Thursday, August 31, 2006

Let The fall Games begin

O.K. the summer re-runs have taken their course with you and your household and it's time for some fresh meat, so to speak. Well in our effort to keep giving you more of what you've been looking for,let's highlight some fall entertainment alternatives that run the gambit. On the tube,there are a myraid of shows that are returning or newly produced. If you want my opinion,(and I know you do) I suggest that you check out, The Closer on TNT, Mondays at 8p.m. Kyra Sedgwick stars (and was robbed at the Emmy Awards) giving a robust and rubics cube tour de force performance each week. As character Chief Brenda Johnson, Sedgwick chews scenery and espouses southern charm with arsenic and old lace bravado. When I can't get a chance to watch as presented, I set the VHS tape in order not to miss an episode. Another favorite is Monk, USA, Fridays 8p.m. Emmy Winner Tony Shalhoub continues the offbeat and often hilarious depiction of Dectective Adrian Monk who foils San Francisco crime with his OCD ticks in overdrive. This show now has a catalog of shows available, so if you missed some of the earlier seasons madness they are available. Believe it or not, I actually met an individual while living in San Francisco who resembles Mr. Shalhoub, had OCD,and taught me a great deal about the condition long before the show. Go Figure.

Yes Dorthy gay TV is busting out over at LOGO network featuring a host of original productions and ground breaking series such as Noah's Arc. I 've watched serval episodes, most are humourous and often reality based. If you were a Sex in the City fan, then you'll get a good dose of GBM interaction from bonded friends who share their utmost personal moments with each other usually via the cellphone. The show stars, Daryl Stephens/ Noah, Doug Spearman/Chance, Christan Vincent/Ricky, Jensen Atwood/Wade, and Rodney Chester as Alex. Certain episodes of this show are availble on Comcast On Demand locally. The system has not added LOGO as an option, but we got the Gospel channel instead. I suggest calling Comcast and asking them what's up with that? Or you can get caught up with the boys on DVD at Logo

Need more, well we have more and will continue to update you with our next post.Hopefully you haven't become a couch potato or completely nested with your latest partner, becasue partonizing our local establishments is very important. If we don't serve them, they won't be able to continue to serve us. We have plans to began linking with other outlets in the next 30 days. Networking our resources to keep you informed and encouraged is a vital part of our mission. So be on the lookout for a copy of Pink Spectrum or go to According to the Publishers they have new and exciting plans to come!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Podcast Launch begans!

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As promised this is our trial run with podcasting and we are determined to enhance our capabilities as we deliver to you valuable information, commentary, and so much more. This evolving tech platform, will allows us an "actual voice" to share breaking news and cutting edge reports with our audience. Of course, we will take it to the next level and produce our own broadcast in the comming weeks, yes we are talking about Cornelius TV! So stay tuned, tell your friends and feel free to share your thoughts, questions, concerns or ideas with us at As always, we are trying to give you more of what you've been looking for.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cornelius gets more Hot, Live and otherwise!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have reached yet another milestone in my life and I wanted to set the record straight. Yes I am 45 years old and don't hate me because I'm still beautiful, dammit. Ok, maybe the beautiful is a bit much, but I'm well on my way to being the person I was born to be, hot, live and otherwise! I had a great birthday with my partner of 14 years, as we spent some quality time in OKC,Oklahoma over the past weekend. Everyone made us feel welcomed and wanted us to find the right mix of activities that would make our short stay simply FABU. There are many options for entertaining one's self in the city. No matter what your heart's desire you can get it 7 days a week and all night if neccessary. Many Thanks to waitstaff of Topanga Grill for the quaint brunch on Sunday. The bartenders at the Boom, Club Rox and The Copa during the Miss OKC US of A pageant. Congrats to Mya Iman on the win. MC Rachel Eriks was in fine form to help keep things moving along. My hats off the OKC for making my B-day one to remember!

Now for the news...In our last blog we updated you on the situation at The Factory nightclub and it seemed uncertain. However, on Friday (8/18/06) the bar was open with a liquor promotion in progress. Some new staffing was in place(?) and no remodel was evident. The entire evening was somewhat surreal as people seemed clueless as to what was really going here. Most of the crowd left ( yes, I said left) before the "mini-show" was to occur. You'll have to stay tuned on this one, because we have not idea how this is going to end.

We are plum proud as punch about having access to the YOU TUBE video vault,as we have begun including them in our blogs. The catalog is vast and we spend a lot time searching for just the right clip that fills our mission to keep you entertained and informed on a variety of subjects. We also will have more of our own version of video shopping and personal weblogs. So much to do and not enough time!!

Mistakes and misprints happen and we are not immune to such instances. Therefore, please be advised that November 7, not the 5th, is when you need to voice your opinion at the polls. Feel free to ask for a paper ballot, these electronic machines may be a disaster in the making. If you are not aware of the cable TV issue surrounding TV Freedom, I suggest that you take a look at this issue and contact your senator.
In Arkansas, that would be, Senator Mark Pryor or Blanche Lincoln. As a matter of action, send them your cable bill with your letter. I don't think they will be paying it, but they'll get the point.

There's so much more, but we'll save it for next time. Until then realize that "none of us are free until all of us are free...!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Talking Out Loud...Part 2

Breaking News is the new catch phrase of the year. Everything seems to be breaking news these days. Especially over at the piranna newtwork, CNN, which gobbles up news incesantly and then spews it viewers repeatedly from all aspects. Don't get me wrong, I like CNN and News Stud Anderson "360" Cooper, but often I wish they would give us a break on the breaking news. Every container, flash flood, sink hole, or stupid criminal act gets reported until something really happens. Talk about the fast and furious.

Meanwhile, locally we reported in our last blog, about the musical chairs being played at The Factory nightclub. However, apparently the music has also stopped. There has been no "oh so 3 week fabu" remodel and the cast of characters involved have a giant, "no comment." We've visted the location on several occassions, survyed the competition and come up with nothing. The lights are on but no one is home. Stay tune...

Congratulations go out to Dr. Dean Blevins,as the new President of the Arkansas AIDS Foundation, according to a ( 8/13) professional profile blurb in Arkansas Democrat Gazette, but not listed on the organizations website. A website that obviously hasn't been updated since, "oh can you say January?" Maybe the first order of business for the new prez is to get his Tech people cracking on utilizing the web as as vital resource to informing the community or better yet, market the organization for future growth. Ya Think?

Speaking of stealth operations, people are talking about the missing, Pink Spectrum publication that was hearlded as the not to be missed Arkansas alternative magizine. Last seen in June 2006, the magazine and it's staff has been missing in action. The word on the street is that the operation couldn't embrace the Rodney King plea of "can we not just get along?" Is this another one bites the dust!

Personna Emeritus, Cassaundra Manchester, deserves "atta girl" for his new Ebay ranking in the Review category. Manchester's send up of, The Top 10 Things for your Drag Personna, has been well received by personal auction customers and the public at large. "I was a bit overwhelmed at the response to the review and even more so at the proceeds from my gown collection. It was sentimental and somewhat bittersweet. But I'm so glad that these items found additional love and life with new owners." Manchester said. Plans are under way for more items to be posted within the month.

November 5 is rapidly approaching and we at The Body Politic we will shift gears within the next few postings to address political issues that need your attention. Don't forget that you can express your voice with your vote. Go to the polls in November and take a friend. As always, we are always trying to keep giving you what you are looking for. Stay in touch...(

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Whitney Houston Screws Up The Classics

In this age of terriost, mayhem and government failure, we have to laugh a little. Debra Wilson's parody of Whitney Houston is on the money and causes us to realize that even in the bleakest of times, we have to ask, "Where are the clowns, there have to be clowns, don't bother, they're here." Stay safe America!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Talking Out Loud...Part 1

Excuse me can we talk! Issues abound and it's taken me a few weeks to gather the facts and get my two cent together about it all. There is so much to talk about that I almost didn't know where to start or who to start with. So let's just begin...

Item:It's musical chairs/ owners again at The Factory Nightclub. We've learned exclusively that the entertainment venue is changing hands, yet again. New owner Jassiel,(pictured above)long time Manager of the lounge, stated that the bar will take a new direction in decor and entertainment. He stated that the venue had lost some of it's luster and overall appeal. The club will be closed in late July for 3 weeks and will reopen Mid August with a grand re-opening. Stay tune!

Item: Even though the Arkansas Supreme Court has spoken or should I dare say ruled decidedly, on the misguided policy directive concerning Gay foster parents. It seems that this is simply not enough for politico's seeking office or the Huckster who feels that there should be some type of legislation doctored to keep fully qualified and most of all willing Gay's who wish to participate in the program. All of those who weighed in on this matter, have decided not to acccept studies and broad base testimony that children interacting with gay people in any way will not affect their development or well being.

Item: Whatever happend to the waiting list for the ADAP program? It was in dire straits enough to have local activist Eric Camp, refusing to take his medications in an effort to assist others. Seems like it's significance and The ADAP Working Group that was given the task to monitor the matter have went AWOL. I contacted the then President Elect, Ken Scott about the situation and got a resounding," "DAHHH..I don't know what happened." Does anyone know what became of all those angry people who felt that their lives were in jeporday and proceeded to rattle tin cups as a public demostration of the poverty. Meanwhile, The state has begun it's own version of offering prescription drug coverage with a discount card. However, I'm not clear if any of the retrovirals will be included in this new drug merry-go-round. Go figure?

Item:The midterm elections are aproximately 3 months away and The Stonewall Democrats of Arkansas are meeting on the Third Sunday of each month at the Democratic Party Headquarters. According to the groups website, next meeting is scheduled for August 20. In the meantime, Arkansas Gazette's Kane Webb column( Sun 7/16) concerning "Beebe's Stonewall" highlighted the fact that the Democratic Candidates returned a donation from the group and then did a complete flip flop on his statements to the group about possible discriminatory legislation. Even more surprising was the fact that there seemed to be no mention about the column or the return of the PAC donation anywhere on the ASD website. Webb's column reported "commuinity outrage" about this lack of support. An action alert was circulated on other matters, but mums the word on it's affect. So much for the outrage. I highly encourage everyone to take a friend to the poll in November.

Item: In leiu of the recent local LGBT film festival, I am looking forward to the release of "Invisable Man" directed by the creative force of Bill Duke. The buzz on the film is beginning to swell and I had a chance to catch the online trailer. The storyline deals with those on the "down low" and all that comes with this drama. Most likely this film will probably not make the cut and be shown in Little Rock, but we will make every attempt to keep you updated on this challenging production and update the information as it's released. If you would like the link to the trailer write to us and let us know. Email: and we will shoot it to you!

Item:I would like to send a hearty "congrats" to the National Association of BWMT on their 26th annual convention in Long Beach, CA.(July 31- Aug 5) I have attended this convention in the past and was highly educated on a variety of social issues affecting the community at large. Hopefully in 2007, I will get a chance to return to the fold and embrace the diversity and fullfillment that each session offers. Good Luck and Best wishes on a great convention.

We are here to keep giving you what you've been looking for. Let us know what you think at