Friday, October 31, 2008

Are You scared enough!?

It's All Hallows Eve, better known as Halloween. It's that time of the year when all things surreal, unexplained and down right spooky start roaming around. And boy has it's been some scary crap ebbing and flowing through Terra fir ma. Yet, we go on in search of what's really going on in Central City and beyond. So, here's your trick or treat edition of COP:24/7.....

Bar BOO's: As usual the local haunts will be in full swing with contest and carrying on for costumed revelers and those not so inclined. You've got plenty of choices to fill your dance card. Of course, the Backstreet/Discovery complex will be in full affect as well as UBU, Easy Street and on the north shore, Sidetracks' Annastaia Ball. Times vary but you can bet that it will truly be a Queens Christmas. Check out our links to those websites for direct info on all the happenings.

Night Birds back in Flight: Finally, they're back, The original ladies of the night, Labelle regrouped and in sync with a new CD entitled, Back to Now, plus a possible tour. It's been 30 years in statis forthe funk soul group who broke it up with costuming and sound. I've seen Miss Patti in concert here in Little Rock which is a treat all by itself, but can you imagine the lung power of Sarah Dash and Nona Hendrix in the mix. Even after the group moved on to solo projects, I still loved them individually. I still listen to many of those songs to this day. They resonate what I felt then and give me that same sensation now. I've included a video clip of the groups timeless hit Lady Marmalade featuring all that wonderful madness from the 70's. I've heard some of the recording which has five songs penned by Hendrix and other tracks produced by Lenny Kravitz, Wyclef J. and the legendary Gamble/Huff team. Is their magic, you bet ya. The CD dropped earlier this month and I hope that it gets it just desserts. The group LaBelle needs to get their flowers for being true Diva forces of nature.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fast Track COP: 24/7

It's the last quarter of 2008, October is fading fast, time is running out on election cycle 08, the world is still turning and I'm staying in the Big Chair delivering the who, what, where and what the hell, in news, commentary, updates and links. Hold on, it's going to be another fast and furious outing. Are you ready? Let's do it...

Wine with that Cheese: In case you've missed it, I posted several blurbs about the Stonewall Democrats Wine tasting fundraiser in which a portion of the proceeds are to be designated to the Act 1 issue. It's obvious that others are sorta wondering in the that same vein, and are starting to leave comments in this forum. Now let me be clear, I'm not "slamming" ASD for having a fundraiser, but it's the practice of any organization throwing these little ditties with murky details and lackluster responses to inquires as noted by a comment posted here. Yes, I keep preaching that it's all in the details and yet, it keep falling on deaf ears. Go figure...

Early Votin in Arkansas: I've been promoting and damn near threatening people to go early vote in lieu of my posted early vote experience. I did have to wait in line about an hour or so, but I believed that it was worth the wait. According the election officials to date some approximately 200,000 citizens have stepped up to the plate. Even though I'm thrilled about those figures, I'm concerned about the reported fact that many of those touch electronic machines don't actually have a true "paper trail." Arkansas is one of those many states with this possible dilemma, in case of malfunctions or other election shigity that could take place in this closely watch voting cycle. I'm hopin and wishin that there's no mishaps, missing votes, or any versions of "hanging chads,' this time around. The voting continues, if you haven't done yet, what are you waiting on! If you have, thanks for being a part of the process.

Ballot Contenders: Yeah we know about McCain and Obama, but believe it or not, there are other candidates on the ballot for your consideration and many are on ballots in Arkansas.As promised, I'm putting them out there as an informational alternative. Even though these folks don't get the cash haul of those other guys, they are real candidates of national parties. In case you thought there were only two parties in this land, trust me there seems to be a little something out there for everyone ranging from the fringe to extreme. Buyer beware! Here's some links to their websites and info: This is the site for multi-presidential contender, Ralph Nader who has been taking it to the street for decades. He's always had interesting ideas, concepts and a taking no prisoner approach.
Libertarian candidate Bob Barr ( ) and Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin ( ) each have savvy sites which include video and the obligatory product store portal for their campaign stuff.
Again, for the record The Bouncing O is not the first African American that's made a bid for the presidency, just the first from one of "major monopoly"parties. This year African American and former House member,Cynthia McKinney represents the Green Party at She's most remembered for her "hairgate" episode where she gave diva attitude to Capitol security that ended up in a high publicized ruckus and her demise. This particular website actually works, but other are tricky.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October Bounce

We are rounding the bend and the goal post is starting to come into sight. It's 6 days and counting to V-Day, November 4Th. If you haven't cast that all important ballot yet, then what are you waiting for. Early voting is in full effect and waiting on you to do your civic duty. But before you go to the polls, take a moment for my latest post as well as updates, breaking news, commentary and so much more for the GLBTQ community and beyond....

The Undeciders: As curious as it may seem, apparently there is a still, yes still about 6% of the electorate that's "undecided" about who they believe should be the next Commander and Chief. Now, I know that I'm a very meticulous, often over studious, looking it from all angles guy, but it didn't take me that long to make a decision. According to CNN's Dr. Gupta, it's all about those synapses firing in those all important cranial lobes called the brain. He's analyzed that some individuals are still "data gathering" and when it comes to making the decision they some how go into a "tipping" mode which doesn't allow them to make a decision. Yet , the good doc stated that this doesn't make them indecisive but rather overly cautious with their choices. Whew! Just to think that every vote counts! O.K. undeciders let's get cracking and get decided for change. Get to the polls and VOTE! Need a little prodding, here's a link for your consideration:

GAY Rock in the City: I surfed on over to to catch up on the competition, since there public roll out a few months back. The site itself has been well designed and seemed user friendly, even though my registered Password/User name that was taken during that event still doesn't work. I guess with all the new gizmo's they added perhaps a re-register may be in order. Nevertheless, despite a few conversations with site manager Keith, I'm still a bit bemused by exactly what direction or what's going on over there. It's promoted as a "connect, share, participate," thingy that has lots of canned news bits, most likely cut & pasted as content. I suspect that some of that "connect" business has overtones of "people needing people," for at least a the night anyway. I've been amazed at the level of the many of you whom tell me that you are getting busy with "KKF's."For those not in the know, they are known as, "Knock Knock Fucks". Wow, the only person knocking at my door is the FEDX guy with my latest purchase. Then, there's the video section featuring Johnny Mc govern as the Gay Pimp, screeching his song," Soccer Practice" complete with boys in jock straps and such. It's suppose to be "so funny" but I really wasn't that amused. Overall, I'm glad to know that other community citizens are bringing their unique talents to the web for the GLBTQ community and beyond. It's a tough gig because it takes all you got to keep going. Believe me, I do it daily.

Stonewall Wine Funder: I wanted to remind all readers about the Stonewall Democratic Caucus of Arkansas' Fall Wine Tasting taking place October 30, 2008 6pm - 8pm at 2200 South Broadway in Little Rock A $25 donation can be given at the door. The featured guest will be Robbie Thomas-Knight, PhD. Ms. Knight has been a strong equal rights supporter in the state and instrumental in the fight against ACT 1. According to the e-blurb, this event is a funder for ACT 1 and a "portion" of the donation goes toward this effort. However, as with so many of our local fundraising activities. It's not clear as to how much or what percentage of that portion will be so designated. After all usually when these fundraising soirees or events take place their seems to be some fuzzy "transparency" about what was raised and how was it disbursed. O.K. let me stop making fiscal sense and encourage you to attend. Also don't forget to cast your vote against ACT 1.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Addiction in the House

Ladies and Gentlemen, the political noise is ramping up to a crescendo and we are 7 days out from VOTE 2008 for the next leader of the free world. I've voted and I hope that many of you have made your choice with the understanding that our country is in desperate need of change. However, as we all prepare for a long November 4th night, the world continues to turn with many other matters that warrant our attention and concern. One such issue is Addiction in the GLBTQ community. It's that 800 pound elephant in the room that we often sidestep or attempt to pretend that's it's not happening. Unfortunately, my friends, it's live and in living color in 2008. This issue is one that may have touch your life and certainly has my own on a variety of levels. You'll get no sermon here, but rather a consummate reminder that due to a wide range of circumstances this community is often disproportionally affected by all forms of addiction. The addiction spectrum has broad shoulders, ranging from substance abuse, sexual addiction, to prescribed medicines. Recently, I was confronted with this dilemma as I became increasingly concerned for both friends and family who were struggling with this destructive behavior. Therefore, I felt that addressing it in this forum could be not only cathartic for myself, but supports my ongoing mission to inform as well as empower. If you are dealing with this problem, perhaps some info here may help. If you know someone, and don't we all... pass it on.

Gay Drug Rehab: Drug Addiction and the GLBT Population
Research has shown that the impact of heterosexism, homophobia, prejudice and discrimination experienced by the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community, as well as those questioning their sexuality, is reflected in a higher than average incidence of drug addiction, alcoholism, mental health issues and even suicide. These disruptions in personal growth make it extremely difficult to sustain healthy relationships and preserve one's self esteem.
As with any addiction, shame has been identified as a major component in the progression of gay or lesbian drug addiction. The population mentioned above, generally carry a great deal of shame. You are born into heterosexual families who expect you to grow up to be heterosexuals. When you realize you are not fitting into the heterosexual norm, you feel ashamed. That is what is referred to as shame due to heterosexism. It is nothing you caused to happen, but you feel ashamed none-the-less. In a gay and lesbian drug rehab, shame is defined as being blamed for something over which you have no control. In an effort to deal with the feelings associated with shame, you might turn to drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, eating, or spending.
Other issues common to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community that a gay and lesbian drug rehab acts to help you work on might be:
Identity acceptance
Acceptance by family and friends
Coming out
Depression, anxiety and other mental health issues
Establishment of a social network supportive of recovery
Alleviation of risk taking behaviors
As mentioned earlier, many in the GLBT community have used drugs or alcohol to cope with feelings. As such, many are led into the world of drug addiction and alcoholism. The vast majority of people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol find themselves in need of treatment in a gay or lesbian drug rehab.
If you require assistance in locating a gay or lesbian drug rehab program, call Recovery Connection® now at 1-800-99-DETOX.

Info Express: Here are some statewide phone numbers:If you live in the State of Arkansas and are seeking a drug rehab facility for yourself or a loved one, you may call our local numbers in Little Rock, Rogers, Fayetteville and Ft. Smith. For more info click it to



For Meth, go to Other info can be found at,

Monday, October 27, 2008

Up the Periscope, Part Deux

Hi I'm Cornelius, The Blogger and during this historic election I'm vowing to put country first, as well as embrace a daily change mantra in this forum. I know that I can count on you to keep coming to this site for a daily dose of updates, commentaries, links and just plain ole stuff. Thanks for reading and I approve this message... And now with 8 Days to go until Election Day, let's do.. Up the Periscope, Part Deux.

A Early Votin we Go: It's a done deal. I did my civic duty by going to the polls to early vote. If you haven't then what are you waiting for? Was the line long? Not as long as it was earlier on 10.09.08, but I wasn't detered by this minor invconveinence, esepcially in leiu of the significance of this years excercise. For me personally, this entire political cycle has taken me to a new level of involvement. First I attempted to be a delegate to the Democratic National Convention after a ebbing and flowing through that ill fated process. Yet, I learned much, realizing that more grass root "politicking" and getting a head start is paramount. I have not regrets for taking that step. Secondly, I offered myself volunteer work for Team O, although my schedule hasn't always been accomodating. Another first for me was, putting my small financial contributions in play toward candidates or issues I deemed important. I've always known that Benjamin Power is the ultimate power of the electorate and this year it's been ever more evident. And finally, this forum has allowed me a chance to opine my observations and inquires across the board. When the election process began some 11 months ago, some readers asked if I would be covering aspects of it. To date, I believe that I've made every attempt to offer a variety of angles and viewpoints. In all fairness, the ballot is not just a two party mash up, there are other national political parties that exisit with candidates in this hunt. In this wanning days of the campaign 08, I plan to offer info on those individuals as well. Until then, it's onward, upward and God Bless America!

Ballot INFO: I'm encouraging you to please invite your family and friends for an important discussion that should assist you in understanding how to cast your ballot concerning Act 1. This measure has been denounced by Gov. Beebe and a host of other professionals whom believe that this initiative is unnecessary and regressive. If you can, catch this "teachable moment!"

Community Forum on Arkansas Adoption/Foster Care Initiated Act 1
Tuesday, October 28, 2008 6:30pm
800 Scott St., Little Rock, AR
Inside First Presbyterian Church

Learn more about the Arkansas Adoption/Foster Care Act ( Initiated Act 1) which would ban all unmarried, cohabiting adults from being able to legally adopt or become foster parents.
A screening of a documentary film from the ACLU's "Freedom Files" series featuring an Arkansas family will be shown.
The evening's discussion will also feature speakers from the Center for Artistic Revolution's (CAR) "ALL Families Matter" project.
For more information:
501-244-9690 or 501-258-3186

Friday, October 24, 2008

Mix it Up Friday

You have to admit it. It's been a hell of week and then some. If you've had to come for air, then take a long breathe because there's more to come. My e-box is exploding with tips, tag lines and everything in between. What can I say, it's Friday and we are locked and loaded again with updates, breaking news, commentary, links and oh maybe the kitchen sink too. Are you sitting down? Then take a seat and get ready, here we go....

Easy Over: A few post back I mentioned that the tentacles of the NK empire was allegedly engulfing the piano spot, Easy Street. I've still not got the official word, but sources have informed me that the deal will seal around November 1. However, it's still undetermined as to exactly what the format will be. Will it still be a piano bar or another drag haven? No matter what the format, you can bet that it will be fully stocked with your choice of libations and perhaps some type of cover charge for the experience. Also from the mouths of those who hover in those circles came another interesting tidbit. Allegedly those busy tentacle's also are reaching around the corner to a former restaurant site (Timmon's) where it's speculated that a "martini bar" concept is to be concocted. Is there more? Sure it is...stay tuned.

Easy Out: Speaking of Easy Street, apparently it's house maestro Michael Henderson is talking big talk about a yet another business venture purportedly in the vacated Starving Artist space. The "big idea" is a restaurant concept of some sort. Maybe a singing waiter thingy, where Mr. Henderson & theatre friends would come out belting Broadway numbers before the entree! Now really Mr. H.! Are there any other unsuspecting investors left in the city to actually invest their hard earned cash in yet another sketchy ponzi business outing? Yes my friends tongues are starting to wag about the dicey investing many did in Easy Street. So far those involved have been singing sour notes all around town. Items such as premise and piano leases, unsettled air condition units, unpaid cash dividends and possibly more. After all, a close friend of MH's and a contributor to one of those SOS (Save our Shit!) fundraisers told me flatly in his defense that, "he's a good person, perhaps just not a good business person ..." Well alrighty then. This appears to be ringing true since it's reported that allegedly earlier this week some recent NFS (No Funds Sufficient) checks temporarily landed MH in the pokey. But supposedly he was able to skip it possibly due to jail overcrowding. Any body ready to do business?....

Volunteers Wanted! CAR's ALL Families Matter Project is seeking more volunteers ASAP to help finish the community education around Initiated Act 1. We've had a lot of great folks working on this and we need another good push to finish these next few days.There are spots available on the visibility teams or on the flier teams handing out post cards. Let us hear from you! artchangesu@yahoo.com501-244-9690

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Up the Periscope, please...

It's right around the bend. We are less than two weeks out from that all important election date of Nov. 4, 2008 and I'm on dispatch with the periscope going up on what's really going on in Central City and beyond. All this week, it's been a lightning round in this forum, as I've tried to put it all on the table and then some. So, let's not tarry but rather jump to it!

Fundraising A-Go-Go: The Arkansas Aids Foundation Thanksgiving Show, 11.9.08, will feature Stephanie Richards, Miss Gay Arkansas America 2008 and AFF board member, Brian Cook as "Cherity." The show is being billed as "Showstoppers," and all entertainers are welcomed to help raise funds for the organizations Annual Client Holiday Banquet. It's happening at BackStreet, 1021 Jessie Rd. Little Rock, AR. (501)562-4466. As a news hound, my interest was piqued by this news byte. I'm always struck that these efforts rely on "shows" as there jump start income source, instead demonstrating foresight, creativity and resourcefulness by canvassing other money touchstones. What exactly do I mean you ask? Thanks for asking. Despite some corporate recoil in giving, there are still many corporate citizens that are willing to make significant donations toward events of this type. Especially, as I've preached to deaf ears before, that with the event packaged professionally and presented in detail is a no brains winner. No credible donor is going to donate too some thrown together concept gussied as an attempt to help it's stakeholders. Furthermore, get this, I surfed over to that fancy new AAF website and found no info on this event. Excuse me? I realize that I'm the only daily updating GLBTQ source, but this appeal should certainly be "front and center" on their own mouth piece don't ya think? O.K. here's my closing two cents. Where's the plan, Stan? If you need food, have you contacted perhaps Tysons, US Foods, Kroger or local GLBTQ restaurateurs? Need a venue? How about asking one of the Mega Churches for use of their Fellowship Hall or a low cost City owned community center? Want it more upscale, perhaps a "Gold circle" of supporters from your own Board of Directors could be handy. In case you didn't know, this is a vital and essential function of Board members. Get those folks busy, now! Certainly men in dresses are formidable fundraisers, but men in suits could take it to the next level. Get out of the box people!

World AIDS Day : The 4th Annual HIV Prevention and Awareness Conference utilizing the theme: Building Community Coalitions to Fight HIV/AIDS will be held December 1, 2008. The conference will coincide with the commemoration of World AIDS Day on the UAPB campus with featured Keynoter, Dr. Jocelyn Elders and sponsored by Future Builders, Inc., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and the ADH/AIDS/STD Department. To date workshop details have not been released but counseling and testing has been confirmed. Stay locked to this forum for more info as they become available.The 1st of December, World AIDS Day, is the day when individuals and organisations from around the world come together to bring attention to the global AIDS epidemic. 2008 marks the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day. The World theme is Stop AIDS; Keep the Promise - Leadership. This forum will have a complete week of AIDS related stories in December.

Crowns Revisited: I must further congratulate Miss. S. Richards (a.ka. Todd S.) on his representing the state in the MGA contest in the STL. I've learned that Richards was a Top 20 contender as well as winner of his "solo talent" category. Hat's off to you guy and best wishes on your reign in the royalty seat. As the year come to a close, don't forget that pageant season will be ready to roll again in early 2009. Will it be the usual suspects or a new crop of contenders, stay tuned?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday Wipeout

Can it be another hump day, yeah my friends it's on to the weekend, but for now, we can't get their without the mid week mash up. It's fast and furious, so fasten that seat belt and hang on!!

Obama Cash Deluge: I'm just wondering and perhaps so are you," just how much damn money does it take to do this campaign thing?" This week the O campaign treasure trove runeth over again with another 150 million dollar month. Then, after this announcement, I get a e-blast from the O mother ship stating that they were in need of a donation from "me as a valued volunteer" of at least $5 or more. Say what? Has the campaign already burned through that 150 Mil from September. I know that it' expensive to buy TV ads and such, but I haven't' even been able to get a free yard sign, button, or an autographed picture. I guess I haven't racked up enough volunteer value points to get anything but those "3" skimpy Obama stickers torn from a roll. Whew, if we are in an economic downturn, how does the campaign add over 600,000 new donors with extra dollars to toss onto the heap. According to Team O, the average donor is giving at least $80. Boy oh boy, will my $5.00 dollars really matter when I could go to the O Store and get one of those $25.00 T-shirts or other paraphernalia. However, I've learned that the turn around time on getting any merchandise has been sorta lengthy. But according to
David Plouffe, national OFA campaign manager, "we can't slow's not to late to own a piece of the campaign." Oh well, I could just buy a yard sign too. But something that really caught my eye in this cash dash, was the report that the "O" Machine will be charging the media for access to their outdoor election night campaign compound in downtown Chicago. Talk about pay to play with the big boys. If they want to be where the action is really hot, they will have to fork over from $800 to $935 big ones to get a foot in the door. It seems that those planners for this cash shake down, said that it was to cover expenses. I guess the cost of standing around waiting for some one to comment on something is really expensive in Chicago.

GLBT History Month Blitz: Every now and then I keep wondering "why am I so driven to continue this effort? I know some are reading it and perhaps finding it helpful in some way. But then those " and why are you doing this thing that you do?" feelings re-emerge. All this month I've had a sidebar feature with a GLBT History viewer with some of the most notable trail blazing indiviudals on the planet. I even did a mini contest using this widget, but not to my surprise, no takers. Anyway. The GLBT History updates each day with a new bio and hopefully, it will educate somebody. Got comments, then you know what to do, click the comment icon and let it fly. I dare ya.
Eye on Huckabee: Have you seen it? It's our former Guv, Mike Huckabee live on Fox. After hearing about the shows debut, I couldn't wait to tune in to see what the huckster was up to. To my chagrin, that evenings guest was none other than that "Joe, the plummer guy." Golly he's getting a hell of ride on that fifteen minutes of fame train. Even though he's purportedly not a licensed plummer, I guess that doesn't take away from the fact that he could probably fix the pipe under my sink. Huckabee's format includes a in-house band called the "Little Rockers", live audience, seated guest and himself with an opening / closing monolouge. Actually it was pretty good, because Mr. H teetered between a Jay Leno/Oral Roberts type with his ever present down home wit. In a Q & A session, one audience member asked Huck, was there anything that he had yet done that he would like to do. He retorted that he had been a minister, politician, Presidental contender and now a talk show host. Hopefully he would be able to keep a job. You go Mr. H. You never know you too could be the next Maury, Montel or yikes!, Springer!

Getting your Early vote on: Already across the country we are hearing about the surge of early voters and locally it's getting into full swing. So, go my readers and VOTE. Here are some of the polling places you can do your civic duty:
In downtown Little Rock, early voting will take place at the Pulaski County Regional Building Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to4 p.m. The last day for early voting at this site will be on Nov. 3 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
At other locations around the county, polls will be open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The last day for early voting at these other sites will be Nov. 1 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The other sites include: Little Rock Sue Cowan Williams Library, 1800 S. Chester St.
Dee Brown Library, 6325 Base Line Road.
Roosevelt Thompson Library, 38 Rahling Circle.
McMath Library, 2100 John Barrow Road.
North Little Rock William F. Laman Library, 2801 Orange St.
Jacksonville Jacksonville City Hall, #1 Industrial Drive Maumelle Jess Odom Community Center, 1100 Edgewood Dr.
Sherwood Jack Evans Senior Citizen Center, 2301 Thornhill Dr.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Taking it to the Streets

We are about two weeks out from the nation's vote-a rama for the next President of the United States. At this point, we are seeing the most vile, personal assaults, regurgitated rhetoric and the underbelly of the bloodsport of American politics. It's akin to those Roman gladiator games where everything it unleashed into the area in search of a kill. Yet, we persevere as this race for the White House ends on November 5. I hope you are ready, because it's time to "take it to the streets," my peeps. Early voting has started and I hope that you will get busy to the polls. In the meantime, before and after I vote, I'll be here in the Big Chair bringing you our special brand of breaking news, updates, links, mash up and kitchen sink if necessary. I'm asking are you ready?...then let's go get em!

COP Phones for O: Last week I stated that I would be participating in Phone for Obama campaign at the local HQ. I did so and what a interesting task this was, as I canvassed undecided voters or possible voters in the big battleground of Missouri. For the most part, it was a great exercise in doing my civic duty for the candidate of my choice. To my surprise I only got a few rude folks, but most were receptive to my prepared message and actually,"thanked" me for calling. Sitting adjacent to myself was local entertainer, Drew Pritt whom was in another round of making calls for the campaign. I was glad to know that perhaps we have some community members who are coming out to participate in the process. If you have time donate it to the campaign of your choice, also Team O has many volunteer opportunities on their website.

A SONG in the CAR: A 4-day advanced training for people committed to social justice work that is cross-issue, anti-oppression, and meets at the crossroads of race, class, culture, gender and sexuality, towards building the local capacity, unity and interconnection of people in the greater Little Rock, Arkansas area. Thursday November 13- Sunday November 16, 2008 With additional opportunities to choose other small workshops that fit your specific needs taking place between Tuesday, November 11 & Wednesday 12, 2008 If you are interested?? Want to know more information?? Want to apply?? In the Little Rock, Arkansas area, contact:CAR: Phone: 501.244.9690 / Email: / To contact SONG:Phone: 919.286.3230 // Email: kindred@southernersonnewground.orgCheck out our website:
Application Deadline: Saturday, October 25th, 2008
Wine & Stonewall: Support equality and fairness for ALL Arkansas' families. The Stonewall Democratic Caucus of Arkansas is dedicated to promoting inclusion and fairness for every citizen regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Please join us for our annual wine tasting fundraiser on Thursday, October 30th. Admissionis $25 at the door and everyone is welcome. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Arkansas Families First to help defeat Proposed Initiated Act 1. Please forward this information to your family and friends and invite them to attend. Together we can make adifference in our community.--For more information about the Stonewall Democratic Caucus of Arkansas, please visit our website at The Fall Wine taste will be held from 6pm - 8pm 2200 South Broadway in Little Rock, Robbie Thomas-Knight, PhD will be the Honored Guest. Ms. Thomas-Knight is a strong supporter of equal rights for all Arkansans. She has been active working against Act 1 of 2008, an initiated act that proposes to ban `cohabitating adults' from fostering or adopting children by state law. See for more information about Act 1.For more information and directions, please visit www.stonewallarkansas.comStonewall Democratic Caucus P.O. Box 250253Little Rock, AR 72225

Monday, October 20, 2008

October Surpries

It's 15 days and counting, until the national showdown for the next leader of the free world. Are you ready? I hope so, because every vote, and I mean every vote will be needed to snatch back the government from the Bush nightmare of the last eight years. Early voting started today and I'm encouraging every one of you to get out and take someone with you to take a stand in electing our next president! Below is some voter info for your quick usage. Remember, I'm counting on you to do your civic duty. GO VOTE!

VOTE 101: The Arkansas Secretary of State has one of the ultimate one stop shop vote information portals. Access it at Here you can find ballot info, polling places and so much more. If you need the vote hook up, then start here!

Candidate Info, Please: Do you need to know more about your candidate, if you've haven't already heard. You can get more at Don't believe the hype, get educated on where they stand on the issues.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

From the Big Chair and Thensome....

Breaking the Piggy Bank: It's a done deal or is it? The House of Representatives voted to let those Wall Street knuckle heads and other so called Master Whizzes of the Universe at the trough with that Economic Bail Out mash up. But hold the presses, this quagmire which started as a one page read but ballooned to a 300 plus page behmonth, which I doubt any of them even read, ended up a sorta quasi-gift that keeps on giving. Ladies and Gentlemen, the price tag so far is 810 billion smackers which is fueling a federal deficit that's well on it's way to topping the Trillion dollar mark. Not counting the recent additional 37 Billion or so given to AIG whom decided that the 85 Billion sent wasn't quite enough, all the while retreating at a posh spa on the Tax payer doll. The tab for that excursion only $420,000.00 dollars skimmed from the bailout cash out is just jaw dropping. Excuse me, wizards, I've attended business meetings over coffee and doughnuts in a donated room, at the public library, and department store community rooms. For goodness sake, what the hell is this all about. Where's the comprehensive Business Plan for this bailout mess? Isn't that what you're suppose to have on hand when charting your future? Does anyone know exactly what we are paying for, how much is it really and who's minding the store? Is anyone getting fired up?

COP Phones for O: In my last post, I mentioned that I was heeding the call to the Power of Ten for the Obama Campaign. I wasn't just spouting off, so I will be dialing for the boucing O come this weekend at the "O" HQ on the north shore. I met with a volunteer coordinator earlier this week as well as an e-blast from a national coordinator asking if I'd be interested in calling locals and those in neighboring states about early voting. In Arkansas early voting begans October 20. Contact your county court house for locations and I will be posting polling places shortly. Remember, every vote counts, but so does all the volunteer hours you can spare. If you want to do some phone work, the Obama website offers info and online training on how to do so right from your home. Here's a link:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Waiting to Exhale...2008

Are you holding your breathe with all that's going on in the world? Well are you? Probably not, but some people are it's not pretty. For the last two weeks there's been all kinds of shigity going on all over the place. Financial meltdowns, emergency economic send ups, banks tiliting out, and the bloodbath known as Presidential politics is screeching to the ballot box. Meanwhile, retailers are decking the halls with Christmas decor. Whew, there are less than a 100 days left in 2008 and boy are we ready to turn the page. But until then, we will stay in the big chair doing that thing that we do. Let's go get em...

Battlestar Politica: Great Scott Captain, I've given ya all she's got! That's probably what McCain insiders are saying at this very moment as the Senator's Presidential bid seems to be teetering out of control. After those debates, including the last one where McCain wandered around the set in search of something or another but not quite finding it. Ultimately, the McCain/Palin ticket has become a comedy of errors wrapped in a McNasty wrapper. I said in earlier post that this exercise would get testy. But I was a taken aback a bit with reports of some McCain crowds spewing hate tinged rhetoric such as "bomb Obama," with others stating that they are afraid of a Obama presidency and then those animated McCain supporters who chant "terrorist." All of this, as if Mr. Obama was going to emerge from a Borg cube to assimilate the nation using his Cylon drones. Meanwhile, McCain spokespeople have stated that they can't control the speech of some nuts who attend those rallys. Oh really now? Today the Big Mac is in reset mode while alerting his base that "we've got them where we want them!" Let's be clear my readers, there have been historical comebacks in the name of Truman, Nixon, and Reagan. I'm not waiting for my D.C. invite until hopefully the last vote has been counted. Therefore, stop the madness and let's forget the diversion theatre BS. What about the issues such as immigration, trade policies, monetary dilemmas, failing education system, infrastructure, health care and so many other important factors that should be the driving a force in electing the best candidate. O.K. I'm holding my breathe, sorta. Don't forget that early voting starts October 20 at area locations. Stay tune to this forum for links and updates. You can't afford not to....

The POWER of TEN: Remember how we all are suppose to be connected by the factor of Six Degrees? You don't? Even if you don't get it, the "six degree" theory allegedly could connect us through our various associations and interactions with others. With that in mind, Arkansas' Team Obama has issued the call for the "power of Ten." I heard it and I'm heeding the call.
In lieu of Hillary Clinton's visit to the state on 10.10.08, the DPA is asking citizens to empower 10 means to help support the candidate. In the video that was posted, you can hear various individuals stating what ten things they will do for the campaign. I thought to myself, interesting concept and what could I do to get on board. So, here's what me and my LTC will take on.

1. We plan to do 10 blog post about the campaign.
2. We will encourage my readers to donate Ten dollars.
3. We will offer to do Ten deliveries of campaign materials.
4. We will outreach to Ten people via e-mail or phone call.
5. We will take our dog on an Ten lap Walk for Obama.
6. We will pray Ten minutes a day for the campaign.
7. We will persuade Ten people to Early vote starting Oct. 20!
8 We will update our selves on Ten Obama position papers.
9. We will talk to Ten uncommitted voters for Obama.
10. We will spend at least Ten minutes a day until Nov. 4th on everything Obama!

Fightin for the Children: We all are aware of the national political throw down, but there's plenty stuff going on around the state that needs mentioning. Such as Act 1 concerning that power play from the Family Council. From an e-blast I got came this message:

Dear Arkansas Families First supporter,

Last week, members of the Arkansas Families First coalition spoke out at a DHS hearing in Little Rock. The hearing, at which AFF supporters outnumbered the opposition 10:1, was held to solicit public commentary on whether or not DHS should allow unmarried couples to foster children. Arkansas Families First supporters spoke passionately about the need to make decisions on a case-by-case basis.

Please watch the video now. Then, click to forward it to your friends and family.

If Initiated Act 1 were to pass, it would ban unmarried couples from both fostering and adopting children! It would ban private adoptions by unmarried couples as well as public adoptions. It would ban adoptions by family members who were living with an unmarried partner. So many speakers, including representatives from Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, Arkansas Psychological Association, and Arkansas Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, said the exact same thing: children in Arkansas need more homes, not fewer homes.

Watch it now and then spread the message:

Please forward this email to your friends and family -- everyone in Arkansas needs to know about the threat Act 1 poses to Arkansas children!

Crown News: It's all over and the winner is Victoria Depaula, Miss Gay America 2009. Depaula representing the D. C. prelim beat out a field of 48 to capture the title. Hat's off to Stephanie Richards, Miss Gay Arkansas and Zia D'Yor, 1st alternate as the state delegation. Due to copyright's and other intellectual technical stuff, you'll have to go to the MGA website for a peek at the new queen or you can google Ms. Depaula for more info. Believe me, the web is full of coverage of all things drag and everybody is claiming their rights to everything. As I trolled a bit, I found all kinds of sites and commentary from all angles. Ranging from kudos to haters ( apparently Makalia Kay, MGA 2008 had quite a few) that didn't mind sharing their two cents on what's going on in the rough, tough and seemingly awfully bitter sorority world of pageantry. Welcome home guys, you are both winners for surviving it!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Here Comes that Sound & MORE

LRCP Set Sails: The Little Rock Capitol Pride committee has set forth on it's mission to raise funds for PRIDE 2009. Last Friday (10.3.08) at UBU, a combination voter registration drive courtesy of CAR and show will be featuring local talent served as their opening salvo to the community for support. Unfortunately, from my observations as well as my past attendance at the support was marginal at best. What happened you're wondering? Well, perhaps the lack of advance advertising and promotion ya think? Even though I got an e-blast, it was of a late nature. No word of mouth or local buzz, except among those die heart entertainers in search of an audience also could have played a part in the low turn out. Once again, as I've said before, these events just don't happen, they must be planned, organized and advertised vigorously for them to work. In the past, I've been criticized about my "frankness" about why this organization and others creep toward their goals usually coming up short of the goal post. So there, I've said it again. Events are not based on presumptions, but rather produced for success.

AIDS in the MID-South: I was pleasantly surprised to get a phone call from Cathy Patterson of IPAC concerning posting info about meetings and seminars happening in the Memphis area, that could serve as a support track for individuals in Northeast Arkansas. This type of outreach keeps me at the keyboard and fulfills our mission to inform and empower. Do we need a town hall meeting in Little Rock? Let's hear your comments.

Local organizations, international medical group to host
Memphis town hall meeting on new/emerging HIV treatments

A consortium of local AIDS service organizations (ASOs) and the International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care (IAPAC) will co-host a town hall meeting next week to discuss new and emerging HIV treatments. The town hall meeting will take place from 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm, Thursday, October 9, 2008, at the Saint Andrew AME Church’s Community Life Center (1472 Mississippi Blvd., Memphis). The evening’s featured speaker will be John M. Norwood, MD, of the University of Tennessee.
HIV-positive patients are encouraged to attend the town hall meeting, which is meant to offer insights into expanded treatment options, including recently approved antiretroviral drugs, as well as some currently in the pharmaceutical development pipeline.
The town hall meeting will be co-hosted by IAPAC and the following local ASOs: Friends for Life, Corp., Planned Parenthood, Greater Memphis Region, Mid-South Coalition on HIV/AIDS, New Directions, Inc., Girls, Inc., Project Hope, Southern AIDS Coalition, South Memphis Alliance, and Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center.
# # #
The International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care (IAPAC) is a non-profit medical association representing more than 12,000 members in 103 countries. Its mission is to advance advocacy, educational, and technical assistance activities that improve the quality of care provided to men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS. For more info go to their website: or


Sen. Hillary Clinton will return to Little Rock this month to campaign for Sen. Barack Obama.
"Senator Clinton is returning to Arkansas, and I could not be more pleased," said Democratic Party of Arkansas Chairman David Pryor. "Arkansas Democrats are always excited to see Hillary. We're going to have a great time as we encourage Arkansans to vote for Senator Obama."

Senator Clinton will be joined by Gov. Mike Beebe, DPA Chairman David Pryor, and many other elected officials and Democratic leaders, for a get out the vote rally in Little Rock on Friday, Oct. 10, around 5 p.m. on the steps of the State Capitol. The Stonewall Democracts are looking for people to stand behind their banner. All you have to do is just show up and get on board. If you want to really show your support, they campaign is asking 10,000 Arkansans to donate $10 on or before 10/10 to help elect Barack Obama President of the United States. According to a party e-blast they state that this is the critical last month of the campaign. Your donation, and those raised by Hillary, will help bring the change we need. If you've got it to spare you can use this link to show your support. No donation using this link are directly connected to COP:24/7. donate $10 or more here.

Noises Off- Top of the Ticket: Alright, they debated, again. Those two dudes at the top of the tickets named Obama & McCain. What did we learn this time? Well let's see. Apparently at this posting Senator McCain is in a "scorched earth mode tactic. Obviously, his many years of experience on the Washington scene has taught him that when the candidate is down. Go for the jugular and spew anything that you think that the public can bear to hear. There's no doubt that McCain is knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about his views. But his performance last evening demonstrated I would prefer to take my chances with the Bouncing O as well as comfortable with Senator Biden "a heartbeat away from the Presidency." As the town hall meeting proceeded, as usual I stayed open minded. I wanted to give each candidate another chance to spell it out for the American people. Even though several times during this battle of the titans, I just wanted the facts, just the facts about how, why, who and when will this nation take a corrective actions on this rocky path. Hey guys, I'm not interested in character assaults, mealy mouth phoo phoo, "Kubuki political Theatre or any of that other shigity that doesn't mean a hill of beans. I realize that as politicians neither of you are going to "keep it real" and tell us that not only should we stop with the earmarks, but reckless spending, wrongheaded policies, useless blue ribbon panels and those sound bites that are suppose to be comforting. What's really needed is just the facts. The fact that we are all in this together, each playing our part whether consciously or not. It's no secret that we are nation of consumers, not savers. Our mantra is we want it now at any price, at any cost not matter what the outcomes or who will eventually have to pay. Many have played by the rules, but overall it seems to me that we don't really want to know the truth, just the what we can stand through a filter and rose colored glasses for affect. However, when it's all said it and done, we do need a whipping boy, someone to blame and then we quietly go back to tending to our everyday lives until the next crisis rears it head. Aw shucks, let's just get on with it. Early voting starts in Arkansas, October 20. We will post links for your consideration.