Friday, September 28, 2007

And the Beat goes on 24/7! part 3

The political smackdown of 08 should be swinging into a full tilt and we will right in the mix bringing you all the breaking news, postion papers, links, and announcements concerning the LGBTQI and beyond. Per our mission statement, this forum will highlight political activity locally, statewide, nationwide and globally.

Jena 6 Bell Released

It's time for contemplation and a nation of one law.." said Rev. Al Sharpton upon the release of Mychal Bell of the Jena 6 in Jena, Louisiana. The court action sparked an outcry across the nation culiminating in a massive march in the city, 9.20.07 Many have cited the civil unrest as a means to re-energize the civil rights movement emcompassing a broad base of participants. Locally, there were prayer vigils with participants going to Jena for the march. Our prayers go out to the entire Jena 6 family. It's our belief that justice will prevail.

National Stonewall Democrats Name leader and Reactions

Today, the National Stonewall Democrats Board of Directors named Jon Hoadley(pictured) as the organization’s new Executive Director. Hoadley officially accepted the offer this morning. He will begin his tenure on October 1.
Jon Hoadley comes to National Stonewall Democrats from Gill Action, an issue advocacy organization working to secure equal rights regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression. At Gill Action Jon focused on legislative and political programs at the state and local level.
"Jon Hoadley's established credibility and results-driven passion are a motivating and complementary fit for the work of the members of National Stonewall Democrats," said National Stonewall Democrats Board Co-Chair Laurie McBride. "Our search process returned highly qualified candidates and among them Jon’s talent, passion and experience uniquely qualified him to lead our organization as we continue our growth. We are extremely enthusiastic about this choice."
"At the intersection of LGBT and Democratic politics, National Stonewall Democrats is an organization exceptionally positioned to change the political landscape and fight for equality," said Hoadley. "As we return to our focus of grassroots growth and results, our members have already begun to move our party into greater inclusion, accountability, progressive policies and winning strategies. That is why I am excited to deepen my personal partnership with Stonewall Democrats."
Before joining Gill Action, Jon Hoadley served as Executive Director of South Dakotans Against Discrimination (SDAD). Hoadley built a broad network of advocates who implemented one of the most accomplished ballot campaigns on LGBT issues in American history. Working with both Democrats and Republicans, Hoadley created a statewide infrastructure that stunned the nation by winning 48.18% of the vote on a marriage initiative in one of the most conservative states in the country. Following the 2006 election, Hoadley helped South Dakotans turn the infrastructure they built during the ballot campaign into a lasting statewide LGBT organization - Equality South Dakota.
"Jon Hoadley intuitively understands how our membership uses momentum on the local level to create change on the national stage," added National Stonewall Democrats Board Co-Chair Stephen Driscoll. "He has worked within our movement on the ground and he is ready to utilize his abilities to strengthen the impact of our chapters and members throughout the country."

Open Mouth, Enter Foot: What will talking head Bill O'Reilly say next? You never know. His mis-speak, out of context message, media slaying or whatever he's calling it now has me wondering many things. He stated in his radio show that he was pleasantly surprised at how patrons of famed NYC restaurant Sylvia's were behaving when he and the Rev. Al (Sharpton) had a bit to eat there recently. Here's his restaurant review:

"I had a great time, and all the people up there are tremendously respectful.
I couldn’t get over the fact that there was no difference between Sylvia’s restaurant and any other restaurant in New York City. I mean, it was exactly the same, even though it’s run by blacks, primarily black patronship.
There wasn’t one person in Sylvia’s who was screaming, “M-Fer, I want more iced tea.” You know, I mean, everybody was — it was like going into an Italian restaurant in an all-white suburb in the sense of people were sitting there, and they were ordering and having fun. And there wasn’t any kind of craziness at all."

He observed that no one was using "MF this or MF that" or needing more "Ice tea," sweet ice tea of course, is just amazing from this author and daily communicator. Also, the fact that they were ordering food and having fun, as he muses is just jaw dropping. But obviously vintage O'Reilly rhetoric. His catalouge of mis-statements are mind warping from his "black folks are starting to think for themselves," to his notice that Blacks dressed well for his night out at a recent Anita Baker concert. Was this Mr. O's first outing to a black owned eatery where the clientele is civilized by using knifes, forks and napkins. Is he for real? However, it's been his spin on the matter that has me really pondering his objective or motovation for these quasi bombastic observations. Mr. O, this seems like a case of "Open Mouth and Enter Foot." Stop tryin to explain it, enough already. I've never met Bill O. and I'm not sure if I want too. But I've found lots of hate for him all over the net including this T-shirt from Sweet, Jesus I Hate Bill O'Reilly International. I'm not endorsing it, but draw your own conclusions, if you dare.

GOP Fallout: Well they did again...a No-show from those top tier GOP candidates who decided that they had better things to do than participate in a forum on people of color issues. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, said that he was embarassed, Sen. Brownback, apologized for this snubbery and everyone tried to save face with those Black Republicans who were most likely miffed at the whole situation.
Except Alan Keyes, who said that there absence shouldn't be considered as a negative message to the Black community. I'm not so sure about that Mr. Keyes

Coming soon..a new podcast(Finally!) and so much more from your online destination for news, links, opinion and updates.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Can We talk!...A Thursday Throwdown

Gosh, is it Fall already? Yesiree it is and I'm entering into a fall fling attitude that will keep this page humming right into those holiday carols. This week has been a dash to get ahead of the curve as well as staying on point. I hope that you've been enjoying our fast pace coverage and our continuing upgrades with more to come. Ladies and Gentlemen and all those who haven't decided let's start the Thursday throwdown...

Future Builders, AIDS Awareness & You

The issues of AIDS in the black community has faced ongoing barriers such as internalized homophobia and a host of outreach challenges that have assisted in propelling this health crisis on all levels. I have posted a variety of articles, links and related stories addressing elements that will be impacting our future generations. Therefore, I wanted to highlight Future Builders Inc. another local organization that is on the forefront of the battle of not only AIDS but many of the societal ills that are gripping people of color in Arkansas. Through a Partnership with Arkansas Department of Health, this organizations campagin, "It's Your Choice..." has counseled and tested over 1200 women in Pulaski and Jefferson counties, meanwhile offering similar services to 484 men (MSM) in Union, Miller and Little River counties respectively since 2002.

According to their website, the group has been supported by a numerous notable funding sources, including the Withrop Rockefeller Foundation, U.S. Department of Health, Daisy Bates Foundation and U.S.Department of Justice. Pennies for HIV campaign is a ongoing yearly fundraiser that enlist community citizens, schools, clergy, and colleges to donate their "spare change," to offset prevention and education programs. I know for a fact that many of you have those drawers that are filled with Lincolns that you are not using. So, as a fall project, clean out all your junk drawers and donate all that loose change to Future Builders or the charity of your choice. I'm gonna check my household for that spare change also. If you are not aware of this organization or it's servces I would like to suggest that you get more info directly at 501.897.5566 or the website:

GOP Top Tier MIA: It seems that the GOP "top tier"candidates are missing in action at tonights Morgan State debate hosted by Tavis Smiley. The campaigns of McCain, Thompson, Giuliani, Romney and maybe Tancredo, all have scheduling conflicts and won't be participating in the PBS televised event. Scheduling Conflicts? What's that all about? Obviously, this isn't the first forum that these candidates have "passed" on. Included in the "No, Thank You," are National Urban League, Univision, NAACP, National Latino Elected Officials and especially, no LOGO gay stuff to boot. Where's the "Big Tent," rhetoric of past or has the party opted for exclusivity instead of inclusivity? However, Mike Huckabee get's a "A" for his attendance fresh from his Vertical Day on his website. I don't know, but if these guys don't watch out the Huckster just might be a spoiler afterall. Tune in for the fun tonight, 8 p.m. CST. on PBS.
Now Showing: The Quapaw Quarter United Methodist Church's "Faith in Film Series," presents Almost Normal, 9.28.07, 7-9 p.m. The film directed by Marc Moody depicts an "unhappy man" who is transported to an alternate reality. For the record the blurp about an "unhappy man" stuff, came directly from their website calendar. Let me "keep it real" for you my readers by telling you that this story is about a man approaching a mid-life crisis who has issues with being gay and seeks to be "normal." But after being teleported to the past he meets someone and finds out that the worlds... If you want to know what happens you'll have to check it out. Free Sodas and Popcorn will be served in the sanctuary. Talk about a cheap date. If you need to know more hop on on over to:
FLASH: Our entertainment sister site on featuring more blogging and streaming music has been updated. Stay locked in, we've got more to come....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Midweek Spin down....

TV Iran: Who needs Al Jazeera when the American Media clamored, clawed and cajoled to get interviews with Mahmoud Ahamadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The "smiling" leader of Iran has inferiorated New Yorkers with his speech at Columbia University and his desire to visit the 9/11 site. I too became intrigued with this diminutive character that has commanded so much air time from one on one's with one of my favorite's, Charlie Rose, wall to wall network coverage to the proverbial CNN face off with another of my favs, Christiane Armanpour. Everyone seems to want a moment with this alleged point man for state supported terrorism. As I've listened to Mr. A. on numerous programs and it's apparent that he's entrenched in his various beliefs no matter how challenging in regards to the 9/11 tragedy, his outrageous no Holocaust viewpoint or his inflamatory zeal for nixing Israel from the map. During his media blitz he's continued with his stance that there are no gays in Iran nor are any being persecuted to his knowlegde. I was further taken aback when he even ask reporters to give him some addresses so he could find these people. Is he serious? The plight of gays in islamic countries has been widely reported including this forum. It's no secret that most individuals convicted usually end with either severe prison time or death sentences. Futhermore, he's unmoved by the unrest or protest, but feels that he does deserve some respect and courtesy as a head of state. It also very apparent that Ahamadinejad has mastered the art of double speak and often answers questions with a question. During his interviews he makes numerous observations about conditions in the Middle East and all nations involved, namely the U.S. Although much of his rhetoric is complex, the Iranian President presents some thought provoking scenarios and engaging premises that I would like to know more about. I believe that it's important to listen to these extremist views, so that at least you think you know where they're coming from.

AAF Announces fall Benefit Season

The Arkansas AIDS Foundation has announced it's schedule for upcoming benefits for fall 2008. According to Brian Cook, Development Coordinator, the events will conclude the organizations 2007 fundraising efforts. They are as follows:

October, 4 2007 - Wine Dinner - Easy Street -
October 25, 2007 - MasqueRed - DSRA Clubhouse - 9pm
October 27, 2007 - Boo Bash - SideTracks -
November 11, 2007 - Thanksgiving Show -BackStreet - 10pm
December 1, 2007 - Santas Bachelor Auction - SideTracks -10pm
December 2, 2007 - Babes in Toyland - DSRA Clubhouse - 9pm

For more information go to there website:

Benefits A-GO-G0: Previously we posted info about the Boo Bash without mentioning that the proceeds will be split between AAF and Little Rock Capitol Pride committee coffers. This change was put into effect by J.D., Sidetracks' special events coordinator,which has assumed the helm in putting together the event. " I want this event to bigger and better," he said. "I have plans to ask area businesses for prizes and other donations. I believe that it will be a fun evening for all." As the benefit season begins, I am still pondering a few questions about these fundraising activites and believe me, I'm not alone. I've noted that HWPA has announced through this forum the amounts raised, criterias, and the designation of the proceeds. However, other organizations have'nt been so forthcoming. Question 1: Where is the fundraising fiscal reporting? 2. Is there an assessment of how effective these fundraisers are for the organizations? 3. What about Quality vs. Quantity? O.K. go ahead and say it, "well what are you doing Mr. Corneliusonpoint instead of asking questions from the cyberspace? Answer: just what is needed, Keeping it Real.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Still Bustin a Little Rock Move...

Yes, we're still bustin a move in whirlwind fashion with all the going's on and stuff that's happening during the 50th Commemeration of Central High. Even though this globe coming is taking center stage, we have'nt forgotten that the rest of the world is still turning at a maddening pace. Some days I think I'm in a revolving motion myself. In case you have not attended any of the events, you've missed some treats. I give a large high-five to organizers who have put together an extensive array of discussions and exhibits. I enjoyed,"Taking Possession," a contemporary art collection from African Americans at UALR. Many of the peices were powerfully stirring and most provocative. Especially a print featuring the ubiquitous Absolute vodka bottle envisioned as the belly of a slave ship, entitled "Absolute Power." Gallery showing continues throughout the commemeration in the UALR Fine Arts building.

Iran TV: As Little Rocks rocks the town with both Civil and Human Rights discussion, enter Mahmoud Ahmandinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with his brand of lighting discourse and undeterred bravado that has all kinds folks in litterally fits. However, his ascertain pronouncement to his Columbia University crowd that," In Iran, we don't have homoxsexuals, like in your country," has tounges wagging from coast to coast. I was even astonished to hear conservative Pat Buchannan weigh in that this just couldn't be further from the truth. I'm not exactly sure to what context Mr. A. was framing the question, since he's mastered the art of "spin" to a mind boggling degree. Did he mean that there were no gays at all or not like the one's in the U.S.? Wow! I'm taking in all his appearances, interviews and all things Mahmoud, and will share more views on the Wednesday spin down.

Benefits-R- Us: There will be a AAF (Arkansas AIDS Foundation) benefit at the Diamond State Rodeo Association Clubhouse,Thursday, October 25, at 9:00 p.m. The evening will feature Cherity and friends in "MasqueRed." A evening of impersonation and artistry. For more info check, or Of course, keep it locked here for the most up to date news and info.

Pink Spectrum Rising: Do you remember the Pink Spectrum alternative magazine? Well, I spoke with publisher, James, who stated that they still had plans for the tabloid to make a comeback. He said" that every where I go, people are still asking about it. We've had some equipment donated and are still looking into it." To my knowledge the publication ceased operations in December 06.

Shirts off your back: Do you want to stand out in a crowd with a snazzy T-shirt? You can with a new Little Rock based venture called, Shirts For Every Bear. From the creative minds of John T. and Shelton A. come quick witted designs and just like you like it.... nothing politically correct. You can view as well as purchase these designs on their e-commerce enabled website. They take all the majors and my favorite web cash, PayPal. I've floated the idea of having JT create a signature design for our site and we may be looking for a model(s) as cover art as our new marketing takes shape. Could it be you! Get a shirt at,: Don't forget to tell them that we sent ya.

Getting Webby, Too: Congrats go out to Eureka Springs' Diversity organization on the upgrade of there website. The site offer a calendar of events and a bounty of news from the Ozark area. Coming in November (11-2 thru 11-4) will be another Diversity Weekend filled with fun, frolock and family. Check em out and tell em you heard about it here... then click to:

Boo Bash II: The Queen's Christmas aka Halloween will get the "Boo" treatment at Sidetracks, Satruday, October 27 and the 3rd Anastasia Ball on Wednesday October 31. The Boo Bash is a fundraiser for Little Rock Capitol Pride with proceeds used as operating funds for Capitol Pride. Joe LaFountaine has been re-elected President. Contact him at

From the Yeah I said it file...: Hillary Clinton on rumors of her being a lesbian.

“People say a lot of things about me, so I really don’t pay any attention to it,” Clinton replied. “It’s not true, but it is something that I have no control over. People will say what they want to say.”

Monday, September 24, 2007

CorneliusOnpoint...Bustin a Move

Whew, what a weekend and it ain't over yet. The city has been awash in Central High commemerative this and that, therefore I headed to the streeets to see how much I could get in. I started the week or should I say mid-week with reconizing the "Jena 6" debacle that has my mind teeming with questions concerning this nation's ongoing and problematic approach to the racial climate on so many levels. I find it so fascinating that as we reflect on the civil rights era, juxtaposed to the conditions on the ground now, the issues of classism, racism, profiling and gentrification are looming large in the mix. In a recent poll on this site, diversity issues was cited as a benchmark within the local GLBTQI community that hasn't been adequately addressed. It's no secret that this " 800 pound gorilla in the room," has resulted in board divisions, personal attacks, and many folks with rose colored blinders on who "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil." Day 1: As I meandered around World Fest 2007, I saw an interesting gathering of individuals who were enjoying a beautiful day for a festival as pictured in our montage above. As a FYI, if you move your cursor over a picture you will see info caption. Booths, informational tables, performances and food were in abundance throughout this two day event. There were a fews things that caught my eye, such as the food vendor (Kitchen Express) which had a sign that advertised Greek food but when I reviewed the menu, I didn't find not one greek item. It was a don't ask moment and I pressed on. Also, I'd hoped to see some rainbow representation, but I realize that resources and people power is at a premium with area groups. Mac Arthur Park is great backdrop for this type of event. I enjoyed a sunny Saturday, people watching and being thankful. Day 2, Sunday was my date with viewing the Emancipation Proclamation Document at the Clinton Presidential Library. I had pre-purchased my ticket to avoid any line hassle, only to forget that my recent implants would cause me a second look from security. I "pinged" and for the first time I had to whip out my new Bionic ID cards to be admitted. Many of you don't know that I'm a history buff at heart. I love artifacts, displays, exhibits and all things from the past, the good, bad and the ugly. Therefore, I thought that a one-two punch for the money was a good value and I wasn't wrong. Even though I lived through the Clinton era, I hadn't been to the complex but found it extremely entertaining and filled with tidbits that I had either had forgotten of didn't realize. For instance, Hillary's Spoke Word Grammy Award for her It takes a Village book, the coast to coast campaign button display, and the volumes upon volumes of documents displayed in decorative towers. Ending up at the Oval Office re-creation which included a replica of the "Resolute" desk, crafted from the Artic Bound USS Resolute and a gift from Queen Victoria. Who Knew? I moved on to the proclamation which was the centerpiece of The Long Struggle exhibit running through May 2008. I felt privileged to see this historical document that's only viewed for 48 hours a year. Standing shoulder to shoulder with a diverse crowd of viewers, it was somber, sobering and a moment that I won't forget as history came alive before my eyes. There it was, the handwritten signature of President Abraham Lincoln setting a freedom movement into motion for my ancesters meanwhile, holding the Union together. Unfortunately, I can't even begin in this forum to delve into the idiosyncrasy and point-counter point about it's significance in U.S. history. It's ripple affect from 1863 to now, in the shadow of the 5oth anniversary, is simply too much to capsulize here. If you missed it,then at least take in the featured peice, The Long Struggle, which chronicles why diversity must be apart of the discussion across the board. In closing, all I know is that I wan't going to miss this opportunity within my lifetime and boy, I'm glad I didn't.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tempest, Tounges, Tabernacles and Me too!!

Thank God it's friday! And our anniversary celebration continues in a free fall with more observations, news, commentary and just plain ole stuff from the GLBTQI community and beyond. It's all about keeping it real, up in here...Let's go get em!!!

Back on the Bus: Dateline: 9.20.07, Jena Louisiana, USA. The town is shutdown, but there's a rally happening in the town center concerning a miscarriage of justice. Just like the rest of the country, I paused to watch a groundswell of Americans "re-checking" the justice system and it's serious impact within the African American community. This entire scenario surrounding the "Jena 6" is wrought with incidents, as well as decisions that makes me wonder about human nature in the racial mix. There are so many questions: School fights, So-call pranks, absurd sentencing, no bail, extended jail time and all-white jurors? Can we continue to afford, "No justice - No peace," in the 21st Century. I think not.

Circling the Waggons: Earlier this week I posted a mention about the family dust up involving the cast of characters who are developing an offensive campaign to the Family Councils, impending Adoption measure. As I understand, some interorganizational decisions such as voting weights, at-large membership and overall approaches have been handed down,"Ceasar style." Compounding the situation is the proclamation that certain "matters were closed to further discussion." I've assessed that CAR members, Randi R and E. Reece have issues with the management style of Rep. Kathy Webb (pictured). Apparently she seems to feel that the Gods have enriched her with knowing not only what's best for the as yet un-named coalition, but also who should be included in the upcoming "Blue Ribbon" panel and what the "face" of the campaign should consist of? Wow, now those are some full scrolls, if I should say so my self. Of course there are those who will say, why would I air internal differences? Well it's called a process of transparency. You and I should want to know how these campaigns are derived, the mindset of those initiating them and the messages presented on behalf of the GLBTQI community and beyond. I'm sure there's more to come...stay tuned.

Theyr'e Back: Jerry Cox, president of The Family Council has submitted a second draft of their proposed ballot measure on family adoptions. This time around they've omitted the words "ideal" and "findings" in relation to families per the objections of AG McDaniel. Cox has stated that once the initiated act has been signed off on by the AG, the sooner they will start collecting the 61,000 plus signatures needed to get it on the 08 ballot. For clarity sake, this proposal would'nt be a constitutional amendment but would be written into state law(1.1.09), if passed. However, an initiated act can be changed by the Legislature, with a two-thirds majority of each chamber.

Tavis & Huck at Morgan: I've got to give Mike Huckabee a nod for his decision to participate in the Republican Debate hosted by Morgan State University and moderated by Tavis Smiley (pictured right). Huckabee was quoted as saying that it's crucial the GOP reach out to blacks. "If Republicans don't win minority votes and votes that we traditionally dont' get, Hillary Clinton's the next president."Also, Huckabee will be the only republican candidate in town for the Central High 50th commemeration. Meanwhile, Smiley will broadcast his radio show live from the Clinton Complex 9.25.07. President Bill Clinton, The "9" and commuity advocates will be among the featured guest. Get them fast because tickets will be required for admittance to the broadcast. More info on Tavis's schedule can be found at or KUAR's website.

Conspiracy -U-say: It was bound to happen. The conspiracy theories are seeping out about the recent closing of The Factory and boy are there are some doosey's being bounced around. I'm sorting through them all and will be sharing my take on these on our entertainment sister site,, Monday, 9.24.07 If you are interested, and I know you will be, navigate your way next week to

Coming Monday on CorneliusOnPoint: My visit to the Clinton Center to witness the Emancipation Proclamation document. Join us through our RSS/Atom feed or just bookmark the site for your quick link to Arkansas online destination for news, comentary, video,podcasting and more!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Anniversary Issue

Well here it is, our 4th Anniversary and we are still in the game after 155 postings since September 2003. I've estimated that it's about at least 50,000 words ago that I began using a new medium call a "blog." I had read much about there evolution and how they were being used in cyberspace. However, I never thought that I would have the patience or desire to produce a post on a regualr basis. But, I perserverd, pursued a learning curve and kept puttering along. It's been a great run thus far. I appreciate all those who have shared their opinions, thoughts, criticism and observations both in person and in the comment section. However, we need more and I'm hoping that the participation level will continue to rise. Healthy dialouge and robust conversation is an important feature of this forum's philosophy and mission statement. As we've grown, we have made upgrades, format changes, additions and attempts to find the right mix to take us to the next level. Vowing to continue to be Arkansas' online destination for news, commentary, video, podcasting and more for the GLBTQI community and beyond. Therefore, this will be further enhanced by synergizing our name by phasing out the handle, The Body Politic and becoming known as CorneliusOnpoint. Now, let the celebration begin with our special brand of blogging!!!

If you haven't heard of the Kinsey Sicks, then you will want more after seeing this video from YouTube in which the quartet does a send up of Michael Jackson's "We are the World," redubbed "We arm the Children." I found it entertaining and revelent to the carnage in Dafur, Congo and sub Sahara Africa. This troup was a featured act at the recent Dallas Pride 07 where they performed their "Condoleezzapalooza" show at the Lakewood theatre. Unfortunately, I learned about it a bit late, but would have love to have seen this a capella group in full form. Based in San Francisco the group is comprised of Ben Schutz (Rachel), Irwin Keller (Winnie), Chris Dilley(Trampolina),and Jeff Manabat (Trixie) respectively. There unique humor and take no prisoners concept on current events is my cup to tea, yet I'm not sure if this foursome could sell out a room in this city or state. Imagine this: using this production not only as a great evening out, but perhaps a fundraising platform for Little Rock's Pride 08? According to press releases and through other source material, I discovered that this live dragapella group has toured the country's college campuses and performed for many charity events. I was also pleasantly surprised at the vocal ranges and extreme control each member has while in character. These guys are the real deal and no joke in the performance department. They have produced a DVD entitled, "I Want to Be a Republican"(Eye Pictures Productions) and I'm betting that they will soon ink a deal with BRAVO, LOGO or Showtime in the near future. You can get this little ditty from there website: It's a laugh out loud experience about the political right.

Lavender Politics Yahoo Style: I was perplexed and throughly amused at the tit for tat on the Sidetracks Yahoo group site concerning a member announcing the formation of new Yahoo group titled, Arkansans for Hillary. Talk about queers going up in flames! The group site basically comprises of folks who frequent the NLR outpost or are invovled in the Levi-Leather-Bear subculture. Group member, TCJ posted an informative invite for any one interested in joining the group. In full disclosure, TCJ contacted me to inquire if I would be interested in moderating the effort just shortly after he created it, however, I've not made that decision as yet. Meanwhile a few other group members, notably Amos Lassen, were not amused and even resorted to school yard name calling tactics. Now really girls, what's this all about anyway? I've been apart of the site for awhile and have seen much posted, ranging from folks looking for the "hook-up" to items being sold or products offered. Mr. L, who is purported to be an educator of some type, seems to be of the opinion that the Yahoo group is a selective forum, devoid of any hard core political post. I couldn't disagree more. Moderator Phil P. has expressed to me that the site was created as an outlet for "more than just bar news. But rather any topic, since we all have lives away from the bar." Sounds like to me that means, anyone can post almost anything doesn't it? I believe that it's so important that every outlet be used to disseminate a broad base of information to the GLBTI community at large. Bars are not what they use to be for the this community. Due to the fact that many gay people have begun interacting more in mainstream venues and the internet is a viable tool to continue the connections. TCJ's formation of a "Hill" group is his individual method to participating in democratic process and he was merely "informing" the Sidetrack users of it's existence not in a political hijack mode. Everyone is entitled to choosing/supporting the candidate of his liking and if you don't like the inivite, just say no thanks, click delete and move on. If you or any one you know wants more info here's the link to the Official Arkansans For Hillary Clinton Yahoo Group I encourage all of this groups members to feel free to share their acitivies with our forum and I will be looking in on them for time to time.

Log Cabins in Arkansas: In all fairness, there are a plethora of political groups that I will be mentioning in this forum, as Election 08 continues to take shape. Therefore, Yes, Virgina there are Gay Republicans in Arkansas connected to the national organization, Log Cabin Republicans. There national convention held in May in Denver, CO. was spearheaded by it's President Patrick Sammon, (pictured, left), also included a who's who of other notables. Such as former Senator Alan Simpson, John Amaechi, and C.C. Goldwater, grand daughter of GOP stalwart Barry Goldwater.(pictured, left) Did Arkansas have a delegation, I don't know, but it appears that there's not a visiable or formal entity in place. From their national website they list the following information for the state: Arkansas State Organizing Team If you are out there, and I know you are...feel free to share your stance on today's hot button topics such as immigration, Iraq, "Don't Ask -Don't Tell and so much more!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Tempest, Tounges,Tabernacles and Me

It's a new day, new week and I'm back at the keyboard keeping it fresh and sometimes funky. This forum has been a labor of love and I would like to thank all of you who have been expressing your support for our efforts thus far. We are stepping up our game with reworking our page, new features, interactiveness and a user friendly format. As we count down to our 4th Anniversary, we have lots more of what you've been looking for in commentary, video, links, podcasts and news throughout the GLBTQI community and beyond. Well with all that said, let the games begin.....

Circling the Wagons: In a previous post, I've mentioned the impending family feud face-off with the Family Council iniatiative on adoption and the opposition forces that were forming to defeat the revamped measure. Even though the measure is being re-tooled for a re-look from the state's AG, Dustin Mc Daniel, allegedly theres's a bit of family feuding taking place among the waggoneers themselves. According to an e-mail I received from ASD president Jada Walker the aforementioned issue would be taken on by, an as yet unnamed coalition that was being formed from a pool of local groups such as the Stonewall Democrats, CAR, ACLU, Public Policy Panel and such. Apparently after a few meetings held around town, there are "power plays," murky agendas, procedural indifferences and even a few tempers flaring adding to the'll have to stay locked in becuase we've got more to tell on this one, including naming names. You know we're not scared to.
Gay Bars out of Vouge?: In leiu of the recent closing of The Factory, I wanted to further explore what's happening in communities nationally, as well as, check the ongoing debates about these cultural bastions. I found a very interesting story in the Orlando Sentinel speaking to this issue. Using the provided link, you can check it out for yourselves, I will be posting more about this phenom and will looking forward to hearing your spill on it. So click it now!!!
The complete article can be viewed at:,0,1601976.story

Meeting in the Ladies Room: When we posted the information concerning some "men" using the "ladies" room at Sidetracks and the reaction from women patrons who felt it was dissing them, we got the definative answer from club management. Which stated "they were addressing the situation and wouldn't tolerate this practice to the best of their ability. Concluding, there are no toliet police on patrol." Obvivously the lew, lavatory, toilet, john, can, bathroom is a big issue in area bars. I noticed that the doors were missing in action at Discovery adjacent to the Athena showroom. I was also surprised to learn that these facilites are ripe for abuse and misuse from patrons for no rhyme or reason. For the record, Sidetracks has not one, not two, but get this, three choices for your bodily function needs. What more do you need?

Royalty Walking: Congrats go out to Alexis LaRue, Miss Gay Arkansas America 2008!! We covered the event and will have all the chattter, analysis, sightings and more on our entertainment sister site, Coming Tuesday 9.18.07
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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Doing a Cornelius 360...part 2.0

Take a Love one to the Doctor Day: September18,2007

Of all racial and ethnic groups in the United States, HIV and AIDS have hit African Americans the hardest. Bearing this in mind, I wanted to challenge you readers about Take a Love one to the Doctor Day, 9.18.07. It's not just about HIV testing but all methods of supporting a healthy lifestyle. I realize that many don't have access to qualified insurance but there are low cost/ no cost clinics available to help. Also, as the city prepares to commemerate the 50th Anniversary of Central High School and race relations in general, there has been very liitle interjected about the continuing rage of HIV/ AIDS in the south. Some would say, "what's the intersection of intergration and disease, well the the reasons are not directly related to race or ethnicity, but rather to some of the barriers faced by many African Americans. These barriers can include poverty (being poor), sexually transmitted diseases, and stigma (negative attitudes, beliefs, and actions directed at people living with HIV/AIDS or directed at people who do things that might put them at risk for HIV). The barrier of intergration may have been lifted but the educational outreach still prevails. Meanwhile, the statewide Black community has been begrudingly slow in dealing with this health dilemma accross the board, especially among Black churches. Hopefully the newly created HIV/AIDS Minority Task Force will be instrumental in giving more momentum to this multi-faceted problem. Personally, I've seen mixed responses ranging from guarded acceptance to complete denial of the facts.
Moreover, when we look at HIV/AIDS by race and ethnicity, we see that African Americans have
more illness. Even though blacks (including African Americans) account for about 13% of the US population, they account for about half (49%) of the people who get HIV and AIDS. Then we have these eye opening facts...
1. Shorter survival times. Blacks with AIDS often don’t live as long as people of other races and ethnic groups with AIDS. This is due to the barriers mentioned above.
2.More deaths. For African Americans and other blacks, HIV/AIDS is a leading cause of death.
As the pie chart (pictured above/ right) shows, in 2005, about half (49%) of the people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS were black (according to information from 33 states). Children are included in these data.

The reality is similar for children: HIV/AIDS affects black children the most. In 2005, 104 (63%) of the 166 children under the age of 13 diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 33 states were black.
As the pie charts below show, (left) blacks account for about half of all people living with HIV/AIDS within each sex category. According to information from 33 states, during 2005,
among men, 41% of men living with HIV/AIDS were black
among women, 64% of women living with HIV/AIDS were black.

For black men, the most common ways of getting HIV are (in order) :
*having unprotected sex with another man who has HIV
*sharing injection drug works (like needles or syringes) with someone who has HIV
*having unprotected sex with a woman who has HIV
For black women, the most common ways of getting HIV are (in order):
*having unprotected sex with a man who has HIV
*sharing injection drug works (like needles or syringes) with someone who has HIV
Blacks at higher risk for HIV are those
who are unaware of their partner's risk factors
with other STDs (which affect more blacks than any other racial or ethnic group)
who live in poverty (which is about one quarter [25%] of all blacks). This item was prepared with the assistance of resource material from the CDC and Black America Web.
For more info:
Many Men, Many Voices : 501.663-7166 Ext.105

Friday, September 14, 2007

Doing a Cornelius 360...part 2

It's a fade to black for The Factory nightclub, a once downtown hot spot. At post time, we have visually confirmed that this local night haunt has ceased operations, although not from it's management which has not extended any comments on the closure as yet. If we hear from them and perhaps we will, you will be the first to get the update. Unfortunately, the city will be short an entertainment venue but I'm not really suprised. In several previous post and podcasts I have expounded on the health of our local watering holes and their survival in iffy economic times plus compounded by a fickle/finicky market. You don't have to have an ivy league degree from Harvard to know that if the customer base is constantly declining- so goes you revenues, but not those set expenses such as leases, utilities, supplies and TAXES! I've been on the scene for more than 20 years and have seen my share of favorites come and go. Little Rock has had long and winding history with outlets such as The Gar Hole, Drummers, French Quarters, Silver Dollar, Variations, Garbo's, Chaps, Lil's Pub, Sgt.Prestons, 5th Gear, Palladium, The Filling Station, COADS, and Afterdark. Also the iconic Discovery, in all it's incarnations as well as expansions has been apart of the lavender landscape for more than two decades consectively. All of these forunners including today's UBU and Easy Street, have struggled to offer support on all levels to the LGBTQI community meanwhile allowing their owners to gain prospersity. The names have changed but the misson has basically been the same: to provide a zone that allows everyone the freedom to just be themselves in proximity to others whom share the lifestyle. However, the city has been beleaguered with varying circumstances that have always impacted these ventures, ranging from the socio-political climate to the nomadic nature of end users. Let's not forget the all important business accumen or savvy needed to get open, then stay open. I can't even count how many times I've been told by community folks that they prefer Dallas, Houston or Atlanta to going out in Little Rock. I love travel but I make every attempt to place my full support behind the hometown teams as often as possible. I remember back in the day when there was only one game in town and I welcomed the healthy competition. Furthermore, this mix includes the electronic wizardry of the 21st Century which has provided some stiff competition for bars and events overall. We use to go to the bar for the hook up, yet now the meet-up can be as close as the nearest video cam. In the post, "Its all about the Benjamins," again, I raised the issue of the financial muscle in this community and wondered out loud if there was going to be any dialouge concerning it. To this date, I haven't heard a peep or whimper. Of course everything comes to a close and The Factory has played it's part in the natural evolution and history of the local GLBTI community. I'm sending out a high-five and a "Thanks" to Davey and Jassiel (pictured) for their efforts. I wish you well on your next endeavor, you may be down now, but not out of the game. I will close with a tag line I use in my podcasts about local businesses, " if we are not there for them, then perhaps they will stop being there for us..." Think about it family.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

For your consideration....

Talk about spin masters galore... This entire week thus far has been filled with "double speak," misunderstandings and "what you heard is not exactly what I meant." However, we will deal with trying to sort it all out over the next few post, but for now let's catch up with what' really going on here, there and a bit of everywhere...

Capitol Watch: Earlier this year, while the brouhaha over Senate Bill 959 was taking center stage, there was another bill (HB 2615) that was passed instituting the Arkansas HIV-AIDS Minority Task force sponsored by Willie Hardy (District 5). This legislature was created to address issues of the disease within the minority community with a board to be appointed by Gov. Beebe. After contacting the Gov's office and a lengthy wait for the info, we were contacted (9/12) by "Paco" an aide whom informed us that nominees were being sought and would be announced soon. However, to submit an online application it would have to be filed by, 9/14/07. More info can be found at Hopefully, when the appointments are ready, maybe we can get them to you hot off the presss.

MGA 2008: The Annual MGAA pageant will be held this weekend (9-14-16) at the Backstreet complex. 20 statewide contestants will be vying for the coveted title as well as representing at MGAmerica in Memphis, TN later this year. Doors open at 9 p.m. with showtime 10 p.m. For cover info call, 501.664.2744 or click it to Look for us, we just might have our face in the place!

Help Wanted in NWA: The Northwest Arkansas GLBT Community Center has secured new office space (130 E. Popular Street Suite B) and is seeking a variety of items to help equip the space. If you have any contributions they would appreciate your efforts. Also according to their website the non-profit group is soliciting candidates for open board positions to help with organizational task and is in need of replinishing their food pantry which they state is "empty." Cash donations can be forwarded through the site or reach out an touch them at 479.527.0414 Tell em you heard about it here while you hit em up at:

Here Comes the Judge!: Move over Judge Joe, Judy, Hatchett and all you other TV judicial talking heads, here comes, Judge David Young, the "gay " judge. Say what, yes it's true, coming to a flat screen near you will be the next verdict slinging, robe wearing, juris prudence dealing with real cases. Young, (pictured) who was apart of Miami's Judicial Probation Monitoring system and has 15 years experience in the legal field said that his courtroom will have an atmosphere of fairness. The show bio info states that there will be no "shutdowns or belittling folks", but there will be therapeutic justice and maybe some colorful commentary. Dont' be fooled, Judge Young is no shrinking violet, he can dispense some serious bench hurt to those who deserve it. Locally you can see some "Justice with a Snap! (yes, that's the tag line!) on KASN/CW at 9 a.m. and KLRT-FOX at 3 a.m. Online Judge Young can be found at Check it out and let me know what you think. Sounds like a hoot!
DSRA gets webby: The Diamond State Rodeo Association has updated it's website with a fresh new look and loads of information. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, do so. Get your bowl on 9/15 at the Professor Bowl and so much more is going on at the Hoffman street club house. Don't know the link, here it is: As always tell em you heard about here!!
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Standing Still in the Sounds of Silence....

Today marks the 6th anniversary of September 11, 2001. It's another one of those life moments that you "remember the who, what, when and where," you were when we all stood in awe of the terror that unfolded before our eyes. Our prayers and mindful thoughts go out to the 2,750 vicitims as well as the numerous survivors of this sad chapter in our legacy. Also, we stand in salute to the military personnel who are engaged in conflict around the world, especially the 3,774 who have given their lives in dedication to the service of their country. So much pain, so many tears, so many questions.....may God bless America.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Doing a Cornelius 360!

Talk maven and uber shot caller, Miss O, that's in Oprah Winfrey sent a mega shout out to all her independently wealthy friends for a "meet and greet" fundraiser for Presidential Candidate, Barrack Obama. For a mere $2300.00 you could hob nob at her Santa Barabra digs with the likes of Will Smith, Halle Berry, other "A"listers and all those who made the cut. Unfortunately, my invitatioin was lost in the mail but, it seems that a good time was had by all and the till runneth over with a reported 3 Million dollars to boot. Of course, the Big O certainly has the right to throw a lavish anything for anyone any old time she feels like it. Especially since fundraising is the favorite past time of most politicos everywhere even though this appears to be her biggest political outing to date. Some have been "hating" the idea that "the most powerful women in entertainment," (their words, not mine) has the audacity to publically show her support for his bid for the presidency. Can you imagine the tounges wagging if she had decided to use her considerable income and run for the office herself? The last time I looked, Ms. Winfrey is still a US citizen who is entitled to exercise her opinion and vote. Apparently Oprah just can't win no matter how many cars she gets sponsors to give away, New Orleans sub divisons she builds, donates to colleges or creates schools in in Africa. Trust me, I'm not a gushing OW devotee, but I do respect her right to be apart of the process, meanwhile taking a stand about who she feels caould fill the Oval Office. Let's face it, Mr. O, that's in Obama isnt doing so bad in the cash dash, with or without any help from the hollywood set or mogul billionare Winfrey.
Delegate Watch: In case you didn't catch my post about the Arkansas Democratic Parties Delegates worshop held last week, here's an update. The workshop was informative and allowed me to further understand the process of being a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Denver in 08. I got the vibe that this process is more like "Survivor," it's all about "out witting, outplaying and outlasting," the other players while making nice with the right tribe. Sounds like a game for me and I'm going to give it my all. Wish me luck and stay locked in to find out how it's going!!

More Royal Flushing: The singing Senator, Lary Craig is now singing more tunes than a Broadway musical. After his highly publicized mea culpa, we now know that the resignation key word was "intent" to resign as revealed in his message left for lawyer Billy Martin. Mr. Craig has also upset party officials but to the delight of late night comics, by stating that he plans to fight his guilty plea which he actually signed and I hope he read, over a month after the Minneapolis Airport incident. In the words of CNN's Lou Dobbs, "What in the world is going on here?" Legal experts have weighed in with doubts about reversing gulity pleas especially from those who had ample time to figure out whether they are or not. Outside the beltway in Idaho folks sorta kinda believe that he's been done wrong and here in Little Rock I havent' been able to determine exactly what they're thinking. Inside the beltway ( that's washington speak for around town) Craig supporters are far and few in Republican circles. As the saga continues so do the observations, such as Ben Stein, CBS Sunday Morning commentator whom called the affair a "gang plank walking/political lynching," of a public citizen. Wow! It looks like the fat lady hasn't sang yet, so stay tuned!!!

Meeting in the Ladies Room: Since we're talking about potty politics, I've been made aware that the female clientele of North Little Rock's, Sidetracks have issues with the male members who use the "women's" lavatory. The sisters have expressed their displeasure at this practice and have taken matters into their own hands by berrating those who do so. "We don't understand why these guys use the women's room, when there are two other stalls available." said one concerned patron. The club facilities include a designated "men's" room and another room designated as "handicapped,"equipped for wheelchair access. Believe it or not, I've actually seen this in action and have often wondered what gives with this disrespect. The ladies have told me that they will approach the management if the situation isn't adequately addressed. Even though the membership is proabably 95 per cent male oriented, women are openly welcomed as members and guest.

Boo Bash II: Congratulations to Joe Lafontaine on being re-elected as President of the Little Rock Pride Committee. According to special events coordinator for Sidetracks, J.D. has alerted us that the club will be a co-partner in BOO Bash II, the annual Halloween fundraiser for LRCP. "I have big plans for this year, with high hopes of raising more money than last time. I'm hoping to include more sponsors and contributors from the community overall." said J.D. He also said he expected to have CorneliusONpoint onboard as a supporter, media outlet and certainly in attendance. O.K., J.D... it's all about the asking and you've got it. I'm sure more information is forthcoming from both LRCP and Sidetracks, feel free to check out their websites for updates:
As you can see, we've been doing a soft roll out with our newly updated format. Believe me, we're not done and you never know what we might be doing next. If you've got suggestions or imput, feel free to share it. We love hearing from you.
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Saturday, September 08, 2007

It's all about the Benjamins!! part 2

"Money , Money, Money..." was the the catchy hook from the O Jay's 70's musical social commentary that played a significant role in my early formative days. Back in the day, we called those recordings "albums," versus today's high tech "MP3 or digi formats" that have taken me to the next level of geekdom. Yet, those tunes still loom large in today's culture as the power of finance management and our relationship to it which grabs headlines from coast to coast. I thought we should conclude this series with a few more blurbs about the cash flow affects within the GLBTQ community and beyond.

Cox Family Fued REDUX: Arkansas Attorney General Dustin Mc Daniel has stated that the impending Foster/ Adoptive parent initiative being proposed by the Family Council needs language tweaking. Despite there best efforts, the ballot title appears to be unclear or misleading, if you can imagine that from these folks. They will re-tool this measure then resubmit it within the coming weeks. As I've been looking into their back story, I've learned that this group is well connected and has no problem in the money war chest department. Especially when it comes to passing the collection plate. According to a E-mail alert from the ASD ( Arkansas Stonewall Democrats) they are gathering the ususal suspects for an broad based offensive approach. Are you ready to Rumble?...stay locked in to this forum for the blow by blow details.

Politically Speaking: I'm putting my self into play by attending the Arkansas Delegates Selection Workshop being held at the State Capitol, ( 9/8/07). This session will demonstrate how delegates are choosen for state representation to the National Democratic Convention being held in Denver, CO in 08. As I move through the process, I will be posting all the "in's and out's " as they become available. So wish me luck and get ready, there might be a benefit fundraiser in my future....

From the FYI department: I found this vital information that I felt was important to include in our Lavender Money Series. We all have bill paying issues, mortage fallouts and the day to day grind of living and working in America. Of course this information has it's detractors and the discussion concerning transgender angles and again how best to address the corporate role in LGBTQI politics is ongoing in communities nationwide. However, I felt it best that at least the information the Equality Network is offering should be shared. In my opinion it's a revelant snapshot, but perhaps not the "big picture" into the HR policies of the nation's corporate entitites. Ultimately, I know and you should know, that it's the "shareholders" and profits they really care about. We have highlighted Arkansas' stats in order to bring this report right into our backyard.

Record 94% of FORTUNE 500 Companies Provide Sexual Orientation Discrimination Protection13 of the 30 Noncompliant Companies Headquartered in Texas

Equality Forum, a national and international gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) civil rights organization, announced that 470 (94%) of the 2007 FORTUNE 500 Companies voluntarily include sexual orientation in their employment nondiscrimination policies. Equality Forum collaborates in this project with Professor Louis Thomas, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and Ian Ayres, William K. Townsend Professor, Yale Law School.
According to Gallup’s May 10-13, 2007, Values and Beliefs Poll, 89% of U.S. citizens believe that gays and lesbians should have workplace discrimination protection. There is no federal workplace protection based on sexual orientation and only 20 states include sexual orientation nondiscrimination in their workplace statutes.
“When 94% of the FORTUNE 500 Companies and 89% of the public support workplace equality, Congress is derelict by its failure to include GLBT citizens in federal workplace discrimination protection,” stated Malcolm Lazin, Executive Director, Equality Forum. “There is no cost to provide sexual orientation protection. Corporations and shareholders benefit from a workplace where merit, not intolerance, prevails.”
Of the 30 FORTUNE 500 Companies that are noncompliant, 13 (43.3%) are headquartered in Texas. “When it comes to equality, Texas is a lone and tarnished star,” Lazin stated.
In fall 2003, when Equality Forum began contacting FORTUNE 500 Companies, 323 (64.6%) companies provided sexual orientation protection. Equality Forum made the business case to the 177 (35.4%) CEOs, HR Directors and all members of the Boards of Directors of companies not offering that protection.

The Compliant firms in Arkansas as reported by the survey include: Wal-Mart Stores, Tyson, Alltell and Dillards. The non-compliant entity was El dorado's Murphy Oil.
For the full press release and the FORTUNE 500 Project Web site, which categorizes all FORTUNE 500 companies by rank, state and industry, please visit:
Do you have thoughts, opinions, rebuttles, statements or just your two cents...feel free to click the comment icon and take your best shot!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's all about the Benjamins, baby!!

2007 has been a year that I demanded of myself to be more excited about empowerment opportunites as well as further understanding the cause and affects of being more financially fluent. Earlier this year I posted various segments about the impact of those disposable dollars from the coffers of "guppies" ( gay-urban professionals), local entreprenuers, businesses and the importance of the money muscle or lack thereof within the GLBTQ community. In April, this forum particpated in the Business Afterhours Project networking event that was designed to offer a neutral zone for anyone to showcase their product or service. However, to my chagrin and somewhat disappointment, only a tea cup of folks showed up despite aggressive marketing. Even though I was not the orginator of the event, It was difficult to gauge the interest or necessity of having such an a event. Although the idea was revelant, additional host couldn't be coaxed into participating. I know for a fact that there are many GLBT businesses in this city and wealth abounds in some quarters, but making the connection can be vexying to say the least. Furthermore, I've addressed the issue of the onslaught of local benefits including their transparency, ranging from AIDS related platforms to performers in search of pageant support. It's no secret that local organizations are constantly in search of funding sources, either near finance meltdown or only "breaking even" such as the Annual DSRA Rodeo. As I understand this group is considering holding the event bi-annually in order to stay solvent as production cost continue to rise yearly. Afterall, some folks are asking will $10 "well drinks" during pageantry events be the order of day to sponsor this activity? Speaking of money, I wanted to add a "donation" button to this forum to create a funding source, but have opted to try to seek other possible options. Nationally sources have estimated the buying power of the GLBT community in the millions as evident with the more recent direct marketing from corporate entites to SGL individuals. Even though we have a sector of highly paid professionals in this city and statewide. Most comprise of those working stiffs (including myself) with marginally disposable incomes that simply can't afford to give signifcant gifts or often participate accross the board. Of course, Wal Mart's contribution to the NWA community center and funds sought from other corporate citizens in regards to Pride activities raised some ire from the college set during this years' Queer Conference in Conway. A few participants went as far as floating the premise about being seen in a "sell out" mode to the behemoth or any fortune 500 when it comes to contributions. Ultimately Ladies and Gentlemen, all of these levels of discussion intersect at the following questions: How many benefits can this community support ? What is the impact of those dollars on local businesses?...and Where are the future dollars to come from? Well it sound like to me, it's all about the Benjamins, baby.
Links and Hook-ups:
If I could transmit one message to the LGBT community for 2007, it would be this: Give Strategically. Don't simply donate to the organization that has the swankiest party or the slickest fundraising team. It doesn't matter whether you have $5 or $500 to give. Think long and hard about what goals in the LGBT movement are most important to you, and give to organizations that are moving those goals forward.
Inspired by the Gill Foundation's Outgiving program Juan Ahonen-Jover and his partner Ken Ahonen-Jover have created a new website to help you do exactly that. is based around a core set of eight goals for the LGBT Community. Visitors to the site can identify candidates, campaigns, and organizations that are working on the goals that are most important to them, and focus their donations accordingly. plans to continually evaluate candidates campaigns, and organizations based on what work they are doing to significantly move these goals forward. This information is made available through regular e-mail alerts.
Thes site has an impressive list of National Advisory Board Members including Kathy Levinson, Donna Redwing, and Jim Stork.

Be sure to check out the site at

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Ain't No Stoppin Us Now...

Here we are with our Fall 2007 upgraded look and so much more to come. The past few months has been filled with so many life changing experiences and challenges that I can't even mention. However, as we count down to celebrating our 4th Anniversary in production I am anticipating more growth, audience appeal, outreach and uping the ante as Arkansas' GLBTQ online destination for news, commentary, video, podcasting and links. Ladies and Gentlemen...this is the Body Politic refreshed, recharged and On point!

DNC 08 Delegate Worshop Being Held

The Arkansas Stonewall Democrats forwarded an announcement from the Democratic Party of Arkansas concerning a Delegates Workshop being held, Saturday 9.8.07 at the Old Supreme Court Chamber in the State Captiol. I'm always prodding folks about participating and stating how important it is to participate in the process. Well, I'm not telling,... I'm just doing this time around, by registering for the workshop as well as learning the process. If all goes well, I'll be a delegate to the national convention in Denver in 08. I'll keep you posted...

A Royal Flush: Politicians come and go, but Larry Craigs recent resignation due to the "toilet incident," has spawned viewpoints a plenty including me adding my two cents in a previous post. Which sparked the interest of an intrepid reader whom shared his take on the matter while citing me about my shortcoming on the issue. Apparently he felt that I was a party to the mainstream news media's "there's blood in the water" feeding frenzy, pundit pile-on and all others who felt they needed to have there say even as the Senator bowed out gracefully. The level of dissection within the gay community has been a bit much for me but my rebuttle to that's readers charges are rather simple. Of course I don't really know what went on in that bathroom nor do most. With that said, I am clearly aware of compromising positions of this nature since I've been privy to the flash of badge in my face and the processes thereafter. Knowing the consequences of "if you may have to pay...dearly," I subsequently changed my behavior and attitude about "thrill" cruising or any situation that would allow cause for entraptment. There have been many cases in Arkansas where the dilemma of entrapment snared individuals. Most notably the Lemons vs. Arkansas case which was an illfated test case to overturn the states then Sodomy Statue, the Mc Cain Mall Men's room debacle included a defendant committing suicide, parks in Conway, North Little Rock and Little Rock have all been under surveillance and I'm sure all those arrested either gay or curious "wanted the whole thing to just go away." The "He said" and the "police officer said" banter aside, personal responsibility is a pivitol point that can't be ignored whether it be myself or a U.S. Senator. I also found it quite nonsensical that my comment was offensive to the reader suggesting that Mr. Craig should've sought counsel with his ordeal. Let's face it, the justice system is rife with law miscarriages and those who don't get adequate representation. Again, I've seen this first hand as my own brother was poorly represented by a public defender who couldn't defend an empty paper bag. Our family moved to find a better lawyer. Obviously Mr. Craig a man of financial means has had no problem making that decision now, while retaining uber high profile Washington lawyer, Billy Martin, fresh from the Michael Vick fiasco. He says he wants his good name, reputation and that misguided "guilty plea" corrected. I have no doubt that a few well placed Benjamins will make a difference. And so it goes, too many angles, too many other questions to ponder and all the unknown, are factors into our ongoing "peek-a-boo, I see you" culture and obession with human foolishness. Until next time...enough said.

Taking Possession: Curators Brad Cushman and Nathan Larson will be spotlighting contemporary figurative and conceptual artworks byblack artists with the gallery presentation of Taking Possession, being presented in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the Central High desegregation crisis. Featured artist include, Faith Ringgold, Robert Colescott, Whitfield Lovell, Trenton DoyleHancock, Kerry James Marshall, Deborah Roberts, Lawrence Lee, FahamuPecou Laylah Ali, Aminah Robinson, Derrick Adams, Nick Cave , KaraWalker, Larry Walker, Lorna Simpson, Annette Lawrence, Kerry JamesMarshall,Carrie Mae Weems, Keba Konte, Deborah Grant, Keith Smith,Jonathan Calm, Hank Willis Thomas and Kambui Olujimi, BradleyMcCallum and Jacqueline Tarry, Howardena Pindell. I would like to highly suggest that you consider attending the Thursday September 6, 20073:30 – 4:45pm – Artist Panel Discussion, at UALR's Stella Boyle Concert Hall with Annette Lawrence, Derrick Adams, Deborah Roberts, Lawrence Lee. Afterwards at 5 – 7pm – Gallery Reception for Taking Possession, UALR Fine ArtsBuilding Then move on at 7pm – to a Screening of Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin, also in the StellaBoyle Concert Hall. The event is being sponsored by the UALR Art Department and Office of Campus Life. Maybe I'll see you there!