Saturday, May 13, 2006

Cornelius' Divinci Code

It seems that the whole world has some vested interest in dicphering exactly what the code is in the Divinci Code. Even though the Dan Brown novel didn't make it to my bedside. I found myself immersed in the flurry of theroies about secret socieites, mysterious leaders and assorted characters that would have significant influences upon my own life as I started exploring and discovering my own Divinci Code. My allegiance to a not so secret society began many years ago as I was introduced to the "sinner's bench" and the doctrine of the New Light Baptist church. Every Sunday and Wednesday night or almost every time the doors were open, there I was being verbally whipped with the firey heat of the gospel, later to be submerged in the waters of salvation that I did'nt quite understand. Daily the scrolls were quoted and used to evaluate my destiny inconjuction to whether I would achieve not being left behind during the rapture. Inside my brain, I grappled with so many issues about who I was and exactly who were these people telling me to be. My journey led me to seek charts, graphs, dusty books and a host of documents to help me reconcile my inner feelings juxtaposed to that of the order. According to the Sisters of the pews there would be signs, blessed whispers and comfort in the holy artifacts that would usher me through the valley of death to the pinnacle of the light. Ultimately revealing to me the answer to the code and a shrouded cover-up that would clarify everything.... Art imitating life or Life initating art is a paradigm that we all continue to observe and dissect. Each and every day our hurried lives cause us to somehow to disconnect and tune out from each other. Brown's Divinci has ignited controversy, lawsuits,pronouncements and outrage. However, the good thing is that it has cause some of us to reconnect and engage in actual conversations again. I resoluted that my scavenger hunt with the church, even though tormenting in places, has had overall positive aspects. Finally, I've determined that the real answer to the code lies in my embracing the God in me, as well as, my personal relationship with him is all that really matters.

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