Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The Backtalk Edition 2.0

Its been quite a year for COP 24/7 and it doesn't look like its going to slow down by any means. What can we say, when one places themselves in a provocateur situation, you find yourself always being "locked and loaded" to engage counterpoints that may come your way or that you may provoke. This forum by design has always been about interaction and stimulating discussion on a host of subjects. I've wholly encouraged all readers, supporters, allies, or haters to share their viewpoint openly and honestly. Its been our policy to limited our editing of responses while always being attuned to reason with a heavy dose of common sense. With 2012 chugging along, I vow that this platform is not just in a evolution process but poised to be apart of the information "revolution" that's needed to raise consciousness, empower and speak to power on behalf of those who may feel powerless. Have we irritated some? Most likely. Have we kept our pledge to bring issues front and center? You betcha. Are we ready for more? Most definitely. Ladies and Gentlemen and all who haven't decided, COP 24/7 is still the only daily updating LGBTQ media in Arkansas and damn proud of it!

 Arkansas Advisory Committee on Civil Rights Holds Hearings in Little Rock

The Arkansas Advisory Committee to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission will be holding a fact finding hearing September 12-13, 2012, 9-5 pm with the open session for public comment in the Bush/Regan Rooms from 4-5 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Presidential Hotel, 600 Interstate 30 in Little Rock.
The committee is seeking information on and revisits whether there is a need for a civil rights agency. From a February 2001 report published by the committee which revealed that Arkansas Civil Rights Act of 1993 was not substantially equivalent to federal civil rights laws, rules and regulations and remains so today. Arkansas is only one of the few states without a comprehensive civil rights agency to receive citizen complaints and safeguard individuals from discrimination. 
The Committee will receive reports, suggestions, recommendations from local, state and federal agencies, elected officials, business leaders, legal experts and other voices from within the community interested is this subject matter. For those unable to attend, you can forward your documents to :
Farella E. Robinson
Regional Director
Central Regional Office
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
Gateway Tower II
400 State Avenue
Suite 908
Kansas City, Kansas 66101
Fax (913) 551-1413

Strilite Presents HELP Fair September 28

The emerging group STRILITE is preparing for its debut event, September 28 , 12- 6pm at 401 North Maple Street inside the First Presbyterian Church of Argenta in North Little Rock. The fair is designed to offer a "one stop" experience for those seeking social services, health screenings and additional information on the mission of the group and its umbrella entity, The Living Affected Corporation. Jonathan Griggs said, " we are excited about this chance to bring to life our "HEFTE" concept which addresses housing, education, food, treatment and employment in relation to either linking or retaining individuals into HIV/AIDS care."  "through our research we've determined that these social determinants must be apart of the health care mix if we are to adequately make some impact within the community," He concluded.  The group's purpose serves as a sub-grantee of ADH as well as the conduit of the HIV Prevention module to serve same gender loving men having sex with men population. All services will be offered free including limited groceries, giveaways, and information tables ranging from Workforce Services to companies such as AFLAC and Philander Smith College. For more information contact Griggs at either 855-STRILITE or 501.379.8203

The Trouble of FACEBOOK

I don't know about you, but the whole FACEBOOK phenom is beginning to play a little thin for myself. I'm glad that I didn't get in on it's IPO earlier this year as it was been touted as the "stock" to have. Unfortunately for those who had the skinny on the stock, they are now bailing out as the stock price has tanked at $18.06, down from a high of $48 back in May. Thank goodness I didn't bother my broker with any of the silly buy now stuff, since I was a bit weary of exactly where this companies future is headed. However, what I do know is that it seems that 
"everybody, that wants to be anybody or think that they are somebody or going to be somebody is on FACEBOOK." If there is addictive behavior with this outlet, some folks a way overboard for my taste.

Yes I use it shamelessly to promote this site as well as my pet causes, but its much of the other stupidity, insipid remarks, callous call outs and all types of verbiage mayhem that has often has my jaw ajar with gasp of OMG, Really!? and "no she didn't just put that on FB!"  Its amazing at the amount of information both personal and otherwise that makes the cut on this social platform. I've been just dumbfounded as to why the users want to share so much about themselves, emotions or some subjects matters that often end up in flaming folks or the ultimate "defriending" that is suppose be the end to be all of the site. I guess you are suppose to be toast at that point for that user.

So am I to understand that this new social revolution is now the way to have public discourse and
bring all your baggage to the altar of the public square to be commented on or subjected to judgement of those "friends" or gawkers whom decide if you are worthy of comment. For so long I've been seeking face to face conversation or dialog where each party could feel the human interaction that supports further understanding of the issue. I love watching body language and gestures that engage or stimulate me with a comfortable "back and forth" expression of ideas or premises.  I dont' truly get that from FB, but I'm intrigued to read the amount of sharing going on, plus all of the intimate details of a garden variety of situations and dilemmas. Obviously, it appears that FB has become the digital version of the film "Network" rally cry of the announcer whom instructed his viewing audience to go their windows and shout, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"  From my vantage point, the shout outs are almost consuming some users and possessing others whom can't help themselves if they can't post it to Facebook. In the meantime, I'll still check in on it, use it as needed but for the most part, I'll just keep seeking those dynamic conversations that I can have in person where there are no emoticons needed. founded organization formed under the Living

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