Thursday, April 30, 2009

Raging the Machine Onward: FYI

Spotlighting Petitioners: I received an e-blast that touted the alliance of a local organization with a national outfit to assist in keeping it real from the public record. This forum has also posted items that are matter of public record concerning issues that affect the SGL community and beyond for a "FYI" moment for readers. Even though the use of this information is important to certain causes, I still believe that if we are "spotlighting" those with opposing viewpoints, then we certainly can't turn a blind eye to our internal characters that don't measure up either. According to that e-mail, CAR was contacted by Tom Lang of Know Thy Neighbor, a Massachusetts based organization that specializes in posting on their website for public viewing the names of all of the individuals who sign ballot petitions that further disenfranchise members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) community. Until now the primary focus has been on anti-marriage initiatives. We deeply appreciate that Tom Lang and Know Thy Neighbor understands how important what happened in Arkansas is to not only LGBTQ Arkansans and our allies, but to the rest of the nation. CAR was asked to partner with Know Thy Neighbor to publicize the signatures that were used to place Act 1 on the 2008 ballot here in Arkansas. Jerry Cox has rebuffed the idea and is seeking to possible legal or other legislative action to sue his supporters. To see the list go to and click on National and then click on Arkansas.

Transgender Law: I attended the The Bowen Lambda and the ACLU of Arkansas Student Chapter program on 4.27.09 concerning Transgender Law. It was a refreshing session that took a serious look at the local scene juxtaposed to the national aspects of this issue. Recently, the death of local trans person and the assault of a transgender person at the LR National has elevated interest. The program promoted an understanding of what it means to be transgender and of the challenges transgender people face. Moderated by President Matt Lauro the program included a personal story from an individual who transitioned from male to female; a survey of how courts treat transsexual litigants; an analysis of transgender sexual harassment and employment discrimination; and perspectives on mental health. I was not surprised that this forum couldn't discover any stats or define any organization that is monitoring this type of hate crimes. At the conclusion the panel suggested ways to make laws and policies more fair and how society can be more inclusive of transgender people. Bowen Lamba was developed in response to a ABA survey team that queried the law school on it's positions on GLBTQ issues. Congrats to Lauro and Lamba for their enduring work to earn law degrees as well as conscious of SGL issues. You can get some great FREE down loadable info on gender issues, just click it to

Radio Rainbow: Just when I thought I had heard it all about the ill fated unproduced, Under the Rainbow show on KABF. It seems that I need a follow up sorta. I'm still in waiting on an firm explanation from Public Affairs Coordinator, Ari. C on exactly what's going on here. Supposedly theirs been "miscommuications," and "misunderstandings," that sent mixed signals. Signals? Then now comes the tidbit that Ms. C has begun seeking "replacements" for training for the as yet unnamed SGL focused show slated for premiere in May. Excuse me but why seek others when there were willing "volunteers" already on board from it's inception? I don't know about you, but something smells under the rainbow and I suspect that there's some power plays being crafted and concocted with possible personal nuances involved. Ms. C stated to us in the first meeting that the effort was a "Dangerous" exercise in telling our stories, seems like it's not the stories that may be so dangerous after all. What do you think? Did you answer our call to action? Do we need a GLBT radio show in Arkansas? What could you do to support it? The floor is always open for discussion.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

COP:24/7 Goes Slip Stream Mode

100 Days. It's been 100 days of Obama and in true electorate fashion the choir is calling for an assessment of his work thus far, with a keen eye on the rest of the 1360 days 44 has to govern this behemoth known as the United States of America. The stakes couldn't have been higher for the first African American President. Has it really been 100 days since the pomp and circumstances that emerged from last November's triumphant rise to leader of the free world. You betcha. Since that January day, he's bounced around the globe at break neck pace, gathered his cabinet professionals and addressed the American people on network TV and any outlet with a screen, speaker or platform. And yes, he will be in front of the cameras this evening for his 3rd press conference. I'm of the opinion that judging Obama is really not needed at this time. This tradition from the Roosevelt era certainly serves those talking heads who need more to mull over, but actually the first 100 days of any presidency can't soundly determine the overall result of the administration. After all during his first week in the White House, he stated numerous times that all that's been done thus far for the big picture will take a period of time to be effective. I interpreted that to be beyond his first 100 days and he has much as alluded that even beyond his one or two terms. As if the world wasn't already in knots, now a possible severe H1N1 Flu outbreak will add to Mr. O's plate of problems. If I were to score the job thus far, I'd say "B-." He's issued directives on handling the financial melt down, asked for tax relief ( I got my $12.00!), there will be stipends for SSI, SSA and Seniors coming shortly, those credit card pirates have been called on the carpet and he's reverberated positive vibes globally. furthermore he's made decisive decisions on GitMo, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, torture memos, with eyes on America's health care debacle. Despite all these moves the President is still grappling with the many special interest groups that are attempting to call in markers on their causes. I said it before the election and I'm saying it again, being Commander in Chief is a tough road to hoe. Mr. Obama, I think you are off to a good start, let's just keep it slow and steady wrapped in the "no drama/Obama" bubble.

Radio Rainbow in Turmoil: This forum shared with readers the impending project, Under the Rainbow, radio show to be produced on local community outlet KABF. I attended the initial meeting and was on board with the effort after being informed by originator H. Hughes. However to my chagrin and dismay, I was informed by Hughes (4.29.08) that the program was "dead." Oh Really I thought and what's up with this? His e-blasts detailed that the program has been allegedly hijacked and re-designed internally by one Ari Chagoya, station Public Affairs coordinator.(pictured,left) It appears that the promised training, offers of support and access is now being denied. At that first meeting I attended, Ms. C. was ever so glowing about the prospects of the show, it's "dangerous" yet positive demonstration of the SGL community telling our stories and the stations total commitment to the idea. There was broad discussion during that two hour meeting and it was decided that a well rounded format would be developed as a proposed Sunday night time slot was already being prepared. So who is this person and why does that name ring familiar? I'll tell you, thank you. It's the one and the same individual who seems to be "ground zero" of the failure of this year's Pride festival that was slated for the River market. To date there has been no response from Ms. C. from my request concerning that mash up and I'm in hot pursuit of any explanation for this latest pirate coup. Furthermore it appears that Ms. C. has been quite busy around town with cultural meeting conversations. I've discovered that she will offering her Black Thinking and Liberation Class (5.7.09) at Hoover Methodists where she will be teaching "a class designed to give us a safe place for us to think, feel and explore and heal the hurt of oppression. We will explore what healing looks like from many black spiritual perspectives." Do tell. Then there's a "LGBT Thinking and Healing class for"...people who want to heal the hurt of LGBT oppression from a radical feminist spiritual viewpoint..." You don't say. And finally coming this August, the 8 week Jump Start Movement sessions for Latina's and Blacks respectively. Whew, talk about multi-tasking community organizer in overdrive. Just where does she find the time for all of this to be actually effective with any concrete results certainly makes me skeptical. Ultimately, what time was left to put together a Pride festival? In the meantime, it's not all about me. I'm asking you dear readers to at least start asking some questions of your own. Many of you have expressed to me that you admire my position to say what many of you simply will not, but the questions should be amplified with many concerned voices. I realize that some may believe that their expressions may not garner much change, nevertheless, nothing can be achieved with "eye's open wide and mouth's shut." So, I'm challenging all of you to step to the plate, today! Feel free to share your thoughts with us or among yourselves... or inquire about any and all of this at El Movimiento (501)920-1531 or (KABF) 3726119. E:mail

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On point, Stayin ahead of the Curve 2.0

Did you say Flu? Is that Swine Flu? Avian Flu? What Flu? Did I get a flu shot? Yeah, but according to health officials it seems that they don't know if that inoculation has any affect on this new flu. OMG. They've started using the "P" word, Pandemic and I don't like it. The reports are filing in from Mexico and all points north with cases popping up all over the place. On Sunday, the US declared a public health emergency and by golly I hope that the government is ready to react swiftly and soundly. This might be a test that will really test our Nations ability to deal with a mass situation within the population. Especially all those individuals who have been throwing down those antibiotics as a catchall for anything and everything. It's been widely sourced that some viral strains or infections have now become resistant. Whew, I hope no one is asleep at the switch on this one. Stay alert and On point as we monitor what's really going on! We've got more of what you are looking for!!!

Pride in the City: I've been waiting and asking about this years Pride Festival that was suppose to be "bigger and better," than ever. Well, people, it looks like a bust. "Sources," you know those people who know but don't want anybody to know that they spoke about it," have began leaking the info that LRCP is unable or incapable to produce the event. Even though I'm posting this item, I'm still waiting for the official word from current president Ari C. or that media person or anybody who will speak on the record. Now, let's have a refresher for clarity. Last year, elections were held, several fundraisers at local outlets(how much is anybody's guess?), and assorted info pieces created. To date on their website, no mention of any additional meetings, no budget reports, no progress posted, or updates. I've been chided about airing the community dirty laundry but, if we are going take bold positions against lawmakers then, we must also hold our own with the same vigor. I'm asking all of you to e-mail or call the LRCP President asking for confirmation about Pride 09. The question: "Will their be a Pride Festival in the Rivermarket and if not, why not?" Here's the info e-mail: or reach out an touch at the Hotline: 501.476.1375 Tell em you heard about it here and then feel free to share your findings with me.

Here's to Your Health:
I grabbed this info from the CDC website( for your consideration:
Swine Influenza (Flu)
Swine Influenza (swine flu) is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza that regularly cause outbreaks of influenza among pigs. Swine flu viruses do not normally infect humans, however, human infections with swine flu do occur, and cases of human-to-human spread of swine flu viruses has been documented. See General Information about Swine Flu.
From December 2005 through February 2009, a total of 12 human infections with swine influenza were reported from 10 states in the United States. Since March 2009, a number of confirmed human cases of a new strain of swine influenza A (H1N1) virus infection in the U.S. and internationally have been identified. An investigation into these cases is ongoing. For more information see Human Swine Flu Investigation.
General Information about Swine FluQuestions and answers and guidance for treatment and infection control
Human Swine Flu Investigation April 26, 2009 11:30 ETInformation about the investigation of human swine flu in the U.S.
CDC Health Advisory April 25, 2009, 3:00 EST (03:00 PM EDT)Investigation and Interim Recommendations: Swine Influenza (H1N1)Distributed via Health Alert Network
Swine Flu website last updated Sunday, April 26, 2009 01:00 ET
Links to non-federal organizations are provided solely as a service to our users. These links do not constitute an endorsement of these organizations or their programs by CDC or the federal government, and none should be inferred. CDC is not responsible for the content of the individual organization Web pages found at these links.


Avoid close contact.
Avoid close contact with people who are sick. When you are sick, keep your distance from others to protect them from getting sick too.
Stay home when you are sick.
If possible, stay home from work, school, and errands when you are sick. You will help prevent others from catching your illness.
Cover your mouth and nose.
Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. It may prevent those around you from getting sick.
Clean your hands.
Washing your hands often will help protect you from germs.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.
Germs are often spread when a person touches something that is contaminated with germs and then touches his or her eyes, nose, or mouth.
Practice other good health habits.
Get plenty of sleep, be physically active, manage your stress, drink plenty of fluids, and eat nutritious food.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Spin Cycle & Caravan

In the hard line news world, supposedly Mondays are a slow news days, but in the online 24 hour news cycle, no day is a slow news anything. In this forum, I make it my business to keep it real. In fact that's real simple. Usually I have only about three to four items that make the cut each posting. Why you ask? Thanks for asking. Because the attention span of readers has reached a "blink" plateau in which they need to be informed in snippet seconds. It's the new a hit em and move on sneak attack of grabbing their attention. Personally, I enjoy a lengthy story or item but others can only deal with the about a paragraph, if that. So, our format addresses this situation with about 3 postings that gives it to you in nano versions. With all that said, here we go. Are you ready. Go...!!

Living in America: In the land of free and home of the brave, one of the wonderful attributes of being American comes from the fact that we can choose where to live. In that wonderful bonus also comes folks in the know, whom feel obliged to tell us about America's Most Livable Cities and those are so livable. Fortunately, I live in Little Rock, AR which was ranked according to the Forbes list as No. 15 most livable city. Arkansas' capitol city was cited for a 6% income growth rate (18 of 379) and a 5.4% unemployment rate (59 of 379.) According to the story all the info was filtered through metropolitan statistical areas--geographic entities defined by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget for use by federal agencies in collecting, tabulating and publishing federal statistics. We eliminated areas with populations smaller than 500,000 and assigned points to the remaining metro regions across five data sets: Five-year income growth per household and cost of living from Moody's, crime data and leisure index from Sperling's Best Places, and annual unemployment statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Sounds like heady stuff doesn't it? But actually, it all boils down to the quality of life issues that either make a city or not. Also, this issue affects individuals in various aspects ranging from those seeking "family oriented" outlets to some in the GLBTQ community that size it up totally different. Nevertheless and believe it or not, Little Rock has much to offer on a wide range if you just access it. Do we have bath houses, gay leagues, circuit parties or other snazzy outlets that the mega cities have, well no. But we to utilize what outlets we do have, do our damnest to support those organizations that need us across the board and gosh dern it can we get more welcoming to visitors when they do come to town. Look em in the eye and say HELLO! It's so simple people and guess what, it's FREE to smile.

....And Then there was Bea!

Every time another one of my favorite performers or personalities pass from the scene, I probe myself as to what was it about that person that delighted me or entertain me. On Saturday, Bea Arthur, Emmy Award winning comedienne and Actress who died at age 86 was one such person. Many moons ago when before IA ( Internet access), TV (television) reigned as king in my world. I've always been a self entertainer and found myself watching countless hours of it, especially the extremely witty and then controversial shows such as Maude, a spin off sitcom of All in the Family. The Characters were colorful people that I had as yet interacted with but found quirky and interesting. Especially the dynamics between title character, Maude Findley and her self assured domestic, Florida Evans played by Esther Rolle.(pictured)

Ms. Rolle a tour-de-force actress in her own right, later starred in yet another groundbreaking spin off called Good Times which was more to the liking of others in the house. Yet, each week Bea Arthur's embodiment of that character offered me a not only great laughs but some edgy insights that I wasn't privy too in my own household. I loved her trademark shoot from the hip quip, "God's gonna get you for that..." I must say that although the show was not a crowd pleaser in my folks house, I usually trotted off to our second TV set to catch the show. During this heyday of 70's TV, many shows won viewers if they had a catchy opening theme. Maude filled the bill with music legend, Donny Hathaway singing the opening with it's memorable lyrics and snazzy music. It's become an pop icon unto itself. Ms. Arthur's career is so storied and filled with accomplishment that have been recapped by all the mainstream outlets including her later success on the Golden Girls that found a whole new audience and continues the laughter. Thanks, Bea for "being" apart of the soundtrack of my life while giving me something to really think about weekly. RIP. (photo credits: / IMF sources)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Free Fall Friday: A Sizzler Edition

Here we are again, it's another TGIF in the Natural State and COP:24/7 is in a Spring Flinging mode. It's fast and furious in this cyber mash up of news, links, insights, commentary and maybe the kitchen sink. So let's go get em...

Crowns-R- US: Speaking of flinging, pageant season is in full swing, with the recent round of pageantry offering us, Dominque Sanchez, Miss Gay Arkansas US of A 2009, 1st Alternate, Christina Saxton. Wait just a minute.
Is this a re-run? Have I seen this show before?Am I doing a double take? In case you didn't know, this forum has a internal search engine that is quite a nifty gadget. Not to mean an effective way to access the archives of this forum. After a easy brief search, it seems that I, yes me, posted back in 2.21.07 that Dominque Sanchez had ascended to this same title in 2007. The first Alternate on that outing was Whitney Paige. (pictured left). If memory serves me correct and I don't claim to be a drag historian but this was the 07 mash up. Miss Sanchez served ever so briefly, sought a fist full of dollars for nationals, then unceremoniously had a "change of heart," consequently going MIA (missing in action) from the system. Did you get that? O.K. there's a bit more. Furthermore from my recollection, that move didn't result in her name being in the "banned" section of the US of A pageant website, unlike others who do a no show or violate those coveted rules that these outfits contend are universal. Well, maybe. But I think it's more like when pigs fly they will be. Just for the record, COP:24/7 outreached to DS for comment after our 2007 posting to get his side of the story. Yet, as usual we got "crickets," not even a "no comment." Gee Whiz, can you imagine no words from the Saturday night show M.C., whom doesn't seem lost for words? Let's be clear, I'm all about the "congratulate" and not the hate. It just appears that"special circumstances" as well as a round of "Tea & Sympathy" didn't preclude Miss S from competing without question. Come to think of it, why should it when the immediate goals are: a field of contestants, paying audience and profits! After all isn't it just the price of doing business. As as parting shot, everyone despite talent or excellence isn't always afforded these accommodations as cited in the post, Crowns Revisited( 7.24.06.) Oh well, It's another day in the pageantry Big Wheel of Chance, where anything is possible or not possible depending whom making the rules. Go Figure.

Dominique At her Finest!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rainbow Viral, You & Me

Can you feel it? It's slowly emerging and we all are waiting with baited breathe. What is it you ask? The summer season of festivals, prides and the great American outdoor activities that we love. At this posting, it seems that the weather has finally decided to move ahead and allow us to start planning those steamy hot days of summer fun and frolic. But, before you start that get away search, I still have more news,updates, commentary, video and even some travel tips to boot. Keep it locked in and we continue to load these pages with more of what you've been looking for!

Hate Crime Legislation Debated

In a previous post, I mused about staying safe in the city, while avoiding being a target for possible hate crime. Keeping this important issues on the frontburner is necessary as across the country numerous incidents have been reported concering SGL indiviudals and businesses. The Mid-South has not been immuned to the impact of these incidents including unsloved murders. On Capitol Hill, the House Judiciary Committee will consider hate crimes legislation tomorrow has reignited a debate on Capitol Hill as to whether or not granting sexual orientation the same legal status as race and religion is a step toward equality or one in the wrong direction.The bill, known as the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, would amend present hate crimes law to include violence motivated by a victim’s sexual orientation, gender identity, gender or disability.The bill will be introduced by the committee chairman, U.S. Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., and is the same legislation that passed the House in 2007 by a 237-180 vote.If enacted, it would provide federal assistance to state and local law enforcement to prosecute hate crimes. It would also authorize the federal government to investigate crimes where the victim was targeted because he or she belongs to one of the protected groups.
The necessity of legislation to enhance criminal penalties for crimes committed against gays and lesbians based on whether or not they were motivated by hate is at the center of the debate. Gay-rights groups argue they are only asking for the same federal protections already enjoyed by people of faith, while conservative Christian organizations claim the legislation will infringe on their religious liberties.“Hate crime laws that include sexual orientation are a bad idea, because they elevate homosexuality to the same status as race and do nothing to prevent violent crimes,” said Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel. “All crimes are motivated by hate. Hate crimes laws will not be used to punish the perpetrators but will be used to silence people of faith, religious groups, clergy and those who support traditional moral values.”Many Christian activists are concerned the hate crimes bill would penalize speech — specifically speech from the pulpit condemning homosexual behavior. This has led many conservatives to conclude the bill is a backdoor attempt to infringe upon the First Amendment rights of Christians who oppose gay rights.“The idea of being prosecuted for reading Scripture may seem delirious, but it is just as crazy to think it couldn’t happen,” said Catholic League President Bill Donohue. “The problem in general with hate crimes legislation is that it invites the government to probe way beyond motive. And in instances like this, it trespasses on free speech and religious liberty. This is a road no defender of liberty should ever want to go down.”Gay-rights advocates, however, say conservatives are using fear tactics to deny equal protections to a class of people that has historically been targeted by hate groups. They also argue Christian conservatives are being hypocritical because they publicly oppose hate crimes legislation, but presently benefit from a national hate crimes law that protects religion.A 1969 civil rights law “prohibits willful injury, intimidation, or interference or attempt to do so, by force or threat of force of any person because of race, color, religion or national origin” because that person is engaged in activities that include, but are not limited to, admission to public schools, application for employment or receiving any government benefits.U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., dismisses claims the bill would be used to silence Christians and argues the bill respects the First Amendment while, at the same time, protecting gays and lesbians.“The law already increases penalties for crimes motivated by hatred in several categories, so the absence of protection for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people is particularly egregious,” Mr. Frank said. “This bill remedies that gap in a responsible way, fully respectful of constitutional rights and I look forward to it being passed and signed by a president who is committed to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.”The bill also contains language supporters say would prevent it from being construed to infringe upon First Amendment liberties. “Nothing in this act, or the amendments made by this act, shall be construed to prohibit any expressive conduct protected from legal prohibition by, or any activities protected by the free speech or free exercise clauses of, the First Amendment to the Constitution,” the bill reads.The 2007 bill ultimately failed, but with a supportive president in the White House and solid majorities in both Houses of Congress, supporters are optimistic the bill will become law.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eartth Day 2009: The Going Green Edition

Certainly by now you've heard at least one "eco" buzz word. Do you say, NOT? Well, COP:24/7 is always at your beckon call to offer a "light bulb," that's a compact flo light bulb moment for your daily consumption. It's Earth Day 2009 and this forum just couldn't be left out of the celebration. So, it's a jammed packed post as we Go Green for this outing. Are you ready, well come on, let's go!( graphic courtesy of created by Jan Martin Will)

The Green Home Front: I can't tell any of you about being green, if I'm not mentioning what's going on green in my own backyard. So, here's a snapshot of how I've made a serious attempt to deal with my carbon footprint.

1. I had my home weatherized with a new fangled insulation that's really eco friendly because it's made from, Viola, many of those pesky plastic bags that you get from retailers. I was amazed as the firm that did the installation demonstrated to me how the process works. They filled my attic crawl space with the updated product which does not have fiber glass components, meanwhile stating it's effectiveness. After the machine was hooked up, it only took about 45 minutes total.

2. I installed a new Flex Thermostat to keep a constant temp flow as well as levelized billing from my energy providers.

3.Replaced all bulbs with compact fluorescent. They cost a bit more, but are suppose to last longer.

4. Replaced my toilets with low the low flow types to help save more water.

5. Installed some outdoor solar lighting and will explore more solar options for additional landscaping.

6. Purchased some energy efficient appliances that have been designed with the environment in mind.

So, as you can see, I've been busy although I've always valued the environment and be conscious of my impact on it. I took the Carbon Footprint Quiz on the site and discovered that I still have lots of work to do. Try it and see how many "earth's" it will take to sustain your lifestyle. Whether you believe it or not, all of us are responsible for the Earth. So, what are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint. Got ideas, stories, doubts, then share it with us...

GREEN Action for U: You can take some green action by contacting your Representatives about the American Clean Energy and Security Act will create millions of new clean energy jobs, save consumers hundreds of billions of dollars in energy costs, enhance America’s energy independence, and cut global warming pollution. To meet these goals, the legislation has four titles:
A clean energy title that promotes renewable sources of energy, carbon capture and sequestration technologies, low-carbon fuels, clean electric vehicles, and the smart grid and electricity transmission;
An energy efficiency title that increases energy efficiency across all sectors of the economy, including buildings, appliances, transportation, and industry;
A global warming title that places limits on emissions of heat-trapping pollutants; and
A transitioning title that protects U.S. consumers and industry and promotes green jobs during the transition to a clean energy economy.
The Energy and Commerce Committee will complete consideration of the legislation by Memorial Day.
Call your member of Congress through the Capitol switchboard 202-224-3121 on Earth Day and ask them to support the Markey - Waxman climate bill.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In a COP/ 360 State of Mind

What a wonderful world we live in. It's a daily battle to naviagate, ebb and flow as well as dodge all that life has to throw at you. It's those side step moves that you hope will get through the day and then, you realize that you may have stepped in a pile of it. It's another day, living you life out loud and then some. Yet, some how I keep focused and determined to follow through with bringing you the latest updates, links, commentary, and some times just stuff for your thought processes. It's all here for the taking, so go ahead and enjoy some...

Views from Under the Rainbow:
Playing Safe and Staying Safe in the City

This forum has taken on many topics and issues that are not only close to my own heart but certainly should grab at your own. The recent death of Jimmy William, aka, Alexis Fairchild, was not only a lost of one of our own, but rather reminded me of how fleeting life can be while trying to be your authentic self. During my lifetime, I've been witness to a variety of violence that has befallen individuals in the GLBTQ community and the lackluster notice that they receive. After all, Jimmy's homicide notice was cited as another death stat with minor TV coverage, ultimately ending up on the back page of the DemGaz "B" section bottom column. His life, legacy and luminescence's snuffed out. All across the country there have been numerous stories about the life's of GLBTQ people who have been impacted by violence and hate. Most of them were not high profiled such as the Matthew Shepard case which put a face on the issue that has gone on to give birth to legislation, yet the spike in such incidents can't go ignored. Locally tacking of hate crimes or stats are undetermined I suspect most likely don't exists. Unfortunately this community has not been able to maintain the resources or mind trust necessary for such monitoring. Our area groups are strapped with just trying to do the best they can with what meager revenue streams they can muster. However, playing safe and staying safe is your personal responsibility. I fully understand that some elements of the lavender life has it edgy challenges and gritty scenes that may excite, yet all of these maneuvers must be handled with extreme caution. Especially those of you exploring those "KKFs" or finding your jollys in public places such as walking trails and parks. It's a brave new world of danger and it's best that you watch your back while kicking your way through. Here's some tips on avoiding a Hate Crime from Print them out for safe keeping. It may mean your life....

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wrap it Up Monday

I've got to face at least one fact. It's getting more difficult for me to continue to Burn the candle at both ends and this weekends full schedule of proves it to the fullest. I wasn't sure if I was going to make the cut when I made it to the Big Chair for this edition. However, duty calls and I've gotten my second wind to bring it all home. Let's do it together, shall we....

Rodeo Rockin: Well, they did it again and pulled off Rodeo in the Rock 2009, which has become known on the circuit as, "the best little rodeo," of the IGRA. Lou Rushing, D. Scott and the entire DSRA Team rallied and brought the rodeo stage into the station with a weekend filled with great competition and loads of fun. I took in the opening hoedown at Sidetracks (4.17.09) which was almost at capacity with visitors and locals. Throughout the evening I met cowboys from Arizona, Illinois, Oklahoma and Tennessee respectively. I was pleasantly please to know that many had a favorable impression of Little Rock and acknowledged the DSRA as great stop on the rodeo circuit. Despite some rainy skies, the competition as well as other activities went as planned including another hootenanny Saturday night (4.18.09) which featured area performers and boot scooting music for the attendees. President Lou stated that beverage sales were extremely brisk and estimated that at least $2500 was grossed not including entrance cover. The DSRA had move to a biannual rodeo due to production cost and revenue streams. "Unfortunately, our rodeo doesn't have the sponsorship that other larger rodeos get."said Lou. "It takes all we've got to do this in the best possible way. My phone rang off the hook trying." she concluded. In this forum I've made every attempt to be objective in my observations about DSRA and posted views from those who have their perceptions of the organization. In full disclosure, I've made appearances at the clubhouse in fundraising efforts. I am not a member but have supported and been welcomed by the membership. As a past event organizer, I can firmly state that it's simply damn hard to please everyone all the time. Especially in the GLBTQ community where ego's are plentiful, attitudes in full supply and critics, cynics and curmudgeons galore. I've been around for some time and trying to find common ground based on the theme "working together" is a concept that still hasn't been fully realized. The success of the rodeo can be measured by the effort of those who stepped to the plate and did the work to make it so. Are there Shortcomings? Sure. Oversights? probably. Personality clashes? You betcha. Overall, there's no event that is picture perfect but with proper assessment, reflection and transparency everything can be improved. But those improvements come from creative positive people who get committed early and stay the course to the end. In other words, don't come with big ideas and then decide to take your marbles and leave the game. Congrats DSRA on being the best little rodeo on the circuit and showing some state pride to boot.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Waves from the Blue Zone

What can you say, you've made it to another TGIF safe place for some possible R & R. Well, perhaps you will be laid back, but I'll be out and about in search of what's hot or what's not this weekend. It's all about keeping it funky fresh and laser focused from Arkansas only online daily updating experience, COP:24/7! Let's Go get em.....
Cowboy Up: It's Rodeo in the Rock, saddling up for another ride in Central Arkansas, 4.17 -4.19.09 at the Fairgrounds. The kick off hootenanny will take place at Sidetracks, tonight with doors opening at 5 and the fun starts after dark. The website HomoRodeo reports that at least 60 plus registrants for the event and I would hope that locals would join in with full support. Although there has been some miscues and possible internal wrangling, the event is open to all whom wish to participate. If you are staying in the host hotel (La Quinta on Broadway) they are offering a FREE shuttle to the area bars. I'm traveling to Chicago in a few weeks for my BWMT board meeting and the shuttle is $50 buckaroo's! ( more on that next week...) Even though a gay rodeo may not be your cup of tea, it's all about stepping out of your comfort zone. For more info click it to Tell them you heard about it here first! This event should fall into the "HOT" slot if all goes well. I'll let you know next week...
She's Hot!: The Legendary Rupaul is showing up all over the planet, especially with her Drag Race reality sashay on the LOGO network, sponsored by Absoult Vodka products. Unfortunately, I only had time to watch one episode but checked out some online snippets for the cause. The winner was Bebe Zahara Benet (pictured left) a 28 year old stunning dragon from Yaounde, Cameroon, Africa. (talk about globalization?) Benet brings it to you from the catwalk to the performance spotlight but was not the odds on favorite to win. However, the "Super Model of the World," Ru felt that she made the cut and for winning the title, Bebee won $20,000, photo shoot with famed photog Greg Gorman for an eye wear campaign and bragging rights that you beat out over 1000 other applicants! According to Ru, Bebe will be the latest Drag Superstar in the Dragosphere. Since the show BZB has been touring the country from coast to coast. I checked out her website and discovered this college educated former male model from France is quite the looker in photos. You can check it out at, According to his site there is music in the works and most likely showing up for the 2nd season of Ru's Drag Race airing in early 2010. Not to be out done, Ru has release her latest music, "Champion" staying in the race theme, she's still pumping out strong beats and sassy phrases that he wrote for the CD. I might not want to spend my entire evening watching a drag smack down, but I do enjoy me some Rupaul music when I need a toe tapping experience. Ms. Ru has developed quite an empire with music, radio, TV, movies and appearances. Is she available for a Little Rock stop over? All I can say is, "you go girl!" Everything Ru can be found at and you can get downloads at I-tunes. As a side note, This years Rodeo in the Rock is also being sponsored by LOGO in cahoots with the International Gay Rodeo Association.

HOT on Flim: The Little Rock Film Festival group will roll out the Third Annual Little Rock Film Festival with a announcing reception 4.21.09. The festival is expanding to five days, May 13-17, featuring more than 70 films and 150 screenings in addition to educational workshops, film panels and receptions. Perhaps organizers of the Gay Film Fest should take some pointers from this fest if they are planning on putting anything together this year. I've attended GFF screenings in past years and let's just say there's much room for upgrades and improvements to say the least. Meanwhile the LRFF will showcase filmmakers from 15 countries around the world who will attend the festival to compete for prizes, including the first annual Golden Rocks, given to the best narrative and documentary films screened at the festival. Festival passes, which grant priority access to all screenings, will be on sale for $30 and can also be purchased online at
When: Tuesday, April 21, 2009 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. – Reception *$20 donation suggested at the door to benefit LRFF
Where: Clinton School of Public Service Sturgis Hall *Reserve your seats by emailing or calling 501.683.5239.

From the Not list: The 3rd Annual Queer Conference scheduled for this weekend is a no go as announced by e-blast from Jann Soriano of UCA's PRISM. Organizers cited " a lack of resources and time," in their decision to cancel. However, they have hopes for the conference later this year. Due to scheduling conflicts, I've not attended one these conferences but have supported them through announcements on this site. Yet, for the record, although never acknowledged or basically "thanked," I've never seen any results for all the effort put into it to make it happen. I've inquired in the past with no response. Therefore, as far as I'm concerned and most likely many of you, are thinking what's the purpose of this event. Furthermore what measurable outcomes does it achieve in producing it and if there's such a need why are there a lack of resources from year to year? Gosh dern it, there I go again, asking those hard questions from the sidelines. Oh well, I guess some body's got to do it and it might as well be me. Look for updates as they are announced.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Speaking Volumes in a YouthQuake

Just for the record, I do read your e-blast. Any and all of them that come my way and the comments, insights, rants, or dismissive attitudes that are cast my way in person as well. Each day that I produce this forum, as Executive Producer and shot caller, I demand of myself the best results possible in choosing updates, commentary, links, video or topical items that should stimulate your thoughts or passions.One such reader, "Ken" stated that he had "the utmost respect for me and what I do." Thanks, and understand that this platform is all about people like yourself and others. Recently, another reader cited myself as a "gatekeeper" of info for GLBTQ Arkansas. I paused on that description but in a afterthought realized that was a novel observation which also requires this forum to continue to asking the hard questions, seeking transparency where there is none, stepping to the issues that make us uncomfortable and of course, staying On Point! Dear readers, I know you are out there, reading us on your PC's, desktops, and laptops. Please share our site with your e-lists and make us your RSS feed or favorite. Your support is so important to our total success. Show some pride by visiting our online partners or gadgets and stay locked in to COP:24/7 Don't forget that the floor is always open and the lights too!!

COP:24/7 Special Edition
Speaking Volumes in a YouthQuake

Living your out loud can be exhilarating and for some disheartening or depressive. Fortunately, for myself, I didn't actually realize that I was suppose to be one way or another. I was being authentic, before being authentic was the latest self-help catch phrase. Simply, I was a young person striving to make my parents proud, meanwhile discovering the God given talents that I wanted to share with the world. Even though I suffered some teasing, bad mouthing and a bit of bullying, I was determined to keep it real no matter what. I knew early that I was different and as my "inner voice" quietly spoke volumes I did the best I could with external pressures. All the while embracing later amplified messages that it was O.K. to be just me. However, this is often not the case for many gay youth who find themselves isolated, ostracized, deprived and bullyed. This phenom is not new and has been raging on in school yards, neighborhoods and in households across the nation. I was again struck by the reporting of 11 year old CJ Walker-Hoover (pictured right) who hanged himself due to bullying from classmates who taunted him about possibly being gay. Gay youth who believe that suicide is the only relief for their desperation is simply heartbreaking and occurs at an alarming rate. According to GLSEN ( Gay,Lesbian, Straight, Education Network) two of the top three reasons students said their peers were most often bullied at school were actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender expression, as reported From Teasing to Torment: School Climate in America, a 2005 report by GLSEN and Harris Interactive. The top reason was physical appearance.
"As was the case with Carl, you do not have to identify as gay to be attacked with anti-LGBT language," Byard said. "From their earliest years on the school playground, students learn to use anti-LGBT language as the ultimate weapon to degrade their peers. In many cases, schools and teachers either ignore the behavior or don't know how to intervene."
Nearly 9 out of 10 LGBT youth (86.2%) reported being verbally harassed at school in the past year because of their sexual orientation, nearly half (44.1%) reported being physically harassed and about a quarter (22.1%) reported being physically assaulted, according to GLSEN�s 2007 National School Climate Survey of more than 6,000 LGBT students.
In most cases, the harassment is unreported. Nearly two-thirds of LGBT students (60.8%) who experience harassment or assault never reported the incident to the school. The most common reason given was that they did not believe anything would be done to address the situation. Of those who did report the incident, nearly a third (31.1%) said the school staff did nothing in response. While LGBT youth face extreme victimization, bullying in general is also a widespread problem. More than a third of middle and high school students (37%) said that bullying, name-calling or harassment is a somewhat or very serious problem at their school, according to From Teasing to Torment. Bullying is even more severe in middle school. Two-thirds of middle school students (65%) reported being assaulted or harassed in the previous year and only 41% said they felt very safe at school.
Carl's suicide comes about a year after eighth-grader Lawrence King was shot and killed by a fellow student in a California classroom, allegedly because he was gay.

Even as marriage equality has taken the spotlight, I'm concerned that gay youth issues are not receiving the max attention it deserves. As I sit among the young set in the area watering holds, I wonder how many are dealing with emotional baggage or displacement that will continue to manifest itself as they make their way to relationships and maturity. I've always been about dealing with the wholeness of a person. It's a fact that good health is all about body, soul and mind. Unfortunately there is no GLSEN chapter in Arkansas, but the Center for Artistic Revolution has a youth outreach effort to assist with the void. Also, there is a NPO start up called Central Arkansas Youth Center helmed by Micheal Lanning, Mr. Gay Arkansas USof A at Large.( ) If you are a gay youth in need of assistance or your know of one such individual share this site and let them know that there's relief for the asking. Got stories, we would love to hear them and share them in our comments section.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Welcome to Thunderdome Wednesday

Ahy Matie, there's pirates on land and sea this Tax Day 2009 as a gathering storm is brewing just over the horizon. It's all so surreal. Pirates in 2009? Yes, it seems that this is the reality on the high seas as well as on Capital Hill where their are some well connected pirates who are raking in the earmark booty for those special projects for their part of world. And the taxpayers are seething about it all as they are wanting to know what the hell is going on. President Obama in my opinion has made every attempt to "keep it real." He's stated that even with those "glimmers of hope," he tempered the news with the keen fact that there are still hurdles to be crossed. With all that said, I'm still a bit cynical about it all. Especially when I opened a recent credit card bill from Home Depot where my interest rate was raised despite my basically on time record and notices from other companies( Bank of America, AMX) of increases due to "credit risk environment indicators." If you ask me, those pirates on the Somalia coast are not the only pirates in the game.

Tax Tea Party: If you want to express your outrage this Tax Day you can do so around 3:45 t0 6 p.m. on the Capital steps in Little Rock via the local version of the Tax Day Tea Parties that are happening around the nation today. According to the Tax Day website there are sessions planned all over the state. In case you've been out of the loop, the premise of these demonstrations are to call out lawmakers about the ballooning deficit and budget busting spending. Much of the ballyhoo surrounds the recent Obama Stimulus package as well as those bank bailouts that have temperatures rising including my own. There was some tax relief which resulted in me getting an additional $12. Well, it's not much but it's twelve more than I had, which I can now pay toward those other increases. Where's does it end? So if you are mad as hell and don't want to take it anymore? Here's your chance to let it all out for FREE.

When I need a break from the soap box, I opt to use content from one of my favorite sites, QueerCents. They have some really great insightful articles and items that I love sharing with you. Here's another timely item for your consumption after your finish your taxes.

COP:24/7 Special

Marriage Penalty: Same Sex Couples Still Ahead by Helen Maynard

There are many good reasons for us gay folks to fight for the right to marry — to be able to visit your loved one in a hospital, to collect Social Security if your partner dies, and just because we want to (gosh darnit!). But if the Federal government ever gets around to recognizing our relationships, gay couples with two solid incomes will end up paying a lot for the privilege.
Like much of the American way of life, the tax code was set up assuming that a family = two adults + 1.5 children + a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence. It further assumes that one of those adults stays home while the other goes out to bring home the bacon.
Fast forward 150 years, and only about half of Americans fit this scenario. Today, a couple of professionals each with $120,000 in taxable income would pay a total of $55,158 if they file as two singles. The same couple would owe $57,989 if they file as a married couple — a “marriage penalty” of $2831. It also bumps them into the next tax bracket, changing their marginal rate from 28% to 33%.
Let’s say the couple has a newborn infant. If they invest the tax difference, $2831, every year for 18 years at 5%, they will have $79,642 — a tidy sum to help pay for college expenses.
So, if you live in a state where you can’t file as a couple, and you fall into this scenario, enjoy your “gay savings.” Isn’t it nice that Uncle Sam charges us less in tax? You might consider donating some of this hidden windfall to HRC or Lambda Legal as a thank you for all the work they do on our behalf.
Of course, not all of us fall into the “two professional incomes” category. For families where one spouse stays home to care for kin and hearth or where one spouse has a particularly low income, they would benefit by being able to count their spouse as a dependent.
Tax rates can be found on p. 80 of the IRS 1040 instructions.

The Thought of the Day:

You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down. You cannot further brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. You cannot build character and courage by taking away men’s initiative and independence. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.- Abraham Lincoln

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Tuesday Windup and Pitch

The Tax man cometh and I'm not scared about it. I've met him on this turf before and it's a stare down that I've become accustomed too every year before April 15. Each year GLBTQ groups launch their tax equity campaign citing all the inequities that face lavender citizens across the board. I fully understand where they are coming from. Not to mention an ever growing tax burdern that is engulfing us all as we dig, bail or root this nation back into some form of prosperity . Yet, I deal with it, with some gruff, but it's a necessary task that must be done not only the yearly tax reporting but the daily sales taxes, hamburger taxes, city taxes, or any other numerous tax grabs that can't be sidestepped. As they say, it's Taxes and dying that we must all do and there's no way around it. O.K. if you haven't filed then get her done. I'm completing it and checking it twice.

A COP:24/7 Special
Equal Taxes, Equal Rights:
Here's a 411 look at the Price of being Gay

Living in the land of the free and the brave can be costly and for many GLBTQ individuals and families the playing field isn't always level or equitable. Each year everyone does the 1040 Drill to get those taxes files either on time or the 4868 Tax extension shuffle. Just in case you didn't know SGL organizations have been promoting campaigns connecting the dots on how gays are taxed as citizens but treated like a "red headed step child," otherwise when other rights are concerned. Even my money guru hero, Suze Orman has commented on the fact that her amassed wealth maybe in question concerning her long term partner. It's truly something to think about when doing your estate planning involving your life mate and the impact of your decisions. As I scurry to complete my yearly task, I wanted share with you some interesting fast facts courtesy of the Human Rights Campaign and for your consideration. On Tuesday, April 14 join HRC for a webchat at 2:00 p.m. EDT to answer questions on a wide range of financial issues affecting LGBT individuals and couples with tax experts and attorneys. You can submit your question prior to the online chat to

Federal Taxes: Married same-sex couples are not eligible to file federal taxes jointly. This becomes especially significant when the two partners’ incomes differ dramatically, such as in the case of a stay-at-home parent. See Melba Abreu's story at

Social Security: LGBT people pay the same Social Security taxes, but do not have access to the spousal protections Social Security provides to heterosexual people, including the lump sum survivor benefit generally used for funeral expenses and access to a deceased spouse’s higher monthly benefit. I experience this first hand with the death of my LTC. I was not entitled to his death benefit for use in his burial nor any of his social security which he didn't have a chance to collect despite his lifetime payments into the system. For more info see Herb Burtis' story at

Inheritance Rights: Current tax law allows a spouse to inherit an unlimited amount without incurring an estate tax. Same-sex couples are denied this right, as well as Tenancy by the Entirety, which ensures that debt inherited cannot be enforced against the couple’s jointly owned property. Do you and your partner have investment property or a business?

Family Health Care: Some employers extend health insurance benefits to same-sex couples, but this trend is undermined by the federal government’s refusal to recognize legal partners for Medicaid and other social services. Adding insult to injury, domestic partner benefits are taxed as additional compensation. See Mary & Dorene Bowe-Shulman's story at

Employment Discrimination: In most states, you can be fired from a job simply for being gay, bi or trans. This is not just some abstract concept, it really happens. In these difficult economic times, LGBT people need a fair chance at keeping their employment. See Don't forget that Arkansas is a Right to Work state, your employment can be considered at will. That's the "at will" of the employer.

Right to Travel: Most people in America can move and travel between states knowing that their legal rights will come with them. LGBT people cannot make that assumption. Is a better job worth losing family health insurance? If there's an accident during a family vacation will one partner be denied hospital visitation?

Immigration Equality: If a US citizen marries an opposite-sex person from a different country that person can sponsor their spouse for immigration purposes. That right is not available to same sex couples, where all too often LGBT people find themselves in heart wrenching dilemmas, forced to choose between their country and the person they love. See

Open Military Service: The current Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy deprives LGBT Americans of their right to serve their country openly. A marine who has been loyal to her squadron for years can be dishonorably discharged after she is seen kissing her girlfriend goodbye. See

Got your own stories, observations, rants, ideas or inquires, let's here from you, TODAY! Click the comment icon and say it loud!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Changing Channels

Just how many channels does it take to entertainment a person? I'm befuddled at the continuing outgrowth of cable channels devoted to almost anything and everything imaginable. Long before the economic mash up, I decided that all those mucho dineros that I was putting out for channels that I didn't either watch or have any interest was just too much. I mean really too much. So I called my local cable service, Comcast, asking to be released from the onslaught of one too many ESPN's, Horse racing Channel or other channels that were useless in my entertainment arsenal. Yet, after that move, I realized that even though I may have downsized, there were still more channels being developed for my consumption ONLINE! Oh Joy. Well, what can I say, we live in a digital world that's all about connecting to the masses and beyond. It's a tough business all around, nevertheless I'm in the game as well, attempting to make the connection to you dear reader on a daily basis. It's all about communicating info, updates, commentary, links and so much more as I do daily as Arkansas' only daily updating GLBTQ blog. So, if you tire of all those cable offerings, don't forget to keep COP:24/7 a click away in your favorites, use our RSS link or become a follower. We love having you aboard!!!

They Shoot Books Don't They?: I love books. Always have and most likely always will. Long before Oprah's book club or my knowledge of any so called Gay book club, I was the kid in the library in search of the latest read. All of this early reading unlocked the vault that held the holy grail of information that I so desperately wanted to understand. I've always voted for any millage that would build additional libraries or support them. I valued these book bastions because they not only comforted me but provided with access to worlds that have not only enriched me, but raised my level of consciousness. The public library was the first place where I got Internet access and the hunger to pursue it in my home. That's why I was so bemused by Amazon's quirky move to de-list any books of "adult" content from their rankings. Yet, even more surprising was much of this material dealt with "gay" content including titles such as Giovanni's Room from legendary literary giant James Baldwin or "Ruby Fruit Jungle" by Rita Mae Brown. Are you kidding me Amazon? For the record, I've purchased items from Amazon, including books and I'm not amused at this censorship tactic wrapped in marketing policy. The Internet has been buzzing with comments galore as end users are lashing out at the Internet behemoth. There's much talk about doing an economic embargo resulting in not spending those allegedly disposable greenbacks with them. At this post, it seems that Amazon's ill fated attempt to put such "adult" content on the back shelf will not happen. The company has announced that their was some sort of "glitch" in their system that caused the de-listing. Maybe it was the conficker worm that caused the hiccup but I believe that those bean counters decided that the flow of those rainbow dollars trumped the policy. I'll be watching these guys closely, but I encourage you to patronize your local independent book stores or consider our online partner, . No matter how you do it, books can take you their!

Pride 2009 Theme: Your Rights, Our Rights, Human Rights

We're about 50 days out from GPW 09 and so far I've heard next to nothing about the Little Rock festival except a business card that was left for me announcing Sunday June 7, 2009. 12 noon, Rivermarket. That's it. There were elections last year, some rounds of fundraisers and promises of info from their website ( or Twitter. However to date, apparently there's nothing to report or confirmed plans outlined. Not even a mention of this years national theme: Pride 2009: Your Rights, Our Rights, Human Rights. It's not mandatory that it be used but, if you don't have anything at all, then it's a "insert theme" here move. Meanwhile, there is a slate of officers and assigned committees which are all the makings of an organization. Including a "diversity committee" as a fresh approach to previous ethnic insensitivity's of organizers. Yet names and lackluster action does nothing to produce anything. I checked their Official My Space page, (last login 2.12.09) which post that LRCP is preparing for the "biggest pride Little Rock has ever seen. Own It." Oh really and exactly what would that be? In the past I've been soundly and roundly criticized for saying what other folks think but dare to speak. It's still a free country people. Don't get up in arms with lawmakers and then don't call out your own for their mediocrity or bullshit. I was labeled a "hater, dream killer, airing the community's dirty laundry and naysayer, all without any real proof or substantial illustrations. I had at least one reader demand that they be removed from my mailing list in protest of my views on asking the hard questions and seeking transparency. Well, here we are again and from where I stand, it's business as usual. Of course, there will be the question, "O.K. COP 24:7 what have you done to help the situation?" The answer: nothing because no one asked. It's just that simple. However, as I scanned the net on surrounding cities such as Memphis, Tulsa or Kansas City, MO, I noticed that they have their activities in play and advertised complete with updated websites filled with information. As for Central City the jury is out. I'll keeping searching for answers( the link to contact LRCP officers was Missing In Action) and when I find some, you'll be the first to know! If you find out, then share it with the rest of us...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Is this Thing ON..A Friday Edition

As I make my daily way in producing this forum, I've some times struck with the amount of time and commitment I've invested. Personally I'm extremely productive in the AM, while the rest of the world slumbers, I'm in the Big Chair tapping out whatever makes the cut for each edition. I've stated in the past, some individuals call it "that thing that you do," which is more than just a thing that I do as far as I'm concerned. CorneliusOnpoint has evolved over the years, while filling a niche that simply is missing in action within the GLBTQ community. I know that many of you are reading us, although to quietly for my taste, I know you are out their taking it all in with great interest. Unfortunately, tracking this info proves to be sketchy and incomplete as I try to assess with possible advertisers those important numbers that count. In the ad game, it's all about the "eyeballs" that could become potential end users which dictate who gets the ad dollars and who doesn't. This formula works not only in this instance, but should be considered with all outlets serving the SGL construct. I need every eyeball, earshot or "blinker" that I can muster to check with us daily and being Onpoint!! Now let the chips fall where they may....

Going to the Chapel: "Were going to the chapel and we're going to get married are lyrics that are most likely being hummed all across the land as this week those seeking "marriage equality" have seen new laws enacted in various state houses. Just this week Iowa, Vermont, and DC have taken the plunge, meanwhile, New York Governor Patterson is planning to re-introduce legislation, Colorado's Gov. Bill Ritter signs domestic partnership bill, Wisconsin has same-sex matters being discussed, and the debate rages on from coast to coast. All of this activity flying in the face of DOMA which passed in 1996 and the intense opposition that is going to get really ugly. Our own legislative showdown with Rep. King's DPR measure, seems to quelled at the moment, but I believe that his supporters are not done and will resurface in a more ardent manner. In this state, getting prepared and staying prepared has become the call of just a few and gathering massive outcry is like pulling teeth to say the least. Yet, it's always the next time that causes me pause plus makes me ponder, " have SGL people in Arkansas become so content and complacent that they would just rather go about their everyday existence without making a fuss? The floor is open and I'm ready to discuss it whenever you are...

Book Notes: I'm not sure the status of the local lavender book club, or if it still exist but I have a interesting title to suggest. It's "Sick N Tired of Waiting on Pharaoh! "an underground conversation about homosexuality in the bible" provides some simple answers to a perceived difficult topic for the LBGT/SGL community. The book provides tools for the reader enabling them to facilitate critical thinking discussions with their partner, friends and family even if they are not well-read in biblical studies.This book's focus is not about convincing heterosexuals to embrace, love, and support or change their position on homosexuality. This book is about homosexuals embracing, loving, supporting themselves and changing their negative perceptions of their sexuality. It is time we have these biblical conversations amongst ourselves where on earth we gather, in concert with the "down low" topics which has taken our community off message. It is unhealthy for us to villainies those who are still in the cave. It is healthy for us to never forget, many of us were in the cave at one time but Love guided us out to a healthy light. Love can draw you out of the cave;Knowledge can keep you from going back in. Get it from our online partner,

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Omnibus COP

Information is so vital in this ever changing world of the 24 hour news cycle. I spend lot's of time pursuing updates, verifications and digging deeper for understanding of numerous topics that I share with you dear reader. Why as you ask? Thanks for asking, because I want you to be enlightened, empowered and educated about issues that may impact you life. I don't "do this thing that I do," for a spin in Ego Tower, but rather as a service to the GLBTQ community and beyond. Ladies and Gentlemen, don't forget that "knowledge is power!" Now with all that said, let's go get some...
Info 101: JCCSI (Jefferson Comprehensive Care Systems) will be hosting a Benefits Education Training for consumers May 18, 1:30-4:30p.m., 2020 W.3rd street, 2nd floor conference room. This session is designed to educate consumers on the "basics" of accessing a variety of entitlement programs such as Social Security, Nutritional Assistance Programs and Workforce Assistance. The training is in response to the complexities that can become barriers to successfully obtaining these services. I have had personal experience with the Benefits game on behalf of several individuals that I have assisted. It can be a nightmare and wrought with redundancy as well as a massive paper trail. I was totally amused by a required Government document notifying claimants of the National Paperwork Reduction Act*, which touted the Gov.'s intention to reduce paper trails. Not so, I say. Because you will need all of that damn paper to make your case to those adjudicators ( a fancy word for paper pusher) who will ask you for these items perhaps more than once. I should know since an important case file was lost. Yes, my friends LOST, by a Government agency that had me file the information, get this, ONLINE! How do you lose a file submitted to your system was just mind boggling, not to mean frustrating to say the least. I demanded a Supervisor and quoted to them their own PRA which sorta sped up the process. Talk about navigating luck! Most likely in the JCCSI BET they will also address the numerous services that are now available Online. However, I was wondering just how many of those who may need this session are caught up in the Digital Divide without access to computers. I suggest that a session on accessing Prescription Assistance Programs would be extremely beneficial to the POZ community and anyone else trying to get meds. What a wicked web this benefits thingy can be. If you need more info call Dr. Smith at 870.535.3062 ext. 107 Deadline for registration is 5.08.09 Tell them you heard it here first!!
Channel Up: Arkansas Community Planning Group (ARCPG) is stepping into the 21st century with it's first test pilot of video conferencing for their April 10 meeting. According to an e-blast, the group's agenda will include assessments, agency reports and updates on HIV/AIDS related issues in the context of community planning. In their e-mail, organizers emphasize that this t medium is not new technology but don't explain why this approach hasn't been utilized previously. Especially, since I've watched so many presentations, meetings and believe it or not how my own orthopedic surgery would be done via web cast! O.K. I'm a blessed techy who has embraced new platforms, but hopefully this test will usher in a newer and greener era of folks meeting around the state. In the meantime, I hope that some of that stimulus cash will give Arkansas a boost in wiring this state with Broadband access. A few of you dear readers have expressed to me that some of our video/audio content can't be accessed because you reside in areas that are still dial-up landlocked or their are no DSL providers. Let's get this state wired for the future, now! Congrats and good luck! Need more info on the meeting, e-mail us for details!!!
UTR Fine Tunning: The Under the Rainbow radio show project is well underway with production meetings scheduled and time slot tentatively confirmed for Sunday nights at 9 p.m. The UTR group has decided to spotlight upcomming events, news, entertainment tidbits and music on KABF 88.3. To date, I have not heard a peep from any of you with ideas, concepts, show guest or anything. This show is all about community and the people whom populate it. Your voices and imput are sought and desired. So, what are you waiting for? Share it today. I'm waiting to hear from you before the show goes live later this month. Click it to our comment icon or

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Living Out Loud and in Living Color 2009

What can we say, " In Arkansas, always a bride's maid and never a damn bride!" Let the culture wars began, again. This week GLBTQ communities in Iowa, Vermont and District of Columbia have been embracing the realization that marriage equality is theirs for the taking. The news sources have been dissecting and pontificating all that comes with these new laws and recognitions. However, even though one talking head described this new access as a "sweep across the country..." Ah, I don't think so. There are still some 29 states that have constitutional bans on gay marriage, including the Natural State of Arkansas which instituted this restriction a few years ago. At this point, advocates and opponents are closing ranks most likely bracing for the next shoe to drop. Meanwhile, ears are pricked up as we await verbiage from President Obama who has much on the plate at this time. During all the chatter on this matter, I did hear one talking head that pondered the thought, " why haven't those individuals who are so oppose to gay marriage been proposing constitutional amendments to prohibit divorce among heterosexuals?" What a interesting thought, especially here in Arkansas, cited by the Total Divorce Blog as a state with one of the highest divorce rates. According to the Modesto Bee news publication, 27 percent of married couples living in the south or Midwest would most likely face divorce. Each of these regions tied for first place in the nation. How about them facts? Nevertheless, the beat goes on as well as the search for Mr.& Mrs. Right 4 Me continues for many of you. Happy hunting and let us know if you find success!

Eating Cornelius: I'm a foodie and that's no bull or should I say beets. As I've matured, not aged, I have aggressively moved to more healthy choices. Yet, when I dine out, that's when it gets tricky and I do mean quite tricky. With that in mind I make serious efforts to keep updated on the latest food trends and trying new recipes in my kitchen. I will be offering some recipes to the newly formatted BWMT newsletter and plan on posting many of them here. My taste run the gamut, and I do go off the radar sometimes, but basically I hover around more vegetables, grains, fruits and such. However, I was intrigued by a recent Men's Health article that talk about The 20 Unhealthiest Vegetarian Meals in America. This I had to read and boy am I glad that I did. Such places as Quiznos, IHOP and P.F. Changs made the cut and I've dined at all of them. What I found in the article was great info on how to eat at this eateries by swapping or substituting entrees for more low calorie focused meals. Also, if you are not in to the food scene deeply, it's those fancy names such as "fromaggio" which is another moniker for "LOTS of Cheese" can throw you off you diet game. After consuming such items, bread sticks, beverage and that dreaded dessert can simply by a waist buster before you know it. So, the next time you are dining out, feel free to ask your friendly waiter or look for those calorie counts that may be available that can be of assistance before you put it through the lips which may end up on the hip! Here's the link for your info and Happy Passover!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Can We Talk: COP 24/7

Let's Talk about SEX

As April reveals itself, everything starts blooming, buzzing and human hormones began rushing about, it's always a good time to mention that subject that no one, but everyone really want to talk about, SEX. What not a better time during, National STD Month! Yes, in case you didn't know and of course I feel privileged to share with you all the campaigns designed for the sexually inclined. Is that you? Why certainly. The above video clip is from the It's Your Sex Life campaign in cooperation with Kaiser Family Foundation, MTV and Planned Parenthood. I reviewed the mash up, finding it quite informative as well as frank about STD's in the era of HIV/AIDS. Believe it or not, many cases of STD's have also included diagnosis of HIV. Each of these are sexually transmitted diseases involving blood, "cum" and bodily fluids. I have not been tested in years, bascially because I've been in a committed relationship for a length of time, but this does not preclude STD's from being the "other partner" if you're significant other can't resist the itch to tip. So, if you've been sowing your oats or plan to do so, don't forget to Get Yourself Tested. The local chapter of PP are offering testing with prices ranging from $6.00 for Syphilis to $55 for Herpes. Make your M-F appointment at 501.801.0001 It's a small price to pay for your sexual health. Think about it.

Where's The Party: The 4th Annual Anniversary party for the north shores Sidetracks stepped off 4.4.09. First of all, I had to think has this place been here that long and the answer was, yeah. It's been four years and counting since the former Maggie Mae's morphed into Sidetracks, as an extended mature alternative. Affectionately, Sidetracks also has been referred to as the "wrinkle room," "bone yard," "bear den," old folks home," and "the Has-Been Exit." Yet, despite it all, the owners have stayed committed to offering an outlet as a community gathering spot for all. From my observations, it doesn't matter what age, life choice, ethnicity or preferences. As long as you've bring some respect, you'll get some. I've attended past parties, usually with with great anticipation as well as expectations. The venue was semi-busy with regulars and visitors, featuring some additional decorations accompanying the already busy decor of the bar. But to my surprise and perhaps a few others something was seriously missing. Where's the party? In the past this event has been a bit more celebratory complete with interesting buffet choices, erotic sheet cakes and merry making. Now, I know that we are in an economic downturn and perhaps there's some logical explanation, but this affair was about as exciting as a "rained out well digging." What's going on here? As an hospitality expert, I know that that putting on an event is time consuming, needs some Benjamin's to make it happen and a "HQIC" ( Head Queer in Charge). All this seemed to be sorta missing last evening, resulting in celebrating this milestone with non other than a (OMG) warm Champagne fountain! I don't know exactly what's happened or why, except that party force of "JD" has ceased and those special touches that set a ST event apart is noticeable. Attitudes aside and you can't have a den of rainbow hens and not have attitudes, the party is still suppose to go on! I pondered a few questions to see if I could sort some of it out. Is morale down? Well, not exactly. Has keeping the momentum become ho-hum in a everyday aspect? Perhaps. Customer service? Well, good help can be hard to find. O.K. Sidetracks, congrats on sticking it out for 4 years. It takes a lot to stay in business, meanwhile serving the finicky GLBTQ community that often doesn't share their appreciation. For the record, this forum has made an concerted effort to showcase all area venues and "keep it real" about what's really going on in these outlets. I've often stated that, "if we don't support them, perhaps they may not be around to support us."