Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thunderdome Wednesday

It's the last day of September and COP:24/7 is still putting it all out there as the fall leaves prepare to descend all around us. Come on Arkansas it's more of what you are looking for in news, updates, commentary, links and viewpoints. Let's go!...

Teaching Clinton: Even though my schedule gets scattered at times, I love finding time for "teachable moments," where ever I can discover them. The Clinton Library Lectures are a wonderful and FREE diversion for opening your mind and filling it with some food for thought. If you've never had a chance to do so, then I certainly encourage you by all means to get out the house and check out the fascinating array of speakers/presenters that they offer. Can't shake that nesting thing, then you can access the lectures on the Internet via their website, If given the chance, I hope to engage Mr. G. in some stimulating conversation. He's coming next week to address, Forty Years After Stonewall: Which way the movement for equality? Featuring potential Democratic candidate in Arizona’s upcoming gubernatorial election, Neil Giuliano. Mr. Giuliano is the former four-term Republican mayor of Tempe, Ariz., and past president of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). As Mayor of Tempe, Giuliano was among the nation’s most visible openly gay elected officials. Before becoming mayor, he was a 25-year senior administrator at Arizona State University where he directed student leadership development, alumni relations, federal government relations and community relations.
When: Tuesday, October 6, 2009 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. – Lecture
Where: Clinton School of Public Service Sturgis Hall
*Reserve your seats by emailing or calling 501.683.5239.

Counting Crowns: The folks at DSRA are out to have a night of out of box thinking and merry making that's really a fresh take on the pageantry institution. According to an e-blast, they are strutting out the very First “Grab a Title” for the I wish I could do it people, October, 3, 8pm.
Have you ever?????..... Gone to a pageant or watched one on TV and thought“I wish I could win a crown/sash in a pageant…but I know I never could”
Have you ever????..... Wished you had the opportunity to show the world that you too could walk the stage, answer intelligently, show off your clothes and do a talent, maybe play the comb or hum a whole song in a breath?????
Have you ever envied that sash/the proudness of winning/wanted that crown???? WELL, Diamond State Rodeo Association feels your pain..and is offering you a chance to show the world…YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!! ON SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2009…DSRA WILL PRESENT GRAB A TITLE NIGHT!!!!!!
How does it work???? Fill out the application and mail it with your $5.00 entry fee to:
DSRA 4525 Hoffman Street Little Rock, AR 72209
Applications with entry fee may also be presented at the DSRA clubhouse the night of the event.
Be at the clubhouse this saturday and prepare to compete!
What title will you win??? It all depends on your answers..your presentation…your talent….and of course the swimsuit competition*!

YOU COULD WIN ONE OF THESE TITLES…..Miss Inappropriate or Miss Guided, Ms I know I can or Ms De’Boat, Mr Don’t Have a Clue or Mr I think I Knew, MsTer By a Mile or MsTer Cant fix Crap More information by going to their website, to
Download your application now…crowns/sashes will be presented. Applications will be accepted up to competition time. 4525 Hoffman St, (off of 65Th , to Patterson, to Hoffman). Don't meet their, beat me there!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Twistin and Turning Tuesday

Do you ever have that"how do I do it all," feeling lately? Or perhaps a mindset that it's all too, too much to handle. Well of course you do and so do I. But somehow I rise to the occasion and kick my butt into gear with that "get er done" attitude. That's how this forum rolls out with daily updates and current items for the GLBTQ community and beyond. Now hear this! we are here, loud and clear, so don't miss our special carrying on as well as on point entries. Let's go get it shall we...

Q-Visions Rising: O.K. it's not that I have nothing to do at my hectic pace of life. However, I just keep the fire burning with more coal on the burner. Enter my latest undertaking as a Co- Editor of the National Association of Black and White Men Together newsletter entitled, Q-Visions. Formerly known for 29 years as The Quarterly, the venerable publication was in need of an upgrade, overhaul and refreshed for the 21st century. As a contributor and board member, I was tapped for the my creative force and expertise in publishing most notably since I keep this forum pumping daily. It's going to be an interesting pursuit that will allow me an opportunity to continuing informing, empowering and entertaining readers from coast to coast!

No Excuses Arkansas: Here's an update on the No Excuses challenge from the Human Rights Campaign Fund for local GLBTQ community members to "reach out" to the Capitol Hill Representatives( Lincoln, Synder,) who were on the home turf during a recess. I got the e-mail bounced from another source, but immediately set it motion to get the word out about the effort. Also I used that grass root call to action to also promote the Gay 101 micro-workshop I facilitated for a Brotha & Sista's community capacity weekend. I was glad to know that there was some participation. Also, I knew that only COP:24/7 would be the primary local source to acknowledge what transpired. I contacted HRC's No Excuses organizer, Jake M for the update and discovered that indeed there was a meeting with a "staffer," which is the typical means that this type of meeting takes. Yet, in the coverage from HRC, I also noticed that there were "no names" attached to the photos on their site. Say what? Anyway, I've sent word to Michael Cole, HRC's communications director about this oversight for some splainin. As soon as we get a shout out, those pictures will make the cut, hopefully with the names of those prideful folks talking out loud to power while demanding equality face to face.

Brotha to Brotha: Statistically it's been highly publicized that HIV/AIDS is barnstorming throughout the African American community especially among Black men across the board. However, there still seems to be a struggle to get out prevention messages, not to mention individuals into any treatment course. So, what's going on you ask? It's up to whom you ask. To date, there's been outreach but it's all about the "reach back" from those whom need to be apprised of these messages. I sent a shout out to the new coordinator of Many Men, Many Voices concerning their Afro-centric messages, but I got NO message in return. Hello, Is anyone home? There was testing done during Little Rock Black Prides event last summer, and other programming either done or scheduled. But despite these moves the stats are still spiking and alarming percentages reported. As budget axes falls, waiting list take shape, cost containment loom large, I hope that those consumers, stakeholders, those in denial or untested see or get the message that this health dilemma is still with us. Get Educated, Get Informed and Get Tested. Keep it locked and loaded here at COP:24/7!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Up Periscope Monday

It's a fast start out of the gate and how. No time to mutter, stutter or gaff, just more of what we've become known for, "what's really going on." So, here we go!

Rockin Youth: Little Rock resident Devon Bearden, has been selected by the nationally known Trevor Project to serve on its Youth Advisory Council. The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) serves as a liaison between youth nationwide and The Trevor Project, as it relates to young people and the issues surrounding suicide, sexuality and gender identity. The YAC submits recommendations to The Trevor Project in an effort to increase Trevor visibility and best serve the LGBTQ youth population. The YAC is a program of the Trevor Project comprised of 18 young people ages 16-24, that advise the organization on outreach and programmatic efforts targeted at LGBTQ youth. Participants in the YAC have the unique opportunity to have their voices and opinions heard and implemented into the strategies of a national organization. Devon has been a longtime advocate for the LGBTQ community of Arkansas. She established and helped lead the Gay Straight Alliance at Central High School, worked in the legislature to oppose SB 959 the bill that would have banned lesbians and gays from adopting or fostering children, worked to oppose Act 1 and is a founding member of CAR's youth/young adult program DYSC - Diverse Youth for Social Change. Devon is the recipient of the Colin Higgin Youth of Courage Award and the ACLU's Champion of Liberty Award. For more info on The Trevor Project hit the web at

BAR WATCH: Oh the Bar wars or is it? Well, not quite as I surveyed the scene this last weekend on both sides of the river. Let's just say that there are shots across the bow but no direct hits as yet. Going north to Sidestracks, I have to speculate as to what's going here? Where are the folks that populated this haunt and why does it seem that the crowd is sorta stunted in growth. Although it's great to have that "Cheers" feeling that everyone knows your name, but seeing the same stone faces with the same mundane conversations is becoming a bit much for myself. Of course, the bar has done it's best with cookouts, theme nights, etc but it's the lack of energy that's off putting. Also I've learned from fellow patrons of the departure of bartender "Hank." I spoke with last week this gent just last week, and at that time he didn't mention his impending boot scoot or I detected any disenchantment. However, this is not a surprise since all the local venues have comings and goings galore. Too many for this forum to even keep up with. In the meantime, the 7th Street Corridor continues with it's entertainment offerings and such. Co-Show director, Whitney Paige is not packing them in, but she's giving it her all each outing with her supporting cast of featured locals. Speaking of packing them in, Pulse/Off Center is not as bustling as I thought it would, especially due it's freshness. I've put my face and dollars in the place regularly over the last few weeks noticing the turnout is not quite the armpit to asshole crowd of yesteryear's. Even though there's no cover for the 21 and up folks, a cute "package deal" with a reduce cover at the BS Complex and a $3 Beer free for all on Sunday's. O.K. So where's the party? From the word on the street, It was floated to me that the proposed club SWAY being helmed by Mr. Marcus is suppose to be in play by October 31. Oh Really, I thought? Can this actually take place in say, 30 days including renovations, staffing and incidentals. Well, it's either going to be a great "treat" or a massive trick. Stay tuned if you dare....until next time keep it locked and loaded to COP:24/7!

Barth Online: I'm out and about not only in the nightlife, but in search of cerebellum stuff as well. Last Saturday, I participated in the Society of Professional Journalist's Blogger Academy. Who Knew? It was an exercise in what it takes to do this thing that I do and learning about the legalities involved. I went with an open mind, but was somewhat delighted to know that CorneliusOnpoint is not only "onpoint" but as far as this academy, way out front ! Yes, my readers this media piece is banging it just like the big boys and girls. All the bells and whistles that they mentioned and didn't mention, this blog has done em and done them again as the only daily updating LGBTQ outlet in the state. In case you didn't know, we've had video, podcasting, cutting graphics, platforms and links. We've done it people! Organizers were taken aback when they discovered that I was in the house and been putting it down for 5 years! Now, for that "mmmmm" moment, I noticed that presenter, Scott Miller of the Argenta website had a shot of "Sidetracks" on it's page and also an ad for Senate Candidate Jay Barth. Well, I found this quite interesting since I ran across Mr. Barth at another outing last week, and I thoroughly mentioned this forum. But during that conversation, I didn't get no nod that perhaps he would be interested in "advertising" on this page which is always open to revenue supporters and advertisers. So what's up with that? Well, we'll have to do some outreach to find out the skinny. Ad's anyone? Let's talk...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

TGIF: Autum Rollout

Thank God it's Friday. Yes, it's time for the weekend and as usual I'll be busting a move thorughout both sides of the river. Just how do I do it, is sometimes beyond me, but never mind someone's got to do it I guess. As we finish up the work day and lay out those plans, here's our latest outing, just for you, you and you too!

Picnic in the CAR: In celebration of National Coming Out Day and to encourage participation in equality work at the local and state level CAR is calling on our organizational friends, members and other individuals to join our “Coalition of the Willing” to put on this event. This October 10, 2009 Reservoir Park, Cantrell Road near Reservoir in West Little Rock starting around 1pm. The event will be much like our Pride Picnic only with much better weather! Free Food, Entertainment, Speakers, Games and a Kickball finale. This event is for ALL of our LGBTQ/Same Gender Loving community and allies. Bring your family and friends.Come out and be a part of building strong, respectful community relationships across our differences; creating unity and power on the road to equal and fair treatment in Arkansas.We need:• Volunteers• Cooks• 2 gas grills – to borrow• Performers• Donations For more information 501-244-9690 or email


It's falling out of the bag on Oct. 2 and I'm devilishly awaiting with anticipation for the latest mash up from filmaker Michael Moore. Ever since Bowling for Columbine, I've become a real fan of his genre of moviemaking. Moore has a unique way of taking a simple subject matter aand turn it on it's head as means for knocking you in the head to think about it more clearly. In Capitalism, Moore goes for the jugular and in my opinion probably a "ballbuster" in regards to the ultimate hiest that ensnared the entire U.S. economic system. Ladies and Gents, there's theives in the temple and apparently they're getting away with it scott free. You know, those smartest guys and gals in the room with the fancy corner offices, computer consoles and crackberries. It's almost unfathomable as Moore goes asking all the "right people" about where our damn money went and who's minding the store. Of course this bullseye approach is just what every citizen needs to witness as somehow we recover from this latest shigity from the money folks. And there's lots of characters involved in this cash dash from 1600 Penn Avenue all the way to the main street real estate talking heads who were all in on this major ponze scheme of derivatives, mortage default swaps and NINA ( No Income No Assets) loans. We've been had and left with pile of DO that stinking to high heaven. If you do nothing, I suggest that you take a few minutes to go to a theatre once it hits this city and sit in awe. I've set my Fandango alert meter to hit me up when tickets can be purchased for local showings. Here's an idea, why not a group of us get together and check it out. I'll keep you posted and comment here if you want to be in mix when the lights go down and the maddness starts. Let's hear from you.... in the meantime, check out his website at Tell em I sent ya!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday Frame-Out

All this week I've been in a reflective mode, looking back through the archives, reminiscing in melancholy about what this forum has meant to myself, the events we've highlighted, perhaps those teachable moments that transpired and the ultmately fate of COP:24/7. Ladies and Gents, and all those who haven't decided, here's our latest as we "Frame-Out" what's really going on in Central city and beyond...

Calling All Arkansas: I usually try to stay in check with the four corners of this state, although it's "like pulling teeth." if you want to know. Keeping this forum refreshed and updated is a task that I don't take litely, because we've presented ourselves as Arkansas' only daily updating blogsite and so far, it's a fact. However, in my search for news beyond the state's core, I've simply not found a fountainhead of info. Case in point, I noticed that the NWA Community Center's website has been "disabled," for reasons that I have yet to uncover. I sent out a "what's up" inquiry to a related e-mail, which bounced like a bad date. I thought perhaps that I had the addy wrong or links were broken, but no matter-No Info. I've shouted out to those university campus groups such "Gay and Lesbian Association this or that" which also have to reply, update or offer insights as to gay campus life. I checked the Arkansas Gay News Buerau, for it's latest and greatest. Only to discover that it's was a stale, dated item concerning another Diversity road trip to Eurkea. So, where's the news, information, updates and working parts, well, the pickings is slim to none. Yes, that's right, it's apparent that the communication lines of Arkansas's GLBTQ community are idle until someone sounds the proverbial "circle the waggons! they're coming to get us," alarm when things start to buzz on Ernestines switchboard. It's unfortunate that this state has been unable to develop, sustain, maintain and outright support a true media entity. In case you didn't know, many have come and gone from The Gayzette ,The Advisor and Pink Spectrum to name a few. As the world of media has transformed, it's unsettling that despite this shift it hasn't changed the mindset of this community in demanding a news source tailored to our issues. And so it goes... One Ringy Dingy at a time or not. If you've got news, updates, hook-ups or smoke signals, let's hear it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Queer Frontiers & Windmills in the Natural State

Gosh Almighty, the long days have morphed into early nights right before my eyes before I seemed to be ready. However, it's that yearly swing that prepares us for those cool evenings proceeding those possibly long winter nights with fire pits and cozy cuddling. In the meantime, as we await all of that to come, it's onward and upward with this outing of COP:24/7 bringing you the latest of "what's really going on" in the LGBTQ community and beyond. And away we go!

CorneliusOnPoint Celebrates year 5 in Cyberspace

Yes it was September 19, 2004, when I began this exercise, stepping off into a new medium that I didn't know what to make of it. What would I "blog" about? Who would read it and why? How long would I be interested in doing this "blogging" thing and what exactly is this thing that I do anyway. Well, 5 years and some 100,000 words later, here I am, out here on my own in Arkansas putting it down for the LGBTQ community and beyond. As I compose this I'm sentimental and circumspect about it all. Especially from the standpoint that others have come and gone during my existence, all the while this forum somehow has become recognized as a "gatekeeper" of information and updates. I'm always glad to hear from people whom state this piece has become apart of their daily routine. It's been fullfilling to know that we've been picked up by individuals living in Star City, Jonesboro, Warren, Maumelle, North Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Camden and points in Northwest Arkansas. Not mention all those national and international hits from the global village. I thank you all for coming along for this grand experiment in media. In preparation for today's entry, I surfed through the archives that revealed just how much news, tidbits, rants and what have you has been chronicled in this format. Also, that this entity was the first and only Arkansas LGBTQ blogsite that embraced video using YouTube and Podcasting via Evoca while marking our presence on MySpace, Facebook and numerous web rings. If it warranted attention I made every attempt to get it posted or updated as soon as possible. The issue of the first Arkansas ADAP waiting list was posted here and surprisingly news concerning HIV/ AIDS funding again was posted here in 2009. Political moves and mayhem such as Presidential election cycles, Eurerka's DPR, Act 1, Pride events and rallies at the State Capitol have been covered. Ultimately, I discovered that I've created a snapshot of this communities movement and the impact that resulted. This forum began as "Talking Out Loud," then became "The Body Politic and subsequently moved to it's savvy latest moniker, "CorneliusOnpoint," with the kicker COP:24/7 . The style of this forum has ebbed and flowed, but basically I've tried to walk the line while simply "staying on point." For posterity sake, I'm including the first actual post from 2004 where it all began as well as proclaiming that it's been a great fun, sometimes tiring, often filled with uncertainty and hopefully useful for our smart readers and observers. We've grown over the years and as new ventures, challenges and prospects come our way, I'll be updating each of you on the future of CorneliusOnpoint. Stay locked and loaded until then!....

September, 19, 2004: "The Silence is Over. Cornelius starts Talking Out Loud"

Our world has changed so dramatically over the last decade. We have been thoroughly challenged by both national and global activities of such a magnitude that I could no longer sit in silence. The 21st centuries new tech advances have made it so simple that I could not resist joining those voices online via their web logs and the formidable landscape of "blogging." My comments will have a Arkansas homefront flavor, however,how could one not have some take on the national big tent of madness that we call the United States of America. I'm excited and simply in awe of the possiabilites that this new medium has in allowing an "every man" town square atmosphere that emphasizes that we all take a reality check. Stay tuned and let's get this party started. Welcome to my world!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Living Out Loud and in More Living Color

Did you feel it? It's the essence of Fall 2009 slowly descending all around you and me. As the year continues to streak towards another New Year, 09 is still rocking and rolling with everything one can imagine and then some. The outrageous meter can't keep track of the rhetoric from the lunatic fringe, misinformation, spin statements, passionate cries, mea culpas and blown fuses. All of this is slowly reaching that "tipping point" that has some calling for a "time out" for the foolishness. Meanwhile, COP:24/7 is solidly standing firm during this societal storm front, keeping our unique brand of commentary, updates, mash up's and whatever makes the cut type of information for the GLBTQ community and beyond. We're here, "living out loud and more in Living color!" Now let's bounce...
PFlag Commeth: Last Friday on Rosh Hashanah eve, a local version of the national group, Parents and Friends of Gays and Lesbians had a launch event citing their "revival" in this city. This forum answered the call from their "web circulated" invites, in our usual manner of showing support to local organizations. I was pleasantly surprised at the 60 people turnout, with many local groups in attendance ranging from Senate Candidate Jay Barth, New Beginnings Church to the Arkansas AIDS Foundation and this forum (CorneilusONpoint) which was announced although I didn't stand for any official statement. After a meet and greet reception each group was offered a chance to present themselves and share their agencies mission or purpose. At this point it was apparent that this city has a core community of activist pursuing a variety of areas seeking to empower as well as informed stakeholders. All of this is good news as the organizers of PFLAG stated that the newly organized group would be seeking to be a supportive entity acting as a "visible" ally for the GLBTQ community of Arkansas. All of this sounded good, well intentioned and certainly hopeful, however, I'm all about the adage,"it all comes out in the wash." Speaking of the wash, during this launch, another interesting tidbit occurred that cause me some pause and sorta rubbed me and mostly my partner in the wrong in the place. My LTC whom accompanied me to the launch decided to help me out with covering this event with taking a few candid wide angle shots for this posting. Yet, after "2" flashes, he was approached by one of the organizers whom stated that "some of these people in this room might not feel comfortable having their pictures taken here...," and asked to discontinue taking shots. EXCUSE ME, but didn't I just hear from this organization that your intentions were to be a "visible" ally of the GLBTQ community? Wasn't their an inquiry from a New Beginnings member asking if there would be a public notice about their efforts? So, if you don't want pictures taken of your "launch" due to the possible sensitivity of "some" in attendance, whom incidentally knew what they were coming to, then are you not sending mixed signals of those intentions? How can this group be supportive of a "National Coming Out" of anything or important issues regarding this community, if there's a black out of who attended not a meeting, but rather a simple reception. With that said, even though COP:24/7 post info concerning the GLBTQ community, we defer that individuals mentioned or pictures of such doesn't constitute or imply their sexuality or preferences. Therefore, as Executive Producer I've decided that the best wide angle shot taken at this event would be posted within this item as planned. I'm a firm believer in the First Amendment and our right to responsible publishing as well as our internal ethics in regards to defamation or impropriety. If organizations are putting themselves on front street as definitive allies of this community which are greatly needed, then I suggest that they either be a big dog and bring it all from the porch or either consider being "ankle biter" and stay on the porch. Enough said, until next time community...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mirror, Mirror Monday

Here's another COP:24/7 Special item that was shared with me by another of our smart readers. I've stated that this forum is not always about what I've got to say, but the variety of viewpoints from others and the interest of our readership. Teachbable moments is one of our prime directives and this stirring article, which features one of my favorite commentators, John McWhorter, whom weighs in on the shrill rhetoric that's pinging accross the country. Take a moment to open your mind and ponder the possibilities. Thanks, Kirk R. of BWMT for bringing this article to the COP:24/7 table.

Dueling 'racist' claims defuse once powerful word
By JESSE WASHINGTON, AP National Writer Jesse Washington, Ap National Writer – Thu Sep 17, 2:20 pm ET
Everybody's racist, it seems.
Republican Rep. Joe Wilson? Racist, because he shouted "You lie!" at the first black president. Health care protesters, affirmative action supporters? Racist. And Barack Obama? He's the "Racist in Chief," wrote a leader of the recent conservative protest in Washington.
But if everybody's racist, is anyone?
The word is being sprayed in all directions, creating a hall of mirrors that is draining the scarlet R of its meaning and its power, turning it into more of a spitball than a stigma.
"It gets to the point where we don't have a word that we use to call people racist who actually are," said John McWhorter, who studies race and language at the conservative Manhattan Institute.
"The more abstract and the more abusive we get in the way we use the words, then the harder it is to talk about what we originally meant by those terms," he said.
What the word once meant — and still does in Webster's dictionary — is someone who believes in the inherent superiority of a particular race or is prejudiced against others.
This definition was ammunition for the civil rights movement, which 50 years ago used a strategy of confronting racism to build moral leverage and obtain equal rights.
Overt bigotry waned, but many still see shadows of prejudice across the landscape and cry racism. Obama's spokesman has rejected suggestions that racism is behind criticism of the president, but others saw Wilson's eruption during the presidents' speech as just that.
"I think (Wilson's outburst) is based on racism," former President Jimmy Carter said at a town hall meeting. "There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president."
That's an easy charge to make against the rare individual carrying an "Obamacare" sign depicting the president as an African witch doctor with a bone through his nose. But it's almost impossible to prove — or refute — assertions that bias, and not raw politics, fuels opposition to Obama.
"You have to be very careful about going down that road. You've cried wolf," said Sean Wilentz, a Princeton University professor who studies U.S. political and social history.
"It's a way of interpreting the world, where race runs through everything — everything is about race," said Wilentz, who supported Hillary Clinton in 2008 and claimed Obama's campaign falsely accused her of stoking racial fears.
"Everything is not about race," he said. "It's not Mississippi in 1965 any more. Even in Mississippi it's not Mississippi in 1965 any more."
Still, race remains a major factor in American life, said Brian D. Smedley, director of the health policy institute at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, which focuses on people of color.
"We know from a large body of social science that a large portion of Americans harbor racial bias," Smedley said. "In the context of health reform, it's quite evident that race plays a very large role in helping shape public opinion."
Yet Smedley chooses not to deploy the R-word: "It's difficult to say racism is the reason (for objections to health care) because people don't believe they are racist."
Many, though, have no doubt that other people are racist — even when those other people are black.
The Manhattan Institute's McWhorter said that during the affirmative action battles of the 1990s, "racism" and "racist" began to be applied to liberal policies designed to redress past discrimination, then were extended to people who believed in those policies.
That's how they have come to be wielded against Obama.
"A racist is a person who discriminates or holds prejudices based on race. Discrimination is treatment based on category rather than individual merit," said Tom Molloy, a 65-year-old retired financial services executive from Brentwood, N.H. "Barack Obama favors policies that will give preference to groups based on race rather than individual merit. It's called affirmative action."
Mark Williams, one of the leaders of the Sept. 12 rallies in Washington D.C., headlined a blog entry about the arrest of black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. at his own home by a white police officer, "Racist In Chief Obama Fanning Flames of Racism." And too many bloggers to count are saying that Congressman Jim Clyburn, who marched with Martin Luther King Jr. and has called Wilson and other health care protesters racist, is the real racist himself.
This infinite loop is the inevitable result of years of black identity politics, which created a blueprint for whites who feel threatened by America's changing demographics, says Carol Swain, a Vanderbilt University professor and author of "The New White Nationalism In America."
"We need to rethink what is racist and who can legitimately call whom racist," Swain said, citing the argument that blacks can't be racist because racism requires power.
"With a black president, a black attorney general, and blacks holding various power positions around the country, now might be a time when we can concede that anyone can express attitudes and actions that others can justifiably characterize as racist."
Perhaps this is even a strange symbol of racial progress — equal-opportunity victimization, so to speak.
"In 100 years, when people chronicle how America got past race," said McWhorter, "the uptick in white people calling blacks racist is going to be seen as a symptom of the end."
Jesse Washington covers race and ethnicity for The Associated Press

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Weekend Gateway

The Weekend Gateway is filled with random thoughts this outing. All this week this forum has been exploring money issues within the GLBTQ community and beyond. What have we learned? Well, thanks for asking...and the answer is that "we've got to keep talking" about this vital life line that's affecting all of us no matter our segment or sub culture. From HIV/AIDS consumers, businesses to community based organizations, the fight for finding the necessary dollars to fuel our prospective camps will have a severe impact unilaterally.

CHIPIn Vamps: Due to the lack of interest and disregard for our challenges, the ChipIn gadget which appeared in the margin since late June has been edited. The icon was designed as a mechanism to funnel funds via Pay pal for Pride 2010. It was at the behest of those whom stated that they enjoyed this years offering and wanted to contribute to next years activities. However, after continuing promotions, challenges and prompts, not a single dollar was "chipped in." That's Zero, na-na, nothing, goose eggs, double naught and so on and so forth. What happen to all of those who expressed their die heart support for the effort and wanted to give something? Well, apparently it was "lip service" of the non-gratis type. You know the drill from those who entertain delusions of grandeur. And so it goes...

Dustin Dollars: Supporters of AG Dustin Mc Daniel will be holding a re-election reception funder, 9.24.09, 5-6:30 p.m. 2200 Broadway in the Q-Quarter. Mc Daniel, according to an e-blast from the Stonewall Democrats, "has been very receptive to the GLBT community, being the first constitutional officer to oppose Act 1, and publicly supporting civil unions during his last campaign." During that election cycle he came under many attacks from his opponent regarding his stance. COP: 24/7 endorsed his candidacy and has cited Mc Daniel for many of his high profile decisions affecting Arkansans across the board. Campaign Contributions limited to $2000 per person or corporation per election. if unable to attend, please mail contributions to: PO Box 251368, Little Rock, AR 72225

Anniversary COP: 5 years and still flopping? Yes, CorneliusOnpoint is rapidly approaching it's 5th Anniversary as Arkansas only daily updating GLBTQ blogsite. So what does one do for a 5th anything? Well, as Executive Producer I've decided that I'll put it up for discussion from the readership. To date I'm in the process of assessing what will be the future of this effort. It't been rolling full force and perhaps it's time for us to go out on top of our game. What say ye? How should we celebrate this milestone or due to the economic times, we should send up some virtual balloons and call it a day. The floor is open, the lights are on and I'm waiting with baited breathe, but not holding my breathe for the dialogue.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

This & That-a-way Thursday

October Is GLBT History Month
Modeled after Black, Hispanic heritage and Women’s History Months, GLBT History Month highlights annually the achievements of 31 gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender Icons—one each day—with a free video, bio, bibliography, downloadable images and other resources. COP:24/7 for the last four years has offered the widget on this site in celebration of this event. It is a community service from us as another means to enlighten and empower our readership. Look for the widget and get ready for some fun and games with prizes. Do you recognize any of this trailblazers?

P-Flag Commeth: The inaugural event for P-Flag Little Rock, a space for the families and friends of LGBTQ Arkansans to find/share support, information and like minded advocates will step off Friday, September 18, 2009 6:30pm 800 Scott St., Little Rock, inside First Presbyterian Church. Are you the parent or friend of a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer child/person? Are you struggling with them, with yourself? Are you hurting, is your child or friend hurting? Maybe you want to have more information or meet other parents and share stories? Perhaps you want to help other families heal or you want to be an advocate to increase the quality of life and access to equality for your LGBTQ children or friends. If so, then come and check out the new P-Flag chapter; a safe and loving space. For more information (501) 244-9690 or email mailto:%20pflaglr@gmail.comLittle Rock P-Flag is sponsored and supported by the Center for Artistic Revolution, CAR.

Hola Heritage: Arkansas is composed of many people of unique and diverse ethnicity, which are accompanied by rich cultural traditions which have included many people of color. This month we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month as I've notice a growing number of our Latino brothers and sister making their way into the GLBT construct. Hispanic Heritage Month is a period designated to recognize the contributions of Hispanic Americans to the United States. It was first observed in 1968 under President Lyndon B. Johnson. Always remember that "none of us are free, until all of us are free..." Dont' forget to the Politics of Hello!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mid Week Break Out Special

September is in high gear and so is this forum as we keep it coming from Arkansas only LGBTQ daily updating blog site. Just like all the rest, we've got "hot topics," updates, commentary, observations and so much more. Much of this weeks outing will focus on, Money, Money, Money. Yes, that right, where are the Benjamin's and what are we doing or not doing with them. Are you ready, if not get ready....let's roll!

It's not always about my musing, it's often those great sources of material that I discover that assist with staying OnPoint. I discovered this item from Ledge magazine concerning what else, Why Black HIV/AIDS organizations are in the midst of funding nightmares. I found this to be a timely article that would share some insight on the issue and perhaps become a teachable moment for this community as to why these organization or any agency for that matter, will not flourish without your financial or in-kind assistance. Take notice, if we are not there for them, believe me they eventually won't be there when we need them. Think about it folks, then get busy.

The “Truth” about why
Black AIDS groups
struggle for funding
and what we can do
about it.
LEDGE speaks with Jamil Fletcher, leading fundraising expert.
Funding is the life’s blood of all non-profits. For Black AIDS groups, it is a
never-ending, uphill battle. Ledge had the opportunity to speak with Jamil
Flecther, one of the nation’s leading development experts, on why this is the
case and what we can do about it.
LEDGE: While it is evident that many non-profits struggle for funding, why do
you think Black AIDS groups seem to face an even greater uphill climb for
financial support?
JF: Where do I begin! There are numerous reasons why Black AIDS groups
are particularly challenged with securing funding. Most of these organizations
lack the capacity to cultivate the types of stakeholders required to offer
ongoing, sustainable financial support. We are talking about community based
organizations that have limited staff resources, operating with annual
budgets less than one million dollars.
Chances are they function without a fulltime staff member who is dedicated
to raising money. In most cases, the organizations were started by activist
who responded to a need without the luxury of having access to wealthy
benefactors. As they were able to secure government funding and grants
over the years to operate programs, most organizations never invested in
building their base of discretionary financial support amongst diverse funding
streams. Our organizations just do not have the donors in place.
The lack of overall interest in addressing HIV/AIDS within African American
communities also presents a challenge to securing funds. The issue is still
somewhat taboo given how the disease remains associated with
homosexuality and other marginalized demographics (prostitutes,
intravenous drug users, the incarcerated, etc.). Institutions that typically
support Black causes have offered nominal support, at best, in response to
our community’s apathetic posture regarding this issue. Traditional
institutions that are typically in the forefront of advocating for health issues
within our communities are not quite fully engaged in this issue. It’s just a
little too uncomfortable for some to get involved.
There has also been a major push to direct government funding towards
direct medical services, which most Black AIDS groups do not provide.
LEDGE: Traditionally, from what sources do most Black AIDS groups receive
funding? Have those sources been slowed during this economic downturn?
JF: Most Black AIDS organizations are still primarily supported by
government funding, on both the national and local level. Ideally, any
charity should have a diverse revenue stream to permit them to endure
decreases in any one particular source. Relying solely upon government
funding can be especially problematic, as the agenda and focus varies with
different administrations. Just look at the differences between Presidents
Bush and Clinton. President Bush’s emphasis on “abstinence only” diverted
much-needed dollars from ongoing interventions that were often housed
within Black AIDS organizations. The programs often disappeared as the
funding went away.
The downturn in the economy has significantly impacted governmental
resources, both nationally and locally. Many municipalities have been forced
to cut much needed services, especially health and human services to poor,
underserved communities. I have heard that some Black AIDS service
organizations have been forced to cut much of their programs.
LEDGE: During your years in development work, what are the significant
changes–good or bad–you’ve seen as it relates to fundraising for Black nonprofits?
JF: I cannot honestly say that much has changed when it comes to raising
money for Black charitable organizations. The bulk of funding still comes
from sources outside of the community being served. We as a people tend to
rely upon everyone else to support our organizations except when it comes
to our churches. Government, corporate and foundation funding remain
prominent sources of revenue for our organizations across the board.
LEDGE: How much does competition for the same funds impact Black AIDS
groups’ ability to secure funding?
JF: Competition plays a role. Groups with complimentary services are
strongly encouraged to develop working collaborations to achieve their goals
instead of competing against each other.
LEDGE: Do you think mainstream AIDS groups face the same funding issues
as Black groups? If not/if so – Why?
JF: First of all, there are no “mainstream” AIDS groups. Most organizations
addressing the HIV/AIDS epidemic were started by white gay men. While
they are not marginalized by race, they are still marginalized just the same.
That being said, such organizations currently serve a largely Black
Funding overall for HIV/AIDS support has decreased and thus everyone is
affected. White gay men continue to support these organizations despite the
shift in the demographic being served, but their continued connection has the
possibility of fading over time.
LEDGE: What can Black AIDS groups do to generate new, untapped revenue
JF: We must expand the universe of stakeholders both inside and outside of
our communities, and develop the capacity to cultivate relationships, and
thus support, by engaging anyone that is concerned about Black people in
this fight.
Survey your environment and examine all of the institutions in your midst
that have a stake in curving the trend of infections and invite them to invest
in your organizations. Create advisory committees to leverage support from
corporate, religious and media stakeholders.
Raising money is all about building relationships, and relationships take time
to develop. I would encourage all organizations to invest in the services of a
professional fundraiser.
Remember, people give money to people they know and even more to people
they like. So, take the time to build relationships and interest with people
who have either the capacity to give or access to others who have the
capacity to give.
LEDGE: How can everyday folk help in the fundraising process, in particular
young people?
JF: Everyone can play a role in securing funding for his or her charity of
choice. We all know someone who knows someone that knows someone that
is willing and able to make a donation.
While you may not be able to make a significant financial contribution
yourself, your passionate advocacy and commitment may convince someone
else to write a check.
So, join an advisory committee or volunteer at a fundraising event. All of that
goes a long way in helping to raise money.
Jamil A. Fletcher : Mr. Fletcher has more than 10 years of non-profit fundraising experience working with international,
national and community-based organizations. Jamil has worked extensively within the HIV/AIDS field with
organizations like the National Minority AIDS Council, Black AIDS Institute, and Whitman-Walker Clinic.
Some of the other organizations Mr. Fletcher has worked with include the United Negro College Fund
(UNCF), Medical Education for South African Blacks (MESAB), National Youth Advocacy Coalition
(NYAC), C-Span, and Children's National Medical Center just to name a few. Jamil also serves as a
fundraising consultant/instructor with the Office of Minority Health Resource Center.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

JackPot Fever, Me & U

Cha Ching? Lotto fever is in slow spin that's going to go hog wild shortly as Arkansas joins the "jackpot fever," that's soaring to heights. It's coming out of the shoot later this month and I have no doubts that the GLBTQ community will be on board for the buying frenzy for the "chance" for untold riches. Yeah right. In the meantime, I'll buy a ticket for history's sake when they go on sale, but will keep it real by staying on point right here. With all that said, then let's get this off the ground...

Cha Ching Ching: Even as the Arkansas Scholarship Lotto begins "second after midnight" on 9.28.09, I've heard quite a stir among some in the LGBTQ community whom are poised to go "lady Ga Ga" for the scratch off tickets and the impending Powerball game to later this year. I've been quite amused at folks whom are ready to dispense dollars like ATM machines in hopes of getting rich quick. According to news releases, organizers hope that the first night of sales with resemble an adult "Harry Potter type frenzy." I also found it quite ironic that the ticket pallets found a home in a Southwest Little Rock warehouse which sit in a part of the city that has many no-income/ low-income residents who will most likely be first in line with a fist full of cash. One such 63 year old individual, whom doesn't have a retirement account or any substantial savings to speak of, told me that he planned to play as often as he could. "I 'm just so excited that maybe if I win, some of my dreams could come true." All I could think was, "Wow! Dreams come true on the odds of winning the lottery?" I guess everyone is entitled to their optimism and dole out those supposedly disposable dollars as they wish, but I personally could find more realistic returns on say perhaps, a 401K plan, Savings Bonds, Money Market accounts or even one of those now low rate CD's. Believe it or not, and I had to be hit in the head to understand that I could participate in all of these at my current earnings rate. Who knew that I could have a Stock Broker/financial planner for the simple asking. Even though I'm expressing moderation in this activity, I decided that this forum will post a Lotto gadget on this forum to stay on the cutting edge of what's really going on. Ladies and Gents, even as the games began, don't loose sight that playing the "real games" of life such as this type of planning will ultimately make you a winner. Until then, play as you wish but keep it real!!

CBO Revenue Streams: On the flip side of the Lotto Fever that's beginning it's swirl in the LGBTQ community,what more perplexing is the fact that many local community based organizations advocating human rights issues apparently are suffering revenue shortfalls and could use a cash infusion. I've mentioned all to often the many fundraisers that are being held for area groups, entertainers and organizations, which often garner marginal receipts as well as low attendance. Throughout this year organizers of fundraising events have cited that the lack of community participation has impacted their service opportunities and growth. Such events held by the Arkansas AIDS Foundation, have been so unsupported that I often wonder why they continue to execute these no money makers. Earlier this year, we learned that Capital Pride could not raise the necessary funding needed for the announced Riverfront Pride 2009. Former Board members spoke of internal personality wrangling, resignations, lack of foresight, and the inability to secure any local underwriters for the event. Here at COP:24/7 our own ChipIn gadget has sat deadpanned without one dollar being donated, even though this forum came full throttle to this year's Pride Picnic, with hopes of continuing the momentum through installing the funding gadget. Due to this lack of interest, the gadget will be removed for now as we continue to pondering the future of this forum as well. And now, the Coming Out Picnic slated for October is seeking donations, volunteers and in-kind gifts in order to make it a success. Hey you guys, before you get caught up in the Lotto Fever, think about sharing some of those dollars with area organizations that could use the support. It's vitally important and I said it more than once that this community must consider the directions of our internal revenue streams. You may not choose to ChipIn here, but take a moment to think about dropping a dollar with the charity of your choice. You haven't heard the last of this issue from these pages. If you've got observations, challenges, rebuttals or options, then light is always on here for your comments.

Monday, September 14, 2009

InnerVisions Monday

What a weekend and then some. When I turned another page in the aging process, I thought not much of it, however, I've noticed that it takes a little more coal on the burner to keep me in motion. But no matter, some how I just keep on coming back with a vengeance. It's all here, more, more and more of what you are looking for in updates, links, commentary, observations and information. Let's dive in!

Cowboy Congrats: The Diamond State Rodeo Association has announced the election of Will Dunn, Vice President, (pictured) rounding out the recent elections that are highlighted on their website. "I'm glad to be involved and hope to kick things up a notch with additional programming and events." said Dunn. He began this effort this weekend via the new Sippin Sunday & Karaoke night now scheduled for the 2nd and 4th Sunday monthly. During my weekend bar crawl, I concluded with this event which featured some really talented local singers. Certainly I hope that they will perhaps consider demonstrating their talents in other venues. A big shout out to Mr. Rodney who crooned his way to the top prize with several Top 40 yesteryear hits. In case you don't know, there's much going on around the camp fire at DSRA and you'll have to stay locked in to this forum for the latest! We've got a special announcement coming shortly and you simply must not miss it...

And Justice for All: Local service organization CAR( Center for Artistic Revolution) routinely receives complaints from LGBTQ Arkansans about various legal inequalities. This group has been at the forefront in addressing basic rights being violated by law enforcement, youth issues and community building. Similar to other CBO's, funding streams are often strained and at times they have no resources to assist. Yet this resourceful organization sometimes partners with others to help remedy the situation. This can be evidenced from a recent case in which the group was contacted by a lesbian couple, Theresa and Nicole, who were terrorized by a sheriff’s deputy in Lawrence County. According to the Facebook post, one of the women was physically attacked from behind as she was leaving the sheriff’s office by the deputy and then handcuffed, arrested and falsely imprisoned and charged with disorderly conduct. In addition to her physical injuries she has also been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Her partner had her 911 call for help broken in on by the sheriff’s department and canceled. She was then threatened with arrest if she went on the department’s property to try and bond her partner out of jail. This case has now been filed in Federal court as a 1983 action for civil rights violation. This is nothing short of miraculous; that this couple was able to secure an attorney who took the case on a contingency basis. It is highly unusual in Arkansas to have any attorney take these kinds of cases on a contingency basis. However, the attorney cannot front all of the associated fees such as paying for the person to serve the papers and taking depositions. These women are working class, taking care of an elderly father and trying to have a decent quality of life. After their living expenses they don’t have much left for the attorney. They have raised some of the money, and some folks from CAR have also sent in donations, but we still need $1,180.00 for the next part of their case, taking the depositions and serving the papers. They have until October to get this money together. And that’s where you come in! So come out and have a delicious dinner and help move equality work for LGBTQ Arkansans forward! Teresa and Nicole and their lawyer Andy Ballard of Ballard and Ballard will be present and share the story of this case. You can donate through Paypal account on CAR’s website or you can mail a check to CAR, P.O. Box 2300, NLR, AR 72114 NOTE: Make checks out to CAR and note the AR LGBTQ Justice Fund on the memo line.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Weekly Bounce & Round UP

Friday in the Central City and it's been a full week for COP:24/7, but the weekend looms large right around the corner. Talk about fast and furious is keeping the calendar of events, meetings, work, this forum and home front. Just how in the hell does stay the course at this pace. Well, some how you just keep on ticking and try to do it with getting a licking. Hey gang, let's wrap her up and see which shoot we'll be coming out of next.

G-Politics 101: Last evening, this forums executive producer was a featured guest of the Triple Play Week hosted by local community based organization, B& S: Living With/ Affected By in regards to facilitating a "gay political" workshop. From the onset, I had some reservations, but went for it, since the groups executive director personally sent out the call for such an effort. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect or what the turn out would be like, yet it didn't matter because if there's one person, perhaps there's a chance for a teachable moment. About 8 people showed up and I moved through my outline quickly covering some historical elements, movement progression, finding your passion and culminating with interaction with audience participants. As we finalized the exercise, it was realized that locally we've had capacity building opportunities, but that the vessel of "Gay Politics" ensconced a variety of issues that ultimately touch all of us unilaterally. It's not always the Big Tent items such as Marriage Equality issues but on the simplest scale it was determined that we could began with the practice of "The Politics of HELLO," where we began outreaching to individuals who we have yet to meet or connect within our comfort zones. This concept is a centerpiece of getting more diversity in local organizations and planning groups. If we don't know our fellow person in the fight for human rights, we should in order to build bridges as well as allies in pursuing positive outcomes. I want to personally thank everyone who attended this Thursday evening round table. Your courage and engagement is to be admired. Hopefully that mindset will began to spread across the city and state. The evening was recorded by Ari C. for podcast use on the impending Q-Radio show website and additional pictures will be posted to our FACEBOOK page. If you didn't get to attend, remember, "What you don't know, can hurt you?"

Barwatch: Have you heard? They're open. Who you ask? Well, do you have the special knock? No, I don't. Then who sent ya...COP:24/7 sent me. O.K. come in to Speakeasy, the piano bar, restaurant and lounge. Yes my pretties, the doors have opened to this long awaited haunt from strident supporters of the former, Easy Street piano bar. I had some early previews during construction, then a subsequent re-look during a impromptu birthday mash up, but I didn't get any firm invite for the "grand opening" or what have you. Let's just say that this forum has been upfront and not to mention always kept it real about topic A, B or business C. For the record, I attend any and all functions at my own expense. No collusion or freebies in exchange for flowering supportive words. Just the honest observations based on as much fact that I can determined or is shared. With that said, the owners of Speakeasy have stated that they have a certain clientele that they wish to attract and although perhaps "gay friendly" there establishment is not particularly a G-spot. It was defined that the "heights" crowd was being sought as the preferred patron i their customer mash up. However, Excuse me, but the Heights crowd consist of many disposable income "gays and Lesbians," not to mention that the area is represented by Arkansas first openly Lesbian, K.Webb. Of course this is America where you may run you business as your own Private Idaho, but I'll bet money that after the initial new restaurant buzz goes bye-bye, those lavender dollars will look pretty damn good after all. I've mentioned that the menu I saw was certainly ambitious, the aesthetic trappings including dual pianos are a nice touch and the entrepreneurial spirit of those involved is to be commended. However, there's much more to this type of operation and I hope that they're ready to deal with it all, because not only am I coming to get a closer look, but the public at large will be descending shortly and if they think I've been tough. Just you wait. Look for my total review coming next week. I can assure you that you will not want to miss it. If you've already checked it out, feel free to share your thoughts, insights, or observations here first. Let's dialogue shall we....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Shout OUT

Just in case you haven't noticed, there's hate in the land of the free and home of the brave. Yes friends it appears that the apex moment in the movie,"Network," is full filling itself in town hall meetings, street corners, coffee shops, steps of municipal buildings and maybe in your own living room. America's hopping mad and it seems like they ain't gonna take it no more or will they? The sounds of angst is echoing across the country like a scorned women or bad train wreck and we all can't help but stop and stare. Meanwhile, in Central City there's some wagging tongues and fingers as well. Of course, we stand ready to keep it real and stay on point!

HIV/AIDS in Arkansas:
Dollars and Sensibilities

CorneliusOnpoint has made a continuing effort to offer updates, news bites, break through and commentary on the HIV/AIDS health dilemma in this state. Recently, the Arkansas Health Department forwarded letters to a group clients notifying them of recent changes to the Ryan White Program and ADAP eligibility thresholds. The letters concluded that the clients use of these services would be terminated December 31, 2009, but would receive assistance via their individual case worker or ADH support staff for alternatives. This forum cited these impending changes in our interview with Kevin Dedner whom stated that such changes were necessary due to a variety of factors including flat lined Congressional budgeting, increased enrollments, and other associated costs which have affected the program across the board. During that interview, Dedner also alluded that the department has had problematic policies and procedures which he inherited and is now attempting to address. As Dedner continued to outline the timeline of the department, I was personally shaken at what I considered "ebbing and flowing," of strategies, implementations, reporting, and oversight measures. However and unfortunately those concerns are water under the bridge in lieu of the current stage of the Ryan White and ADAP programs today which will suffer some additional funding shortfall during the next fiscal year. One of the major tenet's of the changes is the Federal Poverty Level stipulation which has been moved to 200 percent as oppose to the 500 percent rate. After using a handy online FPL gadget this amounts to $17,800 yearly or $1,480 a month. In the breakdown, the average hourly rate would bounce around $9 an hour for a 40 hour work week. Therefore, individuals beyond this threshold most likely would not qualify, therefore this caveat has far reaching probabilities. Especially those who have already been alerted and those to come. Brotha's & Sista's, Living with/ Affected By has secured some PAP( patient assistance programs) forms and is preparing to be of assistance for end users. ADH will also have some designates to facilitate paperwork. Yet to add to this mix, these programs have rigid qualifications and distinct guidelines that require steady monitoring. Plus there are a lack of sources for lab work, dental needs or other costly measures associated with long term regimens. As I've read some comments and rants concerning this issue, it's apparent that their has been some complacency and I've been further rattled as I've learned some of those designated "caseworkers" also seem to be not on the same page with ADH as this determination has unfolded. For myself, this is not a good sign of things to come if this roll out becomes a Key Stone Cop bit. We'll keep our ear to the ground and eyes open wide as this whole affair takes shape. For assistance with medicines, patients can contact the Partnership for Prescription Assistance at 1-888-4PPA-Now or Also, check with HWPA at 501. 666.8322, AAF and the Arkansas Health Department. Got some backtalk, leave it in the comment section.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Everything is Everything Frame

September is out of the gate and off to a brisk start not only here at COP:24/7 but in all that this forum surveys. I'm almost breathless trying to keep up with the comings and goings, mis-steps, mis-cues, fall out and what have you. However, as I swirl in the Big Chair in search of the latest updates, links, commentary, observations and mash up's, it's onward and upward toward our anniversary celebration later this month. Are ya ready readers? Well of course you are. Let's go get em....

"Coming Out for Equality – A Rainbow Family Outing"
After a successful 2009 Pride Picnic, local organizers are poised to continue the momentum in observation of National Coming Out Day as well as the Equality March happening in DC that same weekend. The event will step off in Reservoir Park, 11 p.m. set up with a 1 p.m. start time. Organizers believe that this event is being designed to encourage working for equality at the local level. The title also reflects the intent for this event to be open to all LGBTQ Arkansans, their families and straight allies. Meanwhile bringing the broadest spectrum possible of LGBTQ/Same gender loving Arkansans, their friends and families together to play and have fun, but to build deeper relationships between diverse communities.
The group’s consensus is to keep this event as a recurring fall event in lieu of a spring picnic; primary consideration being that there is less likelihood of inclement weather affecting the event. Another community wide planning meeting is being scheduled to finalize the event. Here's a chance for you to get involved by sharing your talents, expertise and above all your resources to make this a winning fall outing. For more info kick us comment, click it to the CAR website or shout out to us on Facebook.

Got Capitalism!?: He's back! You know one of my favorite filmmaker who takes no prisoners and keeps calling the shots on the shotcallers, big-ballers and bullshitters amongst us. It's Michael Moore bringing down the house with his latest film, Capitalism: A Love Story, about our economy being pulled back from the abyss. Moore is on a tear trying to find out about "credit default swaps," "derivatives" and just where the hell is all the bailout money. After premiering at the Venice Film Festival, it comes to the U.S. shores October 2. Hopefully, Little Rock's Market Theatre will again bring Moore's send up to us locally. I don't plan on missing it, perhaps we should see it together shall we? Hit us with a e-mail or drop it likes it hot in the comment box. Here's a thought for the Day:
"Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies." from Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Taking it to the Streets...COP on the Move

It's another COP24/7 roll out and I'm scratching my head with that just where do I began feeling. If the worlds not going to hell in a hand basket, then exactly what the hell is going on. As the news cycles keep it all in our faces whether you want it or not. it's almost just too much to take. Some day's I wonder, is this really what's going on someplace on the planet. Answer, you betcha and then some. With that said, then let's dive in head first for more of what you expect from this forum and maybe not. Are you ready, then let's go...
Dollars & Sense: Last month, this forum was on the forefront of the forthcoming news from the Arkansas Health Department concerning changes to the Ryan White Program and ADAP. That news was cited as apart of the interview with Kevin Dedner, HIV/AIDS section Chief, whom stated that their would be substantial changes that would find some being removed and "re-assisted" with access to meds or services. Some of the first letters have been circulated to clients and this forum has it ear to ground for reaction. Although this forum offered a two part series on the subject as a part of our ongoing HIV/AIDS coverage, there was no substantive comments sent to these pages after our items were posted. Unfortunately and perhaps sadly, I don't expect that this news will set off any noticeable response throughout the community as it should. In our post, I cited that this type of complacency and aloofness to issues affecting this community has created an impression of a mostly "muted" citizenry with limited structure or capabilities to mobilize. If this is not the case, then where are the voices of those end users with questions, concerns and proposals. There is an actual Consumer's Round table which is in need of committed volunteers from all sectors of this health dilemma awaiting your valuable input. This outlet has always been open and ready for dialogue, yet it's only me and the crickets chirping here. If this is the beginning, then where will these budgets cuts eventually lead. Could you be next, a friend, partner or neighbor? Only time will tell...stay tuned.

GP 101: Don't forget that you can get a snapshot of Gay Politics 101, (8 pm) Thursday, 9.10.09 at The Women's Project, 2224 South Main in Downtown Little Rock. It's our ongoing determination to stay locked in with various community groups and NPO's. "What you don't Know, can hurt you," will be an overview of rainbow political landscape and what you can do to get connected. It's sponsored as apart of Brotha's & Sista's Triple Play Community Building Week. Need more info, hit us up in the comment section.

Facebook Outreach: Thank you and You too for the "friend" outreach on the Facebook networking site. COP 24/7 can be found on a variety of social networking listservs and platforms such as Myspace and Yahoo groups. I appreciate those shout outs which hopefully will also bring all of you to this site for more of what you are looking for! It's a digital world and CorneliusOnpoint is positioning itself be on the cutting edge, while either meeting you their or beating you their.
CHIPIn: The icon continues to stand idle. This pay pal supported portal has been designed to easily handle any and all donations for Pride Picnic 2010. You can show your support ranging from $1.00 to that special platinum donation. Here's some challenges to get things interesting: (1) This forum will match the first single $100.00 pledge in honor of our upcoming Anniversary. (2) The first 5 people donating $20 or more by the end of this weeks Triple Play Community Building event will be special guest at our Anniversary VIP party.
(3) The first person to donate in the next 48 hours and can answer this challenge question: When did this forum first appear and what was it's title. Will receive a special gift from our prize closet. Get busy, TODAY!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Busting a Monday Move

So Long Summer, hello September as we prepare for turning leaves and perhaps turning stomachs with all that's churning around the world. Let's see, Congress comes slithers back to Capitol Hill, folks are seeing "Red" in the Obama administration, Ryan White/ ADAP Mash-up's, break-up's, break-outs and the whole damn nine yards. We are still here, coming live and uninterrupted from cyberspace. As prepare to celebrate year 5, yeah it's five long years of nothing more that what you've been looking for and more! CorneliusOnpoint, on the beat and out of the box. Let's get this thing off the ground shall we....

God, Gays & U: There are many outlets around the city that offer spiritual gatherings and spaces to share with the universe. Believe it or not, there are many in the GLBTQ community that find solace in there faith which often comforts them through the daily trials and tribulations of life. I have my personal "Jesus" that I have confided with during high tides and low points. I don't wear it on my sleeve per say, but as I need that special strength, I know how to access it for every occasion. The subject of religion and gays has been ripe for fodder from a variety of groups that have used the bible as a weapon, especially those who vent the thoughts of "kill Gays for God." The tone of the rhetoric can be awfully nauseating and beyond outrageous or rational. I've included the following info as a resource for your informational arsenal as well as general purpose. I hope that you find it useful and don't forget to pass it on, when you tell em you heard about it here first at COP 24/7! Give us you feedback in our comment section.

HRC’s Religion & Faith Program has released the completed “Out In Scripture” collection. For the past three years, week-by-week, the program provided conversations on Bible passages from more than 100 scholars and pastors representing 11 denominations. These conversations are now available in a complete collection online at
“This unique collection showcases the extraordinary momentum we’re seeing by people of faith committed to LGBT equality,” said Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese. “Through this resource we are helping to assure that no one will again have to choose between who they are and what they believe.”
“Over the years my spiritual life and preaching has been transformed by ‘Out In Scripture,’” said Harry Knox, Director of HRC’s Religion and Faith Program. “This is one of our signature projects. As editor Sidney Fowler said, ‘The Bible is not about beating you up, but lifting us all up. It includes the seeds of liberation and justice.’ Be prepared to be transformed as well.”
The collection includes 175 conversations that span Bible readings organized according to the Revised Common Lectionary. The lectionary is used by numerous Christian denominations.

Friday, September 04, 2009

On Point & Off The Hook Friday

We are all enjoying the last of Summer 2009 which has been swathed in both hot and mild days, lately cool Full Moon evenings and folks speculating about the impending coming of fall 2009. Where just has 2009 gone, well it's been fast and furious to say the least. So much has happened and at this point anything is possible with the rest of the year coming at us all with a fury. In the meantime, we're still here and fierce for the GLBTQ community and beyond.

Barwatch: Over the last few weeks, I've posted, mentioned, cajoled, speculated and just about any other descriptive manner about the local bar scene. Also, I said that I would get the details down for a Thursday post, but I had to recover from it all in order to make sense of if all. With that said, PULSE came on line in a soft opening on Tuesday and a grand opening on Wednesday evening. And yes, COP:24/7 was in the house on both nights for the festivities. Tuesday's pre-opener featured many of the usual suspects and supporters that I expected to see at an event such as this. Entering through the club's foyer into a swanky seating area, onlookers spilled into the area since the staging area was somewhat at capacity. Unfortunately, their was a pesky sound system problem that cause me not to hear the remarks from owner, NK, but that problem was corrected by Wednesday's opening night. Moving through the space, I came upon a very nice buffet line that was available with many tasty treats put together handsomely by long term associate, Ken Brown. My partner said that he particularly liked the chicken salad croissants and mini quiches. Full bar beverages were available in the club itself, piano bar and a mini-remote beer station near the patio. If you recall and most likely you don't, after I heard that NK & crew would be securing this spot, I stated that it would eventually become another show spot. Wednesday night's grand opener allowed my prediction to unfold as newly installed co-show directors, Whitney Paige (pictured) & Breanna Braxton hit the stage in full affect after an opening production number. Paiges massive red fabric costume was impressive during her interpretation of Whitney Houston's latest, "I didn't know my own strength (which has been featured on our jukebox) and Million Dollar Bill. Showstopper Dominique Sanchez danced to Donna's Summer's Live version of Last Dance underneath a micro light show of swirling multi colored lights and laser pin points. Also featured were dancers positioned on the bar and a tattooed beefcake shaking his groove thing in a "cage" mock up just off the stage area. All this was commanded from the elevated DJ booth over the staging area that's ripe for pageantry prospects to come in the near future if you ask me. Although the dimensions of the the lounge is small by the Disco/Back standards, it makes for a more clubby cabaret feel, with dancing in the middle space of the black tiled floor. Faces in the place included newly crowned Mr. Gay Arkansas US of A, Jeff, Drew Pritt, Miranda M., B& S's Miss D and friend, former Pink Spectrum publishers, Shon DeArmon & James, Raven St. James & Jim, Former Miss Gay Arkansas, Stephanie Richards, Tione Iman, Miss Charnay, Mr. Harry B. and Miss Ozarks FFI, M. Blake. The MIA (Missing in Action) list could be considered a varied and interesting mix as I circulated among the guest. I didn't recall seeing the current Miss Gay Arkansas, Christina Saxton, no FedUp Queers seemed to be in the house or those claiming as such, no elected officials ( Is Mrs. Hendrix's here?) or candidates, nor did this affair seem to strike a chord with many of the other local entities that I bet money might be calling come fundraising time. Ladies and Gents, it's officially open to public (18 & Up) with a major Labor Day throw down and will be open on Sunday's! You can find it at 307 West 7th Street in Downtown Little Rock!
G-Zones & U: As a social commentator as well as observer, I've never bee shy about the erotica element of the SGL community nor it's subcultures or extremes. It's no secret that "sex" is certainly apart of the mix and as sexual beings the variety of desires ranged from the closeted discreet to the bold exhibitionist who parades like a peacock. Believe me I've seen just about all of it and probably then some. However, in this age of "playing safe," and dealing with more severe strains of STD's, this forum has partnered with GVU, (Gay Video Universe) an online portal for Adult video's and products. It's very obvious that in this area, there is a healthy appetite for encounters of all sorts with under gear parties, KKF's better known as "Knock Knock Fucks," and like minded gentlemen gathering for Big City/ Big Boy entertainment. Here's the fact. There's nothing wrong with this type of activity, creativity or outlet if those adults involved are consenting and well aware of their actions or consequences. Unfortunately, there are no Men's Spas commonly known as Bath Houses in this area where men can meet, greet and get physical all at the same time. I've been to such entities across the country and they have their usefulness depending on who you ask. The closet source would be either Dallas or the STL, but if you don't want to travel to get that experience, I was intrigued by a handy Adult product called a Flesh Jack. According to the info, you can get what you need solo or perhaps a group effort in a circle jack event. It's all up to your imagination and stimulation factor. The item can be obtained via our CD Universe link found in the margin which also has other adult products for your consideration. And yes, there are items for Women as well. Further to my surprise, you can actually personally design this item as I found on another website. Therefore, playing safe can go to different levels depending on how much you want to ante up for staying up for the cause. Remember good sex can be safe sex! Hit our icon Do it today!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Resisting Racism under the Rainbow

COP24/7 Special:

Resisting Racism under the Rainbow
A National Conversation about Race, Sexuality and Gender The Equality Forward essays are a collection of stories about race, sexuality and gender from some of today’s most distinct voices in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender-rights movement. Read their essays. Share your own story, and read more about Equality Forward.
This essay in the series is submitted by Doug Spearman, an actor best known for his role in the series Noah’s Arc. I've profiled the former LOGO series in numerous postings in this forum, including the movie, Noah's Arc: Jumpin the Broom which is available on DVD. As a Board Memeber of the National Association of Black and White Men Together, I've pledged to "engage in educational, political, cultural, and social activities as a means of dealing with racism, sexism, homophobia, HIV/AIDS discrimination, and other inequalities in our communities and in our lives." It is for this purpose that I offer this item with that statement in mind. It is unedited and is the opinion of it's composer.

Most people have seen the rainbow flag of the gay community. The multiple stripes that are supposed to symbolize the various differences, in gender, nationality, race, and even proclivity, that make up the vibrancy of the LGBT community. Let me call your attention to something – the lines between the colors are sharp and clearly defined. They do not blend or run into one another. They’re still separate.
People tend to believe that racism, on all sides of the color lines, is something that stops at the gates of the LGBT community. As though at the entrance to the various Boys Towns around the country you were required to check your ideas about Blacks, Asians, Jews, Arabs, etc… the way cowboys were required to turn over their guns when they walked into a salon in the Old West. It just doesn’t happen that way. In fact, I think it’s worse now than it was when I came out in l980. Back then the bars felt a lot more friendly, prejudice was a dirty word, and the kids of the l960’s and early 70’s – those that had created the gay movement – were still on the dance floors of America elbow to elbow with the people who’d marched in Vietnam protests and Black Power parades, and had been active participants in the original Civil Rights Movement. Those were the grownups who were standing at the bar when I got there. They welcomed me. But they’re gone. That spirit seems to have evaporated. Not everywhere and not for everyone, but enough so that if you’re over the age of thirty-five you would notice.
Now, somehow, we’ve sunk back into old habits of separating ourselves from each other. People talk about white bars and black bars. We have white prides, black gay prides, and Latina/o gay prides. And they’re more than just celebrations of culture and gayness. These prides exist because a great many men and women feel unwelcome in mainstream gay communities.
It’s been happening for a while, but now, suddenly, people are talking about it. Our community has finally decided to talk about its dirty laundry. And it’s not an easy conversation to have. Race and race relations are a thick thread in the fabric of our country. It was a factor in the last presidential election, and for a while it was the cause of a lot of finger pointing after the Proposition 8 decision here in California. In the early days after the election, a lot of gay activist blamed black voters for not showing support for their plight for marriage equality. First they got the numbers wrong. Black voters, especially in Los Angeles, were not the tipping point. Second, they failed to understand what the issues of civil rights and equality mean to black people in this country. They – meaning well-intentioned gay activists – assumed that since theirs was an issue of equality and civil rights, that they’d have natural allies among a people who’d spent centuries being discriminated against. It’s a valid hope. But then again, when did a group of gay activist ever show up to make sure that black and Latino/a neighborhoods had decent schools or safe streets, or march for union job protection? All things being equal, when did that ever happen? How many gay men and women care or are aware that the President of the Southern California branch of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference Eric Lee is being pressured to resign for supporting marriage equality? Where are we as a community on his behalf? We are all first Americans, despite our sexual identity. And, as Americans we inherit its issues like racism. It’s not possible for us not to, is it?
This inheritance is why I’m surprised when I find out that LGBT people think we, as a community, aren’t riddled with racism. Think of it as a scale like anything else – there are people who have none at all and there are people who are riddled with it – gay and straight. If it weren’t part of this nation’s core then CNN wouldn’t keep doing series about it, HRC wouldn’t commission studies about it, the fact that the president is black wouldn’t be cause for celebration or concern, depending on your point of view.
It’s a different world for white Americans than it is for black, brown, and yellow Americans. Especially if you have education, income, and available resources. And we’re finally beginning to openly talk about the differences. Until we do, until we acknowledge the realities of all the -isms that exist within the LGBT community, we will never be able to face the discrimination and hatred that is aimed at us. Until we realize that the civil rights inequalities exist within the very worlds we’ve designed for ourselves then we’ve really just recreated the places a lot of us tried to escape from. Until rice queen and snow queen disappear from our own vocabularies, and until I don’t have to overhear two white guys describe me as Mandingo (as I did in a club in LA one night) then we’re not much better than the people out there who stand on corners with signs that say God Hates Fags. We can do better. We can be better. We’re trying. I see that now. And maybe it’s time for a new flag.

Doug Spearman was born in Washington, D.C., at the height of the Civil Rights movement. He’s currently an actor/writer/producer/activist living in Los Angeles. Spearman is best known for his work on the television show, Noah’s Arc which focuses on individuals dealing with the intersection of sexual and racial identities in present-day Los Angeles.