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It's all about the Benjamins and YOU!

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Business After Hours 101

What is the April 12 Business After Hours event all about is the question that has many community folks asking. Well, to put in a nut shell. It's an opportunity for local businesses, entreprenuers, online retailers, artist and crafts people to network with possible customers and showcase their prouducts. This project follows the old adage," it's not what you know...but who you know!," and could serve as a foundation to further the understanding of good "Dollars and Sense," in regards to the economic impact that the GLBTQ commands, not only to lavander owned business but those mainstream items in everyday use. As the host of this session, it is my hope that this will be the beginning of a monthly meeting of vendors, developers and product producers, small or large, that are of interest community wide. Taking your business to the next level requires networking with others to let them know what your company is all about and the Business After Hours project is prepared to offer that outlet. Join us to showcase your business, products or host the next event!
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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Check you local schedules...

HERE! entertainment will present another ground breaking gay series in spring 07. The DL Chronicles, starring Damian T. Raven, will feature the lives, loves and low down on those men living the "Down low." The show will tell the stories of men of color who by consequence and by choice, live sexually duplicitous and secret lifestyles. Directed by Quincy Lenear and Deondray Gossett, each episode will explore through narration by character, Chadwick Williams on his research quest to complete a book on MSM's and their daily lives. He discovers a legion of men who have dual exsistences with successful careers, children and wives. HERE! was established in 2002 and can be found on various national cable stations, VOD ( Video on Demand) or SVOD ( subscription video on demand). Locally, Comcast offers the service as apart of it's digital package and is a VOD product. Each espisode will cost $3.99 plus tax. I've seen previews and highly suggest you adding it to your viewing experience.
"The City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection," Philidelphia will host, Equality Forum 2007, April 30 to May 6. Among the highlights featured will be the 12th Annual International Role Model Award being presented to Martina Navratilova, tennis icon and human rights champion. As one of the first major athletic stars to confront her sexuality openly, Ms. Navratilova has been a past Wimbeldon champion and has 168 singles titles to her credit, more than any male or female in the history of the sport. The city will also play host to a calvacade of parties including the BlueBall and SundayOut on May 6 with vendors, GLBTQ sponsors and area artist. I was thorougly impressed with the coporate sponsorships lined up featuring, Comcast, Marriot, JP Morgan/ CHASE, GlaxoSmithKline, Amtrack and Clear Channel Radio. If they can be sponsors for this festival, where is there sponsorships for our local Pride event. The answer: have they been asked and a relationship been cultivated based on our patronage intersecting with their corporate policies?

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

There's more on the Plate folks.....Are we ready?

As Arkansas activist take a deep breath and pat themselves on the back over the failure of Shawn Womacks, Senate Bill 959, which would have prohibited gays and lesbians from being foster or adoptive parents, the Culture wars juxtaposed to presidental politics rages on. The upcoming April issue of The Advocate addresses the in's and out's of who's gayer, Clinton or Obama. The article explores the complexities of each candidates camp and the struggle to position themselves as progressive supporters of dilemmas affecting the GLBTQ.

Here’s an excerpt…
The opening battle in the war between 2008 Democratic presidential front-runners Hillary Rodham Clinton, the junior senator from New York, and Barack Obama, the junior senator from Illinois, was surely fought the last week in February, after David Geffen—the out billionaire, entertainment mogul, and onetime friend of Bill—told New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd that Republicans thought Clinton was the “easiest to beat” and that she and her husband “lie with such ease it’s troubling.” The scorching interview was published February 21, the day after Geffen hosted a star-filled fund-raiser for Obama in Los Angeles, as he had in years past for Bill Clinton.
But now the tables had turned, and Geffen’s statements triggered a rapid response from Team Hillary, which decried the “politics of personal destruction” (remember that old chestnut?) and demanded that Obama distance himself from the comments and return the $1.3 million he had raised the night before. The Illinois senator fired back that he was not involved and played up the Clintons’ past relationship with Geffen (whom, it was speculated in press reports, had soured on the former first couple because Bill refused his request to pardon imprisoned activist Leonard Peltier). The dispute was the talk of Washington, Hollywood, and New York for days, and although both candidates quickly returned to playing nice, the episode was a perfect example of how heated the 2008 presidential campaign—expected to be the costliest in history and possibly the most contentious—had become.
That Clinton and Obama, both surging dramatically ahead of the six other declared Democratic candidates, were essentially fighting over a gay man uncannily foreshadowed the role that LGBT people will play in their candidacies—and the general election two Novembers from now. Although the two senators, not to mention the Republican slate of contenders, will be squaring off on many issues, foremost among them Iraq, gay people and their issues could be as meaningful as any other factor when electoral margins of victory are sometimes measured in the thousands of votes or less. After all, who could forget how expertly the Republicans exploited homophobia in 2004 to narrowly defeat John Kerry?
“The Democrats have seen the importance of LGBT issues,” says Ramon Gardenhire, a political consultant and the former deputy director for LGBT outreach at the Democratic National Committee. “There are too many important issues on the table to take anything for granted.”

Religion & Gays: Filmaker Kimberly Brandon producer of, Testimony, a movie dealing with gay spirituality is seeking participants to be interviewed for the project. The productions is slated to shoot in Little Rock, April 18-24. For more info go to or

Set the date on your calender for the Business AfterHours networking event at Sidetracks, 415 Main Street, April 12 - 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. This is a Free community event. If your business is interested in showcasing contact us!!! at

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Voices from the Global Village

There are many prospectives, observations and voices addressing a host of issues and dilemmas facing the diversity within the GLBT community and beyond. Jasmyne Cannick is a tour de force commentator who has a "take no prisoners reputation and keeps it real across the board" . In our continuing effort to offer this forum as a place where dialouge is embraced and celebrated. We offer our first guest writer and encourage your comments.

By Jasmyne A. Cannick

That's the question on the minds of Black same-gender loving people all over the country after the deafening silence from America's Black leaders on the recent controversy surrounding former NBA All-Star player Tim Hardaway's admonition that he hates gay people.

But what if Tim Hardaway would have been a white NBA player? And what if as a white player he said the following:

"You know I hate Black people, so I let it be known. I don't like Black people and I don't like to be around Black people. I am racist. I don't like it. They shouldn't be in the world or in the United States. So yeah, I don't like them."

In his poignant and prophetic "Letter from Birmingham Jail," Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. told is fellow clergyman that he was disappointed with the "white moderate." He went on to explain that he had reached the "regrettable conclusion that the Negro's great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen's Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to "order" than to justice."

I often feel that the biggest hindrance to Blacks is not the white conservative right but the people that look like us that are too afraid to disrupt the order of things to do any real meaningful work towards my civil rights as a lesbian.

Like the white moderates of King's era who believed that Blacks would eventually receive equal rights in good time, we are living during times where Black leaders know that it is inevitable that gays will obtain all of their civil rights, including marriage, and that the mistreatment of gays based solely on their sexual orientation is wrong. But these same Black leaders aren't willing to rock the boat in the fight for equality and would rather settle for being good Negroes assuring people like me that it will come one day, not today, but one day.

Tim Hardaway's comments were hateful, demeaning, and hurt same-gender loving people all over this country. But the silence from the Black leadership hurts even more. Because from that silence, I was told very loudly that my life as a lesbian has no meaning to them and that it is morally just to hate gays, even if I am Black. Just don't go on a tirade in a comedy club about hating Blacks because then we're coming for you.

The double standard in today's Black civil rights movement has got to stop.

Hardaway's comments were just as bad as what comedian Michael Richard's said about Blacks. It's just that today we are living in 2007, some 40 years after the Jim Crow Era and integration where Blacks are now considered equal. We just haven't reached that point with gays. But had Richards made his comments forty years ago, the furor that erupted from his comments today would have been met with white moral justification to defend him and sadly today, Blacks haven't reached the point where it's acceptable to defend gays from verbal attacks like Hardaway's.

If the silence from the Black leadership on Hardaway is any indication of what we can expect as we roll into a heated Presidential campaign season on gay issues, then we very well stand to see a repeat of 2004 where we had Black pastors urging Blacks to vote for a President that opposed gay marriage and abortion while critical issues of importance like healthcare, housing, and social security were overlooked.

Ignoring gays isn't going to make us go away. We're here. There were gays before us and there will be gays after us. But like King in the face of rabid opposition from the National Baptist Convention, that vehemently opposed the civil rights movement and wanted King to stay in his Negro place, we too will not be swayed from participating fully, openly, and honestly in our faith, family, and community. It just means it's going to be that much harder on all us when we have to take time to fight with each other over something as small as ones sexual orientation instead of working together on the bigger picture which includes all of us. Thus, bringing new meaning to King's observation that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

About Ms. Cannick
Jasmyne A. Cannick is a commentator/critic who addresses social, cultural, and race issues and is based in Los Angeles. She can be reached via her website at

Friday, March 23, 2007

The 24/7 Catch Up under the Big Top

March Madness continues both on and off the court as we continue to spring forward in 2007. As usual we are out on the beat and in search of what's really going on from all corners of the state. So, "gird your loins," as we dive back into the fray with our 24/7 catch up under the big top.

Under the Dome: The state legislature is still in motion as well as Senate Bill 959 which will face off with Judicary committee members. This measure will face a rock and roll ride to passage due to the muscle of the Focus on the Family which has literally raining down letters and calls to represenatives. Perhaps the lack of sponsorship, a waffling Governor and some common sense will cause this inept mess to fail miserably. I must tip my hat to those activist state wide who have put up an impressive and motivated fight with letters, calls, visits and posted video. Meanwhile, HB 2615 proposed by Willie Hardy ( District 5) to establish a HIV/AIDS Minority Task Force passed out of committee on 3.20.07. Supporters of the Bill wanted to comment on my lackluster appreciation for yet another committee to address the AIDS dilemma. One reader informed me that this measure would help to "empower" and assist with discriminatory practices. Another reader further explained the origins of the bill which evolved from the Citizens First Congress platform per Future Builders, an organization charged with doing HIV/AIDS prevention work. I read HB 2615 and on the surface it's intentions are worthy, however, the caveats included have all been either done or tried more than once, by a host of other task forces, groups and organizations. Does anyone remember, Save Our Children, Positive Voices, Brotha and Sistas, or Minority Task Force #1? I realize that the battle of intervention/prevention is tirelessly ongoing and fresh horses are needed to continue the work. But inconsistency, skewed measurements of success, and leadership vaccums have been the hallmarks of such factions, each resulting in wasted resources and negative perceptions from stakeholders and beyond. Despite my reservations, I hope that these 19 folks who will meet quarterly can get with the program and make a difference.

Guilty As Charged: 4 individuals have been found guilty in the brutal "gay bashing" of pop singer, Kevin Aviance last fall. He was brutally attack while leaving an area nightclub on his way home. The 4 shouted slurs as they kicked, punched and threw a trash can on top Aviance. Passing citizens shouted at the attackers and one individuals assisted getting him to the hospital.
Aviance, 39, has been a chart topping cross dressing artist in 2002 and 2004. He is expected to fully recover from his broken jaw and other injuries.

Ask A Gay Man: YouTube self made star, William Sledd of Kentucky, just wants to have fun according to his web site, Sledd is a one of the sites most watched videos as he camps out on his Fashion Updates and Such. "I love you bitches," is his biting tag line as he greets his consider audience and lampoons those of the fashion challenged set. He hopes to guest host on The View or his own gab fest.

2 Years Old: Sidetracks, in an announcement sent via E-mail will be celebrating it's 2nd Anniversary on April 6. Owners state that this year will be bigger and better that last year. The club has been a bustling hub of events including the upcoming free Business AfterHours networking event on April 12 , 5:30-7:30 p.m. A free mini-buffet, cash bar and fun will fill the evening mixer. Come out and tell everyone what your business is all about. For info on your business participating leave us your comments here or direct at

Beefcake Anyone: Male Revue, MANTASIA, will roll into The Factory nightclub, April 7 at 10 p.m. for a one night only bump and grind show. For ticket info contact 501.442.5423

Lesbian Notions: Palm Springs will come alive with The Dinah, an annual lesbian spring break, March 28- April 1. The event intersects with the PGA Dinah Shore golf tourney and will feature A List entertainers such as Sarah Bernhard, Paula Poundstone and India.Arie, plus the White Diamonds circut party and L Word Pool blowout. Pack your bags and get the 411 at Organizers promise that it will be pussy galore!

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Know Thy Enemies and Keep em close...

The Culture Wars of America continues to ebb and flow ranging from the obsurd to the outrageous, all focused on saving civilization from the alleged gay agenda. Daily I'm amazed at the varying levels of misinformation, outlandish premises, rhetoric, verbage and dogma that's being hurled across the bow of the rainbow community both locally and nationally. As we monitor our state lawmakers repsonse to current pending legislation, it is also important to keep examining the tactics and methods of those who have this "pile on" and "us vs. them" mentality. Letter writing, phone calls and visits are excellent lobbying efforts however, dealing with individuals of this mindset is going to take all that can be mustered and then some. Is there hate in the on.

Equality Forum responds to Dr. Albert Mohler

Dr. Albert Mohler, Jr., President of the Southern Baptist Seminary – one of the world’s largest seminaries and the flagship school of the South Baptist Convention recently stated on his blog that when the science is available, evangelicals should unapologetically support invading a fetus to alter its sexual orientation .
TIME magazine called Dr. Mohler the "reigning intellectual of the evangelical movement in the U.S." Dr. Mohler has appeared frequently on Larry King Live and O’Reilly Factor, among other nationally televised shows.
Equality Forum issued a press release (view) calling Dr. Mohler’s statements reminiscent of the Nazis and reflect a theocratic and Taliban-like plan that should frighten all Americans.
While science to alter genes is not presently available, it is expected that the capability could exist within ten years.
Interestingly, Dr. Mohler tacitly acknowledges the likelihood that genetics influences sexual orientation. Many evangelicals consider an individual’s genetic code to be divinely inspired.
The intersection of religion and GLBT civil rights has been an issue that Equality Forum has a longstanding interest. At Equality Forum 2007, we will hold the 10th annual National Religious Colloquy with leaders from Judaism, Catholicism and Protestantism plus Wayne Besen, Executive Director of Truth Wins Out. The topic is Responding to Anti-Gay Fundamentalism.

Haggard Aplenty: The fallout of Ted Haggard's fall from grace and into the crotch of Mike Jones just keeps getting creepier and deliciously salacious at it's best. Of course we've talked about the imfamous, love nest/massage table that was alledgedly fetching significant bids from those who desire this type of artifact, however, after getting a little suspicious I decided to fact check it. I am a serious E-bayer and had no problem locating the table, which is holding steady at a mere, $100.00. If you are interested in this little piece of history,it's still available for the next 4 days under the title, Haggard/Jones massage table. Also, the Ex-Gay Haggard can be seen, of all things, boasting about how many times evangelicals get their groove on daily and"banging the wife ability," in a new HBO Documentary, Friends of God: A Road Trip with Alexandra Pelosi. Haggard is the picuture of semen filled glee as he and cohorts talks about making the women folk climax each and every time. If his psychology classess don't work out, he and his wife could do a reality series called, You, Me and He. Can you imagine the ratings.

Elton John Concert Unwanted: The Annual Trinidad Music Festival has been confronted by local clergy who have expressed there disapproval of music icon, Elton John's participation in the festival. The elders have stated that Mr. John's lifestyle and subsequent marriage to his partner are not accepatable on the island where homosexuality is unlawful. Festival organizers have reported that the show will go on as scheduled despite their concerns or possible protest at the venue.

Candidate Huckster: Republican Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee and self described "son of the South," has made his views explicitedly known concerning gay marriage and being foster parents. On marriage he articulated his position by saying that the constitutional amendment, which he supported and signed into law, was needed to stiffle those who want to rewrite what he considered to be the nation's social code. Add to this, his comments concerning the 2006 Arkansas Supreme Court Foster Care decision continues speaks loud and clear about his anti-gay position. He said then, " I am very disappointed that the court seems more interested in what's good for gay couples than what's good for children needing foster care." Could anyone consider this guy as a serious leader of the free world?

Arkansas Evangelical Rant: In case you missed it, there is a sinister movement that is lurking in the hills of Northwest Arkansas and has been exposed by Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd, spritiual leader of mega churches, First Baptist Church of Springdale and The Church of Pinnacle Hills in Rogers. Dr. Floyd has penned, The Gay Agenda - It's Dividing: The Family, The Church and a Nation as a guide book to keep fueling ignorance and hate. Available in christian bookstores everywhere this 156 pages of scuttlebutt is a play by play tirade to those of his ilk, complete with bible verses, unsubstantiated methodology and warnings about "them gay and lesbian folks looking for the youngins." According to a 2003 sermon he pronounces, "it appears now that everywhere you look, everything you read and everything you hear is about the gay lifestyle. Satan has taken his tool of homosexuality, a gross and evil sin, and done a con job on the American Culture, making it seem like all is okay when you are gay..." To illustrate the carnage, Dr. Floyd has a gay hit list of TV shows created and supported by the liberal media, such as Queer As Folk, West Wing, Will & Grace and Queer Eye. However, he stated that he has never seen any these productions or ever will. All of this venom and pro-family hate in the name of love thy neighbor. Ouch!

From the "Yeah I said it" files: This is a quote from his God vs. Gays sermon in reference to gay sex.

"That's why you can't walk right when you doin that stuff. You hurtin cause, it ain't natural..."

Bishop Paul S. Morton
Greater Saint Stephens Full Gospel Baptist Church

Plan on attending the Business After Hours networking opportunity, April 12, 2007, at Sidetracks, 512 Main Street, need more info, just say so!!

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What's the frequency...?

More Kudos and "attaboy" acknowledgements keep coming our way, as readers find their way to me in person and through E-mails stating that this site is accomplishing our mission as an online destination for the Arkansas GLBTQ community and beyond. The encouraging response thus far reaffirms my committment to continuing the growth and expansion of the CorneliusOnpoint brand into socially conscious ventures, events and projects. Another reader summed it up with the words, " you can take this project to where ever your imagination leads you." And so we will...

What's the Frequency...Shirley Q. Liquor

The antics of Charles Knipp and his traveling minstral show has been condemed and shut down in venues from the West Coast to New England, yet this show keeps finding audiences, including Hot Springs, Arkansas. This dastardly production meandered it's way to Jester's, June 9, 2006, with publicity that stated, "Jester's Proudly Presents...Shirley Q. Liquor" Often I don't find my self speechless, but I was dumbfounded. As I began canvassing individuals about this insipid mess, I encountered a chorus of resistance and ambivalence. Many of which couldn't comprehend why this show wasn't distatseful across the board. I was deeply troubled that a large faction of mostly local gay men refused to comprehend the insensitivity, degradation of Black women and the completely offensive nature of this entertainment choice. Many had seen this show live in New Orleans, excerpts on YouTube, or Mr. Knipp's website, each finding it's content although bawdy but acceptable. More surprisingly was the deafining reaction from a locally complacent African American community, which seemed clueless and unaffected. One of our formidable readers reacted with frank candor concerning this matter, laying the issue at the feet of the gay community overall. He stated that "the queer community should be cutting off the monetary life line to this gay bar." Furthermore, and I agree, that entertainers such as impersonators and groups such as the Mob Kings scheduled for 3.24.07, shouldn't perform at this venue. Unfortunately, this type of unity or depth is non-existent among "do-or-die" performers with limited outlets and resources. I've experienced it first hand as a entertainer who was subjected to character assassination with unsubstantiated allegations. Many local impersonators whispered to me their disatisfaction at the unfair actions but never considered a pageant boycott in the name of personal integrity or forthright competition. Even more glaring, is the lack of acuteness of the Arkansas AIDS Foundation, considering it's interm Executive Director is a African American women, would accept benefit cash from this outfit that's also owned by a women! In full disclosure I didn't attend the benefit nor have I performed at this bar and have taken the position that my dollars will speak for me by not patronizing this establishment or others with questionable practices. My mantra of "you've got to stand for something or you will fall for anything.." is in full affect. Ultimately, the question of What's the frequency...? is all about either tuning in to the conundrums of our complex issues or either tuning out the obligations of challenging oppression, diversity and discrimination. The choice is yours.
Links: These links are offered as a service and do not constitue an edorsement or preference.
Join Us as we set sail our new flagship, at the Business After Hours, Sidetracks, April, 12, 2007 5:30 -7:30 p.m. The free event will feature a mini-buffet, cash bar and surprises. Come one, come to the GLBTQ community and beyond!
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Can we talk...The Remix

The 24 news cycles of the world, as well as, the fury of the internet keeps my inbox humming and singing about what's really going on, not only globally, but breaking GLBT news locally . One of our readers E-mailed me to let me know that our site not only stays updated, but he can often discover community news posted here "first," before catching it elsewhere. I appreciate all comments, notations, corrections and salutations that acknowledge our work and keeps us on our toes. Now, can we talk....?

Capitol Watch

The 86th session of the Arkansas legislature continues to barn storm along with an array of interesting legislation and resolutions related to the GLBTQ community and beyond. Activist statewide have been very vocal about Shawn Womack's proposed, Senate Bill 959 which will severely impact gay people in the Foster care system. However, despite a variety of efforts including E-mail blast, insider sources, and a volunteer phone bank canvassing voters and friends in NWA, this legislation has been moving swiftly through the chambers of powers, supported by a well financed and organized Focus on the Family group. There machine went into overdrive this week with a "shock and awe" campaign of letters to House Representatives distinctively citing SB 959 as a means to"prohibit homosexuals from adopting children or serving as foster parents." This bill will be discussed in a house committee before being presented to the full House body. Meanwhile, as that fire rages on, there is another little known ditty HB 2615 filed by Willie Hardy (District 5) quietly being discussed (3.20.07) in the Public Health, Welfare and Labor committee concerning the establishment of an HIV/AIDS Minority Task Force. The subtitle of this measure states it will be an "act to create an Arkansas HIV/AIDS Minority Taskforce and to coordinate statewide efforts to combat the debilitating effects of HIV/AIDS on Minority Arkansas." Sound familiar? Yes, because another such "task force" exisited a few years ago and obviously they did'nt get the job done. But excuse me, Rep. Hardy, are you unaware of such groups as JCCSI's, Many Men, Many Voices which directly addresses MSM HIV issues, How about the Community Awareness Planning Committee, which had an entire banquet(2.24.07) hearlding their "statewide community awareness programming" or recently the Regional HIV/AIDS conference(2.1.07) which offered a plethora of workshops and speakers. All in the name of diversity and educating the community at large. So, do we really need yet another group of folks sitting around doing lunch, creating insipid programming and submitting a report to the Governor? Hmmm...I don't think so. Share your thoughts with Rep. Willie Hardy about SB 959 and his HB2615 call at 870.836.4607. Tell him you heard it here, first.

Talking theTalk: Truth Wins Out (TWO) launched a new campaign February 26 encouraging scientists to report distortions of their research by right-wing organizations like Focus on the Family on the Web site“This Web site is a powerful response to the brazen and outrageous manner in which the far right has hijacked science to support their discriminatory aims,” TWO Executive Director Wayne Besen said. “Our goal is to make it easier for legitimate researchers to fight back, and demand their work be respected and not co-opted for an extreme political agenda.”“When people start spinning science, you have to respond,” Dr. Kyle Pruett, Professor of Child Psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine, stated. “Journalism used to handle this, but not anymore. So, it’s bounced back to become increasingly the responsibility of the people doing the research.”In a new trend, several researchers have come forward this year to say that Focus on the Family has distorted or exaggerated their work. features six such esteemed scientists who were “mortified” when they learned how Focus on the Family leader James Dobson cravenly manipulated their findings. The new Web site contains exclusive videos interviewing these professors.Letters from scientists obtained by TWO also are posted asking for Dobson either to stop using their work or to portray their studies accurately.“If ‘Double-Talk Dobson’ had been accused by only one professor of manipulating research, it might be a legitimate mistake,” Besen noted. “However, when six researchers in three countries have stepped forward in less than a year, I think it is fair to say that a disturbing pattern of deception has emerged. Unfortunately, Dobson has refused to address the concerns of these researchers, and continues to portray their reasonable requests for scientific integrity as a liberal conspiracy.”TWO is a nonprofit organization that counters right-wing propaganda, exposes the “ex-gay” myth, and educates Americans about gay life.For more information, visit
Soft Opening: Congrats to Discovery owner NJ on the newly unveiled lobby redesign, 3.18.07. The event was set off with a cocktail reception with invited guest as they milled around the new diggs conceived by Larry West of Interiors West.

For the Record: In past posting we have inadvertedly transposed some websites or not clearly defining the groups associated with them. They are as follows: is a news, business directory, features, blog portal for the GLBTQ community.

Http:// is the official website of the Little Rock Pride committee producing Pride 07, June 3, at the Rivermarket.

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Cyberland in Overdrive

Many years ago, Billy Joel had a popular hit entitled, "Pressure." It was a salute to the craziness of the world before the onslaught of laptops, 300 channel offerings, 24/7 news hours, camera phones and the now ubiquitous blogs that permeate the internet. When I started this project, I had no particular vision for it or felt that it could make an impact anywhere except in my ego. However, as this digital medium has grown across the board, so have the responsibilities of timeliness, credibility and the unilateral coverage of a community wrought with a host of agendas as well as perceptions. Unfortuantely, gay print media in Little Rock hasn't been overly successful due it's expensive nature, spotty support and the grind to produce a worthy product. I fully understand that pressure because since our inception, our postings have grown from once a month to almost daily without positive Ad revenue streams. Thusly at this pace and our best intentions, it's possible for hiccups and misprints to escape proofing or editing. Neverthless, we remain committed to keeping it real and getting it right without succumbing to the pressures that have been detrimental to the success of past print outlets.

SB 959 Lives On: The foster care bill SB 959 lives on and is slated to be heard in a House committee. The issue is being hotly discussed and widely circulated on the net via YouTube with actual debate video, coverage from the HRC's Equally Speaking and activist in NWArkansas had a phone-a thon to area voters. I have posted my e-mail to lawmakers and will make those important phone calls. Contact the Gov. Beebe at 501.682.2345 or go to Check your voter registration card for you House Rep or online at the Arkansas Legislature site:

SQL Returns: Gay comedian/actor, Charles Knipp is purportedly scheduled to perform his Shirley Q.Liquor act at Jesters in Hot Springs, April 13-14. This act has been denounced nationwide with protest and cancellations. Knipp who is white, is costumed in "black face" and presents himself as an obese, uneducated black women. The last time this show came through the Springs, I sent a letter to the local newspaper and posted my dismay in this blog. Sources within the bar have spilled the beans that customers to the lounge have tired of Drag shows and the bar has desperately sought entertainment alternatives to bolster business. I realize that businesses need spectacles that attract, but condoning this attraction needs a healthy dose of thought. In the past, bar's brought in big name entertainment, such as Divine, Sylvester, Melba Moore and others. But the cost of this type of venture has increased and the solid support needed is not always there. I just hope that the energy that's been created about SB 959 will find it's way to the owner of Jester's about this distasteful production.

Cock Gear Anyone!: According to a New Zealand study published last November, uncircumcised men suffered 48 percent more sexually-transmitted infections, sores and inflammation that could be portals for HIV. This news is just the tip of action that has increased interest in circumcision and the growing self help gadget industry sprouting globally. Enter the Tara Klamp developed by the Malaysian government in 1993. Designed to assure sterility, covering glans and shaft in scalpel-proof armor, and compressing the wound until the penis heals, minimizing infection. There are many other devices in the works such as Turkish Kirve Klamp, the Good Man CDS-8 and Singapore's Pro Device. These creations are juxtaposed to three randomly-controlled studies in South Africa, Kenya and Uganda with 11,000 participants who showed that being circumcised reduced the rate of seroconversion for men an average of nearly 65 percent.

Lavender University: Kudos go out to the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center for establishing a series of educational opportunities dealing with a range of live changing events. The courses cover from financial planning , estate developing to photography. For more info go there web site: Sounds like something Little Rock could use?

Bootilicious & U: The Little Rock Free Press has announced a Great Rump showcase to be featured on the pages of the monthly alternative. The contest is open to Men only who want display their cheeks to the world for judging. According to the staff, a collage of beefy bottoms will fill the April issue. The deadline for entries is 3.25.07 Enter your derriere only (no frontal nudity will be permitted) at

Ouestion of the Day: Sometimes I'm still speechless at the questions that I hear daily. Such as, "Why doesn't Little Rock have this or that?" Well Little Rock has a variety of positives to enjoy, depending on your taste and budget. Unfortunately, we dont' have bath houses or more club choices, due to the fact that these upstarts would not be economically viable within the context of demand or the hassle of zoning issues. Other cities have business clusters, once known as "Gay Ghettos," patronized by consumers with considerable amounts of disposable income and buying power. In short, it's all about the Benjamins, baby!


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Reality Bites with a Deal or No Deal attitude!

The action on Senate Bill 959 is another glaring measure of our elected officials not dealing in reality but rather swayed by gay baiting and the "save the children" hysteria from proposed family groups. The swift efforts from community activist, as well as supporters were admirable, as they swung into action with E-mails, E-Alerts, Talking Points, Op Ed's and updates that filled my in-box and beyond. But, despite all these efforts, this legislation continues to live, sent to a House committee for further consideration, most likely will pass and on to Gov. Bebee for a signature. Ultimately we must evaluate our community "state of response" to issues such as this and others to come. Interestingly, Casey Willits, moderator of Arkansas Equality/ Yahoo group, piqued my interest as she revisited the dilemma of an "organization" that could effectively tackle issues of this nature when they arise. She sounded off on the hodge podge of groups seemingly working toward the same goals but in uncoordinated fashion, resulting in a lack of cohesiveness or solidarity. Point well taken, Ms. Willits. This issues has been addressed numerous times including my recent contribution to the CAR's, Velocity,( January 2007 Issue 008), in which I highlight that our lack of firm infrastructure and funding streams are distinct barriers to combatting these well heeled and connected zealots. Ultimately, we can't keep showing up as a bucket brigade, but instead need to make sure that we have a fully equipped firehouse to douse the flames of legislated discrimination and morality.

Did your Senator vote for this Bill? Go to and find out. Call the Governor Office's at 501.682.2902 to express yourself. Backtalk to and tell em you heard it here.

Paces's Picante Statements: Chief Joint Chairman, Peter Pace minced no words about his attitude about the U.S Armed forces policy of Don't Ask- Don't Tell and his moral standing about homosexuals in general. His opinionated stance is grounded in his whitebread upbringing and teachings. Apparently Mr. Pace, don't know none of those homo's and believes them folks on there way to hell as far he's concern. However, the chariman later somewhat back peddled after he got a talkin too from the main shot caller, Secretary of Defense Gray, who wanted no shooting from the hip, instead nothing but just policy.

Pride Update: In a previous post two local entities were somehow fused in my mind and ended up posted incorrectly. To set the record straight, is website featuring community profiles and is the website for the Little Rock Pride committee which is preparing for this year's events. The committee has announced two confirmed events, Pride-Drag Idol, 4/29 at Backstreet and Pride-Idol, 5/25 at The Factory. Also the Mob Kings will be a featured festival act, June 3 at the Rivermarket Pavillions.

Rubbing the Blarney: St.Patricks Day activities fill the weekend at Sidetracks with the Leprechauns Pot Of Gold combination tickets being given away on Friday night ( March 16), a Noon opening on Saturday( March 17) with the traditional "Green Beer" as the St.Patricks Day Parade passes in front of it's doors and opening of the Pot of Gold later that evening.

Evangelical Love Nest: Mike Jones and Ted Haggard's love nest is being auctioned on Ebay with the proceeds going to the Project Angel Heart, an HIV/AIDS/Cancer agency. Jones said
the imfamous 10 year old "massage table," could be autographed by himself along with a copy of his forthcoming book,"I had to say Something." Sources state the the book will reaccount the entire affair especially, Haggard's passionate fellatio sessions offset by a meth high for affect. Bids have topped $860.00 as of this posting and may exceed expectations. Haggard reportedly has been "cured" of his homo tendecies after a three week rehab, will resume his life with his wife and seek educational pursuits.

Got something to say, do it now at

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Everything is Everything in 2007...Take 3

We are Family and Citizens, too...!

We have come to expect silly legislature from each session of our governing body. Including this session with the naming of state butterflies, colored license plates and whether to apostrophe or not apostrophe Arkansas, however, the recent attempt to usurp a 2006 Arkansas Supreme Court decision on the issue of gay people as foster parents is just to much to take. Shawn Womack (R, Mountain Home) introduced SB 959 on 3.5.07, seeking to outlaw lesbians and gays, including blood relatives and those who co-habitate from being responsible adoptive or foster parents. Mr Womack and his cadre of supporters including co-writer, Focus on the Family's Jerry Cox are attempting to cherry pick the law with re-interpretations and additional "save the children," verbage distinctly aimed at gay citizens and nebulously covering those they deem unfit to care for children. Statements such as " ...this is not a gay and lesbian issue, but a concern dealing with the welfare of children.." is not only patronizing but insipid. We abhor the thought that this measure has made it out of committee( 3.12.07) and is being sent to the Senate for consideration. Below you will find contact information for committee members and phone number to Governor Beebe. Community reminder: "None of us are free, until all of are free..!"

The telephone number for Governor Mike Beebe is: 501-682-2345 Members of the Senate Public Health Committee include:
Chair Jack Critcher:
Vice Chair Tracy Steele:
Senator Percy Malone:
Senator Hank Wilkins IV:
Senator Barbara Horn:
Senator Randy Laverty: no email listed
Senator Bill Pritchard:
Senator Jack Crumbly: no email listed
call 501.682.2902 for additional Senator information or to leave messages.

Here is the E-mail I personally forwarded:

Dear Lawmakers,

As a citizen and registered voter, I am deeply disturbed with the recent introduction of Shane Womack's SB 959 and it's possible consideration by the Senate. This measure simply has no merit in the court of common sense. Furthermore, it serves to hamper those caring individuals who are willing to be responsible foster or adoptive parents for children who so desperately need stable homes as well as loving environments.

I can't imagine that you as lawmakers would dismiss overwhelming scientific testimony and a unanimous 2006, DHS v. Howard ruling by the Arkansas Supreme Court for the inflamed rhetoric of Focus on the Family and their supporters who wish to enforce barriers in the name of child welfare.

The passage of this bill would have far reaching affects in our state. Including costly court challenges wasting taxpayer dollars that could be used far more effectively, increasing an already burdened system with further delays to positive placements and demonizing a segment of citizens that have served as foster parents in Arkansas before the ban despite their unilateral concern for the health, safety and welfare of children statewide.

In closing, I implore you to vote a resounding "No" on SB 959, as a statement that this legislation isn't in the best interest of children, their caretakers or the rule of law as mandated by the courts. Thank you for listening.

Respectfully submitted,

Cornelius Mabin, Jr.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Everything is Everything in 2007...Take two

And the beat goes on...The more we post, it seems the more that needs to be posted. Therefore without wasting any space, let's get cracking.

Consortia Confusion

Sources have circulated unsubstantiated information that the structure known as Consortia Care will be changing as of April 1. Consortia Care was designed as a mechcanism to deliver direct services to HIV/AIDS clients. Including, medicines (ADAP), counseling, nutrition and education on managing this chronic infection. However, the program is slated to underego changes that haven't been clearly defined, especially to caseworkers whom seem broadsided and "out of the loop," on the happenings. Not to mention unsuspecting clients who have weathered the daunting services maze and are susceptible to change. This situation begs many questions such as: "Exactly where does the buck stop? Why is there an information black-out?,What happens after the proposed 6-12 month extension expires? Who is running things and got any guts to state what's really going on?" Meanwhile the community at large and other stakeholders either go uniformed, misinformed or dumbfounded about the impact involved in this action. If we can't get any answers, perhaps we need to call Anderson Cooper, so we can keep'em honest.

Networks A- Fire!: I was pleasantly suprised at the Action Alerts, Legislative Info, Links, Talking Points and general outrage that circulated across our in-box concerning, Senate Bill 959, the Foster Parent measure being proposed to trump the Arkansas Supreme Courts decision that gays pose no threat as foster parents. The bill was scheduled to be heard in the Public Health, Welfare committee on 3.7.07, yet when I checked the legislative website prior to this posting, the status of this bill wasn't noted. This quick action and networking is the type of grassroot activity that must continue to evolve in this state as we address issues directly affecting our community. We will be monitoring this bill long with SB 264 dealing with Hate Crime penalities and a HIV testing bill related to parolees. Keep those fingers reaching out and touching to inform and empower. Voice your opinions, call the Capitol, 501.682.2902 or go to: for information or check out our links.

Business AfterHours & You!: The first Business After Hours held at Sidetracks was not adequately supported due to a bounty of reasons including promoters with big ideas and little committment. Therefore, will be working to host the next event scheduled for April 12, 2007 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Sidetracks. If your business is interested in participating contact us at This event is FREE and open to the GLBTQ community and beyond, featuring a cash bar, buffet and other suprises!

TEXT over and out: Can you hear me now? Well no, because those daily Text messages from The Factory nightclub promoting their events and specials have mysteriously become silent. Especially after sending a tirade text to us on 02.01.07 concerning a post which they deemed a "slam" to there sensabilities and a retort citing my inordinate appetite for alcoholic beverages.
Therefore, I've decided to take my spare change saved from paying for those text tidbits, and invest them in some stocks and bonds that will provide more of a return.

Ridin Hard in the Rock: Coming out of Chute 1 will be, Zia and Friends, April 7, at the DSRA clubhouse, Hoffman Road in Southwest Little Rock. Doors open: 8p.m. and showtime: 10:30p.m. Along with Zia D'Yor will be former Miss Gay Arkansas winner's, Vicki Valentine and Kamrin Mikaels featuring newcomer Katie Crochet. Door Donations and tips will benefit this years activities. Need More?...,Check out the DSRA Rodeo Hotline: 501.590.6755 for ticket info about Rodeo in the Rock, April 20-22, at the State Fairgrounds. Host hotel: La Quinta Inn & Suites/Downtown, 617 Broadway ( 501.374.9000 for reservations).

It's Coming...!!

Since the inception of our blogsite at, we realized that the next step would be to establish our brand and create an online identity that would emcompass all the pillars of our mission statement to inform, educate and entertain. The addition of a flagship website resulted in, which was to be a foundation to accentuate our 3 prong stratergy to facilitate a network and outreach to Arkansas's GLBTQ community and beyond. Within the next few weeks our pursuits will become a reality and we can't wait to share our exciting new resources with you. Stay tuned for more of what you've been looking for!!!
Got some backtalk, tell us first at

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Everything is Everything in 2007

Just when I thought the world was going to hell in a hand basket, I realized that the basket still had room for more news, videos, updates and stuff that will make you just shake your head in disgust. So without further ado, get ready for Everything is Everything....

Coming Soon: Here we grow again! The countdown has begun on the launching of our new companion site, Within the next few days we will continiue giving you more of what you've been looking for in the Arkansas GLBT community and beyond. Stay tuned...!!

Capitol Watch: Yes, they are at it again, wild eyed proponents (and their supporters) of finding a measure to keep gays from being foster parents have proposed Senate Bill ( SB 959) that will be debated this week. Arkansas' Supreme Court found the policy to be unconstitutional some 2 years ago. Obviously, these individuals feel that a "legislated measure" could hold water in sure to happen court challenges. Also, Senate Bill 264, creating Hate Crime Penalites is on the table. Contact your elected officials at 501.682-2902 Voice your opinion Today!

Yahoo Groups Mushroom: Locally many organizations such as DSRA, Little Rock Pride and now Arkansas Equality are opting to form Yahoo Groups for internal communication and discussions of vital issues directly afffecting the GLBTQ community. These groups can play a significant role in circulating the news, stimulating dialouge and action alerts. Thusly I have joined many of these groups as a part of our stratergy to build a statewide network via this developing forum. Watch for links to these groups to be posted soon.

PRIDE O7: The Capitol Pride committee has selected this year's pride logo (pictured above) and is preparing for local fundraising events such as Pride Idol, May 25, at Easy Street. The Board of Directors report that booth reservations are now available, sponsors are being sought to underwrite and voluteers needed for the event being held June 3, 2007 at the Rivermarket Pavillions. Forms, Details and Updates can be found at there web connection: In a side note, local bar owners will be meeting in Mid-April to plan there 07 Pride actvities, promising an event filled week to compliment local offerings. Also, according to organizers plans are underway for the Annual Conway Pride parade and showcase.

Stonewall Re-groups: The Stonewall Democrats of Arkansas executive committee has announced it's official caucus desgination in the Arkansas Democratic Party on it's website at and in a E-mail blast to members. Members will participate in a March 17, legislative luncheon. The organization is seeking volunteers, event planners and members. Need more membership information contact them directly at

Reels in the Rock: Save the date March 10 for more Community Awareness Programming with the Documentary "Soulmate," at the Statehouse Convention Center. Contact the AAF at 501.376.6544 for show times. Over at the Market Street Theatre the Civil Rights Film Festival will feature a marathon of films related to the civil rights era. Tickets can be obtained at the Central High Historical Kiosk at 2125 Daisy Bates Drive or call 501.374.1957 Both Events are Free to the public.

Pink AWOL: Questions are still being bandied around as to the state of the Pink Spectrum alternative magazine and it's future. For the record, I've made several attempts to contact the publishers but have had no response. I have heard unsubstantiated theories, speculations and stories circulating throughout the community. None of which don't add to the overall support the magazine was seeking or needed in a city of this size with no viable print media outlets . Publishing is a tricky at best especially in the context of the GLBT community. The magazine was in a growth phase and was harshly lambasted by critics and naysayers for it's shortcomings and editoral direction. However, as a publisher I understand the day to day grind that it takes to produce your product, to believe in your mission and finding the resources and revenues necessary to continue. Ultimately for myself, it's my unbridled passion that keeps me going, not just a means to make a profit. It's a tough game and only the strong will survive.

Got BackTalk contact us at