Saturday, January 15, 2005

Stayin Alive in 05!!

I actually survived another christmas assault and lived to tell about. I'm so glad to be on the other side of another year, even though as I write this I've found out that some are not so lucky. Nevethtless, the only New Year's resolution I have is to continue my efforts to make a difference in the incoming year. Taking time to write a letter to my congressman or make that all important visit to a legislator who ultimately needs a continuing reality check on the real "state of the state." This year I hope to empower others with the understanding that they too can make a difference from the context of there daily lives. To echo Churchill,"... we have nothing to fear, but fear it self." Yet, in my quest to assist, I will reserve the right to strike the right balance in regards to my personal live and those I share it with. I 've witnessed all to often that advocates and activist often burn the candle at both ends and usually flame out at some critical point. I encourage all activist to gear up for the long haul and not just today's enthusiatic lip service to the cause. We can't afford to keep restarting organizations or movements. Lately, we've found that it's a costly effort to re-tool and re-energize to take on the establishment which has many resources in it's arsenal. Our organizing skills and savvy are more important now than ever and in the words of our commander and chief, " failure is not an option." Therefore, as the new year begans, I say gentlemen and gentlewoman, rev up your engines and let's get this party started! Stay tuned....

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