Monday, December 11, 2006

Body Politic Pod 5

Here's a new Podcast from The Body Politic as our efforts continue to stay on the cutting edge of technology with information,news, music and commentary. Thanks to our friends at Evoca, just adjust your volume and click on the icon for this online experience. We are proud to announce our partnership with the Pink Spectrum magazine distributed locally and statewide. Pick up a copy today and support an advertiser.

Breaking news: The Ryan White Reauthorization bill was passed by Congress, paving the way for new calculations for funding health initiatives in rual areas and Southern states.

Review Rewind: The Simply Red fundraiser is getting "mixed" reviews for all the hype involved and the lofty expectations that were promoted. Especially the After Party at The Factory that allegedly had a grand attendance of "4" people. If your face was in the place and you got a review, let's hear about here.

Campus Power 2007: Hat's off to students at UCA, Hendrix and other area colleges that will host a February rainbow community meeting to address issues impacting the community at large. Stay tune here for more info....

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Deconstructing Cornelius... The Finale

Come all ye opinionated has been the driving force of the past few post. I am so grateful that silence will not be the norm in our community. Your voices and viewpoints are necessary to open dialogue as well as shape the issues that affect individual communities statewide. I'm certainly appreciative that many of you took the time to weigh in and take your positions with vigor. It is these robust, thought provoking and stimulating discussions I so value. As facilitator of this forum, I believe that every opinion carries weight and I should consider the merits of the facts presented. It's that logical element of my soul that forces me to re-examine my personal stances and reality check myself for a learning curve moment. The point that Wal Mart has barn stormed across the globe with questionable practices, demands and sorted in-house doings is factual. It can't be denied that a company of this size has peddled influence and had a pac-man attitude to all that stand in it's way. But as I see it, these tactics are not new to our economy or democracy. This country's history and for the most part, the world has been filled with large behemoth corporations that have participated in "acts of pillaging" to success. Let's not forget the Carnegie's, Rockefeller's, DuPont's, Ford, Hughes and Kennedy dynasty's had dubious business distinctions that were thought to be scandalous in their era. However, these tycoons have immortalized themselves with foundations, museums, concert halls and other ongoing sources of philanthropy benefiting a host of benefactors despite prior faults and insensitivity's. Apparently, Wal Mart is the latest incarnation of the beast that we either love or love to hate. Just as long as we can have low prices in our consumer frenzied nation. Consequently, as Arkansas's GLBTQ communities partakes of corporate benevolence, we must be willing to comprehend and accept the concepts of oppression, racism, classism and ageism that have been apart of our statewide past and present. This monetary infusion should be directed to affect change across the board, not as a means to perpetuate the status quo. Our efforts should definitely be augmented with creative fundraising, many dynamic funding sources relative to our locale and adapting grassroot models to keep the big tent erected on our own terms, not solely on corporate America. There is so much I could say and there is still much to say, therefore, the dialogue has begun, let's hear more voices from the choir.

Next post: Updates 24/7 and "Talking out Loud...!"

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Divinci Code ala Corneliusonpoint!

In our 24 hour world of news cycles and breaking news, The Body Politic dilligently strives to stay current. Often news within the GLBTQ community requires additional research and or fact checking. It is apart of our mission to disseminate, disect, deliver and sometimes be disquieting about what's going on in the four corners of Arkansas and beyond. This site has all intentions of informing as well as entertaining our readers from an empowering point of view. As 2007 arrives,our goal is to turn up the volume and seriously focus the spotlight on the global issues that are important to all aspects of the GLBTQ community overall. Hopefully we want to take a pro-active stance, acting as a conduit or facilitator to building bridges to a more dynamic future.

Who, What When. As World AIDS Day 2006 folds into the history books, we must assess the successes and improvements that are needed to make this day more significant in Arkansas. Around the state there were a smattering of activity that wasn't coordinated in a fashion that could have maximized it's total affect. The Body Politic offered and distributed poster art work supplied by the WAD committee. Yet, we discovered that only one poster was actually utilized. Meanwhile, a Run/Walk in West Memphis, candlelight vigil in Fayetteville, fundraisers in Little Rock, and forum at UCA were held without adequate promotion by the local GLBTQ community at large. Each event had it's significance but, to our dismay, still many people didn't have a clue that Dec. 1 is World AIDS Day or how to actively participate. Even the televised AIDS in Arkansas 2006 produced by AETN, featuring the Arkansas AIDS Foundation lacked the promotion that it deserved despite being coupled with more prominent PBS programming, A Closer Walk. However, even more interesting is the "premier AIDS service organization" perception the organization presented on a show that they didn't actively promote to the community or stakeholders.

Pride in the City. The Little Rock Pride Committee after being taken to task by miffed and annoyed lavender citizens is making strong efforts to create diversity among it's ranks by adding new board members from various elements of the community. According to board member, Joe Lafountaine, the group is on the move to be more inclusive and address divisive issues from the past and present. This move is to provide a "Big Tent" atmosphere that will spur additional particpation in coordinating Pride Week 2007 slated to climax at the River Market.

Corrections and FeedBack. We would like to acknowledge our savvy readers who catch our gaffs and miscommunications. In the last post we cited our Executive Producers participation in the WAD activity at the Uof A at Conway. We were informed, and rightly so, that this campus is the University of Central Arkansas and has no affiliation with the Uof A system. Point well taken and so stated.
We got feedback from reader "Nick" who called us on the carpet about our post concerning the contribution from behemoth Wal Mart to the NWA Gay Community Center. Nick was not happy with a host of the reatailers practices worldwide and felt that I should not encourage gay people to spend their dollars with this company. He further stated that bookstores, thrift shops, etc. are thriving without corporate cash. I concur that entities such at these are in fact operating and flourishing. I support the argument that such groups need to be self supporting. I've praised this concept and preached it relentlessly, yet the reality in Arkansas is the mediocre infrastructure to attract upwardly mobile gay individuals to contribute in mass or securing other funding sources that can sustain a group over a period of time. Wal Mart with it's warts and all may have other motives, most corporate giants do. But when the rent's due, green backs pay not philisophical differences. Also Nick had a mouthful to say about the $50.00 ticket price to the Simply Red fundraiser being held Dec. 8. He was "outraged" at the possiability that many HIV/ AIDS survivors may not be able to afford this event due to their income status or no stash of FREE tickets provided for those so inclined to attend. His concerns are valid and we will further investigate to whether tickets were provided or donated. However, in leiu of his distaste for corporate gifts, I personally challenge Nick to donate a Simply Red ticket to be used specifically by a survior. It's a put up or shut proposition. What you gonna do?

FAST FACT: In 1986 a World AIDS Day memorial was unveiled at Mac Arthur Park and gone virtually unnoticed since. Who owns this work and why wasn't it used as apart of the this years commemeration since it's been ten years since it's installation?

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Tis the Season...Naughty or Nice?

The holiday season is in full swing and so have the tech demons that have plagued our system for the past week. After several tech calls and visits from assistants, we have resumed our posting and preparing for an exciting 2007.

We would like to thank all the gang at the University of Arkansas at Conway and campus group PRISM, for inviting us to participate in their World AIDS Day forum, December 1, 2006. It was a informative evening that demonstrated that college campuses are alive with activist who want to create dialouge and constructive solutions. I congratulate all involved and the coruage to take a stand!

This site has evolved since it's inception a year ago and it's our goal to continue in that track. It is imperative that our community continue to build bridges that propel not constrict, therefore, we applaud those who have added us as links and included excerpts within their publications such as the Pink Spectrum. A new issue should be hitting the streets within the next few weeks. So pick up a copy, pass it on and make sure that you support their advertisers. Our dollars can make tremendous statements, but only if you let the advertiser know that you are patronizing them because you saw their ad or sponsorship. No matter what you may think of Wal-Mart, you have to give them a high five for their $5000.00 contribution to the Northwest Arkansas gay community center without bowing to the zealots of the religious right. Most notably lead by Donald Wildmon of the American Family Foundation, who waged an E-mail campaign citing the reatailer as a "homosexual sympathizer." I hope that the NWA community flooded Wal-mart with lavender purchasing power( I did) and letters of thanks!

Missing in Action: A city of this size can circulate rumors within nano seconds and apparently the community is chatting about the Executive Director of the AIDS Foundation. Sources have packaged and repackaged an array of details about the "missing in action," director. At post time, we were referred from the public relations committee to President Elect, Dr.Dean Blevins for comment. However, we have yet to hear from him or seen any press releases clearing up any matters. Stay tuned. Meanwhile the group has gone full tilt into a fundraising blitz, including the Simply Red extravaganza (Dec.8) that seems like a circut party only for the oh-so fabulous, featuring TV Movie Critic, Renee Shaprio as Emcee and "Broadway Star Emeritus," Lawrence Hamiliton. This affair is sprouting wings with a planned After party being held at The Factory night spot. The after party admit is not included in the $50.00 ticket price to be seen at the bash. I hope that if we can't find out what's up with the leadership at the foundation, maybe the Simply Red folks will produce a splashy donation ceremony, so we will know if there was any money really left to donate for all those people with HIV/AIDS needing assistance.

FAST FACT: What was the last AIDS prevention message you can remember seeing or hearing in the greater Little Rock area? Let us know if you can think of one.


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Monday, November 27, 2006


The first annual observance of National Womens and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day was held March 10, 2006 reconizing the effects of the HIV epidemic has had globally and nationwide. As we participate in World AIDS Day Week of Action, Nov. 27-Dec 1,2006 we acknowledge that accountablity from the government and local officials is paramount in this ongoing struggle. It is estimated that African American Women account for 67% of AIDS diagnoses and that HIV is among the top four causes of death for this group. According to the CDC, women account for nearly 27% of all AIDS cases-a twenty point increase from 1985. In this spirit, we encourage everyone to contact their elected officials encourge them to support comprehensive prevention messages and funding for agencies serving the HIV/ AIDS Community. Remember...Stop AIDS, Now! is our call to action. Can we count on you.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

World AIDS Day 2006 - Accountablity NOW!

December 1, 2006 is World AIDS Day and the world stands united around theme: STOP AIDS- Keep the Promise...Accountability! We at The Body Politic have signed on to be apart of the World AIDS Action week, begining November 27-Dec 1. This citizen action has been to desinged to challenge our recently elected officials and incumbents on not forgetting the issue of AIDS in America as well as globally. This continuing call to action couldn't come at a greater time, since the Ryan White Reauthorization act has yet to clear Congress, meanwhile AIDS service organizations are assessing budgets and the impact of services offered. The AIDS time clock ticks incesantly denoting increasing infection rates found to be uniquely high in southern African American communites, especially Black Women. Youth from 18-24 are often missing educational opportunities, getting mixed messages or insufficient campagins to combat stigma and sterotypes that could unknowingly expose them to the virus. Current CDC reports verify that both Afircan Americans and Latinos once tested are unaware of there HIV status. This alarming trend has created additional challenges for prevention messages. The National Minority AIDS Council has complete a comprehensive overview including the use of condoms in prison environments. In Arkansas, immates receive treatment while incarcerated, but only receive 30 days worth of medication upon release. Additional consultation of these individuals or refferals for medical assistance has not been adequately monitored. We encourage you call, write, FAX or e-mail your representative to remind them that this issue is still vital, has far reaching affects in our communities as well as universally if we have no accountablity. Please bookmark our site for some compelling commentary, the most recent statistics and direct links to resources for your consideration. If you have stories or perspectives to share, do so at


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cornelius' Divinci Code Part Deux

As Executive Producer of this forum, I make every attempt to gather as much news worthy or "infotainment" items to share with readers in the GLBT community and beyond. Our goal is to spotlight, highlight and incite awareness about specfic issues and scrutinize our status quo with an inquisitiveness that will allow us to see the big picture of our needs. It's apparent that within our diversity there is a definite "disconnect"; thus enabling fragmentation that deflates our impact accross the board. The Body Politic wants to address the "800 pound Elephant in the room" paradigm that get's whispered about but not spoken directly too. If we are to continue to evolve and find viable solutions, we will have to embrace a "no pain, no gain," attitude. Therefore, all cards are on the table in our reporting and posting. We encourage feedback, observations, crtiticism and your viewpoints under our big tent. And now the news...

We would like to thank those who responded to our post,"Benefits-R-Us. It seems that this struck a nerve and has some folks re-thinking our benefit-a-thon attempt to suport our local organizations in area bars. It's understandable that NPO's need additional assistance, but these organizations should step to the plate and seriously infuse energy to their strategic development think tanks as a means to add to the bottom line. Such committees should comprise of the most innovative and creative thinkers of the group with a distinct action plan, not social climbers who want to fill their resumes with prestige or other ineffective warm bodies. In actuality, may we suggest that they either attend seminars on development, seek capacity building facilitators or hire a professional. Passing the the hat via cover charges or staid programming needs some serious attention.

Now that we've talk about what should be done, let's explore what's being done in our local verison of the Divinci Code. Take for instance, the Simply Red event supposedly benefiting the Arkansas AIDS Foundation. Overall the intentions appear worthwhile, however, after seeing recent 30 second commercials (yes, I said commercials!) one has to assume that Simply Red, is an "AIDS organization" promoting an internal "fundraiser." Especially since this marketing piece doesn't mention the foundation as a beneficary but briefly references the crisis itself with more emphasis on seeing "the most beautiful people eating fabulous food and dancing the night away," with vociferous emcee, Rene Shaprio to boot. More to my surprise, this TV piece also prominently touts other sponsors including the Diamond State Rodeo. But, according to DSRA inside sources, they state that their group felt sorta "slighted" after donating 2006 rodeo proceeds (about $2,000) to the effort, but SR organizers didn't extend a sponsorship table but wanted to further "sell" DSRA members acess to the fun fest for an additional $1,000! All this from a stealth clique that has not adequately defined itself. Is it an auxillary of the Arkansas AIDS Foundation, a Non-profit unto itself, or civic minded do-gooders who have decided to have a great circut party as a cause celeb.

Ideas A-Plenty are causing some consternation in the community as our "Season of Giving" A-Go-Go continues with duplication or replication being the norm. The Factory nightclub, originator of the Babes in Toyland benefit scheduled for Dec. 9, invovles a new toy collection for distribution. However, a mutal effort has been launched by "other individuals" using NLR's Sidetracks as a drop off site and has some people simply confused. Every one get's a kick out giving to kids, but it's the adults who can't seem to coordinate or communicate is the problem. More participation is always better, but clarity is paramount to gain efficiency. I don't like a lot of meetings but new technology has given us a brave new world of reaching out and touching! Let's try it sometimes.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Just Be Thankful...for One!

Being Thankful seems so simple, yet so complex. Each day as I arise and thank the creator for the priviledge, I can't help but think that as day breaks around the world, some one else's reality is starkly different from my own. What would it feel like to awake to hunger, fear, desolation and bleakness that has become commonplace to the citizens of Dafur. How would I deal with the explosions and stench of death that swirls in the air for Iraqi's bewildered masses who find themselves in the constant grips of terror daily or the ongoing distress of 2 Billion people worldwide who have no access clean drinking water. My problems seem so insignificant when I'm trying to find something to watch from 125 channels, choose what to have for breakfast or why there seems to be so much junk mail for me to throw away. Meanwhile, so many are suffering throughout the world and indeed in my nation or perhaps just a few doors away. Our complacency and "being about our business" often doesn't remind us just how fortunate we are or demand that we stop and think about someone else. However, as the holiday season get's into full tilt, I plan to take a few minutes each day and focus on some one else's plight other than my own. In the past my partner and I have participated in a variety of food drives, fundraisers, and adopting children at Chirstmas. This year we want to expand that thought by raising awareness and encouraging others to open their minds, eyes and resources to make a difference in their own special way. One, is not a lonely number,but a starting place for change. One person can make a difference. One voice adds power to the chorus. One letter could start a movement and once your get started it may be hard to stop. As we give thanks around the world, let's remember that there may be "one" person who may need our help. Stay Healthy, Wealthy and Wise...!

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Shooting from the Hip!...Part 3

Our Shooting from the Hip post just couldn't cover everything in one post, therefore, we expanded it as a catch-all for those items that are just to smart to ignore. So with without hestitation we dive back into the fast facts and loose lips of the GLBT community and beyond...

We're Open!! Apparently the guys over at The Factory are determined to find a patron base somewhere by opening 7 days a week! The text messages are fluid and complete with club info concerning the nights offerings. The $10,000 question is where are the customers? What gives and where, oh where has the community gone, that the local establishments are befuddled as to what to do next to attract folks. Times they are a changin, but these shifts could be very detrimental to social life and may continue to keep folks at home. The resounding theme that we've heard lately from community members has been," there's nothing to go out for?" Say what!!

Benefits-R-Us: Our eyes are about to roll back in our heads at the unleashing of organizational benefits that have been scheduled or plan for the incoming months. We understand that many of these Non-Profits have skelton funding schemes at best but, exactly how many benefits can one community support. Especially since most yield very modest returns for the work they take to produce or significant branding of the group. Traditionally, most organizations have development coordinators and firm strategic plans to formulate future funding structures for the bottom line. I don't recall United Way or Heifer International using beefcake or other uninspired efforts to raise funds for the coffers. In full disclosure, I have been involved with this type of fundraising and became disenchanted with the lack of creativity and limited vision. Plus, I'm bored with too many meetings!

Talk about Blowin Up! Locally entertainers come and go, but stayin alive in the biz is tough. However, powerhouse Tionne Iman states that "he knows where's he's going and there's no stoping him, now!" Iman, a former city title holder and upcomming contestant in the US of A system has a sassy website, that's got "everything Tionne" and more. The site features a gallery, guest book and links to some of his favorite sites. We will look for more from Tionne, including an exclusive interview, as we shine our spot light on him in 07. We think it's gonna get hot in here!

The Names Project: The quilts of the Names Project continues as this organization is seeking additional panels representing African Americans lost to AIDS. The quilt is often used as a teaching tool and art form that travels the country. According to organizers, the project would like to solicit groups, individuals or relatives to submit contributions. The Names Project has source materials to assist any interested parties with completing a design.


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Shooting from the Hip!...Part 2

Last week BRAVO, an unabashed promoter of gay oriented content, entered the November Sweeps with a salute to the Girls of Comedy. Such luminaries as Paula Poundstone, Caroline Rhea, and red carpet acid queen, Joan Rivers harpooned, lambasted and get down right bitchy on a array of topics. Ranging from breast malfunctions, being man challenged and oddities of the world at large. Oh how we all love a little dishy dirt, put down or catty insult to help us through the day and the GLBT community can be at the epic center of it all. Case in point, the recent insipid nastiness of Boy Geogre of Culture Club fame, drug arrest or New York street sweeper,( you be the judge). Who collected an award for writing a song that he actually collaborated on with band mates and his "Diva- art- thou" attitude in regards to the new lead gender-bender singer, SAM Butcher, (pictured) for the rivived group. The rebirth of Culture Club will include a mini UK tour in December, documentary, new single and DVD. Of course,United States CC fans are waiting with baited breath for concert date announcements. I saw a video clip of the bands showcase performance and thought that perhaps the magic is back despite and without,Miss Geogre. O.K.!

From the pageant files. It seems that the current "excellence symbol" needs some lessons in class or either a tin cup. Apparently, the reining queen has made no bones about his level of poverty since participating in the national pageant, despite the state pageant being hailed as offering the largest prize package in the system. Thusly he has spent a great deal of time informing any one about his dilemma who will listen. Recently this queen bee showed no grace by groveling his way into an "unbooked" performance at a local club, subsequently whinning about how little he was compensated by the audience. Whew! All this from a contestant ranked 45th out of 49 at nationals. Go figure.

Organization A-Go-Go. Ever since the indictment and eventual trial of Lola Thrower, Lee Langston, Malik Blackmon and Rev. Lamar "Save our Children" Wright, the community has been basically "mum" about the verdicts and it's impact on AIDS services. The sentencing was varied ranging from 3 month home detention for Langston to community service for the good reverend. However Thrower, considered the "La Bella" master mind of this NPO pyramid scheme was given jail time. I'm greatly saddend that her "facilitating" abilities and base knowledge of AIDS funding became skewed by benefiting each player with paltry sums of cash and graft. I can't imagine the rationale used to justify these acts and the overall embarassment one would endure from friends and family. Not to mention the direct scrunity that the rainbow community spews in gossip, twardry remarks and other unsundry allegations. On the other hand it's unfortuante that this funding, if used properly could have uniquely put Central Arkansas ahead of the curve in services for the AIDS community. The propsects of having job training, meeting space, additional core services and a host of probabilities have again slipped through our hands needlessly. Our community has such a need for creative leadership with vision that incidents such as this continues to stagnate progress and future development. Ain't it a bitch. More about this issue next post.

Seeing Simply Red. Apparently some who received invitations from Simply Red / Arkansas AIDS Foundation were confused as to the nature of the event or had the group gone through a name change. It would behoove these entities to get on the same page with how this event will be marketed and too whom. Also strangely a ticket link is provided to the Red event but not to the Awards event,or a mention note about where the awards will be held on this marathon day of fundraising. The RED invite touts Lawrence Hamiliton as a "honorary Chair" but some board members were mystified about Hamiliton, how he became chairperson or his "entertainment value". Talk about efforts that seem lost in translation. According to sources, one local bar owner balked at placing poster material in their establsihment stating that "this organization's overall support is lacking until they need something from us."
Can you say... Kitty Kat Meowwww!

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Friday, November 03, 2006

The Alphabet Soup Monte

Often when posting to this blog, I find that there are so many topics that need a mention that space and your attention span couldn't coexisist. I attempt to pack as much in to each segment, whether video, podcast, or the written word. Covering all aspects of a community is a daunting task, especially when that collective keeps expanding it's game face. The ubiquitous word "Gay" has mutated to a form of "Alphabet soup" that has supporters on all sides who support rearanging the order. Daily I read a variety of publications from coast to coast and the standards flucuate wildly without regard. Over the year's the evolution of this community has been staggering with many hard fought victories as well as disappointments. Thusly, we have been faced with the dilemma of finding terms of inclusiveness,which has given birth to LGBTQ. The Lesbian,Gay, Bisexual,Transgendered,Queer moniker is the new canopy that's suppose to represent the sum of all. It's a mouthful and often interchangeable depending on who you ask. With this in mind, it is our mission to outreach accross the alphabet spectrum as a conduit and clearinghouse of ideas, news, commentary, video, links and podcasts. It's important that we continue to analyze where we have been as a motivator for the direction in which we want to go. We stand committed to educate, update, and congratulate those who share our vision of human rights for all! And now the news...

NOVEMBER 7- DECISION 2006The mid-term elections are only 5 days away as of this post. We encourage everyone to cast their ballot and show your support to the candidate of your choice. If you need polling information contact county clerk or Take a friend to the Polls!

ARKANSAS DHSS TO VIEW CDC WEBCAST/ SATELLITE LINKThe Arkansas Department of Health & Human Services will host a viewing site for the CDC program, "Mobilizing against the HIV/ AIDS crisis among African Americans" on November 16 from 1-3 p.m. This broadcast will also be available via a webcast from using Windows Media player. The player can be downloaded for free from the same site. Seating will be limited. For more info call Courtney Hampton, site coordidnator @ 501.280.4205

The Ryan White Care Act (H.R.-6143) that was stalled after the recent congressional recess will be possiably reconsidered as Congress reconvenes after the mid-term elections. Stakeholders nationwide are alerting constituents to contact their representative with letters in favor of passing this measure. The bill has been embroiled in a dispute with metro areas opposed to a proposal by Rep.Bono who wanted the funding formula reanalyzed with additional funds to rural communities. HIV/AIDS tranmissions and infection rates, uniquely in the black community, have continued to increase in the south. The Body Politic urges all community members to send e-mails, faxs or phone calls to your representatives urging the reauthorization of the act. Most Arkansas organizations and the services the offer rely heavily on this federal funding source.For more information @

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TODAY TO MAKE YOU FEEL PROUD?All local community organizations are seeking volunteers for their upcoming projects or ongoing missions in activism. If you have some time or expertise, you should contact the following with your committed effort to the cause. / Stonewall Democrats of Arkansas / Center for Artistic Revolution

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Are you scared enough...?

All Hallows Eve, best known as Halloween has become big business with retailers, costume shops and venues that participate in the merry making. According to analyst this holiday rivals Christmas with a Billion dollar injection to the economy that reverberates nationwide. I have fond memories of Halloween's past and enjoy seeing some the the creative costumes that come from the demented minds of the community. Of course the GLBT collective has a "take no prisoners" approach to skewing popular culture unilaterally as well as without remorse.
However, as we indulge in the holiday we must also be reminded that there are actually real entities and homegrown forces that we should be monitoring closely. Their motives, tatics, and core bases seek to accelerate platforms and doctrines that could affect us overall. I can see this clearly in this year's mid-term elections, which have again demonstrated that "fear mongering" and gay baiting is still a weapon used by candidates such as Andy Mayberry, Jim Holt and others who choose to demean our existence by affirming inflamatory rhetoric and manipulated facts. The issues of Civil Unions or adoption have been deamonized by a host of Family and God organizations, authors and evangilist like Pat Robinson who purport to have the ultimate hook up with the almightly. My dear reader, we have much to be scared about as pockets of protesters have reached the depths of distaste by equating our lifestyles with the deaths of military personnel who have boldly given the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of an entire nation. This type of highjacking is not only mean-spirited but seriously dangerous once embraced. As a global citizen, I respect the right to civil unrest and peaceful protest, but I can't accept the insensitivity and reprehensible methods promoted by such groups. Each day polarizing moral messages and condemnation continues to poision our abilities to heal as one nation united. Consequently as a community, abdicating our responsiblity to the philosophy that "some one else will take care of it," is soundly unacceptable and foolish at best. Therefore, let the darkness fall with the sounds of clicking heels, bawdy laughter and howling jubilee in celebration of the many mask that will be worn, however, let us not forget that we must be dilligent in un-masking those whom gather at the altar of hate. Happy Halloween 2006!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Shooting from the Hip!...Part 1

I actually remember the Go-Go 80's, lived through the hyper 90's and have prepared myself for the warp speed of the 21st century by not only creating this blog site, but partnering with other mediums such as video or audio, to give my readers a one stop online destination for news and infotainment. Of course there are so many topics and news items that catch my attention that I can't cover them all. But I thought this post will be a catch all of who's hot, what's not and let's not, as we shoot from the hip about pop culture's latest going's on!

From Shoot 1: Ugly Betty starring America Ferrera is a quirky, smartly written, off shoot from the world of tele novellas commonplace throughout Latin America. The evolving character of "Betty" has been re-created to universally fit into cultures of accompanying countries. Her redemptive qualities reverberate to all who come in contact with her. The supporting cast, especially Vanessa L. Williams as uber-corporate climber Wilhemina Slater, is an excellent foil added to the mix and Mark Idelicato who plays Justin, Betty's Nanthan Lane bound brother. Great Fun on ABC,(Thursday), check your local time.

Coming out of Shoot 2: In case you didn't know, local establishments, The Factory and Sidetracks nightclubs have added the next level in the tech craze. Sidetracks has a new Yahoo group listing for messaging and announcements. The bar is also offers FREE internet "wireless" connections. Meanwhile, The Factory has a new TEXT circle, where you get text message updates on events and specials. I suggest that you get the hook up and check out these new platforms. Tell them you heard it first!

Boys, Books, Oh My!: October has been a stellar coming out month as we are priviledge to two, yes two! books from those who have found there way from the closet. Up first, Jim McGreevey, is still making headlines with Alpha male "Confessioins" tell-all about his hide and seek adventures in heterosexual land. The former politician now states that he is for civil unions after being vocally oppose to them as apart of his cover as New Jersey's top man. Personally I believe that Mr.McGreevey deserves the Lavender Flip-Flop award for new understanding in gay politics. Meanwhile, Reichen Lehmkuhl is purging his soul with, "Here' What We'll say..a Memoir.." spilling the beans on his Pre-Don't Ask- Don't Tell romp in the U. S. Air Force. Lehmkul admits to nefarious going on's including a personal gang rape he suffered and the unfortuante death threats that have followed the books publishing. I have'nt had a chance to read any full excerpts but his media tour is in full swing with both Lance Bass and body guards in tow!

From the NOT HOT shoot: Politicos in the mid-term elections are still gay baiting the electorate with the non-issue of gay adoption, foster childcare and civil unions. These desperate candidates, Hutchinson, Holt, etc are trying to play to their bases with these subjects that have already been decided by the courts or past votes. These candidates get the "Gay Shame on You Award" for rhetorical incitement and bottom feeding during a campaign.

Dont forget to Vote: November 7, 2006 Early voting started October 23rd.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Vote 2006...Don't Believe the hype

We hope you have been enjoying our new expanded Podcasts! You will always find a savvy mix of music, commentary, information and links for the GLBT community and beyond. We encourage sharing our pods with your friends. If you have news, opinions, or commentary, we would love to hear from you. E-mail us at

The Mid-term elections are only weeks away and we would like to share our endorsement for your consideration. After reviewing campaign material and researching voting records we have decided that the following candidates would be accessible to the GLBT community at large. Even though these candidates get a vote of confidence from us, we feel that cultivating relationships with office holders is paramount for the community. For too long we have not utilized this approach. Our elected officals must hear from us in mass to affect change or demonstrate our concern about issues. If you don't know who represents your area, don't hesitate...Educate your self today!

Governor: Mike Beebe
Lt. Gov. Bill Halter (my vote for best commericals)
State Treasurer. Martha Shoffner
Attorney General: Dustin McDaniel
U.S. Congress: Vic Synder
Little Rock Mayor: Mark Stodola

Early voting is suggested. You can get additional information from your County Clerks office. General Election is November 7, don't forget to send a message with your vote.
Stonewall Democrats of Arkansas

Perfection we are not. Our podcast info on the HIV/AIDS Care conference was incorrect. The conference will be held at the Peabody Hotel, 3 Statehouse Plaza Need more info? contact: Dr. Michelle Smith, E-mail: or 870.534.3448, ext.106

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Body Politic Pod 3

Welcome to our expanded Podcast 3! Thanks to our friends at Evoca we continue to offer you a savvy mix of music, commentary, links and news for the GLBT community and beyond.
Comming soon we will add and interactive response player that will allow you to voice your opinion on our site,your own fast facts, request or maybe just be bitchy. Please feel free to share our podcast with all your friends and stay tune as we upgrade our offerings. A new RSS feed will also be added so you will be the first to get our pods first out the gate.

Email us:

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rainbow Viral and U !

We are mid-month in our GLBT History Celebration and we continue to offer our subscribers commentary, links, news, community information and of course cutting edge video. This live version of You Make Me Feel Real by Sylvester is from lost footage discovered on our video partner, YouTube and has been released to showcase the magic that was Sylvester. His star rising began as a member of the avante garde group, The Cockettes in San Francisco, later sizzling to a full tilt during the Go-Go 80's era of Disco. Sylvester's musical contributions found popularity with mainstream audiences and the GLBT community overall. Sylvester performed internationally and in concert at Sgt. Prestons nightclub in Little Rock, Arkansas during his heyday. His untimely death was yet another sobering lost during the early days of the AIDS epidemic. Amazingly, many of the online post with this video expressed a deep sense of loss but hailed the proverbal salute," Sylvester...America's Callling! We couldn't have said it better.
Next up:
Tune into our new Podcast launching this weekend.
Product listings,candidates endorsements
and so much more!!!!


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Friday, October 13, 2006

The Body Politic Podcast 2 Explodes!

Here we grow again! Welcome to our second and expanded podcast on The Body Politic. As the technology evolves so does our revolution to keep posting the latest in commentary, community info, links and special events.Just click the EVOCA player, adjust your volume and enjoy! Our next video will feature a music video from the ultimate Disco diva, Sylvester, so dont' forget to tune in plus teel some friends! To continue the celebration of GLBT History month and this new podcast comes our first triva contest question for a FREE gift. The first correct answer will win...get ready...set..go!

1. Our updating video presentation on GLBT History month began with what international pioneer?

Do you know?, send to:!

2 Billion people on the earth have no access to clean water.
2.8 Billion people are without basic health care.
41% of people living with HIV/AIDS reside in the south.
Think about it...

Check out these new community links for additional info and updates:

NorthWest Arkansas GLBT Community Center

Diversity Pride Weekend

Coming Soon: Product Reviews from, Ugly Betty Rocks, Queen's Christmas

"What have you done today to feel proud!"

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Come out, Come out where ever you are...!

National Coming Out Day came and went. Locally there was a celebration at an area park with a poetry slam and other merry making. However, I'm begining to question the revelance or it's significance in the context of our community. I don't believe such a day existed as I pursued a deeper understanding of this complicated point in my evolution. At that time there were no visual role models, just a stark reality that anyone different from the status quo would be subjected to being ostracized. I can't forget the distinct fervor of a backhand face slap from my misunderstanding father, reacting to his opinionated son who he branded a sissy. It was a defining moment in our relationship juxtaposed to the many more awful circumstances I would later hear. I became involved in the local movement effort in 1983 and began learning an empowering history that would impact my life for forever. I embrace progress but,unfortunately the 21st Century has provided a healthy assortement of distractions that preclude young people from being aprised of that history or those who made significant strides for human rights. Our celebration of LGBT History month included a series of video profiles that offered mini- history lessons on a daily basis. However, we can only hope that it will be utilized. My ultimate concern is based on the fact that these days it seems that everybody who's anybody is already "outing" themselves either by choice or force. Case in point, NSYNC boy babe Lance Bass, felt he had to let everyone in on his kept secret and mutal love entangelement with reality star, Reichen Lehmkuhl. Of course they didn't want the tabloids or fans to make much of their true love connection. Meanwhile, being gay in America via Will and Grace, Queer Eye or Folk, Noah's Arc and The L Word have created a trendiness or it's so cool to be gay acceptance. According to Neilsen ratings, these shows are seen by mostly White Heterosexual women, obsessed with wanting to know the sexual box from which one hails continues with recent reports on Cheryl Swoopes who admitted her long term relationship, Clay Aiken who is shocked at the notion that anyone would even suggest a thing and American Idol finalist Jim Verraros who outed himself in 2003 as an outreach to his fan base are just to name a few. Thusly specualtions whirl daily as closets are flying open faster than you can say "Trim Spa,baby!" And now enter the sordid mixed messages and recent revelations conveyed by GOP Congressman Marc Foley's attorney who just wanted us to know that first, Foley wasn't gay... only an alcholic. Then, not a practicing homosexual?, just a victimized altar boy. Ultimately admitting he was actually gay but needed a stay in rehad to deal with it, even though his sexual orientation was "well known" in his power circles. According to an interview with Donald Trump," it was just painful for me to see him with so many beautiful women on his arm." Just imagine if the countless gay teens, young adults and disenfranchised whom face daily violence, homelessness and abuse from family members or strangers could be so so lucky to find such a refuge. On the flip slide, the well heeled congressman just couldn't make up his mind on which golden parachute he needed to get the forgiveness in his major fall from grace. Others on the forgivenss road include the new Gay American former New Jersey Govenor Jim Mc Greevey. A recent Oprah interview subject who solidly wraps himself in the colors of any flag available. McGreevey spins a tale that positioned him as a tortured soul consumed by his Alpha male fixation to achieve and deceive everyone else around him. We are suppose to come to grips with what he was selfishly going through. McGreevey was outed by his arrogrance plus a gaggle of cutie pie staffers and a "I'm not one of them aides"(Golan Cipel) who wasn't going gently into the night without some blackmail cash or a fight. The former politican states that it's all in his current book, "The Confession" much of which Cipel disputes. Neverthless he gets to bounce around the country promoting it to anyone who will listen. You know when a girl comes out, he's still gotta eat. Apparently the angst of Coming Out in 2006 can be not only fulfilling but profitable.
Need to talk, here are some helpful links:
www.The Treveor

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

National Stonewall Democrats Convention

We are aproximately 40 days away from the Arkansas mid-term elections. Please don't vote until you have reviewed the issues and candidates. The rhetoric is almost unbearable. Ranging from the emotional Po' dunct upbringing of Candidate BeBee to the "all things" to everyone Asa Hutchinson. This video clip is a inside look at the Stonewall Democrat National Convention in June. Of course, I have no idea if we had any delegates or if we even know it occurred. There are local monthly meetings, you can check out there website for more info. Political clout is very important in this culture and if we are unable to harness it's power to ensure our place at the table, we will be subject to circus bizzare of flip flop politics for the massess. Vote like you mean it on November 7. Got something to add,let's hear it at

Sunday, October 01, 2006

History: Past, Present and Future

In order to know where you are going, you have to know where we've been. So each day this site will update with a brief bio of a spotlighted figure. Please feel free to share it. We encourage your thoughts and personal reflections at

Saturday, September 30, 2006

GLBT History 2006

We would like to invite you to celebrate GLBT History Month as we reconize our triumphs, lossess and motivation for the future. Our history is so ripe and rich with a cast of thousands who have "created the space for us to fill in" and continue to forge a 21st Century vision. We implore you to share your thoughts as well as concerns with us while explore the lives of those who have been a testament to faith, courage under fire and perserverance. Lets Celebrate by asking ourselves...


Watch this site for video, commentary, podcast and of course, more of what you've been looking for!

To Share contact us at:

Friday, September 29, 2006

Talking Out Loud...Part3

We've returned to our series of "talking out loud" pieces that are a fast paced review of happenings that just need a brief airing. So with out further due, here we go.

First up, how much more Oprah can a person stand. I mean is it not enough that she's a daily TV fixture, staring at me from the grocery newstand, DVD's, political candidate write-in and now O and Friends on XM. Enough already. To my chagrin, I've found other important things to do with my time, like building my own media empire, instead of watching the chat queen talk about bras, her favorite things or other yawn subjects that titilate her demographics. It must be so convenient to be friend of the Big O. You get not only air time, but book deals and many other development opportunities to demonstrate the next big brand. Of course, I digress and will check my hate meter. Meanwhile, I do appreciate her efforts to make change with her cash flow in Africa, New Orleans and colleges. However, despite it all, Oprah's Big Adventure rolls on, just without me in tow.

E-Voting is just around the corner as we are now aproximately 39 days away from the Mid-Term elections. Are you ready and updated on what the candidates really stand for. Well, the rhetoric has been hard and heavy within the last few weeks. Mike Bebee with his everyman stance on gun control and middle class concerns has filled the airways on how he's the man for us. On the flip side Asa "homeland security" Hutchinson is standing with small school districts, immigration problems and knowing what's best for Arkansas. I'm not excited about either, but I'm leaning toward the Po Dunct upbringing guy who has now amassed a million dollar war chest to convince me. For Mayor: Maybe Mark Stodola ? Don't forget to cast your ballot on Nov. 7 For more info:

Local Color: Recently, The Body Politic has been fielding questions concerning the L.R. gay community support of it's establishments and outlets. In an effort to report our findings we will be commissioning a poll to extract feedback on what the community deems issues, complaints and wish list. If you have questions you would like to submit feel free to E-mail us at Stay tune for the results.

Fast Fact: Did you know that 2 Billion people on earth don't have access to clean water?
Did you know that 41% of people living with HIV/ AIDS reside in the south and this statistic consist of a disproportiate amount of African Americans espeically black hetrosexual women?

Next up: our new Podcast... stay tune and tell a friend that we are giving you more of what you've been looking for!

Monday, September 25, 2006

And the Beat goes on 24/7!

Happy Anniversary to CorneliusOnpoint featuring The Body Politic. We are celebrating our first birthday in cyberspace as your exclusive connection to all that's going on in the global village. During the last year we have moved light years ahead with the addition of our online partenrerships with Odeo podcast, video with YouTube, new links and our continuing efforts of keeping you both entertained and informed. Believe it or not, news and events are coming out the the shoot almost too quickly to cover, therefore we have decided to increase our postings to daily. We are determined to stay on top of breaking news and getting you the latest with each post. And now for the news...

Fashionistas on parade: The fall fashion catwalks were alive and well with the latest offerings from the fashion Gods. Trendsetters state that it's all about the Marie Antoinette look, featuring those umpire waist and bubble bottoms with wispy hair do's. Even the MGA pageant organizers are getting in on the scene, requring contestants to show their creativity with patterns from the era. Hopefully, everyone will keep the heads about this look, because it's not for everyone.

Manscaping 2006: In case you haven't notice, there are so many products our their to enhance your man's appearance and attitude. Counters in upscale stores are fully stocked with creams, onintments and sprays to take your stud muffin to the next level. One such product, Headblade, sold by Rite Aid that it suppose to give you head to die for. Equipped with special jells and specific razors, this product will make everyone want to just "touch it" according to it's ad tag line. Also, for those needing a weight loss plan, enter the Perricone Weight Loss diet from Dr. Nicolas Perricone, M.D. who swears that his 3 part plan has a means to loose fat, wrinkles, and years on your life. Perricone also states that this diet is beneficial to HIV-affected individuals who possibly are in the wasting syndrome. He encourages an organic program covering the body inside and out. Of course, super hunk model, Jon Jonsson (pictured above) of Iceland probably doesn't need any help from me on maintaining a great body. He was the last man standing one the Bravo reality model contest earlier this year. On the website, Jon utters the "F-word" ,talks about his new girl, how much he likes ice cream sandwiches and how he's not comfortable taking nude photos. Need we say anything else.

FAST FACTS: The Stonewall Democrats have monthly meetings at the Democratic HQ, go to their website, for more information.

Race Equailty week ( Sept. 25-29 2006 )

Friends of Sidetracks has a new web group on Yahoo. Go to Yahoo to sign up or for more information.

Congrats to Taylor Madison Monroe, MGA and Raven St. James 1st Alternative

Monday, September 11, 2006

Tragedy Rewind 2006

2006 has been a Rock and Roll year that just keeps on rolling. In the past few weeks our senses have been on overload as we returned to New Orleans and the government three ring circus that was Katrina relief. Today, the fifth anniversary of 9/11 is being relived and re-told from every prespective by all that is media. Government officials from President Bush to Firefighter captains are recalling this tragic milestone in American History. Conspiracy theories aside and the ongoing debates about the 9/11 commission or intelligence reports, the controversary surrounding this malaise rages until this day. I'm deeply troubled with the ongoing rehtoric that seems to fuse 9/11 with the war on terror, Iraq, Afgahnistan, Axis' of Evil and almost anything else that justifies our erratic foreign policy as well as our domestic sensibilites. Epecially the fact that each of these events impacted people of color accross the board. Film trailblazers Oliver Stone and Spike Lee added to the abjectness with their forceful films "World Trade Center," and "When the Levees broke" documentry featured on HBO. These reaccountings have stirred fresh emotions from my soul, in conjunction with the nation as we all watched this epic tragedy within every breaking news segment for a week straight. In Little Rock, freedom walks, prayer vigils, and many roundtable discussions will commemerate this ongoing drama that seems to be open ended.

And the Tragedy Tour would not be complete without the 9th annivesary of the Princess Diana's death in Paris. As we all do with headline national events, I know exactly where I was when I heard that "Di" had been killed in an traffic accident. My partner and myself were returning from an evening out to hear the announcement. We sat quietly in disbelief trying to comprehend how this could have happened. Amazingly these unfortuante guidepost in our lives are seared into our memory. We go into rewind mode, often experiencing the same emotions and a common sense of lost that affects us universally when a major event occurs. The 9/11 massacre is a perfect example of this mass greif when the planes hit the towers and subsequent collaspe.

Event though most of these tragedies happen via TV, we had chance to go the Oklahoma Bombing Memorial in August to sense the enormity of such an event. Just as 9/11, I had seen this awful event unfold on network TV and was moved by the array of mini-memorials that had been left outside the gates. Upon entering the west wall, facing the reflecting pool, the beauty and calmness was breathtaking despite my full knowledge that many died and suffered greatly in this place. The "Chair" desgin which further remembers the victims, are dignified and reminds us that we all deserve an equal place at the table of life. Leaving the memorial, I realized that life is so fleeting and at a moments notice or twinkling of an eye, it can all be over. Consequently, our 24 hour media link delivers us the latest each day, but I often ponder about the countless everyday mishaps happening all around us that gets no coverage or the massive outpouring of support. Those adversities are just as important and should cause us to live everyday to the fulliest even in a Tragedy Rewind.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Let The fall Games begin..Part Deux

Nine weeks and counting. The mid-term elections are rapidly approaching and I hope that your guns are a blazin, locked and loaded to send a message to our employees in Washington. Enough is enough and the people must speak loudly this fall to let our lawmakers know that we've all had it with the bamboozling that going from the White House to the Congressional Chambers.
In the comming weeks we will offer our candidate endorsement post, as we way out the pro's and con's of each candidate. We further suggest that you find your polling place early and plan your stratergy. No matter, your vote is vital. Our call to action: call a friend and remind them to vote!

Bar Update: We have an update on the happenings at "The Factory" nightclub. We got an ear full from new owner, Jassiel, who has stated that the first phase of the makeover is taking place in the space known as,"The Loft" and will be transformed into a multi-use room with a cabaret feel. The new hours, (which we find a bit strange and probably will need some real tweaking) are Thursday thru Sat from 8-until and a talent night to be held on the last Sunday of the Month opening at 8 p.m. A revolving cast with undetermined "early" showtimes will be a feature of the new lounge. Stay Tuned...

Katie, Rosie, Meredith, Oh my! Yes the TV fall mix-up is in full swing as eveybody changes places and confuses endearing fans with their whereabouts. However, in case your score card has not been updated here's the scoop. Katie Couric is the sole anchor over at CBS news and doing quite nicely. Her debut to me was a "much a do about nothing." I felt it went smoothly and she seemed at ease with telling us the news. You go Katie. Meanwhile, Rosie O donnell brings her "Power Lesbian Mom" attitude to The View this season and Meredith Vierra will freshen up morning show TODAY at NBC. On the homefront, the local affiliates continue to punish early viewers with uninspired casting. First up, KARK had the bright idea to revive Matt Moseler's career with another boring turn at hosting a morning show after being shown the door by KATV some years ago. However, Channel 7 continues to be a bright spot with it morning offerings of live shots, gadgets and local musical guest. KTHV's staid and reliable cast are a viable alternative, unless you decide to just skip it all and stay asleep instead.

Fast Fact: Sidetracks, the "NO COVER" northside club house is looking for you and wants to reach out and touch, so go to their web site and check in at Tell em The Body Politic sent ya.
The Stonewall Democrats will be hosting a fundraiser at the Weekend Theatre, 9/15 at 7p.m. For more info go to

Next up..Fall fashion, Election news, New Video and our first free stuff contest. If you've got something on your mind, let us know at

Friday, September 01, 2006

Dear Mr. President, By PINK

Governor Huckabee has proclaimed the Month of September as Homeless Awareness Month. I found this video to be a fitting acknowledgement of that proclamation. However,the entire situation of homelessness begs the question of why in a nation of plenty, we can't get a handle on this dilemma. According to recent statistics, Arkansas is 49th in median income level, in the top 10 of bankruptcies, most citizens don't have adequate access to health insurance, meanwhile we are nation building in Iraq and Afghanistan. Express yourself and vote on November 7th. Send a clear message to our employees in Washington. Got something to say, let's hear it at

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Let The fall Games begin

O.K. the summer re-runs have taken their course with you and your household and it's time for some fresh meat, so to speak. Well in our effort to keep giving you more of what you've been looking for,let's highlight some fall entertainment alternatives that run the gambit. On the tube,there are a myraid of shows that are returning or newly produced. If you want my opinion,(and I know you do) I suggest that you check out, The Closer on TNT, Mondays at 8p.m. Kyra Sedgwick stars (and was robbed at the Emmy Awards) giving a robust and rubics cube tour de force performance each week. As character Chief Brenda Johnson, Sedgwick chews scenery and espouses southern charm with arsenic and old lace bravado. When I can't get a chance to watch as presented, I set the VHS tape in order not to miss an episode. Another favorite is Monk, USA, Fridays 8p.m. Emmy Winner Tony Shalhoub continues the offbeat and often hilarious depiction of Dectective Adrian Monk who foils San Francisco crime with his OCD ticks in overdrive. This show now has a catalog of shows available, so if you missed some of the earlier seasons madness they are available. Believe it or not, I actually met an individual while living in San Francisco who resembles Mr. Shalhoub, had OCD,and taught me a great deal about the condition long before the show. Go Figure.

Yes Dorthy gay TV is busting out over at LOGO network featuring a host of original productions and ground breaking series such as Noah's Arc. I 've watched serval episodes, most are humourous and often reality based. If you were a Sex in the City fan, then you'll get a good dose of GBM interaction from bonded friends who share their utmost personal moments with each other usually via the cellphone. The show stars, Daryl Stephens/ Noah, Doug Spearman/Chance, Christan Vincent/Ricky, Jensen Atwood/Wade, and Rodney Chester as Alex. Certain episodes of this show are availble on Comcast On Demand locally. The system has not added LOGO as an option, but we got the Gospel channel instead. I suggest calling Comcast and asking them what's up with that? Or you can get caught up with the boys on DVD at Logo

Need more, well we have more and will continue to update you with our next post.Hopefully you haven't become a couch potato or completely nested with your latest partner, becasue partonizing our local establishments is very important. If we don't serve them, they won't be able to continue to serve us. We have plans to began linking with other outlets in the next 30 days. Networking our resources to keep you informed and encouraged is a vital part of our mission. So be on the lookout for a copy of Pink Spectrum or go to According to the Publishers they have new and exciting plans to come!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Podcast Launch begans!

powered by ODEO

As promised this is our trial run with podcasting and we are determined to enhance our capabilities as we deliver to you valuable information, commentary, and so much more. This evolving tech platform, will allows us an "actual voice" to share breaking news and cutting edge reports with our audience. Of course, we will take it to the next level and produce our own broadcast in the comming weeks, yes we are talking about Cornelius TV! So stay tuned, tell your friends and feel free to share your thoughts, questions, concerns or ideas with us at As always, we are trying to give you more of what you've been looking for.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cornelius gets more Hot, Live and otherwise!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have reached yet another milestone in my life and I wanted to set the record straight. Yes I am 45 years old and don't hate me because I'm still beautiful, dammit. Ok, maybe the beautiful is a bit much, but I'm well on my way to being the person I was born to be, hot, live and otherwise! I had a great birthday with my partner of 14 years, as we spent some quality time in OKC,Oklahoma over the past weekend. Everyone made us feel welcomed and wanted us to find the right mix of activities that would make our short stay simply FABU. There are many options for entertaining one's self in the city. No matter what your heart's desire you can get it 7 days a week and all night if neccessary. Many Thanks to waitstaff of Topanga Grill for the quaint brunch on Sunday. The bartenders at the Boom, Club Rox and The Copa during the Miss OKC US of A pageant. Congrats to Mya Iman on the win. MC Rachel Eriks was in fine form to help keep things moving along. My hats off the OKC for making my B-day one to remember!

Now for the news...In our last blog we updated you on the situation at The Factory nightclub and it seemed uncertain. However, on Friday (8/18/06) the bar was open with a liquor promotion in progress. Some new staffing was in place(?) and no remodel was evident. The entire evening was somewhat surreal as people seemed clueless as to what was really going here. Most of the crowd left ( yes, I said left) before the "mini-show" was to occur. You'll have to stay tuned on this one, because we have not idea how this is going to end.

We are plum proud as punch about having access to the YOU TUBE video vault,as we have begun including them in our blogs. The catalog is vast and we spend a lot time searching for just the right clip that fills our mission to keep you entertained and informed on a variety of subjects. We also will have more of our own version of video shopping and personal weblogs. So much to do and not enough time!!

Mistakes and misprints happen and we are not immune to such instances. Therefore, please be advised that November 7, not the 5th, is when you need to voice your opinion at the polls. Feel free to ask for a paper ballot, these electronic machines may be a disaster in the making. If you are not aware of the cable TV issue surrounding TV Freedom, I suggest that you take a look at this issue and contact your senator.
In Arkansas, that would be, Senator Mark Pryor or Blanche Lincoln. As a matter of action, send them your cable bill with your letter. I don't think they will be paying it, but they'll get the point.

There's so much more, but we'll save it for next time. Until then realize that "none of us are free until all of us are free...!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Talking Out Loud...Part 2

Breaking News is the new catch phrase of the year. Everything seems to be breaking news these days. Especially over at the piranna newtwork, CNN, which gobbles up news incesantly and then spews it viewers repeatedly from all aspects. Don't get me wrong, I like CNN and News Stud Anderson "360" Cooper, but often I wish they would give us a break on the breaking news. Every container, flash flood, sink hole, or stupid criminal act gets reported until something really happens. Talk about the fast and furious.

Meanwhile, locally we reported in our last blog, about the musical chairs being played at The Factory nightclub. However, apparently the music has also stopped. There has been no "oh so 3 week fabu" remodel and the cast of characters involved have a giant, "no comment." We've visted the location on several occassions, survyed the competition and come up with nothing. The lights are on but no one is home. Stay tune...

Congratulations go out to Dr. Dean Blevins,as the new President of the Arkansas AIDS Foundation, according to a ( 8/13) professional profile blurb in Arkansas Democrat Gazette, but not listed on the organizations website. A website that obviously hasn't been updated since, "oh can you say January?" Maybe the first order of business for the new prez is to get his Tech people cracking on utilizing the web as as vital resource to informing the community or better yet, market the organization for future growth. Ya Think?

Speaking of stealth operations, people are talking about the missing, Pink Spectrum publication that was hearlded as the not to be missed Arkansas alternative magizine. Last seen in June 2006, the magazine and it's staff has been missing in action. The word on the street is that the operation couldn't embrace the Rodney King plea of "can we not just get along?" Is this another one bites the dust!

Personna Emeritus, Cassaundra Manchester, deserves "atta girl" for his new Ebay ranking in the Review category. Manchester's send up of, The Top 10 Things for your Drag Personna, has been well received by personal auction customers and the public at large. "I was a bit overwhelmed at the response to the review and even more so at the proceeds from my gown collection. It was sentimental and somewhat bittersweet. But I'm so glad that these items found additional love and life with new owners." Manchester said. Plans are under way for more items to be posted within the month.

November 5 is rapidly approaching and we at The Body Politic we will shift gears within the next few postings to address political issues that need your attention. Don't forget that you can express your voice with your vote. Go to the polls in November and take a friend. As always, we are always trying to keep giving you what you are looking for. Stay in touch...(

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Whitney Houston Screws Up The Classics

In this age of terriost, mayhem and government failure, we have to laugh a little. Debra Wilson's parody of Whitney Houston is on the money and causes us to realize that even in the bleakest of times, we have to ask, "Where are the clowns, there have to be clowns, don't bother, they're here." Stay safe America!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Talking Out Loud...Part 1

Excuse me can we talk! Issues abound and it's taken me a few weeks to gather the facts and get my two cent together about it all. There is so much to talk about that I almost didn't know where to start or who to start with. So let's just begin...

Item:It's musical chairs/ owners again at The Factory Nightclub. We've learned exclusively that the entertainment venue is changing hands, yet again. New owner Jassiel,(pictured above)long time Manager of the lounge, stated that the bar will take a new direction in decor and entertainment. He stated that the venue had lost some of it's luster and overall appeal. The club will be closed in late July for 3 weeks and will reopen Mid August with a grand re-opening. Stay tune!

Item: Even though the Arkansas Supreme Court has spoken or should I dare say ruled decidedly, on the misguided policy directive concerning Gay foster parents. It seems that this is simply not enough for politico's seeking office or the Huckster who feels that there should be some type of legislation doctored to keep fully qualified and most of all willing Gay's who wish to participate in the program. All of those who weighed in on this matter, have decided not to acccept studies and broad base testimony that children interacting with gay people in any way will not affect their development or well being.

Item: Whatever happend to the waiting list for the ADAP program? It was in dire straits enough to have local activist Eric Camp, refusing to take his medications in an effort to assist others. Seems like it's significance and The ADAP Working Group that was given the task to monitor the matter have went AWOL. I contacted the then President Elect, Ken Scott about the situation and got a resounding," "DAHHH..I don't know what happened." Does anyone know what became of all those angry people who felt that their lives were in jeporday and proceeded to rattle tin cups as a public demostration of the poverty. Meanwhile, The state has begun it's own version of offering prescription drug coverage with a discount card. However, I'm not clear if any of the retrovirals will be included in this new drug merry-go-round. Go figure?

Item:The midterm elections are aproximately 3 months away and The Stonewall Democrats of Arkansas are meeting on the Third Sunday of each month at the Democratic Party Headquarters. According to the groups website, next meeting is scheduled for August 20. In the meantime, Arkansas Gazette's Kane Webb column( Sun 7/16) concerning "Beebe's Stonewall" highlighted the fact that the Democratic Candidates returned a donation from the group and then did a complete flip flop on his statements to the group about possible discriminatory legislation. Even more surprising was the fact that there seemed to be no mention about the column or the return of the PAC donation anywhere on the ASD website. Webb's column reported "commuinity outrage" about this lack of support. An action alert was circulated on other matters, but mums the word on it's affect. So much for the outrage. I highly encourage everyone to take a friend to the poll in November.

Item: In leiu of the recent local LGBT film festival, I am looking forward to the release of "Invisable Man" directed by the creative force of Bill Duke. The buzz on the film is beginning to swell and I had a chance to catch the online trailer. The storyline deals with those on the "down low" and all that comes with this drama. Most likely this film will probably not make the cut and be shown in Little Rock, but we will make every attempt to keep you updated on this challenging production and update the information as it's released. If you would like the link to the trailer write to us and let us know. Email: and we will shoot it to you!

Item:I would like to send a hearty "congrats" to the National Association of BWMT on their 26th annual convention in Long Beach, CA.(July 31- Aug 5) I have attended this convention in the past and was highly educated on a variety of social issues affecting the community at large. Hopefully in 2007, I will get a chance to return to the fold and embrace the diversity and fullfillment that each session offers. Good Luck and Best wishes on a great convention.

We are here to keep giving you what you've been looking for. Let us know what you think at

Monday, July 24, 2006

Crowns Revisted 2006

And the winner is... were the words that I heard on that June night in 2002, not really expecting to hear my name, but hoping at least I had done my best as a contestatnt. To my utter suprise, the Mistress of Ceremonies, Dolly said, " a good buddy of mine, Cassausdra Manchester!" The audience errupted with cheers and well wishes from the darkened lounge. Fellow contestants stood steadfast and then offered there ceremonious well wishes. The crown was placed on my head by then, MGA Alexa Breckenridge and I was off to represent the title MGNLR 2002-2003, yet later discovering that all the glitter isn't gold. Flash forward to the 2006. The pageant season is again in full swing and I had to take a look back at the significance of that experience. My alter ego was something thatI dreamed up and was a creation that I had crafted over the years. But, the fact was that this character had always lived in me because it was apart of my self confidence, creative outlet and imagination, despite the reality that often I didn't really know what to make of it or how to exploit it. My winning the pageant was a small validation of all those things past, as well as, my embrace of all those who felt really proud of it. Of course those in my camp, long time companion James who served as Co-producer and friend Micheal who served in all capacities assured me to believe that I was a winner. This inner circle of love had actually prepared me for the tempest that was brewing on the horizon. Their support allowed me to withstand the lies, inundo, untruths and mischaracterazation that were espoused by disgruntled agitators. Consequently I was summoned to appear before the pageant Board of Directors on trumped up allegations that were being manipulated by forces "from the shadows" and further coerced by the State pageant promoter whom had differences with Dolly D productions, and a 20 year old business maneuver made by myself. I made the decision to not be apart of this mean spirited witch hunt that smelled of tacky ego's with vague recollections and small minded individuals who were being used as puppets to instigate this madness. The pageant agreement and subsequent fees associated with it did not state that my background would have any adverse affect on the outcome of the pageant. I contend that if there were going to be any issues, none of my money should've been accepted upfront. For those unaware, pageantry is an expensive venture where the contestant usually bears the all the cost involved. Even though fundraisers are held, these don't cover all cost. I actively sought out sponsorships and private donations to offset expenses. After the win, I was fortunate to have a sponsor who compensated me accross the board. Others are not so lucky. Yet,apparently those naysayers didn't abide by the good sportsmanship rule and accept this a fair outcome. This entire ordeal became a "reality check" to me about the pageant system and why these pageants have diminished in significance within the community. Historically, these pageant productions deemed themselves as avenues to creativity thusly producing pride and sportsmanship. However, I take exception that these "pageants" have subcumbed to real competition resulting in rather contrived "recycled productions" with often manipulated or questionable results. In my case, bold statements such as, "I wasn't expected to win the title", " I had secured special help," and that I should abdicate the title "because I wasn't prepared to take it to the state level," were hurtful and condescending. All of this engineering from somewhere over the "symbol of excellence," meanwhile participants who quietly acknowledged this misdeed, but didn't rally the cause. As I understand there have been many other cases using these tactics throughout pageant history. As for me, I resloved that I would rise above it all and continue to represent no matter the tensions. I felt that I exuded the real excellence that pageants tout, by remaining professional and meeting all scheduled commitments,even without participating in the state competition. I chose my comments carefully about the system while reigning and concluded as I started, a true winner in the eyes of the people who stood before me on that prideful night in June 2002. It was their support, belief and encouragement to which I owe a hearty thanks. Best wishes and good luck to this year's contestants, hopefully all that glitter's is really gold!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

AIDS 25: Lives lost and lessons learned

It's almost surreal for me as I realize that AIDS turns 25 this year and that I've been apart of it's lifeline from the beginning. What's most disturbing is the fact that I probably won't live to see a cure or vaccine of this life changing disease that has touch people around the globe. In the early days, there was so much confusion and misinformation about exactly what was know then as an un-named disease that was affecting men primarily on the coast. The interior of the US seemed unaffected and unconcerned about what we would later find out about how this infection would cross all paths of our daily lives. As I read as much material as I could find and understand, It seemed that this modern day plague couldn't be defined and doctors were baffled as to treatment. All around me opinions abound and the terror of this crisis was mounting with each passing month. We seemed paralyzed as to what to do as we partied on and watched the horrifying death numbers rise. Nationwide organizations began to form and speak out about how our medical community was being overwhelmed and how ineffective our government, most notably lead by Ronald Reagan was playing politics, as people continued to die. Finally, the disease not only had claimed victims, it had a name,AIDS. For me, the swiftness and agony of it's effects was demostrated as I watched a friend, Mark slowly disappear and ultimately die. At his funeral I was stoic and attempted to understand why his life was cut so short. There were so many unanswered questions, too many blanks that were not filled in and so much left unsaid. To my dismay, this first death had not sufficiently prepared me for the many funerals to come, especially, my best friend Will, who I sat bedside with on his last full day of life. I remember vividly my outrage and frustration about these lost lives as well as the subsequent fallout that reverberates throughout. My world, my community and long time friendships were simply vanishing from the earth and for the first time in my life I felt helpless. Locally I participated in various organizations, fundraisers and attended meetings, with the hopes that I could affect change. Unfortunatley, the results were marginal then and now. Thusly here we are 25 years later with effective, but expensive drug cocktails to help individuals to live longer. Researchers are aggressively pursuing a vaccine and potential cure. Groups are still having fundraisers and the debates over government funding, intrevention preceptions and faith based methods often cloud the basic issue. Neverthless, we still have new cases of HIV still occuring in sectors of society accross the world. The recent May 2 part PBS special about the subject is a comforting signal that we will not be allowed to forget this journey. A sojourn in the age of AIDS that has deeply affected my life through the lives lost and lessons learned.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Cornelius' Divinci Code

It seems that the whole world has some vested interest in dicphering exactly what the code is in the Divinci Code. Even though the Dan Brown novel didn't make it to my bedside. I found myself immersed in the flurry of theroies about secret socieites, mysterious leaders and assorted characters that would have significant influences upon my own life as I started exploring and discovering my own Divinci Code. My allegiance to a not so secret society began many years ago as I was introduced to the "sinner's bench" and the doctrine of the New Light Baptist church. Every Sunday and Wednesday night or almost every time the doors were open, there I was being verbally whipped with the firey heat of the gospel, later to be submerged in the waters of salvation that I did'nt quite understand. Daily the scrolls were quoted and used to evaluate my destiny inconjuction to whether I would achieve not being left behind during the rapture. Inside my brain, I grappled with so many issues about who I was and exactly who were these people telling me to be. My journey led me to seek charts, graphs, dusty books and a host of documents to help me reconcile my inner feelings juxtaposed to that of the order. According to the Sisters of the pews there would be signs, blessed whispers and comfort in the holy artifacts that would usher me through the valley of death to the pinnacle of the light. Ultimately revealing to me the answer to the code and a shrouded cover-up that would clarify everything.... Art imitating life or Life initating art is a paradigm that we all continue to observe and dissect. Each and every day our hurried lives cause us to somehow to disconnect and tune out from each other. Brown's Divinci has ignited controversy, lawsuits,pronouncements and outrage. However, the good thing is that it has cause some of us to reconnect and engage in actual conversations again. I resoluted that my scavenger hunt with the church, even though tormenting in places, has had overall positive aspects. Finally, I've determined that the real answer to the code lies in my embracing the God in me, as well as, my personal relationship with him is all that really matters.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The United States of Understanding

The familiar Reganism of "it's morning in America..." has again become the backdrop from which many in this nation still grappled with some of the same ageless societal issues that we thought someone had addressed all those years ago. The first few months of 2006 has reminded us that those issues of days ago are still with us and more so. The culture wars that can be plainly defined in this country have reached a boiling point with such flashpoints as illigal immigrantion, border and port security, entitlements, earmarks, gay marriage and yes, even racism has creeped back into the consciouness of our daily lives. As I compose this piece I can't help but reflect on the life I've lived thus far and try to assess if any progress has been made and what lies ahead for the future. I was extremely reminded of this when I was picked up a copy of the Pink Spectrum, a local alternative magazine, exclusively devoted to covering the entertainment outlets in the central Arkansas area. The cover story was promoting entertainer Shirley Q. Liquor at Jester's, an alternative bar in Hot Springs. The character portrayed by comic actor/ drag queen Charles Knipp, can be described as a "Obese Black Women of questionable literacy who has birthed 19 children and has a dimwitted view of the world." Mr. Knipp, a former preist and Quaker minister who purports to belive that his comedy takeoff is a bow to legendary lesbian comic Mom's Mabley. Plus he affirms that his legions of fans, including "SuperModel of the World", Rupaul, that this type of humor is not a throwback to the ministral shows of yesteryear, but rather is his version of edgey comedy and social commentary that we shouldn't get upset about. Adorning a pink wig, oversize wardrobe and tragic dark cosmetics covering his obvious white face, Knipp devolves into his "stepin and fetchit" peresonna thusly bringing Shirley to life. He has been touring basically gay bars and other venues for a few years and has an acerbic website with other methods of his madness. Throughout his career Mr. Knipp has seemingly engaged mostly white audiences with the "Eubonics of Ignunce" from a character who espouses philosophy ticks that range from the ridiculous to the offensive, all in the vein of attempting to get laughs. Knipp staunchly defends his characters bold statements as "race relations 101," due to the fact that Shirley is actually poking fun at White people and their missed cues about other black people, especially since he grew up around blacks for which he grew an affinity and in his words, respected. To be fair I had not seen SQL live, but I did view some video clips of his musings, website and show footage,and personally I was not amused. Of course as a fellow creative being, I respect the creative process and realize that often edgey comedy, i.e. South Park, Mad TV,the White Chicks movie featuring the Wayans brothers and Def Comedy Jam all provide avenues to express humor that appeals to certain audiences. I embrace the First Amendment rights of expression and will be the first to defend it, yet I do resevere the right to cite an act as in "Bad Taste", even though I have no objections to his performance rights. Futhermore, gay media as well as culture has had a variety of issues with it's characterization of People of Color and it's ability to deal with racism. For your information, Two San Francisco Bars were cited by the city and sued over racial profiling and discrimination in 2005! On the homefront, I also ponder the mindset of the local bar owner who would promote this type of comedy despite it's "toxically politically incorrect," approach to comedy as reviewed by the Atlanta Journal- Constitution when Shirley Q. Liquor was dropped from a local Georgia fundraiser. Did the Owners of Jester's realize that this show has been canceled in New York and Boston due to obejctions from local organizations whom objected to this type of humor. Are the Owners seriously suggesting that the community of Hot Springs would openly embrace entertainment such as this without question or is this an attempt to "shock and awe" an audience into attendance? I shutter to think so. Finally, no one enjoys a bit of bawdy comedy more than myself, however, I can't endorse or remotely support this type of gutter humor that panders to the obsurd and masquerades itself as plausible social commentary. I suggest that patrons of Jester's inquire to the owners as to there motivation for this action and react accordingly. It may be morning in America again but, I bet Mom's Mabley is probably shaking her head and rolling in her grave over how little we seemed to have learned.