harvard Business School found eight out of 10 states that consume the most online porn were states McCain won in the 2008 presidential election. The study further details that, Utah ranks as the number one consumer of online adult entertainment. Another factoid that I found quite intersting was the fact that "residents of 27 states that passed laws banning gay marriages boasted 11% more porn subcribers than states that don't explicitly restrict gay marriage." Arkansas passed such a ban a few years ago as well as the ill conceived ACT 1 recently. Sounds like to me there's a bit of hypocrisy, sexual repression and apparently a lot of dollars being spent from those in the rural and urban areas. And I mean some serious Dollars, to the tune of 2.84 billion from the internet alone as reported from 2006 porn industry figures. I'm no prude and as far as I'm concerned it's your dime to do with as you please. This site also host a click through to our online partner CD Universe which provides adult materials for those so inclined. I've highlighted certain products and titles with the basic intent of providing information after being prompted by readers and as a revenue stream to support this effort. Hey, if you can't beat em, well... Stay safe, informed, entertained and Onpoint!

Pornography Time Statistics

Every second - $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography

Every second - 28,258 Internet users are viewing pornography

Every second - 372 Internet users are typing adult search terms into search engines

Every 39 minutes: a new pornographic video is being created in the United S

(info sourced from

Monday, July 20, 2009

Moon over COP 24/7

Has it been 40 years since that one step for mankind bravado that hearkened back from the celestial heavens via Moon beams which illuminate Mother Earth. Yesiree, It's the 40th anniversary of that special time in history that had myself starring up at the Moon for days gone by and believe it or not, I still get a charge from a full Moon each and every time it rises over the horizon. I've always had a fascination with space the final frontier and yes, I've seen the actual "moon rocks" when they were on tour stop here in Little Rock many years ago. I've always love things lunar, but never got caught up with that "close encounters of the third kind"alien kitsch. Just the facts please or at least at close as I can get to them. Every now and then I do tune into the NASA website or channel which has those great space shots of the space station or an approaching shuttle. What can I say, I've never wanted to be an astronaut, perhaps do one some day, but until then I'll just get my kicks from this Moon over COP 24/7!

Moonlighting No More: Usually I group all the bar news via the "Barwatch" kicker, but since we talking about "moon" stuff, It seemed appropriate that the "moonlighting" bartender Steve (aka, Champagne) who has had stints at the Former Factory, UBU, Discovery and 610 Center, recently and rather abruptly replaced, "Jamie", as the solo bartender act. The staffing change comes without any details or reasoning's to date, even though I'm sure that the skinny will eventually fall from loose lips shortly, perhaps Jamie herself. From my vantage point she seemed to do the job adequately, offered me and mine simple customer service and handle the patrons with savvy. However, there's always two sides to every story and this forum respectfully awaits the update. Congrats to Steve on finding a permanent gig, and doing what he does best, "a warm greeting upon entering and a fond farewell on the exit.!" Check him out weeknights at 610 Center.

Moons Over Little Rock: The brouhaha over the alleged homophobic comment from Little Rock City Director, Erma "fingers" Hendrix, (pictured) simmers on with Mrs. H, vehemently and firmly denying that she made the remark. Matter a fact she's been inundated with phone calls concerning the quip which she has determined is a means to divert attention to her instead of Mayor Mark Stodala, whom she insist is trying to force the shelter on the Ward 1 neighborhood. Hendrix favors a vacant building across from the Salvation Army on Markham street. I've seen that location and although possibly suitable, it's in total disarray and dilapidated. From the onset, I suspect that cost issues would soar beyond what's budgeted, yet the proximity to a current agency makes some sense. Unfortunately, the Salvation Army has recently made news that donations have decreased severely but the need for services have risen as well. What's not making sense is the ongoing, long suffering, meandering dialogue, no action on getting this situation finalized. There's a Coalition, a Executive figure head in place, a Ten Year Plan established, meetings transpired and possible sites named. The issue of homeless isn't subsiding, it's growing including a wide swath of individuals ranging from single mothers with children and entire families. It's simply not about "those people," ex-offenders or sex offenders. It's human beings that have been broadsided by circumstances allowing them to slip into this economic nightmare. Overall, it's imperative that the tug of war or words from those charged with handling this urgent matter, demand of themselves the recourse to get on with it, thusly making the hard decisions that must be made. In a word, "Get Er Done!"

Friday, July 17, 2009

COP in a Let's Roll with It Frame...!

Are these Friday's just rolling by or what? You betcha and this forum doesn't miss a beat is delivering the goodies from the GLBTQ community and beyond. Let me be clear, you can't make this stuff up! We go all out to cover it all from the fringe to the items that should make you stand up and take notice. It's all here, just for the taking, so let's roll with it!...

Foot in Mouth Disease: It's coming around again. That dreaded disease that plagues public officials and so many others. Apparently, it's raised its obtuse head in comments from Little Rock City Director, Erma" fingers" Hendrix's quip," alot of them are homosexuals, they're criminals," in reference to the proposed homeless day shelter debate. Hendrix, who seems to relish the art of being on the defensive especially in her "tit for tat spat-a-rama" with Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodala and anyone else who doesn't see it her way. For the record, she has decried that she's been misquoted and once again targeted by detractors. According to additional media accounts she states that she said," ex-offenders and sex offenders." Mrs. Hendrix's has been a lightning rod for controversy including a unsuccessful bid to recall her post and other grumbling from Ward 1 residents whom have questioned her effectiveness. She's adamant that her stances are "people centered" and in the best interest of the Ward. I'd have to assume that perhaps Hendrix probably does have a core interest in as area which grapples with infrastructure decline. Center stage of the latest homeless round robin is the former, Job Corp building at 2020 Vance which is being evaluated as source for the long deferred homeless day center that hasn't been able to find a home itself due to varied costs or the NIMBY(Not in My Backyard) attitude from neighborhood residents. The Mayors Coalition on Homeless has worked tirelessly to address the variety of issues and concerns to no avail even though this site has been placed in the Government surplus bin, which allow the city to acquire it for FREE. Yes, a multi-storied building in a somewhat "turn-key" position. What's not to like about that possibility? Obviously lots, as I watched the televised proceedings on LRTV with area residents voicing their concerns, which are certainly to be considered plus there were supporters who want some progress on the matter. However, it's Mrs. Hendrix's alleged low brow and homophobic remark which simply smells of gay baiting as well as a tired insensitive scare tactic used to incite additional ignorance. Furthermore, this display doesn't add to the dialogue, but rather should give Ward 1 residents a look see into the psyche of their Representative. O.K. Mrs. Hendrix, the LGBTQ community is not going to let you get away with this misrepresentation or framing the issue with hate. It's Mea Culpa time and we're not wasting a moment to ask you to come forth. Let's start the asking as concerned and informed citizens to both Mrs. H. and Mayor Stodala.

Here's the info:

Erma Hendrix - Ward 1 P.O. Box 2644 Little Rock, AR 72203 (501) 375-2216 OFFICE City Hall, Room 203 500 West Markham Street Little Rock, AR 72201 (501) 371-4510
Mr. Mark Stodala- Mayor 500 West Markham, Room 203 Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 Phone: (501) 371-4510 Fax: (501) 371-4498 EMAIL:

BARWATCH: Here' the latest on the what's hot, what's not and why not in the bar games now being played in the 7th street cooridor. First up, PULSE, the latest night spot/ sister bar to Off Center, is still under renovations. As I understand, there's some special lighting affects that have been ordered and are in transit. Is FEDEx no longer in the overnight business? Of course, these must be some special array to go along with the planned sleek decor designed for dancing and Diva's. Speaking of Diva's, Whitney Paige is still being tapped as show director and the chat has it that she will be taking to the stage possibly 4 to 5 days a week with special guest sprinkled in the schedule. Wow! That's a thursday thru Sunday drag fest that just might tax the sensibilites of the most ardent fan. Oh, well, I guess everything deserves a tryout or either a wipeout. Over at Speakeasy, there's a ABC notice in the door as the work trudges on to that supposedly August 21 opening. I'll have to make a return visit to assess just what's really going on. As of this post, 310 Center, the future, SWAY, sit's awaiting the construction crew and life delivered by the Marcus Factor. It's mum's the words as no one seems to know exactly what's being planned, except they keep saying it's gonna be good. Well, if your coming to party, I suggest that you better be damn good and even more so, off the hook damn good. As the word drops, you know that we will bring it all to you right've gotta stay tuned.

BLK Pride, Take 2.0: I was already in wonderment with the fact that Club Good Times was pre-empting the official Black Pride activities slated for July 24-26, but now I'm out done to learn that the night haunt will do a double take with a Part 2 of their self styled Black Pride weekend coinciding with the events promoted by Little Rock Black Pride. What's going on here? This weekend the house will be packed for another of those notorious long winded late hour shows that most likely will end around 4 AM. This next weekend, the Angie outfit is touting free cover for early birds(?) and apparently more of those $1.00 can beers that there never seem to be many to go around. Excuse me, exactly where's the "Pride" in all of this mash up? Go Figure. In the meantime, we've listed the LRBP events as well as their contact info. But in case you didn't get it, here it is again, Tell you heard it all here...

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday's Fast and Furious in Cyberland...

In the twinkling of an eye, it's another fast and furious romp through cyberspace with all of you in tow. Often I get so many items on the radar that need attention that expounding on them is always feasible in this format. Also, I've discerned that in this "Blink" society, offering to much info in long form doesn't meet the expectations of those who use this forum as an entertainment, information, enlightening or empowering source. However, some outings I digress and get a little long winded in providing more in depth insights or commentary. This forum doesn't it's hell of a best to meet or exceed your expectations as Arkansas' only daily updating portal for the LGBTQ community and beyond. Let's step off...

BLK Pride in the City: In a previous posting I cited that there seemed to be not one but sorta two Black Prides taking place in Central City. Yet, the two apparently don't have much in common, are distant cousins or something to that affect. The official Black Pride events from Little Black Pride have been circulating on this site and across various platforms. They include the July 24, Meet & Greet at La Quinta Medical Center Hotel, 901 Fair Park, a pair of " Swag" parties at 801 Markham and a FREE Luncheon, Saturday July 25 at THUC, 400 W. 13th street. To date I've not been able to confirm exactly what the agenda entails for the other pride event slated for this weekend at Club Good Times. Signage outside the venue hails a "beer special," and I would speculate probably one of those entirely too long shows that starts in the wee hours of the morn. Ultimately, in my opinion why the two instead of "one" great off the chain weekend uniting all people in celebration of Afro-American Culture and spirit? Brother and Sisters, I'm open for any and all combacks. No matter, it's all going down this weekend and next weekend for your pleasure. For more information: or 501-398-0307

COP on Facebook: O.K. this forum went ahead and done it again. The social networking mania seems to be the place to be so we jumped in with both feet. TA-DAH!, we are now doing Facebook as another means to outreach to a greater audience. Is Twitter far behind? Well, time will tell. After all, I've got to sleep at least two hours a day don't ya think. In the meantime, the "friends" have been falling into place and if you have an account let's go for the hook up. Yes, we are still knocking it down on Myspace and damn it right here at COP 24/7!

P-FLAG Rising: The Center for Artistic Revolution is spearheading a movement to facilitate the organizing of an area Parent & Friends of Lesbian and Gays group. Commonly known as P-FLAG, this group consist of those who are dealing with a plethora of issues surrounding SGL members of families or extended families. If you are interested in volunteering or know individuals in search of these services call them at 501.244.9690 or hit em up at Tell em you heard it here...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Doing The Alphabet Soup Monte in 09

Is it soup yet? It's the Alphabet Soup Monte where we deconstruct the LGBTQIA moniker in search of meaning. Sometimes I'm not sure exactly how we are mixing it up these days due to the fact that it seemst that more people are joining the fold as we try to find, define or refine who or how we address the broadness lavender culture.

Soup Mix-Mash:
What's in a Name?

At first I hadn't really noticed but the word "gay" has many more roses on the bloom in the form of additional elements that have expanded or perhaps exploded the term with a range of diverse inclusion. Traditionally, I've used the form, "GLBT," I've been so corrected with "LGBT," and I thought that this sufficiently encompassed everyone. I have further learned that the "G" word can be deemed offensive by some whom feel that it renders them invisible as the term has been fortified as describing "White" males. As I try to stay on the cutting edge, I had noticed that the term "SGL"( Same Gender Loving) has become the mark within the African American culture, which has had a mixed bag of identity concerns within gay culture. However, I've come to understand that the terminology goes further and deeper that I ever imagined. The letter "T" although delegated to Trans persons, now also has a dual Native American meaning of "Two Spirit." This term has been apart of the Native American culture for persons claiming to be of both sexes or genders. Among many tribes these people are teachers, healers or spiritual leaders seen in the highest esteem. To my surprise, I never heard this term used by a former love interest named, Indio, who was a Cherokee. Meanwhile, I've also discovered that the "Q" now has morphed into a A & B meaning as "Queer" and "Questioning" which embraces those with a more radical bent on their non binary existence, while subsequently, a questioning individual has not completely come to terms with their sexuality overall. Then there's "I" which denotes those of the "intersex" sect which I was totally intrigued by this condition in which the individual often has ambiguous genitalia or one whose sexual development doesn't match the sex assigned at birth. This is quite fascinating info and more can be understood at the Intersex Society of North America website. To round out the this soup lesson, we find the letter "A" which has a possible triple meaning. Are you ready? First up, Ally, a possible supportive heterosexual, secondly, Asexual, a person without sexual organs or in a non participative mode, and finally, Affectional Orientation, referring to variations of emotional and sexual attraction not limited to same sex relationships. Well, as you can see there's much more going on in the rainbow mix than you think. When we proclaim that diversity as a rallying call, we'd better really mean it.

Asian Study Takes Off: the research team conducting an empirical study examining attitudes, feelings, and experiences associated with being an Asian American who experiences attraction to members of the same sex has began seeking participants. Historically,researchers have neglected the lives of Asian American gay, lesbian, and bisexual persons, and very little research has looked specifically at attitudes, feelings, and experiences that sexual minority persons have based on their race and sexual orientation. We sincerely invite you to participate in this survey to help us learn more about the Asian American sexual minority persons in our communities! To be eligible for this study, you must be an Asian/Asian American who is at least 18 years old, has experienced same-sex attraction, and currently resides in the United States. The survey is anonymous, and takes about 30 minutes to complete. As an incentive to participate, all participants will be given the chance to entera raffle awarding $100 gift certificate to one randomly selected person.

For those interested in participating inthis study, click on the following hypertext link (or cut and paste it into your browser)

This will take you to the consent form and questionnaire. It's being presented by Dawn and Mi Ra Dawn M. Szymanski, Ph.D., University of Tennessee Mi Ra Sung, M. A, University of Tennessee.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Dollars and Sense Edition

Wow! This edition is all about dealing with you dear readers and that mysterious disposable income that most of the GLBTQ community is supposed to be able to wheel and deal without regard. I say NOT. Yes, there are individuals whom have done well for themselves, a few who have been excellent financial stewards, then those who are in the land of Grand Delusions and ultimately the majority of us who are making a living and keep on ticking, despite any economic downturns. It's all about the Benjamin's and who doesn't really know that. If not then you may need to read on in this Dollar and Sense outing.

The "T" Word: Ladies and Gentlemen, it's finally official or more official. I'm not sure exactly which, but the federal deficit has topped the 1 TRILLION DOLLAR mark. What!? I remember when I was much younger and that was only a few years back, that we spoke of "gazillion billion dollars." However, that thought process was never steeped in Economics 101 but now is an actual reality. The real kicker here, is that each of us, yes that's YOU and ME supposedly has a stake in this ball buster. According to the U.S. National Debt Clock, as of July14 my share, as well as, your share of the debt has reached a whopping $37,616.47! Holy Andrew Jackson! Only during his Presidency did this nation actually pay off it's national debt. Thusly, that shaky number was reached by dividing the number of U.S.citizens ( if only we knew who were really citizens and who's not?) of approximately 306,551,814 Million folks. Now, I know all this is a bit much to take, but steady yourself because you can actually find a "silver lining" in this matter by either investing for the future with Treasury Notes, Treasury Inflated Protected Securities, or my weapon of choice, Series Saving Bonds. No matter what you do, the new "IT" thing is all about saving as much as you can. As a disclaimer, I'm no financial whiz, however, it doesn't hurt to be an informed saver with the help of a qualified advisor such as my Edward Jones guru. In the meantime, you can actually make a "contribution" to the debt, via the Bureau of Public Debt, P.O. Box 2128, Parkersburg, WV, 26106. or hit the web for more info at: Money makes the World go round!!!

QueerCents: I'm always musing on about this site and I can say that if you haven't had a chance to check it out, then you should. If not, I'm always sourcing materials from them to offer my readers another, "teachable moment." Here's another in a VLOG featuring finance vlogger, Clint, who makes it seem so simple to save, budget as well as, finding a quality of life on less.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Periscope Up Monday

It's the third Quarter of 2009 and I keep asking "my, my how time fly's" when you are burning the candle at both ends. Yes my readers, just when I did a down shift, the daily grind said "no way," it's a up shift that this machine needs. And away I went to the Big Chair for more updates, observations, spins, and just plain old stuff from the GLBTQ community and beyond. Here we go...

FED UP Update: Last week the FUQ group had a sorta meet and greet that I unfortunately wasn't able to attend. To date I'm still sorting through exactly what transpired before I post concerning the matter. However, as usual, one new subscriber alerted me that juxtaposed to those "positions" taken by the group regarding Mr. Jones allowing HIV/AIDS materials in his businesses, supposedly there's been a mindset change on this front. Allegedly Jones' has "OK'd" a ASO ( AIDS Service Organization) to begin some type of work at his establishment beginning this Friday. The source didn't exactly detail what ASO, exactly what "work" would be in place or which business would host this group. Stay tuned...

BarWatch: Out of all the material that I review to make the cut for this forum, news from the Bar Scene just keeps coming faster than a drag quick change. Even as the entertainment sector of the community continues to morph, I was broadsided at the news that you can hear echos at UBU. Echo's you say? Yes, apparently in the last few weeks, the tank has been empty as in "No, NaNa, Zero, Zilch, NO one coming through the door patrons. Say What? It's all about that "ebbing and flowing fickleness" of this community that I've been going on about in this forum. Of course, this slight perhaps defection might be temporary, yet in this "Blink" state of mind that exist, it takes everything you've got to keep em coming back, again and again. This can't more disconcerting with the upcoming Miss UBU scheduled for July 17. Hopefully, owners will be able to woo the dire hearts back into the fold, meanwhile I'll have to get back by soon as well! Good luck until then...

Crowns-R-US: In case you didn't realize, we are in the home stretch of Crowns-R-Us with those seeking the state title, Miss Gay Arkansas, set for August 14-16,2009, featuring Stephanie Richards, MGA 08 and Victoria Depaula, Miss Gay America 2009. Each hopeful has deemed this experience as their "quest, journey, campaign and all other manner of describing the ascent in their benefit announcement e-blast. Obviously, it seems that the DSRA clubhouse has been "ground zero" for the cash dashes with Zia D'Yor a few weeks back, upcoming Sasha, July 25 and Diamond Rose, Aug. 1. Each vying for the $2000.00 winner's or $1500.00 1st alternate prize pack from the pageant. Of course, those in pursuit of the titles are not the only one in a cash dash. The pageant itself has sponsorships available ranging from being a mere "friend" for $1 to Bronze for $50 all the way to Platinum for $750. With each level you get more access including being invited to the MGA gala. Sounds like a business plan to me. It's all going down at the BackStreet/Discovery complex and you can get "everything pageant" at the website, including online table reservations and host hotel info.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Free Falling Friday

What a week it's been as the world continued to turn, churn and upchuck all around us. It's those daily doses of can life get more stranger or how many more bites from the "reality apple," can one take seems to become almost unbearable. However, no matter how weird, wacky or wondrous the news comes, our consumption is never ending and hopefully this forum will continue to fill your wet appetite for what's really going on in LGBTQ circles and beyond. This outing we are in a free fall...are your ready to take the dive with us. Let's go for it...

FED Up! 101: I've heard from a blessed few of you concerning my FED Up post in which I spoke about my own frustrations and "it's complicated" life situations that have personally stirred me. Let's face it, we all have them individually as well as collectively as life would have it so. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the meet and greet that was scheduled by the FUQ group in Mac Arthur park earlier this week. It's obvious that there's one of me and many of you having events, meetings, soirees, benefit shows and mash up's that I just always can't put my face in the place. Yet, as time allows and distilled info comes my way, I make every attempt to put it out there for contemplation, more dialogue and certainly clarification. Therefore, I was puzzled that at least as of post time, I didn't see an update on their website on the results of the meeting or possible resolutions. Also, there's been a lack of chatter that I had anticipated or those all important opinions that get bounced around. So, where is all this going? I'll have to get back to you. We're still checking....

Whitney Rises: What can you say, you just can't keep a good diva down. No sireee, it's just not to be and the rewind, re-launch or re-what have you of Whitney Houston is just over the horizon. Even as the MJJ after burn continues to dominate the talk machinery, Houston's 7th studio album on Arista, "I Look to YOU", is slated to drop September 1 and COP:24/7 is dropping her first single, "I didn't know my own Strength." Ms. H. and her producers are coming out the gate in slow motion with Whitney balladeering her way back to the spotlight. It's reminiscence of her early work, "Run to you," or "I have nothing," but I don't feel the burn of those early show stopping numbers in this outing. Yes, I like it, plus the more I personally listen to it, it grows on me. Perhaps Whitney is giving off lowered expectations as a smoke screen then hits us from the blind side with what we've come to expect from this songstress. In the meantime, check it out, let me know what you think. I have no doubt that this one will be the next "crown" number if the boys can learn it in time. To keep our "swag" funky fresh, this widget will be added to our onpoint sidebar to show case our future choices.

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

COP In A Wide Angle

This forum was designed as a cyber space from everything from dialogue to delusion. Often the tasks seems large or overwhelming, but I'm continuing to learn that "this thing that I do," is reaching many of you in all corners of this state. From Witter in the Northwest to Star City to the south, CorneliusOnpoint has promoted itself as the "online connection" and we will forge ahead with more of what you are looking for. Including asking the "hard questions or calling it as we see it," in our efforts in "keeping it real," for the GLBTQ community and beyond. It gets hot in here some days, but sometimes that's what it takes to stay on point! We love you and thanks for your support.

Who's Minding the Store?: As the national debate heats up about America's health care patient, I'm still "vaclemped" at what appears to be the ongoing guessing game of local HIV/ AIDS administrators at ADH( Arkansas Department of Health) and AAF( Arkansas AIDS Foundation). I've seen numerous and I do mean countless e-blast, inquires, observations and personal stories concerning the rubrics cube of answers a possible client or even clients themselves receive when accessing services. The $50,000 question is simply, "if we can't get competence, how about some basic common sense?" There have been so many questions over the years, with many muddled, foggy, iffy, nebulous and downright confusing answers from those charged with getting it right or trying to make it right for end users. The latest situation involves whether Ryan White funds allow for client "transportation" to appointments and to my wonder as stated by local activist BC who said that "it was not known what was in the budget..." Say What? No one knows what dollars are in the operation budget for transporting needy clients, therefore, due to their unsure nature, clients get to spin the big wheel of service probability. In other words, you might get some transportation or you may not. Who knows? Well, let's start asking, "Who's Minding the Store!!" and here's who you can start with: Arkansas AIDS Foundation, and Arkansas Department of Health, and let them know your comments.
Health Care for All: If you are concerned about health care in America, and I can't imagine not one person who shouldn't be aware of what's really going on in the system because eventually you may have to access it some day. Listen up and take notice, the U. S. Congress is begining to dialouge and everyone's ear and voice is going to be needed in hopefuly finding the right mix. Enter, Sen. Blanche Lincoln with an editoral for your consideration. It's being reprinted here without editing. Don't forget it's all about health care for all...

Health care for All By Sen. Blanche Lincoln

Special to the Democrat-Gazette
Since I first came to public office, I have worked to provide access to stable, affordable and quality health care for all Arkansans. Now I believe that the majority of Congress is finally willing to act.
For the past 18 months, I have worked with my colleagues in the Senate Finance Committee to craft a responsible and meaningful health care reform proposal. As part of the process, I have continuously traveled our state and heard from thousands of Arkansans about how our country's health care crisis has taken a toll on their lives.
A Malvern small-business owner recently told me that he is giving up his 17-year-old business because he can no longer afford his rising health care insurance premiums. His wife and his daughter each has a pre-existing medical condition, and he feels pressure to find a new job that provides affordable, employer-sponsored coverage for his family.
A woman from Ward explained to me that she is not yet eligible for Medicare. After being laid off from her job and exhausting her COBRA benefits, she developed a serious medical condition that required the use of her entire life savings and pension. Faced with bankruptcy and disability, she expects to confront poverty in her old age after a lifetime of working.Similar stories of hardship and frustration are being played out for thousands more Arkansas working families under the current health care system.
Arkansans with health care coverage have seen their premiums rise more rapidly than their wages. According to the nonpartisan organization Families USA, annual premiums for family health coverage provided through work increased by almost 66 percent between 2000 and 2007. Yet Arkansas workers' median earnings increased by only 11.6 percent in the same period. In addition, employers of small and large businesses are often faced with the difficult choice between health care coverage and higher wages for their employees. All of these individuals fear that they may lose their health care coverage if we do not take action to rein in costs.
There also are few treatment options for the half-million uninsured Arkansans, whose number includes 66,000 children. Many resort to the most expensive care setting, their local emergency room. In many cases, a simple yet untreated condition spirals into a health crisis because timely and affordable primary care is not available to the uninsured. If we do not act, these costs will continue to be passed ononto taxpayers and those who are already insured. Right now, the average Arkansas family pays an extra $1,500 per year to cover costs for the uninsured.
Arkansans deserve better.
Health care reform must build upon what works and improve inefficiencies. Individuals should be able to choose from a range of quality health insurance plans. Options should include private plans as well as a quality, affordable public plan or non-profit plan that can accomplish the same goals as those of a public plan.
Coverage alone does not result in access. We must invest in our nation's health care infrastructure--its providers, technologies and facilities--especially in rural America where health care services and providers are fewer and farther between. We also must deliver health care more efficiently and create incentives that promote high-quality outcomes for patients instead of simply encouraging more provider visits and services.
Above all, we must bring stability to health care. Stable health care coverage will protect Arkansans during tough times and ensure that they do not lose insurance when they get sick. Stable costs will mean that Arkansans will not be subject to large premium increases each year that erode their paychecks. Stable quality of care will ensure that Arkansans have dependable treatment options so they can see a doctor of their choice when they need care.
As we work to reform health care, we must be responsible and pay for reform without adding to the deficit and increasing taxes on hard-working Arkansans.
Unfortunately, opponents of reform, who have no real plan for improving health care, are already using the tired arguments of the past. They say that Congress is trying to create "more government" or a "Washington takeover" of health care, which will raise your taxes, get between you and your doctor, and eliminate private insurance. It's a strategy that spreads misinformation and generates fear to preserve the status quo. Arkansans should not be misled by those who oppose real reform.
I am under no illusion that achieving meaningful health care reform will be an easy task. However, I am committed to reform because Arkansans must have certainty that if they get sick, they will have options to receive stable, affordable and high-quality health care.
Congress is on the verge of developing a health care policy that will work better for everyone and we cannot afford to let this opportunity slip away. Our health care crisis was not created overnight and it will not be fixed overnight. It will take all of us--individuals, employers, insurers and providers--to share in the responsibility and come together to make this possible. We know that government cannot do it alone. The key is to take what works and make it better for the next generation of Arkansans. We can no longer afford to sit back and do nothing.

Paid for by Friends of Blanche Lincoln

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Queer Frontier & Windmills 2.0.

Here we are, mid-week in the midst of moving on and upwards from another a marker in our personal lives and histories. Overwhelmed as we all perhaps have been from the passing weeks' grief moments, ultimately life must go on. On we shall go with the latest updates, breaking news, commentaries, links, people and just plain ole stuff. Let's go for it...

Researchers from Oregon State University's Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute (VGTI) Florida and the University of Montreal say they have discovered a potential way to eradicate HIV by suppressing viral replication and stopping the division of certain T-cells in the body, according to a study published on Sunday online in the journal Nature Medicine, the Treasure Coast reports (Copsey, Treasure Coast, 6/21). Lead researcher Rafick-Pierre S kaly, scientific director for VGTI Florida and a professor at the University of Montreal, and colleagues say that a new therapy that combines traditional antiretroviral treatment with what they call "intelligent targeted chemotherapy," might completely destroy "HIV reservoirs," where the virus hides inside immune system cells and cannot be reached by existing treatments.
Co-author Jean-Pierre Routy, associate professor of hematology at McGill University in Montreal, said that if a patient responds to traditional antiretroviral therapy, then they would be a good candidate for the new treatment, which could kill the remaining cells that keep the virus alive in the body. He said the patient could "remain virus-free for a long time or forever." A study will begin in September to test the validity of the findings (Minsky, Canwest/Calgary Herald, 6/21).

BarWatch: If you've been keeping count or not, entertainment venues and outlets are surfacing here, there and maybe over there. So let's try to sort some of this out, if we may. First up, I finally got a chance to get a closer look and further understanding about what's really going on in the former Factory nightspot now christened, Speakeasy Supper Club under the helm of former Easy Street manager, M. Henderson & partners. The construction is certainly ongoing and from my viewing is quite extensive and may cause a delay in the scheduled August 12 opening. So far, only the unfinished stage and "U" shaped bar are recognizable, with a proposed "VIP- loft area in the making and some other "areas" being mapped out for cabaret seating. Grand plans on paper yet as one who has worked with construction folk, not always feasible or practical. One item that I didn't see, that I thought should be lurking some where with this type of work, was construction dumpster for all the debris that currently taking up space and more to come. Henderson did allude to the fact that some materials had been recycled and other usables found life elsewhere. As I spoke with the trio partnership, they were filled with enthusiasm and optimism about the upcoming venture. According to a marketing piece, "Speakeasy Supper Club, has a concept for entertainment and cuisine that is simple and exciting. Two parts modern-Two parts nostalgia-one part kitsch- with a dash of really? Wow!.." I'm not sure about what "wow" they are speaking of but in my opinion this venture needs to go into warp drive if it plans on meeting that opening deadline. After all, the line up calls for a SpeakEasy Revue featuring female show girls, a male chorus, bartenders, servers, and (OMG) a Chef that needs to be in place before the doors open. I hope that they know that good help is hard to find and good golly to Keep! These brave souls are hammering and tinkering away daily in search of capturing a mature, income disposable, arty crowd. Well, I say, "good luck with that!" In other Barwatch news, I've learned the alleged moniker of that other venture going in at 610 Center Street. Are you ready? TA- DAH!'s ( are you really ready?) SWAY. Say what? Oh come now, don't you know what a SWAY is? Well, nope. Therefore, I had to go to the streets of Little Rock dictionary for some clarity. Apparently, this is slang lingo for what I'm defining as "having it all together with a self confidence," not the protective automobile suspension device that came up when I Googled. I was told by one of my "Peeps in the Streets" that I should know because I, meaning little old me, has a "swag about myself." I guess you could relate it to what former President Bush sorta displayed in a "swagger" about himself and current President O's brotherly stride that exudes a certain demeanor or how he handles certain situations. Anyway, the club is slated to be a private nightclub and it's beverage license is being bounced at the Alcohol Beverage Control board. Please stay locked in, things are just getting interesting...

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Mirror, Mirror... The Man, Me & You

J-DAY, has arrived as the news of Michael Jackson's death has spreaded to every corner of of every hemisphere, except perhaps North Korea, it's time to lay the idol to rest. It's been a long journey from that faithful day to the spirit inspired memorial production taking place in the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Hopefully, this "final curtain call," will facilitate some closure for some and peace for his immediate family and children. God's speed and thanks for the sharing your talents across the globe. It's no doubt that you will be truly missed....

This forum is always seeking items or content such as the one below as foundation pieces to "teachable moments." Every day I try to find at least some time in my busy day to enjoy a moment of inspiration as the turblence of the world goes on around me. I implore each and every one of you to find the time to reflect, mediatate, prayer or quiet time to allow yourself to appreciate the wonderfulness of yourself in the ongoing "6 degree" paradigm which we all share. Have Safe and Proud day!

The Echo Of Life By: Author Unknown

A man and his son were walking in the forest. Suddenly theboy trips and feeling a sharp pain he screams, "Ahhhhh." Surprised, he hears a voice coming from the mountain,"Ahhhhh!" Filled with curiosity, he screams: "Who are you?", but the only answer he receives is: "Who are you?" This makes him angry, so he screams: "You are a coward!",and the voice answers: "You are a coward!"

He looks at his father, asking, "Dad, what is going on?" "Son," the man replies, "pay attention!" Then he screams,"I admire you!" The voice answers: "I admire you!"

The father shouts, "You are wonderful!", and the voice answers: "You are wonderful!" The boy is surprised, but still can't understand what isgoing on. Then the father explains, "People call this 'ECHO', but truly it is 'LIFE!'

Life always gives you back what yougive out! Life is a mirror of your actions. If you wantmore love, give more love! If you want more kindness, givemore kindness!

If you want understanding and respect, giveunderstanding and respect!

If you want people to be patientand respectful to you, give patience and respect!

This rule of nature applies to every aspect of our lives."

Life always gives you back what you give out.

Your life is not a coincidence, but a mirror of your own doings.

Monday, July 06, 2009

FED UP 101

I'm fed up. Yup, I'm fed up with just being fed up. And the list is just getting longer by the day and it seems that I'm not alone. My Fed Up tirade consist of that far reaching Star Trek type radar of subjects, persons and or issues. So here's my list. I'm Fed Up with some of my neighbors whom don't share my view of keeping tidy surrounding's that doesn't include refuse, non-working cars and loose beer cans running about. I'm pretty Fed Up with the concept that I must pay sales taxes on a used car, my dog's grooming, personal property tax, income taxes, hamburger tax, and just about any taxes that exist. Although I realize that without doing so just would me more Fed up with missing essential services such as fire and police protection. While I'm being Fed Up, I guess I'm also put out with those whom obliviously and openly chirp on cell phones while shopping or "text manics" trying to drive as well. Then, there's employees who have more insipid reasons why they can't come to work, not to mention why they are not working when they do arrive late. Adding to my dismay, I can't leave out my creditors ability to change the rules of my credit cards at their greedy pleasure, sparring to get a doctors appointment when I want it, waiting in line at the U Scan because the customer before me seems clueless, the excessively loud rap music that jar the walls of my home even though we have a neighborhood "noise ordinance" and the Wall Street wizards whom created those slug mechanism that not many knew how they worked resulting in massive government bailouts. And damn it, I'm still Fed Up about loosing my best friend to AIDS and my inability to find a person to fill that void. Hell, I'm just FED Up with life itself, but when I think about it, isn't everybody? Yet, the only alternative is simply not living which I'm not ready to embrace, so does it really matter how fed up I am about anything. Especially, since the overall determination of my piece of mind is based on my own personal responsibility tied to choices that I ultimately decide. I may have a distaste for all the above, but we all have a list of items that cause us angst and discord. I'm fully aware that the playing field in life hasn't and most likely will never be the same for the masses. History has sound illustrations to that fact and our present day situation isn't faring well either. I'm not blinded to the inadequacies within our society or the systems that have allowed such disenfranchisement to co-exist, but the recent chatter from the Fed UP Queer group concerning their "position" in regards to local businessman Norman Jones caused me pause. For the record, I've known Jones for numerous years and let me be clear, we've not seen eye to eye on a variety of issues including some that were quite public. I feel comfortable with the stance that as mature adults, we can agree to disagree, and move on respectfully. I re-read this stated position again to refresh my senses and I respect their right to protest, opinions and civil discourse. However, it's the outcomes that I'm trying to assess as well as the broadness of their bullet points. They cite Jones' "monopoly" in this city. Well, that may be true now, but their were other owner/operators who were the only game in town long before Jones entered the market. Furthermore, their have been numerous individuals to coincide in this area, even as Jones operated then and now, offering the LGBTQ community choice. I personally remember all of them with their own questionable "sense and sensibilities" that often didn't please one faction or another, including myself. It's fact that each of those business people called the shots for their establishments irrespective of the communities needs or wants. They supported when they desired to do so and as they deemed appropriate. The "gay" business segment of this city has had a cautious approach in supporting the community. Basically because many of these entrepreneurs outside the nightlife venues have cited the lukewarm support they've received. On 4.27.07, this forum sponsored a free Networking Event for businesses which garnered marginal results. I was personally told by a local business person, "why should I attend to promote my business, when most gay people don't really support my business..." In retrospect, it wasn't protest that led to those bar closures, it was the art of doing business vs market forces. If Jones has been a survivor, it's due his adept business acumen, tenacious work ethic and his passion for success. Getting in business can be easy, but staying in businesses is the true test. Especially while attempting to provide a venue for a diverse group as the lavender set with its ever changing satisfaction level. Further in their outline, they use terms such as "exploitative" and denote the lack of access in Mr. Jones entities for HIV/AIDS literature, of which I had heard about before this eruption from a former outreach worker of Many Men, Many Voices. If my memory serves me correctly, then Coordinator J. Martin recounted to me that Jones referred to his tri-folds as "racist," due to the nature that this JCCSI sanctioned outreach focused distinctively to the Black MSM population. I found that observation remarkably narrow minded with hopes that perhaps NJ could be positioned for ongoing "teachable moments." Meanwhile, Jones is called out concerning, incidents of folks being singled out for their uniqueness or expression as detailed supposedly by a shirtless cub but not the PYT (pretty young thing) with a six pack. His lack of cash outlay for Act 1 and the operating of HWPA have these members "fed up" as well. In my opinion, are these random situations or discernable patterns that actually warrants attention? To what realistic standard is this corporate citizen vs other business citizens held accountable for their interaction within this community? Where's the responsibility or culpability zone for those who have "willingly" supported Jone's outlets over the years? Has it not been just easy to abdicate the collective consciouness? Apparently FUQ wants to make a point and it's going down for discussion in public view on Tuesday at 6 pm in Mac Arthur Park. I have to assume that anyone and everyone is invited, so let's let the chips fall where they may...stay tuned I'm sure I'll have some more to say about this one. In the meantime, don't forget that the floor is always open for your thoughts.