Friday, March 18, 2005

Pardon my Dust...

Lately I've begun to wonder am I getting slower or is time simply moving faster. It seems that the days are passing quickly and then they turn into months and I can't seem to keep up with it all. I've downsized, computerized and homogenized as much of my daily life and yet, I keep getting that feeling that something is slipping by me. I have more gadgets to keep me organized and more bags to carry them all in, not to mention calenders, daytimers and alarm clocks to keep me in sync with where I'm suppose to be and what the hell am I suppose to be doing when I get there. Nevertheless, my concept of time seems to getting fat doses of energy from the world at large. Infusing my "time space" with twenty-four hour networks of news, gossip,infomercials and frivilous productions designed to fill time on all these channels that some how I'm suppose to watch. Then there's the daily snail mail barrage that I have to filter and re-filter on a daily basis. I have resorted to calling some companies to tell them that I no longer want to be on there mailing list, however, the damn stuff keeps coming and I now need more trash cans to take of it all. Is it time that speeding up or am I slowing down trying to take it all in, so perhaps maybe I won't miss something or better yet I'm re-reading some of it because I simply don't understand why I'm being solicited in the first place? No wonder I can't keep the place dusted, becuase I spending so much time emptying the trash from all the mail that I didn't ask for. Well I guess it doesn't matter because now I'm out of time!

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