Friday, November 05, 2004

Some one wake me when's it over!....

Will some one wake me when it's over. I mean the next four years of more swaggar and head spinning jargon about the war on terror and flag draped individuals who are concerned that staying "morale" but "fiscally bankrupt" is the higher ground. Last Tuesday's exercise in democracy is what America is all about. Our's, yours, and my right to vote my opinion on the course of the country, who leads it, and possibly give a message of where I think we should be going. Of course, I disagree with the present administration on the direction, however, the electorate has spoken and I have to accept it one way or another. Now, that this decision has been made, I need to assess what reactions will be necessary to deal with what lies ahead. I have heard from many who are simply incensed about the vote, yet, I believe that my fellow voters should turn that rage into more action to assist with advocacy groups and monitoring the voting records of those elected officials. When there is a "action alert" you should respond with a FAX, personal letter or call your representive to voice your dissent. The ballot box is certain power, but your constant watch and voice on a monthly basis carries much weight. Don't wait around for 2008. This democractic process goes on daily and being apart of the loop of information is imperative. The "political capital" that President Bush speaks of can only be expended if we stand by and allow him to spend it without a voice. Being a proud American is not always about winning, but having the right to keep playing in the game.
Stay Focused. Vigilant. Get Motivated. Monitor and REACT!!

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