Friday, April 01, 2005

Eyes on the Prize....

It was a cool January morning when the FedEX guy dropped by the Club with a letter package. I actually wasn't concerned, because ususally I didn't recieve much mail at the club, however, today would be different. "Cornelius, this seems to be for you. I went ahead and signed for it," said the customer service clerk." Well, I wonder what the heck it could be," as I began opening the packet. Inside I would find that a contest that I had entered was informing me that I had won the Grand Prize upon my completion of the enclosed documents. At first, I was preplexed, then, confused, until I continued to read the letter. It was the advertising contest that I had sent in an entry to and thought perhaps I had no chance of winning, yet the letter stated that I had pervailed. However, months later, and somehwhat embarrassed because I did tell a few close friends about the winfall, I have heard nothing from the contest or winnings to crow about. I followed the instructions to the letter and was very prompt about it's return. I just can't understand what would be the delay. I've been extremely patient and hopeful that one day, the prize would show up and I would feel like one of those clearinghouse winners, but nothing, so far. RATS! I can't just stand by and not know something, so I've decided to send a letter to the contest HQ and ask the proverbial question, "what gives!" The prize would definately come in handy, since my arthritic condition is making me uncertain about my working future and often I feel I'm almost one paycheck away from loosing it all. Yet, I've decided that "my eyes" shouldn't be on the earthly prize offered by man, but rather on the supreme being that comforts me,has provided for me and has brought me this far in life. My faith in the heavenly prize of eternal life and salvation is actually the real prize I should focus on and realize that it doesn't come by FEDEX.

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