Friday, November 30, 2007

Panorama Rising

Everyday that I review source material, list, E-mails, books, and my personal observations in preparation of putting this labor of love together. I've mentioned that this work takes place in the wee hours of the morn, long before the sun peeks over the horizon and most likely prior your first of cup of java. Perhaps it's my long engrained teaching that the "early bird gets the worm," or "early to rise, early to shine," that propels me to get a jump on my busy day by either putting up or shutting up on the latest headlines or headliners. Therefore, Ladies, Gentlemen and all those who haven't decided, here we go....

World AIDS Day 2007: I'm continually suprised at the lack of awareness that seems to shackle the local GLBTQ community. While out and about last evening, I was broadsided that many had no clue that World AIDS Day was tomorrow, didn't know that any activites were planned nor were they particularly interested. Despite that there was a non- descript flyer stationed at the front door! I guess that news report that Americans are not reading is really true after all. O.K. What does this mean? Or better yet does it mean anything considering that many don't view this city as having a "community." In a past poll on this site, participants voted that there was no actual community to speak of and the "cluelessness" that I still encounter seems to keep bearing this out. However, if you want to know what activites are taking place, we've listed them in previous post and updated as information was available. On a personal note, I've been proud of the post that we've brought to you this week and our subsequent coverage of other activites. I found this stirking photo on Flickr as taken by photo journalist, KTPupp which continues to illuminate the HIV/AIDS crisis simply yet boldly. Each year I can't help but reflect on those who lost their battle with this disease and have physically left the earth. So many friends, acquaitances,and the countless that I will never know are always in my thoughts and prayers. It's imperative that I continue living my life out loud and staying a creative force on their behalf.
Crystal Nights: Nationwide it's been reported about the escalating rise of meth use and it's aftermath on familes and individuals. This scourge has created havoc across the board including many women and men in the gay community who have fallen prey to this addicitve drug. As I've learned and much to my dismay, "Meth" has even become a drug of choice in this second wave among those infected with HIV and further to my chagrin, those seeking the "Gift" of HIV. This is not me proselytizing but rather calling for personal responsiblity and accountablity of one's health destiny. With that said, I'm posting this video courtsey of YouTube, entitled "Rock Bottom - Gay Men and Meth" from Outcast films. For more info: Caution: This presenation is graphically frank and brutally honest. Viewer discretion is suggested.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Voices Speaking Volumes

All this week this forum has posted related items in conjunction with the commemeration of World AIDS Day 2007, December 1. I rememeber the day the Magic Johnson announced that he was HIV positive and the speculation that followed. I felt that his stepping to the plate and facing the dilemma was a testament of courage during a time when the disease was cloaked in enigma. Consequently, former National Basketball Association player Earvin "Magic" Johnson's wife, Cookie Johnson, on Wednesday said she will take a leading role in Magic Johnson's five-year, $60 million "I Stand With Magic" campaign to fight HIV/AIDS among blacks, USA Today reports (Sternberg, USA Today, 11/29). The campaign, launched by the Magic Johnson Foundation and the drug company Abbott, calls on the black community to increase HIV/AIDS awareness, be tested for HIV and practice safer sex. The campaign's goal is to reduce the number of new HIV cases in the black community by half in five years (Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report, 3/2).Magic Johnson, who has been HIV-positive for 16 years, as part of the campaign has traveled to 16 cities with large black populations to encourage people to be tested for HIV and learn about the disease. Cookie Johnson said she decided to participate in the campaign when she learned that HIV rates among black women are 20 times higher than among white women.Cookie Johnson said that her "mission" will be to speak to more than 1,000 black women nationwide and "empower" them to get tested and encourage their partners to be tested. "If your partner does not want to get tested, you have to say no" to sex, she added. Cookie Johnson also said that her experience in being married to someone living with HIV will give her the opportunity to tell women that HIV-positive people can lead "normal" lives (USA Today, 11/29).According to CDC estimates from 2005, blacks made up about 13% of the U.S. population but accounted for 49% of new AIDS diagnoses. For more information click to our online partner .

Election Watch 08:The 2008 Election year is shifting into high gear and candidates are all weighing in with health plans and white papers on the HIV/AIDS issue. Enter a new tool to educate yourself on exactly who is saying what and why by using The Web site -- launched by Housing Works, Gay Men's Health Crisis and the AIDS Foundation of Chicago -- is a nonpartisan voter and candidate education project. The site includes the results of a poll conducted among 16 presidential candidates about HIV/AIDS issues. It also includes GMHC's report about candidates' views on HIV/AIDS topics, as well as a chart that compares the candidates' HIV/AIDS-related voting record and positions. The site will track the candidates' positions up until the November 2008 election. Don't forget it's your responsibility to stay informed and updated. Why not check it out today!

T.D. Jakes urges Black Church to end silence on AIDS

The following commentary is a portion of a item that was featured on the Black AIDS Institute website. Best selling author and Pastor T.D. Jakes offers his unique prospective on the disease and the Black church's challenge to openly address this health crisis. I'm aware that Mr. Jakes, not unike may high profile individuals has detractors, however I felt that his opinion is worth airing on this forum as I attempt to offer a variety of viewpoints from a broad spectrum of vantage points. This portion of the article is unedited and you can access the entire composition at

The problem of HIV/AIDS in the African-American community has rapidly progressed beyond just an illness to a massive epidemic that is a national crisis. When reviewing the magnitude of the numbers connected to this deadly disease, you only need to take a glance at a few of them to completely take your breath away.
•While only 12 percent of the total American population, African-Americans make up 37 percent of total American AIDS cases.
•More than 50 percent of newly reported HIV infections in the United States are among African-Americans.
•Among African-American men aged 25 through 44 years, AIDS is the single largest cause of death.
These numbers, should give everyone -- not just African-Americans - great pause for concern.
I believe that the African-American church, long a symbol and source of information and education to the African-American community, has for too long, remained silent about this challenge.
To be sure our churches -- mine included -- have done some notable works individually. The problem remains that this is not a foe we can defeat individually.
It will take the collective might of both the church universally committed and the implementation of a comprehensive agenda that includes medical professionals, political might, social services and personal responsibility to overcome this dreaded disease.
That collective pool has not been enacted previously and all of us have suffered from it.
Recently I was honored to co-chair a national discussion on HIV/AIDS with Dr. Calvin Butts from the Abyssinian Baptist Church in New York. At the African-American Clergy Conclave held in New York October 8-9, a congregation of clergy, government officials, healthcare agencies and leading educators came together to develop policy for legislation to support and aggressively end the spread of HIV/AIDS.
This flame of a more comprehensive and unified strategy is fueled by the commitment made by the Congressional Black Caucus to present a bill to fund a program that is designed to meet the unique needs of our community as we have unique challenges and issues, which previous efforts have failed to address.
We all must support the CBC in this endeavor to pass the proposed legislation to fund this critical need for efforts aimed at our community. These funds would include all of our tax dollars that have been directed elsewhere while we die.
The church was not designed to find cures, introduce legislation, change government policy or produce the kind of financial strength we need for research, care and prevention. But, the church can contribute to the solution and partner with existing institutions to do a much better job than it has done alone.
There are many churches who have not responded at all. But I hope they will also be inspired to do something as we all ramp up to do more.
Here are a few reachable goals that most churches can accomplish to make up for our late start:
•We can be a voice and support advocacy related to HIV/AIDS.
•We can challenge the government to set aside more funding for this initiative.
•We can challenge our members to get tested.
•We can make educational material available through our counseling and medical ministries.
•We can dispel the myths and fears.
Many pastors are overwhelmed, intimidated and ill equipped to do all that could be done. I also feel grossly under equipped for the daunting task before us. But if we do not stand up, then who will? And, yes, I am saddened that the black community has little more than the church to draw from as a lightening rod to motivate national dialog.
I agreed with Sen. Hillary Clinton when asked at a recent debate her thoughts on the fight to end HIV/AIDS. She said, “If HIV/AIDS were the leading cause of death of White women between the ages of 25 and 34, there would be an outraged outcry in this country.”

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Welcome to the Thunderdome...

Yes boys and girls, it's 4 a.m. and my brain is in review and edit mode with this forum. It's this type of commitment and determination that keeps the content fresh, breaking and as usual Onpoint. That's it in a nut shell. With that said, let's get cracking and go inside the thunderdome of what's going on....

OH LOU!: You Go Lou..., that's in Lou Dobb's who brought his sharp wit, pericing observations and engaging demeanor to a SRO (standing room only) Wally Allen Ballroom in the Statehouse Convention last evening. Dobb's who appeared as apart of the Clinton School of Public Service lecture series delivered a 20 minute or so assessment of what he believes are serious issues in the public arena. Dilemmas such as our commonality as Americans, public education, middle class destruction and his signature flash point, immigration. "I'm for comprehensive immigration reform, but this can't be accomplished with out controlling the borders." said Dobbs with a matter a fact that was met with rousing applause. Just prior to his speech, Dobbs nightly broadcast this time Live from Little Rock, chided a Arkansas group about their attempts to usurp the law in support for illegal aliens. I've watched Dobbs' CNN program and wanted to see if he's as fiery in person as he seems on his program and I wasn't disappointed. Mr. Dobbs spoke openly and was quite frank about a plethora of issues including Gay Marriage, which he said he actually supports. Unfortunately with that pronouncement, the room went silent and there was no applause. But undeterred he continued nailing his position by asking "can anyone demonstrate to me how gay marriage is suppose to threaten my heterosexual life? Why are we allowing this issue to cloud the real issues in our country like failing government..." As I scanned the overtly Caucasian audience, I was intrigued that Dobbs has cross section appeal with ages ranging from the E-Generation to the senior citizen set. Those within earshot of my seat were verbally affirmed most statements including his call for those in attendance assert an Independent party affiliation, with "Amens" and "tell em Lou's." Dobbs eagerly answered questions with "bullets points" and evidence within his self styled diction that was easily followed during the Q&A session. However, despite the audience wanting to hear more, Skip Rutherford, Clinton School College Dean, had to finally call last question. Subsequently, Dobbs was ushered to a table where he was available to sign copies of his new book, Independence Day- Awakening the American Spirit. I realize that Dobbs has his detractors and some find him bombastic, but I personally find his no-holes barred approach to calling it like he see's it, very refreshing and inspires me to keep doing what I'm doing...Keeping it Real!

World AIDS DAY Activites: I'm glad to post these activites to this site, but with a few quesitons that have come to mind. Such as when were these activites put together and where was the "advance" information about them? What about some details like who is in concert or the workshop outlines? Why does this haphazard- slipshod maddess keep happening with these community events? O.K. I've vented and most likely no on will step forward with any real answers. So, for the record the official 2007 theme is "Taking the Lead..." In the meantime, here are the lisitngs:

THURSDAY, November 293rd Annual Arkansas HIV/AIDS Prevention and Awareness ConferenceTheme: Mobilizing the Church, Community and Government in the Fight Against HIV/AIDSLocation: PSC, Kendall Center Time: 9:00-4:00pm Sponsors: PSC & Future Builders, Inc. Contact: Lupitha Rasheed at 975-8505 or Rick Collins at (0) 897-5566 or (C) 563-7477** FREE HIV TESTING at AR Baptist College from 11 AM-12 PM

Thursday, November 29th at the Rev Room Show Your Support at the AIDS Benefit Concert!Sponsored by UALR Gay Straight Alliance(the rev room is in downtown LR on pres. clinton ave.)$5 - All Ages8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

FRIDAY, November 30 SEE RED DAY - Wear your RED T-shirt to show your support for World AIDS Day. An Aggressive Approach to the HIV Crisis Location: 3701 Springer Blvd. Time: 10AM-3PM Sponsor: The Watershed ProjectContact: Rev. Hezekiah Stewart at 378-0176

World AIDS Day Workshop Location: Statehouse Convention Center Wally Hall Ballroom Time: 1-3 PM Sponsor: Heifer International Contact: Annette Froman 907-4973

SATURDAY, December 1 – WORLD AIDS DAY** Receive free RED shirt with test results. Tests take only 20 minutes.

World AIDS Day"Arkansas Event", Saturday, December 1 at 6:30pm. Hosted by World AIDS Day Committee, Arkansas AIDS Foundation, Open Door Community Church, in rememberance of those living and past. Location will be the Open Door Community Church. To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below: For additional information email: mailto:arkworldaidsday@%20sbcglobal.%20net

Saturday: December 1, The Clinton Presidential Center will observe World AIDS Day 2007 with the largest display of the AIDS Memorial Quilt. Observed each December 1st, World AIDS Day raises global awareness of the 40 million people living with HIV/AIDS around the world. The Center will display several blocks of the AIDS Quilt, which memorializes those who have lost their lives to this pandemic. For more information on the AIDS Memorial Quilt, visit www.aidsquilt. org.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Cyber Monday Unlimited

It's 29 days til Christmas, aproximately 35 days to 2008, a 1000 hours to the Iowa Caucuses and ground zero for Cyber Monday as deemed by online retailers who tout that many folks are not actually doing their "jobs" today, but shopping from their desktops. Whooopeee!!! Only in America. However gentle reader, I'm back at the keyboard, offering you the latest e-content from the wild world web and beyond. Ready or not, let's roll....

OH HUCK: I watched former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's interview on the Sunday talk show Late Edition where he outlined to Wolf Blitzer his administrations accomplishments in the state. He talked about his fast tracking online state services, road improvements and a slight tax raise. O.K. and blah, blah, blah... Huckabee has surged in the polls nudging in close to frontrunner Mitt Romney. Meanwhile the huckster is in full comedic form by running an ad in Iowa which he states his answer to the U.S. Border issues is "Chuck Norris" famed marital artist and actor. Mr. H is notorious for his over the top sense of humor, how can I forget his quipp that Arkansas is a "Banana Republic in elections," the off color missive of "financing his presidential run by knocking over convenience stores..." and his shot at John Edwards's high dollar haircut mis-step. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I think there's a reality show just waiting for Rev. Mike and Janet. Anyway you look at it, dont' count the Huckster out at this time, but in the meantime he's being deconstructed across the board. Want to know more...go to for some interesting insights and comparisons. Don't forget about the Republican Debates this Wednesday, 11/28/07 on poltical central, CNN. Check your local listings for times.

Bunny's for Ron Paul: Apparently Nevadas' Bunny Ranch brothel wants to raise cash via "donation boxes" outside it's locale to gather funds for the candidates campaign. Paul has commented that he did'nt solicit the support, nor has he said that he would'nt accept the loot. But did say that government should'nt be in the business of regulating the world's oldest practice either. Dr. Paul is emphatic about limiting the federal reach overall including foreign a
id and military bases abroad. Paul most likely won't win the nomination, however he'll have a war chest of cash to retire any campaign debts or cushion for his next political foray.

The Big O's Bounce: It was bound to happpen, The big double "O," takes flight. That's the Obama and Oprah tag team will be upon Iowans shortly in search of caucus goers this coming January 08. According to Camp B.O., Ms. Winfrey has agreed to stomp for the presidential nominee hopeful in Iowa and South Carlonia in the coming weeks. The race is all but in a dead heat in Iowa, between Obama, Clinton and Edwards still in striking range. Winfrey has said publically that she supported Obama including her highly visable West Coast fundraiser where Ms. O hosted a who's who of supporters. In contrast, I've been reading reports that Team Clinton has had job fairs in D.C to find additional campaign workers and operatives that were dispatched to the state to assit with shoring up it's well oiled machine. The showdown at the O.K. Corral ain't got nothing on this throwdown.

Overestimating AIDS?: In lieu of World AIDS DAY 2007, I've been broadsided by several articles dealing with the crisis. According to a report from the United Nations which devulges that the vernable organization is planning to acknowledge that it has grossly overestimated the AIDS epidemic worldwide. The latest estimates, released publicly 11.20.07, reduced the number of people infected with HIV worldwide from 40 million to 33 million and lower annual new HIV infections by more than 40 percent from last year's estimate. Ultimately, I'm wondering how did this mis-counting happen and who should be doing some explaining for these bungled numbers?
Neverthless, thirty-three million people with HIV is still a huge challenge for society, thusly a numbers mea culpa could change the way we look at the scope, the speed of the epidemic's expansion as well as fuel those urban myths that somehow HIV/AIDS is no longer a viable health threat. It is possible that observers will look at this information as a sign that we don't need to do more on AIDS, but that would be a mistake. There are many lessons at play, first is that we must be making some progress because more indiviudals are living longer. Secondly, we are in reach of stopping the epidemic if we continue to devote resources and encouraging more drug trials. And lastly continue steadfast in the education aspects of the problem unilaterally especially among women, latino's and SGL African American males. There are many activites that are occuring in the state starting this week. Check our archives for details and links. Dont' forget that World AIDS DAY is December 1, 2007 hearlding the theme, "Take The Lead..."

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Spining the Big Wheel..Again

Ladies and Gentlemen as you try to digest that overcooked turkey... Start your shopping engines and prepare to dive into frenzy of Holiday Season 2007! Unfortunately, Black Friday consummer fever does'nt infect me as deeply as those who use that odd explanation that "it's a family tradition." Alrighty then. Meanwhile, I'm working off some that mid-day meal with another spining of the big wheel at the keyboard, as I continue to stay on point of the latest breaking news, updates, commentary, links and just plain old stuff. Let's Roll!....

Election Watch: Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign released a new list of prominent gay supporters last week, with only State Legislature Kathy Webb the only arky listed from the state GLBTQ community.
The national LGBT Americans for Hillary steering committee list released last Wednesday(11.14/07) ,Clinton’s campaign identified 21 gay professionals and activists who recently endorsed her White House run.
Names on the list include H. Alexander Robinson, executive director of the National Black Justice Coalition; Dana Beyer, who is transgender and a member of the Human Rights Campaign board of governors; and Rep. Patricia Todd, the first openly gay member of the Alabama House of Representatives. To view the entire list you can log on to
“I am honored to have the support of these leaders in the LGBT community,” Clinton said. “Together, we can end the divisive politics of the current administration and renew the promise of fairness and equality for all Americans.” A few weeks ago, there was a mild brouhaha on the Sidetracks Yahoo Group concerning a group call Arkansans for Hillary which posted in search of participants. To this date it seems that they only have 6 members, no recent activity, and I can't seem to get any reaction from the list owner. Obviously they didn't get the message that Candidate Clinton was looking for committee members. Consider yourselves notified.

OH LOU: It's official, CNN's ball buster- populist advocate journalist, Lou Dobbs will be in the house, 11.27.07 at the Wally Allen Ballroom in the Statehouse Convention Center. Dobbs will be lecturing as well as touting his new book, Independents Day: Awakening the American or his other best seller, War on the Middle Class. In case you've had your head under a rock, Dobbs has been at the nexus of many national debates ranging from the ill-fated Dubai Ports deal to hotly contested immigration reform dilemma and has been mentioned as a possible independent populist candidate for the presidency. I've listened to this firebrand newscaster keenly and realize that this guy is a no holes barred- non-crap accepting individual across the board. I'm most intrigued and often laughing out loud at his descriptive usage of the english language to lament those on his radar. According to Nikolai DiPippa, this event has had a tremendous response, therefore it had to be relocated from the Clinton Center to the Statehouse. Apparently, it's going to be a sell out and you know I will be there in the mix to check out the vibe. At post time I'm not sure if any seats are left but if you are interested contact the Deputy Director of Public Programs: (501) 683-5239 or

AIDS Update: On the Arkansas AIDS Foundation website there was a blurp about a HIV/AIDS Billboard Campaign ballon release to be held 11.26.07 at noon in McArthur Park. However, I got mixed signals when I got info this forwarded "The Notes" (11.19.07) info which stated:

"...World AIDS Day also kicks off a three-month billboard campaign in Little Rock and Pine Bluff to draw attention to the issue and to promote HIV testing."

Talk about not being on the same page? I'm not sure where the communication snafu took place, but this kind of miscommunication isn't conducive to a successful anything. This is the reason that many organizations are not being taken very seriously and usually have lackluster attendance at events. It also continues to foster confusion as to exactly who is doing what, when or why. The AAF website also listed this "ballon launch" as a fundraiser? REALLY? Stay locked in at CorneliusOnpoint as we try to sort out or call out those who can't seem to get it

Capitol Pride: Elections were held earlier this year(9.8.07), with a subsequent November fundraiser, but it seems that the group is still in need of board members. To my knowledge a quorum is usually needed to operate most orgnanizations. If you are interested, contact the Pride Line for more info 501.859.0723.

Every vote counts!

HAVE YOU REGISTERED TO VOTE YET? IF NOT...WHY? The Arkansas Primary is Feb. 5, 2008 and you must be registered by January 4, 2008 Do it today....!! Contact your local voter registerer for more information. It's 1000 hours to the Iowa showdown!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Doing a Cornelius 360...part 3.0

There are many activities and presenations that will be statewide in honor of World AIDS Day 2007. The 20th Annual theme announced by the World AIDS Day campaign this year is "Take The Lead." CorneliusOnpoint will be making the rounds and covering most events including, the Clinton Presidential Center's hosting of the AIDS Quilt on Saturday, December 1st. In a press release they cite that" more than 200 panels, the display at the Center will be the largest presentation of the quilt in the world for World AIDS Day. This event will attract people from many places and many walks of life. "
As the epidemic continues claiming lives around the world and here in the United States, especially among women and people of color, I hope that this display of the Quilt will get local contributions and add to the outreach that is most needed in communities all over Arkansas. It's a solem reminder that this crisis is still very viable and the messages of remembrance, awareness and hope are universal.
They need volunteers to assist in several different capacities such as event set-up, readers for the reading of the names (night shift), greeters, and our outreach booths. We are also looking for a small group of volunteers that will handle the opening of the "ceremony" panel. This will be the last section of the panel that will be laid out for the event. For the ceremony panel, we are asking for volunteers that may have some tie to the disease. It could be that you know someone that is living with or passed away from AIDS. It could be you know people in the health care field and have some tie or just an advocate for prevention of the disease.
They are also looking for Quilters!!!! Therefore, if you are a quilter (or know someone who is), the organizers would love to talk to you. They will have a quilting area on site during the event. Additional volunteers will be needed to assist visitors with quilting and to receive incoming quilt panels. Portions of The Quilt display will also be making additional stops in Arkansas, I've posted other the other destinations and contact info. For more information go to: or
To volunteer locally contact:Sally Porter at or call me at 748-0419 to sign up as soon as possible.

Fayetteville, AR

11/30/2007 - 12/6/2007

Host: University of Arkansas - University Programs
Display Site: University of Arkansas - Anne Kittrell Art Gallery
Display Site Address: Arkansas Union - Room A665
Accepting Block Requests? No
Number of Blocks: 6
Contact: Zachary Mosley
Phone: 479-575-5255

Little Rock, AR

12/1/2007 - 12/1/2007

Host: The William J. Clinton Presidential Library
Display Site: The William J. Clinton Presidential Library
Display Site Address: 1200 President Clinton Avenue
Accepting Block Requests? No
Number of Blocks: 100+
Contact: Taren Robinson
Phone: 501/370-8000

Mountain Home, AR

11/26/2007 - 12/3/2007

Host: Arkansas State University, Mountain HomeEmbracing Diversity Group Inc
Display Site: Arkansas State University Mountain Home McMullin Lecture Hall
Display Site Address: 935 Gray Street
Accepting Block Requests? No
Number of Blocks: 3
Contact: Eddie Dry
Phone: 870-425-1747

North Little Rock, AR

11/29/2007 - 12/5/2007

Host: Pulaski Technical College
Display Site: Pulaski Technical College - Pulaski Tech Campus Center, Grand Hall
Display Site Address: 3000 West Scenic Drive
Accepting Block Requests? No
Number of Blocks: 5
Contact: Summer Tumbleson
Phone: 501-812-2750

Philander Smith College and Future Builders
HIV/AIDS Conference to commemorate
World AIDS Day

The Third Annual Arkansas HIV/AIDS Prevention and Awareness Conference, sponsored by Philander Smith College, Harry R. Kendall Health and Science Mission Center and Future Builders, Inc., of Wrightsville will be held November 29, 2007 on the campus of Philander Smith College from 8:00 am. to 4:00 pm. A reception honoring Dr. M. Jocelyn Elders will follow from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The conference targets students, teachers, health care/mental health professionals, and members of community, who plan or provide HIV prevention education.
The theme of the conference is “Mobilizing the Church, Community and Government in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS “.

The conference is free. Continuing Education Units will be available to professional
attendees. For more conference information, contact Lupita Rasheed, Project Director of the Harry R. Kendall Health and Science Mission Center at 501-975-8315 or Rick Collins, Co-Executive Director, Future Builders at 501-897-5566.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In Search of Intelligent Life...

Thanksgiving week 2007 is rapidly taking shape as Americans everywhere are preparing to give thanks for the year's bountiful blessings. As for myself, the last past year has been filled with so many reason to be thankful that it's been truly life altering to say the least. I've gained a new lease on living my life out loud as well as continuing my committment to offering the latest information, updates, breaking news, and interactive platforms to the GLBTQI community and beyond. I thank you for your readership and encourage you not to forget those who may not have a horn of plenty. Here are few items for your info basket....

PrimeTime: I have been reading various articles on the greying of gays which have been detailing the plights and challenges that senior gays have been experiencing with long term care and estate planning. However, it was a recent road trip conversation and a visit with an old friend got me pondering about the dilemma of how the lavander lifestyle often leaves some feeling left out of the loop to meet new people and friends. I've found some interesting websites that offer portals of information and a few books on Amazon for those who are not longer tripping the light fantastic but rather dealing with their mortality without the rose colored glasess. Check them out for yourself :

FREE HIV TESTING AT UAMS: As a part of World AIDS Day, December 1, 2007 The Fay W. Boozman College of Public Health and the Jefferson Comprehensive Care System, Inc. (JCCSI) will provide free, confidential HIV testing on Wednesday, Nov. 28, from Noon to 2 p.m. in Room 2228 at the College of Public Health. The testing coincides with the weeklong activities of World AIDS Day. JCCSI is a non-profit community health center with more than 20 years experience providing primary health care services to disadvantaged minorities in Southeastern Arkansas. World AIDS Day also kicks off a three-month billboard campaign in Little Rock and Pine Bluff to draw attention to the issue and to promote HIV testing. Free HIV Testing at UAMS Part of World AIDS Day. For more information, contact Michelle R. Smith, Part D coordinator, JCCSI (870) 534-3448, ext 106, or Patricia Minor, project manager, AMHC (501) 686-2720.

MEDICARE PRESCRIPTION PLANS: Renewal time is now for a very limited time. Make certain you have researched the best program for the medications you require because not making the right choices can be a costly mistake in the long run. Statewide it's reported that various plans are no longer available and that unsavory firms are proposing faulty products whicho often don't cover the client's claims or visits. Take my advice, don't put off getting assistance. Talk to your pharmacist, caseworker, doctor, family, to help you navigate the system to the formula that will work best for your medical needs. If in doubt contact Medicare directly 1-800-MEIDCARE(663-4227) or their website:

HELP OUR SEVERLY WOUNDED SOLDIERS: Donations to this 501(c)(3), tax deductable charity, can be made to Major General Batiste (Ret), SALUTE AMERICAS HEROS, P.O.Box 96002, Washington, DC 20090-6002 Find out more at: CorneliusOnpoint thanks all servicemen and women for their service.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Doing a Cornelius 360..Angle 2

Here we go again... me, up at the crack of dawn pulling out all the stops, keeping this forum in fresh, cutting edge form as a community service. Yes, I make it look easy and most think that it all it comes together without much effort. Wrong O!! Believe it or not, this daily labor of love requires determination, committment, skill and most of all time. The laptop does'nt spout out a word unless the brain and fingers are in some kind of sync. Ususally this happens after the various research sesssion prior to final edit and upload. Why do we do it?...because it's a service that I deem necessary for the area and hopefully I'm making a difference through our mission statement which embraces the pillars of empowering, enlightning and inspiring. It's Thanksgiving week and we are grateful to still be around offering our special brand of what's really going on!! I've already got the turkey out of the freezer, so I could do a Cornelius 360, just for you... Let's take a look!

Rainbow Saggin: It's been in the news as cities such as Houston and Dallas,Texas, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Mansfield, Lousiana as well as, others have been considering laws or ordinaces addressing the hip hop fashion known as "saggin." The efforts have been uneven at most and often are defeated because most lawmakers don't believe it's enforceable. Even though I'm a Fashionista Deluxe, I've been somewhat perplexed at this trend, especially since I've seen some SGL folks down with it both male and female. I was in a local bar the other evening when the fashion was in my face and I heard both negative and positive responses from some onlookers which ranged from digusted or others who see as a "sexyback." I've heard so many explanations about this style which include the alleged prison angle which was code of a sexual nature and the "thug/gangbanger" aspect based in machismo to the hilt. The male White young bar patron didn't seem to feel that his attire was out of place, nor was he bothered by the apparent stares of those with disaproving faces. Furthermore, it's come to my attention that the B/D Complex has some type of policy regulating "folks" wearing such attire juxtaposed to those entertainers who wear thigh high boots, revealing costumes, or those "Go-Go Boys" in nothing but towels. Is there a double standard on the table for these indivudals who spend their "80 cent on the dollar" for such outfits? On the other hand, I expressed that many fashions have come and gone over the years, with many of them circulating through bar culture. The GLBTQ community has had it share of ertswhile "drag" that were both "bows" and "moons" to society, that may have been unsettling to many. Do you remember painted on jeans with your hanky code? How about that "criss cross" trend with clothes worn backwards? What happened to all those fellas wearing their mama's vintage broaches on their lapels or sweaters? We still have Logo Designer Kings and Queens don't we? Let's not forget all those Leather mavens wrapped in buckles and harnesses. Personally for me, I try to keep it classic and appropriate, but I like to be daring every now and then, just not where my pants are so low that I waddle instead of walking with pants up, head up and walking with pride. Think about it....
New HIV Funding Data: If you ever wondered just how much HIV funding Arkansas is entitled too, then you should take a moment to veiw this new online data source from a Kaiser Foundation website. has posted new data on federal funding streams for HIV/AIDS. Collected in partnership with the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD), these data for Federal Fiscal Year 2006 are available by state and for the nation, and represent the latest available state-level data on all major federal funding streams for HIV/AIDS in the U.S.
Updated data include HIV/AIDS funding by state from the Ryan White Program, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) program, and the Office of Minority Health (OMH).
View a list of all recent updates.
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Friday, November 16, 2007

Spinning the Big Wheel...

Another week of 2007 is passing before my eyes and I keep spinning the big wheel of life. It's round and round and round until it stops on...Well, I never know until i reach the keyboards and let my fingers do the walking or do the talking, you decide. Neverthless, there's updates, breaking news, commentary, and so much stuff to talk about, so let the chips fall where they may!!...

The Democratic Seven: In case you missed it, and probably you did. Another Democratic debate took place last evening at UNLV's Cox Pavilion in Las Vegas. Of course, what happens in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas because it was replayed and analyzed by Team CNN featuring The Blitzer (Wolf Blitzer) and Mr. 360 ( Anderson Cooper). I found this round to be rather informative as well as forcing me to listen even more closer to the responses. I realized that it was a "all eyes on Hillary" night, but I didn't hang on her every word. But rather preferred to observe her answers within the context of the field of candidates overall. I felt that she was by up to par and handled the questioning in her articulate and efficient manner. There were a few highlighted moments such as Chirs Dodd's reply in spanish to a audience member, Mrs. Clinton's response to Campbell Brown's question concerning whether she was playing the gender card and later her stance that "she was running for President not because she was a women but rather the one with the most experience." Barack Obama kept it real and steady with point/counterpoint statements ranging from nuclear waste to Iraq. John Edwards didn't sway from his pointed attacks on Clinton meanwhile getting booed by Hill supporters. Believe it or not, it was not quite "must see TV" but for political junkies like myself, it hit all the right spots. Next up the Republicans later this month and back to Demo land in Iowa in December.

Political Cornelius: In previous post I've encouraged most of you to get political or involved on what ever level you feel most comfortable. With all that said, I'm stepping to the plate and registering(11.16.07) to be an Elector at the Democratic State Meeting being held Dec. 8 at the Clinton Library Great Hall. Ultimately, the goal of this "outwit, outplay, outlast" survivor type excercise is to be an official delegate to the National Convention in Denver, CO, August 25-28 2008. At this stage of the game, I'm not sure what it will take, but I hope that I will be able to count on your support and encouragement. We must learn to play the game and stop thinking that some one else will do it for us. Stay tuned for more interesting updates to come! Are you registered? January 4 is the deadline for the primary!

We are Family,Too: Transgender Voices, a panel discussion led by transgender people will share their personal stories and triumphs in honor of National Transgender Day of Remembrance. The recent ENDA debacle has spotlighted transgender individuals whom come from all walks of life and have many challenges to share about what it's like growing up and living as a transgender person. The event will feature the perspectives from both female-to-male and male-to-female transgender people of different ages. Monday, November 19, 20077:00 PM Farris Hall Lobby (residence hall)**8:30 PM- a candlelight vigil will be held at the UCA Chapel steps for National Transgender Day of Remembrance to remember and honor the transgender individuals who have been killed as victims of hate crimes this year. The term "Transgender" is an all-encompassing term for people whose anatomiesand/or appearances do not conform to predominant gender roles. They have physical and/or behavioral characteristics that readily identifythem as having a non-conforming gender identity and can be someone of anysexual orientation.

WORD UP: As I research for this forum I found an interesting article concerning the language of tweens and teens in reference to the words, "gay" and "fag" which appartently have taken on new meanings and allude to very different things, yet these "mash ups" have become coded to mean nothing positive. Author C.J. Pascoe, recently stated at Pacific Universtiy in Forest Grove that,
"... in the end, neither have as much to do with homosexuality as it would seem, according to C.J. Pascoe, author of "Dude You're a Fag: Masculinity and Sexuality in High School."
The use of the slurs starts around sixth grade, she said, and peaks in middle school, then continues in high school.
Pascoe's book is based on her 18-month observation of a California high school in a working-class suburb. She observed students in a variety of settings and interviewed 50 students.
"Gay" is used by both boys and girls to mean "stupid," she said. "Anything could be gay. A laptop could be gay. A haircut could be gay.
"But only a boy could be a fag," she said.
The epithet is used primarily by heterosexual boys in a joking context to establish masculinity, she said. But heterosexuality is just one part of being masculine, according to boys Pascoe interviewed. It is equally important to be unemotional, dominant, powerful and not "too nice."
The epithet has little to do with being gay, one boy told her: "If you're trying to turn a wrench the wrong way, you're a fag. Even if a piece of meat drops out of your sandwich -- Dude, you're a fag."
One boy told Pascoe that he would never use the slur against someone who is gay "because that's just mean."
Even though the terms are not usually meant as epithets against gay people, Pascoe still considers them anti-gay. "It's like saying something is so 'Latino' and meaning something really bad by it."
Some boys use girlfriends to protect themselves from such epithets, Pascoe said.
That, along with sex talk and mock physical dominance of girls are forms of what Pascoe calls "compulsive heterosexuality" -- another way to establish masculine credentials.
During her 18 months at the high school, Pascoe said she only heard one teacher address the use of those homosexual terms. That was when the drama teacher lectured his students about not using the word "gay" to mean "stupid." Hmmmm? I don't remember these words deflecting the hurt or humilation I often felt as I made my way through the education system. Futhermore, I don't recall anyone using the words as a double meaning, but rather a direct insult to degrade, defame and deflate one's self-esteem. I know that we've come a long way baby. Especiallywith the development of phrases that have now evolved into "Alternative," Same-Gender Loving and Questioning monikers that have become more descriptively hip and inclusive in the lexicon of lavender living. Boy, times they are a changin!....

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Taking it to the Streets...

NO Justice, NO Peace, is the rallying cry of the National Action Network's , Washington D. C. March on Hate Crimes, led by Rev. Al Sharpton on 11/16/07 at high noon at the U.S. Justice Department building. According to their website, "With hate crimes and noose hangings on the rise across the country, we must have the federal government protect us from local hate and bigotry. From Mychal Bell in Jena, Louisiana, to Sean Bell in New York, it is time for the federal government to intervene, and you can help us achieve this objective." All this just in time for new Attorney General Michael Mukassey fresh from being sworn in earlier in the week. The organizers state they will circle the justice complex "seven times" symbolically in reference to the action taken at the walls of Jericho. For those of you who are bit rusty on your Bible parables, in the biblical story "the walls came tumbling down," after the circling. Unfortunately, I want be able to be with them in person, but I'm with them in spirit. If you want more info, it's all there for the taking at:

Debate Time in the City: And a one, and a two, it's another Democratic Candidate Debate in Las Vegas, Nevada. In case you miss the other outings it's going be covered wall to wall on CNN moderated by Wolf Blitzer. This time it's all eyes on Hillary juxtaposed to her last appearance which she touted as lackluster. Nationally Clinton is still leading the contenders but margins in Iowa have narrowed with both Obama and Edwards still in striking distance. Meanwhile, I got an E-mail from the Clinton camp asking supporters for a million dollar cash infusion to be in place as HRC hits' the stage tonight. If the stars align correctly this round should start drawing lines in the sand as who will stay and who will have to go. Check you local listing for times and channels. If you watch, lets' hear your observations here first!!

In previous post we announced this year's World AIDS Day theme: "Take the Lead..." and hope that this years commemoration will be most memorable. As usual we are updating with the latest information on the event and encouraging your participation.

December 1st will mark the annual observance of World AIDS Day. Below is the information on the event being held in Central Arkansas. Please use this information to pass on to staff, clients, and anyone else you think would be interested. Thanks in advance for helping get out the word and remember the loved ones we have lost and honor those living with HIV/AIDS today.
Feel free to contact me for any further information David Tucker/Chairperson

DECEMBER 1, 2007
6:30 pm at Open Door Community Church,sponsored in part by
the Arkansas AIDS Foundation.
709 W. Lee, Sherwood
Reception immediately following the ceremony.

The night will include guest speakers, quilt panels, entertainers, candlelight vigil, and the reading of the names.
Please send the names of anyone you would like to be remembered to

Editor's Note:
I am happy to reprot that the Federation of International Pride sent us a shout out concerning our post of their Take Action FAX component as a mechanism to reach out to AG Dustin McDaniel on the impending Adoption measure seeking a ballot position in 2008. Even if I can't get a holla from around these parts, other folks don't mind taking the time to acknowledge our efforts to inform, educate and empower. I appreciate the response:


First and foremost, thank you for contacting us.

I was just given a printout of the form submission you submitted this morning on our website and wanted to thank you for your thoughts regarding Mr. McDaniel and our Fax service.

In our efforts to bring light to situations such as what is happening in your state, we have fax campaigns which allow anyone to send a fax to the offices of individuals we name in our "Take Action" section. We have found that sending a fax is far more effective than letters or emails as one physically has to "touch it."

Additionally, I did want to thank you for encouraging your readers to use the site as it allows individuals to take a stand and allow their voice to be heard anywhere; all they need is a web browser.

I had a quick glance at your website prior to sending you this message, but did not have a chance to fully review the content. I will have a fully in-depth look at everything just as soon as I am out of the morning meetings.

Your work is important and I am happy to see that there is someone such as yourself dedicated to making a difference in Arkansas.

Thank you again for contacting us and do not hesitate to contact me if there are any new developments.


Lance Blevins

Robert "Lance" Blevins
Director / Founder
Federation of International Pride
4800 Hampden Lane
Suite 200
Bethesda, MD 20814

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Swing Out Wednesday

In lieu of Arkansas' Eureka Springs recent marriage registry and the sound defeat of the 2004 marriage amendment comes, Pursuit of Equality an emotionally charged film that puts a face on American citizens who strive for marriage equality.
From the first frame of the film, even before the press is aware, a film crew is with San Francisco's Mayor Gavin Newsom’s senior staff as the nation’s first same-sex couple exchange their vows and ignite the most controversial civil rights topic in recent history.
The story continues on the streets, in the courtrooms, and on the steps of City Hall, where same-sex couples clash with church groups who declare that who they are and how they love is a sin.
The film focuses on the compelling, human rights struggles surrounding same-sex marriage and captures the elation and despair of couples and families who are fighting for equal rights.
As the only film crew in the Mayors Chambers during the most crucial of times, this extraordinary film provides a telling ‘fly-on-the wall’ view as this historic event unfolds. This movie will be debuting nationally in various locales from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, at post time no such luck in the Arkansas area. However, if you are like myself and enjoy home viewing it's available on DVD. Here's the link:

FPride Action: Somewhere in this city they are circiling the waggons against the upcoming Adoption Ban, however, only "they" know when or where. But I was suprised to find an action alert posted within the Federation of International Pride website and a treasure trove of other worthwhile info. The Action Center allows users to directly FAX Arkansas' Attorney General, Dustin McDaniel (pictured) with your concerns about the issue. Did they have to have a series of meeting to come up with this simple process? I think not. It was a direct action tactic that probably most Arkansans don't even know about until now. But since you heard it here first, then get busy at their site with this addy:

Stonewall Meets: Bill Gwatney, Chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party, will speak to members and guest at 6:00 - 6:30 pm for the SDC meeting on Thursday, November 15, 2007, at Democratic Headquarters in Little Rock. Please attend and take this opportunity to ask him any questions about the Arkansas Democratic Party or the 2008 elections, enjoy refreshmentes and discuss new officers with elections coming in January 2008. I will be updating shortly on my efforts to become a delegate to the National Democratic Convention being held in Denver in 08,
so stay tune because I will need your help!!

Congratulations to Mr. Sebastian Armonte, Mr. Gay-All American 2008. Mr. Armonte hails from Pittsburgh, Pennnsylvia and will represent the title across the country as a symbol of pride excellence. The yearly event was held at the Habanna Inn complex in OKC, (11/11/07) We will have more info on our Myspace entertainment platform this week.

Have your registered to vote yet? It's aproximately 80 Days to Super Tuesday, Februrary 5, 2008. Every vote will be needed including yours. Contact your local county clerk or register for information. It's your right, so do it TODAY!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

For Your Consideration...part 2

The Obama Factor in search of the Presidency

It was only a few years ago, that a relatively unknown figure ascended to the national stage through his speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. The speech launched a career that has taken this former Chicago political organizer to new heights, meanwhile facing new lows from a spectrum of opponents and detractors. I have listened Mr. Obama many times, finding him engaging, thoughtful, retrospective and unilaterally insightful in regards to America's version of gladiator politics. From the onset, Obama has been a man in search of the presidency with a target on his back. He was the first to receive Secret Service protection due to threats on his wife's life as well as his own. Subsequently, he's faced questions about his family origins, past writings, political swagger, patriotism and his race: Is Barack Black enough? Now on the web, the hate meter has been turned up another notch with whispers and mean spiritedness stating that Obama is a some type of "Manchurian candidate" implanted by Muslim radicals destined to take over America. Can a brother get a break, obviously not when this type of rhetoric is being fueled by supremacist sects and others who have their own brand of hate to promote. Even though I can filter such madness and have for years. I am afraid that this type of mindless prattle often makes it's way to those who area easily influenced or swayed with consequences unknown. I haven't made up my mind on my presidential choice as yet, but I can't idly stand by and not express my outrage as well as disgust, that Mr. O is being characterized by shadowy groups via his sir name as a "foreigner" sympathizer with ties to a Muslim manifesto. For goodness sake, just how low can it get? In the meantime, I may never meet candidate Obama, but as one brother to another living in America, I want him to know that I've got his back on this one.

Monday, November 12, 2007

For Your Consideration...

We're burning the midnight oil again, in our ongoing goal to keep it funky fresh and as always on point. Each and every day I continue to sift through the latest news cycle in search of breaking news, updates, commentary and items that may make you go, "hmmmmmm." Even though I serve as Executive Editor, I've been emphatic that this forum was designed as a "dialouge zone" that's not all about being politcally correct. If you've got something on your mind, stuck in your craw, need to add your two cents, then we are here as a public service, willing and ready for your output. With that said, let's turn the page and see what's really going on....

Roaring Fundraiser: Watch out for flappers and gangsters this Saturday,(11.17.07) at Sidetracks as they present, Roaring 20's, a dual fundraiser for Capitol Pride and Arkansas AIDS Foundation. The schedule will include music, donated silent auction items and special suprises throughout the eventing. For more info, click it to :

Salon Northwest: The Northwest Arkansas GLBTCC will offer a movie night this weekend featuring two GLBTQ favs, most notably Kinky Boots which I found heart warming and just plain ole fun. Starting at 7 PM - Kinky Boots, 2005, PG-13, BritishAfter inheriting a shoe factory, Charlie Price (Joel Edgerton) aims to take the fashion world by storm with help from a cabaret dancer in this whimsical comedy. Charlie risks it all when he hires sassy Lola (Chiwetel Ejiofor) to help design a racy line of men's boots. But on the eve of the Milan Shoe Fair, just as he's about to introduce the world to his signature shoes, everything falls apart. Sarah Jane Potts and Jemima Rooper co-star.
9 PM - Come Undone, 2000, NR, FrenchWhile on a family vacation at the French seaside, brooding 18-year-old Mathieu meets C├ędric, an attractive carefree boy his own age, and is swept away by the first stirrings of homosexual passion. Within a narrative that shifts daringly between past and present, we witness their awkward, halting admissions of attraction and eventual submission to desire. The Salon Theater is located at 130 E. Poplar. St., Ste. B, inside of Tymythy’s Salon (one block off of College Ave.)For more information, contact Tymythy at 479-527-0414. No admission price was annonced but I'm sure a cute donation wouldn't be turned away.

Polls-R-Us: In the last few weeks we've ran several polls relating to GLBTQ issues with marginal response volume. What the hell does a person have to do to get some feedback around here? The topics we've covered have ranged from community overviews to the impending Adoption measure, each topic was offered as a means to facilitate discussion and dissiminate information. However, it seems that there's no rush to be visable or viable until the house is on fire. What's up with the silence people??

Friday, November 09, 2007

Can We talk!...The Week Roundup

November is off and running in case you've been too busy to notice. As I get to boards each day to producce this forum, I'm not suprised at the overnight changes in our world, even though I have to admit usually a news channel here or there rocks me to sleep nightly. Also, it takes constant researching, updating, reading and verifying content too bring you the latest interesting information across the board ranging from local color to global flashpoints. Many thanks to you that continue to count on us as a source for your connection in the GLBTQ community and beyond. I appreciate it and hope that you will spread the good news that CorneliusOnpoint is a must online destination.

Family Council Watch: Arkansas’ attorney general, Dustin McDaniel, has approved a second proposed ballot initiative banning gays, lesbians, and other unmarried couples from adopting or becoming foster parents. Previously in this forum we posted that the council was tinkering with it's language and had already started "dialing for dollars" to help with their campaign. The first initiative was rejected by the attorney general and the governor, but has been revised to include language declaring married couples in the best interest of children. The conservative Christian group proposing the initiative must now collect 62,000 signatures by July for the measure to end up on the November 2008 ballot. Meanwhile, I haven't heard a peep about that un-named organization that is preparing a counter campaign to this initiative. If you recall, this group has had a rocky formation tinted with attitude adjustments and seems to be operating in stealth mode. Stay tuned....

JSSCI Offers Classes: Healthy Relationships is a five-session, small-group intervention for men and women living with HIV/AIDS. It is based on Social Cognitive Theory and focuses on developing skills and building self-efficacy and positive expectations about new behaviors through modeling behaviors and practicing new skills. These session will include monetary incentives ranging from $170 to $250 for those who apply between November 5th and December 20, 2007. Contact Nadine or Sylvana for details: 870-534-3448 or 501-663-7166 (Ask for Vance). Tell them that you read it here first!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: If you are: - 18 to 65 years old - HIV positive and treatment experienced (have taken HIV meds) - A CD4 (T-cell) Count of 250 or more - A viral load of over 2500 copies - Interested in receiving an investigational drug to treat your HIV. You may be eligible to participate in a clinical research study Sponsored by Koronis Pharmaceutical, Inc. Call Doris Walker, 501-603-0003 for further information: Health For Life Clinic, PLLC 1100 North University Ave, Suite 260 Little Rock, AR 72207 Fax: 501-603-0030

Stonewall Meets: The November SDC meeting & refreshments will be held on Thursday 11/15/07 at the Democratic Headquarters in Little Rock. The organization is preparing for 2008 Elelctions and the upcoming electioral smackdown. Need more...go to the website:

Dirving a new CAR: The Center for Artistic Revolution has a new web designation that will be live this week. The organization has been working consitently for GLBT rights through organizing, advocacy and cultural activities including their recent outreach efforts during Fall Diversity in Eureka Springs. The DYSC (Diverse Youth for Social Change) program, which comprises of 14-23 year old youth and young adult promotes the development of youth/young adults into leadership roles and civic participation and activism. While open to all youth/young adults, the membership is currently about 80% LGBTQ. The program meets each week on Friday at 6:30...can call 244-9690 for directions. To check out the site here's the direct link:

In recognition of Veterans Day 2007, CorneliusOnpoint Salutes the men and women who are serving the nation in conflicts around the world. We honor and respect your service in the various complex theaters of unrest that hampers freedom & choice.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Doing a Cornelius 360...The Wide Angle

Talk about house on fire...The 24 hour news cycle is running amuck with global turmoil, outrage galore, national decries of foul and echo's of the famous scene from movie "Network," where common folk went to their windows crying out, " I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!" This is the highly charge atmosphere that is permeating everyday life as our society seems to be on the verge of becoming unplugged. I think I need to get a copy of Jack Cafferty's new book, "It's getting Ugly Out There..." Let's just see how ugly it's getting.....

OH ENDA: Wednesday, (117/07)The House of Represenatives pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act but without the highly sought protective inclusion of trans-workers despite intense campaigns, petitions, wrangling, maneuvering, lobbying, debate and protest. After the dust settled, the House voted 235 -185, with the measure being decided along party lines and erupting a rift within the GLBTQ construct. My In-box has been flooded with e-mails and notices from around the country concerning this vote, but locally things have been eerily quiet. Especially since only, Vic Synder(D) Dist. 2 vote for the measure. All other Representative voted NO. Let's call them out: Rep. Marion Berry (D)Dist. 1 Rep. J. Boozeman(R)Dist. 3 and Mike Ross (D) Dist.4 This forum particpated in sending letters and posting infomation on this issue but it seems this fight ain't over till it's over. Are you registered to Vote? If not, why not?
Just when you thought this entire issue couldn't get more like a rubics cube, enter this article from reprinted The Advocate by Kerry Elevled.
Poll: 70% of LGBT Respondents Support Noninclusive ENDA
According to a new poll, 70% of LGBT Americans prefer passing an Employment Non-Discrimination Act that does not cover transgender people over not passing the bill at all. The poll, commissioned by the Human Rights Campaign and conducted on October 26, surveyed 500 members of the LGBT community across the country.
The version of ENDA sponsored by Rep. Barney Frank, which does not include job protections for transgender Americans, was voted out of the House of Representatives rules committee Monday night and is very likely to be voted on Wednesday. Rep. Tammy Baldwin may offer her amendment to add transgender protections to H.R. 3685. If she does, it will be debated but will likely pulled from the floor without a vote as soon as the debate ends.
HRC president Joe Solmonese said the poll numbers weren’t immediately obvious to him or the organization before they conducted the polling.
“There were so many people out there speaking so emphatically about where the entire community was that I thought maybe we should get a sense of it, and that’s why we did the poll,” he said. “So it was surprising to me, but I think it really speaks to the fact that there’s a big diverse community of GLBT Americans all across the country.”
The poll specifically asked: “This proposal would make it illegal to fire gay, lesbian, and bisexual workers because of their sexual orientation. This proposal does not include people who are transgender. Would you favor or oppose this proposal moving forward?” Seventy percent favored moving forward with the legislation.
The poll also asked people if they agreed that “national gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender organizations should oppose this proposal because it excludes transgender people.” Only about 20% of the people agreed with that statement.
However, about 70% of people polled still believe that protections for transgender people should be included in the ENDA proposal, as they did in a poll conducted in 2004 -- but they also favor passing a noninclusive ENDA as a path to gaining those protections for transgender workers. This shows a shift from 2004, when 70% of LGB respondents indicated trans inclusion was important even if it caused delay.
HRC has come out in support of the Frank’s noninclusive ENDA.
“We’re on the brink of a historic step in the right direction toward what we’re all fighting for,” said Solmonese, “and with a bill on the floor, regardless of whether you think it ever should have gotten there or not, I would hope that most people think it’s important for our entire community that the bill pass rather than fail.”
He added that HRC’s policies on ENDA have been more focused on the best way to achieve legislative goals than on the opinion of the community. HRC did not immediately release the numbers because, at the time, members of the community were still working on getting votes for gender identity inclusion.
“To release those numbers or cite those numbers would have undermined those efforts,” said Solmonese.
But Matt Foreman, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, who supports only a trans-inclusive ENDA, dismissed the poll, saying that the community’s rights on any front should not be dictated by polling.
“Fundamentally, rights are not about popular opinion, and that’s why we so vehemently reject voting on the right to marry,” he said. “We shouldn’t just hold up our finger and test popular opinion at any one moment and say that’s the way we are going to go when we’re talking about fundamental human rights.”
The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights -- the umbrella organization of civil rights groups that includes the Human Rights Campaign, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and the National Center for Transgender Equality -- also announced Tuesday morning that it would support passing the noninclusive version of the ENDA as an “incremental” step forward.
In a letter sent to Capitol Hill, the Leadership Conference noted that reaching the decision had been “extraordinarily difficult” for the organization. “As civil rights organizations, however, we are no strangers to painful compromise in the quest for equal protection of the law for all Americans,” read the letter. “We have always recognized, however, that each legislative breakthrough has paved the way for additional progress in the future. With respect to ENDA, we take the same view.”
The letter was signed by organizations including the Human Rights Campaign and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. But Foreman said the letter did not take into account the views of many of the Leadership Conference’s member organizations.
“We are disappointed because the letter does not in fact reflect the view of the membership of LCCR and, more important, and does not reflect the vast majority of LGBT organizations in LCCR and across the country,” said Foreman. Some 350 organizations have stated that they would support nothing less than a fully inclusive version of ENDA.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Countdown to the 08 Presidential Throwdown

OH RON: I've heard of bombshell blonds, smoking bombshell accounts, that ill thought tank Pentagon "Gay Bomb" and now it's Ron Paul's "Money Bomb" which was lobbed into the cash dash mix on Tuesday. According to sources and it does who matter who you ask, the affirmed Paul Revolutionist raised 4.2. Million Dollars from at least 38,000 online donors. Paul who has lagged in the polls apparently is resonating with folks who've got some extra cash to demonstrate their support. Dr. Paul has interesting website that tout his views raging from foreign aid to privacy/personal liberties. I've read some of his material and find it extremely thought provoking to say the least. Unfortunately mainstream media and pundits have somewhat and I believe uncessarily dismissed Mr. Paul's chances of being the Republican nomineee or a viable candidate in o8. Well, there's lots of dissent out there in them hills and ovbiously lots' loot too. I wouldn't be so quick to kick anybody to the curve. I was one of those who thought Al Gore had won the election only to later be surprised that he sorta didn't per the Supreme Court.

Hush, Oh Hush, is someone calling may name?: Former Governor Mike Huckabee wants to know is anyone calling his name. Well, not too many in a recent poll of Arkansas' Legislature who are not that keen on the Hucks pursuit of the presidency. Also, Mr. Huckabee is still touting that he's the "Alternative" candidate to the rest of field. His website: has a tracking poll blurps about his surge into 3rd place in Iowa putting him in play with other top tier candidates Romney and McCain. Apparently even talking head Bill O Reilly has made nice to the Huckster with glowing comments calling him a "Patriot." And so it goes the wide world of the United States of politics.

The Hillary Pile UP: Poor Hillary, she said last weeks debate showing wasn't just her best. Now, she caught up in the New York Drivers License mess with politico Elliot Spitzer. Mrs. Clinton has turned every which way but loose while trying to state her position on the controversial issue and Former President Bill Clinton has waded in the pool to help clear up the matter which hasn't exactly been clarified. I think I heard Hill say today that she felt that Governors shouldn't be made a party to immigration policy but, respected the decisons of 8 states who have decided to offer the licenses and if New York makes this choice she will have to address it when she becomes president. Got that...well, what did she say? We'll try it again later.

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Do you need some fun Bush items for keepsakes ?Then, this nifty little website has as much as you can stand until the national nightmare ends in 2009. Check it out and as usual buyer beware.

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