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Let The Summer Sizzle Continues

Los Angeles porn permit applications down 90% since mandatory condom law

Applications for permits to shoot pornography in Los Angeles have fallen by 90%, since the use of condoms was made mandatory earlier this year.
The ordinance, passed in November 2012, made condom use a requirement for a permit in LA County, and banned the filming of bareback sex in the city, which has traditionally been a haven for porn studios.

However, despite the huge fall in official shoots, it is likely that the regulation simply forced studios underground.

Mark Kernes of industry magazine Adult Video News said: “A lot are simply shooting in out-of-the-way places where they won’t be caught.

“Normally it’s in people’s homes who are willing to rent them out for a day. Sometimes it’s out in the woods. There are vacation cabins far away from anything that you can shoot a movie at.”
Film LA, which issues the licenses, said that just 20 had been issued this year so far.
Steven Hirsh of Vivid Entertainment Group told Associated Press that his company may relocate if the law is not overturned.

He said: “There are several places we’re looking into. Some people are already shooting in Nevada, and that’s something that’s certainly on our radar.”

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which spearheaded the law, said: “When we first proposed the Los Angeles City bill, the industry said they’d film in other L.A. cities. When we proposed Measure B for L.A. County, the industry said they’d film in other counties.

“And when we proposed AB 1576, the industry said they’d film outside of California. Are workers in Nevada any less entitled to protection from harm than those in California?”

Coaching COP 24/7

This forum has been afforded many opportunities to express and share since its inception in 2004. Although there was no distinct direction from the its genesis, somehow this citizen journalist experiment keep moving forward, often times dragging its producer behind it or either pushing the envelope of saying what other folk were thinking. Through it all there have been some interesting opportunities that presented themselves that allowed for great personal reflection as well as professional coaching from those who get paid big dollars to do so.

Unfortunately, there has been no personal coaching from the Tony Robbins level, but I have gotten a good dose from other qualified individuals of which I benefited greatly. Looking inward while doing a 360 of your surroundings is super way to determine not only your past steps but certainly a sure fire way to assess your future movements. I've tried to use this platform to encourage others to "live out loud," and find that there glass is not half empty but just not full. Daily I try to "fill" up on life, love and my passion to make a difference in some one's life. I do what I can to be a blessing and not block any blessing coming my way. Unfortunately I hear and witness so many in my various circles that are basically just not happy. Its disturbing yet every person should be able to find something to be happy about.

"Man in the Mirror," by the late Michael Jackson has always been one of my favorites among many by him. I can honestly say that when I hear that song, I'm seriously moved by its words and tone which emboldens me to stand a little taller as I make decisions on what the future holds for me personally and professionally.

Robbins speaks to the "milliliters" of our lives trajectories and how just the slightest pivot or alteration can affect outcomes. I hadn't thought about it, but he's right. Sometimes its just that ever so movement in whatever direction could make the difference in your personal outcomes. I know that I am at that critical intersection of making a milliliter choice that will change either my destination, outcomes or reality. Think about it as you enjoy this piece from Tony Robbins. I'll keep you posted on the changes to come...


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Throwback Thursday

It trends much across the digital platforms and I couldn't help but join in the fun with our version of a "Throwback Thursday," turn. It seems to be all the rage! So COP24/7 will post some throwback stuff from our vault of "what was really going on then, since we were musing on about this and that.

Back Talking HIV in 2011
Here's more evidence that there's been plenty of programming and "back talking about HIV" across the community. The featured video is from the 2011 AIDS Symposium produced by Future Builders, Inc. which was been a grantee in 2009 to reduce risky behaviors associated with the transmission of HIV/AIDS of 600 African American homeless individuals to this presentation around the intersections of HIV and smoking. Ms. Gisele H. of ADH who was known for her candidness and frankness then still continues to be upfront with straight talk today.

Although this well produced video was posted to YouTube, it was no viral sensation unlike many other catatonic pieces that has lot's of America mesmerized for reason unknown to this forum. We thought that this too was worth a double-take as throw back Thursday.

Throwing Back Thursday: Talking Out Loud Part 2
Editors note: This content appeared "Thursday, August 17, 2006. It is unedited and is being presented as it was posted. Amazing as it seems that the old seems new again?
Breaking News is the new catch phrase of the year. Everything seems to be breaking news these days. Especially over at the piranna newtwork, CNN, which gobbles up news incesantly and then spews it viewers repeatedly from all aspects. Don't get me wrong, I like CNN and News Stud Anderson "360" Cooper, but often I wish they would give us a break on the breaking news. Every container, flash flood, sink hole, or stupid criminal act gets reported until something really happens. Talk about the fast and furious.

Meanwhile, locally we reported in our last blog, about the musical chairs being played at The Factory nightclub. However, apparently the music has also stopped. There has been no "oh so 3 week fabu" remodel and the cast of characters involved have a giant, "no comment." We've visted the location on several occassions, survyed the competition and come up with nothing. The lights are on but no one is home. Stay tune...

Congratulations go out to Dr. Dean Blevins,as the new President of the Arkansas AIDS Foundation, according to a ( 8/13) professional profile blurb in Arkansas Democrat Gazette, but not listed on the organizations website. A website that obviously hasn't been updated since, "oh can you say January?" Maybe the first order of business for the new prez is to get his Tech people cracking on utilizing the web as as vital resource to informing the community or better yet, market the organization for future growth. Ya Think?

Speaking of stealth operations, people are talking about the missing, Pink Spectrum publication that was hearlded as the not to be missed Arkansas alternative magizine. Last seen in June 2006, the magazine and it's staff has been missing in action. The word on the street is that the operation couldn't embrace the Rodney King plea of "can we not just get along?" Is this another one bites the dust!

Personna Emeritus, Cassaundra Manchester, deserves "atta girl" for his new Ebay ranking in the Review category. Manchester's send up of, The Top 10 Things for your Drag Personna, has been well received by personal auction customers and the public at large. "I was a bit overwhelmed at the response to the review and even more so at the proceeds from my gown collection. It was sentimental and somewhat bittersweet. But I'm so glad that these items found additional love and life with new owners." Manchester said. Plans are under way for more items to be posted within the month.

November 5 is rapidly approaching and we at The Body Politic we will shift gears within the next few postings to address political issues that need your attention. Don't forget that you can express your voice with your vote. Go to the polls in November and take a friend. As always, we are always trying to keep giving you what you are looking for. Stay in touch...(
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The Wednesday Bundle

5th Annual Reproductive Justice Rally Planning Committee Kickoff Meeting

Saturday, August 16, 2014
Planned Parenthood Admin Office
5921 W. 12th St., Suite B, Little Rock 72204

This is the first of 5 or 6 monthly meetings to plan the 5th Annual RJR. Please join us if you are willing to commit to helping plan the 2015 Arkansas Reproductive Justice Rally that will be in January 2015. Time commitment is 3 to 5 hours per month. Location for this meeting is Planned Parenthood Admin Office at 5921 W 12th St, Suite B Little Rock, AR 72204.

We need folks to help with publicity, poster art, speaker line-up and logistics for the rally, a possible after-party, documenting the rally itself through photos and video, and much more.

Can't attend in person? Join us by conference call: Dial In: (877) 567-1262; Passcode: 896415#
Workshop Proposals Now Accepted for Creating Change 2015

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is now accepting proposals for workshop sessions at its 2015 Creating Change conference, taking place February 4-8, 2015 in Denver, Colorado. Creating Change is the premier annual organizing and skills-building event for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and their allies.
AIDS United is working with the Task Force to help build a robust HIV/AIDS workshop track at the conference. Organizations that work with the LGBTQ population around HIV/AIDS issues are strongly encouraged to consider submitting a proposal.
For more information about Creating Change, visit
For more information about submitting a session proposal, see the request for workshops.

Trans Tech Enterprises Surges to New Heights

Without access to funds for college, Angelica Ross was able to teach herself everything she knows on which they preach the unlimited potential for growth in what we offer, how we offer it, and who we offer it to.  Our trainings are delivered on-site or online.
today that has served her well in building a career transitioning from an independent contractor into the current Executive Director of TransTech Social Enterprises. A young emerging company seeking to empower, educate and employ transgender individuals. The company has a snazzy web site at

 Angelica began with the tools of basic data entry and desktop publishing then expanded them into web design and development, branding strategies, sales & marketing and more. Having the ability to telecommute gave Angelica the independence she needed to transition, and discover her true value beyond her body. With her business partner, Joey Grant, these two dynamic business folk are seeking to take it to the next level as quickly as the can raise capital to support their efforts.

COP 24/7 is always energized by big ass ideas such as this with dedicated and determined individuals destined to make it happen. We so encourage this type of "out of the box" type approaches yet as they too are learning it the access to sufficient and long standing capital to sustain such ideas that is required. There is so much that we can do for ourselves if there was a qualified funding stream to support all types of these ventures.

 I will certainly keep my eye on this team of digital front runners with hopes that some how, some day much of this same energy can come to my hometown too! Watch their video and feel their passion and enthusiasm to move their trans community forward!


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Spining the Summer Sizzle Part A

And away we go! Another round of news, views, and more of what we always hope you are looking for from COP 24/7 as we countdown to our tenth anniversary. Did we say, count em "ten" damn years of huffing and puffing to produce an online presence that we had no idea of where it was going or what impact it would have. Just as a recall, this forum has covered the gamut. Ranging from female circumcision to ongoing crazy rants from Sen. Jason Rapert. (R) of Conway. Believe it or not, there's more about this wingnut in this posting. But meanwhile, who knew that this social experiment would evolve into a open digital town square that has outwitted, outplayed and outlasted many who joined the fray years ago. Its none other than, Corneliuonpoint, that's who! Now lets dive in to see what's really going on....

HRC Survey Says!!!

In case you missed it, the Human Rights Campaign has announced it's findings about "the needs, experiences, and priorities of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Arkansans." The survey’s results show that LGBT Arkansans are just like their friends and family members—living, working,
volunteering, and going to church within their communities.

However, the assessment also finds that LGBT people face daunting amounts of harassment and discrimination and enjoy no legal protections at either the local or state level." This is notice is apart of the groups Project One America initiative that is set to roll out across the Mid-South. Now not to be to cutty about this, but there have been a dusty
shelf full of assessments, surveys and all manner of data gathering that has already told this same story.

Of course, many of you my dear readers would not know that, but trust me. All of this is basically nothing new including another rotunda press and photo op to read the edict of yet another study that repeats what many of us in the field not only already know, but get this "live every day!" Alright, kudos to HRC for this hastily arranged send up to share this news and move forward with their hiring of  State Director Ms. K. Johnson, of which we applaud, but if they needed an assessment why didn't they just ask to read Ms. Johnson's capstone piece that I have no doubt would have served up similar conclusions.

If not that little academic work, maybe the could have asked to see my most favorite of assessments, the SHARP Report published circa 2010 by all those smart and loveable folks from Harvard Law and Policy Clinic.  Let's face it my people, we got assessments out the ass including that LGBTQ Health Initiative Smoking survey that's pending. So now that we again know that we got "needs" what the heck is going to be done.

It appears that there will be a effort to "change hearts and minds" and advance enduring legal protections, and build more inclusive institutions for LGBT people from the church pew to the workplace. I'm all for all of that. Count me in just as soon as I can get a living wage, understand what constitutes the "LGBTQ community," ponder the care paradox of the affordable care act and ongoing local HIV infections and why COP 24/7 has been talking about it all for ten years and counting. Welcome to the party HRC, I'll get out the party hats and confetti.!!

The Rapert Cited Among the Worst Elected

Say it ain't so! Did our own Rep. Jason Rapert make national headlines again? Oh Wow, what are they saying now that we should most likely be embarrassed about. Alternative news outlet, City Beat from Miami called on 50 writers and editors of the alternative press from across the land — combined their collective genius. They named 53 of the nation’s worst elected leaders from 23 of the largest states and the District of Columbia, then separated them into five categories: hatemongers,
sleazeballs, blowhards, users and boozers, and horn dogs. And there’s more than just the usual stodgy Washington losers.
There hall of shame included Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona who is always over the top with that recent botched prison house killing to her  infamous, immigrant-bashing legislation called Senate Bill 1070 and rode a wave of xenophobia to electoral triumph, a book deal, conservative accolades and liberal opprobrium. She did this despite massive goofs such as claiming that headless bodies were routinely found in the Arizona desert, blanking for several seconds during a TV debate with her gubernatorial rivals and claiming her dad died fighting the Nazis when he actually worked in a munitions depot during World War II and died 10 years after the war ended.

Then there's Rep. Rapert, who is described by Max Brantley in the piece as " the Elmer Gantry of the Arkansas Legislature — a Brush Arbor Baptist preacher, bluegrass fiddler and proprietor of a putative African missionary effort that specializes in countries where homosexuality is a crime. 
The Republican from Bigelow’s outrage at the “radical homosexual lobby” and “elitist judges” over the march of marriage equality knows no bounds. On his passion meter, that subject is up there with his views on President Obama (he wants him impeached), fracking (it’s seriously good) and abortion (uh-uh). On that last issue, Rapert tried to pass a six-week abortion limit but settled for 12; it was immediately invalidated by a Republican federal judge who, unlike Rapert, still believes Roe v. Wade guides federal law. 
Yep that's our little Jason, standing with Black preachers on the capitol steps, ranting about this and that and hopefully being sent back under the rock he crawled from come this November. If you are not registered especially in Faulkner county, by all means do so, because this busta is got to go!
Silver Lavender Programs for August
"We're Still Here," will be the centerpiece of programming presented by Arkansas LGBTQ Elders, a program of CAR.(Center for Artistic Revolution), August 23, beginning with a meet and greet at 1pm with the film presentation at 2pm and panel discussion to follow at the Darragh  Center inside the Main Library, 100 Rock Street in downtown Little Rock. 
According to Richard H., the event is an ongoing effort to fulfill the emerging groups mission to "founding an organization to morph into a SAGE Affiliate to address the needs and issues affecting LGBTQ seniors in central Arkansas and Little Rock.
The film We’re Still Here shares the untold stories of the first generation of children who were born with HIV in the 80s and 90s. The film follows director Grissel Granados as she embarks on her own journey to seek out other people who were born with HIV and create community where it hadn’t existed before.
For the first time on screen, people who were born with HIV are telling their stories in their own words and on their own terms. The individuals featured in this film share their stories of love, loss, fear, hope, and survival.
We’re Still Here gives testament to those who weren’t supposed to be here, and who refuse to be forgotten in the history of HIV/AIDS. Check out the groups Facebook page for more information or to volunteer or donate, e-mail:

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The COP 24/7 Handbasket

Its Quarter 2014 and counting toward our tenth anniversary of producing CorneliusOnpoint.
Amazing as that seems and almost damn near unbelievable, it's true. Who knew when this little experiment in citizen journalism that was a newby medium would have any staying power. It all begin as a means to wax on using that new fangled Internet thing that I had no formal training about or at times understanding of just what the heck was a "blog."

Although it was new frontier at that time with not much direction, it appeared that you could just go for it. And so I did. I went for it in all directions until I found my way that what I had stumbled upon was the new digital pubic square where I could be the town crier. Launching as "The Body Politic," I was off and running trying to decide how it worked and why I should be doing it. It soon became my creative obsession ultimately evolving to the "Talking Out Loud," platform and finally morphing into its current status as "CorneliusOnpoint."

What a ride it's been with all the twist and turns, trying to be in the game with little notice but with sights on being of service to those whom found our brand of coverage either interesting or inspirational. As we talk about legacies and what have we done to be proud, I would say that this time capsule of what I viewed as "what was going on," is in fact just that, another snapshot of my life's journey. I'm glad that I could take a few of you with me. Thanks for reading, checking in or stopping by. Hopefully you'll keep coming back from all over Arkansas and believe it or not, many far away places too.

AHPG Announces Next Meeting Date

The Arkansas HIV Planning Group is proud to announce August 8, as it's next meeting for 2014. The group highly encourages it's member partners, service providers, clinicians, PLWHA and the
community at large to join them from 10am - 1pm in the Arkansas Department of Health Auditorium, 4815 West Markham Street in Little Rock.

According to the group's Co-Chair, Ms. Courtney Hampton, the bi-monthly meetings are completely open to anyone and everyone interested in continuing to bring awareness around HIV and AIDS, additional health disparities and increasing the wellness of our community. The focal point of the next meeting will be centered around the groups directive to address its formal jurisdictional plan as to the impact of local prevention programming and activities. 
Also during the meeting, there will be an unveiling of the impending plan to utilize $80,000 in funding returned to ADH earlier this year. The devised plan will consist of instituting a "community outreach mobilizer" concept which will include directly contracting with qualified individuals across the states 5 regions. Finalization of the concept is being concluded this week with contracts expected to be awarded by Mid-August. The agenda also includes an introduction of Mr. Nick Butler, who has been hired as a Linkage to Care specialist in an effort to address the dilemma and challenge of individuals who have care continuum issues.

Please call the HIV/STI/HEP C section for more information at 661-2961 and to RSVP your attendance.

SIGN IN: Guard’s desk in front of building on 2nd floor (top of stairs)

HANDICAP ACCESS: South end of building with ramp access.
PARKING: Visitors may park in designated areas in front of the building and directly across Monroe street (between War Memorial stadium and grass field with track)
Gay Voices Across the State Emerge

Jason Wiest was announced on June 23rd as the new host of KABF 88.3’s “Big Gay Radio Show,” the state’s only LBGT issue-oriented programming. Of course, COP 24/7 welcomes Mr Wiest to the scene but has issues with the proclamation that his "new" show is the "only LGBT issue" oriented programming. Well if you read the above intro, its simply just not true. However, as this "newby" makes his way to the airwaves, it is always good to hear that other individuals are ready to forge ahead in the area of communicating to the LGBTQ community.  For history sake, his foray in to gays on the radio is not new either. I find this extremely interesting since his day gig is as a speechwriter for none other than the Governor himself and he touts his journalism back ground. Seems like I would have done a little investigating before allowing this claim be attributed to himself. But let's not allow his youthful exuberance be so obvious as to others such as myself whom have made the media rounds openly speaking to LGBTQ issues for several decades.
Meanwhile, the break through program that was also on KABF in its infancy was "Queer Frontier," which  had a run featuring news and such in its hey day some three decades ago. Also if we are going to talk about "gay media" in the state, there have been any numerous tabloids, newsletters and short form pieces ranging from The Lariat produced by the Diamond State Rodeo Association, The Advisor which was at the forefront of reporting about HIV and AIDS in the state, up to the current The READ which is now partnered with COP 24/7 with both a terra firma and digital presence, which is a first for the state. In this age of digital town squares, COP 24/7 has
always been no the look out for those social media sites that also add to the communication arsenal including the recent launch of Arkansas Delta LGBT Newsletter produced by Mr. Earl Young. Even though Mr. Young now resides in St. Louis, it was his decision to reach back to the Delta area to give voice to those who may be seeking information. Mr. Young stated that despite his efforts, he has not had the interaction that he thought, but believes that there are individuals in the area that may soon discover his site.(pictured: Tonya E. Editorial Director)
Mr.Danny Harris also communicates across the state through his Empowerment newsletter that shares many levels of information and personal testimony in his statewide outreach work in the area of HIV and AIDS.
Each month Mr. Harris produces the online publication that serves as a communication item of the ARCare health agency which also highlights services, support groups and insights from contributors. And there's more! We can't leave out Velocity produced by the Center for Artistic Revolution that also has a wealth of information ranging from youth oriented possibilities to policy alerts. This group also has a e-blast that contains urgent updates, announcements and challenges that many times are re-posted in this forum. So as you can see, there is lot's of talking going on beyond the radio including did we mention a new podcast coming from COP 24/7 this week? Welcome to the party Jason, we're glad you decided to join us. Good luck!

Friday, August 01, 2014

Taking it to the Thrid Q

NASTAD Conducting Survey on Stigma And Public Health for Black &Latino MSM

This month, as part of on-going efforts to explore and address community- and institution-level stigma impacting Black and Latino gay men/MSM within public health practice, the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD) and the National Coalition of STD Directors (NCSD) are re-launching an updated survey assessment to continue efforts to monitor stigma in public health practice.

Through support from the MAC AIDS Fund, NASTAD and NCSD conducted a three-year study of stigma and its impact on public health practice for Black and Latino gay men/MSM. This work included a national survey of more than 1,300 respondents; the convening of a Blue Ribbon Panel of stakeholders and medical providers; the publication of "Optimal Care Checklists" for providers and for Black and Latino gay male patients; and the convening of a National Stigma Summit on Black and Latino Gay Men's Health.

The information gathered from this survey will provide additional information to further health department and community efforts to reduce stigma in public health practice. You may access this brief survey by clicking here.

Free Fall The Series Returns

Produced by Rashad Mubarak, Jenique Keyatta Holder Mincey and Executive Produced by @BOAcollective, the online series featured on its own You Tube Channel picks back up with more of its ongoing story line.  

According to the producers notes, "FREEFALL has returned with a major mission for 2014! Upon evaluating our potential as a groundbreaking and influential new crime drama series that features cutting-edge LGBT characters, our goal is to take our show to a mainstream viewing audience to increase our chances of LICENSING our series OR receiving a TELEVISION NETWORK pickup." The collective states that a goal as well as mission of its organization is to provide EDGY, DIVERSE and COMPELLING content for film, television and the web while seeking to be a resource and inspiration to artists new and old who are committed to defying the odds and creating their own artistic revolution.

COP 24/7 has posted about an array of same gender loving ventures in the visual arts and beyond including our partnerships with The READ and a forthcoming anthology entitled, "Reflections of A Shattered Mirror schedule for a 2015 release. It is vital that entities showcase the myriad of talented individuals both in front and behind the camera as well as those capable of "green lighting" projects across the board.

We at COP 24/7 applaud such type opportunities to "tell our stories," while demonstrating the spectrum of the Black experience from all lenses. Catch the latest episode below and watch COP 24/7 for more ground breaking image making and creativity from around the globe. For more info on the series hit to their facebook page! And don't forget to "like" the Corneliusonpoint facebook page while you at it!

Are you ready for the next issue of The READ? Well get ready as we continue to cover local, regional and national items of interest to the LGBTQ community and beyond. Got content ideas or submissions, share them with this forum or hit us up on our website at Come grow with us as we keep you in the know!