Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Don't have anything to do...Call me!

I have no reason for not posting to this medium. Except that I've been busy with organizing my life so that I can keep up with all the responsibilities that I've accepted. What I mean is, I've become belligerent and somewhat miffed at those who keep telling me that they are bored and don't have "anything to do!" What the heck do you mean I keep asking? Well if you don't have anything to do give me a call. To begin with there is this blog medium which needs much attention and sometimes more attention than I have to offer. But, no excuses,as I rush into action and get my thought patterns energized as the keyboard blazes hot with my attitudes and inquisitive style. Then let's talk about some of my committee work that entails in person meetings, e-mails, and conference calls to boot. Trying to assist in changing the world or at least inform them that there are people out in the real world that need to be heard from can be more than just challenging, it can be quite rewarding. We need more people to give it a try. Of course, because I'm not as young as I'd like to be, I have to deal with the daily grind of keeping my body in some type of motivated shape. That's not repeating the Anna Nicole mantra of "Love my body" or the chronic "I'm really hungry look of the Olsen Twins," but rather a Denny's Boca burger and whatever pill regimen that I'm on for the day. Throw in housework, and a committed relationship with relatives in tow and presto! your fucking plates full. And the beat goes on! Yes, everyday the pressure of keeping it all in some kind of order is what I live for. So for all you bozo's who don't have anything to do, get a life or either call me. I'd love to share...or least I'd like to think so.

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