Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Let's Roll with It some more...!

Opening the Door to the Inclusion of Transgender People

Throughout the various post within this forum I've written about empowerment and educational opportunities for the GLBTQ community. I've reported about Queer Conferences, retreats, meetings and guest activist who arrive to offer grassroots training. Furthermore, I've often mused about the shaky internal workings of local organization which have had issues with diversity. Enter this new publication which provides invaluable ‘how-to’ advice to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organizations seeking to become fully transgender-inclusive.
The National Center for Transgender Equality and National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has released a joint publication titled Opening the Door to the Inclusion of Transgender People: The Nine Keys to Making Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Organizations Fully Transgender-Inclusive, geared toward lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) organizations. This publication comes on the heels of the National Transgender Lobby Day held April 15 in Washington D.C. Over 28 states received visits from transgendered individuals and allies who shared their personal stories juxtaposed informing their Representatives about hate crimes, employment protections and documentation rights. I couldn't find where there was any participant from Arkansas. I personally did a Capitol Hill Lobby day several years ago and was the lone participant from the state but was well greeted by our representatives. This is a great way to put a face with the issue and it's importance. The publication goes to great length to examine the overall impact of inclusion by citing that
“Transgender inclusion has been an important issue in the LGBT community, particularly in the past year. Yet, many organizations struggle with how exactly to become fully transgender-inclusive. We are excited to offer this free new resource,” said Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE).
Opening the Door, which is based on years of personal and professional experience within LGBT organizations, makes the case for full inclusion at every level of an organization. It examines the need for genuine, consistent advocacy for inclusion of gender identity and expression in policies, programs, legislative stances and public positions, and explores critical issues such as understanding the transgender experience and the role of an ally, how to address staffing issues, dealing with prejudice and ways to further outreach. The voices of LGBT leaders discussing real-life experiences with transgender inclusion are found throughout the guide.

Voting Early: In lieu of the national noise concerning, early voting will begin May 5 for the May 20 election of Arkansas General Assembly, local and judicial races. If you haven't registered, you've missed the boat but if you've got it going on, then you may proceed to a local county court house to cast your ballot. Remember every vote counts, so get out and get your vote on, EARLY!

HIV INFORMATION DAY :Time to Talk SATURDAY, MAY 10 2008 1030AM - 530PM (please be prompt and expect to attend until complete)THE ART SCENE Corner of Maple and Broadway, North Little Rock FREE Breakfast items and lunch served Based on limited seating: Please send email or call 501-835-1463 with your name, phone number, and number attending. They are looking for volunteers to assist with the event. If you have some extra time to offer give them a call and get involved. Kudos to BC and organizers who step to the plate as well as stand in the gap to provide opportunities and neutral zones for HIV/ AIDS end users, allies and supporters. I plan to attend, will I see you there?

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Hustle and Flow 3.0

Can you believe that we've almost zoomed through the second quarter of the year? Folks are talking about Memorial Day, Fourth of July and PRIDE week already, even as we try to continue to be optimistic, although stunned by that $3.50 a gallon of gas trap. Theres' at least 275 days left in the year and boy, oh boy, it's shaping up to be a doozie to say the least. Of course, you know that I'll be here in the "big chair" taking it all in, and giving it back to you in our unfiltered and unique manner. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's The Hustle and Flow 3.0....

Pride in the City: The Annual Conway Pride schedule has been announced from organizers. 4th Annual Conway Pride Parade & Festival Sponsored by John Schenck & Robert Loyd in Association with CAR ,Saturday June 23, 2007 Parade Line-up 2pm at the Pink House1605 Robinson Ave., Conway, AR Festival location: Simon Park-next to City Hall 1201 Oak St.Performances By:Sally Miller The Mob Kings DJ Moon God and "surprise" performers. Meanwhile in Little Rock, which has sorta, kinda opted out of producing an official pride gathering due to a lack of interest and resources, there will be the 3rd Annual AR LGBTQ Film Festival Reel Attractions Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24 at Easy Street Piano Bar Cabaret Room, 307 W.7th Street Little Rock. According to an e-blast, Stu Maddux, 6 time Emmy winner will be the special guest. Check the site for more info, including schedule of films:

Meet me in Saint Louie: The National Association of Black and White Men Together's 28th national convention will be held in St.Louis, Mo, July 23-26. The week long gathering of members and patrons from across the US and globally will participate in workshops, caucuses and many fun activities. I've attended this conference twice before and it's an energizing retreat into consciousness raising and synergy that has always left me empowered. Not to mention connected to new acquaintances and networking contacts that span the rainbow of diversity. There are early bird registrations available online and additional schedule information. Go to or e-mail organizers directly at Tell you heard about it here!

Talking Out Loud: I writing a letter to Bill Moyers to thank him for his interview with embattled pastor Jeremiah Wright, who's been on the firing line since the appearance of those YouTube snippets and his connection to Senator turn presidential front runner, Barack Obama. Moyers, PBS series which is one of my favs, often takes subjects and peels back their complexities in a quiet and compose mode. For me this is the most enjoyable means to diffuse the hype and passing parade of talking heads who are "shocked, simply shocked," at Mr. Wright's point blank preachy tradition. In case you missed the show, there's always some access on PBS and if you've been broadsided by all the rhetoric, as I too found myself in question of his position, until I saw the interview. Moyers was in classic form, asking, probing, pondering and allowing Wright to fully explain the contexts of his sermons juxtaposed to his being. Even at 4 a.m. ( the show was repeated at that time) I was curious and drawn in to the one on one conversation. Subsequently, I also watched the NAACP keynote speech given 4.27.08 covered by CNN which was even more enlightening as Wright proceeded to dissect topics ranging from the "mis education" of Black children to the misunderstanding of the variety of "tones" from which Black people have evolved. Ultimately, he called for more understanding among the masses including gays and lesbians, more dialogue about race relations and noted that straight talk about our ongoing issues is paramount for a changed world seeking transformation. Let me be clear, Rev. Wright's descriptive speeches are factual tough medicine, nauseating to taste, but necessary for the ailment. Furthermore, Wright's address to the National Press Club also gave me further insight that Wright although consider controversial is entitled to have his say as demonstrated by his extensive oratory in which he illustrates his positions eloquently and with scholarly depth. Even though Mr. Moyers may never read my comment, his show has again stopped the maddening noise and gave me a quiet teachable moment.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Oh can you see the TGIF!

Here we are again, it's a TGIF and what a week it's been! What can you say, Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my! If you haven't been to this side of OZ lately then, grab your favorite beverage and preapare yourself a seat. It's our friday mash up from the fringe lunatic to what were they thinking... Let's go!

Checks in the Mail: GW has spoken. The checks are in the mail according to President Geogre Bush who said that those stimulus checks will be sent by direct deposit. He insisted that this rebate package be expedited in a Friday press conference prior to his weekend retreat. Bush feels that the affects of this cash infusion should help stimulate the economy. My advice- Do NOT spend your check on stupid stuff. Here's my quick pick:

A. Pay down, pay off or pay out your high interest credit cards.

B. RE-invest in your current investment vehicles( 401 K, IRA, etc.)

C. Put the cash in your rainy day fund or emergency fund. You might need it later

D. If all else fails and you have to make a purchase, buy something that will accrue in value!

Dangerous Negro: I was intensely intrigued when I got a blurb talking about, Dangerous Negro. I though, now obviously someone isn't about being politically correct by embracing this moniker, however, it's a marketing ploy that got my attention and most likely many others. It's a website, which specializes in the "in your face" and those "bet you don't have this one, do ya? T-shirts. It's an online T-shirt outlet that's been promoted by a North Carolina African American Studies major student who give you a chance to "feed into her activist rampages" with style by designing your own or choosing from array of brands.
I looked for the shirt that's in the picture, but I think this style has actually been discontinued. Perhaps it was a apart of the holiday collection. Never you mind, there's plenty other striking fashion statement available. If you dare...

Lavender Boomers: Forever young is such a fleeting moment as I rapidly approach my mid-life crisis point. Despite that big life change to come, I 've been encouraged that acorss the country and hopefully soon in this area there are communites being developed for senior GLBTQ members and beyond. I was intrigued with a story from the San Francisco Chronicle and felt I needed to share an exceprt with you. If you think it's too early to think about retirement, think again...for the entire story you'll have to click to

With Baby Boomers moving closer to retirement, entrepreneurs and community groups are looking to serve niches within that huge demographic group.
One such niche is retirement communities for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.
Nationwide, dozens of groups have tried to build retirement communities for gays, but only three have opened thus far, according to Gerard Koskovich, who tracks the subject for the Lesbian and Gay Aging Issues Network.
Aging experts, entrepreneurs and nonprofits say the need is there, but the challenge is more complex than build it and fill it. They have to raise money; find an affordable, attractive, gay-friendly locale; and motivate people who, like all seniors, might want or need anything from Pilates classes to nursing care.
In the past decade, at least 40 ideas for gay senior housing have come up, but many stalled in the planning. So far, an upscale project in Santa Fe, N.M., that opened in 2006 has had difficulty filling. An affordable complex that opened in 2007 in Hollywood has had more success.
Despite that national track record for gay senior housing, three Bay Area projects are moving closer to reality after years of planning.
Each of the three - Barbary Lane in Oakland, Openhouse in San Francisco and Fountaingrove Lodge in Santa Rosa - has a different business model. Nevertheless, each is premised on the concept that many gays want to spend their retirement years in places where they're comfortable being themselves.
Accustomed to being out of the closet, they don't want to go back into it for fear of rejection or discrimination at a retirement center. They go along with Barbary Lane's motto, "Closets are for clothes, not seniors."
Because of anti-discrimination laws, none of the projects is exclusively gay. Straight people may move in, too, but the projects bill themselves as gay-friendly.
San Francisco's Openhouse
Openhouse expects to take a big step forward Tuesday afternoon when the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is tentatively scheduled to approve its land-use plan.
"This represents three years of getting the project through the city process," said Moli Steinert, executive director of the nonprofit organization.
Openhouse will be part of a larger rental project being developed by AF Evans on the site of the former UC Berkeley Extension campus at 55 Laguna St. Evans is preserving three buildings there and converting them to housing.
Finally, Openhouse has started a community outreach program for isolated seniors. It began in Bernal Heights, where gay people of all ages were invited to a meeting and asked to be aware of gay senior neighbors who might need help, such as referral to the Bernal Heights Senior Center.
The outreach program will move to the Castro district and Noe Valley, which have many gay residents. "People are fired up," Steinert said.
In the process, Openhouse can see where gay seniors are clustered into "naturally occurring retirement communities," she said.

Vagina Volumes: It's been a interesting week for the sister. First up, Star "twinkle twinkle" Jones' bombshell news that she's getting a divorce from ubber husband Al Reynolds. The man who she thought was her shinning knight for enternity and created a sensation with her 5 star wedding parade. Tounges are wagging and some folks are saying, "girl you should have known better..." Whew, Our Ms. Jones is now in seclusion trying to figure it all out.. Then it's the Prophetess Juanita Bynum who wanted to keep it real on Divorce Court this week talking about her ill-fated marriage to Bishop Weeks to Judge Lynn Toler. She said she still loved him ,but needed to move on because there ain't no marriage. Her public beat down and YouTube mea culpas make you wonder, "Yo, Juanita, what were you thinking when this joker was manhandling you..?" And finally, Janet, Janet, Janet- call miss Jackson, who has mused that if she was going to have a little Lesbian trisk, her flavor would be fellow celeb, Alicia Keyes. Alrighty then. In other reported stories, Ms. Jackson had high praise for drag queens,because she said they "study their subjects" and give it there all. She said that she we also love to do a magazine spread dressed as a "drag queen."

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Welcome to Thursday Thunderdome

Work with you got, Get busy, stay focused and keep your head to sky as 2008 ebbs and flows into it's second quarter of the year and let's face people things are looking kinda dicey. Just in case your IPod has been turned up or either you've been tuned out, it would be best if you do a doubletake on issues that are looming large on the horizon and beyond. Besides the political smackdown that's playing across the national forefront, gas prices, food prices, economic mayhem, there are other undercurrents of the culture wars creeping about. I've said in the past that it's getting tough out there, well it still stands as I welcome you to the Thursday Thunderdome...

Pushing the Rainbow envelope: Although Jessie Jackson's journey has been long and winding, I have no doubt that his expressive voice as well as distinct messages will continue to resonate long after his presence has faded from the landscape. Earlier this week I was again moved by his passionate plea for reconizing the world food crisis including this hemisphere with the riots in Haiti. The video clip below is courtesey of his RainbowPUSHCoalition website, where you can find out more about the impact of food shortages and a host of other human rights dilemmas for your consideration.

Go to:

Silence is Golden: a Day of Silence will be celebrated 4.25.08 on the steps of the State Capitol, 5 p.m. The gathering supported by GLSEN, notes the challenges of GLBTQI youth and young adults. In it's 12th year, The National Day of Silence brings attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools. This year’s event will be held in memory of Lawrence King, a California 8th-grader who was shot and killed Feb. 12 by a classmate because of his sexual orientation and gender expression. Hundreds of thousands of students will come together on April 25 to encourage schools and classmates to address the problem of anti-LGBT behavior. Also a variety of coordinating activites will take place on area campuses. For more info call 501.244.9690 or contact: or

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Which way did they go Wednesday & then some more!!!

Oh Monday, that blessed day when we start all over again and again, and again, you know the routine. So, without and delay, let's what's shaping the week, our interest and hopefully will tweak your interest as well. It's a full post, so get ready, get set...Let's go!

Hill-Raiser!!!: OH Gun touting, boilermaker drinking, story spewing, take-no- prisoners, tough talking, "in it to win it, political shotcaller babe you! Yes, Hillary Clinton is not letting the Bouncing O go on without a true fight. Last evenings win in Penntown had me gitty with anticipation that democracy can still be exhilarating. How can you not just be amazed at the grit and gutsy Clinton who will not be swayed by her fellow Capitol Hill scallywags who have called for her to step aside, in the name of party unity. Poppycock and tomfoolery I say! Let the voting continue, let the people have their say and oh, by the way let's not forget them delegates in Michigan and Florida. If there's going to be blood then let's all have milkshakes!

The Kings Poor Mouth: I was a bit mystified and did a doubletake when I read that Charles King, who is seeking to be the Representative from District 36 had filed to run for the office with some type of vow of poverty and was unable or lacked resources to pay his $3,000 fee. Plus, it seems that King was allowed to submit a petition of supporters that was incapable of being vetted entirely because he filed on the last day of filing. It appears to me and apparently ADP ( Arkansas Democractic Party) Chairman Bill Gwatney, that this little clause has rarely been invoked and the whole maneuver seems a bit sketchy. Although I understand that this rule is in fact apart of those "many party rules" that I spoke about when I was seeking to be a delegate to the convention. Speaking convention, Mr. King who I did see at the nominating event was selected to represent the Obama camp in Denver. In case you didn't know and I certain did before I decided to pursue the possibility that each delegate is "totally responsible" for there expenses to the convention. I fore casted that my total expenses including all transportation, per diem, and any incidentals could have been, viola $3,000. I had planned to solicit support via this forum but aborted the effort when I was chosen. Not to mention that the response was not meeting expectations. I wasn't a math wizard, but I can do math and if you can't afford to pay a filing fee or cash flow to run a campaign ( even though I have seen some area signage for King) then, will you have the disposable to cash to attend the convention where you foot the entire bill. According to Kings cash report, he has less than $1,500.00 in his trough but maybe his got a hip pocket of credit cards.
Easy Street Redux: I promised you a few more tidbits from last weeks "strange O" shigdity that involved DOG( Paper Trails) columnist Linda Caillouet who quipped about the possible closing of Easy Street and there hastened arranged fundraiser to keep the doors open. I couldn't help but some healthy observing for myself so I went in search of what's really going on. And here's what I learned. It seems that Ms. Caillouet also darkened the doors last week, throwing back a few beers and checking the scene. According my sources, the atmosphere was "cordial" although from my understanding and a disposition from Michael Henderson himself, the crown was not amused. Furthermore, I was told that the fundraiser was successful, as ardent supporters used that old Kristie spin tactic, the "place was packed." Yet, my continued digging turned up that their was allegedly only enough money to pay the phone bill and possibly some back rent. Other whispers have told me that keeping the lease paid has been problematic to chronic. One die heart supporter defended Henderson by saying that "even though he's not the greatest business man, he's not getting rich. He's providing a service that if we don't pay to use it, we may loose it." My talks with a insider investor have yielded his uncomfortable stance with discussing the matter, however, the body language spoke volumes. Enough said. As I've said before, Life is a caberet old chum, come to the caberet.....but money makes the world go round! Stay tuned, I'm sure that there's more to come...

Information Please: HIV INFORMATION DAY -Time to Talk Is, a locally sponsored event that will be held, Saturday, May 10 2008, 10:30AM - 5-30PM (please be prompt and expect to attend until complete) THE ART SCENE will be the location at the (Corner of Maple and BroadwayNorth Little Rock)FREE Breakfast items and lunch served based on limited seating: Please call Bob at 501-835-1463 with your name, phone number, and number attending. Kudos to Bob and all those grassroots organizers in their ongoing efforts to bridge the gaps in creating positive programming and zones for the HIV community and beyond.
His E-blast also cited the need for Volunteers, so if you have some extra time to commit then here's what they're looking for:

Help set up and break down - includes getting chairs, vacuuming, Testers to provide HIV tests and counseling. (Event is for poz AND poz caregivers, friends, and those interested knowing more about being HIV positive.) Individuals in the following category to sit on panels to answer question: HIV SurvivorsMedical HIV personnel (Doctors, PAs, Nurses...etc)PharamcistsMental Health workers (Social Workers, Counselors...etc)Dental Workers (Dentists, Dental Hygienst...etc)NutritionistsSupport Agencies (Housing, Transportation, Food distribution...etc)Spriitual representativesCaseworkers (Consortia Care, Community Health Departments, VA...etc)State/Federal agency representatives (Arkansas Department of Health, HRSA...etc)

Family Fundraising: The Arkansas Families First Coalition will be sponsoring a fundraiser, May 3, 2008, 5-7 p.m. at 7 Sunset,the home of Janell and Clark Mason. The evening is apart of the fundraising campaign to defeat the proposed ballot initiative proposed by The Family Council.
Checks may be made payable to Arkansas Families First. If you are unable to attend, please mail checks to AFF, PO Box 34192, Little Rock, AR72203.
Contributions are not limited under Arkansas law.
Beneath the Crown: Congrats to Zia D'yor for winning the Miss Gay Diamond pageant and Diva Dinnery, 1st alternate. The two will compete in the MGAA pageant later this year at the Athena Auditorium at the Discovery/Backstreet complex. Send him some love at'Yor
In other pageant news, the Heart of the Ozarks National Queen, May 16 witha location to be announced, Miss Gay US of A at large Pageant is scheduled for June 14,2008 at Little Rock's weekend nightspot,UBU and below is another fasts pick of upcoming pageantry.

Apr 26 2008
Miss Gay Central Arkansas America
@ Jester’s Night Club
May 10 2008
Miss Gay Arkansas Review Show
@ Jesters
Jun 28 2008
Miss Gay Spa City Arkansas America
@ Jester’s

Don't forget about our Eco-challenge, if you have old cell phones, chargers, etc that you would like to dispose of, then let us know. We'd love to have them in our collection campaign. Send e-mail to for details.!

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Golly Green Giant Cornelius....

You, Me, and The Planet

We've heard about an inconvenient truth, global this and that, as everything seems to be coming up green these days. Apparently, Kermit was ahead of the curve and the rest of us are bringing up the rear in a big way, including myself. I've never thought of my self as a "tree hugging" liberal 0r environmental zealot but, I've always been very conscience of my impact on as well within my surroundings. In salute of Earth Day 2008, COP gets mean, clean and green, expressing to you our personal efforts to be a better steward for the planet. I subscribe to the thought that everyone can make a difference and it all starts with you and me! So, welcome to the Golly Green Giant Cornelius spin down of ideas, concepts, products, websites and infotainment...

Keeping the home fires Green: As a homeowner for some time, you continue to learn that the landlord is staring back at you in the mirror. So, when repairs and updates come around, this is the perfect time think about using some "greeen" solutions to the problems. Let me be clear, that being green can significantly use some serious "greenbacks," if you know what I mean. But in the long run, it's worth it. Therefore, here's a quick run down on some of the choices I' made to run a better household, maximize my property investment, created some more cash intake and helped Mother Earth.

1. I had all the old toilet changed to new improved low flow toilets. This not only was aesthetically cute, but contributed to using less water, thus a lower H20/sewer bills despite rising cost. In case you haven't been in the market for a toilet, they are sold separately- base bowl and tank , and don't forget all the necessary parts needed so you want have to make that extra trip to the nearest big box retailer.

2. At first glance, I thought those funky compact bulbs were the strangest things that I'd seen in a while. Yet, I was intrigued, I read as much material I could muster, then had a energy audit of my home done. Viola, the audit resulted in my entire home being outfitted with compact florescent bulbs and a host of other energy improvements such weather stripping, carbon monoxide meter, updated programmable thermostat, electrical outlet gaskets and a savvy, eco-friendly insulation for my attic created from former Walmart plastic bags using a celuloise/borax solution. The rest of those pesky plastic bags are redistributed, (yes I take the time to do it) to other sources that use them for various purposes. It's all about the power of one...

3. With gas prices spinning faster than my odometer, both myself and my green partner in crime, JM have decided to decrease our city cruising on sunny evenings, furthermore we had our 5-speed, 98 Madza overhauled bringing it back online for super improved gas milage and performance. Yes my petties, chaining the oil, rotating tires and keeping your vehicle well kept can take you to new heights. Meanwhile, filling up our light weight truck midweek ( usually gas prices start to climb after Wednesday in lieu of the weekend) plus combining our grocery buying power via the Kroger Card/coupons, and purchasing gas using the discounted price offered resulting in a 10 cents a gallon savings.

4. Here are other quick options and solutions that I've used and profited from in my green pursuit.

Reinvesting my IRS Energy Tax Credit toward other energy solutions.

Re-evaluating my total recycling attitude( i.e. returning hangers to the cleaners, getting on my neighborhood recycling route, collecting those newspapers and reducing bottle water usage)

Staying focused on my carbon impact, usage and contribution to the environment.

Stonewall & Earth: The Arkansas Stonewall Democrat Caucus has a booth at the Arkansas Earth Day Festival, and we need volunteers! Comes the shout out from the local political organization. The Festival is on April 26 from 11am-4pm at the Clinton Presidential Center and Park.

To find out more about Arkansas Earth Day, visit If you can help out by sitting at the booth for an hour (or more!) during the festival, please email Brett at with the times you are available.

Food for Thought: I'm a foodie and self taught chef known as The Catering Cornelius. I've had a spin around town in various restaurants, outlets and have had some pretty good parties to boot featuring many of own fusion creations. Since we are on the subject of going green, I can't help but take a moment to encourage you to not to forget about the value of putting some "green" within yourself. Each spring and summer, the bounty of wonderful fresh greens from area farmers markets and independents are abundantly available.

The Net has a horn of plenty of recipes and sources for your choosing. So here's quick summer salad that one of my favorite that I've adapted from a recipe at Delicious Living. It can be used as a side salad, entree or increase the amount and take it to your next pot luck. If you decide to put it together, call me, I'd love to come on over for a tasting....who knows maybe I'll have tasting and invite you. Let me know if you what you think!

Spring Affair Salad Bowl

Serves 8 / Choose a selection of spring greens — rainbow chard, dinosaur kale, salad lettuces. The vinaigrette makes more than you'll need and will keep in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks. Use it as a marinade for grilled tofu, salmon, or chicken. Ingredient tip: Look for bottled sweet chile sauce in the Asian section of your market

4 tablespoons chopped shallot1½ tablespoons chopped fresh ginger2 tablespoons minced serrano pepper3 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro½ cup fresh lime juice¼ cup rice wine vinegar3 tablespoons agave nectar4 tablespoons low-sodium soy sauce3 tablespoons sweet chile sauce2 teaspoons kosher salt1 teaspoon ground black pepper½ cup vegetable oil

½ pound mixed organic greens

1 cup julienned jicama

1 cup julienned carrot

1 cup julienned red bell pepper

1 cup julienned yellow bell pepper

1 cup julienned cucumbers

1 cup of Fresh Whole Corn

1 cup of Grilled Artichokes

1/2 teaspoon of Pepper Flakes

½ cup sliced or chopped water chestnuts

½ cup fresh cilantro leaves

Combine all dressing ingredients except oil in a food processor or blender and pulse for 1 minute. Slowly drizzle in oil and pulse to emulsify.
In a large salad bowl, combine all greens and vegetables. Drizzle with about 1/4 cup vinaigrette and toss. Taste and add more vinaigrette if desired.
PER SERVING: 45 cal, 28% fat cal, 1g fat, 0g sat fat, 0mg chol, 1g protein, 8g carb, 2g fiber, 118mg sodium (stats for original recipe)

Fast Fact Green Resources and links:

Recycling near Little Rock
Recycling Hotline(501) 340-8790 - 300 S Spring St, #200, Little Rock, AR
Get Directions
A-1 Aluminum Recycling Center(501) 372-5224 - 1300 E 9th St, Little Rock, AR
Get Directions
Waste Management Recycle Amer(501) 490-0733 - 7698 Sloane Dr, Little Rock, AR
Get Directions
Official site
More Results...

CorneliusOnpoint Eco challenge: To demostrate our committment to recycling and help us in off setting our operational cost. I'm challenging readers of this forum and beyond to clean up your E-clutter by sending us your old cell phones, chargers, etc, so that we may leverage them with an online provider who will offer us a remittance. If we get a big enough response, perhaps we will place collection boxes to help with this campaign! Can I count on you! Here are other items that you can get your own program started, TODAY! For more information contact us...

Recyclable Items
Plastic: Clear/green soda, water and juice bottles; Translucent milk jugs; any plastic item with neck having diameter smaller than base.
Paper: Newspaper with inserts; Corrugated cardboard boxes, flattened; Brown paper grocery bags, junk mail, magazines.
Cans: Aluminum cans; Steel beverage & food containers.
Glass: Clear green or brown food and beverage containers.
Drop-off Center; see Recycling Quick Link


Friday, April 18, 2008

Talking out Loud Friday...

Thank God it's Friday...It's the weekday that everyone seems to let the hair down, do "casual Friday," long lunch and leave work early because many weren't doing much anyway. You know who you are. Of course, it's my fun day to let loose, to get funky fresh as well as, play catch up on loose ends posted earlier in the week. Hopefully, your Friday will no only include reading this forum, but take you into a weekend of peace and prosperity. And now let's get jumping...

Pass Go, one space to Easy Street: Just as I suspected, the strangeness continues at 307 West 7 th, better known as Easy Street. After a tidbit that appeared in Linda Caillouet's Paper Trails in the DemGaz, (4.17.08) and again this morning citing that owner Michael Henderson had called to "alert the media" that the rumored "emergency fundraiser" was held Tuesday night, they had thwarted closure and all was well with the venue. Caillouet did what every good journalist does, " trust - but verify," she returned a call to a working number which had been disconnected. I went her one better, as I wanted to see if the doors were open and if it was business as usual. I found the place open and as usual waiting for patrons. In my opinion, a reconnected phone number doesn't mean a ringing cashier register. If you want to know what else I've discovered, you'll have to get the low down in Monday's posting...

SideTracks Refreshes: After my little sightseeing turn at ES, I lickety splitted over to Sidetracks where my LTC James and I was as always, kindly greeted by owner Phillip and staff. He pointed out that the bar has a new line up of weekday offerings featuring, Monday Martini Madness with a cash jackpot, Tuesday with free pool/ Hot Dogs and SIN specials, Thursday, more free pool, beer bust and a mighty tasty Spaghetti buffet prepared by Hank ( Is he Italian?) and the usual Friday mash up. Plus, a evening of "Sucking Head and Eating Tail" (their tag line, not mine!) Crawfish Boil, (4.27.08) sponsored by "party in a box"/bartender Keith. If that's not enough and seems that it's not, the patio cookouts will heat up shortly, Cinco De Mayo and for all you rugby types, Kickball! Now, if any of you tell me one more damn time, that there's nothing to do in Central City then you need to make sure that you've got this site on blast! For more info:

Camp Fires A- go-go: I'm not really the camping type, except at exclusive resorts, but for those of you so inclined, I'm extending an invite I got to my readers from the DSRA Birthday Campers. This feisty group will be celebrating Ala roughing it, April 25-27, in Maumelle Park at campsites, B18, 19, 21. This camping trip and it really is camping, requires whatever it takes to do it. Such as a tent, pest repellent, grill, food, and stuff. Apparently it's a free for all, no time like the present to attend but the "big eat day" is Saturday, April 26. In case I don't make it and you never know, I just might stop by, I'd liked to give a big birthday shout out to, Rodney, Dusty, Miss M, and Glenn! If you've got questions and need updates call 501.231-8263. Tell'em you heard it here first.

Registered Yet?: You've only got a few days to complete your registration to vote in the upcoming May Elections. The deadline is April 21! The time is now for you to get your name on the rolls. Remember every vote counts. For your consideration: Gary Sullivan for District Judge.

Cher Watch: Just like a true Queen( drag or otherwise), resurrection is always possible and certainly the Glitter Diva of Mackie Land, Icon, Superstar, Cher is no exception. In case you missed that two year long Farewell Tour that blew through our neck of the woods twice mind you, let me tell you that the world of Cher is returning via Las Vegas. Oh the Mayhem... not only is Cher doing Vegas starting May 6 at Cesar's Palace's Colosseum, but TV titan Oprah Winfrey will come calling with a taped show April 26 featuring her BFF(best friend forever), Rock Diva, and the that other one name wonder, TINA as in Turner. I still have my ticket stub from the tour 3 years ago that was one of the top grossing events. However, it's reported that the singer will get a Million Dollars for each year of her life, that's about 61 Million smackers for her stint which will include dates later this year. According to the high priestess, the show will consist of unique set designs, special effects, dancers, gowns galore and of course, her greatest hits. Cher also has hinted that there will be a new music coming soon and why not, another tour, who knows maybe with Tina Turner? Not to mention a so-called reality show that could feature her daughter Chasity that's sorta been shopped around but there's no real word if it's going to happen. Despite her schedule, you never know what digital magic they can go these days. I've included the Cynthia McFadden Nightline interview so you can began getting Cher fever 2008 all over again. Be warned my little pretties, ticket prices start at $150.00 ( I got two for the Little Rock show at that price) and run the gamut to a hefty $1375.00 for orchestra seating. Don't' forget all the extras, such a getting there and all that comes with making what's done in Vegas stay in Vegas. If you are planning to go, drop me a line and tell me all about it. I'd love to hear. Until Monday....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Mid-week wind- up and pitch...

Ladies and Gentle and all who haven't decided, it's the Wednesday after the tax man cometh and most individuals are is in exhale mode. With that life marker now behind us, we can take a moment to dive back into the ball of confusion that we know as mother earth. As most of you know, I monitor the 24/7 news cycles almost in tandem while composing this forum, I do my damnest to keep it straight in 08 about what's really going on in the GLBTQI community and beyond. With that said here's the Wednesday wind- up and pitch...

Do not pass Go to Easy Street?: I couldn't help but notice the blurp in the Democrat Gazette's Paper Trails column penned by Linda Caillouet citing,"Hard times on Easy Street?"( 4.16.08). The item reported that the piano bar was either closing or has closed but definitely the phone has been disconnected. Not to mention that there was buzz of an "emergency fundraiser" in the air. You don't say! In case this is your first time reading this post and I hope it's not. I've been an ardent observer of this local watering hole for some time. Often asking pesky probing questions that have been apart of this establishment since it's soft opening a few years ago. It's been an interesting run trying to decipher fact from the fiction when referring to anything about this joint. If you will indulge me, let's recap a few of the speculation tales for old times sake, especially if the fat lady has truly sang. And now the organ music begins....

Chord 1: I was always puzzled as to the actual structure of Easy Street and was extremely curious about all the folks who were either working "investors" or "silent partners." I realize that businesses have investors but it seemed that many of them had varying terms or concepts of exactly what their investment consisted. I was equally intrigued with the grumbling from some of those same folks who said that they had not gotten any ROI ( return on investment) or had been promised some type of dividend that was problematic. That's fancy talk for "I ain't been paid nothing, yet." When I tried to confirm much of this discourse, usually that "investor" was no longer available for comment.

Chord 2: As many of you know, I've always been a supporter of our local flavor. Not only in this medium, but with my Benjamin's across the board. But, as a consumer and patron, I've minced no words about service perceptions or offing's from such places.For the record, I've printed rebuttals or denials front and center from any management which felt that I was unfair. On several occasions I noted that Easy Street seemed plagued with a changing cast of characters/employees, lapses of product offering,( i.e. sometimes they got this brand or just enough for the evening...), activities or fundraisers that sorta kinda happened or didn't, and
a host of other bizarre happenings that kept me guessing as to "what's going on here?" How could I forget the great "copper theft" story when there was no air conditioning in the venue and management stated that the copper wiring had been stolen from the AC unit? How could I pass up those whispers of months of back rent due upon receipt? Then let 's talk about diversity, Easy street seemed to be all things to everyone, game room, wine bar, theatre, art gallery, piano bar, topas bar and rooming house to boot!

Whew, that took a lot out me just thinking about it all. However, I must admit that I have had good times at Easy Street and usually found it's off beat uniqueness a good diversion every once in a while. The entire venture was an exercise in caberet style entertainment that featured it's own "Fritz Wendel," in the guise of Michael Henderson who belted out show tunes, welcomed patrons and was the grand spin master of it all. Boy, just for a moment I thought I was hearing the refrain that "life is caberet old chum, come to the caberet," when actually it was money makes the world go round. We'll keep you posted...

Religion Anyone: Obviously I mean to get as much as I can from my subscription to the DemGaz, our local paper. Especially when they pile up and I have several days worth of reading to do in an evening including the classifies which I consider important reading as well. After scanning the pages, I notice a brief little notice under,"special announcements" with the kicker, "New Beginnings Church." The ad went on to state that the NLR church is GLBT affirming and all are welcomed. So, if you need to a higher calling hook up, then they're waiting for you. For more info, call 501.851.3355

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Let's Roll with It!!

It's April 15, and the $54,000 dollar question that's on lips of everyone is..."have you done you taxes yet?" If not, you've got until 11:59 this good eve to get it either in the mail or an extension filed. As for me, it's a wrap and on to other matters at hand such as producing this forum. Unfortunately, for some of you and you know who you are, you're not done and might be in crisis mode. I know the feeling since I discovered that I didn't have a document that I thought I had received and later on wasn't sure if If I really needed it, then was trying to find out who was suppose to supply me with it. As my net assets have improved of the years, the whole "tax" thing got me doing a McCauley Caulkin face slap. However, at least I got it done and filed, despite the body politic's defiance otherwise. So, in honor or whatever, here's our Tax Day post...Let's Roll with It....

QueerCents: Since we are on the subject of money and taxes, I came across the interesting website that got me with it's moniker, "We're here, We're Queer, and we not going shopping without our coupons!" Now, how could you avoid reading a site with that for a catchphrase.
It's written by many contributors across the country and sharing it with you became a priority for COP. This forum is still committed to our three tier mission statement of :educating, empowering and entertaining. The issues of your money and what your are doing with it may need tweaking in these challenging economic times. This article is unedited and reprinted as a online subcriber to QueerCents. ( So, read on soldiers and take heed...and oh yeah, let me know what you think.

It's Time for a Reality Check

Ever since I wrote about Recession Proofing Your Mind I’ve been thinking more and more about this whole concept of recession, how it affects my business, and the impact it is having on millions of others. As media and water cooler conversations water the seeds of panic, I was thrilled to death to see Suze Orman on The Oprah Show once again, this time giving “emergency financial advice”. She said people should not be worried, they should be concerned. Her explanation of a recession was the best I’ve ever heard.(I’m paraphrasing here…)
Suze explained that a recession is simply a contraction. Much like we breathe in (expand) and out (contract) in order to have life, the same holds true for money and the economy. At different times throughout history (and approximately 4 times since 1980) we simply go through a period of contraction where there is less of everything for everyone: less money, less jobs, less capital appreciation, etc. Following that contraction we often experience great periods of expansion. What she offered up is that it is a fine time for a reality check - that is for each of us to ask “Where in my life have I expanded when I should have contracted?”
It is so natural that the minute we have some success - a little added cash flow, get a raise, fall into a lump sum - we tend to want to spend it. We feel we deserve it and we want to celebrate our success, so why not? That is part of the problem that has gotten us to where so many people are right now - in a financial emergency. We expand instead of contract.
For instance, if you are due a tax refund this year, how are you going to use it? A big splurge? Catch up on debt?
It’s been hard to let go of some of it (especially my jewelry and bag collection), but I feel happier because I feel like I’m finally being true to myself. I don’t want “things” to define who I am anymore…I want to define who I am. There are days when I feel like my friends’ lives are going on without me, and that I’m stuck in time. Those are the days when I remind myself that I needed this break to get a big reality check. Had I not quit, I would’ve still been living on autopilot - using retail therapy to ease my work-related misery, drinking too much on weekends, and hiding my head in the sand in terms of my finances.
When things define us, we are at the mercy of the whims of stuff, experience an insatiable desire to have more, and often end up stuck on a treadmill of consumption and treading financial waters. I think the general sense of panic going on right now shows just how many people are on that very treadmill. I can remember being at a previous corporate position during a time of layoffs. Several mid and upper level managers were wandering around muttering about how if they get laid off they would have to sell their house right away. Right away they would have to uproot their family! I stood there stunned that someone could make that level of salary and bonus and have their financial life be so tenuous that they would instantly be in trouble. These were people making good money at one of those companies that everyone is just dying to work at. Again, I used these stressful situations around me as a wake up call.
So what do you really need in terms of money to live on? First off comes the harsh reality of need vs. want. You don’t need cell phones, fancy cars, big TVs, etc. Those are all wants. Things that enhance our lives but again, only if we are building a life and not a lifestyle.
In “The Basics - why money trouble comes in threes” K&Y Household Organizing suggests:
Do a realistic cost-of-living assessment. If you add up the likely cost of life’s nonrecurring or unpredictable expenses for the next, say, five years, then divide that total by five to reach the yearly amount you potentially should set aside to pay for them, “it’s going to be a big, big number,” says Pond.Still, it’s a number worth calculating.
This kind of number can be shocking. The problem is that so many don’t bother calculating it and then when the inevitable “life happens” moments happen or the economy takes a downturn, all of a sudden you’re faced with a financial life that tumbles down like a house of cards.
Sounds to me that now is the perfect time for all of us to heed another wake up call and really take stock of where we are personally on that expand/contract cycle and take action now with an eye towards the future so we can simply ride the ebb and flow rather than thrash about in a panic.

Paula Gregorowicz, owner of The Paula G. Company, works with women who are ready to create their lives and businesses the way the want rather than how they were told they “should”. Get the free 12 part eCourse “How to Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin” and start taking charge of your own success.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Bitter, party of...

Did you miss me? Did you even notice? Did you wonder what's up? Well, Did you? From all indications probably not. I had circumstances that kept trumping my daily posting and let me say, "the crown was not amused!" However, I survived and found my way back to the big chair to continue my daily musings. I was chumping at the bit during last weeks news cycles but my determination became overwhelming when the issue of being bitter came on the radar screen. that's an issue I can deleve right into with glee and pleasure to boot. So, without any hestitation let's get this party started...

Bitter Obama: I composing this ditty just as the "bitter Obama"snafu is unfolding and tounges are wagging about whether the Bouncing O is suffering from "foot in mouth" disease or doth the Senator speaks too much. The blogger on the Huffington Report sent shockwaves when she posted an audio file featuring the presidential candidate speaking candidly about "bitter folks, guns and gospel," all in the same phrase. Some one sound the alarm, Obama is telling us stuff that we all know is true but don't want to hear! How dare you Mr. O, go out on a limb and say what other folks are really thinking. Have you been reading CorneliusOnpoint? It's amazing that when the root of situations are called out then all of sudden everyone goes nuts, meanwhile demanding immediate retractions, an acknowledgement of "misspeaking," or something to that affect. Exactly what is that we want to hear? Since the mash up was front and center, Obama has said that perhaps he did'nt speak well or it was out of context. You know that old stand by excuse when some one is annoyed by something you really meant or didn't mean to say. Let's face it, yes there is bitterness in the land and bitterness has been apart of the American fabric since it's inception. Have we forgotten the Boston Tea Party? How about those Southern States that wanted to form their own union? Don't you think those stranded passengers on American Airlines last week were a bit bitter about it all? Let's face it there's plenty of bitterness to go around and if Obama wanted to call it like he see's it, then so be it. Enogh already, let's get back to the real issues, if we can.

Bitter Cosby: Another Case in point is Bill Cosby who was almost drawn and quartered for speaking frankly to the Black community about the various ills and delusions that are rampant among my bothers and sisters. His remarks about personal responsibility and discipline were met with catcalls and decires of "airing our dirty laundry," for all to see. I applaud Cosby for his continuing stance and boldness to say what many know is the truth. Almost everyday I personally witness much of what Mr.Cosby has stated. Often I'm apalled at the behavior and dismissive attitude that seems to be running amuck among certain sectors of the black community ranging from sullen youths to unreliable business people. I can't for the life of me understand what's really going on? Cosby's recent book with Dr. A. Poussiant entitled "Come on People...On the Path from Victims to Victors," is a book that is a clarion call to our community about the alarming stats that have been and continue to impede the progress of many. This bitter pill may be hard to swallow but it one that we need a hefty dose of.

Bitter Cornelius: I couldn't end this stew pot without my own tip of the hat to bitterness. I usually try not to get to that low point but sometimes I've found myself dwelling in the land of bitter. So as I end this posting, I felt I would rattle off a few bullet points:

  • People who say they are willing to partner with you on projects then, never follow through. No explanation or no apologies.

  • It appears that most of my real friends died and somehow I haven't been able to cultivate replacements.

  • Professionals whom over explain matters, when a simple explanation will do.

  • The fact that I now have to eat more baked foods when I really love them fried.

Yes, people, there's a lot of bitterness in the land and I know many of you have your share of items to bring to the table. So, let loose. Let's hear about it, and then move on....

Friday, April 04, 2008

Time Capsule: 40 years Then and Now...

If you've been an active reader to this forum, perhaps you may have sensed that I'm a history buff and embrace the various lessons learned and often not learned that it provides. Today, on the 40Th Anniversary of Dr. M.L. Kings death in Memphis. I felt compelled to share my viewpoint and observation about his legacy juxtaposed to my own life as I've been apart of the Black Experience. To better understand as well as touch history, I went to the Lorraine Motel in Memphis which is now apart of the National Civil Rights Museum. After arriving, I realized that I had come to this bluff city many times before, not in search of teachable moment but rather mindless good times that could easily be forgotten and have been. However, I found myself eager to enter a phase of the civil rights time capsule that would ultimately leave me forever touched. The exhibits which chronicle those turbulent times are filled with interactive possibilities, artifacts and striking photos that kept me simply engrossed. At every turn, there's a new nugget, a fresh nuance or engaging sound that allows you a chance to gaze back to a time when America was struggling with a plethora of issues including inequality, poverty, justice and generational discourse which seemed capable of tearing the nation apart. Despite all that I've read over the years, being in this place reignited a sense of wonderment and cause me to be filled with so many more questions. How could a man be charged with such a task? Where did the tenacity,vision and passion spring from? Had God called him in to solace about his fate? What would Dr. King think about the state of the world today? All these and so many more crossed my mind as I stood front and center of the hotel room display adjacent to the balcony where Dr. King met an assassins bullet April 4, 1968. I didn't understand the impact of this tragedy 40 years ago, yet here I stood where history has stood still waiting for me. It was all too surreal as I moved to another area of the complex, ultimately finding myself looking from the actual bathroom window where the fatal shot was fired... If you haven't had a chance to visit this historic museum, and I encourage you to do so, you want be disappointed at the variety of exhibits and education that it offers. Believe me, my visit will not be my last, I'm sure that there will always be a new teachable moment that awaits me. For more information go their website,

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Reality Check in the Twilight Zone..

Remember the old Rod Sterling show the Twilight Zone? If you've looked around recently it seems that much of "life is imitating art or is art imitating life?" I'm not sure but whatever the hell, there's a lot strange stuff going on that really needs some explaining, if there's such a thing any more. As many of you know, this forum's life blood is in delivering our special brand of updates, news, commentary, links and video from a variety of viewpoints including tidbits from the lunatic fringe. Therefore, we go back into the fray seeking a reality check in the twilight zone...

Hill Force One: It's obvious that I have to pass the "And I telling you I'm not going Award," to Hillary "in it to win it" Clinton for her recent e-blast I got this week. The tone of her campaign outreach was strident and dead one serious that she is not leaving the room because as far as she's concern, "it ain't over till it's over!" Well, you go Mrs. C. because I couldn't agree more. Let the voting continue and the rest of nation have it's say about who will be the 2008 democratic nominee. Meanwhile, let's find a resolution to that Michigan and Florida problem while we're at it, then let's let the chips fall where they may. Isn't this what democracy is suppose to be about anyway or what!

It's all about the Border: Listen up...what does China, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and the United States have in common? They ban HIV positive immigrants and visitors from our shores. Yes sire ree, the U.S. is being taken to task by Martin Rooney who was fingerprinted at the Washington State border and told to return home to Surrey, Canada after he divulged that his disability was HIV. In an ironic twist, I had a mind boggling experience at the same border crossing, but you'll have to read the book to find out what happen. Sorry, I digressed. The 1987 law which was written prior to today's medical break through has still been on the books until recent efforts from Senator John Kerry via his amendment to the global AIDS relief bill. the bill has passed through the House and is now awaiting Senate action. Believe it or not, HIV is the only medical condition singled out as a basis for inadmissibility under the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act. Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass, has been quoted as calling the measure "ridiculous" in an e-mail response. I was broadsided after reading the material and wondered about all the other terrible diseases and ailments that may be crossing the border without detection or concern. The whole scenario is quite unsettling if not downright scary at best.
“This law was written when little was known about the disease and destructive stigmas often won the day,” Kerry wrote. “With new knowledge about the disease, we must make it clear that this discriminatory, Draconian law will no longer be tolerated.” Excuse Mr. Kerry, thanks for
your insight,but exactly why in the hell did it take so long to get this taken care of? Talk about broken government!!!

Taxes- R-Us: In a interesting, yet perplexing silliness. H& R Block posted a message on their system which stated: "H&R Block's computer program doesn't “support Connecticut civil unions” and advised couples to visit an H&R Block office or contact a professional by phone." Say What? It seems that these tax preparers didn't take into account those in civil unions who are trying to file their taxes online but have been steering them to local offices and higher fees. However the local ACLU affiliate said that the practice is discriminatory because it would be more time-consuming and cost couples an eyeopening $155 more to file their taxes. In a letter to H&R Block, ACLU attorney Rebecca Shore said the company's failure to support online filing for taxpayers in civil unions and the imposition of a higher fee “constitute clear discrimination” based on Connecticut's civil union statute.
Shore said it appears that married same-sex couples in neighboring Massachusetts can use the online tax filing program.
ACLU is demanding that H&R Block immediately provide free, online support for self-filing of state tax returns by taxpayers in civil unions. Also, the organization wants H&R Block to reimburse all customers in civil unions who've already paid the extra charges imposed on them for filing their state tax returns. On the local front, this isn't an issue since this state doesn't reconized civil unions but you can rest asure that there will be the annual tax demonstration from area organizations. Watch for future details, in the meantime, have you filed your taxes today?