Friday, February 29, 2008

Let The Games begin 2008..part 2

It's that time again, that extra day that comes around every 4 years called Leap Day. It's come and gone many times before and I never really paid much attention to it. All I know is that it has something to do with the Earth's rotation around the sun and all that other science stuff that often goes way over my head. Supposedly, this "extra" day helps with keeps us all in check with the solar calendar and yearly seasons. Who Knew? Anyway, in case you need more info I will include a link with some interesting facts about this kooky event. In the meantime, without further hesitation, Let the Games begin....

Sadie Sadie Married lady: If the Leap year thing didn't throw me, then the rumblings about whether Sadie Hawkins day is Feb. 29 or Nov. 15 was another strange blip on my radar screen. On behalf of all those forelorn people out there supposedly this is the time that the "women" can ask a man out on a date. All of this strangeness, if you want call it that, is founded in the Lil Abner folklore which was to result in "Sadie," the homeliest girl in the hills getting hitched. So, if you are looking for love, then it's your day to get busy.

IRS On the Line: It's in the mail, that the letter from the IRS letting you know, if you qualifiy,for the Stimulus TAX Rebate that's percolating in the government hopper. The good gov will be distributing the letters in the coming week advising recipients on the who, what, when, where and how to get the cash hook up. Ultimately, you will have to file your 07 taxes and to speed the process, it would great if you can do direct deposit. Believe me it really works!!

Hello..Is anyone in charge: I love getting your mail and I got a doosey from local activist BC who has assisted many in the HIV/AIDS community. His e-blast, was a clarion call that pointed out many short falls and a culture of ineptness ( my words, not his) in agencies that are charged with providing client services. I've heard from both past and present clients who basically have a "no confidence" attitude about the Arkansas AIDS Foundation under the guise of ConsortiaCare. In Monday's edition, I'll be further exploring AIDS in Arkansas...what's really going on? You don't want to miss it...

SQL on the Loose: Well, he's at it so more...Charles Knipp aka Shirely Q. Liquor. His dastardly minstrel show continues, albeit met with outrage and contention from advocates in cities where the production takes place. Knipp, who dresses in drag and black face. Yes, I said blackface, somehow is still criss crossing the country with his offensive "comedic" rhetoric and visage often in undisclosed locations and tickets being sold via the internet. Addding to the insulting caravan is his website teeming with other racially charged and earthy material. Including a recent mash up of L. A. activist J. Cannick's head on the body of a noted porn star. I've posted about this messy individual and made my objections known when he played Jester's in Hot Springs, Arkansas on at least two occassions. Joining me in citing this maddness was also the Center for Artistic Revolution, but unfortunately not many from the Black SGL community found the time for action. I guess they beleive that some one else will speak on their behalf on matters of this nature.
Facts a Leaping: As promised, here's a bit more about that crazy leap year phenom that most us don't really have a clue about. The year 2008 is a leap year. If you look at a 2008 calendar, you will see that February has five Fridays–the month begins and ends on a Friday. Between the years 1904 and 2096, leap years that share the same day of week for each date repeat only every 28 years. The most recent year in which February comprised five Fridays was in 1980, and the next occurrence will be in 2036. February 29, the leap day, has been associated with age-old traditions, superstitions and folklore. If you need more, then click it to:
Here we Grow again: If producing this forum isn't enough, I am formatting a new COP digital newsletter that will be launching next week. This little outgrowth has been desgined to keep us fresh and you "Onpoint" with the latest updates, breaking news, links and all that we do. Help us continue to the next level by subscribing and telling others to get the hook up to Arkansas' online destination for the GLBTQ community and beyond.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Talking Out Loud 2008 and more...

Gay Africans Flee Senegal

More disturbing news from Senegal. Reportedly "dozens" of gays flee to neighboring countries after weeks of anti-gay riots.
Afrol News, a Norwegian news service that monitors Africa, reports "dozens of Senegalese homosexuals have fled to ... The Gambia and Mali to escape the looming threats on their lives. [However] Gambia may not be a safe hideout for homosexuals, considering President Yahya Jammeh's personal hatred of homosexuality. He had earlier threatened to crush any act of homosexuality in the country."
As previously reported on Rod 2.0, the president of The Gambia has also been criticized by the world community for sensational claims that he can "cure" HIV/AIDS.
Last week, riot police were forced to disperse tear gas at hundreds of anti-gay protesters who rioted outside Dakar's largest mosque. The crowds, led by influential Muslim cleric and lawmaker Imam Mbaye Niang, were outraged after the arrest and release of five men accused of participating in a same-sex wedding.
Senegal is a predominantly Muslim country and, although only rarely enforced, homosexual acts are prohibited under law. In recent weeks, clerics are demanding a roundup of any known homosexuals as the nation will host some 40 heads of state and prominent religious leaders at the 11th summit of the Organization of the Islamic Conference on March 8 to 14 in Dakar.
Dakar will also host the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa in December 2008. Some analysts believe the arrests were a potential source of embarrassment for a nation which boasted one of Africa's few official HIV/AIDS plans targeting men who have sex with men.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Let the Games begin...part 1

And the Winner is Is?: The Academy Awards have been handed out and the winners have taken their statues to the house, but It's Mike Huckabee who should get the "I'm telling you, I'm not going" award for his presidential bid for the GOP nomination. To my amazement and almost everyone else in the universe, it's clear that the Huckster is going to extend his death grip on his national exposure until the bitter end. Debate or no debate with front runner or should I say most likely nominee, John McCain. On each occassion that he's been quizzed about his unshakeable stance Mr. Huckabee stays the course on the fact that McCain hasn't reached the magic number needed to affirm his lock on the nomination. Meanwhile, Huck's comebacks have come neatly wrapped within some his homespun banter or colorful, yet perplexing rational, thusly denying that he's campaigning for a VP spot on the ticket. What does the man want? If not a VP spot, how about a cable reality show...Being Huck? or talk show...The Mike and Janet Crusade Hour or how about a stint on the lecture circut spreading the good word message to all who will pay to listen. Anyway the Mike "can you hear me now" Huckabee caravan rolls on and on and on and... you get the picutre.

Forclosing Michael : Just like a Phoenix rising from Eygyptian ashes, so does the icon of pop, Michael Jackson. His current music compilation, Thriller: 25 is based on much of his best selling catalog complete with DVD footage. But I hope that his sales soar as news breaks that his beloved, Neverland will be going on the auction block next month if the gloved one doesn't pony up $24 Million still owed on the estate. You would think that with all the cash flow MJ has had over the years that this place would have been paid for lock, stock and barrel. However, those pesky trials, high powered attorney's and cash pay outs probably needed some hefty collateral. I can't help but think, "what's the monthly mortage on $24 Million anyway?" Golly gees, has it been that long since I stood in the back room of the Discovery Club waiting for the national debut of his ground breaking video on it's "big screen" TV. At the time, I marveled at the this large screen presentation as it captured the essence of something special, as well as a tour de force performer to be reckoned with for decades to come. Nontheless, Jackson has always been a favorite of mine withstanding all the other "wacko-jacko" tags or antics that he's been plagued with over the years. Remember Emmanuel Lewis, Lisa Marie Presely or Debbie Roe? Yet, his creative blend plus laser beam ability to engulf himself in his music has thrilled me for years both on the dance floor and off. I read with great interest his December 07 interview in Ebony, which was "very vintage Michael." He seemed in full control of his image, candid, and thought provoking while still continuing to fascinate me as the enigma that he's always embodied. I would love to share a pelligrino or hell, even a Bud with MJ and the kids any old time. Have your peeps contact, my peeps. I'll buy since you might be playing catch up on the rent.

GODS & GAYS Collide: In case you may have missed my last post, I'm putting it out there again for all who are searching for alternative programming. It's the groundbreaking film ,"For the Bible Tells Me So." This intellectual and emotional examination of the intersections of
Christianity and Homosexuality will be held Friday, February 29, 2008 6:30pm, 800 Scott St.
inside the First Presbyterian Church. According to a CAR, press release the amission is "FREE"

although we are encouraging the donation of school supplies. The youth/young adults who are sponsoring this event are collecting the supplies for students and teachers in Kenya, Africa who have no supplies.

After the film there will be a discussion period, plus Q &A with Lou and Bob Wallner, one of the families featured in the film will be speaking. Mary Lou's daughter committed suicide after a long struggle with her family's refusal to accept her based on their religious beliefs.

Presented in collaboration with: Central High School's Gay/Straight Alliance, Parkview High School's Gay/Straight Alliance and DYSC, Diverse Youth for Social Change, a program of the Center for Artistic Revolution, CAR

For more information contact: 501-244-9690 or email: If you don't have any plans, this could certainly fill a evening. Check it out and let us know what you thought.

Money makes the World go round...: It's all about the benjamins, baby, as the hip say and I'm still in search of your support in with our Delegate Fund stationed in the ChipIn widget. This fund has been established to help offset expenses as a delegate the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Aug. 24-28. I'm feeling confident that I will get seated as a delegate or at best an at-large position. I'm going to give it my all and with you all showing your pride with a donation will spur us to victory. Will you ChipIn today?.....

MO Money search: Since we are on the topic of cash, I've added a another widget that will allow you to, yes you dear reader, to follow the money in the this years political race. Enter Fundrace 2008 courtsey of the Huffington Post, which has a clever and an

extensive data base filled with the dollars and cents of those who are supporting all candidates. I felt that offering this little ditty is juxtaposed to a previous post about political action campaign donations from the Stonewall Democrats going unused by local candidates. I encourage you to take a look and see who's giving what to whom. It's all there for the taking, for instance those masters of the cash monte, Rep. Kathy Webb's $2,355 or Alice Lightle's $4,600 dolled out to the candidates of their choice. There's cash in them hills! Have you ChippedIn Today?...

Women and HIV: March 10, 2008 is National Women and Girls HIV/ AIDS Awareness Day.
There are many ways women and girls can take action in the fight against HIV/AIDS:
get tested for HIV
practice safe methods to prevent HIV
decide not to engage in high risk behaviors
talk about HIV prevention with family, friends, and colleagues
provide support to people living with HIV/AIDS
get involved with or host an event for National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day in your community

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One moment please....

Most of you probably don't remember when real people use to answer most phones in offices and at companies. However, times have changed and we are now faced with often personable but usually a computer generated voice substitute that's been appointed to take care of our needs. Sometimes this drives me nuts, but I'm making haste to get over it because it's the wave of the future, not to mention there's not much I can do to change it, right? Yet, here at CorneliusOnpoint, there are no drones, just live daily posting featuring the latest updates, links, commentary, video and vibrant content for the GLBTQ community and beyond. It's been challenging to be Arkansas' GLBTQ destination for news about us for us, but I'm proud to know that I've continued to be the best of the best in this medium. Now, let's get busy....

A Delegating we Go: As promised, here's an update on my quest to be a 08 DNC Delegate this summer in Denver. The State Special Convention is being held March 8 and I'm preparing for that day long endeavor with research and further understanding the process. It's a bit complicated but, so far, so good. I was pleasantly surprised and glad to know that I'm not alone from the GLBTQ community in bidding for a delegate seat. I've learned that at least 5 other individuals are also in the process and possibly more. In a ideal situation, wouldn't it have been great to have had a chance to organize, familiarize and develop strategies among those who were seriously interested. Now, as for the ChipIn widget, I wanted to clear up some misconceptions or misunderstandings that some readers have brought to my attention. All delegates are solely responsible for their expenses to the convention including transportation, lodging, Per Diem and other expenses incurred. The widget is not connected in any form with the ADP or DNC. It's a secured personal portal that supports our forum's platform and is monitored by myself. I'm encouraging you to ChipIn and show your pride in this effort. If you're not tech savvy or don't feel comfortable with this method, then there's always snail mail. Here's that addy, COP, P.O. Box166061, Little Rock, AR 72216 Can I count on you to ChipIn today?

Cash 4 You: Oh the sounds of checks cashing is so comforting isn't it? Well in case you have heard and who hasn't. Courtsey of the US Gov headed by GW, comes a stimulus Tax Rebate freebie in a mailbox or bank account near you. Even though all of us are responsible to date for at least $74,000( and climbing) each in the US Debt, the FED thought "what's few more billion here or there," to allegedly stimulate the economy or scam artist on the make. Don't forget, there are restrictions and such that apply. It's not like the government is just dolling out dollars because we can't just print a few more. You wouldn't believe the strange conversations that I've heard about this matter and the thought patterns that are out there. Here's one for the boook: "everyone will get a check, and if we run short, we will just print so more money to cover it..." Need I say more. Here's a quick link: and if you're still not clear, call somebody, anybody or you can quizz us here first...or click it to the real officials: This site has all the skinny and it's the facts, nothing but the facts. Don't get scamed!

Obama on the Brain: Just for a minute, I had to sign off the political radar and take a deep breath. I might take in some of tonights showdown debate as Hillary takes it to the mat in this "do or die" title match. I don't know about you, but Obama-Mania seems to be running amuck and taking flight into some other kinda omeba. As I was watching one his recent televised rallies, I was awe struck at the heighten vigor, mesmerized attendees and tear stained faces of onlookers whom seem transfixed into a state of stooper once the candidate took to the stage. I realized that most of the electorate is in a "ABB,"(Anbody But Bush) mindset, but in my opinion it seems that the bouncing "O" could recite the alphabet and folks would literally give him a standing ovation. Even though the country certainly could use a change of leadership, I'm hesitant to believe that even a Obama presidency would deliver all that's expected or that's needed in this beleaguered land. I love "change" but change to what? And how long will it take to make this change and what will it cost across the board. O.K. "Yes we can!" Can what? We can propel a candidate into the White House and hope that they can unlock congressional gridlock, find solutions to the foreclosure debacle, wrestle the healthcare titans into submission resulting in universal health care and meanwhile singing Kum By Ya with the rest of world. Boy it all seems like a tall order for a 4 year stint for anyone. No matter how tested, vetted or experienced. I'm fastening my seat belt, because it's going get really bumpy...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Election Cycles A Go-Go...

Yes we have been swamped with the current election cycle with it's high profile cast of characters, swaths of issues that most likely will not really be addressed, and the high dollar cost of reaching one the highest seats of power. Despite "Big picture" politics there are dilemmas and political musing on a local level that warrant our attention as well. In this posting I'm spotlighting some those aspects and candidates of a local color which are forging into the body politic of central Arkansas.

Return to Sender: In our last outing, I alluded to a recent ASD ( Arkansas Stonewall Democrat) treasurers report that cited that funds from it's ASD PAC ,which 2007 donations made to area candidates had gone unused or uncashed by recipients. I thought to myself, "you're kidding right? No sir. The report included both the familiar and obscure, such as Rep. Shane Broadway, Norith Ellison, and Steve Breedlove. Can you imagine a political candidate not needing some cash? Is it really possible that each of these candidates coffers was so flush that they didn't need an extra big headed hundred? I think not. Certainly it's the right of any candidate to reject a donation for any reason, but in my caustic opinion this cash snub has questionable overtones and should ring the bell loudly within the GLBTQ community on many other levels. Even more puzzling to me is why this info wasn't release promptly and what will be the process this election cycle. Ultimately, this scenario is a tell tell sign that local politicos feel that can diss us as well as dismiss us without recourse. Want another bell ringer, keep reading this post.

Sullivan Watch: I was pleasantly surprised with the candor and depth of knowledge of local attorney Gary Sullivan who is bidding for District Judge. Mr. Sullivan was the guest speaker last week at the monthly ASD meeting among his many stops during his campaign swing. "I'm here to ask you for your vote for 3rd Division district judge," said Sullivan during his opening. Subsequently qualifying himself for the post by outlining his accomplishments and judicial experience which is extensive. Among his cases was the notable overturning of the Sodomy Law filed on behalf of the then known as Arkansas 7. He's done pro bono work, served on several local board of directors and been in private practice for 15 years. He spoke about the parameters of the court which oversees code enforcement issues among others. "If I'm elected I plan to close my law practice," he said, "because I believe that if the position is full time then the people should have a full time judge." As for that bell ringer that I spoke of, Mr. Sullivan told the group that in his search for consultants to assist him with his campaign, he stated that at least one professional told him "not to bother with seeking anything from the gay community." Even though Sullivan declined to name that individual, he soundly asked the group to help prove that impression as "wrong," by rallying the GLBTQ community out in numbers. Citing that the election is May 20, Sullivan reiterated that "every vote counts...I don't want to loose by one vote." From my vantage point, Sullivan would make an excellent choice for this position and his passion for the welfare of this city resonated with me. He's got my vote and I hope that many more of you will rock the vote for Gary Sullivan. I'm 100% sure that he would be grateful for a donation from any group or individual. I think he's a winner! Need more, check out his website at

Friday, February 22, 2008

It's getting rough out there, in here and some more!...

Rough you say? Baby, it's rough all over and then some! In the last 24 hour news cycle we've been broadsided with a mini-McCain-gate, The Obama Lexicon in full effect, Scrappin Hillary, Enter the Super Delegates, and President Bush bustin a move in Africa! Whew! No wonder honest Abe Lincoln is screaming! And it ain't over yet because I'm throwing down my special take on local happenings and non-happenings in the GLBTQ community and beyond. Get ready, get set, let's go get em.....

Return to Sender: This year's political mash up has been shored up with piles of cash and I mean semi- truck. However, my interest was piqued by a recent Arkansas Stonewall Democrats treasurer's report which cited that it's PAC (political action contributions) donations to some area 2007 candidates were not used, went uncashed and have been subsequently "nulled and voided" by the organization. Can you imagine a political candidate "not wanting free cash?" Well, it's true and of course we are going name names while exploring the lavender political landscape in Arkansas. Yall come back, ya hear....

Circling the Waggons: the Arkansas Family First Coalition apparently is in overdrive trying to raise more working capital to defeat the impending ballot initiative sponsored by the Family Council. The group is seeking to raise $50,000 to fund focus groups and polling studies as an offense to the well organized conservative group which has had a steady fundraising activity since annoucning it's intentions. I checked out their website only to see that this entitiy has a weekly $500 dollar goal, complete with online donation forms and links to Church kits, petitions and guide books. Talk about serious organizing? The Church kit contains, talking points, messages for pastors and other promotional ideas. According to a site blurb, they state that "churches are perfectly free to take part in this sort of effort." They left out the parts about seperation of chruch and state per their "non profit status" which precludes them from influencing legislation. O.K. maybe it was just an oversight...? Take a gander to see what they are up too. I believe that it's imperative that keeping a steady eye on the opponents tactics is a good offensive move. Here's the link,

Pride in the City Update: In previous post I reported that this years' Pride activites would be cancelled and such. Also,there had been inquires as to the status of those funds raise prior to that announcement. Board member Joe L set the record straight with a comment( which is posted) asserting that the funds would be divested to the Arkansas AIDS Foundation earmarked for HIV testing. O.K. now that that's cleared up, it seems that there are plans for Pride activites in Fayetteville and the yet as unannounced yearly Conway festival. But, despite an unofficial organizational blow out, I feel confident that area watering holes will set in motion their own brand of celebrations and you never know what CorneliusOnpoint will be up to. Or you can get your pride on in Vancouver, Pittsburgh, Hotlanta, Nashiville, St. Louis, Dallas or make your own pride statement.

White House Rainbows: Even though November hasn't rolled around nor has the primary season completed it run, the hunt for new employees at the White House is in full affect. The Gay & Lesbian Leadership Institute, the Human Rights Campaign, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and Stonewall Democrats have formed The Presidential Appointments Project. Who Knew?
In a statement the groups said that the effort will be non-partisan. It is aimed at "growing the pool of openly LGBT professionals who would be qualified and ready to accept politically appointed positions in the next presidential administration."
"Our goal is to make sure all Americans have an equal voice in their government," said Chuck Wolfe, president of GLLI.
The Presidential Appointments Project will identify, recruit and vet openly LGBT applicants for thousands of executive branch positions that will be filled with political appointees after the next president is sworn in the organization said in the statement.
GLLI worked with the second Clinton administration to identify gays and lesbians who were qualified to serve the president.
Potential appointees who are openly LGBT can submit an application through a special Web site created for the project:

Spring Fling A-Go-Go: Dont' you just love spring? Well, so do I and I've been in talks with my sounding board about possibly throwing a Spring Fling Mix-Down in May at a local venue. I keep hearing from community segments that are in search of something new or special. I'm not exactly sure what that is, but I'm open to ideas, options and suggestions. If you want to throw your two cents on the table, then let's hear from you today. The tenative date is May 3, 2008. We'll see what falls out of the hat...

Got Info...Need to share?... then get about it and click the comment icon to let's us know what your thinking. Have you Chipped IN yet? why not...Do it today. It's a safe and secure platform to show your pride.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Twista Thursday

By golly, this year is moving along in slip stream motion with shifts in high gear that keep me buzzing daily. The news cycles runneth over with everything, anything and sometime a bit of nothing to boot. But, I continue to sift through the noise and hullabaloo to flesh out as much real news, thoughtful commentary, video, and queeries from our unique prospective. This outing is not different as we unleash a the items that made the cut on this Twista Thursday.

Center for the Community?: I mentioned in my last post about the prospects of locals attempting to put together a "community center" as an off shoot of their virtual online presence. Since putting it out there, many of you have E-noted me with questions and observations. It's great that something strikes a chord every now and then. Now for more clarity both past and present. Beleive it or not, I floated this idea quite a few years ago, fought hard for it, lobbied for it and had vision that a gathering place other than within the confines of a bar was esssential. Yet, at that time, the planets just didn't line up and nor did much broadbased support. I've said it before and here it is again. "Cohesive support, financial committment and solid leadership," has been the nexus of why much within the LGBTQ community in this city hasn't been moving forward. For goodness sake, this fourm is the only daily produced outlet and I'm finding it difficult to get linked for unknown reasons(?), get interviews because no one wants to be on the record, develop local partnerships or garner more response from those sitting in your lazy boys. With that said, according to a ARU ( Arkansas Rainbow Utopia) post ( yes, the group that was talking about ceasing their online group due to lack of "participation???") this is what's up with the latest incarnation of this idea: " Angie Bowen, is developing an on-line counseling service as a first step, with the ultimate goal being a physical counseling center associated with a community center. Check out this web site: web site doesn't tell the whole story of the community center; that's my job. This center will be a drop-in center, a place to hang out during the day & evening. My vision is to have various outreach & activities programs, among them a Seniors Program (my personal favorite), an AIDS outreach program, a Trangendered outreach program, possibly a library, an Information Line, and other kinds of activities. Angie has been in contact with a national organization of community centers, sort of a clearinghouse of information & training. We have begun researching grant funding. We are in the process of applying for 501(c)3 status, which means we need bylaws, and a Board of Directors.All of that means that we need bodies & minds, with various talents, to help us get this center off the ground. Specifically, at this time, we are looking for a grant writer, a fundraiser, and a marketing person. We're also looking for people to be on the Board, to help us get officially organized. if you have any experience in or knowledge of, these areas, or know someone who has, please contact me at this email address: : cjrowley1@comcast. net." No hating here, just hopeful, keeping it real and always on Point. Got something for me, I'm here and waiting.

GOD & GAYS Intersecting: Need a interesting eveinng of an intellectual and emotional examination of the intersections of Christianity and Homosexuality. Then, here's a chance to share your opinion and feel the vibe of those likeminded. This blast came across my desk and I wanted to push it along the information pike to our readers. What I found most interesting was the high school alliances that will be particpating and how fortune it these young people are to have such an entity. As an Alum of Parkview, no such group exisited in those years. But somehow, I survived. Kudos to those trailblazers and best wishes on their efforts. Unfortunately, I can't make the event due to prior obligations but I encourage everyone to check it out. Then share your toughts here, first!!
Friday, February 29, 2008 6:30pm
800 Scott St.
Inside the First Presbyterain Church

Diaolog after the film: Mary Lou and Bob Wallner, one of the families featured in the film will be speaking. Mary Lou's daughter committed suicide after a long struggle with her family's refusal to accept her based on their religious beliefs.

Presented in collaboration with: Central High School's Gay/Straight Alliance, Parkview High School's Gay/Straight Alliance and DYSC, Diverse Youth for Social Change, a program of the Center for Artistic Revolution, CAR

For more information contact: 501-244-9690 or email:

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Which Way is Up and so much more!....

DL in SGL Community on Blast: Only if we were so lucky to have a ground swell of support for more arty expressions from the local black SGL community. Not to mention an outcry for something more than a club night or house party. O.K. maybe that's asking too much, or is it? Well, of course not. Now you ask, what does all this mean? It's the lack of alternatives that I've been hearing about from various individuals who say they wished we had more variety. Usually with pronouncements such as this, I start banging my head and my eyes start to fall back in my head. Yes, wouldn't it be wonderful if somehow the local black SGL culture could support more options than just a club night. I've got a novel idea, how about screening the new controversial movie, "Cover," from veteran director Bill Duke? Apparently, this movie packed the house during it's run during the 16th Annual Pan African Film and Arts festival held in L.A. and has been the subject of much chatter surrounding it' s treatment of that troublesome phenom known as the "Down Low." The film stars Aunjanue Ellis, Razaaq Adoti, Vivica A. Fox, Richard Gant, Mya, Louis Gossett, Jr., Leon, Paula Jai Parker, Roger Guenveur Smith, Patti LaBelle and Obba Babatunde, "Cover" tells the story of Ryan Chambers (Leon) who is murdered on New Year's Eve, the prime suspect is Valerie Maas (Aunjanue Ellis), a church-going homemaker whose life unravels when she discovers that her husband (Razaaq Adoti) of 15 years has been leading a double life. Her strength of character and faith keeps the family alive as a deadly disease threatens to destroy all that they have known. Sounds like a something to see? Probably so, only if we had a viewing audience who would solidly support such an effort, purchase advance tickets and be open to this type of programming. In the meantime, I've posted the trailer to give you some flavor of what's going on elsewhere among other progressive brother's and sister's whom are creating culture for themselves.

Community Center Concept: Since we are on the subject of novel ideas...across my in-box came some interesting speculation about a local GLBTQI community center in the greater Little Rock area. The idea is the brainchild of a few locals who believe that the time has come for such an entity to exisit although the actual "brick and mortar" portion would follow an online counseling concept that in a start up phase as well. According to group postings the organizers are in search of board members, funders, and volunteers. If you really want more info, you'll have to hit me with a E-note and I'll get you the hook up.

A delegating we Go: Have you Chipped IN today? Well, if you haven't, I've launched a little widget to help us in our funding quest to offset expenses as a delegate to the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver, Aug. 25-28. I received my info packet and I'm poised for balloting in the District/Special Convention being held March 8 in Little Rock. The DNP has mandated a diversity platform stance and Arkansas' delegation will reflect that position. With that said, I'll still have to sway those other electors that I would make a good choice and represenative from the Natural State in the election process culminating in November's smackdown. The DNC Delegate fund is devised to help defer travel expenses such as ground transportation, per diems and lodging. It's easy as 1-2-3-... Click on the icon, follow prompts, and show your proud donation. I want to thank the first contributor for that $20 spot, I appreciate it. I opened the mail recently and to my suprise there was another donation. Got some frequent flyer miles to donate? Want to hold a funding soiree? Let's get creative! Can I count on you today?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mirror, Mirror... what's really going on?

We all remember the fairytale where the mirror was asked "who is the fairest of them all..." or Michael Jackson's, "Man in the Mirror," which nudged many into questioning exactly who or what was seen in that reflection and ultimately our own personal mirror's that allow us to see ourselves for who we really are. Eachand every day I believe that all of us are faced with the dilemma of gazing into life's mirror while trying to assess the visage that's being reflected. Unlike Alice whom fell into the mirror or a carnival house of mirrors, I try to make sure that the image that I'm seeing stays grounded in reality and as ususal, onpoint. With that said, we've asked,"Mirror, Mirror, what's really going on?" so let's get's cracking...

Pride in the City: If you recall, I posted info concerning the cancellation of Little Rock's 08 Capital Pride events usually slated for June. However, an intrepid reader brought another interesting bit of info to the table, concerning the fall 07 fundraising event that was held at Sidetracks. That event which featured spliting the "fund pot" with the Arkansas AIDS Foundation and Capitol Pride netted less than 2 Clevelands. ( FYI- yes, there use to be $1000.00 bills circulated among banks in the U.S., but they've been retired. President Cleveland was the face that on that note.) Anyway, the reader wondered out loud, if the activities have been "canceled" then what happens to the collected funds? Ummmm, I don't know, but it's a good question. Anybody got any answers?

Gender Politics: This year's political cycle has taken twist and turns that have opened up avenues for all types of discussions and debates. From my E-blast stack came this interesting invite to the Clinton School of Service lecture series featuring Erika Falk, a Johns Hopkins Communcation scholar discussing her new tome: Women for President: Media Bias in Eight Campaigns. Her new book, is a timely analysis of gender bias in press coverage of presidential campaigns. Tracing the campaigns of eight women who ran for president through 2004 – Victoria Woodhull, Belva Lockwood, Margaret Chase Smith, Shirley Chisholm, Patricia Schroeder, Lenora Fulani, Elizabeth Dole, and Carol Moseley Braun – Falk finds little progress in the fair treatment of women candidates. I'm sure that many people are debating that assertion and how gender has played signifcantly in 2008. Sound like an engaging lecture and If you have time, it will be worth the time to attend. Falk is the associate program chair for the Master’s degree in Communication at Johns Hopkins University. Previously, she served as a research director for the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania.
When: Thursday, February 21, 2008 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. – Lecture *Book signing to follow Where: Clinton School of Public Service Sturgis Hall
*Reserve your seats by emailing or calling 501.683.5239.

Campus Conferencing: From the old E-blast stack also comes this invite and information updated to a previous post about the upcoming AQCC being held at UCA sponsored by Prism, CAR and SONG. I remember this event from last year, but to be honest, I'm not clear on what exactly was achieved or projected outcomes that can be substantiated. Was there a final report, position paper, white paper or assessment done? I don't recall, but perhaps so. However, this community can always use a infusion of information and skill building platforms. If you are interested, get involved and registered today. Here's your invite...

You are invited to attend the 2nd Annual Arkansas Queer CoalitionConference at the University of Central Arkansas Student Center inConway on April 4-5, 2008. The Arkansas QCC is an annual inclusive,educational conference for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queerand Allied Arkansans. The conference is hosted by UCA Gay-StraightAlliance PRISM and cosponsored by the Center for Artistic Revolution. *******Registration forms are REQUIRED for this event. ******* Registration fee is $10 to be paid upon arrival at the conference. Sliding scale is available for low-income individuals. Read below forinstructions on registering.This conference is packed with two days full of workshops, skillsbuilding, networking, and community building. Workshop topics include organizing in schools and communities, diversity, transgender issues, identity, and more. (A complete workshop/conference schedule will be posted closer to time). Southerners On New Ground (SONG) (www.southernersonn ewground. org), a fantastic organization based out of Durham, North Carolina will be at the conference to host our general sessions. SONG was founded inorder to advance Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queermulti-racial, multi-issued education and organizing capable of combating the Right's strategies of fragmentation and division. We ask that everyone please REGISTER by March 18, 2008 by joining our yahoo group, downloading the form, and emailing it electronically. Ouryahoo group can be found at: necessary forms will be found under the "Files" link to the leftin the "2008 Conference Materials" folder.Email completed forms to Pleasesave your form as FirstName.LastName, i.e. Jane.DoeYour registration fee will be $10, which you may pay upon arrival atthe conference. Your fee will pay for your breakfast and lunch onSaturday. We also ask that you bring a potluck dish on Friday evening. If you have any trouble accessing the yahoo group, please do not hesitate to email the above email address or call Amanda at 501-412-3212. If you know anyone who cannot email their form, please have them call that number and RSVP via phone.We are looking for people who are willing to flyer across the state. We can mail you a packet with handouts and registration forms if you are interested.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's all about Love and more...

The love day, February 14 has always been a time when "people need people." It's the time when many are rushing around finding special gifts, adding special touches to their realtionships, spending time with each other before they stop spending time with each other, and saying, "I love you," a extra time for affect. However, as we stop to love on this day, remember that spreading the love message comes in various forms and can be communicated in numerous measures. This forum, has been a labor of love for the past few years and my love for keeping you, dear reader on point and updated has been my pleasure. I hope that you will continue to feel our love as you share your love accross the rainbow. Ultimately, the nexus of finding true love actually comes from within and once you've given yourself that permission, then you'll find that you are ready to be loved by the universe. Remember people, "it's all about love and more..."

Showing Love: Speaking of love, have you shown some love today with your in-kind donation for our DNC delegate fund. I've filed to run to be a delegate from Arkansas to the Democractic National Convention in Denver, August, 25-28. The DNC has institued within it's delegate platform that their be representation from the GLBTQ community from each state. This caveat allows this community a chance to have direct participation within the process. Each delegate or represenative is charged with providing their own transportation, per diem, and lodging. I know that our goal of $2500.00 would be a solid foundation for our community to have a rainbow presence during this historic event. To date with the help of supporters, I've completed two important task as I approach the Special State Convention being held in Little Rock, March 8. Can I count on you to ChipIn, Today? Click on the posted icon, follow the prompts and show your pride.

COP Special: Since it's all about love, I felt that this item needed to be shared with the readers of this forum. It's from columnist Doug C. Cooper from our online partner, Take a moment to open your mind, reflect, and empower your self. My self affirmation for the day is:
"nobody can be you but you..." Think about it and then show yourself some love.

Manifesto: A Cause for Life
By Doug Cooper- Spencer

Growing up gay is a challenge. From the day you first realize your difference, you immediately draw strategies of defense. Those measures can range anywhere from outright confrontation to secrecy and denial. Ostensibly, secrecy is usually the easiest road to take.
In an often hostile world that refuses to validate your existence, being gay or lesbian quite often requires giving up modes of self-validation and refuting self-worth. In the process, discourse that affirms a homosexual existence is usually lost, especially if those matters posit topics that affirm our humanity and our spiritual existence. In response to such challenges, I have offered this manifesto.
I assert that my homosexuality is no more exclusive than difference in height, or those who might have a natural tendency towards obesity as compared to some who cannot for the life of them gain weight. It is no different than those who are born to function primarily with their left hand while others cannot function with hands at all; or those who have near incomparable physical strength and those whose frailty allowed them to live only for a day.In nature’s tendency towards diversity we have been given people whose minds mainly grasp abstractions while others, logic. It is the will of the force of nature that deals in diversity, just look around at the different races that people this planet. If nature can offer such diversity, why then would it not offer homosexuality as a complement to its course? My homosexuality is no less an aberration than merely difference.

I reject the notion that my ‘difference’ causes pain. The pain is caused by ignorance, fear and bias, not my sexual nature. It’s the same pain that once made some cry out that the physically challenged be thrown to the wolves, or that the existence of other races be the agent behind social woes.Sadly, it’s never the pain brought on by my detractors’ own social or personal maladies that is investigated. Instead they choose to make others the source of their discomfort. Quite often, people will form fragile matrixes in which to house their own short comings.

As well, I refuse to allow my detractors to lump me in the category of rapists and molesters. Rapists and molesters harm. Heterosexual and homosexual rapists and molesters cause harm, not heterosexuality and homosexuality in and of themselves.

I refuse to believe my sexual orientation is unnatural. My homosexual orientation developed as a course of nature, it was not artificially induced. Therefore it is natural. Quite often, what is meant by those who use the terms, ‘unnatural’, or ‘not normal’, is that my sexual orientation does not match that person’s moral beliefs, just as it was used decades ago in matters of interracial marriage.That stated, I understand the implications of such an argument go further than it appears. It underscores the reasoning that homosexuality is a matter of choice (in that case, why not heterosexuality as well?). It’s the implication that since it is choice and not of nature, it is not of God; therefore it can be (and should be) undone.Only I know the depth and history of my feelings and I know it was not by choice. Only I know this, and I do not owe anyone else an explanation unless I choose to do so. Given the pain of disenfranchisement, even death that many of my sisters and brothers go through in life, I doubt many would have ‘chosen’ such a life. However, I say to them all love who you are just as you love the skin you’re in. It is the gift God gave you. It’s called Life. Yours.
Regarding morality. We think of morality as inflexible codes of conduct. But, in fact, our moral precepts are not so inflexible, they can be very pliant. History has shown us that. For instance, the difference between the moral standards that once viewed women as an adjunct to men, or ones that supported the belief of the inferiority of black people to whites are vastly different than moral standards of today. Morality can be used to protect and enlighten in the most divine way, or it can be actualized as an agent of great harm and destruction. Therefore, I will only accept those things in life that do not harm others or myself, and ones that nurture and create a positive energy for me and my environment. So unless it can truly be proven that being gay works against this positive force, I will embrace it with the warmth it deserves no matter what others might think.

God and religion. God is an abstract concept that humankind has honed to explain phenomena such as being, death and circumstance; inexplicable matters that govern life. There are many views, all of which claim divine providence.To say the concept of God is an abstraction is not to say It doesn’t exist. I, for one, believe God does exist. It’s just that our ability to fully understand God is greatly lacking. It is very difficult to understand something that cannot be fully realized as fact.Even to the point that we have come to apply anthropomorphic terms to describe God speaks of our desire to come to terms with It. In the end, we can only come to terms with It, not explain It. We cannot explain or understand something so powerful, so infinite as God. Beyond it all, this is where faith comes into play. So many people profess to have faith when all they really have is belief. Someone once described belief as wishing things to be as you are told they should be, and faith as a letting go of expectation, to be able to throw your arms open and accept what is not known or understood. Our beliefs are shaped by cultural, political and to some degree, personal influence, but very little faith. Belief taught me fear, but now, my faith informs me of love.Finally, regarding God, I cannot leave this discussion without addressing the idea that God does not condone homosexuality. I challenge such a notion to be proven. If God is omniscient, then He knew I was going to be gay.

I do not accept the idea of free will as an explanation of my homosexuality. That would be akin to accepting the argument of ‘choice’. Even the idea of free will as grace from God is arguable if it is set within the context of retribution. If God punishes us for our choice then free will was not given out of grace. I do not believe a divine entity that possesses omnipotence has need for free will. It would simply control what we do, not allowing us to fail, and would therefore not resort to retribution.
I refuse beliefs, borne, again, of culture and politic. I choose a faith that liberates me from such precepts and simply embraces the idea that everyone has the right to become self actualized towards a spirit that causes no harm to self or others, a nurturing spirit. Therefore, I choose to walk a spiritual path (stumbling sometimes as humans do), than a religious one. The two are not the same because religion is man-made and is prone to all the influences I stated above, while spirituality is the essence of God. Many seek religion (earthly power), but few seek spirituality.

Homosexuality and family. I refuse to believe homosexuality causes the destruction of the family and shuns procreation. First of all, if a family is firmly entrenched in love it will not allow the fact that one of its members is gay destroy it. If it does, then it needs to re-evaluate its shortcomings because matters of diversity as well as adversity will always arise within the family structure. That is the challenge of love.

I do not believe if those of us who are homosexual act on our nature, then everyone will become homosexual and procreation would cease. Everyone would not become homosexual if someone who is homosexual chooses to live his or her life. Humans are not that monolithic. Besides, if procreation is the prime reason for the validation of existence, then we are all in step to miss the fullness that makes us human. I believe the positive growth of our individual spirit (one imbued in love) is the prime agent of our individual lives, not the extension of the physical self. And given our tenuous relationship with the ecosystem, adoption would be a suitable fit.The propagation of life is a powerful force. We do not know that sexual intercourse is exclusively needed to procreate. All living beings don’t engage in sexual intercourse in order to procreate. Therefore, we should not assume humans, if given the fate of the cessation of intercourse would no longer generate offspring. Quite possibly it could happen through cellular division as it does in some life species on this planet. In a world that has offered the Immaculate Conception, such a notion is tenable.A final word about family; it has long been high time to redefine the concept of ‘family’. It’s been done before (for example, the Industrial Revolution), so why not again? The strongest glue to hold together a family is love.

I accept Love to be: “The will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth.” (M. Scott Peck, ‘The Road Less Traveled’). I will love myself and seek this kind of love from others. I will demand it so I might know it. I have all the right in the world to seek the nurturance of my spirit free from the whims of others. I reject the games people play in their attempt to gain dominance over my life; it’s been done to many throughout the ages. I understand that when you learn to love yourself, you are able to love others, and you grow beyond the borders of religious doctrine and demagoguery towards a true spiritual journey. You become open to wondrous things about your life, about Life period. You become the person God meant you to be. This I understand. This I accept.In the end, I accept that the brilliance of ‘The Mystery’ we call Life will probably always continue, and will probably never be understood. And that ‘The Mystery’ is not as scary as it might sound. It is fear that holds most of us captive to lives of trepidation, hatred and inconsequence, not love.
This I accept.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's getting rough out there, in here and more...Part 2

I'm not a real fan of the WWF, but it looks like there are plenty of smackdowns going on all around the place. The national political cycle featuring the Bouncing O and In to Win It Clinton has tounges wagging, heads bobbing, folks weaving and others just teaming with anticipation. Can you feel it? Perhaps not, but I tell you that the electricity is in the air and I'm not talking about lightning from the recent storms. Ladies and's getting rough out there, in here and more...

Funding AAF: It's been a bit since we've posted anything about the Arkansas AIDS Foundation, formally known as ConsortiaCare. In case you didn't know that, you wouldn't be the first. Anyway, the organization continues to exist in some form or fashion, although in my opinion it's structural clarity resembles a Salvador Dali creation. In the meantime, apparently the group is poised to begin the 08 version of "benefit-a-go-go." First up, A Prayer Breakfast: The Power of Praying Women coming together to conquer HIV/AIDS, March 28, Tickets are $25.00 Also scheduled per it's website, June 7, White Party - Red Heart Fundraiser and June 14, AIDS Walk 2008. Yet, at this posting from their website, the locales of these outings have yet to be determined. Now really!? Therefore, in the name of that all important "clarity" that I mentioned, it's not exactly "clear" what's really going on, again. As a side note from the what were they thinking file, I was made aware of a slight planning brouhaha connected with AIDS Walk 2008. It seems that some of the organizers proposed to assess a nominal fee to PWA's who wanted to particpate in the upcoming walk. As I understand, this thought process got the cold shoulder and a resounding "we're not having it" accented with two snaps in a circle. I've got great idea for this group, find a producer that could make a reality show of the organization's inner workings. Let's call it: Being ConsortiaCare: Unplugged. Ummmmm? Kinda got a ring to it. For more info, check it yourself at

Campus Activism 08: The 2nd Annual Arkansas Queer Coalition Conference will be held on April 4-5, 2008 on the University of Central Arkansas campus in Conway, Arkansas. The conference is hosted by the University of Central Arkansas Gay-Straight Alliance, PRISM.More information on registration and workshop schedules will be posted closer to time. Registration will begin on April 4 at the UCA Student Center. Just as I was reviewing this E- blast, I was intrigued with another post from ardent activist, Randi Romo concerning the communities overall active interest in the adoption ballot initiative being pushed along by the Family Council. Romo who has devoted much time to local issues chided, Rainbow Utopia members and anyone else for that matter, about what she believes to be complacency and apathy regarding human rights issues in Arkansas. I'm no stranger to this position as well as understand her frustration. The emotion and passion of her statement was ripe for a doubletake. It's unedited and unfiltered.

From the RU Yahoo group post (2.1.08)

I'd kinda like to know why no one is talking about what is going right here and now in Arkansas??

The Family Council is now collecting signatures to enact another mean spirited and discriminatory law against LGBTQ and some straight Arkansans... national political picture is certainly of serious consideration. ..but what does it take to get folks moving and working for their own rights right here???

Neither group, this one or the lesbian group has touched this issue when I have posted it. It's hard for me to believe that almost 300 people are completely apathetic to their own rights...many of us may not want to adopt or provide foster care, that's fine...but if this passes, it's another nail in our ever having equal rights...and it's a good bet they will use this law as a precedent on custody cases where one parent is lesbian or gay....

yes, life is busy, sometimes downright hard, brutal and difficult... and it's true that justice efforts have never been takes time and committment, it takes money...but, is it really true that no one reading this cares about stopping Jerry Cox???

sometimes it feels like beating my head on a brick wall


A Delegating We Go: I've launched the ChipIn widget to facilitate our in-kind contribution effort to support me in my foray towards being a delegate to the DNC in Denver this August. Our goal is $2500.00 culminating by July 1, 2008 toward offsetting travel transportation, lodging, per diem and ground modes while in attendance. Thanks to some pre-support, I've completed both filing stages and now look forward to the Special Convention in March. I will capture the entire process in this forum including podcating and other content. Just click the ChipIn icon, show your support and your contribution will be sent through the secured Paypal platform. If you've got other ideas of in-kind support such as donating frequent flyer miles or hosting an event, I would love to hear from you. Will you join me in making this drive successful? Chip in Today!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Speaking Volumes, Again...

Well here I am again, back at the boards. updating and uncovering breaking news, commentary, video, links and everything else from the rainbow spectrum and beyond. I didn't even know where to begin this outing, so we'll just dive in head first. Are you ready?...O.K., Let's go get em!

Pride in the City: Last outing I posted a blurb from Velocity, the CAR (Center for Artistic Revolution )newsmag which broke the news that the Little Rock Pride organizers have decided that "due to a lack of interest," that this years' pride activites have been canceled at this date. As usual I threw the news open for debate, discussion or whatever. I 'm hoping to hear from Joe L. and anyone else who wants to add a productive voice on the issue. In that posting and other previous, I've made the case that Pride events all over the country have reached a crossroads in producing this type of ocassion. To some degree these festivals have become difficult to pull off due to high costs of production, volunteer recruitment, leadership voids, and the communities sense of "what's it's all about?" juxtaposed to a new concept of acceptance. Futhermore, I've stated that local pride activites have had a rocky existence and the pressure of making them bigger and better would eventually take it toll. Futhermore the sturcture of such entities to be inclusive and diverse have been problematic and wrought with inconsistencies.Especially, when a core group is stressed to the max and resources are at a minimal to say the least.How can momentum be forth coming when I don't recall any public reporting of last year's effort which most "non-profits" highlight or announce. This reporting entitled " event assessment," would includle such info as attendance, revenues vs. expenses, goals, perspectives or the basic outcome of the event. Did it just happen because "girls just want to hve fun or what?" For the record, let me be clear, I'm not about pointing fingers, but taking a 360 look at how we've reached this intersection, meanwhile seeking imput from the readership on possible solutions. Yet with that said, I noticed that much within the community is wanning and seems to be slowly fading to black including the closing of The Factory nightclub. Recently I noticed that members of the yahoo group, Rainbow Utopia were considering shuttering their online chat due to a lack of participation. Is the Book Club still around?, Gay cinema?, or any other micro-groups that serve GLBTQ interest. Wait don't tell me...let me put on my rose color glasses while knowing that everyone has been accepted at the table and I have nothing to worry about. Yeah right.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Fallout Friday, Me & U

Let's face it folks. This ball of confusion that we reside upon is whirling round and round with or without any help from any of us. Each day seems to be filled with mood swings that range from triumph to tragedy as well as anything that can be worked in between. I don't know about you, but in the meantime I'm holding on as if my life literally depends on it. And actually it does. Just this week Super Bowl manifesto's for death, City council rampage, Mother Nature strikes back and thunderdome politics continues. What a week and it's only 37 days into 2008. Boy, can you imagine how the rest of year will stack up. Let's not think about it right now. Instead, let's go free falling, but staying Onpoint....

A Delegating we Go: It's done! I've officially filed as a candidate for the ballot at the Special State Democractic Meeting (March 8) in search of being a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado, August 2008. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to perhaps make my own bit of history while history was in the making. Of course, I've got to contend with others who are also vying for the chance, however I'm determined to give it my best. With this in mind, I'm asking each of you to do your best by supporting me with donations to help offset our convention expenses. I've set up a secured "Chip In " widget on this site to help facilitate this effort as we press toward a goal of $2500.00 by July 1. Each donation will be handled through the Paypal platform. These funds would serve as access to transportation, lodging, ground transportation and daily per diem. Can I count on you for your support today?

Legislating Parenting: Remember the Family Council which wanted to protect the children from all those gays who perhaps wanted to serve as foster parents or adopt. Well, they've been busy as bees re-writing proposals, gathering signatures and fundrasing. Meanwhile, spewing "anti-everything" rhetoric. Enter: Arkansas Families First, a statewide coalition of community leaders opposed to the proposed foster care and adoption ban in Arkansas, announced an Election Day effort – "Stand Up For Kids". The effort will feature volunteers urging fellow Arkansans not to sign petitions that would put an initiative on the November ballot that would restrict Arkansans' ability to adopt and serve as foster parents.

Members of Arkansas Families First will be at polling sites in more than 20 Arkansas communities to educate voters about why they should refuse to sign petitions for the proposed ballot initiative that restricts foster-care and adoption of parentless and neglected children. I early voted and didnt' see any of this activity, but I saw an E-blast seeking volunteers to place yard signs and other participation. At this posting, I haven't heard about any results, but we will update as soon as we get an update.

"In today's world there are too many threats on the well being of our state's children, too many children in need of healthy and loving foster and adoptive homes" said Dr. Eddie Ochoa, President of the Arkansas Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. "The federal government has continued to criticize our state for the shortage of adoptive and foster care homes. We can't afford to limit the number of stable homes for kids in need or to let kids fall through the cracks when there are qualified and caring households with open doors to serve."

Jennifer Ferguson of Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families added that, "the reality is that we already have too many children without good homes, and this proposal will leave even more children waiting for a loving home. We hope Arkansans will decline to sign the petitions for this ill-conceived and harmful initiative."

Arkansas Families First is a statewide grassroots organization created to advocate on behalf of children. It includes the Arkansas chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Arkansas Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, the Inter Faith Council, Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, and Just Communities of Central Arkansas, the Arkansas Psychological Association, the ACLU of Arkansas, the Arkansas Public Policy Panel, the Center for Artistic Revolution, and the Stonewall Democrats.

No Pride in the City: According to the current, Velocity, newsmag of the Center for Artistic Revolution, Joe LaFontaine has annouced that the board of directors have decided to cancel this years pride event ususally held in June. LaFontaine cited an overall lack of interest and volunteers despite 2007's RiverMarket event. Also he stated that no new board members or committee people came forth to help formulate plans which resulted in this decision. In previous post, I've mentioned that Pride events across the nation have been in decline and suffering from a lack of donors, volunteers, vision and ballooning budgets as well as deficits. The status of Arkansas' pride has never been on sure footing, always plauged with trials and tribulations, that would eventually result in it's ultimate demise. This forum was supportive of Pride 07 but stood firm despite being accused of asking probing questions or operational observations. My question, "where are those folks who wanted to take me task for aksing the hard questions?" O.K. With all that said, is this it people, if not, and you got two cents to say about it, then make it known to us first, of course, or
Email Joe or contact at CAR

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Black HIV/AIDS in Arkansas 2008

In an effort to share the dearth of information available around HIV/AIDS and African Americans/Blacks, CorneliusOnpoint is sharing the information from the Black AIDS Day portal which has uploaded to their server or provided links to key publications and reports that assist in providing a backdrop to the HIV/AIDS crisis in Black America and other parts of the world. After checking their website, and surveying area organizations, I am proud to announce that this forum will be one of the few local mediums to acknowledge Black HIV/AIDS Day 2008 in Arkansas. What's up with that? Where's the step up or is this just more of the disconnect/complacency attitude that continues to grip the local Black GLBTQ community? Hello-Somebody? Anybody?

Why We Can't Wait: The Tipping Point for HIV/AIDS Among African Americans
A Turning Point: Confronting HIV/AIDS in African American Communities
Link to CDC page HIV/AIDS - African Americans -
Order CDC HIV/AIDS Publications for the General Public -
CDC HIV/AIDS Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Reports -
CDC Recommendations and Guidelines -
CDC Fact Sheet - HIV/AIDS among African Americans -
CDC HIV/AIDS Surveillence Reports -

Many of the publications may be downloaded using Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to download the software program for free. If you decide to print this material, pass it on to someone who may need the education.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Raging the Machine Onward

Good Gobbley Gook! Are you on political overload yet? Well, last evenings Super Tuesday which was overshadowed by a multi-hour power outage at my home sent me into a OMG moment, while awaiting the elections results. But, never mind that Mother Nature was having her say by hurling severe weather all over the Mid-south. The 24/7 news cycle was in overdrive with talking heads galore, therefore I was updated within minutes of the power resuming. Is this a race or what? The Bouncing O vs the Hill Force 1 keeps uping the ante of taking it to the next level. In the back of my mind I keep wondering,"can the nation take it until a nominee is decided, then can we stand the heat until November? Yikes! O.K. I've exhaled and now I'm moving on to registering to run as a delegate to the Democratic Convention in Denver. Today I will be filing my forms and fees for this once in a lifetime event that I'm proud to be apart of the process. In previous post, I mentioned that I would be seeking your support and encouragement to have a diversity presence as mandated by the DNC platform. I have decided to add a ChipIn widget to this site seeking those who would like to donate to offset the expenses to the August convention. Any and all denomination would be greatly appreciated. I struggled with this concept, but decided to try this fundraising form as a means for those who would like to show their in-kind support within their busy lives. I've not set a goal for this fund, however, all the contributions will go to provide access to transportation, lodging, and per diem. If you have other ideas of supporting this effort, then contact us. In the past I've raised questions about local fundraising and it's ultimate impact within the community. Yet, my funding outreach is based on putting our precious resources in play within constructs that could have long range benefits, hopefully "dominoing" into other viable connections. If I'm elected to be a delegate, you can be assured that your support will be evident and accountable. This platform is secured via Paypal and no information will be shared or sold from this fourm. Will you donate today?

Show your support and Donate Today!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Cornelius: 365 Black

Do any of you remember this graphic that I used way before today's Super Tuesday "His/Herstory" mash up? Well, of course not, right? Long before the Bouncing Obama or Hillary " in it to win" Clinton announced their intentions, I was talking about these two dynamic forces as the ultimate "change" that the country could use. Now, here we are facing a coast to coast's vote- a-rama that will start to reveal who will be the next Democratic nominee. Exciting as this election cycle has become. I can't help but interject a Black History reflection as I recall past cycles which featured prominent men and women seeking the presidency. Yes, Virgina, there have been notable African Americans both women and men reaching for the prize. I was in awe of Shirley Chisom who blazed a trail that caused a sensation but no nomination. Her outspokeness was well before her time and let me know that speaking to power takes lots of guts and brains. Years passed and my political learning curve improved while the next force was on the horizon. I can't forget the impassioned convention speech of presidential candidate Jesse Jackson or his hopeful mantras of "keep hope alive" admist the bold pronouncement of "Run Jessie Run." Yet, his message of inclusion and peace also fell short of a nomination. I certainly can't foget the quirkiness, fiery rhetoric and tell it like it is of Rev. Al Sharpton's bid for the presidency which was another important African American making a statement that the quest for the Oval office should always continue to be a possibility. On the republican side, Alan Keyes was a tour de force mix of factoids and figures that didn't connect with me personally nor allowed him a nomination nod from his party. And now candidate Obama has arrived full circle with the mantle, charged with the courage, tenacity and vision that could culminate in him being the nation's first person of color president. I feel so blessed to have watched history, find my place within it and look forward to the history making events to come. I say bring it on!

National Black History Month 2008 -

Carter G. Woodson and the Origins of Multiculturalism
Artist Hubert Sam created this years image which depicts the National Theme for Black History Month 2008 "Carter G. Woodson and the Origins of Multiculturalism". Known as the "Father of Black History," Carter G. Woodson holds an outstanding position in early 20th century American history. Woodson authored numerous scholarly books on the positive contributions of Blacks to the development of America. He also published many magazine articles analyzing the contributions and role of Black Americans. He reached out to schools and the general public through the establishment of several key organizations and founded Negro History Week (precursor to Black History Month). His message was that Blacks should be proud of their heritage and that other Americans should also understand it.

Just how much is a Trillion Dollars anyway? Does anyone really know? President Bush has submitted a budget with so many "zero's" that most folks, including myself are wondering "what in the world is he thinking?" Or better yet, what in the world are we all thinking that a 400 Billion Dollar( yes that's with a "B") plus- plus deficit is just simply, alrighty. What's really eye opening is that this mega- budget doesn't even include the upcoming "economic stimulus" plan with all those other dead presidents to flood the economy. All I can say is, Wow!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Are you ready to Rumble...

O.K. folks, it's here, Super Tuesday commenth Feb.5, 2008 and it's all about you plus your vote. Due to my hectic scheduling, I've already cast my vote in early voting, but if you were just to busy, didn't know where to go, forgot or somehow didn't realize that you could early vote. Tomorrow is your time to join the democratic process of making you choice for the candidate for which you believe can take the helm of this nation and bust a move for the better. Ladies and Gentlemen and all those who have'nt decided, the time is now to select a nominee to go to the mat in November for the general election. I encourage all of you to get the polls early, take a friend, notify your neighbor, tell a stranger, but of things, get out and vote like your life depends on it! It's just that important. Need a link for info, we've got it for you.
For Arkansas voter information, please see or call 1.866.MYVOTE 1 for direct response to voting problems or concerns.

HIV Task Force Re-do: In a previous post I explored the recent announcement of the newly created HIV-AIDS task force appointments from Gov. Beebe. The vibe that I'm getting is that many in the HIV-AIDS community and beyond are not overly enthusiatic with the choices or skeptical of the mission of this group. Now, let's be clear, there was a process, however I cited that it was a bit awkward in my opinion, but a "search team" was formed and they sought out candidates statewide. The ultimate question that must be addressed is if those who are dissatisfied with the final choices, contacted other possible choices to pursue this commission. I've stated in the past and I stand firm, that the destiny of any issue relies on the those who participate in the process. That means, either step up, show up or shut up. It's just that simple, people. In full disclosure, I was contacted about serving on the this task force, however, I declined due to other obligations. As we continue to bring you breaking news about us and for us, this forum was first in bringing the formation of this group to the table for discussion. For the record, I got "crickets" which means silence. Included in this posting is a reader response on the issue. It's unedited and unfiltered. As usual I encourage you to share your views, rants, two cents or thoughts with us any old time.


In reference to the Governor's HIV Task Force which is being put together. After reading the names of the newly appointed panelist, I am saddened. Several of those listed I hold in high esteem, others are certainly questionable. I also find a lack of "community voice", those living with the disease. Many community activist/advocates such as Eric C, Bob C, Rick R would certainly add valuable input, along with several others scattered across our state. In my opinion, those living with HIV/AIDS , would indeed add value and sincerity and knowledge to the group. By adding Case Managers and State pay-rolled members and Doctors in the mix, we will only end up as we have in the past, moving slowly and missing valuable input from those that actually live and suffer daily. We once again end up with the same ole, same ole.

Steve Thomas

We will be circulating our newly produced public service announcement about National Black HIV/AIDS Day, to all our subcribers and e-listers. If you have'n't subscribed, do it today. Meanwhile, we have'nt bee able to verfiy what's happening locally. Has the ball been dropped yet again? We are on the info hunt and will spotlight what's really going on or not going on in the community. Stay tuned. Prevention is Power! Brought to you from Arkansas' online destination for news, commentary, links, video, podcasting and so much more from over the rainbow and beyond. Need more, click it to: