Friday, August 31, 2007

More Tempest, Tounges and Tabernacles...

"Oh How I love Jesus," is still a Sunday morning favorite at the New Light Baptist Church where I've been a member for over 30 years. Are you surprised - don't be. Because I don't wear my religion on my sleeve or try to rub my sleeve on anyone else. As far as I'm concern everyone individually has to deal with the universal creator as they see fit and from their particular vantage point. However, I'm often amazed at the those raging moralist or holy than thou purist whom share their "feet of clay" with us in the most unique manner. Enter the St. James AME Church of St. Paul MN.( What's up with Minneapolis/ St. Paul anyways?) where they take there religion to the streets, literally. In the above video, the newly appointed pastor has been accused by church trustees especially the church lady in the video of "running things." Meanwhile, he counters that he's been appointed by the Elder who has given him the authority to do so. Then...well you have to just click on the video and take a gander at church chat in action.

Meetin in the Men's Room: Senator Larry Craig,(R) Idaho, the staunch "family values" conservative and vowed opponent of any same sex legislation has pronounced that he's not gay despite his questionable behavoir in a Minneapolis Airport bathroom. But the political fallout has reached a crescendo with most calling for his quick resignation even as we post this item. The singing U.S. Senator (pictured right) as reported by the publication Roll Call and a filed police report, "peeked through the crack of the stall, tapped his foot as a known signal, consequently touching the undercover officer's foot, then reached under the stall to get further attention." Say What? I was mesmerized by his press conference as he trotted out his wife, while trying to explain his guilty plea flip-flop to the masses and later in a police interview tape which Craig goes "toe to toe" with Sgt.Karsnia about his actions. Did he think that George Micheal or Jim Mcgreevey was in the next stall or is this all a misunderstanding of toilet politics. My advice: take the next exit to Boise because innocent people don't plead guilty they get a lawyer. Mr. Craig it's all about character, integrity and truth that voters are really value most but seems to be lacking everywhere.

The Devil flips Weeks: There was so much fallout in the name of God this week that this entire post has plenty of ammo on all levels. Apparently the Bynum-Weeks beat down has tongues wagging all over the net and the info just keeps coming. It's being reported by news sources that Bishop Thomas Weeks, who alledgedly attack his televangelist wife, Juanita Bynum came before his Global Destiny congregation to "man up" about the situation by stating that " the devil made me do it." I'm sure that a you could hear a pin drop in the sanctuary once the full affect of this old Flip Wilson ala Gearldine catch phrase resonated throughout the building. What I wouldn't have given to see the faces of brother and sister so-in-so, as they gazed upon this man of the cloth presuming to be their religious rock. Yes, the bible does state that "we have all come short of the glory...and all that jazz about casting stones, plus the devil is mighty busy these days, but is he serious. As far Bynum who is in seclusion and healing from the rant, she has filed charges and is seeking to keep the matter private. Yeah Right...

Bibles and Break-ups: We've all heard about the divorce rate in this country and been astounded at the number of nuptials that go awry. However, it's baffling to me when the clergy can't seem to maintain the all important vows that they want exclusively for themsleves or something like that. Enter mega watt pastor Paula White and co-pastor hubby Randy who have finally admitted that they are ending their marriage. The admission came before their Without Walls Church members in Tampa, Florida as Pastor White said, "he took full responsibility" for the the melt down citing their "obtuse" schedules, other family drama, and being seen innocently in public with other women.

Passing the collection plate: A post such as this just couldn't pass up the opportunity to highlight that Ted Haggard ( remember him?) is in search of living expense donations from anyone willing. Haggard and family are moving to The Phoenix Dream Center, October 1 to provide contracted counseling services. Also, in the move he and his wife will be seeking to complete their education, thusly they will need financial support for at least two years until they can gain significant "earning power." I guess the severance pay out, $138,000, anniversary bonus, $85,000 and his $115,000 salary before the fall has gone as far as it can go. He's still seeking a buyer of his El Paso home worth, $715,000.

Gospel in the Rock: Oh don't think that our fair city, Little Rock is exempt from scandalous faith matters either. Case in point of the missing air conditioner units of First Baptist Highland park is just the tip of the ongoing infighting of the congregation at odds with pastor W.W.Walker. The divided congregation has cited various issues that have placed the church in a tizzy grounded in a power struggle over finances and church governance. Across town the St. John Baptist church has welcomed back favorite son Rev. D. Edwards after a messy pulpit show down involving the now departed minister Rev. L. Hawkins, who allegedly was a ladies man about the sanctuary although married. Even with that revelation and his divorce, some folks still left with Hawkins to form yet another church now holding services at The Village, a local events venue which has been under scrunity from the LRPD for lack of security during rowdy weekend concerts in leiu of it's recent alcohol beverage permit. What can I say but...let the church say Amen.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Highs and Lows of a Daybreak

August 29 2005 will be one of those days that you will always remember where you were and what you were doing. It was the day the hurricane Katrina roared ashore in the Gulf Coast and few days later would bluster it's way through my area. As citizens around the country focus on the 2nd anniversary I remember this event vividly because I was at home due to my disabling health condition and awaiting surgery. Each day as the storm grew in strength and destructiveness, I could'nt help but think this entire situation looks like the perfect storm and I hoped that I was wrong. But contrary to my wishes I wasn't and it got worse both pre and post disaster. Probably just like the rest of the country, I became glued to the hourly broadcast with both television and radios blarring updates. Then, it happened-daybreak- when civilization seemed to unravel with breaking levies and suffering Americans on parade for my viewing. I have to admit I realized that the storm would inflict a devasting blow, but the serverity was almost too much to consume. Each day the entire situation seemed to grow worst and I was stumped as to where they hell is the calvary. We are the United States of America who usually swoops in answering the call of those in need. Ultimately, what I witnessed was a mass debacle from bayou state government stahlwarts to federal bigwigs who were overwhelmed to say the least. Daybreaks continued to reveal the misery, tensions, dispair and battles to survive as both New Orleans and all the Gulf Coast slowly mildewed in the summer heat. Flash forward to 2007 and I'm again witness to the story continuing to fester with successes and glaring oversights that have me wondering how 114 Billion dollars can't speed up the recovery. Reflecting on the wonderful outpouring from neighboring states, strangers and those who embraced the Love thy Neighbor parable while standing in the gap of the nations unpreparedness. Daybreak came again today as a friendly reminder that "K-Day" still lives and ensnares victims at the very same 9:38 a.m. timeframe two years later.Yet, somehow through it all, I've gotten a better understanding of the American spirit that sustains us, allowing us all a pathway to absorb celebrated high points and heartbreaking disappointments. I will never forget the impact of those daybreaks and how they've added to my life experiences meanwhile shaping my enthusiasm for a brighter day ahead.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Spin Cycles and Caravans - Part 2

And the world goes round and round and round...but somehow I'm still staying hopeful, prayerful and on point as this forum will be celebrating our 4th anniversary in September. Who knew? I can't believe that I've composed over 50,000 words or so in what started as a blog entitled, Talking Out Loud. At that time, I wasn't even sure what the hell was a "blog" anyway and could I actually produce something that anyone would want to read. But, as the technology continued to evolve, so did my learning curve as well as our direction resulting in today's, The Body Politic. It's been a good run so far and I feel that it's only get better. Stick around and watch us grow!!

Royalty Round-Up: Congratulations to the newly selected DSRA Royalty Team for 2008. Winners are:

Ms. DSRA -Kris Baldwin

Miss DSRA - Diamond Rose

Mr. DSRA -Rick Loftis

MsTER DSRA - Dusty West

I had not been to the Clubhouse in some time, but usually I've always had a pretty good time and this outing was no different. I felt welcomed from the pleasant greeting at the front door to the welcoming bartender, Nathan, who gave me the run down on there upcoming events and a hearty invite to return. The pageant was an interesting mix co-hosted by Mycha Michelle and Crystal Love. Unfortunately for the organizers the current Miss DSRA, Rita Rogers couldn't attend due to ongoing illness. Our prayers go out Rogers and I was happy to hear the supportive attitude from the membership. Mr. DSRA, John Tyndall was also MIA (missing in action) as announced by Ms. DSRA Janice Walters. We alluded to this possiablity in our 8/25 post citing that there seemed to be irreconcilable differences that would preclude him from participating. I spoke with JT to get the skinny about his decision and he prefaced his comments as "off the record." But from his explanation, I had to decipher that egos and issues are at the root of the problem. Isn't it always? Meanwhile, the evening proceeded with other "hits and misses". Hit: Elizabeth Trailor, D'yor and each contestant were diversely entertaining. Miss: A few audience members had to be chided about there noise level as we struggled to hear the answers during the on stage question of the competition. It was distracting, but I endured. HIT: a bar special of $1.00 Miller Lite Longnecks was a nice value even though the regular prices are hit as well. Miss: It seems to me that the royalty competition field is plagued with a "repeat-recycle syndrome," due to a lack of growth or perhaps participation. I fully understand trying to find committed persons who will be up to the task is a problem all unto itself. However, I applaud the DSRA for having staying power despite the odds and adversities that have come it's way over the years, especially producing it's annual rodeo or maintaining it's club space. I have high hopes and words of encouragement for it's newly installed team which will have to infuse the organization with a public relations campaign, significant fundraising stratergies and if the group is to survive they must create a synergy among the membership with diplomatic leadership. Therefore, if you are looking for a nice change of pace, I challenge all pub crawlers to giddy on up to clubhouse to show your support. Tell em we sent ya!!
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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tempest, Tounges and Tabernalces...Oh my!

As the heat wave of 07 continued and the pestilence sermons were spilling from pulpits everywhere, I was almost in an overload mode with the news of the week ranging from the jaw dropping wife beating minister episode to political wives on the attack. It's been a wild week and of course I have to have my say on the who, when, where and what's really going on in Central Arkansas....

PAGING MR. DSRA???: I was really intrigued with a recent post on the Sidetracks Yahoo group site, entitled, "Paging John Tyndall." The post was in search of the aforementioned Tyndall to enlist his services to help reliquish his "Mr. DSRA" title to the winner of the Diamond State Rodeo Associations Royalty pageant, August 25. Therefore, I did a bit of "paging" my self to further understand why the current title holder needed paging in the first place and I discovered at post time from close sources that there is some "discontent and disillusionment with the operations of DSRA," that may preclude JT from participating in the event. Of course folks do have a change of heart and things may proceed without incident. Meanwhile, we will be monitoring the outcome and keep you informed.

Easy Sour Notes: Recently I've been privy to a variety of conversations and discussions concerning the piano bar, Easy Street. Believe it or not, I make every attempt to seperate the extreme rumor to the plausible possibilites and then some. I understand that running a business on a day to day means is no easy task, but an array of patrons and supporters have been musing about inconsistencies, "event over booking" and an aloofness of management, namely Michael Henderson. I spoke with Henderson, not about specifics, but wanted his general observation in regards to the rumblings. He basically asserted ( and I expected no less) that "every thing was going well and doing fine." He dismisses the scuttlebut as "queens being queens." I don't frequent this spot often, but I have noticed the "musical chair" game of personnel that persist, also the bar sometimes is out of certain product which may have a reasonable explanation. Maybe and I have no substantiated proof,( but I didn't fall off a turnip truck yesterday) that the outfit is on a "cash basis" with vendors. Thusly meaning, NO Cash - NO Booze, and this position can be awkward to say the least. Meanwhile, the chatter rages on from whisperers and tipsters mentioning everything from lease agreement problems to ponzy-pyramid allegations involving investors. All I can say is that, "where there's smoke, there might be some fire." We'll keep checking the smoke signals to update you soon.

Religous Smackdown: Famed Televangelist, Juanita Bynum has filed charges against her estranged husband Bishop Thomas Weeks citing his assualt and battery attack August 22 in Atlanta, he turned himself in 8/24 to Fulton County police but was released on bail. News accounts have stated that the couple were meeting at an area Airport hotel to reconcile there embattled marriage, when Weeks began forcefully choking his wife, knocking her to the ground and began kicking her, then subsequenlty fleeing. Married in 2002 in a much publicized million dolllar extravaganza, the couple has been subject of much specualtion, redicule and there dual organizations demeened as "pulpit pimps" named Bynum-Weeks Inc. I have watched Bynum transition for a few years and thought her empowerment sermons were meaningful. I never ordered any books, DVD's or CD's, but her speeches teemed with uplifting promise based on her life as a homemaker, former flight attendant and now, a successful millionare entreprenuer. I find the continuing instances of domesitc abuse alarming and it's destructive fallout in our society. Bynum counterpart, Joyce Meyer has also publically revealed her bouts with abuse in her pre-ministry life demonstrating this type of agressiveness is far reaching even in religious circles. Yet depsite ongoing efforts from shelters and other programs, these attacks have become more sorted, brutal and sometimes fatal. I wonder what the congregation of Bishop Weeks' Global Destiny ministry has to say about this behavoir and criminal act from a individual who wrote a book with his wife about "show me how to love." Perhaps he needs to listen to the refrain from Bette Midlers inspirational hit, From a Distance, where she reminds us that, " ...God is watching us from a distance." Amen.

Cox Family Feud: Therrre Back, Jerry Cox and his band of Family Council followers with a another ballot proposal that's been submitted to Attorney General D. Mc Daniel for review and possibly being placed on the 2008 ballot. This outing dosen't spell out homosexuals distinctly but rather takes the approach that all "unmarried couples" are unfit to adopt children or serve as foster parents in Arkansas.
“As we looked into this issue, we discovered that cohabiting heterosexual homes were not good places for children, either,” said Jerry Cox, president of the Family Council. The organization, if approved by the AT will need at least 61,000 signatures by July 08 to have it on the ballot and have vowed to use there proven network of supporters who are pressed into action with such measures. The Family Council, which is affiliated with Colorado-based Focus on the Family, was the leading organization behind the constitutional amendment limiting marriage to heterosexual couples. Rob Shafer, the Little Rock attorney who helped draft the wording, also helped write the marriage amendment, which voters approved by a 3-to-1 margin. Apparently it's time to circle the wagons and get ready for another fight. Watch this forum for contact information and links.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

On point and Stayin ahead of the Curve! Part 2

Ladies and Gentlemen, and all those who haven't decided, it' still hot. Yes very hot and it's going to hotter as election 08 goes into full tilt. In our last post we alluded to the groundbreaking Democratic Debate forum featured on LOGO and perhaps for those who might have missed it we felt that at least a short version should lead this post. To view it you just simply click, play and listen. After that you can check out all the other news tidbits we uncovered from around town.

Awards Closed: For the first time this forum was attempting to participate in the Black Weblog Awards that began at the beginning of the month. However, do to my inexperience and somewhat confusion, as I was alerting readers about how to nominate us, the organizers sent word that "due to overwhelming interest," the nominations would be closed 8.15.07. I don't think I got the word out as quickly or created the buzz that I had intended. Therefore, I'm sure that none of you even got a chance to nominate us, since we were not able to do so ourselves and rightly so. Even after the balloting began, other bloggers were still quibling about even more "categories" being offered and when I began the process I discovered that at least one finalist had actually nominated there Blog which was suppose to be against the rules. My goodness I thought!! Just how many categories does one award platform need, especially since there is no real prize involved just a bit of headiness for the producer and maybe some exposure at best. Anyway, if you got a chance to do so, I appreciate it, if not, it's not a lost, because I'm always standing proud in the winner's circle life and that's enough for me.

It's My Party...: Sidetracks co-owner, Jim is not revealing his age, but he celebrated another "anniversary" with his partner Phillip and guest with a bash, 8.19.07. The event was announced with a too cute invitation picturing a young Jim beaming and looking innocently into the camera. (photo right) The menu was a buffet fit for a king featuring Spinach Dip, Assorted Fruits, Mexican Dip, other munchy snacks and a "bottom's Up" speciality cake was extremely tasty courtesy of the in-house chef, J.D. Also, thanks Phillip and staff for your well wishes on my own birthday(8/20) I appreiciate the shout out!!!

Under the Crown: Congrats to Diva Dinery, Miss Gay Twin Cities Arkansas America and Makayla Blake, 1st alternate from the pageant held at The Factory. They qualify to enter the MGAA coming later this year.

Oh Miss Jones!: Are you ready for some star gazing? Well the old girl's back...her, Star Jones! The debut talk show apatly named "Star Jones" on August 20, on Court TV, is old territory since she began her TV career there. According to her, the show isn't all about her, but how pop culture collides with the justice system. Whew, how did they come up with that concept? As ususal, the grist mill has been in overdrive about Jones and hubby, Al Reynolds. Alledgedly, they've moved to Miami to get away from it all and the gossip pages have stated that Mrs. Reyonlds has told her husband he should resume his career. In other words, "get a J O B !" my brother. It's all fair in love and dwelling bank accounts. Yet, it's Miss Jone's bypass/ lapband surgery and her admission about it is the real back story that's capturing the spotlight. Meanwhile, I can't wait for those hard hitting interviews from fallen stars and those who are on the mend while dining on low carb morsels while finding themselves. The newly selvte Jones should be in perfect form as she dissects the issues and implosions of the rich and famous. You go girl!

Get Set, Get Ready, Get a new Look!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Spin Cycles & Caravans

As the heatwave of 07 continues, I encourage everyone to not only find a cool spot, but check on love ones who may need assistance. In the meantime you can schedule participate in the "take a love one to the Doctor," day in September. Watch this forum for more information and links to local participating doctors or clinics.

Huck on a Roll: Perhaps it's a low fat roll that Mike Huckabee will be consuming while he's preparing to leverage his second place showing in the Iowa Straw poll. Huckabee's 18% was enough to bring him a political bump and quite a bit of national coverage of his nomination campaign. However mega big spender and winner Mitt Romney has deflected detractors who've insinuated that his win was bought lock, stock and barrel. Especially since other top tier heavyweights such as Giuliani and Mccain didn't show much interest in the event. Romney quppied that his 32% win is as far as he's concern is a win regardless of how it came about. According to Huckabee campaign workers the phones have not stop ringing for interviews or to request speaking engagements. I'm sure they hope that the buzz will eventually result in more dollars and cents.

Lavender Vote 08: Since I started voting many years ago, I never thought I'd ever seen the momentum and giddy up to address the GLBTQ community as I've seen with this years crop of presidential candidates. All the candidates seem to be "one uping " each other with interviews, Position Papers and appearances such as the LOGO TV and Human Rights Campagin forum expressly dedicated to GLBT issues. Even though the forum itself was groundbreaking, I didn't hear any earth shaking revelations from any of the candidates or significant missteps, except Bill Richardson who seemed a bit uncomfortable with it all and later recanted statements he made during the event. Organizations from around the country used the streaming event as a outreach tool. However, I don't think this was the case locally even though we have an active Stonewall Democrat Chapter who has announced their next meeting, August 16, 6 p.m. at Democratic HQ. I'm encouraging everyone whether you are Log Cabin Republican or a Stonewaller, get registered, get involved and then use your right to vote for the next leader of the free world. Check out the candidates website or GRNL's comprehensive analysis as a starting point. It's worth it. Here's some links: ,, , , , , , ,
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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Back to the Hustle and Flow...Take 3

We're having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave...O.K. it's not exactly tropical, but it sure is damn hot. Hot you say? Well as a native Arkansan, this is nothing new to me or should be to most who have lived here for most of their lives. The mercury rising to that almost "fire and brimstone," stage is an all to familiar reminder that the elements can have their way with the lowly humankind in any way it deems. Therefore, as everyone try's to stay cool, things are just fine in the heat of this forum. As I've always stated if you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen!!

AIDS/ HIV Implants: In a few post back, I highlighted a story about the U. S. Department of Defense's wacky, but real plans to create a "gay bomb," for it's deterent arsenal. As a refresher for memory sake, this weapon was being devised in a Ohio lab which would spread "gay hormonal chemicals" that would cause enemy combatants to become "same gender loving drones" who would rather make out with other than fight the good fight. Good grief and a Lord have mercy on that madnesss. However, it seems that the U.S. is not alone in the Big Brother of werid science. Enter the AIDS/ HIV Microchip from the governement of Indonesia. No ladies and gentlemen, this is no reality exploits from the boob tube, it's an actual concept that someone thought might be used as a "prevention method."

Lawmakers in Indonesia’s Papua are mulling the selective use of chip implants in HIV carriers to monitor their behaviour in a bid to keep them from infecting others, a doctor said Tuesday. John Manangsang, a doctor who is helping to prepare a new healthcare regulation bill for Papua’s provincial parliament, said that unusual measures were needed to combat the virus.“We in the government in Papua have to think hard on ways to provide protection to people from the spread of the disease,” Manangsang told AFP.“Some of the infected people experience a change of behaviour and can turn more aggressive and would not think twice of infecting others,” he alleged, saying lawmakers were considering various sanctions for these people.“Among one of the means being considered is the monitoring of those infected people who can pose a danger to others,” Manangsang said.“The use of chip implants is one of the ways to do so, but only for those few who turn aggressive and clearly continue to disregard what they know about the disease and spread the virus to others,” he said. A decision was still a long way off, he added. The head of the Papua chapter of the National AIDS Commission, Constant Karma, reportedly slammed the proposal as a violation of human rights.“People with HIV/AIDS are not like sharks under observation so that they have to be implanted with microchips to monitor their movements,” he told the Jakarta Post on Tuesday.“Any form of identification of people with HIV/AIDS violates human rights.”According to data from Papua’s health office cited by the Post, the province has just over 3,000 people living with HIV/AIDS. Some 356 deaths have been reported. Papua has a population of about 2.5 million.

Help Wanted: Sources state the the "help wanted" mat is out at the Arkansas AIDS Foundation as they search for an Executive Director and case management staff. The beleagured organization has had a variety of personnel changes including the departure of former long term ED, Larry Dearmon. Subsequently, C. Munir now Diversity Coordinator with the Peabody Hotel moved on and earlier this year Board President Dr. Dean Blevins announced his step aside to Nakia Williams former AAF public relations chair,now serving as current Board President. As I understand, despite swirling scuttlebutt and sketchy information, services are being provided to clients plus testing is available during office hours. In a previous post we had some good natured suggestions for their website as well as dealing with rumor control, but to date no one has replied. I suspect that there will be more news or "shoes dropping" shortly. Stay tuned....

A Funding we go: With yet another fiscal year looming and organizations scrambling for funding sources, apparently Future Builders and JCCSI's MSM project, Many Men, Many Voices will be funded. The two local CBO's, that's government speak for Community Based Organizations, will continue their efforts to address the ongoing HIV/AIDS dilemma in the black community and beyond. But with all these good intentions, I'm still perplexed at the effectiveness of these programs, the message models that they promote and accountability factors. It's no secret that community NPO's have been plagued with a host of inconsistencies, possible transparency issues, stealth agendas, leadership vacuums and past investigations. And now there are other players coming to the forefront in the guise of the Arkansas HIV/ AIDS Minority Task Force, courtesy of this year's Legislative session introduced by Rep. Willie Hardy and co-sponsored Senator Tracy Steele. According to the HAM Task Force Act of 2007 the apponted group's goals are to "assess" and "address" the situation statewide, then report to Gov. Beebe. Meanwhile, these as yet unnamed civic minded volunteers will get adminstrative support from that other 1991 Legislated group the Minority Health Commission via it's new Executive Director, Wynonna Bryant Williams, Phd. My research shows that the mission of MHC was to "obtain any information relating to health issues on minorites from any state agency or hospital." On it's website the mission statement is presented thusly:

The Mission of The Arkansas Minority Health Commission is to assure all minority Arkansans access to health care that is equal to the care provided to other citizens of the state and to seek ways to provide education, address, treat, and prevent diseases and conditions that are prevalent among minority populations.

The site also touts MHC goals as:

The goal of the Arkansas Minority Health Commission is to bridge the gap in the health status of the minority population and that of the majority population.
To achieve this goal, the commission focuses on educating minorities on healthier lifestyles, awareness of services and accessibility within our current health care system, make recommendations to the state government, and addressing any disparities existing because of prejudice.

Sounds to me that we need less assessing or addressing, but rather more actual "Action" from any of these entities with aggressive prevention messages, dynamic campaigns and formidable leadership as HIV/ AIDS continues to impact all communities of color and the uninsured. Will one more task force charged with crafting a lengthy report really make a difference or strike a chord of Deja vu familiarity? Dear reader we urge you to draw your own conclusions about the situation and invite you to share your thoughts or feedback with us.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Can We talk!...some more!

There are 146 days left in 2007 and I keep thinking where the hell has the time gone. Just yesterday or at least last December 06 I was hospital bound. But, the wheels of the game keep turning and just like Beyonce or Timex, you choose, I take a licking and keep on ticking. And now the daily post....

Black Pride in the City: In a previous podcast, I announced area Black Pride events that were happening all over the mid-south area then, I quipped that:" they were happening everywhere but here!..." But I stand corrected as I was informed by an attendee of Little Rock's Black Gay Pride activities sponsored by Club Good Times owner Angie R. held, July 20-22. The events included a Saturday picnic in Reservoir Park complete with food, music, and HIV information being circulated and a afterparty "throw down" complete with a showcast from Memphis to boot. As the event was being reported to me, I inquried about the publicity of this event and learned that that the affair was promoted with spots on Hot 96, in-

house at the club and of course "word of mouth." Also, my keen eyewitness reported that Miss Angie has also sponsored a Skate Night at SkateWorld, with plans of more activities to be announced. With this in mind, I think it's time for me to stop in for a visit to find out what's really going on up in here! Beacuse, I don't like being left out of the loop, O.K.

Black Weblog Awards: It was always my hopes that this forum would at least develop a following of dedicated readers, but I never foresaw any awards potential, but you should never say never! As an online medium, we are eligilble to be nominated for a Black Welog Award in several categories according to the rules and regs posted by the organizers. We would like to encourage our supporters and readers alike, to log on and nominate, "CorneliusOnpoint." for the areas you feel we have excelled in or best represents. They are as follows:

(please note that there are many categories, we feel these are where we qualify)

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You can log on to Follow the instructions and then make your choices. Please know that this is a one person - one vote situation and we encourage you to share this good news with those who support our efforts as Arkansas online destination for the LGBT commuity and beyond! Vote now!!! We appreciate you!!! The awards will be announced in September.

Toga, Bears, Oh My!: The Diamond State Bear will be partying Toga Style, August 11th, the DSRA Clubhouse, 4525 Hoffman Road in Little Rock. Organizers state that there will be "no dress" code to get in but all are encouraged to participate as doors open at 9p.m. For more info you can check out the message boards of Sidetracks.

Pageants- R- Us: If you've missed a pageant recently, don't fret, there's more from where that came from! Item: Miss Gay Twin Cities will be held at The Factory, 8.12.07 featuring MGAR, Raven St. James and the return of Sabrina Maxwell, MGAR EOY 1995 Emeritus. Item: the first Annual Miss Gay Arkansas US of A at-Large pageant will commence during the Labor Day Weekend, (9.2.07) with a visit from it's current national title holder, Kathyrn York. Item: Miss Gay Central Arkansas winner is Diedrda Windsor Walker, with Jacouelyn Justice, 1st Alternate. Item: Miss Gay Arkansas America will be held at Backstreet, September 14-16, 2007 Did we miss a few, yes of course we did, go to to see if there's a pageant to coming to your neck of the woods.

Little Rock Capital Pride is looking for people that are interested in serving on our Board of Directors. If you, or someone you know, would be interested, please contact Joe at: for more info and dates.

Stonewall REPORTS: The Arkansas Stonewall Democratic Caucus represented by Jada Walker offered a presentation before the Arkansas Democratic Commitee on the progress of the group, it's preceieved projects, outreach to other caucuses and it's direction for the upcoming 08 election cycle. Big Kudos to Ms. Walker and the SDC for their continuing efforts and pursuits. To get involved you can go their website:

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cyberland, Me and U!

The mighty world of the internet and all that it emcompasses often has it's way of taking you to different levels and wave lengths. The awesomeness of this emerging technology has began leveling the playing field and allowing the masses a means of conveying information in the blink of an eye and personally, I'm embracing it with a passion. I want to thank those of you so far who have weighed in on what you think concerning our question about the format as well as flavor of this forum. I welcome more comments from those who wish to be on the record or off. I appreciate your opinions and heartfelt contributions to the conversation. Keep em coming!!!

Empowerment 101: In previous post I'm always harping about empowerment and it's affects to our community overall. I participated in the Business Afterhours project at Sidetracks, in search of trying to make those business minded within the community aware that a effort was being made to create a networking space, however, that meager offering came and went almost unnoticed. Yet, I was intrigued by the announcement that a August 19th Drag University was being promoted to assist those interested in the art of female impersonation and all the aspects of it. I was further struck by the fact that most likely this exercise probably would be well attended juxtaposed to the Business Afterhours networking event I tried to support. Could it be that we have more individuals yearning for make-up tips vs. boastering business connections? I am to understand that the art of illusion has more drawing power that the art of the deal making in Arkansas? Futhermore, I was even more bold over, when I got an e-mail from the organization, Castro 4 All, announcing "grants" to local San Francisco community members interested in pursuing learning the Bar & Hospitality business. These grants could be used as seed money to assist these "up and coming entreprenuers" with there prespective ventures after a review process. Whoa Nelly!!... as I thought to myself, meanwhile trying to comprehend such a project in one sitting. Let me analyze this... on the one hand this west coast community is creating an economic incubator to develop business concepts, while locally it seems an art form is being presented as a viable alternative? I would like to re-empahsize that, the Business Afterhours project wasn't my brainchild. I was a supporter and had high hopes that other business folks would entertain a networking zone among the like minded and that this concept would eventually lead to various other possible avenues of empowerment both personal as well as financial. I believe that it's imperative that a realistic assessment be taken on the money muscle or lack thereof in this community. This dilemma has an overall direct affect on our organizations seeking donations, area bars that cater to our needs and yes, even those impersonators who rely on those dollar bills to help offset cost or raise money for worthwhile causes. Ultimately, the $54,000 questions surrounds whether how realtive this issue is to this commuity and how to address it. I think it at least deserves some intensive roundtable discussion. If you think so, let me hear from you.

Prevention Voices: Jeremy Martin, facilitator of Many Men, Many Voices, the HIV education and prevention program, reports that the JCCSI special programs project is on target to reach proposed goals during the second quarter of the 2007. "I've been happy with the results thus far and hope to attract more individuals for the weekly sessions." said Martin. The program is designed to address HIV prevention methods, homophobia, and interpersonal relationship from a culturally sensitive approach within each in-house session. According to Martin, the peer to peer outreach aspect continues with informational materials and condoms being offered in area outlets such as Backstreet, Club Good Times and The Factory. If you know of anyone interested in participating call 501.663.7166 ext. 105


Oh Miss Jones: I've spent lot's to time dealing with the weight demons and I've always tried to be honest with myself. However, I was truly amused and somewhat suprised at the recent "tell all" from Star Jones Reynolds who states in an upcoming issue of Glamour magazine that she was afraid of what people might think about her amazing weight lost. Especially since she has now revealed that it was a gastric bypass that did the trick instead of that fitness routine shtick she was trying to sell to everyone. I've been fortunate that I've found an energy and sense of direction in handling my weight issues. First, get to the gym, back up from the table and be as realistic about the situation as possible. No wire, bypasses or rubber band here, just good old fashion discipline and restraint. Neverthless, my congrats go out the lady Reynolds because no matter how it was done, you looking good and probably feeling gorgeous!
READERS ALERT: There's nothing like keepin your house refreshed and your "chi" intact, therefore this forum will undergo another make-over in the coming weeks! So stay tuned and get ready for our new fall look as we continue to take it all to the next level. Don't forget we are your online destination for news, commentary, information, podcast and video!! If you've got the info, feel free to share it with us first!!!!
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