Wednesday, February 28, 2007

On point and Stayin ahead of the Curve!

I want to start this post with more "thank you's" to all of you who have been extremely positive about our efforts with this forum. Despite it's labor intensiveness, the overall response has encouraged me to continue on my mission to fill a community media void. Due to the diversity of the culture, I cover a spectrum of issues, topics, "hot button," and news from the fringe, to inform, entertain, enlighten and possibly enrage. If you think we've said all we can say, just stay tuned, because our laser is "on point and staying ahead of the curve!"

3MV & Racism: In a past post we were informed at the stymied reception the HIV/AIDS intervention program, Many Men/Many Voices received from the personnel/management of local gay favorite Backstreet, due to the nature of the program and it's materials. We obtained the questionable materials (pictured above) for closer inspection and are simply stumped at the rationale for deeming the handouts or workshops racist. Anyone could actually take the material for information sake for that matter. The packets contain, condoms, wet lube and a well crafted note card outlining a synopsis of the program, highlighted with pictures of a cross-section of men of color. These programs exist to address a "targeted audience" in the AIDS information arsenal, as well as, designed to specifically to explore in depth the concerns around sexuality, self identity, sex practices and homophobia. Unfortuantely, none of those making this judgement call were in attendance at the recent African American HIV Awareness banquet, where all the assorted details were outlined for all to hear. Don't Hate - Educate! Contact Jeremy Martin, 501-663-7166, ext. 105 for participation details.

Capitol Watch: On 2.26.07 the Arkansas House passed a bill ( HB1444) sponsored by Rep. Fred Allen, D-Little Rock, that would require prisons to offer HIV testing to inmates preparing to leave prison. It's estimated that this testing would affect over 5,500 people who leave prison yearly. However, due to objections from ACD attorneys, citing the American with Disabilities Act the bill was stripped of the provision that prisoners who test positive receive treatment before being paroled. The bill has been sent to the Senate with a 95-0 vote. For more info navigate to: Of course I would like to know if they test positive and get no treatment then what..?

Sidetrack Fountainhead: More "attaboys" go out to the management and supporters of the North Shores community hub, Sidetracks, with there relentless calendar of events slated for the community at large. I noticed that the calendar now reflects a nod to a recent topic/issue submitted to The Body Politic, involving whether the capitol city was ready for a gay Chamber of Commerce. Enter, the 2nd Thursday/ Alternative After Hours Network from 5:30p.m. -7:30 p.m. Most likely modeled after local chamber mixers, this new event will allow the business set to gather and gab about what they are all about. Whether reading our postings or dreaming these ideas up themselves, it's apparent that the folks at Sidetracks are gushing fountainheads of creative optimism. We will be there...will you?
check it for yourself at:

Rockin Rodeo: Yes it's that time again, as the Diamond State Rodeo Association gears up for, "Rodeo in the Rock 2007," April 20-22. A year in the planning, the committee has announced the downtown La Quinta Hotel as the host hotel and Sidetracks as the kick-off party site. The rodeo will feature an assortment of activities with package deals for the entire event. Giddy on over to there website for more details:

Crowns-R-Us: The pageant season continues with Miss Discovery, March 11 at Backstreet. This is a preliminary to the Miss Gay Arkansas America to be held later this year. The current title holder is Ambrosia Bordeaux. If you've got what it takes, contact organizers directly at: Good Luck and tell em you heard about it here!!!

Be Our Guest!: This forum was designed as an interactive medium and we are soliciting your opinion op-eds and commentary. Within the next few post, we will feature some guest writers who have a distinct point of view. However, if you want to be a guest blogger, contact us and pitch your idea. Of course, I'm never lost for words, but I know that many of you reading us, believe you can do us one better. So, what you waitin for, let's hear from ya!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Community "This- n - That" overview

I hope everyone survived February's blowout of events and happenings that should everyone taking a well deserved breather. I certainly needed one after trying to either attend or at least mention the many going on's that were taking place. If we didn't give you a shout out, please charge it to our heads and not our hearts. Therefore, I am getting ahead of the infor curve with a community "this -n-that" overview. Without further delay, get ready, get set, go....

Banquet 101: The 1st Annual African American HIV/AIDS Community Awareness Banquet was held, February 24, 2007 at The Little Rock Club. Delightfully hosted by KARK's Kim Betton, the evening was a fundraiser for Arkansas AIDS Foundation's newly established, Commmunity Awareness Planning Committee. According to Dr. Dean Blevins, Board President this project, chaired by AAF's Yolanda West, has been initiated to enhance community HIV/AIDS awareness through a variety of statewide free events. Overall, the evening was a rousing success, despite a few oddities such as why wasn't interm director, Chiquita Munir, listed in the program or introduced, since she's suppose to be running things. But, most notably, the listing of "awareness events" included Capitol Pride, to be held at Alsop(sic) Park on 6.3.2007. Does the Pride committee know this, since they have made a much to do about the event being held in the Pavillion at the Rivermarket?

HIV Tested Parolees: The Arkansas Democrat reported that House bill 1444, sponsored by Rep. Fred Allen, D- Little Rock, requiring HIV testing for immates leaving prison gained approval of a house panel and now moves to the House for consideration. Prison officials estimate about 130 immates have tested positive for HIV. If mandated, the program could cost upwards of $ with overruns covered by state Health Divsion. Seven other states including Utah and Alabama, have required testing.

Gala 101: The Northwest Arkansas GLBT Community Center from it's February board meeting, has announced The Clarion as the site of their annual gala, June 8, 2007. Tymythy Aieran, Vice President stated that the group is seeking donations for there silent auction as well as community imput. Tickets are $30.00. For more info call: 479.422.8402 or 1.888.391.9222 or

Equality Riders: Amanda Harris, Kourt Osborn, Adam Brit and Jeremy Gabbard are off to be apart of the Soulforce Equality Riders from Arkansas, March 1, 2007. The group will be traveling to 32 colleges discussing GLBTQ issues and policies. Our hats are off to these student activist and there efforts to make a difference.

The Split: Plans are underway to upgrade "The Split" Party Room, at Asher and Wright Avenue. This Lesbian haven has been packing them in on weekends from around the state and is poised to offer there clientele better surroundings. Owner, known as "Angie" has produced the weekend parties for the last year as a means to filling a community void. A full range of entertainment, including Drag Kings ( female/male impersonators), local female impersonators and hitting urban music await patrons. This joint is for the 21 and beyond crowd. Beverage service is available. Admission $10.00 Hours: 11 p.m. until it's over. Smoking is allowed.

Party wit a Purpose: Local organizers are brainstorming the idea of a possible urban "spring fling" circut party featuring the latest dance craze of J-setting. In the past, community picnics(remember the Swiss Mocha affairs?) and gatherings have occured with great results. As more info develops we will keep you posted. If you've got imput... share it with us here first!

Help Wanted: Local community groups are desperately seeking volunteers and committed Board members to help with projects. Contact them directly to offer your expertise or services. These organizations require people power and positive revenue streams for there respective missions. If you are a local business, individual or social groups that can help let's hear from you.

CARS ( Center for Artistic Revolution): 501.244.9690 or

Little R0ck Pride Committee:

Got Backtalk, we are ready to hear it here what are you waiting for!

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Envelope Please...

Boys, Girls and all those who haven't decided... ( I stole that line from the film, Kinky Boots), it's Oscar time again in the house. Of course I couldn't pass up this opportunity to weigh in on who's going to walk with the statuette and of course those " I'm so glad to be nominated," loosers. As a movie buff I try to see most of the nominated films, but often just don't get a chance before the award show. I couldn't miss "Dreamgirls," in a super sound atmoshpere because the music and theatrical elements just warranted it. I have seen this production on the stage and wondered how it would translate to the screen. I felt that Bill Condi did a great job of directing, therefore the show worked for me immensely. Just for posterity sake, I've posted a video clip of that other Jenifer, Miss Holiday, who is the "Effie" emeritus as far as I'm concerned. Even though her career has taken other directions, Ms. Holiday's broadway performance is most memorable and one to be reckoned with by any musical standards. Click on the screen above and you be the judge. If I can't catch the flicks at the movies, I often get the DVD, using Netflixs or check them on MOD (movie on demand) services, which are great when you dont want to drag yourself to a theater. In the meantime, get your popcorn, nachos, slushy coke, as I give you my picks for 2007.

Best Picture: Letters From Iwo Jima.

Best Actor: Forest Whitaker, for The Last King of Scotland.

Best Actress: Helen Mirren, for The Queen

Best Supporting Actor: Eddie Murphy, for Dreamgirls

Best Supporting Actress: Jenifer Hudson, for Dreamgirls

Best Director: Martin Scorsese

Need some movie stuff? Props from the motion picture, Dreamgirls, will be auctioned at The proceeds will benefit the VH1, Save the Music program.

Want to see a movie free? Starting in March, you can log on to and get some of the classic horror gems and other favorites.

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Thanks to our partner, YouTube for the posted clip.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cornelius gets Hot, Live and otherwise!!

CorneliusOnpoint continues it mission to keep you informed and entertained with our latest edition of our podcast. Just click on the icon, adjust your speakers and enjoy. As your online destination for news, commentary, music, video and information, The Body Politic will stay on the cutting edge of today's technology advancements and upgrades. Soon we will enhance our brand by simplifying our web moniker by deleting the "blogspot" designation. Resulting in the new URL, We will also add a infotainment Myspace page, e-commerce, further community involvement and more exciting features in 2007. It's our destiny to facilitate a statewide outreach network. Crossing all platforms to Arkansas' savvy GLBTQ tech end users and creators. We thank all of you for your support, critiques and encouragement in our pursuits to "ROCK" your digital world.

The FYI Files: Participants wanted for targeted HIV prevention program, Many Voices, Many Men. Contact program facilitator Jeremy Martin at 663-7166, ext. 105 for additional details.

ADAP Fog : Just a few short years ago there was an ADAP waiting list in Arkansas, which mysteriously and
amazingly evaporated without fanfare or much explanation. Despite being seen as an emergency by clients who threatend to get out the "tin cups" for donations. Now, premiums, copays and "donut hole" questions may be facing some individuals on medication regimes and answers from those in the know might get murky at best. Ahoy maties, all hands on deck.... is that a fog horn we hear?

Crowns-R-Us: Congratulations to Dominique Sanchez crowned, Miss US of A Arkansas, 2007, Ist alternate, Whitney Paige. Kaina Martinez is the new Miss Gay Sweetheart 2207, 1st alternate, Devon Blane.

Calendar Snapshot:

Western Jamboree Weekend with a DSRA cookout on Friday, 2.23.07 at Sidetracks

Props from the motion picture, Dreamgirls,will be available for auction, Friday, 2.23.07 benefiting the VH-1 Save the Music Foundation. To bid go to:

1st Annual African American HIV/ AIDS Community Awareness Banquet, Saturday, 2.24.07 at The Little Rock Club


(links are provided as resources and are not infered as endorsements)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Stuff bustin out all over....a double take!!

My inbox and other resources are talking about the fast, furious, fascinating and the down right foolishness that keeps busting out from every angle. Talk about an exorcist moment of spinning and spewing. Of course, we are determined to keep up with it all as it breaks, unbreaks and simply just breaks open in this age of info overload, 24/7. So, let's get this madness started...

Apology 3.0 As I expected, B-baller, shotcaller, Tim Hardaway has decided that one apology isn't enough and has offered at least 3 ( yes- 3) versions of why he didn't mean what he said in a Miami interview concerning possible gay team mates or anyone else gay for that matter. The mea culpa's could roll out his mouth fast enough when he was: (1.) banned from the All-Star events in Vegas, (2.) picketing of his business interest. and (3.) the thought that his tirade might cause him future endorsements and earnings. Meanwhile, John Amaechi, stated that he didn't accept the apology (none of them) and felt that there was no sincerity in the statements. We couldn't agree more. Sounds like Mr. Hardaway is a prime candidate for Mr. T's, Pity the Fool, reality show.

HERE TV! In case you haven't noticed, gay media outlets are bustin out all over with a host of original programming, specials and online interactivity. The highly acclaimed and international phenom, The DL Chronicles, from the creative team of Quincy Lanear and Deondray Gossett, will join the line up in 2007. This fascinating look into the "sexually duplicitous and secretive lives of African American men on the "low low," is expected to be well received by the HERE TV audience. If you are Central Arkansas Comcast Digital subscriber, you too can get in on the action. For preveiws go to

Rainbow Iraq. Thanks to a savvy reader we were given the update on the alledged killing spree of Gay Iraqi's as apart of a sworn fatwa from leading cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. Despite the recent crack down on violence, it's been reported in an online blog,, that gay's have been tracked by fundamentalist militas and Islamist death squads for crimes against Islam. The website was still posting as of this entry, however, creators are fearful that the site will be shut down and further deaths will go unreported. Many supporters from around the world have posted notices of solidarity and outreach. We salute our many men and women in uniform dealing with this conflict on a daily basis and pray for there safe passage home. American lives lost as of ( 1/19/07): 3,135

Books & Movies-R-Us. Kudos to Literary Pride, a local gay book club on securing author,( Dancer at the Dance) Andrew Hollerman and there participation in the upcoming Literary Festival, April 20-22. Also the newly formed, Cinema Pride, which recently hosted a movie night at Easy Street Lounge ,307 W. 7th street. We encourage your support of these new outlets for your entertainment pleasure and tell them you heard about it here.

Amber Alert update: We were informed by Little Rock's Pride Committee President, Joe La Fountaine, ( in reference to our posting on the whereabouts of the local black gay community) that the "welcome mat" was out to the Black gay community for imput into this year's activites. We'll keep you posted...

Pride Profiles updates: A hearty thanks to Little Rock Pride. com for asking for my participation in the Profiles in Pride spotlight on there site. The column highlights community members and their personal reflections. To view, jump to:

The Hook Up. It is our sincerest effort to offer a cross section of services or links highlighting the diversity of the GLBTQ community. The links below are offered as gateways and do not infere an endorsement. Here are just a few:

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News from the fringe and more...part 2

The drum beat of news from the fringe keeps getting louder with each passing day. My e-mail box is teeming with tidbits of the odd, obsurd and those who haven't learned the lessons of others who have: "opened mouth and inserted foot." If only I could get paid for making this stuff up. Therefore, let the games begin and chips fall where they may....

B-Ball Rant! Well, the apology pile has yet another victim. This time featuring NBA's Tim Hardaway who has spewed his "hate" for gay people on a Miami radio show. Mr. H who went on record as stating that he" didnt' want to be around gay people...I'm homophobic. I don't like it. It shouldn't be in the world or in the United States." Meanwhile a day later Mr. H, recanted and atoned in a statement from his peeps, "As an African American, I know all too well the negative thoughts and feelings hatred and bigotry cause...I am committed to examining my feelings and will reconize, appreciate and respect the difference among people in our society.." In our opinion, Mr. H. was only stating, what he really feels and actually believes, whether in the locker room or not. Thusly his apology rings hollow and contrived in light of his bannishment from the All- Star activites or the picketing outside his business. Mr. H. needs to check his self before he completely fouls out. This attitude is prevelant in the African American community and acknowledges that there is still much work to be done to address homophobia during Black History Month now and in the future.

Racism & HIV. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) new cases of AIDS/HIV are disproportionately affecting the African American community, especially Black women across the south. Therefore government sanctioned programs were devised to directly address this dilemma head on. Enter, JCCSI's, Many Voices- Many Men, funded by the CDC which offers empowering and prevention messages to MSM ( men having sex with men) in the black community targeting individuals who are HIV negative or in a status unknown mode. Considering the ebb and flow of AIDS funding, this area is lucky to have such a program serving central Arkansas. The program outreach efforts have been well received at certain bars until recently being deemed "racist," allegedly by Backstreet personnel (most notably by the Black doorman) and not allowed to distribute it's materials which included condoms. Yet, on the flip side, a similar program, AAF's Positive + Outlook Leaders, which targeted only "White MSM " seemed to come and apparently go without being labled anything other than a HIV prevention platform. We can't confirm if this program distinctly used "bar outreach," but it did openly advertise. Sounds like someone needs to use some of the funds in the coffers to attend some national conferences or check out our links so they can get a clue. The whole situation makes you go, "Hmmm?"

Q & A. Those who read this blog sometimes leave comments, text messages or face me down personally about issues I've raised or the opinions I share. I've decided to begin addressing some of these as they arise. One such reader wanted to take me task for our post "the United States of Understanding", and related post "Canned Liquor" in regards to the cancellation of Shirley Q. Liquor show across the country and our affiliation with a publication that promoted the show.

The then publishers and I had a robust discussion about the magazines promotion of that show and it's impact. Unfortunately, they took the position that it was a business decision and hadn't thouroughly considered it's implications until I raised the issue. In our conversation, I attempted to find a win-win situation, despite the adverstising that had already been agreed upon with the venue and obvious audience support. I didn't demand an apology, but hoped that opening a dialouge, contributing content and further raising some consciousness would be a great beginning to build upon. As of this post, and to our knowledge the venture has ceased publication. Part two of the readers observations analyzing the entire SQL conundrum were very thought provoking and will be an upcoming full length feature.

Yeah, I said it: " I don't know any Black people with HIV/AIDS or any who have died from it.
from Jerry, Backstreet doorman

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

News from the fringe and more...part 1

After the start of this project, I was torn as to it's impact or service to the GLBT community or anyone else for that matter. I started out only with a monthly post or bi-monthly in attempt to get a feel for not only the technology but if I could raise an audience. However, I'm happy to report that it seems that you are out there and frequently reading our postings. I want to thank all those who have approached me with both positive and negative comments. I appreciate your candor and suprising insights, as well as, encourage each of you to share our musings with others either through links or virally. It is our mission to educate, inform and entertain...because we are the online destination for Arkansas GLBT community and beyond!

Today is February 13, the 44th day of 2007 and 13th day of celebrating Black History Month.

Community Amber Alert! Have you seen Little Rock's Black gay community lately? Beacuse we haven't. Therefore an Amber Alert has been issued in search of this unseen and basically unheard from group. In our recent research we have discovered pockets of individuals hangin at the Backstreet complex on some Friday nights, others have sequestered themselves at the nebulous club, The Split,( Asher/ Wright Avenue) that has many of us scratching our heads at what's really goin on in there. Our inside sources have told us that it's a mixed crowd that get's the party rolling around 1 a.m. until the wee hours. The last time I frequent this haunt I was intrigued with it's operations, namely that it was a rented "party space?" and appeal to a wide variety of folks. Just for the record, yes that included white folks, especially those of you inquiring to me personally about whether it would be O.K. to put your face in the place. However, it seems that the "DL" ( down-low) crowd has taken there interest to "straight" clubs such as La Changes, Elevations, DEEP and other hot spots in search of acceptance or reclusiveness. We couldn't get a straight answer from many of these devotees as to why they had opted out of gay nightlife. However, one individual stated that " those bars make me feel uncomfortable and unwelcomed. If you go out, they wan't to charge you again to enter or search you as if you were a criminal!" Meanwhile, we've notice that the welcome mat is out at Sidetracks, The Factory, and UBU, but with few takers. What gives? If you know, could you clue a brother in on the 411.

Rainbow Rappin. Congrats and props go out to rap artist, Jessie O. ( pictured above) on the release of his debut album, Exposed. A songwriter who has penned for Clay Akins ( yes, her) and worked on other projects has created a sensation in music circles with his catchy melodies as featured on his single, "I think I'm fallin in Love." According to J.O. as a same loving gender person he had some concerns about how this would affect his career however, he has decided that it would not deter him from his goals. I liked the cut and found it to have a infectious hook and cute lyrics. If you want a sample go to:

Canned Liquor. Thank God venue owners in Los Angeles, Hartford and New Orleans came to there senses and cancelled the insipid and offensive, Shirly Q. Liquor show performed by Charles Knipp. All the venues expressed a concern for community unity and the insensitivity that such a show promotes. Unfortunately, this same show played to a welcoming crowd in Hot Springs and had YouTube clips posted. As producer of this forum we addressed our distaste in a previous post( The United States of Understanding) and in letters to the Editor in Hot Springs. Our attempts to raise local consciousness as to the nature of this show was met with resounding silence.

It's My Turn!! Dina Matos McGreevey estranged wife of former NJ Gov, James McGreevey is going to tell all in her new memoir, called " Silent Partner," due out in May 2007. Matos McGreevey has stated," I'm sick of media conjecture, now here's my side of the story, and ditto on that intimate details business!" Emphasizing the speculations from onlookers about the nature of their sexual realtionship in relation to his national coming out as a Gay American. On the flip side, I can't wait for Gayle Haggard's book detailing her attitudes about her Meth-using, sex-buying, Rehabed evangelical husband, Ted Haggard or Char Barnes, wife of another DL Colorado pastor who admitted to having gay sex in the rockies. Talk about six degrees of christian seperation. Go Figure!
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In Northwest Arkansas, need information contact the NWGLTBCC hotline: 1.888.391.922

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Fast and Furious in Cyberland...

Holy Nano seconds is our rallying cry for this posting. The information highway is not only crowded but the lane changing is at neck breaking speed when trying to keep our readers updated on the latest news and happenings of interest to the community overall and at large. However, it is not only our goal, but our mission to keep the flow of information current, clear and concise. As usual we encourage citizen reporters statewide to share there scoops, announcements or information with us because we are the online destination for the GLBT community and beyond!

Let's hear it for the Boys! What's all the fuss about David Beckham and his multi-million dollar pay day when you can get more for less with the new DVD, Making the Dieux du Stade 2007 calander featuring french rugby stars such as, Sean Lamont (pictured left) that would make a great "V" Day gift. The sizziling Dieux Du Stade photo's were created by Mariano Vivanco, widely acclaimed for his photography using various Paris locales. Inside you will find a battery of beefy manliness displaying the days of the month so you won't forget your next appointment. Unfortuately the calender is already sold out, but the companion DVD will amply satify your viewing pleasure. Meanwhile, Provocateur, celebrates the African American physique with beautifully composed photos that exude not only senuality but raised the Black form to a crescendo. At post time it is still available for purchase. Check out to get your copies. Due to the amazing catalog of products and videos, we are considering an affiliate partnership with TLAvideo in the future. Please watch the site for more information and the hook up.

OH Anna Nicole! The tragedy of the late Anna Nicole Smith is almost too much for me to wrap my mind around. Her vortex rise to fame, fortune and flame out is apart of our incessant appetite and obessession of celebrity culture. It's become the black lagoon beast of our lives, facilitated by the 24 hour news feed, shock jocks, tabloid craze and the hum of the internet continuing to feed American voyeurism. Each day all of us are inudiated with gory facts, twadry details, insipid gossip and titalating tidbits that keeps a full trough for anyone and everyone's consumption. Just like a lot of America, I was intrigued by her reality show and often sat gleefully, as she displayed her vulnerability and often out of bounds life weekly. With each episode I would say, "no more Anna", but when the catchy theme song played, I was again gazing into the tormented life of a women who seemed to be looking for love in all the wrong places. She had become victim to a roving side show where the spotlight never went out. However, I've decided that I'm going to limit myself to the trash and concentrate on finding more quality outlets. Upon hearing in living color about Ms. Smith death, I paused to think that this human being who starred as the "lady with the lampshade on her head" has died, leaving a infant, greiving family and personal affairs to be battled over for some time to come. Unfortuantely all we can do is stay tuned....

Pussy Galore!!!. U-B-U rocked the house with the Mob Kings in conjunction with the Faces of Pride Award show, 2.9.07. The troup with it's all female cast features some of the best male impersonators I've seen in the city. The opening number was an interpretation of the Cell Block Tango from the stage version of Chicago. I really liked, "Brandy" who had me second guessing if I was the "only real Black male" in the house. Her expression of the Phil Collin's hit movie theme from, Against All Odds
was impressive. As for the award show, those involved get an "A" for effort. However, due to the fun and rowdy club atmosphere, the venue was not exactly conducive to handing out awards. The group of gals that me and my partner sat with didnt' seem overly interested in the awards, especially when we couldn't see the proceedings due to the standing crowd and that most of those being reconized failed to show up to recieve them, including newly elected State Legislator, Kathy Webb. I suggest an overall assessment will be necessary in order to take this idea to the next level.

Next Post: Gay Rapper, Jessie O gets exposed! SQL gets canned and a cash giveaway!

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Stuff bustin out all over....and more! part 2

Talk about "bustin out," in 2007. We asked for citizen journalist to weigh in on what's going on locally, statewide, nationwide, as well as internationally and the inbox is filling up with your info. Many thanks for your contributions and keep them coming. As we have previously stated, this site covers the GLBTQ community and beyond, with a focus on current information, profiles, showcases and educating. The Body Politic is dedicated to offering a well rounded view of a diverse body of people and the subjects that impact them. Fasten your seat belts and gird your loins, because we are coming at you fast and furious with more of what you've been looking for! We may have to go on a daily post just to keep up!

We are family in Black History Month! John Amaechi, (pictured above) former NBA player with the Orlando Magic and Utah Jazz, will discuss his upcoming book, Man in the Middle, on ESPN's Outside the Line, recalling his career experiences in the league as a gay athlete. Mr. Amaechi has been beset with rumors and speculations about his sexuality throughout his tenure with the league despite his performance. Various other blogsite have had extremely nasty and homophobic comments posted by readers and pundits. Even though there are other athletes who have come out with their struggles, I was saddened at the verve of hate directed at this individual who has also been a philanthropist, positive role model and certainly not hard on the eyes. According to the book jacket, it was "ghost written" by Anonymous and It's available at

Congrats to "Soul" Super Bowl winner Mr. Tony Dungy, head coach for the Indianapolis Colts,as the first African American coach to capture the title. His overall committment to determination and affirmation of his faith as a foundation is credited for his success.

Pink Spectrum-MIA...The local tabloid, Pink Spectrum, seems to be MIA,(mising in action) from circulation. The publication was hearlded with much anticipation from it's publisher's Shon DeArmon and James Porter in March 2006 as a "alternative nightlife magazine" with a primary objective to "unify and celebrate in diversity...growth... and positive change in the pursuit of peace." Howvever, we are unaware of any new issues produced in 2007 and calls to the offices have gone unreturned or unanswered. We'll keep you posted if there is a response to our inquires.

Party over Here!!!...Talk about activity, the north shore's Sidetracks is a buzz with a head spining calendar of events and foot-stompin good times in February. (We hear that the Super Bowl party was off the hook!) Entrepreneur's Jim and Phillip have put up the good fight to fullfill the much needed "Welcome Home," atmosphere in the community, mostly without cover charges! If you are looking for it, most likely they've got it planned. Ranging from Wednesday's Progressive Happy Hour, Holiday parties, new Monday Latin/Salsa night and let's not forget the food. Yes, food and more food including a Friday midnight breakfast and 1st Sunday Potluck. Why cook, when you can indulge on free buffets, drink specials and good company from "John" Mr. DSRA , who makes everyone feel sexy! Check it out: 415 Main Street, North Little Rock 501.244.0444 and tell em you heard it here first.

HIV/ AIDS Intervention: Jeremy Martin, program facilitator of Many Voices- Many Men, a HIV-AIDS prevention project funded by the CDC and hosted by JCCSI is seeking participants throughout the greater Central Arkansas area. The program target's the African American MSM (men having sex with men) community in an effort to further educate in an non-judgemental setting complete with the offer of free HIV testing. Each participant should either have a negative or unknown status. AIDS has reached epidemic porportions in the Black community, with Black women being overtly affected. After completing the sessions, gift certificates are awarded. For more information contact 501.663.7166, ext. 105

Under the Crown...And the winnner is, Sasha Harris, Miss Gay Little Rock 2007, with Alexis D. Wolfchase as 1st alternative from a field of five contestants. The pageant held February 4 at Backstreet was also the coronation of Miss Gay Arkansas America 2006, Raven St. James, former 1st Alternative to Taylor Monroe whom abdicated the title last month. Congratulations all around!!

Fast Fact: Arkansas' legislature on 2.7.07 again failed to pass the Equal Rights Amendment with a vote of 10 to 10. Only 35 states have ratified the measure causing it not to be amended to the constitution.

Next Post: Dirty Girl on Tour/Lisa Lampanelli, AAF Update and Call to Action from CAR

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

And the Beat goes on and on and on...

Producing this site and validating the material to be featured is not only daunting but has it's daily challenges. Especially as I consume a dizzying array of press releases, suggested topics from readers, observations and a host of publications from coast to coast. Creating this forum as my personal pulpit hasn't been designed to sit in judgement but rather reconize when there's an "800 pound gorilla in the room," when it's unapparent to others, present progressive solutions and offer the voice of those who feel powerless. Furthermore, embarking on this endeavor in an attempt to service the complex GLBT community took hutspa, a certain amount of moxy and insight. September 19, 2007 will mark our fourth year of growth, not to mention perseverance with tech changes. All while I pondered how to develop an audience in a sector of the Arkansas populous that had not been tapped or considered viable. Therefore, I affirm the pillars of our mission statement: to inform, educate and entertain. It all comes down to the old adage, "no glory."

In celebration of Black History Month and our efforts to keep it fresh, we will feature links to Jengo TV, a new BGLBT media portal featuring the interview show, Inside Blast and other lifestyle channels. For a sneak preview click to:

Noah's Arc grounded: The ground breaking and original Logo series, "Noah Arc," has been cancelled according to network executives. The show conceieved by I. P. Polk, was the first commerical product that openly demonstrated the diversity within the Gay black community, the complex, yet multi-dimensional aspects of Black men and issues that are often not discussed. The assemble cast( as pictured above) was headed by Daryl Stephens as Noah, a coming of age screenwriter living and loving in L.A. with a close knit support system of family. Plans are underway to complete a feature film in 2008. If you missed this series (and you should not) either buy the DVD box set at or through Netflix's.

Check your local schedules for events for National Black HIV/ AIDS Awareness Day, February 7, 2007.

Discussion in the House: The question of forming a local GLBT chamber of commerce is still on the table for discussion. We are encouraging your comments both positive and negative. This issue resulted from the concern that local GLBT businesses are not easily identified or accessable, especially for newcomers to the city or approachable for sponsorships. In major areas, there are a host of magazines and newspapers with resource listings plus signature pockets of commerce such as Houston's Montrose, OKC Northwest, Cedar Springs in Dallas or West Hollywood. I am sure that each of these areas have vital issues that are widely debated and contested. Therefore it's imperative that at least an open forum be pursued about organzing such a group with so many pro's and con's.

Two Snaps and a Circle: In reference to a 1/31/07 post concerning The Factory, we received this text message (2/1/07 )reprinted as sent from management:

"I would like to offer to you my sincerest regrets that my having to rush out the door due to a death in my immediate family purturbed you enough to slam us on your blog site. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have cause you. Btw, the bar was closed less than an hour before a replacement arrived."

First, our condolences and prayers in your time of bereavement. We are not so shortsighted that we lack understanding of life's untimely emergencies. The mention of this incident wasn't our attempt to "slam" anyone but was in response to other guest who were perplexed at the situation and "hoped all was well". It's suprising that this post gave rise to a speedy response when there have been no "thank you's," texted or otherwise for all the positive ink given to promoting The Factory or area businesses unilaterally. Finally, characterizing patronage as "perturbed" or "inconvenienced" is counterproductive, but sage advice is priceless.

Congratulations to Mark "Spanky" Wetzel for being choosen, GLBT Person of the Year. Mr. Wetzel will be honored as apart of the FACES of Pride show at UBU, 824 W. Capitol,(501) 375-8580. Sponsored by Little Rock Pride Committee. Suggested donation of $5.00 will be accepted at the door.