Monday, March 31, 2008

Running on Borrowed time....

Everyday that I review source material, list, E-mails, books, and my personal observations in preparation of putting this labor of love together. I've mentioned that this work takes place in the wee hours of the morn, long before the sun peeks over the horizon. It's at this quiet time that I say my first "thank you" prayer for more of the borrowed time that I've been afforded. Most likely I'm "spell checking", prior to your first of cup of java or perhaps when you may be finding your way home. No matter at what time of the day or night that you find yourself catching up on this forum, you can be certain that I'm usually on to the next edition, editing pictures, re-reading or producing other platforms. All the while remembering those pearls of wisdom such as the "early bird gets the worm," or "early to rise, early to shine," that mom use to spout off. Well they've come in handy and now propel me to get a jump on my busy day by either putting up or shutting up on the latest headlines or headliners. Therefore, Ladies, Gentlemen and all those who haven't decided, here we go....

COP Mail bag: I got a note from Angie Bowen who is spearheading a online community portal with hopes of leveraging this into a "brick and mortar" area community center. Her inquiry was in response to our posting about this effort and wanted to know more about what our readers were saying. I thought that I could do what I do best: multi-tasking by answering her questions and also throwing open the concept for more discussion, if there's any, right here. First up, a few of the responses shared revolved around the structure of the center and purpose. At least one reader wanted to know if this is a pipe dream or something that could be realized. The temperament of a few readers and I found this to be the tone of other conversations as well was "skeptical" and cautious but optimistic. This attitude results from so many good intentions gone wrong. I also stated that I had floated this concept, (can you believe it?) some 20 years ago! But I lamented that during that era such a concept was sorta before it's time or at least that's what the elders told me. I proposed that the then G-organization focus their resources toward establishing a "core" from which to build thusly, giving the"community" an alternative destination point. Even without ever visiting such a center, I reached this conclusion through my personal outreach to organizers all over the country who responded beyond my belief. In hindsight, my involvement became plagued on a variety of levels ranging from the shortsightedness of members to some of my own misguided exuberance. Nevertheless, despite my sincere pursuit, the venture went belly up. Now for the bullet points that were needed then and even more so now.

1. Leadership that's realistic and it for the long haul.

2. Financial support that's smart, creative and filled with leveraging opportunities.

3. Comprehensive and broad based appeal that embraces community needs and stakeholders.

4. A committed core of mover and shakers filled with a "can do/must do" attitude who are willing to be held accountable and properly engaged.

Of course there's so much more that will be necessary to push this type of concept forward. Wouldn't it be great if Central City could sling shot into the 21st century with a such a place. They have my best wishes and support. O.K., I've had my say, so now, what say you....

River Draggin: Congrats to Sasha Harrison, the producers and management of The Rev Room on their recent foray into the world of pageantry with the new prelim, Miss Gay Revolution. I wasn't exactly sure why this was being done or was it needed but I was pleasantly surprised at all of it. The show was timely, great mini-buffet featuring a fondue set up ( I grazed on the strawberries!), friendly bartenders and an overall atmosphere of "welcome." I did catch a few bystanders with that "What the hell" look on their faces yet no overt mishaps. While scanning the audience, I saw all the familiar faces including Miss Little Rock, Champagne, NJ with his BFF, Dj Marky Mark, MGAA, Alexis La Rue, Drew Pritt and Free Press columnist Stacie Mack. She told me that she disappointed at the lack of a "full house" turn out for this event. "As a supporter of the community, I can't believe that this place isn't packed. This "straight" venue decided to host this type of entertainment and the community didn't come out in force." She also told me that this would be a topic in her upcoming column especially calling out those individuals who somehow felt uncomfortable with the whole idea. I can't wait to read her entire take on the matter. I shared with Miss M that the "community" appears to have continuing issues and barriers that prevent it from moving forward. What can you say, it took some impersonators to go rolling on the river. In other crown news, the Miss Gay Arkansas pageant has new promoters in the guise of Arkansas Alumni Productions which assumes the duties from Norma Kristie Inc.which has been in divest mode. The state pageant will be held August 1-3 with purported new formatting and updates. Also the Miss Gay America pageant will move up the river to St. Louis, Missouri. October 8-12.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cornelius: 3.0: Hot, Live,Otherwise and more,Part 2 !!

It's time for the mid-week spin down and there's no time to waste. The 24/7 news cycles are a buzzing into overdrive while heading for a "tilt" sensation that's off the hook. Talk about smoking fingers today! Let's get this Hot, Live, Otherwise and more madness started.....

Cash Dash: The proposed Adoption ballot measure that's looming on the horizon in generating a cash dash. The Family Council Action Committee spearheaded by Jerry Cox which is behind this bad legislation is gearing up to pass the collection plate to shore up it's efforts. The group has raised a reported $22,000 over the past seven months, has plans to canvass churches via Sunday School classes with instructional material as well as dollars. These folks are on the move with E-mail blast to their base with hopes of raising $30,000 in 30 days. On the offense comes Debbie Willhite, campaign director of Arkansas Families First which is vowing to defeat the proposal. With a one month total of $32,000 in it's coffers, Mrs. Willhite was quoted in the DOG saying, " we need to put all our resources-people, money and communication- to making sure that when people vote on the initiative, they really know what the consequences will be."Just to update, this is the same group that I mentioned some time ago that had had internal wranglings and a dismissive atmosphere causing some participants to be asked out. Well, O.K. but I think I need a closer look and perhaps you do too...

Faux Pas Clinton: Now really, Hillary! Even though I think a bit too much is being made about her recent "misspeaking" about the facts of her Bosnia trip. I must say, I think I would remember rather vividly if there was "gun fire in the air and I was running for my life". Is Lady Clinton is getting fast and loose with the facts or she's doing what men have done for ages, embellish the experience with gusto. Come on Mrs. Clinton, just the facts mam, just the facts...

AIDS in Prayer: The Arkansas AIDS foundation is presenting it's 1st Annual Prayer Breakfast being held, Friday 3.28.08 at the the Governor's Mansion, 8-10 a.m. I saw the Comcast spotlight loop talking about "The Power of Praying Women: Coming together to Conquer HIV/AIDS." Featuring Guest Speaker Rep. I.H. Brown and Honoree Rep. Kathy Webb. Also featured will be, Evangeline Parker as a "guest prayer" and soloist and a "person dealing with HIV/AIDS". The TV spot said more info could be obtained from the organizations website, so I went trolling. One of the links which was suppose the have the info had "info" for another future fundraiser, and there was no date, place or time even listed there, yet I looked closer and found a sub link. But there was a Paypal widget to obtain tickets that were to be mailed. Just to be clear, I've pointed out this off kilter dissemination of info before and yet it still prevails. To be honest I've never been to a prayer breakfast, but I guess if it works...Tickets may still be available($25.00) call them(501) 376-6299 and tell them you read it here first!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cornelius: 3.0 Heated, Live and otherwise !!

Just when you thought that the political race was getting sorta, kinda nutty, then I see this video that sent me reeling in the big chair after my brief, but well needed Easter/Spring break out. I had noticed some banter and chatter in local groups about Sally Kern and I though I'd go a looking for info on this "Anita Bryant" for the 21st Century. This video was produced by the Victory fund in response to the hate filled rhetioric of Kern which bullet points Eureka Springs, Arkansas as a "ground zero," focal point of the Gay Agenda . This OK legislator has literally dug her heels in and is non apologetic about her stance including the bombastic belief that "Homosexuality is a bigger threat to the U.S. than terrorism." Mrs. Kern goes further stating that, “I will not apologize. I did not say anything false. I did not say anything malicious or hateful,” Kern said. “They are trying to vilify me. That is their tactics.” Undeterred and determined local GLBTQ activist as well as supporters have come out the box on Kerns remarks including an estimated 30,000 e-mails. According to a news story in the Joplin Globe, spokespersons for gay and lesbian groups demanded that Kern apologize while calling on the Legislature to adopt hate crimes legislation that would enhance penalties for crimes directed at gays and lesbians.
“Hateful speech leads to hate crimes,” said Rob Howard, executive director of the Cimarron Alliance Foundation in Oklahoma City. Howard said there were more than 7,700 hate crimes in the nation in 2006, including 79 in Oklahoma.
Howard and other speakers questioned how Kern can take an oath to uphold the state Constitution but then condemn a segment of the state’s population.
“Freedom of speech does not belong to Representative Kern alone,” said Howard, adding that gay and lesbian groups have a “moral imperative” to speak out against her remarks.
“If we do not condemn hate speech from an elected public official, we in effect endorse it,” said the Rev. Robin Meyers, pastor of the Mayflower United Church of Christ in Oklahoma City. “This represents the state of Oklahoma in a way that is deeply offensive.” O.K. Arkansas rainbow community you'd better check your radar screens because these individuals are serious....really serious...and that's no joke. Heads UP!

Hold the Line: The local chapter of the Stonewall Democrats will participate in a national conference call, 7 p.m. Thursday 3.27.08 featuring Melissa Etheridge for campaign Obama and Chelsea Clinton for Team Clinton. The event will concluded their monthly meeting at Democratic HQ in downtown Little Rock. For more info hit their website:

Thursday, March 20, 2008


AH, it's come around again, Spring! That wonderful point when Winter gives us one last blustry mix then storms out. I feel so blessed to still be around to continue to "stop and smell the roses."
In this post I've decided that I will take a diversion from the maddening parade that's going on around us and dive into the realm of spring fever while wearing rose colored glasses. I'll go back to the down and dirty tomorrow. Therefore, without further delay, here's my spring Zen Stew mix....

The Big Give: By now I'm sure most of you have seen or heard of Oprah's Big Give. Well, if not then brace yourselves. After reading some savage and rather unflattering reviews, I had to see what all the hub bub was about. Then I saw it and thought perhaps Miss O must have alot time on her hands not to mention cash to create this mash up of reality programming. The premise is this in a nut shell. A group of contestants are sent across the country in a "amazing race" format seeking "national treasure," using Laura Croft/Tomb raider" tatics to have a "touched by an Angel," outcomes as the Big O sits in her Harpo Oz suite sending out text message challenges. Then the contestant get "whacked" by the judges on whether they meet the bar on giving big. As means to add a little cheesecake to the offering comes in the way of O's favorite designer boy, Nate Burkis who's moonlighting as host. O.K. people, you've got to see if for youself. It was a wonderful yet wrenching way to spend an evening in the bliss abyss.

Brown at Your Door: I found this little ditty sorta uplifting especially since I'm always glad to see the UPS man walking up to my door with my delivery. You know I'm pretty busy these days and hitting up my fav internet site then having it sent to me is all the rage in my household. I've become a bit warry of those shopping malls and such. According to a blurb from our partner, Big Gay News, UPS Inc., the world's largest shipping carrier, is stepping up its supplier diversity efforts to include gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender-owned businesses. The Atlanta-based company said Tuesday it is partnering with the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. I've seen their website and this organization is doing big things in a big ways. I'm considering joining in search of more of a hook-up. Last April I hosted a business After hours event with this type of concept in mind. However, it didn't quite take off. One feature of the chamber is that NGLCC-certified businesses now can register to participate in UPS' supplier diversity process, the company said. The process provides UPS business opportunities for small businesses and those owned by minorities, women, veterans and now lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals. The NGLCC represents the interests of an estimated 1.4 million businesses owned by lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender individuals, according to a statement issued by UPS. UPS, also known as United Parcel Service, is offering members of the organization a discount on UPS shipping services.

Detox Dinner: So you cook? Since it's a spring affair in this posting, I discovered this cute recipie for Zen Stew from another of my favorite online sources for stuff. From comes this simple entree item featured in the Detox Dinner section which will assist you enhance all your five senses. So invite some friends over and share. I'm going to make a batch after I finish with this post and If you do, let me know what you think. Here you go...

Zen Stew
Serves 4 / This soup delivers live probiotics through miso, plus valuable minerals from nori, a dried seaweed. Ingredient tips: Ramps, or very young leeks, are one of spring's first green foods; if you can't find them, substitute green onion or chives. Look for spicy nori strips or sheets in the Asian foods section.
2 ounces fresh shiitake mushrooms
1 cup water
1 cup low-sodium vegetable broth
½ cup roughly chopped red onion
⅓ cup thinly sliced carrot
1 cup cooked brown rice
4 ounces soft tofu, cut into ½-inch cubes
½ ounce tender ramps or green garlic (or 1 green onion), cut into small slivers
2½ ounces baby spinach
⅓ cup chickpea miso paste
½ cup warm water
1 ounce spicy nori, cut into strips
Remove stems from mushrooms and discard. Slice caps.
In a saucepan, heat 1 cup water and broth; add mushrooms, onion, carrot, cooked rice, and tofu. Bring to a low boil and cook for 5 minutes. Remove from heat. Add ramps or green garlic and spinach; stir until spinach begins to wilt.
Combine miso with warm water, stirring to dissolve all lumps. Add to soup and mix. Serve in large soup bowls, topped with nori strips.
PER SERVING: 146 cal, 9% fat cal, 2g fat, 0g sat fat, 0mg chol, 7g protein, 30g carb, 6g fiber, 638mg sodium

Thought for the Day: "What have you done today to be proud?..."

QuickByte: There are plenty more fun items and thoughts from this site. I encourage you to click and enjoy. If you've got a favorite site that you want to share, then let us know.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Midweek Spindown and Mash Up...

Enter the Nexus: You would've had to had your head buried in the sand not to have heard about the fire storms of controversies that have evolved from both political camps. Last week, It was the the Geraldine Ferraro "foot in mouth" disease that erupted in the Clinton big tent when she made unsubstantiated and rather tomfoolery comments about how Obama's race has afforded him some special place at the table. I listened to her comments over and over again, trying to figure out just where this political icon was coming from. Yet, Mrs. Ferraro's take on the situation just kept coming across as tinged with racial innuendo and just plain old not well thought out. I respect every one's right to speak the mind openly, but I'm very suspects to those double meanings and doublespeak. She has quietly left the room for the moment. Then, came the other dropping shoe, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's pastoral confident via his starring role on YouTube spewing what's known as "liberation gospel," or as some has characterized as nothing "but hate." This quasi term and much of the explanation that came with it, got me pondering out loud with eyes rolling. I'm use to those Sunday pulpit "fire and brimstone" sermons supported by biblical text, however some of Mr.Wright's dogma is simply over the top at best. It's the kind of rhetoric that you begin wondering "where in the hell is that coming from?" As a African American man living the "black experience" in America, I do understand the multi-dimensional construct he's addressing juxtaposed to our personal space. All my life I've been in the mix of the race question both professionally and personally. Especially in the GLBTQ community which is not exempt from diversity issues. Furthermore, I can't even imagine sitting in the audience for 20 years, trying to consume these cryptic statements as plausible let alone credible. Not to mention asking this person to bless my union or baptize my children. Problematic as that is for myself, I wholeheartedly respect Mr. & Mrs. Obama's choice. Nevertheless I would have had serious reservations. Ultimately and soundly, this would be a"wait a minute reverend moment!" Subsequently, Mr. O bounced back Tuesday with a speech that demonstrated his oratory skills are no fluke. His ability to stand front and center of issues while finding the commonality among us is certainly commanding but most astounding was his decision to flip the script, calling out Americans to a "where do we go from here," position in this countries lackluster dialogue on race. Is Mr. Obama transcending? Is Mr.Obama the "Black candidate?" Will Obama rise above this? Do we need a comprehensive look at race in America? Interesting questions aren't they...
now what do you think.

Election Watch: This fell into my inbox and I wanted to pass it along. I had a chance to listen to Mr. Sullivan and he spelled out why I should vote for him for District Judge. I believe that he's up to providing the post with the full time atttention that he willing to give plus experience to boot. During a February speech to the Stonewall Democratic Caucus, he told the audience that a possible consultant had told him not "to expect anything from the GLBTQ community." He countered that statement saying he wanted to prove that individual wrong. Here's a chance to help do so.
Please Join
Gary Sullivan
For a BBQ
Benefiting His Campaign for
Little Rock District Judge
Tuesday, March 25, 2008
6:00-8:00 pm
Alley Oops Restaurant
11900 Kanis Road, #D10
Little Rock
$25 Minimum Contribution
Includes BBQ Dinner
Please RSVP to (501) 537-0190 or
* Contributions are limited to $2,000 per individual per election.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Speaking Volumes & More...

There are 278 days left in the year and I'm bracing for the 24/7 news cycles to come. Everyday, I and I mean everyday, it's breaking news on top breaking news that almost makes you want to do a Micheal J. move, by just screaming. But, we persevere as well as continue to sift, wade and endure all the news bits that come our way as we offer our unique brand of coverage for the GLBTQ community and beyond. Heads up people, here comes Speaking Volumes and more...

AIDS in Arkansas: In case you missed it, I posted about a meeting that was held last week concerning the state of HIV/ AIDS services across the state. Unfortunately due to scheduling, I couldn't make the meeting in person. But was e-blasted from advocate B.C., high points and proposals to assist with consumer dissent that has been simmering for some time. I was struck by the broadness of topics and somewhat befuddled that certain items hadn't already been placed in operation. After all are we not "27 years in to this health crisis?" Here are my observations vs. the issues posed..

1. If "direct payment" option was a best practice for Doctors or providers, then why would a client have to inform ADH. Is there not a data base of providers who should get regular updates on how to access this system. Is there not a review of what providers are participating or why not?

2. Can it be that the novel idea of having a 1.800-HIV number that's actually "staffed" has been overlooked all this time. This one really behooves me, especially since I get "Text" messages from my cell provider on new products and get this, my dogs Vet's office sends canned courtesy calls reminding me of his appointments and "viola"-follow up calls to make sure that I'm "satisfied" with services rendered!

3. "Need Assessments?" Am I to understand that the ADH brain trust hasn't been tracking the positives and negatives of these programs and the agencies charged with facilitating these services? Whether it be a third party or whatever mechanism, this protocol is an elementary essential element of ensuring quality and certainly impact on the consumers.

These are just a few nuggets of the most likely ongoing discussions and conversations that will be taking place over the next few months. To my dismay this forum has only gotten "one" response to our postings about AIDS in Arkansas. Of course that's not a signpost of interest throughout the community. However, if there's so much disconnect with the HIV/AIDS consumers as alleged, where are their letters to the Editor, visible protest, op-ed pieces and all that it takes to get the attention of the power brokers. Meanwhile there are now calls for a Service Council, abolishing boards and such. As a former board member of AAF, the board although faulty certainly welcomed and sought end users openly. Yet, after being appointed some marginally paticipated others simply faded due to a variety of reasons. Furthermore, wasn't the mission/vision of the now decommissioned Positive Voices suppose to be a vehicle for "HIV/AIDS" consumers to have a distinct echo chamber for their concerns, assessments, training and open space designed to meet an abundant possibilities. I concur with the closing sentiment of the e-mail, "there is much to do still..." However, it seems to me that much has been done but I'm not sure by who or what standard. And so it goes......

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Blarney Stone affect...

Top of the day to ya'...It's a glorious morn for a look for the pot of gold somewhere over the rainbow. Yes, being green these days has become all too common. Green with envy, green as in experience, green as in greedy and the most sought after green known as hard cold cash. In the meantime, as the world turns each day we are bombarded with more foreclosures, foolishness and full blown debacles that are simply jaw dropping. Ladies and Gentlemen, let's exhale for a moment... are you feeling better? Just before you hit up Google to find out about the Blarney stone and what the heck does it have to do with CorneliusOnpoint. I'll beat you to the punch by letting you know that the term Blarney came about from early the Elizabethan era from which Dermot McCarthy gave eloquent excuses to the queen about his relinquishing his castle as a testimony to his loyalty. There's a bit more to the story, but you go ahead and Google that part. Consequently, the term evolved to mean 'the ability to influence and coax with fair words and soft speech without giving offense'. Get it?..well, I'm not so sure about the offense part but I do my best. On the flip side, my partner of many years is of Irish decent and believe it or not, I've been able to trace back the origins of my sir name which ends up smack dab in Ireland. Holy Shamrocks, Who knew? Anyway you get the drift and now let's get the blarney started...

Painting the Town Green: Central city was awashed in green activity this weekend with pot of gold being handed out at Sidetracks, Queen pageantry at UBU and me taking my alter ego out for another spin at DSRA during TJ's Birthday Party and ALS fundraiser. Unfortunately I couldn't make all the rounds but sources tell me that it was all good. I hope to have further tidbits in my next post. I do want to thank everyone at DSRA for once again allowing me to strut my stuff for charity with their volunteer in-house cast members. The last count that I heard was right at $500.00 for ALS and I didn't hear exactly how old "TJ aka MKA" really is, but I know that he was tearfully moved at the effort made to support this chairty.

The Alphabet Monte: When I tell you that I read your comments, e-mail blast and such, I really do, trust me. I got an interesting inquiry from a Saline County reader who wanted to know," When did the letter "Q" become apart of the GLBT moniker? Thanks for asking. In my research, it seems that the "Q" which stands for Queer has had a long and winding history before taking it's place in the lineup. I reviewed entries in the GLBTQ Encyclopedia, ( didn't know that existed did ya?) and found numerous references attributed to the ubiquitous Q. Within my look around, I found this in the GLBTQ glossary:

Originally a synonym for "odd," this term--as both noun and adjective--became a derogatory epithet for gay men and lesbians in the twentieth century, especially in the United States, where it emphasized the alleged "unnaturalness" of homosexuality. Although many people still use "queer" as an anti-gay slur, there emerged a movement in the 1980s that sought to reclaim the term and rob it of its negative meaning. In this usage, "queer" is an inclusive umbrella term that designates all those who are sexually dissident, even if they are not strictly homosexual, and all "transgressive" forms of sexuality. Many lesbians and gay men, transsexuals, bisexuals, and even heterosexuals whose sexuality does not fit into the cultural standard of monogamous heterosexual marriage have adopted the "queer" label. Some gay men and lesbians, however, remembering the hurt caused by its pejorative meaning, dislike the term, even in its "reclaimed" usage, and feel that it has the effect of diluting the specificity of the narrower categories.
The term is sometimes used as a verb. To queer something is to replace normative, heterosexual values with values of minority sexualities, in effect, to make non-normative values the norm.

On the local front, several years ago there was a radio show on KABF entitled Queer Frontier, remember those "Queer as Folk" nights at Backstreet and recently the formation of the Queer Conference being held on the UCA campus this Spring. With all that said, the "Q" also has double duty these days as a marker for "Questioning" in regard to those who haven't decided. If that wasn't enough, the Alpha Monte continues with the addition of the letter "I" for those "Intersex" individuals. Need more? Then let's not leave out that I've noticed within African American circles the letters "BSGL" which refers to "Black Same Gender Loving." So as you can see, there's a whole lot in that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

St. Pat Toung in Cheek: I came across the video by David Spates that's a chuckle on this St.Patty's day. Before the politically correct come out the box on me, I do know the difference from comedic satire and the offensive crap that floats about. Therefore, if you have issues, then I respect you right to say but I'm not so cut and dry that I can't enjoy some bawdy humor. Especially as the world continues to spin on it's axis with all it's ongoing drama and then some. So,have a pint, remember to take a long exhale and come on back all this week for our unique coverage of what's really going on....

Saint Patricks Day Leprechaun ( David Spates )

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Hustle and Flow goes on and on...

Talk about fast and furious...the 24/7 news cycle is in overdrive with shoes dropping at every turn. The mea culpas and resignations are flying off the shelves like Hannah Montanna stuff from the nearest WalMart. Gearldine Ferraro, Elliot Spitzer, Boy, what's a guy to do, as he tries to keep it all straight in 08! It's a TGIF and the hustle a flow goes on and on....

AIDS in Arkansas/an update: In an effort to get it out there, the imperfect "me" missed a typo and listed the meeting at the ADH as 10:00 a.m. instead of 1:00 p.m. per the e-blast. Oops, my bad, as the younger set tend to say. Nevertheless, as I've learned and humbly appreciate your readership, I stand corrected. Thank you intrepid readers whom keep us on our toes and then some. Also in that posting I alluded to the fact that the meeting was an "open opportunity," however, some quip that this may not be the case. With that said, the actual wording from the e-blast(dated 3.8.08) stated the following in reference to this meeting...

"...I would enjoy to also have available seating for anyone else that might like to join me in discussing and hearing options."

"Anyone..?" My reliable Websters Dictionary classifies this as "Any person: ANYBODY". If there's been a change in verbiage, boundaries or what have you.. so be it. If this is the case and you want to attend, yet are unsure you will be welcomed contact Mr. Smith at ADH 661-2408. (As a FYI, this post made the cut Thursday evening for an early Friday release.)

Pink Specturm-a No go: Recently, I got an update from the publishers of the defunct local Alternative mag, Pink Spectrum, on their impending plans to revive the tabloid. According to Editor/ Owner, S. DeArmon, "I just don't think I can do it, despite advertisers still contacting me about it." He cited many other reasons for his decision not to resume printing including the "intense scrutiny" and his lack of support perception which finalized his decision. I concur that the publication was soundly criticized and often savagely but, the Editors admitted their lack of expertise and was seeking to improve the content including using items from this forum. I was called out by some readers who felt that their use of my content which was anti-SQL and their choice to advertise for Shirley Q was mixed signals. I countered that even though our views differed, opposing viewpoints are necessary to facilitate dialouge. Furthermore, putting out any type of publication whether in digital form such as this or print can be an awesome task when working on shoestring budgets or independently. However, I've continued despite a local ad base but I'm not oppose to having any local ads. If you want to advertise here, let me know with a quickness. In the meantime, we use Googles Adsense which offers "ads" that are semi-related to our content and allow readers a direct link to items in sync to our target audience. Also, in the near future I will pursue other funding methods such as products, affiliate programs and widgets to support us. Don't forget your dollar support is vital within the GLBTQ community and out here in cyberspace. Therefore, it's Que, Sera, Sera.. or something like that.

Calling all Walkers!

Judge Alice Lightle welcomes your company and needs your support to tell the people of Little Rock about her campaign for District Judge, Position 1. She has begun walking already, knocking on doors and getting a great reception from voters, but the more people we can have knocking on doors distributing literature, the more people will know why she is running for this position. They will understand her broad experience practicing law, and will be sure, after meeting her, that she's the best candidate to represent the people of Little Rock as District Judge in the Criminal Courtroom. Our city deserves to be represented by judges who are fair, reasonable and respectful to all people. Judge Lightle has proven her ability to make sound decisions and has earned the respect of those who have entered her courtroom. Therefore, we need her to stay on the bench, and we need your help to keep her there!

Can you volunteer a few hours of your time Saturday afternoon to walk with Judge Lightle? Here is when she will be walking:

Saturday, March 15
1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

To meet her goals of knocking on several hundred doors, we'll need at least 8 volunteers to walk with Judge Lightle.

Volunteer walkers will meet in the parking lot at Kavanaugh and Spruce (beside the building that houses Acadia Restaurant) at 1:45 p.m.

Please let me know if you are willing or able to help Judge Lightle for a few hours this weekend. If this weekend does not work for your schedule, Judge Lightle will be walking in different parts of town every weekend between now and Election Day, May 20th.

Need Training: For our readers in Northeast Arkansas, here's a announcement about applications that are now being accepted for the Leadership in Advocacy and Planning (LEAP) training in the Memphis region. The LEAP training is designed to enhance the leadership abilities of people who are living with HIV/ AIDS and would like to be better equipped to participate in the various opportunities for community planning of HIV services. Conceived, developed, and directed by people living with HIV and AIDS, the LEAP training is supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) through a cooperative agreement with the Academy for Educational Development (AED). This two and a half day training will be held May 6-8, 2008 at Memphis Inter-FaithAssociation (MIFA) at 910 Vance Avenue. Any interested individuals from Shelby, Tipton, Fayette (TN), Desoto, Marshall, Tate, Tunica (MS) and Crittenden (AR) counties are encouraged to apply. If you or anyone you know are interested in participating in LEAP, please fill out the attached application or contact:
Scott Thompson at 202-884-8895
Applications for the Memphis, TN LEAP training to be held at the MetropolitanInter-Faith Association (MIFA) are due by April 18. Application to LEAP does not guarantee participation because space is limited. You will be notified after your application has been received and it has been reviewed. Please mail, fax, or email completed application forms to: Scott Thompson Academy for Educational Development 1825 Connecticut Avenue, NWWashington, D.C. 20009Fax: 202-884-8474 Email:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Which way did they go Wednesday & then some...

AIDS in Arkansas 2008

Beginning last week this forum has had a series of posting exploring various facets within the HIV/ AIDS construct. Our overview was propelled from a e-blast from local advocate, Bob Coffey as well as, a sampling of those end users and clients who have had a range of experiences ranging from inconsistent information to a "rat in maze" atmosphere. As of this posting a meeting has been scheduled this Friday at 10 a.m. with Donnie Smith, Director, Center of Health Protection, at the ADH. From the tone of the e-mail, this meeting will be an "open door" opportunity for those who have expressed dissatisfaction with the system and a means to clarity on any misinformation. Even though I will not be able to attend, It would be further interesting to know exactly who and how many will take their concerns to Mr. Smith. There is power in numbers and if this is a "solo" rant while others sit on the sidelines the effectiveness may be marginal at best. I have read a brief listing of the questions ( see below) and what totally intrigues me is the seemingly routine lack of accountability juxtaposed to the mission statement listed on their website, which states the following:

Establish a coordinated system to deliver HIV-related medical services where a comprehensive continuum of care is sound, practical and applicable across consortia, and where limited resources are maximized.
To provide accessible medical care, medications, and supportive services to low-income individuals infected with HIV statewide.

Here are a few those inquires....

1. Asked questions back at the end of 07 and start of 08 relating to changes that occurred with income limits being raised to 51k for single person. Also inquired on dental increase from 500.00 per year to somewhere up to 2300.00 to 2500.00. Have not received a response.

2. Requested information from AAF in Nov and Dec on the same matter. Finally, went to AAF Executive Director, Berna Thomas in Feb and was advised she didn't have a copy of letter that was sent to Consortia Care Clients (individuals already meeting income criteria), nor did she have anything in writing about the changes.

3. Went to ADH HIV/STD/HEPC office. Asked for Kim, she was in Wash DC. Asked for Gary, he was unavailable (medical), asked for Dr Jim Phillips, and was told he was on the second floor. Finally, asked for Tere, whom I had worked with on ARCPG in years past. She gave me copy of new formulary, copy of in-house brochure, Jan 2008, outlining changes, and letter that went to clients of Consortia Care.

4. Called Kim about a week ago and asked to have her send out brochures with information to all the Executive Directors of Consortia Cares throughout the state. Was told that they were waiting till graphics could make it appear more professional, and waiting for her supervisor to okay release of the information.

5. Hearing that 3 million dollars was passed to the state for HIV. Also hearing that based on the late information out to potential users, that much of these funds may have to be returned in the near future. Question here is: What about those who are scheduled later in the year for dental. Dental plans that have been submitted, are those considered funded and obligated, and will those obligated funds remain with the state for use?

Sounds like someone has some splanin to do on what's really going on and ultimately my question is WHY? I realize that changing government and/or state regulations can be daunting. But aren't these individuals suppose to be "seasoned" pro's at delivering this information or services? What's with all these training seminars, meetings, etc, if those being trained are not capable of translating organizational jargon in to basic, yet comprehensive info for the masses. Now, let me be clear, I hope that this meeting will be approached from a productive angle and not just a mere bitch slap session. It sounds like to me that there are some glaring issues that need addressing accompanied with some concrete answers. Of course the floor is still open here for your concerns, comments, rebuttals or perspectives. We'll keep you updated....

Monday, March 10, 2008

Stayin ahead of the Curve and Onpoint...

What! It's Monday morning and I'm back in the big seat rapidly hitting the keyboard to meet my own self imposed deadline. It's was a hell of weekend as I tried to see just how well I could burn the candle from both ends and still make this forum come to life. Apparently, I pulled through and here I am throwing down the who, what ,when and "say what?" of area news, updates, links, and the kitchen sink. So, let me at em...!

A delegating we go: Talk about smack down politics..this last weekend was the State Democratic Convention held in Little Rock at the Robinson Auditorium. I was in attendance seeking the possibility of being a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Denver. However, I was outwitted, outplayed and outdone with the process and I wasn't alone. Even though I feel enrich for the experience, confident within my self for my effort, and proud to have taken a very public stance, the overall process is somewhat problematic. I can't even begin to detail every aspect, but here are a couple:

1. After filing, there were no"details" as to exactly what is expected of the delegate candidate or any guide book on what's acceptable and not. For instance, I didn't receive a mailing list of attendees from my district at filing nor was I advise too by anyone supposedly in charge. However, later on got a copy from a fellow contender "Yellow Dog Democrat Mel" who was trying to find her way through this maze as well. A big thanks and shout to ya, Mel.

2. I was also puzzled at the fact that even though their were several candidates from the GLBTQ community statewide. I sensed lackluster networking, support or outreach to assist those participating. Hello, somebody? Wouldn't it have been great to have a GLBT entity that could have at least sought out who was seriously participating and perhaps did at little as even announced it? Ultimately, Rep. Kathy Webb ( who I met on the fly) was elected a Clinton Committed Delegate from District 2, and I "think" there was someone else from NWA. But to my consternation he was overly and extremely concerned with being "outed" despite his demeanor which spoke volumes. Need I say more. And oh yes, there was GLBTQ support( although on the downlow) from the other side of aisle for Senator Obama. Congrats to Pat O'Brien and Miss Annie A. on their selection.

Ah yes, Democracy..., it's a strange and narry a wonderful thing that changes every four years whether we like it or not. I'm glad that I got to see it more up close and from within. It's important that more of the electorate, that means more of you and you and you find out what's really going on and take part!

AIDS in Arkansas: Last week we offered post concerning interesting factoids and the dollar flow into those agencies serving the HIV/AIDS community. Those posting were in response to clients who have a "no confidence" attitude toward some agencies both small and large charged with directing services. Adding to those post, there has been a call for a "HIV support meeting" with figure heads such as Donnie Smith, Gary Horton, Paul Halverson and other interested parties to address inconsistencies, structure, means testing and misinformation as perceived by endusers of the systems. There has been no date set, but the volly of questions and concerns are long and indepth. In the next post, I will be sharing some of those questions and more of my own as this forum continues to flesh out what's right and wrong with AIDS in Arkansas.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Let The Games begin 2008..part 3

Crickets. It's the sound you hear when you are surrounded by the sounds of silence. Hello, is anyone out there? Papa can you hear me, Papa can you feel me...? I can't imagine that the noise of the passing parade, not to mention all the noise that I'm making up in hear would somehow translate to some conversation, comments, shout outs or something. Cat got your tongues? Anyway, back to the matter at hand. In this post I'm back on the "1's" & "2's" in search of all the game playing that going on here there and let's begin.

A Delegating we go: This weekend is the Special State convention and Congressional District Caucus. Yes, I'm on board, signed up and ready to mix it up with fellow individuals who are vying to be delegates to the DNC in Denver. Let me tell you that the experience so far has had me scratching my head, a tad bit puzzled and going, "Hmmmmmm!?" Why you say? Well, even though I had a good handle on the process, I discovered that some info was distributed but somehow I was late to receive it, but on the other had got other info(via e-blast) that others didn't seem to get. Then, I began to ponder that if there are other GLBTQ contenders where's the support mechanism from within the GLBTQ community? Even though I had an unscheduled moment to speak about my efforts at a past Arkansas Stonewall Caucus meeting as well as, blogging about it since I decided to approach the task and launching the ChipIn widget, I've gotten no real anything, positive or negative, from the lavender community at large. Nothing but dead air filled with the sounds of crickets. Wait,... I'm having a flashback moment from the speech of Gary Sullivan candidate for District Judge, who said a prospective operative told him point blank, "don't expect anything from the local gay community..." Mr. Sullivan said to the audience that he hoped that this statement could be proven wrong. Well, I don't know, but I'm beginning to wonder if that kind of thinking might have some credence. So you say not so, then remember the proof is in the pudding. I'll be updating after Saturday's caucus to let you know the outcomes.

AIDS in Arkansas: Here's my second installment concerning AIDS in Arkansas. My research has lead me to some interesting facts and items that I thought should be shared to those who might be unaware. As you know, this forum is all about empowering, enlightening and entertaining a variety of viewpoints. The Ryan White CARE Act is quite a complex organism that has many elements that run across a host of life services and programs. The act has Title II, Title IV, Part A, B, C, D, outpatient EIS and a mash up of other items. I haven't' even mentioned HOWPA (housing dollars), private or public foundations and the endless other outgrowth of "programs" to assist individuals. Then, there's the government behemoth the Dept. of Health and Human Services with it's HRSA (Health Resources Services Administration) component that dispenses grants throughout communities nationwide. The dollars flowing through this entity down the pipeline is daunting. Arkansas has been awarded HRSA grants totally, $9,578,919 for AIDS programs for fiscal 2007. These dollars have provided funding to 6 major programs in the state. According to the HHS website, such programs can be found in Pulaski(1) Jefferson (2), Woodruff (2), and Crittenden(1) counties respectively. As I kept sifting through the massive pages of information, I was astounded at the amount of "Benjamin's" that have been in the coffers for AIDS services over the last decade, yet there seems to be an atmosphere of uncertainty and lackluster performances perceived by endusers. Believe it or not, this ain't all and I'm still page turning on AIDS in Arkansas. If you've got a say, two cents or opinion, then let's get it on the page. Why not today!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Which way did they go Wednesday & More!

I just finally exhaled. I sat a the keyboard wondering can I do it one more time. Is it possible for me to create another post? Then, I clicked and said, "have n't you had this thought process already?" Just stop it and get busy. So, here we are back at it after a barn burner last evening with Hill Force One stating," hold the phone..., it ain't over till it's over" victory speech and the Bouncing O still talking "it's all about the delegates, baby." Meanwhile, GOP frontrunner, then presumptive, now confirmed nominee, John McCain is sitting pretty in waiting for the November mash up with whoever cometh. Boy, just when you thought this was going be a pretty mundane campaign, it just keeps getting hotter than July in Arkansas. With all that said, I'm still trying to figure out, "which way did they go.." Let's try to find out...

Dream Team 2008: As Hillary Clinton basked in the afterglow of her "I'm just getting starting," rebirth. It seems that politicos are spinning in their office chairs and probably rolling their eyes as the smackdown continues as other states weigh in on who will be the eventual nominee. Tounges are wagging on various levels about the possibility of their being a "Clinton/Obama" or "Obama/ Clinton" dream ticket to take on McCain in the fall. Even Clinton her self said last evening that she wasn't sure if all this was heading that way, but of course it would depend on who was at the top of ticket. Now, let's speculate a bit. If this could be achieved, wouldn't it be the best of both worlds? Ultimately wouldn't this be a surreal tag team that could facilitate all the healing that each candidate talks about? Well, I don't know. It might be a longshot, but it would make for an even more interesting political season that would burn a hole in the history books and possibly my montior screen. There's no telling where this maddness will end up.

SQL on the Loose: Obviously Charles Knipp, commonly known as Shriley Q. Liquor has rilled a whole lot of folks, including some rather influencial indiviuals who are not having it. I've been monitoring the goings on as well as the rather heated rhetoric that being shot all over the net. In past post, I've had my say about this production and it's swing through Hot Springs not once, but twice in the past few years. I felt that I needed to share this info to demonstrate just how put out many in the SGL community and beyond have become with this type of show.

Nat'l Campaign Against Blackface Minstrel Show Officially Launches
National Black Radio Show "The Bev Smith" Dedicates Three-Hour Broadcast to Campaign to Raising Awareness of Shirley Q. Liquor
Today, in honor of Women's History Month and African-American women, activists launched in an attempt to call attention to Charles Knipp, a self-described forty-five-year-old, fat, gay white man that performs nationwide as his alter ego character Shirley Q. Liquor. Knipp describes Liquor as being "an illiterate welfare mother with nineteen kids who guzzles malt liquor and drives a Caddy." The character is favorite among his core audience whom Knipp described in Rolling Stone Magazine as being "gay men, their moms, and rednecks." While in blackface as Liquor, Knipp speaks in Ebonics and makes comments like "axe your mamma how she durrin" and misuses words like "ignunt."
Knipp is also known for mocking the Black American holiday Kwanzaa and uses Black faces to make fun of stereotypical sounding Black names in a music video entitled, "Who Is My Baby's Daddy" where his character Shirley Q. Liquor tries to recollect the names of her "chirrun," "---Cheeto, Orangello, Chlamydia, and Kmartina--"
National Black talk radio "The Bev Smith Show" on American Urban Radio Networks (AURN) will dedicate its entire Monday, March 3 (7p-10p ET) broadcast to the campaign to ban Shirley Q. Liquor and spread the word about his upcoming performances. "The Bev Smith Show" can be heard in Sacramento, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Augusta, Chicago, and more. AURN is the only African-American owned network radio company in the United States. It is the largest network reaching urban America, with more than 200 weekly shows, AURN reaches an estimated 20 million listeners.
Knipp is scheduled to perform in Miami Beach at EXXXOTICA Miami Beach April 17th and 18th, San Jose Gay Pride Week June 14th and 15th, Memphis, Tennessee, at gay nightclub Backstreet Memphis and in New Orleans Labor Day Weekend, just blocks from where displaced African-Americans are still living in trailers. With the exception of the Miami Beach show, all are gay venues.
For more information, please visit:

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Alphabet Soup Monte 2008

Have you ever had that I'be got to much on my plate feeling? If not, I certainly have and each day that I review source material, sift through E-mails, and then shift from research drive to prouduction overdrive, I get that feeling that is it all worth it? Does anyone really give a damn? Is it making a difference if I point out the facts, call out players, hold up the mirror to our "community" or ponder on accountability? The answer is a resounding, Hell yeah. I've dedicated my time, expertise and consciouness toward this project for the last five years, with plans to consequently morph this forum into other ventures. I hope that you dear readers will continue to stop by and feel the vibe for news, updates, links, commentary, video, podcasting and so much more to come. Are you ready for some soup, then let's get started....

Bar Mag turns ON: I'm always glad to see any type of movement within the community, especially when another publishing outlet joins the fray. Therefore, congrats and kudos go out to the publishers of ONTRACK, the new in-house tabloid of Sidetracks on the North shore. The premiere issue was filled with infomercial tidbits and micro articles centering around activites sponsored by this private club and it's patrons. Now, before the politically correct start crowing foul. This mini-mag has a overt masculine bent ( no pun intended) because this is the core of their patronage. As for diversity, the choice is ultimately your own. But I must acknowledge that I've had issues with a few who have exposed their true colors, however, this is not the overall atmosphere of the club or management. The only beef I have is that I would've liked to have had a better picture of myself in the issue. Here's a challenge: if you can find my picture in this issue, I'll set you up with a special gift! Go get it boy's and girls. It's free for the taking and will be produced monthly. If you find me, e-mail me at or leave us a comment here!!

Super Duper Tuesday-Take Two: It's come down to the Texas two step and three other states which will be holding primaries today. On the democratic side, it's a "do or die" throw down for Hillary "in to win it" Clinton who has been in a severe match up with the "Bouncing O", Barack Obama who has been on a non stop winning streak across the electorate. Thus far in my lifetime, I've never seen such vigor, adamant stances and down right fista cups being reported from citizens who are passionate about who will be the nominee. Fortunately, in my household we are united in our choice and prepared to honor whomever is the nominee come November. During this entire campaign season, I've made an effort to listen to debates, read websites, mainstream coverage and assess the candidates equally. Each Senator has tremendous abilities, brilliance, perspectives and vision that would benefit the country plus globally. It's apparent that the people of this Nation is demanding "change" as well as seeking a viable conduit to achieve it via their wave of support for Mr. Obama. There's no doubt that his charisma factor, oratory and fresh appeal have been instrumental in his outreach to those who feel disenfranchised or disconnected. Each candidate unilaterally has a laundry list of accomplishments, connections, voting records, and passions for the American people. Mrs. Clinton has again demonstrated "true grit" meanwhile, being deconstructed daily from head to toe. I believe that she deserves an ovation for keeping her eye on the prize of the presidency, despite the inevitable, that the brass ring of the nomination might out of her reach. Yet, no matter who ascends to the oval office. The Picasso wreckage of the last eight years will take the next chief executive much time to resolve. Ladies and gentlemen, let's be honest. There is no magic wand to be waved or a Cinderella moment that will be created by either Obama, Clinton or McCain that will result in quickly changing my life or your life in any real time. Democracy is a strange animal and history has taught us that the process takes many twist and turns. This year's cycle is certainly one for the history books, however there will only be "one" left standing at the end of the day. Then it's onward to the thunder dome of the general election later this year. Will we be ready...let's hope so.

Monday, March 03, 2008

AIDS in Arkansas 2008: Revisited

Over twenty years ago, I wrote my first article about AIDS was printed in The Advisor, entitled "Dollars and Sense Tackles AIDS." That article which is proudly framed in my office, was one of the first factual peices written openly from within the local GLBTQ community. I scooped the local mainstream media by being the only journalist in attendance to a groundbreaking health department symposium on the issue and getting the story to our internal outlet. Personally, it was even more significant because I had to stand firm on it's verbage after wading through so much misinformation and then debated opponents to the use of what was considered racy front page graphics. I also remember the papers then printer, Copy Cat Printers citing objections to certain content and the use of a book cover by noted gay author John Preston written about erotic safe sex. My rationale, was that the intriguing graphics would grab the attention of readers and hopefull pull them into the story. However, I prevailed and there was no backlash or outrage within our small circulation or anywhere else for that matter. In preparing for this post I re-read what I wrote then with the after thought that my decision to pursue the story was the right choice. Subsequently here I am today, juxtaposed to the long journey in dealing with this health crisis and the fact that it's no secret that Arkansas has had a turbulent and tottering history that has had beacons of insight as well as blips of despair. This forum has been committed to bringing to our readership a broad range of information and links that keep the information flowing. However, after all the fundraising, committee meetings, task forces, organizations, and protest, there is still discontent and unrest within the HIV/AIDS community with those charged with facilitating the services to those in need. The $64,000 question is WHY? All this week we will be in search of some answers and explanations about AIDS in Arkansas 2008. To begin I wanted to share an (2/28/08) e-blast that I got from long time humanitarian Bob Coffey who has garnered a double edge sword reputation as strident activist or persistent gadfly as he continues to demand accountability from those "paid" administrators in charge with dispensing decisions that ultimately affect peoples lives. Mr. Coffey granted me his persmission to reprint his item which was forwarded to a host of other individuals ranging from state officials to Capitol Hill. His words are unedited or unfiltered. I felt that his passionate statements were the flashpoint that would set in motion this fourms attempt to get a dialouge started. Your voices, opinions, observations, rebuttles or clarities are all welcomed concerning your experiences with local agencies or entities. Here we go...from his HIV Support...Anyone minding the store?

1. Asked questions back at the end of 07 and start of 08 relating to changes that occured with income limits being raised to 51k for single person. Also inquired on dental increase from 500.00 per year to somewhere up to 2300.00 to 2500.00. Have not received a response.

2. Requested information from AAF in Nov and Dec on the same matter. Finally, went to AAF Executive Director, Berna Thomas in Feb and was advised she didn't have a copu of letter that was sent to Consortia Care Clients (individuals already meeting income criteria), nor did she have anything in writing about the changes.

3. Went to ADH HIV/STD/HEPC office. Asked for Kim, she was in Wash DC. Asked for Gary, he was unavailable (medical), asked for Dr Jim Phillips, and was told he was on the second floor. Finally, asked for Tere, whom I had worked with on ARCPG in years past. She gave me copy of new formulary, copy of in-house brochure, Jan 2008, outlining changes, and letter that went to clients of Consortia Care.

4. Called Kim about a week ago and asked to have her send out brochures with information to all the Executive Directors of Consortia Cares throughout the state. Was told that they were waiting till graphics could make it appear more professional, and waiting for her supervisor to okay release of the information.

5. Hearing that 3 million dollars was passed to the state for HIV. Also hearing that based on the late information out to potential users, that much of these funds may have to be returned in the near future. Question here is: What about those who are scheduled later in the year for dental. Dental plans that have been submitted, are those considered funded and obligated, and will those obligated funds remain with the state for use?

6. What expenditures are authorized for this money without wasting it, and within its authorized use. If I were Governor of the State of Arkansas, I would be very sad at the loss of that kind of funding. And, as we know, ya don't get money back in subsequent years if you couldn't use it.

7. Here is an unsolicited comment from someone based on the closure of the AAF on 28 and 29 Feb 08 for training. "Hey - just wanted to bitch for a minute...I understand that it's important to keep up with staff training; and should even be one of the biggest expenses for a company or agency....AAF is closed today and tomorrow for a meeting/training. I think that it is absolutely irresponsible for them to not even have anyone there to so much as answer the phones for these 2 days, let alone have anyone there that can handle any situations that may arise...makes NO sense to me at all..."

8. I wanted to highlight this closure based on my experience just yesterday, of taking an AAF client home from a medical visit. Individual has a severe hip problem and is certainly requiring some hands on casework.

9. Who is it that I really need to be addressing this to in order to get information and determine who has withheld information from citizens of the State of Arkansas regarding HIV support assistance?