Saturday, September 30, 2006

GLBT History 2006

We would like to invite you to celebrate GLBT History Month as we reconize our triumphs, lossess and motivation for the future. Our history is so ripe and rich with a cast of thousands who have "created the space for us to fill in" and continue to forge a 21st Century vision. We implore you to share your thoughts as well as concerns with us while explore the lives of those who have been a testament to faith, courage under fire and perserverance. Lets Celebrate by asking ourselves...


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Friday, September 29, 2006

Talking Out Loud...Part3

We've returned to our series of "talking out loud" pieces that are a fast paced review of happenings that just need a brief airing. So with out further due, here we go.

First up, how much more Oprah can a person stand. I mean is it not enough that she's a daily TV fixture, staring at me from the grocery newstand, DVD's, political candidate write-in and now O and Friends on XM. Enough already. To my chagrin, I've found other important things to do with my time, like building my own media empire, instead of watching the chat queen talk about bras, her favorite things or other yawn subjects that titilate her demographics. It must be so convenient to be friend of the Big O. You get not only air time, but book deals and many other development opportunities to demonstrate the next big brand. Of course, I digress and will check my hate meter. Meanwhile, I do appreciate her efforts to make change with her cash flow in Africa, New Orleans and colleges. However, despite it all, Oprah's Big Adventure rolls on, just without me in tow.

E-Voting is just around the corner as we are now aproximately 39 days away from the Mid-Term elections. Are you ready and updated on what the candidates really stand for. Well, the rhetoric has been hard and heavy within the last few weeks. Mike Bebee with his everyman stance on gun control and middle class concerns has filled the airways on how he's the man for us. On the flip side Asa "homeland security" Hutchinson is standing with small school districts, immigration problems and knowing what's best for Arkansas. I'm not excited about either, but I'm leaning toward the Po Dunct upbringing guy who has now amassed a million dollar war chest to convince me. For Mayor: Maybe Mark Stodola ? Don't forget to cast your ballot on Nov. 7 For more info:

Local Color: Recently, The Body Politic has been fielding questions concerning the L.R. gay community support of it's establishments and outlets. In an effort to report our findings we will be commissioning a poll to extract feedback on what the community deems issues, complaints and wish list. If you have questions you would like to submit feel free to E-mail us at Stay tune for the results.

Fast Fact: Did you know that 2 Billion people on earth don't have access to clean water?
Did you know that 41% of people living with HIV/ AIDS reside in the south and this statistic consist of a disproportiate amount of African Americans espeically black hetrosexual women?

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Monday, September 25, 2006

And the Beat goes on 24/7!

Happy Anniversary to CorneliusOnpoint featuring The Body Politic. We are celebrating our first birthday in cyberspace as your exclusive connection to all that's going on in the global village. During the last year we have moved light years ahead with the addition of our online partenrerships with Odeo podcast, video with YouTube, new links and our continuing efforts of keeping you both entertained and informed. Believe it or not, news and events are coming out the the shoot almost too quickly to cover, therefore we have decided to increase our postings to daily. We are determined to stay on top of breaking news and getting you the latest with each post. And now for the news...

Fashionistas on parade: The fall fashion catwalks were alive and well with the latest offerings from the fashion Gods. Trendsetters state that it's all about the Marie Antoinette look, featuring those umpire waist and bubble bottoms with wispy hair do's. Even the MGA pageant organizers are getting in on the scene, requring contestants to show their creativity with patterns from the era. Hopefully, everyone will keep the heads about this look, because it's not for everyone.

Manscaping 2006: In case you haven't notice, there are so many products our their to enhance your man's appearance and attitude. Counters in upscale stores are fully stocked with creams, onintments and sprays to take your stud muffin to the next level. One such product, Headblade, sold by Rite Aid that it suppose to give you head to die for. Equipped with special jells and specific razors, this product will make everyone want to just "touch it" according to it's ad tag line. Also, for those needing a weight loss plan, enter the Perricone Weight Loss diet from Dr. Nicolas Perricone, M.D. who swears that his 3 part plan has a means to loose fat, wrinkles, and years on your life. Perricone also states that this diet is beneficial to HIV-affected individuals who possibly are in the wasting syndrome. He encourages an organic program covering the body inside and out. Of course, super hunk model, Jon Jonsson (pictured above) of Iceland probably doesn't need any help from me on maintaining a great body. He was the last man standing one the Bravo reality model contest earlier this year. On the website, Jon utters the "F-word" ,talks about his new girl, how much he likes ice cream sandwiches and how he's not comfortable taking nude photos. Need we say anything else.

FAST FACTS: The Stonewall Democrats have monthly meetings at the Democratic HQ, go to their website, for more information.

Race Equailty week ( Sept. 25-29 2006 )

Friends of Sidetracks has a new web group on Yahoo. Go to Yahoo to sign up or for more information.

Congrats to Taylor Madison Monroe, MGA and Raven St. James 1st Alternative

Monday, September 11, 2006

Tragedy Rewind 2006

2006 has been a Rock and Roll year that just keeps on rolling. In the past few weeks our senses have been on overload as we returned to New Orleans and the government three ring circus that was Katrina relief. Today, the fifth anniversary of 9/11 is being relived and re-told from every prespective by all that is media. Government officials from President Bush to Firefighter captains are recalling this tragic milestone in American History. Conspiracy theories aside and the ongoing debates about the 9/11 commission or intelligence reports, the controversary surrounding this malaise rages until this day. I'm deeply troubled with the ongoing rehtoric that seems to fuse 9/11 with the war on terror, Iraq, Afgahnistan, Axis' of Evil and almost anything else that justifies our erratic foreign policy as well as our domestic sensibilites. Epecially the fact that each of these events impacted people of color accross the board. Film trailblazers Oliver Stone and Spike Lee added to the abjectness with their forceful films "World Trade Center," and "When the Levees broke" documentry featured on HBO. These reaccountings have stirred fresh emotions from my soul, in conjunction with the nation as we all watched this epic tragedy within every breaking news segment for a week straight. In Little Rock, freedom walks, prayer vigils, and many roundtable discussions will commemerate this ongoing drama that seems to be open ended.

And the Tragedy Tour would not be complete without the 9th annivesary of the Princess Diana's death in Paris. As we all do with headline national events, I know exactly where I was when I heard that "Di" had been killed in an traffic accident. My partner and myself were returning from an evening out to hear the announcement. We sat quietly in disbelief trying to comprehend how this could have happened. Amazingly these unfortuante guidepost in our lives are seared into our memory. We go into rewind mode, often experiencing the same emotions and a common sense of lost that affects us universally when a major event occurs. The 9/11 massacre is a perfect example of this mass greif when the planes hit the towers and subsequent collaspe.

Event though most of these tragedies happen via TV, we had chance to go the Oklahoma Bombing Memorial in August to sense the enormity of such an event. Just as 9/11, I had seen this awful event unfold on network TV and was moved by the array of mini-memorials that had been left outside the gates. Upon entering the west wall, facing the reflecting pool, the beauty and calmness was breathtaking despite my full knowledge that many died and suffered greatly in this place. The "Chair" desgin which further remembers the victims, are dignified and reminds us that we all deserve an equal place at the table of life. Leaving the memorial, I realized that life is so fleeting and at a moments notice or twinkling of an eye, it can all be over. Consequently, our 24 hour media link delivers us the latest each day, but I often ponder about the countless everyday mishaps happening all around us that gets no coverage or the massive outpouring of support. Those adversities are just as important and should cause us to live everyday to the fulliest even in a Tragedy Rewind.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Let The fall Games begin..Part Deux

Nine weeks and counting. The mid-term elections are rapidly approaching and I hope that your guns are a blazin, locked and loaded to send a message to our employees in Washington. Enough is enough and the people must speak loudly this fall to let our lawmakers know that we've all had it with the bamboozling that going from the White House to the Congressional Chambers.
In the comming weeks we will offer our candidate endorsement post, as we way out the pro's and con's of each candidate. We further suggest that you find your polling place early and plan your stratergy. No matter, your vote is vital. Our call to action: call a friend and remind them to vote!

Bar Update: We have an update on the happenings at "The Factory" nightclub. We got an ear full from new owner, Jassiel, who has stated that the first phase of the makeover is taking place in the space known as,"The Loft" and will be transformed into a multi-use room with a cabaret feel. The new hours, (which we find a bit strange and probably will need some real tweaking) are Thursday thru Sat from 8-until and a talent night to be held on the last Sunday of the Month opening at 8 p.m. A revolving cast with undetermined "early" showtimes will be a feature of the new lounge. Stay Tuned...

Katie, Rosie, Meredith, Oh my! Yes the TV fall mix-up is in full swing as eveybody changes places and confuses endearing fans with their whereabouts. However, in case your score card has not been updated here's the scoop. Katie Couric is the sole anchor over at CBS news and doing quite nicely. Her debut to me was a "much a do about nothing." I felt it went smoothly and she seemed at ease with telling us the news. You go Katie. Meanwhile, Rosie O donnell brings her "Power Lesbian Mom" attitude to The View this season and Meredith Vierra will freshen up morning show TODAY at NBC. On the homefront, the local affiliates continue to punish early viewers with uninspired casting. First up, KARK had the bright idea to revive Matt Moseler's career with another boring turn at hosting a morning show after being shown the door by KATV some years ago. However, Channel 7 continues to be a bright spot with it morning offerings of live shots, gadgets and local musical guest. KTHV's staid and reliable cast are a viable alternative, unless you decide to just skip it all and stay asleep instead.

Fast Fact: Sidetracks, the "NO COVER" northside club house is looking for you and wants to reach out and touch, so go to their web site and check in at Tell em The Body Politic sent ya.
The Stonewall Democrats will be hosting a fundraiser at the Weekend Theatre, 9/15 at 7p.m. For more info go to

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Dear Mr. President, By PINK

Governor Huckabee has proclaimed the Month of September as Homeless Awareness Month. I found this video to be a fitting acknowledgement of that proclamation. However,the entire situation of homelessness begs the question of why in a nation of plenty, we can't get a handle on this dilemma. According to recent statistics, Arkansas is 49th in median income level, in the top 10 of bankruptcies, most citizens don't have adequate access to health insurance, meanwhile we are nation building in Iraq and Afghanistan. Express yourself and vote on November 7th. Send a clear message to our employees in Washington. Got something to say, let's hear it at