Friday, March 03, 2006

Deconstructing Cornelius... Part Two

Item: The bush Poll numbers are in and the Bush White House has decided that polls, no matter how low they may go, do not superseded the administrations domestic agenda, foreign policy development and of course their committment to the war on terror. How much more of this will the "American people" take. Well, I say a whole lot more because the alternatives a far and few. The endless finger pointing, rampant flip-flopping and muddled viewpoints from both sides of aisle is simply mindnumbing. As a member of this democracy I'm finding that democracy is over classified, sometimes secretive, jargon filled and awashed in reports galore that the electorate ( that's you and me) don't have a clue who or what to believe. And just think, India is the world's largest Democracy? No wonder those mangoes are so good?

Item: Tavis Smiley once again gathered the usual suspects(Malvo, Sharpton, Congress folks and of course, Farrakhan) to harken to the Black community about our "State of the Union." It seems that this day long think tank of innovators,commentators, and agitators filled the airwaves with various rememdies to our assorted ailments. The new "Covenant" edited by Smiley, is being totuted as the Holy Grail to a more prosperous Black Nation and yet another blueprint to get our shit together. However, in my everyday life, my encounters with "my people" are often not to pleasant. Just the other day a male salesperson at a Drive thru window handed my order to me without every acknowleding me at any point. He handed my credit card slip, my package and close the door in my face. Another case in point, was my visit to Target recently as one of my "sisters" walked behind me while on her cell, openly cursing and smarting off to the listener all for my hearing pleasure. And finally, I am disgusted at the those Afro-Americans who fill the University Denny's Restaurant at 4 A.M. on weekend nights and act like banchees from the Congo. Most likely none of these people that I've mentioned saw the program, or will ever read this Covenant. Kudos to those participants and Smiley for another year of interesting rhetoric and intellecutal spin. We'll see you next Black History Month and so it goes...

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