Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Are We Scared Yet: 2007

All Hallows Eve, best known as Halloween has become big business with retailers, costume shops and venues that participate in the merry making. According to analyst this holiday rivals Christmas with a Billion dollar injection to the economy that reverberates nationwide. I have fond memories of Halloween's past and enjoy seeing some the the creative costumes that come from the demented minds of the community. Of course the GLBT collective has a "take no prisoners" approach to skewing popular culture unilaterally as well as without remorse. However, as we indulge in the holiday we must also be reminded that there are actually real entities and homegrown forces that we should be monitoring closely. Last year, San Francisco's party atmosphere was sullied with violence from gang bangers and others in a "wilding mode" resulting in 9 people being shot and others injuried. Meanwhile, the Halloween 2007 event has been formally postponed for the first time in it's history. Law enforcement and city officials are ardent that there will be no public display as in past years. Many gays living in the Castro are not oppose to this approach to quell any type of disturbances. While I lived their in the early 80's , I had a chance to witness as well as participate in the madcap antics and showiness of the party goers. At that time, I was surprised at how many onlookers were not from the neighborhood nor gay. Obviously this trend has taking it's toll on the event. I found the story, "Who Killed Halloween" in the Advocate a sobering reminder that gay exclusive bastions are increasingly becoming mainstream although somewhat awkwardly and at times problematic. The new catch phrase, Alternative Bar, is suppose to emote the presence of straights who are accepting of gays or at least taking their money until they don't cut the mustard. This was the case just last week, as I and other patrons watched as a "straight" man was ejected from Sidetracks because he retorted to a customer that "his being gay must be a sickness." And so it goes with our new found freedom. Therefore, let us not forget the motives, ta tics, and core groups who seek to accelerate platforms and doctrines that could affect us overall. This was clearly demonstrated in this year's mid-term elections, which raised the level of "fear mongering" and "gay baiting" weapons used by former candidates such as Andy Mayberry, Jim Holt and others who choose to demean our existence by affirming inflammatory rhetoric and manipulated facts. The issues of Civil Unions or adoption have been demonized by a host of Family and God organizations, authors and Evangelist like Pat Robinson who purport to have the ultimate hook up with the almighty. These alliances have again gathered together this year to promote laws to keep disenfranchising GLBTQ individuals and those who they deem unfit to foster children in Arkansas. My dear reader, we have much to be scared about as pockets of protesters have reached the depths of distaste by equating our lifestyles with the deaths of military personnel who have boldly given the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of an entire nation. This type of hijacking is not only mean-spirited but seriously dangerous once embraced. As a global citizen, I respect the right to civil unrest and peaceful protest, but I can't accept the insensitivity and reprehensible methods promoted by such entities. Each day more polarizing moral messages from coast to coast and condemnation from various murky outpost continue to poison our abilities to heal as one nation, united. Presidential candidates Obama, Clinton, Huckabee, Romney and others are tipping through the culture war mind fields ever so gently in search of votes. President Bush and the Neo-cons continues the war mantra with overtones of a possible World War III or the threat of terrorist bringing carnage home to our shores. Nooses being used as intimidation symbols, classism, government gridlock and increasing racial strife are slowly smoldering in the cauldron of public unrest. This is scary stuff people. Consequently as a community, abdicating our responsibility to the philosophy that "some one else will take care of it," is soundly unacceptable and foolish at best. In conclusion, let the darkness fall with the sounds of clicking heels, bawdy laughter and howling jubilee. Start the celebration of the many mask that will be worn, however, let us not forget that we must be diligent in un-masking those whom gather at the altar of hate or fan the fires of misinformation. Happy Halloween 2007!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Speaking Volumes

I've always had open space for commentary, comments or observations from individuals with a prospective on current events or isssues. I pride my self in offering this forum a means to create dialouge, discussion or dissent that should allow us to "keep it real." On Friday, we posted about the MasqueRed fundrasing event held 10.25.07 at the DSRA clubhouse. The following opinion peice was sent to me via our Myspace platform concerning that event. It's being reprinted here, unedited or unaltered. As usual we welcome your responses and voices to the conversation.

by Little Daddy Steve

Not surprising for this community, but what a shame. Brian, aka Cherity sponsered the Masqarade Red Party , a fundraiser for the Arkansas AIDS Foundation last night at the DSRA Clubhouse. Many of Little Rock's well known performers were contacted and asked too perform, and many agreed. Only one rsvp'd with a response of illness and would be unable too perform. Several others didn't have the balls to say they wouldn't come, they just didn't show up. ( Ask me for a list of those ). And to make matters even worse, where was the Board of Directors for the AAF? Where was the community? Do we take this response as a sign that AIDS is over and that are worries and concerns are over? And why should the community support an organization that won't even show for it's own fundraiser?

Hats off to :
Diamond Rose , Miss DSRA, Mr. Rick Loftis, Mr. DSRA and Mary Kay Arden, 1st Alternate, "Queen of Comdey" Marvella, Diedra Windsor Walker, Miss Capitol City, J. Anderson , Cassaundra Manchester, Miss Gay NLR 2002. These performers continued with the show, showing a true heart for the cause. Cherity aka Brian has been a leader in the AIDS fight for years. He has given generously of his time and talents to our community. He deserves a standing ovation for his continued efforts.

Call the AAF and find out when there next board meeting is and attend, voice you concerns. Call or email the performers who failed too show and voice your opinion. But better yet, make a mental note and when people and organizations ask for your support, ask them whey? Where were they when you needed them.
Diversity Weekend: Yes, it's that time again! Eureka Springs Diversity Fall Weekend and it looks like we will be on the scene offering a play by play review of the scheduled events. For more info, because there is so much of it, go to their website: If you see me out and about, give me a holla!
Video/ Writing Prjoect: The Hear Me Project has a contest for individuals 18-22 for original content in either video or written form concerning the impact of HIV/AIDS in their lives. The deadline is December 1, 2007 and a $1000.00 prize is at stake. Entry forms and regulations are available at or you can ask about it by e-mail:
Look Mom, NO Wires: In case you aren't aware, some bars are now offering Wi-Fi connections in there establishments. That means for all you newbies, you can connect to the internet wirelessly for FREE using you laptop or the device of your choosing. Since our format is digital, I fully support this service and encourage you to use it. Locally, Sidetracks hooks you up and Hot Springs' Jester's will allow you to access to cyberspace. Don't forget while you are surfing, bookmark our site or better yet RSS us to stay in the loop of what's really going on.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Which Way is Up and More....

Gosh Dern, these days are just flying by like bats out of hell! Here it is, another October winding down or should I say winding up for the maddening holiday season fall out. All around town, it seems that businesses are multi-tasking the seasons with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decor ready and waiting for your next consumer maneuver into debt. Despite it all, we perservere right here with our keen eye on news, commentary, updates, links and just plain old stuff. Now, let the chips fall where they may!
DSRA goes MasqueRed for AIDS Agency

The Diamond State Rodeo clubhouse hosted MasqueRed, a benefit for the Arkansas AIDS Foundation, 10.25.07. Cherity(below), organized the event featuring Diamond Rose ( pictured left), Miss DSRA, Mr. Rick Loftis, Mr. DSRA and Mary Kay Arden, 1st Alternate(below left) , "Queen of Comdey" Marvella, Diedra Windsor Walker, Miss Capitol City, J. Anderson and yours truly, Cassaundra Manchester, Miss Gay NLR 2002. The fundraiser had been planned for the now defunct, The Factory, but had to be moved, with the DSRA submitting to allow the clubhouse to be used even though this wasn't an official DSRA function, according to Cherity. After Cherity aka Brian spoke to me about the event and asked would I participate, I had some reservations about it being that it was to be on a Thursday night. Neverthless, I thought that this was a deserving cause and I wanted to "walk the walk" with all the talk I spill each week about committment and involvement in local efforts. From the moment I arrived, everyone was cordial, inviting and supportive. I wan't to stress that DSRA is making great strides to outreach and surging forward to be a more intergral part of the community mix. Yet, it seems that its appeal hasn't yet transcended "sterotypes" that have some folks not feeling this organization. While inviting individuals to the event, I was seriously stumped when some people told me that they didn't know where the clubhouse was or what DSRA represented. I've known for some time that the organization has had it fair share of detractors, as well as, those who have questioned it's business structure. But convoluted as these matters may be, in my opinion finding workable solutions are always progressive. And boy do we need a many workable solutions in this city. I can't stress enough that old adage: "Don't judge a book by it cover." Looking inside and turning it's pages can open a whole new world of possiabilites. The eveing proceeded orderly with each performer donating their time and collected tips to the cause. The amount collected was available at post time, hopefully that info will be posted here or on their site. I give Diamond Rose, a way up "high five" for stating that it was sad that more people didn't attend. The lack of attendance by much of the AAF Board, interested clients or other erstwhile patrons was most glaring and further reiterates a lukewarm impressions about the agency. I realize that getting out on a Thursday night could be a struggle for some and out of the question for others. However, I'm glad that I did. I had a great time working with these dedicated performace artist who got the call and busted a move to answer. I appreciated being asked and believe it or not, I've been invited back for the Royalty Christmas Show, December 1. Stay tunned for announcements and updates. For more DSRA info go to their website in the links section of this forum.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Politically Speaking Volumes

Whether you want to face it or not. It's all about the politics and whomever outplays, outsmarts and outwits their adversaries will be winners. Unfortuantely, that's how the game or the big wheel on Capitol Hill is played. Therefore if you want to speak to power, get started today!

One Community. One ENDA.

On Sept. 27, with no consultation with the community, members of Congress announced that they had decided to rush a new version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) that does not include gender identity to a vote in the House of Representatives. The inclusive bill is HR 2015, and the non trans-inclusive version is HR 3685.
This would not only deny protections to transgender people, but also fail to protect lesbian, gay and bisexual people who do not conform to other people’s expectations (such as “effeminate” men and “masculine” women).
After an unprecedented outpouring of anger and frustration from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community — including a statement signed by more than 350 leading organizations who oppose this strategy — House leadership announced on Oct. 1 it was postponing action for a short period of time. However, on Thursday, Oct. 18, the House Education and Labor Committee nonetheless approved the sexual orientation-only bill.
Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) has proposed an amendment to this bill that will add the gender identity provisions back into it. While our preferred strategy would be to only advance the fully inclusive ENDA in the first place, we recognize Rep. Baldwin’s effort as our last best chance to get these protections back into ENDA. Her amendment will be considered on the House floor the week of Oct. 22.
That gives us a short window of time for all of us to get Congress moving again on an inclusive ENDA, not leave any part of our community behind and stop the non-inclusive bill. It is critical that your representative hear from you, saying that you expect him or her to: support the Baldwin amendment that would repair ENDA so that it protects all LGBT people..
Please e-mail your U.S. representative now.
Community Search: Did you say something, well if you did, I can't hear ya! We are still waiting for those comments on defining the "GLBTQ community." Send us a e-mail, v-mail, use the comment icon or smoke signals. Whatever it takes. Let's hear from you, you and you too!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Talking Out Loud Rewind...Take 2

Another day, another dive into the pool of life lesson's, semi-reasoning and folks talking out loud for all the hear. Of course, first up to bat is myself, with my daily musings and coverage of pertinent events. I ususally try to sort through the noise and find those interesting items that will fullfill our mission position to educate, inform and empower unilaterally. Often I'm not sure where to began or what will make the cut, but somehow I always find my way to stay on point and cut to the chase. Therefore, without further delay, let's see what's really going on....

Oh KUAR: The UALR radio station KUAR featured programming on the subject of Homosexuality on it's show, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow on 10.23.07 with guest Norman Jones, Randi Romo and Timothy Kessler offering intergenerational perspectives on the topic. Phil Mariage, host and moderator anted up some interesting questions and observations for panelist response. What I heard was a eyeopening mix of candidness, factual references and throaty banter. The questions ranged from personal stories about coming out issues to the future of gays in Arkansas. I was intriuged by the panelist and their personal take on the questions posed by the moderator, but felt that some answers painted a broad picture of the GLBTQI community (such as it is) with wearing rose colored glasses with lots of disposable cash. Even though this may be true for some, it's not steeped in reality for most in this state. According to E-canned, an online income watchsite, the median income in Arkansas is in decline, averaging about $37,000 to $34,000 yearly. Meanwhile, contrasted against other States throughout the US, the State of Arkansas can be recognized as having a relatively high poverty rate amongst the population, with a poverty rate of 15.8 percent of people living in a family with an income below the poverty level in 1999. Yes, Virgina this is just one of the stark realities within the rainbow community juxtaposed to a host of other issues that warrant more air time and discussion. I listened to the long version podcast which covered overviews about civil rights vs. gay rights, work place attitudes and gay assimilation that barely scracthed the surface of the issues. For instance there was no mention of the ENDA dilemma in the workplace, stratergies for additional political gains or what defines the GLBTQI construct. I sensed that the moderator or perhaps his producers should have done a bit more homework in this effort. Despite my perceived shortcomings of the program, KUAR and Mr. Mariage deserve kudos for this excercise as well as an attempt to spotlight gay life in Arkansas yesterday, today and tomorrow. If you didn't hear it and I encourage you to listen in and judge it for yourself. Then, come back here to share what you thought about it with me. I'll be on Go to the programming tab, then scroll down to the show.

The Twilight Years: The KUAR panel briefly touched on the subject of senior gays, I found a truly enlightening article in the New York Times, that brings the issue full circle and needs the attention of you my readers. I have been made aware by many seniors and those rapidly approaching that threshold that they feel isolated, discarded and often misunderstood from the younger set who place no value on their life experiences. I've personally be referred to as "old school" or "Mr. yesteryear", even though I'm in the prime of my life. These attitudes are the result of the GLBT lifestyle being internally promoted as youth and beauty driven to a fault. It's prevelant in the pages of our media and hearlded throughout our sub-culture. I do try to offer a balance in this forum by bringing the issue to the forefront for dialouge even though we use such images. Anyway, It's worth the read and thought process. Check it with this link


Of the estimated 1.6 million homeless American youth, between 20 and 40 percent identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT).
Why do LGBT youth become homeless? In one study, 26 percent of gay teens who came out to their parents/guardians were told they must leave home; LGBT youth also leave home due to physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Homeless LGBT youth are more likely to: use drugs, participate in sex work, and attempt suicide. Also, LGBT youth report they are threatened, belittled and abused at shelters by staff as well as other residents. Locally CAR, The Center for Artistic Revolution offers a youth support group to help. Contact them at 501.244.9690 or e-mail: Tell em we sent ya!

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The Alphabet Soup Monte Part 2

The Gospel According to Obama

The political road to the White House is obviously paved with more land mines than any region on earth and luckily top tier Democratic Presidential candidate, Barack Obama has mastered the "electric slide step" to perfection. Recently Obama has been criticized by gay factions concerning his upcoming gospel tour featuring, pastor Donnie McClurkin who has espoused various views concerning homosexuality. The Obama camp has tried to defuse the situation with statements that Mr. Obama said through a spokesman that he “strongly disagrees” with Mr. McClurkin’s views. He did not indicate he would cancel Mr. McClurkin’s appearance, but said, “I have consistently spoken directly to African-American religious leaders about the need to overcome the homophobia that persists in some parts of our community so that we can confront issues like H.I.V./AIDS and broaden the reach of equal rights in this country.” From my vantage point I believe that this is a non-issue among the "real" issues such as health care, ballooning war spending, immigration reform and national infrastructure that should be front and center of the campaign. Of course I've not spoken to Pastor Mc Clurkin himself, but apparently he's been forthcoming that his personal journey included sexual abuse from an uncle and his contention that he was "cured" through prayer solely belongs to him. Furthrmore, his affirmation that being gay is optional and involves "choice" is problematic to me personally, but in this democratic society everyone is entitled to their opinion. The African American community has a stew pot of issues to deal with and yes, homophobia, self-esteem dilemmas, gay bashing and the ongoing health crisis are all in the mix as well. I don't think that Mc Clurkins' statements should be seen as a line in the sand, but rather another plate at the table, where full-throated discussions can be and should be facilitated. So McClurkin sang at the 04 Republican convention, ultimately he has a "entertainment ministry" and I believe the brother probably will sing for whoever has the check. Let's not forget that Rev. Al Green was recently in town belting out "Love and Happiness," just before "Amazing Grace". I'm not endorsing Mr. Obama, but certianly applaud his decision to at least take a stand on this latest dust up from the campaign trail and those alledgedly offended gays who are in "pile on" mode. Meanwhile flipping the script, Mrs. Clinton has been endorsed by Rev. Harold Mayberry of Oakland, California, who also has controversial views on homosexuality that hasn't gotten the extreme play that has put Mr. Mc Clurkin on blast. Mayberry although non-supportive of an constitutional amendment, he has openly preached against same gender marriage and has told his mega congregation of 2,800 that" the scriptures direct people how to lead a moral life." Sounds like Sunday morning pulpit stuff I've heard for years. The statewide tour scheduled to begin in Charleston as an outreach to black evangelicals is Obama's means to keep his candidacy viable juxtaposed to the Hillary machine that's purported to be ahead in South Carolina. In conclusion, I don't own any of Pastor McClurkins recordings, but at this stage in my life I find his music a source of inspiration as I continue to carefully choose my steps in my journey's pathway. Afterall, each of us will have to face the creator on our own merits and deeds, because we've all fallen short at some point or another. Let the tour roll on and let's stay focused on some core issues.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Let The fall Games begin 2007

Yes, we are in full swing for Fall 2007. There are so many events, festivals and happenings that I seem to be in overdrive some days. Yet, I still hear folks saying that there's nothing to do in Little Rock or how boring things are. I've found this is simply not the case. As usual, if you don't know what's going on, then you need to stay locked in to this site, because we've got the goods to share. You never know where we will show up or what we will be looking into next. With all that said, let's dive in....

There He is...: Mikalia Kay, Miss Gay America 2008. The former Miss Western States 1st Alternate, captured the title 10.21.07 in Memphis TN from a field of over 50 national contestants. The top tier candidates were, Layla La Rue, 1st Alternate, Victoria Depaul, Coti Collins, and Chantel ReShae. Arkansas' titleholder, Alexis LaRue, was a group preliminary winner in interview. Congrats to all who participated, especially the Arkansas Delegation that gave their best.

MasqueRed Benefit's AIDS: The Arkansas AIDS Foudation will benefit from a evening of talent donated from area perfromers at the DSRA clubhouse, 10.25.07 The show will start at according to Cherity who is assisting in organizing the event with the "tip" proceeds going to the support
operational needs of the organization. The club house is at 4525 Hoffman Road.

PFLAG Launches Awareness Campaign

If you wish your coworkers would pull a Katharine Heigl and speak out proudly for LGBT rights, help is on the way. This month Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays are helping straight allies out of the closet with a massive multimillion dollar awareness campaign called "Straight for Equality."
Inspired by an influx of inquiries from straights with the desire to support the gay community but no idea how to go about it, PFLAG created Straight for Equality to provide them with direction.
“I’ve heard so many straight people say they aren’t sure how to find a role in a movement that isn’t their own,” says Jean-Marie Navetta, national director of communications at PFLAG. “Straight for Equality will give them the tools they need to get more involved in supporting the LGBT community, not necessarily through marching in parades but through simple decisions they make in everyday life.”
Although official workplace training isn’t due to begin until January, the initial phase of the campaign, Straight for Equality…in the Workplace, has initiated pilot proceedings with PepsiCo, MetLife, IBM, and Food Lion, among other notable corporations. Initially, PFLAG reps work with top-level management to develop an approach for their company, then implement this approach through a series of two-hour Lunch & Learn workshops, training sessions, presentations, and discussions as part of the human resources agenda.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday: Review Special

CorneliusOnpoint Special REVIEW

Kinsey Sicks take no prisoners at Hendrix

It was a mayhem, madness and political incorrectness at it's zenith, last evening as the Kinsey Sicks, an acapella drag troupe, brought the house down at the Staples Auditorium on the Hendrix Campus in Conway. Based in San Francisco the group is comprised of Ben Schutz (Rachel), Irwin Keller (Winnie), Chris Dilley(Trampolina),and Jeff Manabat (Trixie) respectively. This was there debut in Arkansas and cited that they didn't know what to expect, but was overwhelemed at the outpouring of assistance and hospitality. The show entitled , Condoleezapalooza, was ripe with political humor, satire and commentary encased in harmonious song and choreography. Getting off to a rousing start with a musical introduction of themselves, they quickly proceeded to other hilarious spoofings ranging from antics on the road to harpooning political candidates unilaterally. One favorite of the evening was as send up of Trixe's new lesbian love who was running for President of the United States. The cast and audience went into onverdirve as he revealed that his special person was actually named Mike Huckabee. Most that were in attendance probably had never heard of the group, but was pleasantly surprised or taken aback at the extremely frank, often acerbic, and soundly candid takes on life pursuits. This show isn't about lip synching, the voices are controlled and powerful in each selection. All the characters have their moment in the spotlight. Memorable moments include the "VD" song sung by Rachel, Winne's pubic hair Caberet salute and Trampolina's, "Life Size Jesus," that sent some in the audience into hysterics, including myself. I drove home singing, " I'd like a life size Jesus, a loaf of Wonder bread and assorted Kraft cheeses." It was a you had to be there moment. Another highlight of the night was their signature war song, " WE ARM The Children." A mash up of the Michael Jackon hit, was a anthem that many are probably humming today. I must applaud the campus organization, Unity for their bold courage and moxy, the Student Senate for there support and the student body for proving that this type of entertainment can command an almost capacity attendance. The entire evening was filled with brash comdey take offs and punctuated by poignant moments that made for a super alternative evening out on the town. If you missed it, you shouldn't have.
You can get a whiff of the craziness courtesy of their website: or check out our archives for The Anniversary issue where you can see a video clip.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Spin Cycles & Caravans...add water

Just about everythis these days just needs to "add water," with the results bringing you the best of whatever you are trying to accomplish. I never really equated this to life situations, but in fact this simple move is surprisingly simple when followed. Each day when I rise and shine, get to the boards, fill the screen with the mix, a brief stir of the dry, then..add water. Viola, you get the latest, updates, commentary, links, breaking news, video, podcasting and news related to the GLBTQI community and beyond. Wow, is it really that easy, of course not silly, but that's the way we try to make it seem. And now for the news....

Circiling the Waggons: The Family Council Action Committee has been circiling their waggons and filling them with cash according to their recent campaign finance report filing. The group spearheaded by Jerry Cox is proposing an initiative to ban unmarried couples from adopting or becoming foster parents in Arkansas. The report shows that at least $13,000 was collected minus expenses. This is the same outfit that was successful in mobilizing supporters for the 2004 constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Voters overwhelmingly approved the measure by a 3-to-1 margin. A few weeks ago, AG Dustin Mc Daniel approved the ballot language allowing the organization to gather 61,974 signatures of registered Arkansas voters to be submitted to the secretary of state by July 7. Meanwhile, that un-named coalition group is apparently working stealthly in our best interest.

Watin & Hoping: Well, I'm still watin and hoping to hear anyfeed back on the issue surrounding our poll results where participants stated "there's no actual local GLBTQ community" to speak of. The lack of response, imput or whimper is astoundingly deafining. If you are out there, where are your voices on this matter? Cat got your tounges? Perhaps this is just what those respondents meant, when they said, "there's no actual community to speak of..." I'm still encouaging you to have your say. Because I'm certainly going to have mine....

OH Larry!: After watching the Larry Craig/Matt Lauer interview, I was simply through with the embattled Hall of Fame Senator. Mr. Craig was well prepared with all the right "talking points," about his entire toilet ordeal and subsequent flip-flop on his announced "intent" to resign in September. It's now October, the judge ruled against him in his attempt to change his plea and now he's stating that he's a victim of gladiator politics. Flanked by his wife Suzanne, Craig denounced bloggers and anyone else who have been suspect of his activities. And so it goes in the land of denial. I can't wait for the Lifetime movie.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Midweek Mash up & Mix Down

Today is the 290th day of the year, there are 75 days left and I've got a tanker load of issues, observations,news, commentaries and just plain ole stuff waiting in the wings for this forum. My intensity for producing this site has been tested and battered constantly since it's inception. Some days I wonder, "why am I up at 4:30 a.m. editing this madness?"or "anyone getting anything out of this?," or how about, "if there's no GLTB community to speak of, then what gives?" Yes, all these thought provoking tidbits cross mind, every time, and I mean every time, I hit the publish button. Can you say "bitter-party of one?" Well, not exactly, because I believe that this platform is still viable and necessary in this state. Therefore, we persevere as we take another spin out on the search for what' really going on...

Paper Vs. Laptop

Paper vs. Laptop has become a vital aspect in publishing circles as the world embraces digital version of popular publications. Especially in the rockem-sockem rainbow arena where there are so many elements at play and a blessed few advertisers. However, a few weekends ago, I was presented with questions about why Little Rock doesn't have a "Gay" newspaper or some type of printed entity with "community news," in it? What you say?

Wowy-Kzowy is what I thought. What are these folks talking about and why? The conversation continued with references to the "needs" of the "community" and some business people haven't been "asked" or included. Hold the Presses, was my next thought. Ultimately, the polite meeting ended with promises of a second encounter where we could further explore this. Well, I wanted to bring this idea to the table for discussion. I plan on posting a poll ( yes another one...) here and perhaps on the Sidetracks Yahoo site to gather input. I can't wait for the results.

Diversity Times: Speaking of local press or the lack of it. I had a chance to check in with Shawn and James, publishers of the defunct alternative mag, Pink Spectrum. They still have plans to resume there efforts and have been working on another prototype, entitled Diversity Times. According to them, advertisers have been inquiring, as well as, the general public. Therefore with this new found insight, the duo told me about there beta website where they will be "experimenting" with the concept. They said that they would like for me to take a look and give them some feedback. I have seen it and I wanted to share it will all of you to get your honest feedback. Go now to: I'll be waiting...

Are U ready to be sick: Yes. The Kinsey Sicks will be performing their unique brand of humor ala barbershop quartet style in Conway, 9.18.07 at Hendrix College's Staples Auditorium. In case you don't remember, I posted a video piece about this troupe a few weeks ago and I will have my face in the place for all the fun. Why not, it's FREE! What else can you ask for when you need a cheap date. It's all going down at 7 p.m. I'll have a review posted here, Friday. Yall come on out!!!

BOO Bash Update: O.K. Here we go again, trying to pend down exactly the details of an area event. I've reported that the BOO Bash benefit was on, then moved, now I get an e-blast announcing the event on Oct. 27 at Sidetracks. All I can say is stay tuned.....

From the We ain't Crazy file: A new study has been released citing that Black Gay men, lesbians, have fewer mental disorders than Whites, says Mailman School of PH study. This interesting study from Columbia University journeys into the world of mental health consisting of a micro cross section of gay individuals. Dispelling theories that people of color experience more mental disorders than there white counterparts. I found it to be intriguing reading thanks to an intrepid reader of our forum who sent me the link. See there, I do read what you send me and often use it as source material. A big Thanks to ER for the shout out. If you want to read it for yourself and you should do so, check out the makes you go hmmmm.

Calendar Time: Last year we talk about the variety of calendars available that feature everything from beefcake to cheesecake. We will be showcasing many on our Myspace page next week. You will not want to miss our top 10 picks! Until then go on over for some streaming music and more talking points at:

GOT NEWS or just want to put you two cents in the machine, then go ahead, we're ready when-ever you are!!! Click the comment icon and come on out with it....

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mirror, Mirror...taking another look.

I'm always on the hunt for inspired voices and striking commentary to add to this forum. I've always encouraged interaction from you our readers by presenting thought provoking issues, observations, dilemmas and questions that should step out to command our attention hopefully resulting in robust dialogue. Today's guest opinion piece is from a young brother who is my kind of people and certainly a voice that needs more exposure to the masses. He's focused, issue savvy and unabashed about bringing it to the table for your consideration. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Intelekt Kane, featured contributor to our online partner This work is being presented unedited and intact from his "Yeah I said it" column. Hear him, feel him and open your mind to the possibilities.

Black Gay Men and our Political, Social, and Spiritual Responsibilities
By. Intelekt Kane

Responsibility is such a huge word. It has such a vast encompassing scope. There are words that I think our community needs to embrace a lot more. Integrity, diplomacy, and responsibility are just three of many. The mirror of our community can reflect a great many things. Take for example the history that we have inherited from Marlon Riggs, Bayard Rustin, and Wallace Thurman to the “new” history makers like John Amaechi, Keith Boykin, and Patrik Ian Polk. Yet, with all of this as a backdrop we have not created a Rites of Passage for the younger generation, created safer and respectful housing programs and retirement homes for our black senior gay and lesbian people of color, acknowledge, outreach, and support black lesbian and gay individuals with physical disabilities, created a unique political power-base, gotten rid of internalized homophobia, support the creation of new shelters for thrown-away gay and lesbian youth, and support “gay” and gay affirming churches and spiritual institutions. Some of these things are being tackled by a few of us, but the rest of us have becoming apathetic.

The lack of Rites of Passage is something that we need for our future gay and lesbian leaders. Molding younger people into strong articulate and dynamic gay and lesbian people is in the best interest of the greater black community as a whole, not to mention the best way to affect change in the paradigm of Black American life in regards to black people of same sex desires. Youth are the makers of the world we have yet to experience, but as the youth bring energy and innovation it means nothing to the overall progress of our community if they do not have guidance, support, and wisdom of many of the men who have come before them. The attitude of many older men in our community, and especially the so-called “leaders” is to let young people fend for themselves. This is so apparent when you look at the amount of gay youth who are prostituting or given themselves into damaging relationships just to have a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs. Many of us see these kids everyday and we turn and walk away as we scurry into the closest gay bar. This attitude is why we do not have a foundation to stand on when it comes to making a change for a better tomorrow.

We are all connected in some way or another. It is not only by our shared sexual orientation, but also by the disparaging and suffocating system that we live in, and progress is easily stunted when generational gaps are allowed to erode the track to the goal we have been working towards. I know for a fact that I asked for mentorship from certain leaders for years and never found anyone to support me; that did not have a sexual or social ulterior motive. This has to stop! Many others point fingers at young people and say reproachful things about them, while forgetting that they were once a youth as well. Yet, justify how they were better or different all the while never recognizing that each generation before has always said the same thing about the generation after and at the end of the day we are still in the same place.
We have many members that are also apart of our community, but are consistently left out of the conversation. This includes our seniors and members of the community with disabilities. These people are just as important to the enrichment and diversity of our community as a young gay black male with the “perfect” body. Seniors are facing discrimination in retirement facilities everyday, because of homophobia and the “non-support” of the general gay population. We have to understand that prejudice dose not stop when a person reaches a certain age. We have to learn to take care of those that are sometimes considered unimportant in the community. This also includes our brother and sisters that are deaf or paraplegic, or who have any other physical disability. This is still our community and we have to embrace them all. This is not about pity but about a broader picture of what our community really is. Creating safe spaces and facilities for these communities should be apart of our discussion on creating a better environment.

We are in desperate need for a policy-based group that is willing to go to battle with the majority. This cannot happen as long as egotistical, “stingy”, and delusional individuals are leading the fight, while the rest of everyone else sits back complains and critiques. Getting things changed is about blood, sweat, and tears. It is about sacrifice of time, money, and energy. It is about understanding the need to do as Gandhi said. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” We should be supporting political groups and creating our own agendas. We do not need to follow the general “Euro” gay communities agenda and line items of achievements. My friend, Christopher Stewart Esq., of Atlanta fills so passionate about the need to create a positive image and to reject fear; however, to achieve this we need to still deal with stigma and internalize homophobia that permeates so strongly in the community. We have internalized prejudices that are eating us up, and to make change externally, we must make change internally. We need to acknowledge that we must turn the corner on the status quo. “No fat, no fem” is hypocritical and blasphemous. Having a preference is one thing, but creating levels of “gay” acceptable looks and attributes, as a cultural norm is as ugly as it gets. If you were on a cliff in a car and that car was about to go over, and a “fat” and or “fem” man was the one that could rescue you, you would not care, but in creating bonds, friendships, and allies we have allowed this dogma to bleed into the gay public discourse and it is poisonous.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with articulating the needs of our community, but we must also make sure that we articulate truth and not just opinions or myths that continue to lead us into cycles of denial and indifference. I believe whole-heartedly in concentrated education around our history and evidence that can lead us into making the best decisions for the general community. This should help us set an agenda for our community and not the “euro” establishment or the black militancy that also caters to its own agenda and not that of the general community. We have to figure in order what are the needs, and not only complain about the issues, but also set in place ways of truly tackling and solving some of these issues. This is how we then know what to ask for as a community from the government that we pay and elect into office. This can only be achieved however if the black gay and lesbian community wake up, read, watch, and learn what it is going on not only in America, but around the world.

I also believe that we need to create more places of spiritual renewal and growth for our community and also raise up new energetic spiritual leaders to help support the churches that are in need. We also need to create institutions of spiritual health and healing that may not necessarily be connected to an established religion. Spiritual nourishment is something that each human needs, and healing is most definitely something that we in this community desire and need to make available. Hope is the key to breaking barriers, faith is the essence of knowing it will happen, and love is the ingredient that will keep us going. If we do not have a place and people to help refill us for this journey and the battles that lay ahead then we will not succeed. We should not have to be forced to attend churches or institutions that continually deny our existence as a blessed part of a holy plan. We do not need to continue to hate ourselves, because others know nothing but hate for us. We do not have to cry and think that our life is not worth living because of a doctrine that has been warped and misinterpreted to create conflict and separation with a greater goal of wealth and power. We have to create spaces where the truths of the faiths we believe in are taught in the love in which those doctrines were conceived. This is how we grow. We must also not be afraid to stand up and challenge hypocritical and hateful “spiritual” leaders who teach out of bitterness and disdain for something that do not know. This is how we as a people will get to the promise land. Turning and running away from a spiritual life will not help us, but embracing our spiritual needs and beliefs and working diligently in spirit and truth will.

These are just a few things that can lead us in the right direction when it comes to responsibilities. A good friend of mines, Bishop Zachary Jones said something to me that lets me know I am right in target when he said that the soul always knows where it belongs. I know this is my community and I most definitely know that it is where I belong.
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Monday, October 15, 2007

Looking for Silver Linings

It's a manic Monday as I recoup from a whirl wind weekend of events, meetings, and other goings on around town. I'm alway perplexed by folks who keep telling me that there's nothing going on or nothing to do. I don't know what circles they are running in, but I'm here to tell ya that there's plenty of stuff to do and places to be, because I'm out and about to much of it. That's why I keep stating that if you really want to know what's going on, you have to stay locked in to CorneliuOnpoint. Now, with all that said, let's get cracking.....

AIDS Agency Freefall: In my last post I led with a peice on the venerable agency known as the Arkansas AIDS Foundation aka Consortia Care District 1. I hit upon a variety of items that I felt warrant concern and future observations. Even though it seemed that I was assessing a gloomy situation, I try to stay optomistic. Enter Yolanda West, AAF case manager who was on the scene of the National Latino AIDS Awareness Day community outreach event held, 9.13.o7. Ms. West while representing AAF also assisted with coordinating the event based around the theme, "Wake Up! Take Control!" featured Giovanna Polack,(far right picture) a Gilead HIV/AIDS educator whom addressed attendees in their native tounge, greetings from Gov. Beebe's Office and entertainment provided by Mexican Folklore dance troupe.(pictured below) After a sumptous mexican buffet provided by La Haceinda, I found the presentation to be informative and culturally sensitive in nature. Unfortunately, I don't speak spanish, but I didn't feel out of place since the power point accompaniment allowed me to follow along with ease. I believe that Ms. West and sponsors deserve a way up high five for putting together a broad base partnership that included Stamp Out Smoking, Big Brother, Inc and Hola Arkansas. I was somewhat taken aback, when Ms. West told me that sometimes her efforts are not always viewed as progressive and often get lackluster support. I found this to be quite eye opening with all the uncertainty surrounding the agency. Also while I was in attendance, I didn't see any AAF board members, community activist or other local advocates. Perhaps they assumed that this was a latino event exclusively, yet I did'nt encounter that attitude. Everyone was welcome and I mean everyone. Congrats to Ms. West on a job well done, keep up the good fight and best wishes for next year. For more information go the websites:,,,,

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wait, Wait there's More...part 2

Golly, Indian Summer is ebbing and flowing into fall with promises of cooling temperatures ahead. Of course, I've always loved fall weather because I can whip out those nifty outfits that allow me to transform into a fashionista on the cat walk. Excuse me but I digressed a bit. The order of business for this post is diving back into the daily fray of what's really going on....Let's get busy!!!

AIDS Agency Freefall: In previous post I've chatted about the local ASO (AIDS Service Organization) cryptically known as the Arkansas AIDS Foundation but offically entitled, Consortia Care District 1. Now, first of all this inter mixing of names is one issue that has irked me for some time, but obviously corporate branding isn't the only problem that seemingly has allowed this agency to become a shell of itself. The embattled organization is still without an Executive Director after a year and apparently there's an lazier faire attitude or effort to search for one. One applicant who was applying for another advertised position told me that there resume received no action or acknowledgement from anyone at the agency. Futhrmore, I couldn't help but chuckle when their own website under the career tab states that there are "no job openings at this time-check back later." All righty now. Then, there's the leadership meltdown that went full tilt with ex-board President Dean Blevins. His alleged imperial micro-management style wasn't conducive to some board members. It's reported that Mr. Blevins wanted to dismantle the entire board structure and start over. Consequently, the entire board went spiraling down in true Hindenburg fashion. Furthermore, his antics and attempts at organizational management sent interim director Chiquita Munir in search of a career change, adding further dysfunctional elements into the mix. From a high of 23 members, the current board now consist of 9, sort of meandering under the struggling leadership of Nakia Williams, former public relations chair. At this point please insert headline( Wait, there's more...) It's been leaked that a recent audit from the state Health Department soundly criticized various internal systems and mechanics with mandates for improvements. I haven't seen the actual document but sounds like a FOIR (freedom of information request) may be in order to determine the extremes. Meanwhile, Southern Reach, a national AIDS initiative and funding source has targeted southern states in crisis with grant awards averaging $45,000. However if funded, it appears that the ASO "community" is lacking infrastructure or direction to facilitate anything significant. What really gets me is, if this is what this agency has become, won't it's effectiveness be stymied? How much of this tomfoolery will DHS accept? Pardon me, but HIV/AIDS stats in the South are on the upswing, especially in the African American community and among women. Hello, can you hear me now? I guess not, since the agencies E-mail box sends out a message that it's too full. For the record my e-mail box or comment icon is waiting with baited breath for any and all replies.

From our SPEAKING VOUMES file: In the spirit of National Coming Out Day which is dedicated to those who are finding there way from the closet, I wanted to come on out with this great PSA to support my post above. Click and listen up, then take action.

Did you know that in 31 states, it's perfectly legal to fire someone for being gay? Or that in 39 states it's legal to fire someone for being transgender? I think that's wrong. If you do too, take action at: This issue needs your attention and support. Take a few moments to check this website or a host of many others with important info such as or What you waitin for?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mirror, Mirror...

Mirror, Mirror on the wall who's the fairest of the all...Well O.K. not the fairest but how about staying on point. Then, that's me of course! It's time for another addition of our unique brand of blogging for knowledge. You know, those stories that you will discuss among yourselves or snicker about in front of your PC screens. I know you're here it is...our latest!

Capital City Rainbow Community: Fact or Fiction

Poll Results: I wanted to add more features to this forum that I'd hoped would stimulate more traffic, interactiveness and attractiveness for our readership. The daily output in producing this labor of love can be taxing and often overwhelming, but I believe that it's my contribution in human rights advocacy. I know that polls are plentiful and often not answered for a variety of reasons. However, our recent poll about "defining community" caught my attention and deserves some expansion. After the poll concluded, the few that responded cited that they felt there was "no local reconizable GLBT community." Say What? Apparently, there is a sense that there is no "actual community" to speak of, therefore when we refer to "community" exactly who are we referring too? I see it all the time. In an e-mail from Miss DSRA, Diamond Rose, who "invited the community" to the next benefit. In an announcement posted from NWA alerting the "community" to political actions. Local organizations looking for volunteers or raising money from the "community." Many years ago, I wrote about fractures and fragmentations within the GLBT construct that would be ongoing obstacles to cohesiveness. Maybe I was on to something all those years ago. This poll is not scientific, but raises many questions that I would like explored by anyone who has an opinion. For instance, "why do we have no sense of community?" "who comprises this community," "Is the alleged community a "diversity" causality?" "If there's no sense of community, then what's PRIDE all about and who is it for?" " What will it take to form a sense of community and will it matter?

There ya go...I've put it out there for the taking, so let the dialouge begin. I'll be waiting.
Model Search: We are are in search for model candidates for our impending marketing blitz coming later this year. We are tinkering with the idea of creating a printed tabloid platform that would be found locally. If you're the one or at least think you are, then send us a picture, link or video E-mail to tell us what would make you the best person to grace our cover and represent CorneliusOnpoint.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Wait, Wait, Don't tell me, there's more...

The headline speaks volumes. And yes, I have more of what's really going on from top to bottom and everywhere else that's making our news cut. In this present format we've upped the ante with daily postings that often merge or bundle items that are related or assist in further underscoring issues. I encourage you readers that the brevity that we offer here is not always the end of the story, therefore searching the net or using provided links will help you gather more depth about the subjects or individuals profiled. I've stated our mission numerous times and it's still the same, " to inform, educate and empower." Your imput and interacitveness is imperative to our success and we encourage you to share your views with us.

Circling The Waggons continues: Just when I thought this matter couldn't reach new heights or lows, obviously I was decidedly wrong. Let's try to recap where we are in this ongoing saga, involving the internal goings on of the coalition organization that will be dealing with the proposed Adoption measure. The said group comprised of ACLU's Rita Skilar, Stonewall Demorcrat's, Jay Barth, Legislator Kathy Webb, board members from CAR and others whom met earlier this year to hammer out an offensive plan. However, varying differences, opinions and some ego's were broadsided among the particpants. Resulting in a flurry of E-mails and pointed conversations rife with sorted inuendos and accusations. Consequently, some interactions even became tinted with racial overtones. Oh My! Can't we all just get along! As it stands now, close sources state that two members of the panel have been asked out. Yes, your heard me, that means dismissed, Ta-Ta, adios, adieu and see ya! Allegedly, their viewpoints on internal operations and overall methodology were unconducive to those in lockstep with other waggoneers, whom felt that they know what works best. No community dissenters allowed. Stay tuned, I'm sure that there's more to come from this one....

I'm Coming Out: Come out, Come out from where ever you are is what I'm saying! The NationalComing Out Day Celebration hosted by Unitarian Universalist Church of Little Rock [1818 Reservoir Rd, Little Rock], Oct. 11-12. Thursday, Oct 11: Service and Celebration of National Coming Out Day for the LGBT community and their straight allies, 7PM, UUCLR. Friday, Oct 12: Potluck and Movie Night, 6PM, showing the movie "Family Fundamentals, " a compelling look at fundamentalist parents who have given birth to gay children. Movie starts at 7; discussion will follow. This event is sponsored by Interweave, the LGBT ministry of UUCLR. All Arkansas LGBT organizations and allies are invited.To participate in the celebration please contact the Interweave Co-Chairs at Barbara Freeman or Rebecca Milam

Easy Street Theft: Theives in the temple was the order of the day at wine bar Easy Street. If you want to know details, we've got it at our Myspace page. It's apart of the Hit or Miss entry at Wanna be a friend? then just say so,...!!

Senate Passes Matthew Shepard Bill
Senate Bill 1105 ( s1105) better known as the Matthew Shepard Bill has been passed through the U.S. Senate and has received applause from it's namesakes parents, Judy and Dennis Shepard of the Matthew Shepard Foundation. I was glad to know that Senator Blanche Lincoln ( D) was a co-sponsor of this measure to assist policing agencies deal with this growing dilemma thorughout the nation. There has been much discussion among lawmakers concerning whether a "seperate" law was needed juxtaposed to what's already on the books. However, supporters rallied sufficient evidence that such a distinction was necessary.
The legislation is formally entitled, the Matthew Shepard Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act (S. 1105). It was offered as a bipartisan amendment by Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and Senator Gordon Smith (R-OR) to the Department of Defense authorization bill currently before the U.S. Senate. The virtually identical House version of the bill passed overwhelmingly on May 3rd, 2007 with a bipartisan vote of 237 to 180 as an appropriate and measured response to the unrelenting and under-addressed problem of hates crimes against individuals based on sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and disability. I encourage you to either call or E-mail Mrs. Lincoln a hearty "thanks" for her leadership on this groundbreaking tool dealing with overt violence in GLBTQI enclaves and communities nationally. She needs to hear from us! Do it's how:

Speaking to Power: In the above post I've asked you to reach out and touch a lawmaker. In case you didnt' know, some of them don't beleive that we actually exist and they are not from Iran. Point in case, Rep. John Boozeman (R) whom allegedly seems to think that the GLBT community in NWA is irrelevant in his policy votes. If you live in the area, get out your best weapon of mass destruction, it's call a pen. Send his office a notice that your interest are not be dismissed or wrote off. These people need to hear from us, I know this for a fact from a past trip to D.C. where I had access to their aides who were intrigued that someone from the home state
had any interest in what's happening on the Hill. Take the time and speak to the power! For JB here's his info:Representative John Boozman (R-AR 3rd)
His Main District Office:213 W. Monroe, Ste. K
Lowell, AR 72745Phone: (479) 725-0400Fax: (479) 725-0408

If you don't think that they respond, they do. I weighed in on the immigration maddness to my Senators and got letters from both. Below is an excerpt from Sen. Lincoln:

September 27, 2007

Dear Cornelius:

Thank you for contacting me about immigration reform and border security.
Our immigration system is broken and our first priority must be to secure our borders. This is a homeland security issue first and foremost and I believe we should act now to address this problem. Unfortunately, steady increases in the number of border patrol agents over the last several years has thus far not produced adequate results in securing our nation’s borders. While traffic from areas where we have placed more enforcement has decreased, illegal border crossings remain a serious and on-going problem.
To help address this issue, Congress passed and the President signed the Secure Fence Act last fall with my support which directed the Department of Homeland Security to construct 850 miles of additional border fencing. The legislation will increase the mileage of existing fencing and improve vehicle barriers installed along the southwest border of the United States. Furthermore, this legislation will provide enhanced border surveillance through more effective use of personnel and technology, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, ground-based sensors, satellites, radar coverage, and cameras. I believe this bill represents an important step in the right direction but more work needs to be done.......

In case you didn't know, we are the only daily updated online GLBTQ site in Arkansas featuring news, commentary, links, video, podcasting and so much more. Are your ready for's coming.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Can you hear me now...??

October is off and running as we count down the final day of 2007 and prepare ourselves for 2008. Through it all, I've chronicled in this forum many of my intimate triumphs, as well as, covered a lot of ground on so many issues ranging from the sublime to touchstone dilemmas. There's nothing off the table as we search out what's really going on in our 360 global world. Therefore, I implore you to stay with us as we stay the course in bringing you the breaking news, updates and what's really going on from the four corners of Arkansas and beyond. So Get Ready, Get Set, Dive in....

BOO Bash moves: Previously we had posted about the upcoming multi-tasking fundraiser BOO Bash, to be held at Sidetracks later this month. Word comes to us that this event has been postponed and moved to a unannounced date in November, according to JD, event coordinator. "I felt that the event had not received the fullest attention it deserved to achieve the max affect." He said. "I met with supporters and we decided that in order to make this really work, we need more time to advertise, gather donations and more planning." As soon as thing firm up, I will bring you the latest.

Lavender Hill Politics: Playing politics with the big boys is rough and tumble at it's best. In the last few weeks a variety of GLBT measures have been put through the Capitol Hill ringer with some folks calling foul, others playing hardball and those who want a time out. Enter, ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act that has been adjusted to make the bill more plausible for certain lawmakers. Meanwhile, the issue of Transgender protections were left on the cutting room floor with the philosophical attitude that this would give the entire matter a better chance of being passed. In a E-Alert sent out by Stonewall Democrats' board member, Steve Van Hook, he said " we only have a two week delay in the committee considering the revised ENDA.. and less than two weeks to build nationwide support." To assist in this networking the organization has created, as means to rallying citizen responses and petitioning. Supposedly they have placed "paid ads" on GLBT blogs and websites, however, it seems that we didn't make the cut. Somehow, they must not know that we are Arkansas' online "go-to" destination. They better ask somebody...

The 08 Presidential Cash Dash continues...

It's still raining money in the third quarter of fundraising for the 08 political throwdown, with camp Clinton topping out at a whopping 27 million dollars and counting. Not to be outdone or our financed is that other big "O," Barack Obama with a "I'm not mad at ya," 17 million smackerooes

to the credit of his grassroot network. After all the heavy lifting, John Edwards does a double-take and decides to take public campaign financing but still rakes in a serious 7 million along with Bill Richardson's 5.2 million. On the other side of the isle, GOP front runners Giuliani reports 11 million, Multi-millionare Romney reports 10 million, give a take few millions of his own fortune, and John McCain's people state that he's raised a respectable 6 million. Unfortunately, Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, despite his straw poll bump, is the candidate with his "hat in his hand," with a megar war chest of only 1.5 million to date. However, Huckabee is not retreating, but rather stepping up his stance that he's the "alternative" choice for the GOP base. Now, with all this moolah flying around I'm still trying to figure out exactly what these candidates stand for and so should you. There will be plenty more opportunities to form your overall opinion through upcoming debates and forums. Moreover, this high stakes pursuit that's awashed in cash, highlights why campaign reform and public financing is pararmount. For those who can't make the legal limit donations or have sent a basic donation to the candidateof your choice, you can find out where all the money is coming from with some nifty websites and tools that are "free." Check them out: or go to to do your own personal search.

Have You Heard the latest?

Fresh from production is our new latest Corneliusonpoint podcast! It's our mash up of announcements, links, commentary, special features and of course music! Recorded in our downtown Mablevale studios, this podcast continues our quest to embrace all tech platforms that will enhance your online experience, thusly adding a "live" element to this forum. Unfortuantely, some areas of Arkansas are broadband challenged, therefore may not be able to access all our staging areas or components that support them. It' a fact that many state GLBTQ citizens are in small towns and farming communites where often dial-up internet could be there only source of interaction with like-minded individuals. The power of the internet was evident with the recent anti-gay legislation ( SB 959) which was thwarted through direct e-mail campaigns, messaging, bloggers, posted video and alerts that circulated to advocates and supporters statewide. Also other's are producing blogs, info sites, social networking and niche centered web pages all over the state. This activity causes us to wholeheartedly support the recent creation of Connect Arkansas and the Arkansas Broadband Initiative which is charged with charting the horizon for outlying areas to access these rapdily expanding innovations. I have high hopes that this unfunded legislative mandate will acquire unilateral cooperation from both private and public funding sources. I find it vitally important to continue to build a bridge to the 21st future that will facilitate equal access for everyone.

Here it is our latest Podcast!! Click the forward button on the Evoca icon, adjust your volume, tune in and enjoy the show. Got ideas, sponsorships, show ideas or want to be a special guest...give us a shout out today for more info.

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