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Boomberang Wednesday

As this forum creates content to spin out to our loyal readers, so does content, observations, opinions and stuff come spinning back either positive or negative. COP 24/7 is all about the "give and take" from those who engage this site. I thoroughly encourage readers to share your thoughts and expressions on either the topics already posted or alert us to items that may have not been on our radar. Its a two way street that I've been throwing down for some time and will continue to do so until further notice. COP 24/7 is Arkansas' only daily updating on line portal for the LGBTQ community. According to our Live Traffic Feed we have readers from all points of the state including Star City, Texarkana, Pine Bluff, Cabot, North Little Rock, Ozark and Conway to name a few. With that in mind, if you live in these areas I would love to hear about what's going on in your neck of the woods. Send us photos, videos, links, commentary, opinions or creative works. COP 24/7 has proven its staying power and is seeking to be the "go to" site for the LGBTQ community. Come follow us, opt-in email, bookmark and by all means share your comments. Look for more video, links, podcast, interviews, contest, prizes and of course more of our coverage that is always On Point!  Now let's go get em...

Arkansas LGBTQ Annual Magazine Rises

A annual magazine featuring articles on LGBTQ health issues in Arkansas is in the initial stages of production for a June 2012 release. Under the auspices of The Living Affected Corporation and funded through a grant from the Healthy 20/20 Initiative of the Department of Health And Human Services, the project seeks to address a myriad of health issues relevant to the LGBTQ community from a culturally competent position. As a first of its kind, the magazine will tentatively focus on the birth to death "arc' of the lives of LGBTQ individuals and the impact of various health dilemmas including HIV and AIDS which also intersect with other social determinants such as poverty, stigma and aging. COP 24/7 Executive Producer, CM has signed on to assist with co-producing the effort and states that even though their are disparities within the health care realm, the project will be "hope" focused while celebrating living healthy lives and enjoying vibrant relationships. To begin the project the organization will be launching on World AIDS Day a naming contest for the magazine. Each submission will be highlighted on the Living Corporation Website ( ) where visitors will be allowed to vote on their favorite entry. The winning original submission will be awarded a prize package valued at $200 plus the creator will be spotlighted within the publication. All submissions must be forwarded to by January 15, 2012 and the selected name will be announced on February 7, 2012 as part National Black HIV Awareness Day. Rules and regulations will be posted to the website. Watch for more details and special updates on the LA Corp Facebook page and Twitter feeds. (photo: Paul C., W. Reid in attendance of NABWMT meet in Little Rock 10/11)

Winter Outreach in the City

A winter outreach to the less fortunate is being spearheaded by Penelope Poppers which has circulated an e-mail seeking provisions to offer those in need. The listing included gloves, gently worn coats, scarfs, socks ,ground coffee, coffee cups, any warm clothing (long sleeve shirts, pants, hats, etc) personal hygiene supplies (toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, etc),toilet paper, canned foods (we always use fruit, beans and tomatoes) and any other non perishable can goods are also requested. If you have any of these and would be willing to donate them, please call (Penelope) at 501-912-3780 or send an e-mail to and they will figure out a time to meet. Check out the website:

World AIDS Day 2011: Getting to Zero

Across the city and state their are a variety of activities in commemoration of World AIDS Day 2011. COP 24/7 has posted events throughout the past few weeks, but wanted to remind our readers of these possibles for your consideration:

Seventh Annual Arkansas HIV/AIDS Prevention and Awareness Symposium 8:30 am - 3:30 pm at Pulaski Tech College, 3000 West Scenic Drive, North Little Rock, Arkansas, contact Linda C. at 501. 897- 5566 or

The Clinton Presidential Center presents the AIDS Quilt and The Reading of The Names Project will began 5:00pm November 30 thru December 1. Contact Tina Eoff at 501.748.0419 for volunteer opportunities and visitor services.

HIV Arkansas will also be holding a commemorative services in recognition of WAD in Fayettville at 7pm,  St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Parish Hall. Check out their link in our sidebar for more information on other projects and services offered.

UAPB and the HIV/AIDS  Peer Educators will celebrate World AIDS Day, 11am to 12:30 pm with the John McLinn Ross Theatre at the Hathaway-Howard Fine Arts Center on the campus.

Miss Kitty's and The Saloon Arrive

The local nightlife will take another turn as Miss Kitty's and The Saloon kicks off with a private preview party Thursday evening starting at the New Six Ten ( 610 Center Street) venue and will move to a "soft opening" at the renovated club at 307 West Seventh. The club will go full tilt 9pm both Friday and Saturday with special entertainment from Montana Reed, drink specials, a "photo booth," DJ Anthony Griego and other offerings such as unannounced live entertainment throughout the weekend. Formerly the home of Off Center and Club Pulse, the new outlet floated its concept idea as "a little bit country and little bit rock and roll," ala Donnie and Marie fame. Club Manager Todd C, has been hard at work updating interiors and staffing while also maintaining other duties. This venture is also apart of the newly re-named north shore haunt "TraX" formerly called Sidetracks. COP 24/7 has been invited to be on the scene and will bring our readers all the skinny and behind the scenes mash up in our Friday post. You will not want to miss it.... I promise you wont!!!
Watch for our new Ad campaign roll out coming to a platform near you! COP 24/7 is ready to bring you contest, prizes, tickets and so much more. If you are not a subscriber, follower, opt-in e-mail or bookmarked, you just might get left out of the loop. Make your move today!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On Point with Curves Ahead

We told on on Monday that COP 24/7 was going to bust a move on our exit from November through the holiday season into 2012. No time to waste, so let's bring it...

Spinning the Bureaucracy Big Wheel

Its been a minute since we last waded back into the deep end of the pool to check up on the latest goings on among advocates and activist dealing with HIV/AIDS issues. With World AIDS Day on the horizon this Thursday, it appears that there's still more questions unanswered, unclear directions and more veribage that makes one want to holla. So what's up with all this you ask? Well that's exactly what we've been trying to decipher over the last past year. Do you guys have meetings? You betcha, but for the life of me it seems that despite these efforts for some reason progress is marginal to say the least. Case in point, in at least two meetings that I've been apart of their was talk of a community needs assessment that was being sought. To myself I thought, I know that such matters are necessary but surely of all the "needs assessments" that may have been or should have been done isn't there a model that could be modified to meet current "needs" and further altered for the future usage. You would think that we would have some sense of what this community needs by now. Especially since some of the same issues such as transportation, housing, dental care and employment have never quite been solved. Thumping my head I kept wondeing, why in the heck is such a instrument not readily available to get on with the getting on to make sure that we don't default out of about $2.8 Million in federal funding. If that wasn't frustrating enough then during yet another meeting I was again stupified and stumped to the disucssions of discovering effective messaging to targeted communities. So exactly are we talking about here? Just so you know, there is a UFO being launched as a ADH media campaign centered around HIV and other public health concerns. Unfortunately as much as we would like to tell you more, there's not much more to tell except that it's not a cheap. Its estimated that this little ditty will cost around $150,000 smackers funneled from a grant. What we do know is that there's been a focus group. Who, What and how were the results analyzed is a looming mystery and haven't been released. What's the campaign theme? Who knows. How will it be deployed? Unknown. Timeline? Forget about it. Hey did anybody take a gander at the CDC's Testing Makes Us Stronger campaign.( ) Probably not. The Feds spent a bundle of about $45 Million to develop the entire 5 year campaign and its anybody's for the tasking. Including "tailored" messages for health departments. Just saying. Meanwhile why we are waiting on that effort we do know that another campaign featuring billboards were slated to appear around town concerning HIV. This groups endeavor entitled: Uniting to Prevent HIV/AIDS and Uniting to Link U to Care Billboard Campaign started November 21, 2011. Most of the billboards in central and southeast Arkansas will be posted through January 15, 2011 and the northwest billboards will be posted until December 18, 2011 A total of 10 billboards were purchased for $7,900 and 10 mini-boards for $250.00. The following organizations/individuals contributed ARcare, Arkansas Minority Health Commission and the Arkansas Department of Career Education. And there you have it for the moment. Until next time when we spin the wheel...stay tuned.

Being CHAZ rolls out on OWN

Its been a hell of a year for none other than Chaz Bono, formerly "chasity" Bono daughter of the famed duo, Sonny and Cher. His story and struggle to become whole and at peace with himself has been explored quite a bit this year. Of course ramping up more interest was also his DWTS turn that got somewhat ugly when viewers went left with negative expressions concerning his "trans" presence on the show. Mama Cher wasn't having none of if and came to his defense calling for him to be accepted as he was. Unfortunately he was eliminated but nonetheless gave it his all. He's released his book Transitions last year, did Oprah's last season, chit chatted with Rosie O Donnell on another hyped special and brought more his journey to OWN.(Oprah Winfrey Network) last Sunday night. In case you missed it, Mr.Bono takes it to the next level by asking his long time girl friend to marry him. Here's a video snapshot courtesy of the Huff Post:
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Cyber Monday Spin Down

The holiday season is now officially in full swing with today's next consumer retail romp over the Internet via Cyber Monday madness. Fortunately for COP 24/7 our high speed connection is intact and I'm locked and loaded with arm load of topics, observations, opinions and many other fascinating items to fill our week. I encourage you to bookmark, opt-ine-mail and of course come join us as a follower, because you don't want to miss out any of our posting this week or any week for that matter. Without any further delay, let the chips fall where they may....

Arkansas Minority Health Goes Concert, Again

Did you hear it about it? What you ask, it's the Arkansas Minority Health Commissions World AIDS Day Gospel Awareness concert being held Dec 1, at the mega temple St. Marks Baptist Church ( 5722 West 12 Street). In case you haven't heard and most likely you haven't, the event is being heralded over "urban" radio citing it as a must see item. On the bill this outing are gospel artist VaShawn Mitchell and Lemmie Battles, doors open at 6pm and show starts at 7pm. Organizers are touting this free event as an evening of education and praise. That's all well and fine and COP 24/7 understands that as we continue to discover creative means to "message" to targeted populations, this forum finds it a bit strange that yet another "Gospel" concert is the chosen vehicle. It's no secret to the importance of religion within the Black community not to mention the significance of the church from a societal stand point. However the statistics bear out several  key factors such as HIV/AIDS infection rates have increased 48 percent among "Black Men having sex with Men," in Arkansas we know that at least 4,000 individuals are not in care at this time resulting in this state having the highest unmet need in the country and our care paradox of testing without sustaining resources will not be addressed by another cookie cutter free concert. Let me be clear, I love some good music overlayed with some praise and I found wonderful footage of the entertainers from other venues singing to the heavens, but is any of this really going to translate into any game changing outcomes. Has there been any "assessments" done of these types of pursuits? Who is in charge of the outreach to the targeted community and could there be some mixed signals sent through such events? Therefore could I suggest some of the following:

1. What if all the Black churches in the city ask their congregations to give an offering to a Crisis Fund for those living or affected by HIV/AIDS?

2. Instead of a Gospel concert, what if a weekly cable show or web series was produced featuring updates on what services are now available or have possibly changed in the greater central Arkansas area.

3. What about more pubic forums similar to last years ACT Aware, Let's Talk About It, or creating spaces for stakeholders, consumers and or allies to engage on similar topics on a more regular basis. Maybe during some of these type approaches, it could be defined as what type of messaging would garner impact.

There's been some great programming including Sheryl Lee Ralph's one woman show,"Sometimes I Cry," which was well attended even though there were some logistic issues that I found awkward. Also attempts at comedy shows, seminars, billboard campaigns and etc. have come and gone, but what we continue to learn despite much effort is the fact that much of the messaging is not penetrating into the community as designed. Whatever happened to the Annual African American HIV/AIDS Community Awareness Banquet or any of the array of activities that" pop up and flame out" with no reported outcomes except dollars spent as problems persist. Ironically as we talk about messaging, there was no information on the AMHC website concerning this event, nor on St. Mark's savvy website or calendar of events but surprisingly we located a blurb on the Better Communities site. Also there are great YouTube clips of the artist to get a feel for what you may be seeing. Let's keep our thinking caps on as we all forge ahead in this health dilemma. In the meantime here's a link to enjoy:

Rapper TI Talks Out Loud

In a posting on the Huffington Post as well as another article to be printed in the December 6 issue of VIBE magazine, Rap artist and parolee TI shares his mindset on the LGBTQ community, 1st Amendment views and other things that the interviewer could wrangle from him. There's one thing about this forum that has been from the jump is the fact that we bring many viewpoints to the floor from various perspectives while always encouraging discussion. The article is as follows below.

It's been quite a year for celebrities who speak their minds regarding the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.
From Tracy Morgan, who shocked an audience (and the country) with a homophobic stand-up set that included a joke about killing his son if he ever came out, to Kelly Osbourne who gave an interview that included what many felt was anti-trans language (she quickly -- and very powerfully -- apologized), opinions from stars on LGBT matters haven't been hard to find.
Even the 2012 Oscars -- thanks to director Brett Ratner's careless use of the word "faggot" during a Q&A -- had to be rebooted.
Celebs sounding off about LGBT topics isn't an uncommon occurrence in the hip-hop world, either, where rappers like 50 Cent, Eminem, and Tyler The Creator have come under fire for anti-gay statements and lyrics and where pro-gay artists like Nicki Minaj and Fat Joe have stood up for the community.
Now in a new cover story in Vibe magazine rapper T.I. throws his two cents into the pile.
In the December issue of the magazine T.I. says (in part):
"Man, I will say this, the funniest joke I ever heard Tracy say during a stand-up was, 'C'mon man, I think gay people are too sensitive. If you can take a dick, you can take a joke.' [Cracks up laughing.] That shit was funny to me. And it’s kind of true." While T.I. makes clear that he supports anyone’s sexual preference, he then connects, in his opinion, a current oversensitivity among gay people with a consequential and ironic offense of the First Amendment. "They’re like, 'If you have an opinion against us, we're gonna shut you down.' ... That's not American. If you're gay you should have the right to be gay in peace, and if you're against it you should have the right to be against it in peace."
What are your thoughts? Freedom of speech or hate speech? Sound off in the comments section and let us know what you are thinking!


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Black Friday CorneliusOnPoint

Its Black Friday 2011 and the flood gates of low prices, specials and all types of consumer tomfoolery was set in motion for the masses to go ga ga over. Each year the big box behemoths prepare to entice the more than 152 Million Americans that they need just one more of "this or that" of the latest must have item. And so it goes, the mayhem, madness and "more is more" mentality that reins supreme in our consumer driven economy. So if you've already door busted, making your way to your next bust or fled the scene for your sanity, come on in and check out the latest going's on here at COP 24/7.

Service Please...Missing in Action

Hello, can I help a phrase that seems to be far and in between these days. Even as the POS registers clang away on this Black Friday, its all about the lack of customer service that continues to chap my ass. It doesn't matter where or what I'm doing, it seems that those folks that are suppose to be "servicing" the customers appear to be doing everything else but giving the customer service. I had an ordeal with Home Depot where the customer service clerk was so uninterested in doing her job that while I was lugging my item to the counter she was reading a "book," yes I said a book as I stood at the counter awaiting to be checked out. I did later inform management of this unbelievable behavior as I added that she didn't even say "thank you" after the transaction. Working with the public can be a bitch and I certainly know since I've been in that game over the years. I made it my business to always treat the customer or client with value. I made every attempt not to take them for granted or perceive that no matter how I treated them, there would always be another. I use to frequent a neighborhood Mablevale spirit store for my adult beverages. I inform the clerk that some of the brands that I favored were not being carried I might have to seek them elsewhere. He smugly retorted, "it doesn't matter if you come back. There's always other people." With that said, I no longer shop his establishment and never will again. I work hard for my dollars and I demand the respect that I warrant as a customer. Its bad enough that each of has be sub-contracted to do service work that we use to enjoy the convenience. I can remember when a service station included a individual coming out to the car to inquire: "fill it up?" Then proceed to clean the windshield, check the oil and tires if needed, make any recommendations, return the pump, full fill the transaction and complete the task with "thanks for coming in and come back." All of that is long gone with self-service pumps, a no-nonsense person behind bullet proof cases with a clueless approach to customer service. We've all had our drive thru order incorrectly bagged and it seems that the workers at McDonald believe that I don't deserve a break today because my unsweetened ice tea usually comes sugar filled almost every time. Its' just mind boggling to think that poor customer service is rampant with no end in sight. I snickered at the recent Kroger promotion that announces that "you will not have a long wait time while in line at Kroger." Really. I've all but stopped using the "live" cashiers and have opted to sub-contract my labor to use the self-check out. I tired of hearing "I'm ready to go on my break," or "I've been here all day and so and so didn't show up for her shift." Enough already. So what to do? Of course we have to interact at some point but I've made it a mission to navigate my shopping excursions with precision. I am one of those persons who will answer those customer satisfaction surveys. On a recent trip I stayed at the Sofitel Hotel in Washington D.C.  This hotel brand served up some excellent customer service and followed up with a survey and a personal response. Locally I used La Quinta Inn's Downtown for an event in which I received superb customer service from the sales force. I quickly forwarded a response to management of this excellency in making my event successful. In the meantime, If I can check my self out, I do. If I can buy it on line and have it shipped to my door. I do. If I have to engage a sales person, I prepare my mind to just deal with it. At the end of day, customer service is in the tank and as a consumer I'm making it my business to let management know when they've got an employee who is not making the mark. I encoruage all of you who get sloppy service to make your displeasure known in order to correct this situation.

People of Unity Rising

A local effort entiteled People of Unity is being conceptulized as an affiliate of The National Association of Black and White Men Toegether, Inc. Organizer Shon D. stated that he was enpowered to pursue the formation after participating in the Fall Midland meeting held in October. He said that he learned much during that weekend and hoped that such a local group would be beneficial to the commuity at large. The group has begun an awareness effort using the Facebook platform as well as launched a membership drive through the portal. Following the tenants of dealing with racism, sexism, homophobia, HIV & AIDS discrimination, it is the vision of People of Unity to address these issues by engaging in local acitivites and educational programming. If you are interested in learning more check out this link to their Facebook page:  Stay tuned to this forum for more updates.

Lucie's Place On the Move

Lucie's Place, the envisioned homestead for LGBTQ youth has announced securing additional measures necessary to complete its total formation into a non-profit entity. Securing their Employment Identification Number, articles of incorporation and a designated banking insitutuion was noted in a November update, as well as a speculitive timeline to complete non-profits documents. Also the group garnered donations from the Unitarian Universalist Church, Diocese of St. Michaels Episcopal Church and its outreach fund plus additional donations totalling $7,000. Organizers had projected fundraising levels to top $10,000 during a summer fundraising drive but lacked disclosing reasons for the shortfall.  Furthermore, the forwarded update didn't mention if those totals reported were apart of the "summer rollout" or if this was a snapshot of all funds captured to date. The group also held a Silent Auction and fundraiser Tuesday night featuring local entertainement at the White Water tavern. Totals from that event have not been released at post time. Even though the group stated administrative moves, the circulated e-mail did not formally note a board chair or members, interim Executive Director or any actual figure head that can be cited as a point person. Earlier this year the group was embroiled in a mash up resulting in a competing organization citing that an alleged comprimised data base was being used to solicit patrons causing confusion. Numerous press peices were released to counter the confusion in a effort to slove the matter. This forum assumes that Penelope Poppers continues as the point person for the project. An address of 201 South Pulaski was offered a physical address and their are web links connected with the venture. A December meeting was mentioned in the update but no confirm date or place was offered.

Don't forget you can get The Set Up, a memoir by Carl Jackson at Use our secure PayPal portal to get your copy of this stimulating read. 


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Thankful Thoughts

COP 24/7 is thankful for our readers and those who have supported this forum for over seven years and counting. Since our launch, its been our mission to empower, enlighten and enrich your thoughts and mindset with topics that range from our committed campaign on HIV/AIDS to the absurdity of those "end of the world" proclamations that keep on coming as the world keeps turning. I've made a strident attempt to keep it real while always staying on point. As we give thanks today, let's not forget our men and women serving in war theatres on foreign soil, the down trodden, impoverished and those marginalized throughout our communities and find time to do a random act of kindness at some point throughout the holiday season. It's with love, peace and soul that we bid you a happy Thanksgiving!

How Americans Are Rethinking Prosperity

by S. Johnston ( sourced from US news and Yahoo Finance)

Despite lingering unemployment and a still sluggish economy, many Americans are finding reasons to be thankful this time of year. In fact, for some, unexpected layoffs, financial setbacks, or simply a desire to spend more time with family have served as a reality check, a wake-up call for consumers to rethink their idea of wealth and prosperity.

"People are focusing more on life satisfaction than satisfaction by consumption," says Ethan Willis, co-author of Prosper: Create the Life You Really Want and co-founder of Prospect Inc., a one-to-one distance learning company that focuses on topics like real estate, entrepreneurship, and personal development. "One of the big shifts is that people are questioning, 'Is the time that I'm spending bringing me greater satisfaction in my life versus something that is just on autopilot?'"

[See 10 Smart Ways to Improve Your Budget.]

More money doesn't necessarily lead to greater happiness, says Willis, so many consumers are getting off the "hedonic treadmill" and looking for ways to realign with family and the values that matter to them. He calls this finding one's "Polaris Point," a personal philosophy or set of values that guides decision-making.

For some people, like Shelly Cone of Santa Maria, Calif., that means starting a business that allows for greater flexibility, even if it means less money. Cone and her husband are serial entrepreneurs who once owned a successful real estate business. The housing bust took their business down with it, but Cone has made her peace with that. "We've learned that money can come and go, but life's experiences remain with you," she says.

Cone has seen friendships end because "their business coaches said that's not the right circle to be in." Although she has received similar advice from coaches focused on building wealth, she wants no part of that now. Currently, Cone runs a public-relations business and chooses the clients she wants to work with, rather than having to work with them. The former editor also pens a newspaper humor column, which allows her to bring her three sons along to events and write about it.

[See Home for the Holidays? How to Handle 5 Awkward Money Questions.]

"The focus isn't necessarily about pursuing the wealth," she says. "It's about pursuing it in a way that gives me a wealth of experiences." For instance, one of her clients, a luxury bed and breakfast, invited Cone and her husband for a weekend stay so she'd have firsthand experience for writing about and promoting the B&B.

For others, redefining wealth and prosperity may mean downshifting their career. After almost losing her son and nearly divorcing her husband, Cari Andreani traded her all-consuming job as a hotel and restaurant manager for a high school teaching job.

An ambitious type-A by nature, Andreani says she's happy with her decision but still struggles sometimes to maintain balance. "My personality is very driven, and honestly, it is a constant effort to stop working and put my family first," she admits. When that happens, her husband gently reminds her to check her priorities and she'll bow out of a project if she needs to.

Working as a teacher doesn't pay as much as her previous job, but Andreani appreciates summers off and school holidays with her three children. Last summer, she and her husband left the kids with their grandparents and backpacked through Spain. Although Andreani's former job in hospitality meant frequent travel to nice hotels, she says it never allowed the kind of time she wanted to actually enjoy it. Focusing on her partner durin the trip was "almost like dating again," says Andreani.

In addition to rethinking her career, Andreani has also scaled back on holiday gifts. Her children each get one gift from their parents and one from "Santa," plus a few items from other family members. "I see my friends go crazy [with kids' gifts]," she explains. "I think it just feeds selfishness and entitlement." She hopes to model generosity and selflessness for her kids, so she donates money through a charity catalogue instead of buying her parents and grandparents a gift that would likely gather dust. "They love it because they know it's giving to the needy," she adds.

[See 5 Reasons to Skip Black Friday Sales.]

While some gift-givers choose donations in lieu of presents, others purchase experiential gifts, an option that has grown increasingly popular over the past few holiday seasons. For instance, taking a family member out for lunch, treating a friend to a movie, or giving tickets to a concert or sporting event. "People are looking at more time-based gifts and looking at making gifts, which from a time standpoint is one of the best gifts that someone can give," says Willis. "That shows someone you care about them tremendously."

Andreani recalls getting a "memory book" from her mother, which chronicled her life from her mother's point of view, including birth, ballet recitals, and other milestones, mixing text and images in a print-on-demand book. "That was the most meaningful gift I've ever received," she says.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ruby Fruit Wednesday

It's a Ruby Fruit Wednesday where its "jokers wild" here at COP 24/7. Everything is everything and there's no time for idle chit chat. Let's go with it....

Little Rock AfterDark

We were glad to get a shout out from our San Francisco friend who always wants to stay in touch with what's happening locally. He's not the only one with COP 24/7 on their radar and with each passing day this forum is amazed at our "reach" and just who is peeking in on our offerings. Especially as we continue to inquire about and muse about the current bar switcheroo involving the "The New Six Ten and the impending Miss Kitty's and Long Branch Saloon," in the Seventh and Center street mix. After a bumpy start with what were some miscommunications and goings on, the "New Six Ten" is off to a slow start as customers vibe out exactly what's new about the place and where's it going. At this time, new personnel and some furnishings are either on the way or may have arrived by this posting. Bar management is still formulating plans and scheduling activites for the establishment. Meanwhile, Miss Kitty's the former Pulse/Off Center mash up is now undergoing renovations. The word is that the interior color of Kitty's will be "red" with western accents and the "Long Branch" will retain much of its present look but will have a rustic feel that will compliment the overall atmosphere. There's no words yet as to if their will be cover charges,but management has stated that their will exciting entertainment options including some rumored line dance lessons. The projected date for opening is December 1, however that date depends on progress. Stay tuned for updates.... 

NABWMT Convention Announces Former Surgeon General Elders as Keynote Speaker

Former Surgeron General Jocelyn Elders has been scheduled as the Banquet Keynote Speaker for their 32nd Annual Convention, July 16-21, 2012 in San Diego, California. Elders served as the United States Surgeron General from 1993-1995 until controversial recommendations subjected her to submit her resignation in January 1995. She returned to the University of Arkansas Children's Hospital until her retirement on June 30th 1998. Registrations for the convention can be obatained at  The National Association of Black and White Men Together's mission is to address racism, sexism, homophobia, HIV and AIDS in communites throughout the United States utilizing its affiliates of chapters.

“Summit on Sex Work in the South”

“Everyone has human rights- including sex workers and people who exchange sex for money, favors or survival, says Megan McLemore, Senior Researcher at Human Rights Watch. This will be a great opportunity to discuss ways to improve the health, safety and dignity of people whose voices need to be heard.”

Event Details: North Carolina Harm Reduction Coaltion (NCHRC) is hosting a Summit on Sex Work in the South with some great program allies. We will have members of the Asheville Sex Worker Outreach Project, Sex Workers Without Borders, Women with a Vision, North Carolina Sex Work Alliance, Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive (HIPS), Human Rights Watch, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), Our Voice, the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors, Needle Exchange Program of Asheville, Hook and many more! We will discuss issues affecting sex workers of male, female and transgender experience and the communities in which they live. Human rights violations against sex workers are increasing all over the south. The Summit will bring together nonprofits, academics, law enforcement and advocates working with sex workers, people who exchange sex for money or other favors, as well as victims of sexual violence, abuse and social marginalization to address these issues and to look for viable solutions.

Event Date: Friday, December 2nd, 2011
Event Location: Haywood Street Congregation, 297 Haywood Street, Asheville, NC
Event Time: 9am-5pm

Event Agenda:

1.) An Overview of Sex Work & Harm Reduction

2.) The primary voices of sex workers

3.) Criminalization, Human Rights and Advocacy

4.) Roundtable: Sex Workers Risk Reduction & Sex Worker Outreach

5.) Sex Work and Sex Worker Services in Asheville

6.) Sex Work in the Men Who Have Sex with Men, Transgender and Online Communities

7.) Roundtable: Incorporating Sex Worker Programming into your Agency

8.) Drug Use and Sex Work

9.) Bad Date Lines

10.) Human Trafficking and Sex Work

Event Cost: We are asking for a $10 donation via check or cash at the event or online to assist us cover the summit expenses. People who are sex workers, HIV+, Hepatitis B or C positive, or can not afford to do so will have free admission. No one will be refused entry due to inability to pay. Please note you can pay online via the following link if you would prefer by linking here. Please note the online payment costs $1.50 more to account for paypal's usage fee.

Event Contacts: Robert Childs, (336) 543-8050,

Signing Up: Go to the following link

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Treking the Rainbow

With Black Friday just days and hours away, COP 24/7 is making haste to pre-post as many of its offerings in order to enjoy the holiday week. Not to mention the madness of folks loosing their minds over the latest gadget, gizmo, or that $198 flat screen TV that you simply must have at any cost. In the meantime, we will roll out the latest stuff to fall in the e-box and beyond.....

The Set Up: A Memoir of Living on the Edge

If you are not going to be about the city this week seeking side dishes for your turkey dinner or more items that you might or might not really need, then you might take a detour to discover the memoir, The Set Up by Carl Jackson. Published earlier this year as a project of The Living Affected Corporation publishing division, the book gives a first person account of his downward spiral into the complexities of mental health, HIV/AIDS and other social determinants that assisted in creating his nightmarish scenario which continues to this day. According to the back cover of the book, his testimony is divinely inspired chronicling his dealing with his sexuality, religious rejections, and racial discrimination and the stigma associated with all of them. Mr. Jackson penned the story with the intentions of inspiring and empowering readers to re-live his life experiences with him. Jackson was cited in a 2008 Arkansas Democrat four part series entitled "The Long Way Home," in which his struggles and circumstances raised awareness while garnering a 2009 Mental Health America Media Award for Excellence in Journalism for the news organization. Jackson was apart of the 2nd place runner up category for the national 2011 campaign, Fight HIV Your Way sponsored by Reyataz. Currently and unfortunately Mr. Jackson has experienced a regrettable set back in his recovery but vows to continue to pursue regimens that will allow him to reinvent and reinvigorate his life. Copies of this exciting and riveting book can be accessed through The Living Affected portal at:  Check it out and make it a stocking stuffer for that special some one while supporting a local community based organization. A secured Pay Pal access point is available for your transaction. The book is also available at local book store, Pyramid Gallery. Support your local small businesses this November 26!

Ladies and Gentlemen: Mr. DSRA Nathan James

After winning the title of Mr. Diamond State Rodeo Association in September, he has taken the stance that he wanted to be a "different" type of winner.  And he's gone about it in just that way. "I want to be seen and be apart of this community. All of this community, said James. " I don't want to just represent the country and western community but make every effort to outreach to all areas that I can."  COP 24/7 can vouch for that James has been out and about attending numerous events, shows and making his presence known in ventures far and wide. James addressed attendees in October during the Midland Weekend of The National Association of Black and White Men Together, ( ) as well as encouraging local to attend. "I really appreciated being invited and participating. I brought friends and wanted to meet and greet these visitors to our city. I felt welcomed and hoped that my appearance added to the success of the event." James also has performed with his counterparts at Triniti and plans to travel the state as the royalty troupe begins to prepare for their bi-annual event in 2013. James spearheaded a mini-reception at TRAXS last Friday during their monthly C&W evening. "It was something that I wanted to do. I was a bit disappointed at the participation, but I'm not discouraged. I will do what I can to make the best of this reign." COP 24/7 was in the house for the reception and salutes James for making it happen and standing tall in his saddle to outreach to the LGBTQ community and beyond. You can find out more about James and DSRA at:

COP 24/7 Builds toward the Future

This forum has been putting down since 2004. Can you believe it and we certainly can't. However, as we move into our 9th year of our special brand of news and all things LGBTQ, its inevitable that we spruce things up and find new ways to interact with our readers. As I've learned, there are so many tools, gadgets, wizardry and Apps to work with that it's just overwhelming. I'm trying to determine just where to start even though this forum has actually already been on the forefront of offering some of the best new devices. COP 24/7 was among the first to produce podcast and feature them on this site. It was an experiment that also promoted local venues, activities and Pride events which were circulated to our database and posted otherwise. Video's have also been apart of our mix of interactivity with our readership and we hope to scale up this element with original content provided by this forum and possible uploads from contributors.  Our graphics, colors and overall look will be adjusted and tweaked to offer a more engaging site plus offer more eye appeal. More links within our posted content will compliment the newly updated links to other external sites that have already been added thus allowing those seeking additional information to access those platforms. Can I believe that all this effort, sweat equity and determination has gone into producing this forum. At the beginning, it was just a mere exercise to kick around that has found it way onto the computers screens from Thailand to Texarkana. After more than 100,000 words and counting COP 24/7 has positioned itself as a main source of news, opinion, links, updates, breaking news and so much more. Yet as we take that lead, your support both moral and monetary is still vital to our existence and will facilitate our growth pathways. As I surge toward horizons unknown, it has been a unique experience so far and I certainly hope that each of you will join me, follow me and subscribe to our bright future. COP 24/7 is ready to be of service to this community and with your synergy will take this forum to the next level and beyond. Can we count on you today?  Share your thoughts with us in our comment section.

"Getting to Zero"

Backed by the United Nations the "Getting to Zero" campaigns runs until 2015 and builds on last year's successful World AIDS Day "Light for Rights" initiative encompassing a range of vital issues identified by key affected populations. The campaign is focusing on the following:

Zero AIDS related Deaths
Zero New HIV Infections
Zero to Stigma and Discrimination

Don't forget that broken promises kill. Demand actions to Get to Zero!

FREE Rapid Testing available November 25, 2011  Noon to 4 pm at INS and OUTS, 6115 West Markham Suite 102 Little Rock, Arkansas ( accorss the street from Park Plaza Mall, lower level of Plaza Tower Apartments/ East Side)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Fast Tracks in 2011

Lenses of Gender
Spencer forges the horizons of Transgenderism

In recognition of Transgender Remembrance Day, November 20, COP 24/7 wanted to spotlight an advocate who is blazing trails in the arena of gender studies and has a take no prisoners approach that is not only engaging, but spot on. During some discussion about programming for the next national convention of The National Association of Black and White Men Together, Inc to be held in San Diego, July 2012, I was forwarded a link to a seminar facilitated by Ms.Valerie Spencer, whom NABWMT is considering as a presenter. Currently she is both a consultant in social services, building a budding organization The Transcend Empowerment Institute and a full time student at Antioch University in Los Angeles where she majors in Psychology. “My goal is to complete a Masters in Social Work, then on to pursue doctorial studies in psychology with a holistic emphasis. Education is very key in training me to be the agent of change that is my destiny”. Noted author of Los Angeles County’s first curriculum addressing Transgenderism from a people of color perspective, she develops other TG specific training and seminar materials. Valerie has co-developed and co-facilitated the Transgender Leadership Academy: A collaborative effort of the Los Angeles Transgender Youth Consortium and The FTM Alliance. “This was a ground breaking effort to build our leaders. “In the past, Transgender leadership came into being by way of osmosis. This was a chance to take all of the information that we as leaders have gained, share it in a constructive manner and shape our mavericks of the future.” I thought I may would watch for a only few minutes and move on, but the subject matter became thought provoking as well as enlightening. Ms. Spencer "deconstructed" the paradox's of "being transgendered" from the standpoint of defining a persons existence. She states that often people can't deal with transpersons without attempting to put them in "checked boxes" of a gender description with verbiage resulting in statements of "you appear "as" a women" or "man." I was struck by the fact that Spencer cause me to re-evaluate the term "transgender" as she believes its an open ended term that leads to some ambiguity. She prefers FTM ( female to male) or MTF (male to female) terminology which she feel more comfortable embracing. Furthermore, I was intrigued by her statement that SRS ( sexual reassignment surgery) is not the whole total sum of those living a trans life. Spencer acknowledged that her genitalia choice doesn't make her less of a woman and this mindset is also prevalent among many transgendered persons. She has not had the surgery but doesn't discourage the experience for those seeking it. In the session, she also speaks of her past strained relationships with men who are fascinated at the uniqueness of her being often not seeing her from a deeper perspective as a person seeking a full filling relationship. As a activist and advocate, she talked about criminalization, stigma, health barriers and societal adjustments that each individual must navigate no matter where they are in their life process. Before I knew it, I was engrossed in the presentation and the lessons Ms. Spencer was sharing. After watching, I gained further insights into the world of those in transition and how my work as an advocate and activist could intersect with these lives. There's more about Ms. Spencer on the website( ) including a video of the session. I encourage you to check it out and become enlightened. Here are direct links:
 Also the site has many links to numerous other resources and portals addressing the transgender issues.  

Friday, November 18, 2011

Periscopes of COP 24/7

I've mentioned numerous times previously about the amount of e-mail that flows through our system here at COP 24/7. Sometimes some of that mail often has some capusulized items that allows this forum to bring our readers a sling shot version of "what's really going on," in the world around you and beyond you. One of our favorite sources of info and updates is the info portal of Kaiser Health News which has a steady stream of the latest factoids from nationwide news sources to which you can be not only informed but empowered. On that note, let er rip..


The New York Times: Fixing Medicare
There is no way to wrestle down the deficit without reining in Medicare costs. Ensuring that the program provides quality health care coverage to millions of older and disabled Americans is essential. These goals are not incompatible, but they require a judicious approach to policy making that is depressingly absent in Washington (11/20).

The Washington Post: Why There's A Debt Stalemate
We haven't had the robust democratic debate about the role of government that lies at the heart of America's budget stalemate. The truth is that most Democrats and Republicans want to avoid such a debate because it would force them into positions that, regardless of ideology, would be highly unpopular (Robert J. Samuelson, 11/20).

Forbes: How Super Committee Failure Could Be Great For Entitlement Reform
(I)n The Wall Street Journal, former U.S. Senator Phil Gramm (R., Tex.) and one of his old staffers, Mike Solon, made a very interesting observation: [I]f the super committee fails, and Republicans take power in 2012, a procedural footnote in the Budget Control Act would allow the GOP to make lasting reforms to our health-care entitlements. ... If Gramm and Solon are right, the consequences of a Republican victory in 2012 would be more significant than previously believed, as a new GOP Congress could, say, block-grant Medicaid on a majority vote in the Senate (Avik Roy, 1/19).

The New York Times: Wasting Medicare Money?
Here's a clever idea for how to save Medicare some cash without hurting patients. Don't pay for treatments found to be useless. ... So a committee that includes doctors who may stand to profit from getting the government to pay for useless medicines — or even have ties to the drug maker — can get to overrule the F.D.A. on how to spend scarce taxpayer money (Floyd Norris, 11/18).

Fox News: Will Congress Ever Pay Attention To What The American People Really Want?
The Congress is working totally at odds with this overwhelming national sentiment. ... Ninety-one percent of likely voters in the poll said they are opposed to across-the-board cuts to domestic spending, including Social Security and Medicare, while 83 percent were concerned about similar cuts to Pentagon spending (Juan Williams, 11/18).

Chicago Tribune: America's Endless Budget Drama
No matter what the super committee does, federal Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security outlays will continue to grow faster than the economy and federal revenues. ... On health care, the fundamental problem is the federal and state governments pay 55 cents of each dollar spent on health care; hence, a private market hardly exists, as government reimbursements substantially influence most prices for health services (Peter Morici, 11/18).

The Washington Post: The Super Committee Has The Ingredients For A Deal. But Does It Have The Political Will?
It would be a sad commentary on our state of affairs if a decade-old political pledge to a corporate lobbyist were allowed to prevent bipartisan progress on our nation's most pressing issues. Yet with massive across-the-board budget cuts hanging over us like the sword of Damocles, that seems a possible outcome (Rep. James E. Clyburn, 11/18).

Roll Call: Perriello & Bennett: Penny-Wise, Pound-Foolish For Americans With Disabilities
(T)he American Association of People with Disabilities and United Cerebral Palsy have convened a shadow super committee called "America's Super Committee." ... The members are real people and they or their loved ones will be profoundly affected if Medicaid services get slashed. While Medicaid doesn't have an army of Washington lobbyists defending it, the majority of Americans do not want to see the program eviscerated. In fact, an April Washington Post-ABC News poll found that 69 percent opposed cuts to Medicaid to reduce the deficit (Mark Perriello and Stephen Bennett, 11/18).

The Wall Street Journal: The Avastin Denial
The extraordinary Avastin saga has become a kind of randomized controlled trial, pitting the Food and Drug Administration's power against potentially life-saving drugs for terminally ill patients. The results are proving that the former is far stronger. ... Dr. Hamburg's decision is an awful turn for anticancer progress and innovation, and especially for the women who may lose a treatment option in the time they have left to live (11/19).

MSNBC: Hope Gone For Last-Ditch Cancer Drug, But Don't Deny Access
The hope that Avastin might extend the lives of those dying from breast cancer is gone. Those who still want to rely on the drug as they die should not be denied that last choice — as poor as that choice may be. But there is no ethical argument in favor of paying for a very expensive drug that does not work for new patients (Art Caplan, 11/18).

The Washington Post: Health Care Costs Are Driving People Into Poverty
[A recent report from the U.S. Census Bureau] found that 2.5 million more people are living in poverty than were classified as poor under the previous (and still official) method, bringing the not-so-grand total to 49 million Americans. ... [I]f the burden of health care expenses were not taken into account, then 10 million fewer people would have been classified as poor. ... Whatever one's views on the health-reform law, repealing or drastically scaling back its tax credits for health insurance premiums would lead to more people being uninsured and poor (Drew Altman and Larry Levitt, 11/18).

The Los Angeles Times: The Conservative Case For Health Care Reform's Individual Mandate
There is a compelling conservative case for the requirements imposed under health care reform. Indeed, during the 1980s and early 1990s, many moderate GOP policymakers championed an individual mandate (Walter Zelman, 11/20).

San Francisco Chronicle: 'Essential' Also Must Be Affordable
If the federal government gets this wrong, if it mandates excessively costly health plans, then those plans will be unaffordable for individuals and families. What the department constitutes as "essential" will affect at least 68 million Americans who are already buckling under the weight of health care costs. … The bottom line: affordability must be the primary consideration because rising health care costs are the most significant barrier to obtaining and providing health coverage (Martin S. Levine, 11/21).

The Fiscal Times: Healthcare IPOs: Good Deals Or Sucker Plays?
It may have been a difficult year for companies and regulators trying to decipher and navigate the details of Obamacare, but it's turned out to be a good time for health care bankers and their clients. ... This has already been the best year for healthcare deals since 2007, and the best year for health care IPOs in more than a decade, thanks to the jumbo $4.4 billion initial public offering of HCA (Suzanne McGee, 11/21).

Modern Healthcare: Achieving Efficiency In Health Care Must Bring Consolidation
Coming to grips with the redundancies and inefficiencies in our system of care in the U.S. will include some emotional and financial discomfort. Margins will be squeezed. New efficiencies will be required for survival. Competitors will merge. Some local institutions with rich traditions won't survive. But health care, like other modern industries, must follow the path of innovation, integration and consolidation in order to maintain quality while lowering costs (Michael Leavitt, 11/21).

Modern Healthcare: Access Denied?
If all goes according to plan, next summer should be a mighty interesting time in American politics. That's when, in the heat of the presidential campaign, the nation is likely to learn the fate of the health care reform law, at least according to the collective wisdom of the U.S. Supreme Court. That timing could be off, but the impact of the ruling will be jolting no matter when it comes, given the lightning rod permanently affixed to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. And the decision will be electrifying no matter which way it goes (David May, 11/21).

McClatchy/Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Congress Isn't Ready To Act On Supreme Court's Health Care Decision
Congress isn't ready for a Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare, (U.S. Rep. Michael) Burgess says. Every member — Republicans and Democrats — and every relevant committee should get to work preparing for the day that ruling is announced (Mike Norman, 11/21).

The Los Angeles Times: FSAs Encourage Rather Than Reduce Unnecessary Health Care Spending
Like millions of other Americans, in the late fall of every year I face two annoying conundrums. Somehow I have to forecast my out-of-pocket health care costs for the coming 12 months, so I know how much to invest in my flexible account, and I have to root around for qualified medical expenses to rectify any overestimate from the year before (Michael Hiltzik, 11/20).

Los Angeles Times: Alzheimer's: What If There's No Cure?
There's one thing that all Alzheimer's researchers agree on: The mind-robbing illness is heartbreaking. But after three decades of study that have produced neither cure nor medications that significantly slow its progress, some researchers are asking: What if it's not a disease with a cure? What if it's just an unfortunate but inevitable part of aging, along with wrinkly skin, osteoporosis and heart disease? (11/21).

Kansas City Star: A Higher Cigarette Tax Would Improve Health Care, Schools In Missouri
A serious effort is under way to raise Missouri's lowest-in-the-nation cigarette tax — a move that would vastly improve the health of both citizens and the state's finances. Gov. Jay Nixon and legislative leaders should be leading this charge. Not only does Missouri's ridiculous 17-cents-a-pack tax deprive the state of badly needed revenues, researchers have estimated that smoking costs the state's Medicaid system more than $600 million a year (11/20).

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: DHS Should Go Back To The Drawing Board On Medicaid
But while we think (Secretary of Health Services Dennis) Smith has come up with an interesting proposal for reining in escalating costs in the state's health care programs for the poor, we also think it is flawed. There is no doubt his plan is innovative and an improvement over how some states have handled ballooning Medicaid costs. But his ideas risk hurting too many of Wisconsin's poor — especially kids — and we can't support his plan as written (11/19).

Kansas City Star: Stop Delaying Joint City, Police Health Care Plan
Kansas City's Police Department continues to send mixed signals over whether it eventually will approve a joint health care insurance plan with City Hall, saving taxpayers millions of dollars. Just weeks ago new Chief Darryl Forté said he hoped a deal could be worked out to end a sometimes bitter five-year tussle with the city. ... Unfortunately, in recent days the department surprised top city officials by putting its health and dental plans out for bid among different health care providers (11/19).

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Triple Threat Thursday

We are firing on all levels here at COP 24/7 with more of our special brand of news, views, mash-up's and WTF moments. The 24/7 news cycles both offline and online are teeming with so many items to choose from and to comment on that its just maddening to say the least! As you can see, COP24/7 has freshen up our look while behind the scenes we are working on some new gadgets and gizmos to make your visits more engaging. We've added Google's Adsense program which offers a variety of advertisements that "trends" with our daily content. This was added to monetize this platform as a means of support to produce it and we will be adding other methods which will allow our readers outlets to discover products and services that will become of apart of our revenue sharing initiative. Believe it or not, COP 24/7 needs monetary support to take it to the next level and we hope that our readers will join us in that effort. When we review our statistics via Google Analytics, we learn a variety of important marketing elements including where are readers are coming from, what they appear to be interested in and when they leave this site. All of this gives us the data necessary to chart our future as well as make a case to any interested marketers on how valuable our readers would be to their markets. While working this angle in numerous streams we ensure that our privacy policy is in full effect across the board. With all that said, let's get moving with the latest from COP 24/7!

Pride in the City?

Even though we know that the holidays are right over the horizon, COP 24/7 has been asked the following question: "WTF is up with gay pride in Little Rock and what's being planned for 2012?" Really!? We're glad that you ask, thank you and the answer is a resounding: "we don't know because there's no longer an entity designed to do anything directly about it." That's it in a nutshell folks. In 2009 this forum joined forces with other notable locals to produce a gay picnic in Allsopp Park that was greatly received and ballyhooed for the moment. There was suppose to be another big tent event similar to Pride 2007 at the Rivermarket but it was never materialized. As usual with planning any event, there were plenty of opinions to go around and as we've stated more than we care, always some people ready to deflate what ever the outcome. Nevertheless, that venture was seen as a possible step off to reviving pride in the city after two consecutive years of debacles from Capital Pride which has imploded and withered away. It's a fact that the group suffered from infighting, poor leadership, ego's a-go-go and the "us and "them" divisions that has torpedoed so many organizations and various other endeavors. Over the life of this forum we've been both cheerleader and heckler about pride events basically because we believe that this city should be able to produce something that we can truly be "proud" of instead of yet another "repeat" of past offerings. Yet  this can't happen unless, there are willing, capable, able and committed persons ready to step forward without hidden agendas to work for the best outcomes. Paramount to that need is also the other significant element of "CASH" to make it happen and locals who will turn out to support it. So for the reader who wanted to know "WTF is up with pride?," we'll the final answer is "WTF is anybody doing about it?" Wanna check out what was going down in 2007 here's a YT link:  

Occupying Little Rock: A Day of Action

It's been about 30 days and counting for the OLR mash up that's housed adjacent to the downtown post office and the sounds of the I-30 expressway. Last evening at the Clinton complex the group went mainstream sort of while trying to explain to folk the who, what, where and why they are encamped nearby. Even though I didn't get a chance to actually attend, but through the power of video and that smart high speed technology I watched a replay courtesy of the Clinton website. What I gather from their message is so simple because I expouse this every day: ENGAGE yourself with your government! Today they are calling for a "day of action" and I'm not sure what there plans are but I'm doing my day of action "everyday." It's each of our own personal responsibilities to know who is affecting our daily lives and what policies are they enacting which are not in our best interest. What everyone should be doing is "occupying" a position on how we can demand that our policymakers don't disregard our voices in matters of state. Especially as the clock ticks away with the "super committee" behind closed doors trying to fix our current budget mess. Its vital that we as the electorate continue to write letters, e-mails, clogged the phones and call out our leaders on the grid lock that has the country by the balls. We must face facts that many of our systems are out of whack meanwhile our infrastructure such as roads, bridges, sewers and electrical grid are in need of serious attention. The healthcare system utilizing both Medicare and Medicaid is being assaulted with fraud and cost upticks. We know what needs to be done and if our normal means of engaging our politicos isn't working, then it appears as this forum has suggested many times before, "it was time for the pitch forks and torches" to come calling on Capital Hill and the White House. As the political season ramps up, get busy with occupying your mind with empowerment and enlightenment. 

Obama Administration Engages LGBTQ Community

The Office of Public Engagement is the open front door to the White House is the opening statement on the White House website. Formerly known as the Office of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs, this was another of the Obama's administrations salvos into the LGBTQ community including naming Jeremey Bernard as first openly gay social secretary.
The Office of Public Engagement is the embodiment of the President’s goal of making government inclusive, transparent, accountable and responsible.
We create and coordinate opportunities for direct dialogue between the Obama Administration and the American public, while bringing new voices to the table and ensuring that everyone can participate and inform the work of the President.
The Office of Public Engagement helps open the two-way dialogue, ensuring that the issues impacting our nation’s proud and diverse communities have a receptive team dedicated to making their voices heard within the Administration, and even more importantly helping their concerns be translated into action by the appropriate bodies of the Federal Government.
As part of making the Government accessible to its citizens, the Office of Public Engagement acts as a point of coordination for public speaking engagement for the Administration and the various departments of the Executive Offices of the President. The Office of Public Engagement removes obstacles and barriers for engagement and works to improve public awareness and involvement in the work of the Administration.

Together, side by side with the citizens who have demanded a government they can be a part of, a government that works, The Office of Public Engagement will build the open and transparent government President Barack Obama has promised. Heres a link: