Monday, December 04, 2006

Tis the Season...Naughty or Nice?

The holiday season is in full swing and so have the tech demons that have plagued our system for the past week. After several tech calls and visits from assistants, we have resumed our posting and preparing for an exciting 2007.

We would like to thank all the gang at the University of Arkansas at Conway and campus group PRISM, for inviting us to participate in their World AIDS Day forum, December 1, 2006. It was a informative evening that demonstrated that college campuses are alive with activist who want to create dialouge and constructive solutions. I congratulate all involved and the coruage to take a stand!

This site has evolved since it's inception a year ago and it's our goal to continue in that track. It is imperative that our community continue to build bridges that propel not constrict, therefore, we applaud those who have added us as links and included excerpts within their publications such as the Pink Spectrum. A new issue should be hitting the streets within the next few weeks. So pick up a copy, pass it on and make sure that you support their advertisers. Our dollars can make tremendous statements, but only if you let the advertiser know that you are patronizing them because you saw their ad or sponsorship. No matter what you may think of Wal-Mart, you have to give them a high five for their $5000.00 contribution to the Northwest Arkansas gay community center without bowing to the zealots of the religious right. Most notably lead by Donald Wildmon of the American Family Foundation, who waged an E-mail campaign citing the reatailer as a "homosexual sympathizer." I hope that the NWA community flooded Wal-mart with lavender purchasing power( I did) and letters of thanks!

Missing in Action: A city of this size can circulate rumors within nano seconds and apparently the community is chatting about the Executive Director of the AIDS Foundation. Sources have packaged and repackaged an array of details about the "missing in action," director. At post time, we were referred from the public relations committee to President Elect, Dr.Dean Blevins for comment. However, we have yet to hear from him or seen any press releases clearing up any matters. Stay tuned. Meanwhile the group has gone full tilt into a fundraising blitz, including the Simply Red extravaganza (Dec.8) that seems like a circut party only for the oh-so fabulous, featuring TV Movie Critic, Renee Shaprio as Emcee and "Broadway Star Emeritus," Lawrence Hamiliton. This affair is sprouting wings with a planned After party being held at The Factory night spot. The after party admit is not included in the $50.00 ticket price to be seen at the bash. I hope that if we can't find out what's up with the leadership at the foundation, maybe the Simply Red folks will produce a splashy donation ceremony, so we will know if there was any money really left to donate for all those people with HIV/AIDS needing assistance.

FAST FACT: What was the last AIDS prevention message you can remember seeing or hearing in the greater Little Rock area? Let us know if you can think of one.


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Nick said...

I don't think it is such a great idea to specifically encourage the queer community to support Wal-Mart. Queers in Arkansas and across the globe should stand in solidarity with environmental, immigrant, people of color, and labor communities (just to name a few) that have been protesting Wal-Mart's destructive practices for years.

I'd rather see my GLBTQ centers built through true grassroots & community organizing rather than grants from large corporations just looking to get a piece of the reported $600+ billion queer purchasing power. There are many models for success with this method. Non-hierarchical anarchist and collective spaces/bookstores/community centers thrive throughout the country without the help of Wal-Mart, and they don't have to put themselves at odds with the rest of the progressive movement to do so.

On another topic, $50 a ticket for Simply Red is an absolute disgrace. When low-income HIV+ queers can’t afford to attend an AIDS event you know you’re a long way from ACT-UP and a truly progressive/inclusive fight against the epidemic. Nobody should be turned away for lack of funds! Shame on them!