Monday, July 30, 2007

Spin Cycle A - Go - Go...part1

Just like the Hitchcock classic, "Vertigo," I feel like I'm caught up in a Spin Cycle-A- Go-Go that just won't quit. Talk about stuff bustin out all over and trying to consume it all, is almost maddenning, but I digress. Time is precious and there's no reason to continue the babling, just get to those items that have piqued my interest and hopefully will get your attention as well.....

A Eurkea Smackdown: Alert the media, gather the children and then circle the wagons...they're coming...The Jericho Riders Vs. Diversity Pride paticipants in Eureka Springs, Aug 3-4. Apparently the God fearing folks of Eureka Cares have summoned their version of a "surge" to help keep this Ozark hamlet a bastion of righteousness instead of an assumed "gay mecca," in leiu of the recent approval of the Domestic Partnership Registry. The battle lines have been drawn and all eyes are on this alledgedly, "Best little Homo Hoedown in Arkansas."

The antics range from a "prayer walk" to the imfamous PDA (public display of affection) Kiss- Off planned for Basin Park. Quick! Some one call an head is spinning! If you want more about this, hit up for the details and so much more that I can't spew here! Or go to: for scheduled events.

Smokin Grill: As we now enter Dog Days of Summer, surely everyone has had a chance to get a belly full at a Sidetracks patio party complete with grilled burgers and such. If not, they paln to continue the tradition throughout Labor Day including the first Sunday Potlucks. Now, often I don't get a chance to eat, due to the call of duty, but when I sample some of the fare, it's usually tasty. I never know who will be the "grill master," when I'm lurking about, but the last time was the handsome and courterous, "Fuzzy" who kept things "hot and tasty." The spread offered by the management also courts donations of either sustenance or cash to keep the outdoor party rolling. A big high-five and shout out to Fuzzy for keeping it real!

Website Tinkering: In case you haven't had a chance, and I know you haven't. The Arkansas AIDS Foundation has done some tinkering and updates to their website.( ) The webmaster has added additional page buttons that reveal an HIV Quiz, Links and "Ta-Dah!" the names of the Board of Directors. In the past, I've made respectful ovetures for information, updates, interviews and more. However, my past request have been met with responses from lukewarm to nothing. I didn't file an FOI ( freedom of Information) request, because I would assume that organizations such as this would embrace developing a postive image instead vs. negative opinions that have surfaced over the years. In fairness, I must disclose that I was a former board member and didn't seek any favorite status, but rather a means for the organization to express itself with a bona fide and direct source to possible stakeholders. After all, they didn't have any problem doing the Broadway Joe Morning Talk Show or Evangeline Parker's Comcast spot, to promote this year's AIDS Walk at the Clinton Complex. I'm still intrigued if the goal of $50,000 was reached or any reporting of the total tally for that event and others. To illustrate this fact, the website redo doesn't cite any fundraising information, except that you can donate toward client services such as rental assistance, dental or other emergency. In closing, here's a few observations for consideration:

1. How about a fundraising report, graph or projection?

2. Perhaps a brief recurring Message from the Board President or Service Director?

3. Remember: Pictures say a thousand words? Video is the way of the future.

4. Get in touch with to give us your spin on the story before others!

Just so you know, we are Arkansas GLBTQI Online destination for news, commentary, information, podcasting and video! We're ready... when ever you are.

Ode to Tammy Faye Messener

This past weekend as I sat in my hotel room while on a trip in New Mexico, I was drawn into a tribute on the Trinity Broadcasting Network featuring video clips and words from religious star child, Tammy Faye (Baker) Messener who died a couple weeks ago. As I watched, I couldn't help but think about the entire religious right, Falwell, Contracts with America, Pat Roberson, and of course Jim and Tammy Baker who became the centerpiece of a " God centered empire," ready to take your money to save your soul at there ultra- church theme park, Heritage U.S.A. Listening to the words of Tammy Faye via the tribute were haunting at best, as she proceeded to pronounce the word of God and tell viewers about his glory. It all seemed so surreal to be watching this vibrant lady from the 80's pour out her heart and tears despite all those unsavory characters and dealings that surrounded her as well as the ministry she so loved. Yet, Tammy Faye through it all continued to rise from the very ashes that she wished to be finally be consumed by in her final wishes. Her courage under fire, icon status and determination to be herself, trademark lashes and all, are a testament that knowing thy self is supreme in life's fleeting moments. I never got the chance to meet her but as the tribute closed, somehow I felt as If I had. I'm sure that we've not heard the last of the "eyes of Tammy faye." RIP.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Which Way is Up?...The search continues

In previous post I've shared that this forum evolved from humble beginnings,meandering with no real focus or target audience. However with growth, information, and direction, the little blog that was has survived, meanwhile actually creating an audience for itself. Each day I'm pleasantly suprised by responses and words of encouragement from many of you in cyberspace, especially those who are sharing there stance on our format or content juxtaposed to a more rabbid tabloid offering. I'm encouraging more comments throughout the week about this forum and it's place within the community at large. If you got something on your mind, then let's hear it.

Collar-Up: The new male contraceptive for the 21st Century

On my recent podcast, (in case you missed it, it's still posted) I spoke about this recent device developed by Anthony C Mayfeild. According to marketing materials, CollarUp is the latest in contraceptive aids that is taking the country by storm. Even though I have not actually seen or use this prouduct, I'm always on the look out for the latest gadget or item of interest that may be a useful tool in our overall health arsenal. I'm a staunch proponent of taking personal responsiability for your life choices and there impact on others.

Additional marketing materials I reviewed stated that while doing research on a CDC’s website Anthony ran across an article that listed the main reasons why condoms fail: 1. inexperience using them, 2. the condom had expired, and 3. they slip down or come completely off during use. The last point would spark the idea that would lead to the mass production of the Collar up contraceptive aid.

Simple yet effective. The collarUp slip around the waist and over the penis in seconds keeping the condom in place making for a more pleasureable yet safer experience. Viola! Why didn't I think of this little ditty? Of course, if you decide to use this item, please do some "due dilliengence." Remember, just because we talk
about new products doesnt' mean we endorse
them! For more info:

Membership Renewals: The Stonewall Democractic Club of Arkansas has announced that annual membership are now due for renewal. 12 month memberships are $35 or $15 for students. You can now renew or join using Paypal at If you want to send it the old fashion way you can at SDC P.O. BX 34231, Little Rock, AR 72203 Dont't forget that 08 will be an election year and your voice will be needed.

Under the Crown: Congratulations go out to Canary Diamond, Miss Backstreet and Gigi Galore, 1st alternate in the contest held at the Backstreet Complex July 22. I must confess that in past post I've chided others about being tardy in there attendance and I was gulity this time around after being held up at Sidetrack's weekend cookout. But, my timing was futher complicated or bit confused with the pageant name game that occurred, as Miss Ebony morphed into Miss Backstreet. Don't ask- because I didn't. However, the evening progressed well, despite Miss Diamond being overcome by the experience with a fainting spell, causing me to think " is there a doctor in the house!" Neverthless, he was revived and to my knowledge all was well. Another highlight of evening was proceeds of $12,041.oo from the One Night Only benefit was presented by Ron Standridge in rememberance of Candice Carrington to HWPA.

MYSPACE Tit for Tat: The brave new world of Myspace technology is allowing everyone to have there say and I case you haven't noticed some of the headlines are in the "Meow" category. I'll leave it up to you dear readers to summized the who, what, where and why of it all. Even though I plan to stay above the fray, I will be having more to say shortly on our Myspace page where we are supportive of internet radio by streaming to you live from 1Club Here's our direct link:

Karaoke on the Range: DSRA is swinging open the clubhouse doors on Saturday nights for Karaoke starting at 7 p.m. For $5.00 admit and drink coupons you can vocally expresss yourself to whatever embarassment level you choose. I did notice that the announcement came with the caveat that the "DJ" was requesting that the first two hours of the event be, "non-smoking." Now, that's interesting since a Tuesday posting on the Sidetracks Yahoo Group site caused members to flame out there opinions on smoking in area bars ranging from the "Big brother is watching" rhetoric to taking their "smoking green backs to Memphis!" Like we need more Arkansas dollars filling the tax coffers of Tenn., Mississippi or any other surrounding state for that matter. This issue is especially important in a state that has been deemed "unhealthy" from various surveys and think tanks. I use to smoke many years ago and realized that many of my health conditions were the result of this behavior amongst others. But, my lifemate smokes, I continue to make the case with him that this is not good for his overall health. He retorts, "we all got to die from something." Yet, my position is why excelerate it or enhance the chances when you have options. It's an ongoing battle on my homefront and I don't see me winning.
I accepted the fact that in the bars, smoking was the norm and I had choice to either deal with second hand smoke or stay home. I decided to add limitations to my bar crawls and seek out patio's when available for fresh air diversions. Furthermore, I'm not sure a smoke free bar would have chance in this city considering the financial factors invovled to make it a success. What do you think?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Everything is Everything... and More!

Recently I had a interesting conversation that cause me some pause, as well as, pushed me to contemplate varying realizations about producing this forum. That discussion revealed to me that I needed to truly assess the value of this medium vs. the time element it takes to research, verify, produce, and edit at least 4 times weekly across the platforms. Not including the promotion and rooting around that it takes to attend many of the activities that we profile or support. I was told that even though the information may be useful, most local folks are not interested in too much "high minded" stuff. They would prefer that I get more gossipy, dishy, meanwhile disclosing "who did who" or better yet, the "troubled couple of the week." I was simply broadsided and felt as if I was suffering a vertigo moment. Am I wasting time trying to inform, empower, educate, or communicate ideas that result in positive dialouge? Is it worth the timely effort to offer original content or continuing to develop partnerships? Are you telling me that I need to adopt a "bitchy tabloid slant" that serves up people's lives ala "sliced and diced" for your reading pleasure? I think not. But, it' s open for discussion and I encourage everyone to weigh in on what type of format would be most appealing to the community and why. For the record, I'm not so uptight or aloof that I don't love a little baughtiness or earthy spills from the lips of others. However, I try to temper all of that with lot's of positive imput to achieve a well roundedness to life. But if it's an issue and you've got some say on it, then let's talk about it, letting the chips fall where they may. Until then... let's have some news!

Trailer CHA-CHING: B. J. Givens was winner of Miss Trailor Park Trash Pageant, July 15 at Backstreet, with Alexis Davaroe as 1st Alternate. Acccording to MGAA 2007, Raven St. James, this comedy "pageant to no-where", was the brain child of himself and LTC Jim. The event, netting $2002 was the first of two fundraiser for HPWA (Helping People With AIDS) charity. July 21, the Diamond State Rodeo will hold a dual benefit at 8 p.m. for the organization and the Make-a- Wish Foundation, featuring invited guest. Also, in memorial of Candice Carrington, (pictured left) former MGAA and Ebony Arkansas America winner, Ron Standridge will present the proceeds from the One Night Only Benefit held earlier this year during the Miss Ebony Arkansas America pageant, July 22.

TOGA, BEARS, Oh MY!: The Diamond State Bears have announced, August 11, DSRA Clubbhouse, (4525 Hoffman Road) as the venue for there next event. Organizers state that no actual dress code will be enforced, but all participants are encouraged to join in the Greek spirit of the evening. Big screen videos, food, drinks and music will be featured throughout the night. For those out-of-towners needing to find a den, the guys suggest the newly renovated, Rodeway Inn & Suites, 2401 W. 65th Street, 501.801.0188. For more info go to the Sidetracks Yahoo Group website via our link:

DSRA Round-up: Balloting for the DSRA Board as posted by Lou Rushing, president will be held August 5, 2007 at the Clubhouse, 4525 Hoffman Road. Proposed Board Candidates are as follows:

President Allan Cox
Treasurer Steve Thomas
Events Chair Sandy Bidwell
Membership Nate Francis

Dan Scott was Elected the Rodeo Director at the July meeting.

The DSRA Royalty competition will be held, August 25th, featuring the following contestants competing for the groups in-house titles. They are as follows:

Miss DSRA Diamond Rose (aka Allan C.)
Mary Kay Arden (aka TJ)

Mr. DSRA Dan S.
Rick L.

Ms. DSRA Kris B.

MsTer DSRA Dusty W.

The posting didn't specify exactly who is eligible to vote. If you are interested in who's running things at the DSRA, go to their website for the low down. Here's a link: Tell em you read about it here!!!


1. What inspired you to create "Cherity"

I have always envied woman. What I mean by that is I've always been jealous of their power, their appearance, their femininity, their grace. I've always been a fan of woman's cloths, woman's shoes, the way they can make their faces up so beautifully with make up. As the saying goes "This is a woman's world." I have always enjoyed female performers. I love to watch a good "drag" show. The first impersonation I ever did was in San Jose' at an AIDS Medicine and Miracles Retreat. I performed the song "Believe" by Cher. I have always enjoyed Cher and her ability to be so "Flamboyant". I desire to do charity's right now and since I couldn't use "Charity Case" since it's currently being used I wanted to come up with something similar. And since I do like Cher I decided to use Cher + the end of the word charity. And since Cher is only one word I thought I would be a little more unique and use just one word. That's how the title "Cherity" came about.

2. Where do you see the character in the next year.?

I like to see "Cherity" being used in more facets than "lip syncing". I'd like to be used as a announcer/comedian/presenter along with my preforming.

3. What type of music lends it self to your impersonation.

Like I said earlier Cher was my inspiration to my title. I love Kelly Clarkson and I would have to say my "signature song" is "Because of You".

4. How do you believe "Cherity" represents Pride?

She is a strong proud sensitive woman.

5. who would you consider your best inspiration?

Megan Michaels

6. Since beginning impersonation, what has been your biggest challenge?

I would have to say my makeup technique. Because when I paint my face properly I feel better, more confident...

7. What advice would you give to newbies to impersonation?

If it's something you want to do, go for it. It's an art. Find someone to shadow, to copy (for loose of words) and then break out and make yourself original.
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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Body Politic: A Podcast Explodes!

The Body Politic explodes or implodes from planet Earth this week with it's new podcast produced by CorneliusOnpoint. It was simply imperative that we return to this platform despite concerns from some readers who don't have access to high speed networks or necessary hardware to listen. Believe me, I realize that their are more important things in life such as "the rent, food, healthcare and basic survival 101," than getting the hook up with our forum or listening in to my brand of mayhem. However, the show must go on and I certainly hope that as tech prices continue to plummet, as well as, other value based DSL outlet connections continue to grow, hopefully the digital divide will get smaller. We can't deny that our community continues to become fragmented as many have retreated to nesting at home in front of their screens, chat rooms and other online entertainment. Thusly, it's become paramount that we began embracing more technology to keep everyone in the loop on issues affecting us as citizens and taxpayers. It's become my personal mission to use every techno bully pulpit as an "on point" outreach mechanism and empowerment tool to encourage direct dialouge. Therefore, Ladies and Gentlemen and all those who haven't decided, this is Arkansas' online destination for more of what you been looking for in news, commentary, podcasting, video and information. Click the EVOCA icon, (pictured left/above) adjust your volume and enjoy the show!!

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Talking Out Loud 4 U...

Say it ain't so... the year is rocking and rolling into second half of the year, as news cycles continue to come at me like fast balls from a major league pitcher. As I've said before, somedays it's almost too much! However, we perservere and stay the course in our search for the high's and lows of what's going on in Arkansas'GLBTQI community and beyond.

Crown Me!: Congratulations to Tionne Iman in her win of Miss Gay Little Rock US of A, July 13 at The Factory. From a field of three, Iman edged out the competition with a savvy Ella Fitzgearld jazz rendition in the talent portion of the contest and demonstrated runway presence during evening gown. The evening was rounded out with performances from Whitney Paige, Miss Gay Arkansas US of A 2007, former MGA, Catia Love, Champagne, Vicki Valentine and B. Braxton. Pageant promoters, Davey and J. C. expressed positive reviews of there first full-fledge contest held at the venue and was enthusiastic about spin-off prelims to come from the US of A system. During Paige's audience remarks, she paid respect to Dominique Sanchez who reliquished the title a few weeks ago. Stating that "prior committments and a whole lot of other stuff going on cause her to make certain decisions. But, I'm Miss Arkansas US of A and I will do my best to represent all of you." As an update, this forum outreached to Sanchez for comment but so far we've gotten the silent treatment. As usual these contest are chronically plagued with delays due to audiences simply trickling in or other circumstances which makes the evenings ( no pun intended) drag on and on. The advertised start time was 10 p.m., I arrived around 9:50 but the production was put off about another 50 minutes due to of all things a late contestant! Yet, I give the overall production a high five for it's staging, especially the catwalk addition that allowed everyone to strut their stuff, giving the audience a full view. Also, the half price drink special during the event helped offset the $10 cover. The duo is off to a good start and we wish them well on there next endeavor.

Knowing your Status: The HIV Self Test Kit is a test to determine the presence of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) in Human Blood. HIV Self Test Kit is the same test approved for and used in hospitals and clinics nationwide to test for HIV. Rather than you having to go to a clinic or hospital to test and wait days before test result, the HIV Self Test Kit provides private at-home HIV testing with fast and reliable result, and at a time when you needed to know the most!

Please note that taking this at home HIV test does not replace the need to consult a medical doctor. We strongly encourage that you build a strong support system as you go through this process.

The first Step in staying healthy is to stay well informed so order your kit today through our safe and secure shopping Network.

Whether you have just entered a new relationship or just want to know your status Home Access is fast easy and reliable.
Local testing can be obtained from the Arkansas AIDS Foundation, 518 East 9th Street or go to their website: for more information.

Prowling the Streets: Our recent posting about local venues was not complete and will be again prowling the streets to check out the Friday Night Gay Festival at Backstreet and other night spots of interest. So, look for us as we continue our trek to find out the who, what, when and where of what's really going on in the city. As a FYI, featured Discovery DJ's have uploaded music to I-Tunes for your listening pleasure and you can download it and take it with you. Shortly we too will join the I-Tune movement and post some of our upcoming podcast for your access. Stay tuned!!!
Chewing the FAT: GOP presidential hopeful, Mike Huckabee weighed in on SICKO, the Michael Moore doc about the U.S. healthcare system by stating that moore himself was an indictment of what' wrong with health care in America, futhrmore he said that he most likely wouldn't see the movie. All of this sounds like a candidate gasping for attention since his nominee bid is seriously doubtful and most likely unrealistic. Maybe he should write a diet book instead or make some of those late night excercise informercials.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What's the Frequency, again...?

CorneliusOnpoint REVIEWS: Michael Moore's SICKO

Let the sickness begin. Instead of spending cash in search of the lucky 7's this past weekend at the casino, I wanted to spin the big movie wheel and ended up viewing Micheal Moore's latest foray into the consciouness of America. The documentary Sicko, showing locally at the Market Street theater, draws you into the maddening system of the U.S. healthcare industry and all it's players. From the onset of the first frame, I was hooked line and sinker, that we as vulnerable citizens were going to be sick about what we were to learn from the 100 plus minute film. And I was right. Moore's film is filled with an array of system surviors that openly express their dismay and disgust ranging from services rendered or either denied. I completely understand there pain since my own journey into the medical labaryinth which included denials from Arkansas Blue Cross, pre-exisiting caveat attachments from Answer Insurance, and the ultimate behemoth, Medicare. Yet, despite a 2 year odessey and 1 year wait, I recently successfully manuvered my way through the system. Neverthless, this film caused me to be even more intrigued at the broadness of problems, as well as, the depth of the tactics that some companies would embrace, meanwhile, caustically stating that they are not denying care but "payment for care." One such case involved a individual who had two fingers cut off in an accident and had to choose which of the two would be reattached to his hand. As a self payer (commonly known as those without insurance) he had to decide wether he could afford either $60,000 for his middle finger or $12,000 for his ring finger. Then, there was the case of a mother who was seeking care for her ailing daughter's heart condition at the nearest hospital, but was out of "network"(this term refers to either hospitals or doctors who are not apart of your insurance network) and was refused care. Subsequently, she was sent to another networked facility where her daughter later died. Disheartening as it may seems, Sicko actually takes it viewers on a roller coaster ride of emotions juxtaposed to comparative information and thought provoking insights about how alledgedly this crisis began and developed. Through further research I've learned that our health care mess has had a long and winding history that most American's are not educated about. However, Moore's rouges gallery of suspects include, politico Richard Nixon's support of for profit HMO's, big Pharma lobbiest, American Medical Association, a flip-floping Congress and you can't have controversy of any ilk without the Clinton Factor. Former President Clinton asked 1st lady H.R.C. to spearhead a health care initiative with Universal care as the ultimate goal. The measure would be ground breaking until critics piled on Lady Clinton with swiftness and disdain that she would assist with revolutionizing health care in the good ole US of A. How dare she!! The entire matter faded to black, but Moore reminds us that newly minted Seantor Clinton got on board the money train of Washington's medical lobby and the rest is history in the making. Even though I knew other countries had universal healthcare, I and probably most audience members had no clue as to the services extended in Canada, Great Britian or France. Especially the government Nanny's sent out to assist new mother's in France, the abundance of neighborhood clinics in Canada or Britain's reinbursement program for travel expenses of those who had to travel a distance to to get care. Who Knew!! Another glaring moment was 911 rescue workers being treated by Cuban doctors and recieving discounted medicines as honored guest almost made me become vaclemped. Although each countries system varies and isn't flawless, the bottom line is that they get the job done in providing FREE healthcare for it's citizens. As the credits rolled with audience appluase, I wondered did those who shared this experience with me get it or were they merely entertained for a Saturday afternoon as they retreat back to their safe cocoons of life. Moore's movie as far I was concerned was a "tipping point" moment for myself confirmed by the statement within the film that "as Democracy has been extended...our particiaption is vital to it's success!" The issue of health care in America is a complex web of components ranging from bombastic administraive decisions, out of wack cost, poor oversight, profits for shareholders, more pre-illness care, medical professionals and end users who are at the mercy of a system that can affect the quality of life on all levels. I highly encourage you, dear readers to see this film and make your own assessments. Once you've seen it, then send your represenatives or me a get well card, because I'm sick about it and you will be too!

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Friday, July 06, 2007

And the Beat goes on 24/7! part 2

A mid week holiday, breaking news and too much stuff happening all at the same time, makes this little production go into overdrive trying to stay current and ahead of the curve. Lately, I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed and stretched a bit thin when trying to decipher, decode or denote all the information that either trickles in or becomes a gusher! Yet, I'm appreciative of all of you who share your information and of course keeping us and the record straight about what's going on here, there and everywhere in Arkansas!

08 Candidates: "In Win it," with Millions to spare

Money Makes the world go round: The June 30 financial filings from the 08 Presidential candidates really speaks volumes about the cash flow that spurs our electorate and continues to unveil some serious fault lines in our system for those without disposable funds. Of course, campaign finance, especially Mc Cain/ Feingold hasn't totally addressed the tide of benjamins that provide a "green carpet" into elected office. Enter Barack Obama with his jaw dropping "small donation perspective" of 32 million dollars to get out his message that he's the future for the country. Not to be out done, but pulling into second place is the Clinton Factor with 27 million and Edwards (pictured right) who coffers was bosted by 9 million respectively. On the GOP side, which usually out raises the Democrats, out front is Giuliani, 17 million, Romney, 14 million and McCain with 11.2 million. Former Arkansas Gov, Mike Huckabee,(pictured left) recently stated that some candidates are sliding from the pack and he can see his advancement into the forefront, however, from the cash stash postion he's only reporting 544,157 and counting according to his website. Pundits and those in the know have predicted that it will take at least 500 million to possibly get the nomination. Despite all the greenbacks, let's not forget to ask the candidates where they really stand on the issues not the sound bites. Don't be fooled by all the hype...get involved from you own unique level.

Politically speaking: Remember the 86th General Assembly of the Legislature a few months back? At that time local activist were rallying about SB 959 that went onto defeat, however, we were interested in other legislation that sailed by without a whimper such as HB2615, creating the HIV-AIDS Task Force with Act 842. The bill was to designed to "coordinate statewide efforts to combat the debilitating effects of HIV-AIDS on minority Arkansans." Yet there hasn't seemed to have been an update or press release about it. Hence, our inquiry about who was selected for this task force, funding source and inital upstart date. We've contacted the Governor's office for the status of this commission, especially juxtaposed to announcement of Wynonna Bryant Williams, PH.d as the new Executive Director of the Minority Health Commission which is slated to host the task force. As the information cometh forth, we will post a update.

Totals Tallying: Speaking of cash...the numbers are in on the Pride Week 07 Turn-a-bout show proceeds courtsey of Norman Jones, founder of HWPA ( Helping People with AIDS). The evening netted $1642.00 that was added to the groups fiscal year intake of $10,000. (July06/07) Earlier in the year the "One night Only," event also garnered pledges, ticket sales, auctions and in-kind support of $10,000. Jones cited that the organization assist clients directly based on developed criteria. We applaud HWPA for it's transparency and openly offering fund raising information. In the past, this forum has had an inquiring mind about the local "money trails," Benefits A-Go-Go ( such as the Simply Red Event?) and the propose services they support. Raising money is an important element of all organizations and presenting a snapshot of those revenues could be an insturmental tool to acquring future donors, corporate sponsorships and hopefully, the confidence of the community at large.

That's the Ticket: Who knew that Harry Potter would end up at Sidetracks...well not exactly but the managment is preparing to send a lucky patron to the local premier of, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix. The drawings will be July 6-8 ahead of the in-house premier party on July 11. Of course you must be present to win a chance to see this final installment of the series. The Potter flix is not my cup of tea, but I will opt to check out Michael Moore's, SICKO now showing at the Market Street Cinema, 1521 Merrill Drive. Why stand in line when you can get tickets online at AOL Movie phone or call 1.866.96.SICKO for more info. Watch for our review coming soon....


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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Prowelin the Streets of Little Rock

If you didnt' see us, then obviously you were not prowlin the streets of Little Rock this past weekend, with our sites on the stars and stripes of July 4. It was a whirl wind of a jaunt as the CorneliusOnpoint crew went bar crawlin to see what's really going on. So get ready to find out what we've uncovered and discovered...

Thursday Night ( 6/28): We stopped into Sidetracks for drinks and conversation with it's usual suspects being serviced by staff member Hank. The one thing you can count on about the place is that familar faces always make it seem homey and the early opening hours allow you to have a little recreation before howling at the moon. On a personal level I continue to be amused by the variety of folks who were always talking about the loud disco's not allowing you to have conversations with counterparts. However, it seems to me that since the volume has been decreased, some of the conversing has ranged from quaint to the mundane. You know what they say, "what you see, is what you get!"

Friday Night ( 6/29) My adventures led me to The Factory to support those impersonator who were having a fundraiser to offset expenses to the Miss Gay Arkansas America pageant. So we threw on a face and out the door we went. The troup was led by Miss Gay Little Rock, Sasha Harrison, Marvella, Cherity, Miss "Pride Cookie" Walker and Breeanna Braxton. In case you didn't know and take it from me because I do know, that it takes a wide wad of cash to be a serious pageant contender. Those hair up do's can't be found at Super Cuts! Unfortunately, what irked me was the audience turn out. The $64.000 dollar questions is: "where the hell are all the people!!" If I can count them, (yes, and I do mean literally count them) then there's not enough faces in the place to make a difference. I'm sure that the entertainers appreciated the tea cup of folks that came to offer there financial support, but this dilemma is dumb founding. I'm sure that the owners are thumping there heads trying to figure what's up with this! Unfortunately, I missed UBU's 80's party throwdown because I got the word bit late. But, sources have said it was a blast and should happen more often and supposedly they had a real "crowd." If it's a winner then it will come around again.

Sautrday Night: (6/30) I had planned to hit another hot spot, when I learned that Miss Discovery, Medigan Iman Starr would be apart of the next group of gals heading up a second pageant fundraiser at The Factory. So, once again, we got out the war paint for Day 2 of throwing on a face to support those in search of the Miss Gay Arkansas America 2008 crown, set for September 14-16. This time around, me and my lifemate made our way to the venue for pre-drinks, only to be again stumped at the low attendance, this time worse than friday night. The show was delayed awaiting some participants who were participating in the new Miss Firecracker pageant hosted by Miss Gay Pride, Zia D'Yor at UBU. I realize that each bar has it's own schedule and operating standards, but it seems that somehow there's a lot of conflicting events that causes you to have to choose one or the other. Apparently nothing can happen until the weekend and even then some participation is razor thin. Especially since a wide range of circumstances causes many events not to start on time or run to late. It's either feast or famine for anyone trying to produce these productions, not to mention the out of pocket expenses that are not recouped in revenue. My business accumen isn't Ivy League but, I'm wondering is anybody making any money? You know somebody got to pay the light bill and lease!!

Crowns-R-Us: In a surprise move, Dominque Sanchez (pictured left) has reliquished her title as Miss Gay Arkansas US of A, passing the crown to Whitney Paige, 1st Alternate. The move cause a minor shake up as new promoters, David K. and J.C. were in pageant planning mode for the Miss Little Rock, US of A, July 13 at The Factory. DK said that negotiations with Sanchez hit a "sour note" in regards to her scheduling vs. contest prelims that would be held on Friday nights at the club. He emphasized that there seemed no workable solution to make the situation a positive one for all. But, playing devils advocate, does this mean that since Sanchez is not fullfilling her duties, be placed on the "Banned" list that the US of A system post on there website? Will she be forced to return prize money or entry fees? Perhaps not. It seems that "it's different strokes for certain folks." We will seek a comment from camp Sanchez, If we get a reply we will post it here first. The reigning Miss Gay US of A 2007 is Asia O'hara ( pictured left), from Dallas Texas. O'hara has been a popular entertainer on the Texas circut and has been hailed as a multi- talented impersonator. Sanchez was ranked as 2nd Alternate in the national competition. As the pageant season continues to heat up, I'm
sure that will be graced with an appearance from this striking
beauty. So, get your tickets or make reservations early, this might turn out to be a SRO (standing room only) event!!
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Pageant Fever: Some one check the local temperature because I'm sensing pageant fever as new contest keep popping up all over the place. Of course these contest have become "pageant in a Box" or a click and play competitions allowing promoters an easier pathway to putting it together. If you are willing to risk it, then step right up. We've spoken about Little Rock US of A and the other spin offs of the US of A system to come, UBU's Miss Firecracker, now enter the newly resurrected Miss Gay Twin Cities slated for 8.12.07 as another DK/JC production. Also, from the pageant impersario Norma Christi, comes the Miss Gay Ebony America, being held July 22 at his entertainment compound. According the MGA website, there's plenty more franchises for sale from where these came from, if you are intersted get in touch. Obviously, there are more crowns to be passed out!
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